:: Interviewed ::

GREGORY EUCLIDE <-- we saw his work for the first time last year at Receiver and was floored. He's part of a group show at White Walls next week and has shows planned for BLK MRKT in the near future. Get to know this man.
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:: _-_-_-_+ ::

FUCK ART LET'S DANCE <-- Fiodor Sumkin was born in East Germany/ moved to Russia at 16 and opened at studio at 21. He now lives in Paris and his work rules... THIS PAGE (unrelated) makes us very happy too.
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:: Content ::

We obviously have a lot of interviews and such to move over from the old site. It's a bit of work, but we're doing it up one by one. From time to time we'll let you know which ones so that you can revisit the past a bit. LUKE CHUEH INTERVIEW | COREY ARNOLD INTERVIEW | SHARK SANDWICH (the Dr. Dolphin Sanchez's dating game- R.I.P.)
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:: Clip of the Day ::

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:: %^%%^^ ::

RAQUEL APARICIO <-- illustrations
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:: ~!~ ::

BILL DUNLAP <-- gots himself some drawings of goodness.
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:: McSweeney's ::

DEAR NEW GIRL OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS <-- Noah checks out this new great book from Trinie Dalton published by McSweeney's.
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:: Whoa ::

We just learned that Theo Auer, The Eastsider, was assaulted and left for dead by a group of teenagers at International Blvd and 35th ave in Oakland when he was riding his bike home Tuesday night. He's gone through surgery and is expected to be alright thank goodness. Please have some good thoughts for him while he makes his way through this crap!
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:: Fuckers ::

THE SOUND THAT REPELS <-- "A device emitting a soundwave which is designed to drives young troublemakers away from a problem area of Swindon has been hailed as a success. Listen to the sound online." Thanks for the link, Darin
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:: Book Day! ::

TUCKER NICHOLS <-- sent us this rad little book that coincides with his current show at Linc Art which ends June 3rd. If you have yet to check it out, stop by this Market St gallery and have yourself a look see.
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:: Shawn Barber ::

TATTOOED PORTRAITS <-- we review another great book. This time it's a book of new paintings by local painter, Shawn Barber.
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:: Skatey Art ::

CONCRETE TO CANVAS - SKATEBOARDERS' ART <-- we like getting free stuff in the mail and sharring it with you.
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:: Stay Gold, Benny ::

Long time Fecal pal, eternal skate rat, freelance designer and master-bater Ben Weiner has done started up his own blog site - Benny Gold so you can check out all the cool stuff he does. Nice I-Path stuff Benny!
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:: NYC ::

There's some good shows coming up in NYC you should check out if you can. Click on the links for more info... Upso @ Kid Robot on Thursday | John Copeland @ 31 Grand on Friday | Michael Sieben And Travis Millard @ KCDC on Saturday | and lastly, You have to be almost gifted to do what I do @ Alexander and Bonin on Saturday... get out there and see some good shit!... BTW, that list was compilled by our Ms. Yasha.

John Copeland

Travis Millard
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:: Good Good ::

It's with great pleasure that we bring an interview with Dee from Thee More Shallows to the site. They're playing this Thursday with The Mall, Ral Partha and DJ Odd Nosdam at The Bottom of the Hill... and fuck, this amazing weather is really making it hard to stay focused. Ugh.
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:: Clip of the Day ::

EASTERN MANCHURIA <-- Aaron Anderson emailed us this link to his great animation short. Thanks, Aaron! It's wonderful.
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:: Thursday ::

Ok, so our two favorite bands are playing together Thursday night at Bottom of the Hill. Can't tell you how excited for this show we are. The Mall and Thee More Shallows. $8 in advance. $10 at the door... I'd get your ticket early 'cause you don't want to miss this one.
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:: NYC ::

THE SCIENCE OF GRAFFITI <-- Eyebeam and the Wooster Collective present a night of technology based graffiti projects. Mark Jenkins, the Graffiti Research Lab, and students from the Parsons Geek Graffiti course show a range of experimental work in new materials and techniques for urban communication. @Eyebeam. 540 W. 21st St.
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:: Video ::

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:: Sunday ::

MISSION CREEK MUSIC FESTIVAL <-- is winding down with more shows tonight. Sonny Smith, Dieselhed, El Radio Fantastique, and more... also tonight is A COLOR MAGAZINE RELEASE PARTY @MILK.
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:: Love Station ::

Stereo Co-Captain and art director Chris Pastras has updated his web site - The Love Station. It's a much better format than the last incarnation and has a video of a show he curated at Pursuit Gallery in Vermont. More updates are expected soon. Nice work Chris and Wes.
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:: Knott ::

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:: The Ohsees ::

MISSION CREEK FESTIVAL - PART 2 <-- Jennifer Maerz went to check out The Ohsees, Mix Tapes, and Meric Long at the Hemlock on Wednesday night. Be sure to scroll down to see the sweet videos from The Ohsees and The Coachwhips.
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:: Telle ::

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:: Brodie ::

Got another great email from The Poariod Kid. "here are some shots from this 8 story squat in west Philadelphia called Paradise City, left rather dissapointed though cause i never found the supposed "dead body on the 5th floor"".
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:: +_+ ::

Free Tony Smyrski & John Taylor <-- if you live in Philly, support your local artists. Not sure of the details, but we like and trust Space 1026 and they back these guys, so we do too.
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:: Krooks ::

KROOKED VIDEO PREMIERES TONIGHT <-- at the Castro Theater. You know it's going to be good. FREE
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:: Pod Pod ::

NEW FECAL PODCAST <-- just some sounds to get you through spring. CLICK HERE if you have yet to subscribe. It'll automatically load in your ITunes. Need help with the Podcast, Click here... The Podcast ends with some Thee More Shallows. Be sure to see them at the Bottom of the Hill next Thursday, the 25th, and they're playing with The Mall. Tits! What a great show to see... The Mall are also playing as part of the Mission Creek Music Festival this Saturday at El Rio with Yikes, The Fucking Ocean, and Fuck Wolf. So much music/ so little time. Ugh.
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:: Porous ::

"Friend and awesome dude, Porous Walker was voted Best Cartoonist by the SF Weekly this week. Could a book be in the future? Could fame glory and "bitches and hoes" be next? Wait he's married, so never mind." -Isaac
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:: MCMF ::

MISSION CREEK MUSIC FESTIVAL <-- is happening right now! Check the schedule and see some shows. There are so many great bands performing this year. The Mall, O.C.S. , Kelly Stoltz, Tussle, Hey Willpower, and so many more.
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:: Sketch Sketch ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS <-- starts tonight at 111 Minna.
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:: Ben Tour ::

BEN TOUR INTERVIEW <-- we welcome yet another Vancouver-ian to the site!
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:: Borrowed ::

Borrowed Time is a book project that friend Tony Larson is a part of. "Borrowed Time is the story of Taylor Devlin. We meet him as a man who has it all - a nice apartment, a woman he loves, and a job as a journalist that allows him to travel around the world. When an assignment comes down to take a trip through the Bermuda Triangle, it seems like a piece of cake. What awaits him is anything but."
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"..If the employees he's bribed at SeaWorld can't come through for him on the sea lion tip, Yamamoto always has the fallback of driving up to San Francisco's Pier 39 with a refrigerated truck, waiting until the wee hours of morning with two assistants, and plugging a sea lion in the skull using a night-vision laser-scope, and a silencer on his high-powered rifle.." ..giraffe toungue, rhino balls, puppies, and penguins, humans too.. "One day I hope I can cook whole Mexican," sighs Yamamoto.. its all there..
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:: Marco Cibola ::

NOVESTUDIO.COM <-- illustrations from Marco Cibola who lives in Ontario, Canada... and did you watch the blue angels video from the Sunday Morning Movies below? so good.
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:: CCA ::

PHOTOS <-- from the CCA graduate show that opened last Thursday here in SF.
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:: Weston Teruya ::

WESTON TAKESHI TERUYA <-- we went to check out the CCA graduate show on Thursday, and this guy ruled it. By far our favorite out of the entire show. He's showing at Patricia Sweetow Gallery June 1st. Be sure to go to this show!
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:: *&^&* ::

PAUL URICH BOARD UP ON EBAY <-- get it while you can.
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:: Colbert ::

For those of you who may have missed this great moment, you'll be happy to know it's back online.
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:: Clip of the Day ::

GG ALLIN ON JERRY SPRINGER?! <-- there's a lot more... Did you know his birth name was Jesus Christ Allin? Love him, hate him, or don't care, he was something.
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:: _+_ ::

If you're in Vancouver and have good taste, I'm sure you already know about this.
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:: Mike Brodie ::

Got this email from The Polariod Kid- "i just put together a new website of my photography and wanted to share it with you. i no longer shoot polaroids but im going to continure the plrds.com, my new site is ridindirtyface.com (as in when you ride in the grainer of freight train with your face against the wind and get bugs in your mouth and shit). it's not quite done but it has a good amount of my new recent 35mm b&w / color photgraphy up, as well and nice group of my polaroids". Looks great.
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:: UP ::

THE RUN UP <-- "An Artist Documentation Series. Featuring films covering 27 of todays top visual creators. From FIFTY24SF Gallery in association with Upper Playground." Looks like it's going to be a good one.
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:: Got an Hour? ::

ANDY WARHOL- THE COMPLETE PICTURE <-- A documentary on the guy right here on the ol' internet. Worth watching. HERE'S PART TWO... Here's some good Basquiat HERE ON TV PARTY and HERE PAINTING ON THE ST... There are tons of good clips out there. What are some of your favorites?
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:: AirGuitar ::

AIR GUITAR CHAMPINSHIPS ARE THURSDAY NIGHT @THE INDEPENDENT <-- and they asked me to be one of the four judges?? I'll judge on the artistic performance? It's going to be sweet. $12 @the door. Come on down. Flail your hand on some invisible strings! What does it look like? Watch the video. Check last year's champ in this video!
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:: CCA ::

CCA GRADUATE EXHIBIT <-- Thursday night. It's bound to be great. 6-9pm. 1111 Eighth St.
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:: ^^#$#^^ ::

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:: ~~~(+)~~~ ::

HUSKMITNAVEN <-- some good stuff from Denmark.
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:: Video ::

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:: Fish ::

A LIL' VIDEO UPDATE WITH FISH <-- we also added some other older videos as well... BTW, the Fish video was sent out to our Podcast subscribers. If you do ITunes, click here to automatically subscribe. Get some Fish on your IPod.
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this tuesday, support your local kung fu!
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:: Photos ::

Holy crap, that was needed. Took a little vacation away from the computer for a couple days to enjoy the sun in and around the city. So nice. Summer is here... and now back to it with some photos from last Thursday's openings. Kim Cogan @White Walls - Yumiko Kayukawa @ The Shooting Gallery - Irion & Garlington @111 Minna.
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:: Clip of the Day ::

JOE VS. THE VOLCANO <-- is out on DVD and for the first time ever, we get to see it in widescreen.
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:: Fire ::

BROOKLYN FIRE <-- it took out the Autumn Bowl? Say it ain't so... Besides the bowl, those buildings were awesome.
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:: Thursday ::

Ok, so there are way too many shows to check out on Thursday. i still don't understand why everyone has an opening on the same night. Trying to spread the crowd out or something? Anyway, here are some shows that we think you should check out.
KIM COGAN <-- there aren't that many younger artists working in oils these days. Well, there are, but not that many who do work like Kim does. Check out his solo show Still City at White Walls. Read an interview we did with Kim awhile ago. 835 Larkin St. 7-11pm.
49 GEARY <-- as every first Thursday of the month the established galleries of 49 Geary open their doors for a couple hours (5:30-7:30pm). It seems that the best shows down there have been photo shows as of late. Check out Nicholas Prior @Robert Koch and Idris Khan @Fraenkel Gallery... There are bound to be other treats down there. So go and make the rounds.
PHOTOGRAPHERS MICHAEL GARLINGTON & CHRISTOPFER IRION @111 MINNA <-- The exhibit will include Garlington's latest collection, 'Positively Sixth Street,' which captures the faces of the forgotten denizens of San Francisco's skid row... Christopher Irion designed and constructed a portable PhotoBooth in 2003. He set it up at Farley's, a local cafe, in 2004, shot 500 portraits all of which were exhibited there... 111 Minna. 5-2am.
YUMIKO KAYUKAWA & JOHN JOHN JESSE <-- at The Shooting Gallery. We're big fans of Yumiko. In fact, read an interview we did with her last year... Should be a great show! 839 Larkin (right next door to White Walls). 7-11pm
Yumiko Kayukawa

HERBERT BAGLIONE @ FIFTY24SF <-- not familuar with Herberts work. We know that he's from Sao Paulo Brazil and after checking his website, well, his work is pretty fucking awesome. FIFTY24SF always has great shows so it's bound to be another great one and well worth checking out! 248 Fillmore St. 7-9:30pm

Herbert Baglione

SACRED PLACES <-- At creativity explored. From the Australian desert to the Baptist Church, artists with developmental disabilities from San Francisco's Creativity Explored investigate sacred places in a new exhibition of paintings, drawings, handcrafted shrines and sculpture... 3245 Sixteenth St. 7-9pm
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:: ()&^&() ::

SURF MUCH? <-- don't search for shark attack, car crashes, and plane crashes on youtube. Instead do searches for ghost ride the whip... and then ghost ridding goes wrong.
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:: Shows ::

We replaced the Home button with a Calendars button on the homepage for easier calendar access. See it over there on the left? Use it 'cause there are a bunch of great shows worth checking out this week!
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:: ~!@##@!~ ::

LA BLOWHARDS <-- Alex Klein gave us this zine yesterday. Thought we'd share.
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:: Deth P. Sun ::

PHOTOS <-- from Deth P. Sun's opening at Giant Robot on Saturday. Want to check out the No Format show at Receiver afterwards, but couldn't hang. Was too ill (in the sore throat kind of way) and had to bail. You can view some of the photos that were in the show on the Reciever site.
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:: Drinks? ::

TAKE ME OUT FOR DRINKS! <-- what do you do? where do you and your friends drink? going somewhere interesting- a special night out? email us and we'll tag along with you for a night. we want to see some new part of san francisco. cocktail party in pacific heights? long shore dudes working in oakland? work the score board for the giants? baby shower? wedding? hit us up. be the first in what will hopefully be a great ongoing feature for the site. drinks are on you. it's going to be great- or horrible. who knows.
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:: Philly Fish ::

FOLKLORE <-- Fecal Pal Jeremy Fish opens a new solo show at Space 1026 in Philly this Friday. You know it's going to be good. Expect some extra Fish up on the Fecal in preperation for the show. Yasha, you gonna make it?
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