:: Flat-Screens ::

Josh Elowsky emailed "Flat screens do weird shit when you photograph them..."
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:: DocumentaryODay - The Pixies ::

PIXIES' IN LOUDQUIETLOUD <-- a 2006 film on the '04 Pixies' reunion tour which we were lucky to see when they came through The Greek Theater in Berkeley. Such a great performance from this influential and important band. The film takes you inside each member's life and should needs to be watched... even if you're not a huge fan --> Watch the entire film here online, but support the band by buying the DVD. Only set you back $13 and it's worth every cent.
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:: The Power of Selection, part 1 ::

CHICAGO! Saturday! Fecal Face's Chicago correspondent Ryan Christian curated the show The Power of Selection, part 1 featuring works from Alika Cooper, Mike Rea, Allison Schulnik, Marissa Textor, and Eric Yahnker - it opens Saturday @Western Exhibitions - 119 N Peoria St, 2A - 6-9pm
Mike Rea's insane wood working skills
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:: Oakland Saturday ::

CASEY JEX SMITH + SONYA BLESOFSKY @SWARM GALLERY <-- near Jack London Square in Oakland Saturday. We'll be there to check it out. 506 2ND ST 6-8pm --> caseyjexsmith.com - sonyablesofsky.com
Casey Jex Smith
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:: Art LA Contemporary Fair ::

San Francisco's Jack Hanley will be participating at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair at the Pacific Design Center, running now through Sunday... Featuring works by: Tauba Auerbach, Chris Johanson, Simon Evans, and Bjorn Copeland (photos from Nov's Hanley show).
Old Howard Houser, Simon Evans
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:: Drink/ Party 4 Haiti ::

There are 3 events coming up, where you can help make a difference for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. All of these events involve great music and drinking...for a good cause. Tonight's event @ Triple Crown is on the techno/house end of the spectrum. Sunday's party @ Casanova is gonna appease those that are on the soul/funk/garage tip. Then Tuesday's show @ Rockit Room is all over the place w/ 6 bands and a DJ. Pick yer poison and come on out!.... There will be a raffle for art, lift tickets, gift certificates to local businesses and more. Donations courtesy of Red Bull, Aili Ice Designs, Satori Movement, P-KOK, Gorilla Grips Massage, Micke Tong, The Blue Plate & Haley's House Keeping. -Mickey Darius
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:: Openings Next Weekend ::

Guess the art season kicks off the first weekend in February as there are a grip of awesome shows opening up. Was going through the calendar to figure out which ones we wanted to get to and made a little list. We'll, of course, be talking about these shows beginning on Monday... Get ready to see some art next weekend. Cancel your dinner plans or whatever you have planned for Thurs-Sat evenings. GET OUT THERE <-- hopefully no rain to make it damp though.
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:: ClipODay ::

A walk through of Henry Lewis & Mike Davis show @Fecal Face Dot Gallery. If you're in SF you can view it this weekend Fri 3-6pm and Sat 12-6pm. 66 Gough St - Gallery sitting today is Ashley Taylor and Megan Wolfe will be there on Saturday. Stop in and say hi.
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:: 14th and Valencia Mural ::

THE PROGRESS OF THE NEW MURAL AT 14TH AND VALENCIA <-- maybe you've seen the new mural at 14th and Valencia and wondered, what's the deal with it. Is it an ongoing project? Who did it? Well, we passed by it the other day, did some investigation and found our friend Ert is behind it. She fills Fecal Face in.
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:: :( ::

JD SALINGER DIED TODAY AT 91 <-- maybe it's time to grow up.
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:: Love of Football ::

Peter Willis of London is a somewhat new fan to football, so he dedicated a zine "One - Nil" to illustrate it. We're excited about this summer's World Cup, so it's a great fit... Check it out.
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:: hollywood ::

DAVID HOCKNEY, the british artist that created these wonderful one-point perspective pieces now paints using his iPhone. Pretty neat!
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:: Free Fridayz: LUST ::

Be sure to get your drawings in by Friday for this week's Free Fridayz. This week's theme: LUST <-- this week's prize is a set of awesome beer cozy's from Portland's Ryan Bubnis. Thanks for sending them on over, Ryan. I'm keeping the orange one for the boat :) --> email your drawings to: freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
Laura Sanders submission
Ryan Bubnis donated cozy
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:: David Choe Print for Haiti ::

Personally paying for the cost of the prints, David Choe created "Haitian Girl" with all proceeds going to Yele Haiti, a foundation created by Wyclef Jean. "Haitian Girl" measures 18x24 and is a giclee print on archival paper. Limited to 50 editions, the print is hand-signed by David Choe and costs $300. The print is available now for pre-sale but will not ship until Feb 21, '10.
David Choe's next solo exhibition featuring new works, "Character Assassination" opens on February 5, 2010 at FIFTY24SF Gallery.
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:: Winston Smith Thursday ::

WINSTON SMITH ONE NIGHT CASH AND CARRY ART SHOW THURSDAY IN SF <-- "Lots of Vintage Punk-era Originals, and Color Laser Copies" (color laser copies?! Couldn't I do that myself?) "from record cover Art created for Dead Kennedys, D.O.A., NoMeansNo, Green Day, Alternative Tentacles, George Carlin, Ben Harper, including Rare Album Roughs and Preliminaries never before displayed. Ultra-Affordable, Uniquely Low Prices and Singular Bargains Available!! Cash & Carry! Sangria & Chips! 1 night only" - 50-A Bannam Place (North Beach) 7-11pm
Winston's '87 Dead Kennedys Album Cover
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:: Shepard Fairey's Legal Battles ::

SHEPARD FAIREY'S LEGAL BATTLES WITH THE A.P. CONTINUE <-- with Shepard now under criminal investigation for the destruction of evidence. The U.S. Attorney's office had a grand jury begin an investigation after Fairey said he erred about which AP photo he used as the basis for ''HOPE'' and had submitted false images and deleted other images to conceal his mistake. messy messy messy. Hope they can work it out. Thanks for the heads up, Lori.
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:: ClipODay: Spike Jonze/ I'm Here ::

For you Spike Jonze fans- be on the look out for this 30 min short film I'm Here from the creator of Where the Wilds Things Are. Neives is also releasing a zine in conjunction with the short.
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:: The Dump - Opening Last Fri ::

ERIK OTTO & CHRISTINA MAZZA @THE SF DUMP <-- 4 months these two SF bay artists had full access to all the trash that San Franciscans discard to influence and to create art out of. We checked out the great opening last Friday and brought back SOME PHOTOS.
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:: House Boat in SF?! ::

OH GOD, WHAT I'D GIVE TO LIVE IN ONE OF THOSE HOUSE BOATS <-- right in the heart of the city too.
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:: Chor Boogie @New SF Gallery Fri ::

AIR CASTLE is a new gallery opening up here in San Francisco with their first show this Friday when they feature the work of Chor Boogie from 6-late. Chor, you may remember, was stabbed while working on his mural near 6th @Market St. --> opening Fri 1/29, 1706 Steiner St., 6-late
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:: Art Party ::

PHOTOS <-- from Art Party #2 @Hibbleton Gallery featured artwork by Austyn Gillette, Michael Hsiung, Scott Lee, Mike Myers, and Rob L. White.
Michael Hsiung
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:: Josh Keyes Print ::

KEYES_PRINT.jpgJOSH KEYES PRINT ON TINY SHOWCASE <-- an 8" x 10" print by Josh Keyes with $15 from the sale of each print going to the organization Stand With Haiti | Partners In Health. This print is double the traditional Tiny Showcase size and available for one week from tonight, January 26th to February 2nd at 7:30pm EST.... Wow, if $15 from each print goes to Haiti and as of this post they've raised $5,325.00, that means that they've sold 355 prints thus far and they haven't even added it "online" yet. Damn!
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:: Pleasure Forever Forever MP3s ::

rothbard.jpg You know how ITunes can bring up that "where/ what are they doing now" feeling?! Back in 2003 was a band fom San Francisco called Pleasure Forever (the self titled album is my favorite) which I randomly saw at Bottom of the Hill. Heavy talented keyboards, thrusting guitar, glammy w/ lecherous vocals and a great stumble upon, "damn, where did these guys come from... never heard of them before"... and just as quickly I saw them, bought their album, they were gone. Songs pop up from time to time and always the volume is turned up... Well, today a bit investigating shows that front man Andrew Douglas Rothbard has done some incredible solo stuff on the album Abandoned Meander (well, after listening to this song and this song and reading about the album)--- anyway, here are a couple MP3s you might be into. one - two
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:: SuckaPants Contest ::

NYC FF Blogger/ photographer, Tod Seelie has teamed up with LRG & STS9 for a contest. To enter, just send an MP3 to Tod (links are fine). The winner who sends Tod his new favorite song will win: One full outfit from LGR (shirt, hoodie/jacket, jeans) and the STS9 album Ad Explorata. Upon completion, LRG will mail the winner the gear based on proper sizing info. *This contest is open to US residents only.
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:: Breaking NEWS!! ::

Thanks for the email, Johnny. We're going to stay abreast of the current situation and keep all up to date with further developments!
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:: Vans Vans Vans ::

CALIFORNIA VANS <-- A 14-year film photography project of Vans parked around San Francisco and Los Angeles and the aesthetic dialogue between the vehicle and its surrounding environment - from Joe Stevens a filmmaker and photographer whose 2008 film Made In Queens, which was produced by MTV2 Films, profiles a teenage gang from Trinidad who blast 15,000 watts of music from the enormous custom homemade stereos jury-rigged onto their rusty bmx bikes.
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:: Octavia Skate Park ::

If you have a moment, send an email to the city planners of San Francisco to let them know that you support the building of Octavia Skatepark underneath the Octavia overpass on Valencia sooner than later... rich.hillis2@sfgov.org
Posted: irving // 01.25.10 // +3+

:: ClipODay - Banksy ::

Banksy's new film Exit Through the Gift Shop premiered at Sundance last night to much praise. Will we be seeing it in theaters sometime in the future? Has street art hit the main main stream?... Looks interesting for sure and everything the guy (or gal) does is done with humor and is bitingly smart. We can't wait to check it out.
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:: JaZZ ::

Richard and I found the stoop on the cover of Archie Shepp "Live in San Francisco" today. He found it actually, we just took the photos Sunday. Turns out it's 1671 McAllister. -Brandon.
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:: Way to be a Spaze ::

VISITOR TEARS PICASSO'S "THE ACTOR" @THE MET --> A visitor to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York lost her balance and fell into a Pablo Picasso painting, 'The Actor,' tearing the canvas. Art restorers explain how it might be repaired.... man, gotta feel pretty stupid.
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:: Josh Keyes ::

PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING OF JOSH KEYES @JONATHAN LEVINE <-- Rising water levels, graffiti ridden statues and animals in varying landscapes of danger unfold within the panels, each connected by a similar story of survival amidst imminent threat. photos & text
Filmmaker Charlie Ahearn and artist David Ellis at the opening
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:: Mother Nature Wins ::

It has been meant to be dry today for the last week.... Fudge- a game of F.E.C.A.L. is postponed to a later drier date... Another day of wet weather. I think this El Nino shit is on for awhile. Time to buy some wet weather gear.
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:: Stupid Freakin' Rain ::

What the hell?! It wasn't meant to rain today... Game of F.E.C.A.L. May be called. Will be certain by 11:30.
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Keegan Sauder (as seen above) will be the judge.

SMCLCDK-1.jpgA GAME OF F.E.C.A.L. IS SET FOR SAT JAN 23RD <-- and is being sponsored by Skate Mental & Liquor Store Run... If you don't know and/ or missed our previous year's contest of skateboarding dork-a-tood, it's a game of s.k.a.t.e. where all tricks count (handplants/ boneless/ switch triple 360 flips) and nothing is all that serious... Get those old legs oiled up. --> Sat Jan 23rd 1pm Wallenberg... What's a game of s.k.a.t.e. you ask?

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:: Sppppiders ::

SYDNEY FRIENDS, BE ALERT FOR THE FUNNEL WEB SPIDER!! <-- We all know Australia is home to some of the most dangerous spiders in the world. What's news to many is that one of those species, the funnel-web spider, is invading Sydney and its surroundings. According to an article in The Independent, this spider's bite can kill a human within two hours. - video
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:: It's ALL FREE ::

FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS AND GRAPHIC ARTISTS, NOT A PRETTY PICTURE OUT THERE <-- Many fear that the technology providing entree to an unimaginable trove of art, images and information [through the internet] is also obliterating the boundaries that once allowed the creative class to make a living... Last April, Time paid $30 for an iStockphoto shot of a jar of change that ran on the magazine's cover. Other photographers complained that a Time cover in the past (commissioned, not stock) might have paid thousands... Another pal, Brian, told me how architectural renderings his firm once charged $10,000 for have recently been contracted out to China. Draftsmen there will turn the work around, often overnight, and charge as little as $600. -At what point is craft sacrificed since no one is willing to pay?!
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:: Stand w/ Haiti ::

n262955281845_4805.jpgOn Tuesday, February 2nd Thee Oh Sees, Kelley Stoltz, Ty Segall and The Sandwitches (4 great San Francisco bands) will get together for a night of amazing music and performances in order to raise funds for Haitian medical relief organization Stand With Haiti. Cafe DuNORD Cost: 10$-50$ sliding scale - tickets here and more info here --> hardly buy stuff in ITunes, but just bought OhSees HELP for $10. How much of that $$ do the artists get when albums are sold through ITunes? They say as little as 84 cents for a $10 album?! That's freakin' nuts. Should have just bought it at the show straight from the band.
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:: Wizard Smoke ::

This video is good stuff... Wizard Smoke!
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:: Julia Galdo ::

Anyone got an opinion on this photos series? Messed up? Interesting? Julia Galdo's photos have been on the site before but I hadn't seen these all together. If you were the elderly fella in these shots, I bet you would be right stoked.
Posted: irving // 01.22.10 // +7+

:: _+! ::

ADAM CADWELL <-- emailed over some of his work. Like it. He shares a studio with our friend David Chong Lee. Can see some similarities.
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:: THIS - Los Angeles ::

THIS - LOS ANGELES <-- is a new gallery in Highland Park opening their first show on 2/12 featuring a grip of talented folks. According to their blog: THIS is a group of 5 artists pooling their resources under one roof to provide an outlet for themselves and other creative people. The intention of THIS is to provide a gallery space which brings friends and family together in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles not just for traditional gallery shows, but a venue for artists to speak about their work, to interact with their audience and facilitate a creative atmosphere in the community. Looking forward to see how it goes down.
UPSO's work for their inaugural show
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:: Art @The Dump Opening Fri ::

ERIC OTTO & CHRISTINA MAZZA FRIDAY EVENING OPENING AT THE SF DUMP <-- We love checking out the Art @The Dump where an artist or two spend a 4 month residency at the San Francisco Dump and create art from the trash. Not sure if other cities have similar programs, but I kinda doubt it. We've been to many over the years and they're always interested and worth checking out. See you there. Friday 5pm - 9pm Saturday 1pm - 5pm... 503 Tunnel Ave.
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:: Free Fridayz: Crack-tivity! ::

We missed last week, but Free Fridayz is going up tomorrow, so get your drawings in by Friday around noon for your chance at winning this package of goodies from Portland based Grasshut who mailed us prints, calendars, zines, a shirt, and the package even includes two... yes... two firsbees for when the weather clears and you wanna get out there and toss the old frizbee around. Click here to see everything they sent. Thanks Grasshut!
Rheylah Hall from Kansas City, Mo.
This week's prizes come from Portland's Grasshut
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:: MasterMinds 2010 ::

Listen up San Francisco artists... Want FREE grant $$$? Well, SF Weekly begins MasterMinds 2010 and will be awarding winners with a grant of up to $2500 in any of the four categories: visual arts, fashion design, performing arts or film/video/media. It's a tad unclear how they break up the $$ between the 10 possible winners. As it's worded you could get anything from a nickel to $2,500... But whatever, if chosen, you get some decent exposure and signing up is free. Not much to loose. Details here - here - last year's finalists.
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:: Isaac Tin Wei Lin, A Place Near Here ::

Opening tonight, Thursday, January 21st at Fleisher-Ollman.
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:: Employee Of The Day ::

Looking for an animator/ illustrator/ designer who's done some great work for people like Spike Jonze to name a one? Lori D is on the market. Nice reel, ma'am.
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:: ClipODay ::

You see Julian's Instructions for Surviving Art School yet? The video was created in conjunction with the 2 person show LORDZ of the FLYZE now running at Baltimore's Nudashank Gallery featuring Julian Duron & Matthew Craven (PHOTOS).
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:: Work Of The Day ::

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:: Beg For It ::

All my Seattle people head over to Ambach & Rice, formerly OKOK, to catch Grant Barnhart's show before it closes this Sunday. Grant is a magnificent painter, illustrator, sculptor and all around art power player. Don't miss this show featuring all new work!
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:: Ad Hoc Closes its Doors ::

We're very sorry to report that Ad Hoc Gallery in Brooklyn is closing its doors due to these harsh economic times we're living in. Tod Seelie emailed "Ad Hoc was a major anchor for the young Brooklyn art scene, with a focus on street art and activism. They helped the Miss Rockaway Armada fundraise, along with many other causes. A handful of artists that have been on Fecal Face launched their career through Ad Hoc. This past Wednesday they had a final send off party, which included giving away tons of art supplies and raw materials as well as chopping out parts of the mural that was still up in the gallery." --> it's a good time to support the art galleries, institutions and artists you enjoy while you still can.
Taking it with you
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:: More Help for Haiti ::

My buddy Chris Shonting threw together this awesome benefit to HELP HAITI!!! Come out to KCDC tomorrow and bring your donations!
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:: Further & Robertt Hardgrave @Joshua Liner ::

PHOTOS <-- from these great shows running in NYC at Joshua Liner through Feb 6th. Works from Damon Soule, David Choong Lee, MARS-1, Nome Edonna, Oliver Vernon, Robert Hardgrave, and Tomokazu Matsuyama.
Damon Soule
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:: _+! ::

SUNDRY SULLEN <-- nice collage/ design/ installation works.
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:: CrackOThunder ::

sf-lightning-big.jpg The downpour was so heavy this morning @5am in the Mission that it woke me up from a deep deep sleep. This was fine since I was now awake to see and hear some of the baddest lightning/ thunder combo my poor Midwestern ears haven't heard in years. San Francisco has storms, but nothing like the fast and powerful thunderstorms on the other side of the country... Glad it wasn't the start of an earthquake... Just a boom we thought was going to blow out our windows and left our cat running for under the couch... Sounds like more tonight/ tomorrow morning. What? Surf up to 25 feet?! Might be a nice time to visit Ocean Beach or watch the craziness at Fort Point under the GG Bridge at low tide. BOOM.
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:: Mike Shine @SF MOMA ::

Over the weekend artist Mike Shine participated in SFMOMA's 75 anniversary by turning the side lot into a small circus complete with truck bed art show, opera singers and circus games. --> CHECK PHOTOS
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:: All about the details ::

If you're into that show called Mad Men, then you might like this serious nerd out on the details.
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:: Josh Keyes ::

YOU SEE PHOTOS YET FROM JOSH KEYES GREAT SHOW AT JONATHAN LEVINE IN NYC? <-- amazing new works, of course. Be on the look out for Josh at Fecal Face Dot Gallery in 2011 showing some smaller works in the 18"x24" category... Man, that's one hell of a preview list we have already. Josh has some serious fans!
Self portrait as an old man
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:: ClipODay ::

THIS always makes me happy
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:: John Casey ::

PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING OF JOHN CASEY'S SHOW @POV IN LOS ANGELES <-- our man in the street down in LA Michael C. Hsiung covers.
John Casey in front of "The Plot"
Posted: trippe // 01.15.10 // +1+

:: Ian Shults ::

Austin based painter Ian Shults emailed over some painting images. Nice work.
Posted: trippe // 01.15.10 // +1+

:: Chris Berens @Sloan Fine Art ::

PHOTOS AND WORDS FROM CHRIS BERENS SHOW @SLOAN FINE ART IN NYC <-- Although the artist has received critical acclaim in his homeland in the Netherlands with representation by Jaski Art Gallery, a museum retrospective, several books that include detailed sketches and studio portraits as well as a video of his process, there has still been some speculation over whether or not the work includes digitally manipulated photographs. Having seen the work in person I can see why people may be speculative -J.L. Schnabel --> Photos and text
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:: LORDZ of the FLYZE in Baltimore ::

PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING OF JULIAN DURON & MATTHEW CRAVEN'S SHOW @NUDASHANK IN BALTIMORE <-- a very great show from these NYC based artists... You may know Julian from his FF correspondents from NYC. You may know Nudashank from their previous excellent shows (like this one from August) and Matthew from studying at SVA.
Posted: trippe // 01.14.10 // +6+

:: Haiti - No FREE UPS ::

Ooops, we made a post earlier today about Free UPS shipments to Haiti... IT'S A HOAX <-- and there are no free flights there either, but you can donate money to the Red Cross through a simple text message from your cell and the $$$ will be added to your phone bill. <-- it's an easy way to help out... Damn, Tiger is donating 3 Million!
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:: 16 Yr. Girl ROunds Cape Horn ::

Maybe you do or maybe you don't know anything about it, but young Jessica Watson (16 yrs young) ventured from her native Australia with plans of solo sailing around the world via the great capes nonstop... Well, she's in the Southern Ocean now and has just rounded Cape Horn, the biggest/ baddest/ scariest Cape of the world. She's got a lot longer to go, but if she completes her journey she'll be the youngest solo none-stop/ none-assisted sailor to do so. Her blog is a tad boringly written, but it's been nice to follow her journey.
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:: ClipO Machotaildrop ::

FuelTV held a contest years back where they gave $100,000 to 10 filmmakers to make short films. The best film got $1,000,000 to do a feature. This is the feature by Corey Adams and Alex Craig featuring Rick McCrank, John Rattray, Anthony Amadori, James Faulkner, Lukacs Bicskey, Vanessa Guide, Fred Mortagne, Frank Gerwer, Steve Olson plus many many more fine folks... It's looks like it's going to be amazing. CHECK SOME VIDEO FROM BEHIND THE SCENES.
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You anywhere near Milan, Italy? CHECK OUT OS GEMEOS @GALLERIA PATRICIA ON JAN 25TH <-- we would if we were there.
09's Vertigem exhibition
Not familiar with the Brazilian brotherly duo? Just spend some time w/ a Google image search for all sorts of tasty treats.
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:: Cinders Gallery ::

Posted: trippe // 01.14.10 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 01.13.10 // +3+

:: Playing Hooky ::

We're going to play hooky Friday - hop on the bike and make our way about SF getting our art on- checking out some shows currently running and God knows what... Akin Arting Thursdays but on a Friday... Any suggestions?
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:: Rain Rain Rain ::

SF people, I'd get out doors in the next couple days because starting Sunday they're predicting a lot of rain. Storm after storm through Jan 27th!! Get those bikes out. Play hooky on Friday.
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:: Fish Sunday Laguna ::

JEREMY FISH IN LAGUNA BEACH ART MUSEUM FOR SUNDAY LECTURE <-- Laguna Art Museum will host a lecture with artist Jeremy Fish Sunday, January 17 at 1:00 p.m. Patrons will get to hear first-hand from the artist about his current exhibition. This is also the last day patrons will be able to purchase Jeremy Fish merchandise and to view Weathering the Storm and Collecting California before the exhibitions close at Laguna Art Museum. Our photos from the opening
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:: Sat in NYC ::

JOSH KEYES, DOZE GREEN, & SAELEE OH PREVIEW <-- a little look at the work opening this Saturday in NYC @Jonathan Levine. 3 great artists and 3 great solo shows. Preview
Josh Keyes
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:: Trevor Reese ::

TREVOR REESE <-- nice installation works and he's showing @NYC's not-for-profit exhibition space PS122 Gallery Saturday.
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:: Mike Davis & Henry Lewis @FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of this great two person show @Fecal Face Dot Gallery last Saturday in the great city of San Francisco. Works available online here.
Mike Davis & Henry Lewis
Henry Lewis
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:: Breakin' The Law ::

Machine guns, 20 cop cars, insanity right out front of Fecal Face about 20 min ago. Don't know what they did, but it was something pretty gnar as I've never seen so many cops... and cops with M16s too... There was a good 5 minutes where we were right in the potential cross fire if shit hit the fan... Never a dull moment. video -- update: spoke with a news camera man and he was saying something about a potential armored car robbery.
Posted: trippe // 01.12.10 // +4+

:: ClipODay ::

Video Piece by Vanessa Michel and Zach Passero. Music by Besos De Tortuga
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:: ~~~! ::

SF artist Kevin Taylor (check our studio visit) is out on the East Coast for January seeing friends and family and doing some of this... Looks good. Hey, Kevin, sounds like you're going to miss our game of F.E.C.A.L.
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:: Juice Mural Project ::

JUCIE DESIGN'S MURAL PROJECT <-- located on the side of the Kilowatt on 16th - under Juice's offices. We passed by it yesterday and instant blogged up an image of the newest mural... This morning DriftSurfing tweeted us their feature on the project. Juice has had some great murals go up over the years.
Nat Russell
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:: ClipsODay ::

Do yourself a favor and watch some Celebrity Jeopardy. This is the best one.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

A couple Free Fridayz entries slipped through the cracks. Just added them in there.
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:: Media Temple LOVE ::

mtlogo.jpgJust a quick thank you to Media Temple who have been amazing in the 4 years they've hosted Fecal Face! They could have easily ignored our emails as troubles and tech questions have come up. But they've promptly answered all our silly questions and helped us out when we've needed it... Media Temple over the years has supported not only Fecal Face but countless other art related websites online today. If you're looking for a host, we highly recommend Media Temple. Tell them Fecal Face sent ya!
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:: Monday's Mega Madness Massacre ::

Theo Konrad Auer suggested this poll question for this Monday which is quite freshly in the news...
Selma Holo, director of USC's Fisher Museum of Art and director of the university's International Museum Institute. "Deitch has done amazing work as an extremely innovative art dealer. At the same time, we would be remiss not to ask ourselves how he and MOCA are planning to make the transition from the world of commerce and its values to another universe. One understands that these worlds blend, but there are still or should be some lines that are not crossed." -LA Times
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Read this article released today in the LA Times! Jeffrey Deitch is named the new director of MOCA. What will this mean for Deitch Projects? For NYC? For Contemporary art museums?! So exciting!!!
via LA Times
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:: Gill & Rosenberg @Triple Base ::

BRYSON GILL AND OLIVER ROSENBERG @TRIPLE BASE <-- Oliver inspired from his year long travels in India while Bryson brings work back from his two year stay in Berlin. Fun opening last Friday in the Mission.
Bryson Gill
Oliver Rosenberg in the basement
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:: Lewis & Davis ::

Wanna thank everyone who came out on Saturday for Henry Lewis and Mike Davis opening at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Man, we need a larger space (hopefully this year)... Anyway, good times for sure and we'll be adding photos of the work and show up Tuesday. If you have any photos, upload them to Flickr and tag them "fecalface". We'll add them to the list of images we're adding.
Watch out for oncoming traffic
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:: Graffiti in SF ::

THE SF CHRONICLE PONDERS THE GRAFFITI "PROBLEM" IN THE CITY <-- with the program StreetSmARTS which pays respected urban artists in the city to create murals in hopes that taggers won't go over it because, as SFPD's graffiti abatement Officer Christopher Putz says, "There are murals that are up, by well-respected crew, that aren't touched," Putz said. "Because if you did, they'd kick your ass."... What do you think?
From our visit last year of the DogPatch before it got "cleaned up" by the "community".
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:: Shows to see TOnight ::

SHOWS TONIGHT: Yeah, we're having a show featuring HENRY LEWIS & MIKE DAVIS @FECAL FACE (6-9pm), but also tonight are some good ones: MORGAN SLADE @THE SHOOTING GALLERY and in the adjacent building at WHITE WALLS IS JESSE HAZELIP and those shows are running from 7-11pm... Up Upper Haight at GIANT ROBOT IS PHILIP LUMBANG --> there are many more on the SF, LA, & NYC calendars.
FURTHER GROUP SHOW @JOSHUA LINER - a sick collaboration
OH and if you're in NYC be sure to check out Joshua Liner who are showing the group show FURTHER GROUP SHOW featuring works from Damon Soule, David Choong Lee, MARS-1, Nome Edonna, Oliver Vernon, Robert Hardgrave, and Tomokazu Matsuyama... Liner is also opening a solo show from ROBERT HARDGRAVE.
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:: Henry Lewis & Mike Davis @Fecal Face ::

A little taste of Saturday's opening @Fecal Face Dot Gallery featuring works from two great SF tattoo artists and painters. Mike Davis & Henry Lewis. Below are some works which will be on display. They'll look much better unwrapped, hung and in person. 66 Gough St. (6-9pm)
Works by Henry Lewis
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:: Exploratorium After Dark ::

CHECKED OUT THE EXPLORATORIUM "AFTER DARK" LAST NIGHT <-- where the kids stay home, and with beer or wine in hand, you roam around playing with all their hands-on science exhibits... Goes down every first Thursday of the month and it was super good times. A few photos.
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:: If I could shoot laser beams out of my eyes, I would (shoot laser beams out of my eyes) ::

James Kirkpatrick, Matt Furie and Jon Bocksel tonight at Space 1026 in Philadelphia. This is going to be a good one! 7 - 10pm at 1026 Arch St. on the second floor. You can preview some collaborative drawings the guys made here, but you can only get the full experience of the 12ft square wall painting in real life.
Matt Furie and James Kirkpatrick collab
Also tonight, be sure to go see Chris Kline's solo exhibition There They Are at AHN/VHS from 6 -10pm. And don't forget to go check out Max Lawrence's installation opening tomorrow night out there in SF.
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:: Kris Kristofferson ::

Kris Kristofferson lyrics are the best! Yeah sure, it's the dude that your parents listened to. Blah, blah, blah, but your parents were actually cool once and this guy is one of the reasons why! Give him a listen. I especially like the lyrics of Sunday Morning' Comin' Down.
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:: Airline Ticket Redesign ::

It's funny how you can get so used to something that is kind of dysfunctional. You just find yourself working around it until someone else says "this is stupid, let's change it". As a whole, people are pretty complacent when you really think about it. We endure all sorts of stupid shit on a daily basis that is dysfunctional... like in some places you can recycle a bottle but you can't recycle the lid from the top of that bottle. That's just stupid, but luckily in SF you can!
Well these guys at PASS/FAIL felt that way about Airline Boarding Passes and have an open challenge to anyone that wants to try and redesign it. I've got to say I never really thought about how annoying they are to decipher until I was forwarded this link by a friend.
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:: 01 Magazine's Photo Issue ::

01 MAGAZINE'S ISSUE 4 - THE PHOTO ISSUE <-- is freshly launched featuring Peter Sutherland, Tim Barber, Jessica Eaton, Niall McClelland, Sam Falls, and many others. Worthy of a visit.
Photo by Jessica Eaton
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:: Exploratorium After Dark ::

Checking out the Exploratorium After Dark as part of a birthday party. Tonight they feature the Cubatron, a 3D light sculpture made from 8x8 foot modular cubes, each containing 1000 individually programmable RGB LEDs. Looks interesting enough albeit a tad burning man. Will bring back some photos and review. more details
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:: Christmas Over - Now Get Lost! ::

I recently started a project that looks at the Christmas tree. - It has intrigued me how we spend so much time decorating, admiring, and generally centering our life around the tree then come post Christmas we unceremoniously dump it on the street to fend for itself. It's here where I believe some beauty still remains, maybe a little more. I hope you enjoy the project.- Gabriel Mauron. Thanks for the email, Gabriel.
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:: Neat-O-Time-O ::

Oct 10th at 10:10pm and 10 seconds will look cool this year: 10-10-10 10:10:10
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:: Henry Lewis ::

Henry Lewis just emailed over some new work which will be on display @FFDG this Saturday.
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:: Triple Base Friday ::

Two shows opening Friday @Triple Base here in San Francisco. In the main gallery space Bryson Gill will be showing a new body of work that spans painting, drawing and sculpture - the culmination of the artist's two-year stay in Berlin. In the gallery's basement project space, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg shares work he made after a year of nomadic art making in India, as well as create a shrine with work by other travelers, locals, and friends he met during his journey. For the opening reception on January 8th (7-10pm, FREE) Tea Master Jon Oda will be creating a special brew for a tea ceremony in the underground project space. Should be a great show. Details - 3041 24th St - 7-10pm
Bryson Gill
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:: Saturday ::

Philadelphia's Max Lawrence, who co-founded Space 1026 and Free News Projects, unveils his latest project on Saturday in SFMOMA's Garage Windows. For his pieces The Hex Inverter and Kimber Lite And The Pipes, Lawrence has installations in each window of the garage on both Minna and Natoma Streets. During the day they serve as murals, but every night there are secrets shows at 5:30PM, 11PM and 3AM where the installations come to life and become a self-sustained light orchestra which will hold concerts for the public. The opening on Saturday will feature bands and a party but the tri-nightly concerts will run all month.
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:: Saturday @Fecal Face ::

MIKE DAVIS & HENRY LEWIS @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY OPENING SAT JAN 9TH <-- these two San Francisco tattoo powerhouses (Mike owns and works at Everlasting & Henry works at The Skull and Sword) will be showing new water color paintings. Tecactes will be served and the two artists will be present. 66 Gough St. SF (6-9pm)
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:: Alex Prager ::

LA BASED PHOTOGRAPHER ALEX PRAGER <-- will be showing her series Week-End @The Yancy Richardson Gallery in NYC Jan 14th. Be sure to check her '08 Big Valley series for a taste... Oh and we learned of her work through Living Proof Magazine (scroll down).
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:: Living Proof Magazine ::

A LOOK INSIDE ISSUE #4 OF THE *FREE* LIVING PROOF MAGAZINE <-- featuring a rare interview with the legendary Phil Frost, Steven Harrington, Marco Zamora, Adam Wallacavage, Alex Prager, Curtis Buchanan, Jeff Hamada, and a Martha Cooper photo essay. look inside
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:: BLU's Working in Buenos Aires ::

BLU is going to town on another mural stop-motion animation in Buenos Aires complete with human interaction which should be something special. Check below for his previous awesome-ness.
COMBO w/ David Ellis
'08's MUTO
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:: ClipORacism? ::

IS THIS RACISM? <-- Seems a little to us. {update: the ad relates to the game of cricket. read the comments}
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:: Kill Yourself!!!.... (well, online self) ::

Aaaaaa, man. Just when we were going to persuade you to kill your online identity through Suicide Machine, the powers at Facebook have banned its services (on NPR)... Without assisted suicide, matters can only be taken through your own hands for the time being... and watch yourself. Now Rogue Marketers Can Mine Your Info on Facebook <-- welcome to the new world.
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:: Blunt Naked/ Hector Serna Jr ::

A LOOK INSIDE BLUNT NAKED <-- Never heard of Blunt Naked or its creator Hector Serna Jr before the zine showed up in the mail the other day... We get a lot of zines mailed to us and some ain't so hot. But this... this one we're holding onto. Thanks for sending it over, Hector.
Hector Serna Jr is showing B&W drawings at "By and By" in Brooklyn this Friday 1/8/10. Couldn't find any info about "By and By" online, but it's at 552 Grand St. Check it out. 6-9pm... Besides being skilled with the pen, Hector is a talented painter as well. See for yourself and PREVIEW THE ZINE HE SENT US
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:: Free Fridayz: New Year's Resolution ::

Don't forget to get your Free Fridayz drawings in by Friday for a chance at winning some stuffs. This week's theme: New Year's Resolution <-- this is going to be a great week!
Like Rhey Hall of Kansas City, Mo has.
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:: Jam Division ::

Just got this wicked Ice Cube tattoo emailed on over from Dan Olsen who wrote about his latest show that just ended running somewhere(??)... Oh and he included an image of these rad Jam Division shirts. I want one.
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:: Art Art Art Shows ::

With a Generous Allowance of Time (details) new works from Oakland based Adam Friedman opens Friday at Eleanor Harwood Gallery. 7-10pm - 1295 Alabama St.
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:: NYC Friday ::

NYC Peoples! This Friday head on over to Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn for KNOW NEW YORK featuring works from Maya Hayuk, Ryan Wallace, Eric White, Dennis McNett and others living and working in New York.
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:: Eric Yahnker ::

ERIC YAHNKER IN THE LA TIMES MAGAZINE <-- Did you hear the one about the prostitute, the farmer, the Scientologist and the rabbi?... Eric Yahnker would likely come up with a good punch line for that joke - something involving Britney Spears or Osama bin Laden, perhaps. Social studies and political commentary are the 33-year-old, Los Angeles-based artist's forte, and he delivers both with a loving spoonful of humor and caustic wit. -Read our interview with Eric from last June.
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:: ::

Jesse Edwards focuses on unconventional still-life, nudes, ceramics and many other subjects. He has a show opening Thursday in Seattle at Flatcolor. Not only is he a talented oil painter, he busts big time murals in NYC remembering fallen graffiti greats like Kerse and Sacer. I'll let you find those gems your self.
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:: ClipODay ::

THEO JANSEN DOES A "TED" TALK ON HIS NEW CREATURES <-- oh man this guy's work is brilliant. His beach creatures can live completely on their own. They walk the beach using their sensors avoiding the rises and falling tides. They use their wings to store energy from the wind for movement. Really interesting. Check his site: strandbesst.com Thanks for the email, Andy.
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:: Saturday @Fecal Face ::

MIKE DAVIS & HENRY LEWIS @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY OPENING SAT JAN 9TH <-- these two San Francisco tattoo powerhouses (Mike owns and works at Everlasting & Henry works at The Skull and Sword) will be showing new water color paintings. Tecactes will be served and the two artists will be present. 66 Gough St. SF (6-9pm)
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:: F.E.C.A.L. - Jan 23rd ::

SMCLCDK-1.jpgA GAME OF F.E.C.A.L. IS SET FOR SAT JAN 23RD <-- and is being sponsored by Skate Mental... If you don't know and/ or missed our previous year's contest of skateboarding dork-a-tood, it's a game of s.k.a.t.e. where all tricks count and nothing is all that serious... Get those old legs oiled up. --> Sat Jan 23rd 1pm Wallenberg... What's a game of s.k.a.t.e. you ask.
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:: Sea Lions - Again? ::

Welcome back to work, friends... Got a Tweet from Jona8thanGreen yesterday informing us where those sea lions may have swam off to... I still think it was this dude's dog though.
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:: MAD Architecture ::

There's no doubt in my mind that China is going to keep pumping out the most interesting architecture for the next little while. Check out more of MAD's work.
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:: The Power of Selection, Part 1/ Suitable Video ::

Hello fellow FF readers! Hope your holidays were non-violent. Hey, if you are in Chicago anytime between now and February 6th, please feel free to check out Western Exhibitions two newest shows, The Power of Selection Part 1 (curated by yours truly) and Suitable Video. Both shows are brutally enjoyable, reception on the 30th.
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:: Interview ::

Picturebox has a great interview with Doug Johnson that I highly recommend for a quick view. Doug is best known for his album art work, but his lesser-known illustrations are amazing. Also their zine shop is always worth a gander.
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