:: Fish Board ::

Our main man, Jeremy Fish, is building his empire with prints, clothes, books, and now boards! Superfishal is the name of this empire and this board set is worth it. A collab with Michael Sieben, Pushead, and Todd Bratrud, these boards come signed by Fish if you buy the complete set for $210 which can be purchased online here and maybe at Umbrella very soon. Skate-or-Die?
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:: Trading Lessners ::

Our pals Rose Luardo and Thom Lessner who are in the greatest band ever, SweatHeart, are going to be movie stars as they're to be featured on the show Trading Spaces airing this Saturday on the TLC channel. Thom's a funny ass dude so it's bound to be amazing. I mean, come on! Check out this brilliant video. Fingerlingous!!
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:: Trust Z ::

TRUST ZABO <-- updates his site of illustration and interactive work with a really nice flash intro.
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:: ClipODay ::

crying_game.jpgTHE CRYING GAME <-- Ever seen a grown man attempting to understand his severely emotionally-constipated self? Watch the whole thing as the ending answers. Check the Wolphin blog for more good good.
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:: Poddy ::

JAY HOWELL MIX <-- is now online featuring 45 minutes of Jay's favorite music... with the added bonus of talking from time to time. Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
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:: Free Fridayz: Birds & Monkeys ::

Primer Grey's entry
We got some amazing entries for this week's Free Fridays already with the theme: Birds & Monkeys. Be sure to get yours in sometime tonight before we add it sometime before noon tomorrow. We got an awesome prize pack from Michael Sieben as this week's prize! Email your entry to freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
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:: Somewhere City ::

somewhere02.gifNot a huge art toy collector but the new 6 character series from designer Goran Lelas produced by StrangeCo in in collaboration with MoMA is interesting. Maybe a gift for a nephew or something. Not out till sometime in 2008 though.
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:: Fix It Yourself ::

This is so great. A underground group of architects, historians, and others known as The Untergunther broke into the Pantheon in Paris for over a year at night to repair its broken antique clock. They setup a workshop and carefully tore it apart and reassembled it ending it's neglect and then were brought to trial once they came forward... Such a great story, and the group, whose mission is to 'restore France's cultural heritage', do a lot more than just repair broken clocks.
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:: ClipODay ::

chad_e2.jpgRON MEETS CHAD EVERETT <-- this clip isn't included in the documentary How's Your News which you should see, but it's a good day for Ron as he meets 70s tv star Chad his hero and spiritual brother.
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:: Jay Howell Podcast ::

A bit late in getting it up with the turkey day and all, but our interview with San Francisco based artist Jay Howell is now online for your listening pleasure. Download it and listen to Jay as he speaks of his art, his work with Antihero, and why he can't stop drawing dog boners.
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:: +!~ ::

FERAL DESIGNERS <-- some nice to look at
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:: Josh Keyes ::

Had to stop through Josh Keyes studio yesterday and thought we'd share a few photos.
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:: Greece ::

ALEXANDROS VASMOULAKIS <-- some really great work from Athens, Greece including some massive building murals. Spend some time on the site. Nice.
Posted: trippe // 11.28.07 // +1+

:: Trippe out on Pink Floyd ::

You probably weren't there, but John Trippe wants you to listen to the Dark Side of the Moon.
Posted: irving // 11.27.07 // +9+

:: ClipODay ::

FULLPIPE DOWN <-- so fake, but can you imagine?!
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:: Under Skatement ::

SF_webflier.jpgUNDER SKATEMENT THIS SATURDAY <-- after being away for a couple years, Dave Franklin and Fecal Pal Andreas Trolf are back with another round of films made by skaters and this time sponsored by Adidas with the premiere going down on Saturday at the Victoria Theater on 16th in the Mission. After the first showing here, the show will be moving north with showings in Portland (8th), Seattle (12th), and Vancouver (15th). You know it's going to be a good show... Great after party too at Cafe Du Nord featuring Hightower and Thee Ohsees... and speaking of Dwyer, you download his interview or mix yet?
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:: + ::

LUCY LEVENE <-- lives in London. She's also represented by After Modern Gallery here in SF. Nice four series set of photos on her site.
From "Come & Be my Baby"
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:: Run Away!! ::

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:: Miss Landmine ::

Are you an Angolan beauty with a missing leg caused by a land mine leftover from the civil war? Well, enter this contest and you could win yourself a new prosthetic one! These women are... misslandmine.org
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:: Giant Jesus ::

PHOTOS <-- from Mike Giant & Usugrow @White Walls and Van Arno @The Shooting Gallery.
Mike Giant
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:: Tractor Time ::

Damn, that was one hell of a Thanksgiving... Anyway, back to it, and it's with a cheered heart I bring you KICKASSTRACTOR.COM <-- which is dedicated to bringing you the current most kickass tractor on the entire planet. Another Bob K project.
Posted: trippe // 11.26.07 // +1+

:: Hsu ::

JULIENNE HSU <-- Great watercolor landscapes from this Upland, California artist. See more recent work on her blog.
Posted: jesse // 11.26.07 // +1+

:: GRNY ::

If you're in New York, be sure at check out Jen Corace's show at GRNY before it comes down on Dec 5th. We like Jen's work a lot and I Told You So is no exception. Check out the show online here.
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:: ClipOThanksgiving ::

Nothing beats the Christmas special, but THANKSGIVING CHARLIE BROWN Part I (Part II - Part III) is of the season. Vince Guaraldi is too good... Hope everyone is having a good one out there!
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:: Arc ::

SAMPLERT.COM <-- Marcelo Ertorteguy is an architect, a recent Columbia graduate whose work is between architecture & art.
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:: Sketch ::

SKETCH HOTEL <-- it's a PDF file.
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:: Whales ::

STOP JAPAN'S WHALE HUNT <-- "Japan's annual Southern Ocean whale hunt is conducted under the guise of science but has been condemned internationally. This season, Japan aims to kill more than 1,000 whales, including 50 endangered fin whales and, for the first time in 20 years, 50 threatened humpback whales will also be harpooned."... I understand tradition, but killing threatened whales is crossing the line.
Posted: trippe // 11.20.07 // +26+

:: Film Fest ::

DISPOSABLE FILM FESTIVAL CALL FOR ENTRIES <-- "a shorts film program to be screened at ATA in January 2007. Eligible submissions are made with disposable media such as cell phones, point and shoot, webcams, and other inexpensive, readily available, non-professional flash video cameras. Pros and amateurs are welcomed to submit."
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:: ClipODay ::

TRAIN PASSING THROUGH INDIAN MARKET <-- watch the whole thing... reminds me of that scene in War Photographer which, if you haven't seen, you really need to. It's a very very very very very very very brilliant documentary!
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:: Pixie, Lister, & Brookes ::

PHOTOS <-- from Please' with Fast & 'Thank you' with Good from the Lab 101 in LA featuring new paintings from Kill Pixie, Anthony Lister, and Kelsey Brookes. Show runs for another week. See it.
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:: MovieoftheDay ::

GRIZZLY MAN <-- You've probably seen this amazing Werner Herzog documentary already, but if you haven't, you've got to watch it... or if you haven't watched it in awhile... Though it deserves to be seen in a better format... so maybe rent it instead. Plus by renting it, you're better supporting one of the best filmmakers of our time.
Posted: trippe // 11.19.07 // +2+

:: RVCA ::

PHOTOS <-- their store opening that took place a couple weeks ago here in SF featuring Barry McGee & Phil Frost.
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:: We're Grant Winners!! ::

Congrats to us and thanks to Southern Exposure for selecting Fecal Face as one of the winners of the first round of their Alternative Exposure grant which was made available in part due to the Andy Warhol Foundation... If you're an artist or organization based here in SF and are in need of $, be sure to apply for next year's grant! 15 groups were selected this year. We're fancy pants now!!
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:: Heima ::

Tonight at Mezzanine, Ameoba is sponsoring a free screening of the new Sigur Ros movie Heima. We checked out the film and it's really beautiful. Tons of amazing Iceland shots and great music. Even if you're not so into Sigur Ros, the movie is worth a look. Plus it's free.. Check the trailer here.
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:: ClipODay ::

"IN LOVE" WITH PATTY CHANG <-- A short documentary on New York based performance artist Patty Chang.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: +!~ ::

STEPHANIE LEVY <-- nice work from Germany. Happy patterns. Pleasant work. Spend a minute clicking the red next button. Like the wall installation.
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:: Bozic @Cal Academy ::

Tiffany Bozic
PHOTOS <-- Went and checked out From the Depths featuring new paintings from Oakland based painter Tiffany Bozic at the California Academy of Sciences last night. Photos.
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:: DEVO ::

Got this txt last night from Andreas who went down to LA to conduct the interview for us. I knew I should have done the interview. I wanna have pizza with the dude who wrote Gates of Steel. So good. And good. And very good. Just watch tons of clips on you tube. Like That's Good on Letterman.
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:: Saturday Tonight ::

Simon Evans
SIMON EVANS @JACK HANLEY LA <-- Simon's work of obsessively cutout intelligent and funny scotch tapped collages are a treat to see Saturday night @Jack Hanley LA. You can stare at one for a long time laughing at all the witty observations and slight references. If you're in LA go to the show. It's bound to be great. Wish it was at Jack's SF gallery!
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:: Sacto ::

Wonderwheel, a group show with Nathan Cordero, Jay Howell and more, opens tonight at The Toy Room in Sacramento. Wish we were going up there, maybe we will.
Posted: jesse // 11.16.07 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

The Dodos
THE DODOS NEW VIDEO <-- our pals, The Dodos, release their first video for the song Fools. Directed by Matt Amato for We are the Masses. Fantastic.
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:: ClipODay ::

MIRADOR <-- Some really great animation by Jens Christian Hagni Larsen and Nan Na Hvass went into the new Efterklang video.
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:: Tuff ::

After the art tonight (there's a bunch), come by The Attic for Tuff Town 2. Did you hear the records Jay Howell played on his interview/podcast last night? If not, let us just say that it will be a whole lot of fun.
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:: Tonight ::

Tiffany Bozic's show From the Depths opens tonight @The California Academy of Sciences here in SF featuring new paintings that will be integrated with a new exhibit which brings together science and art- both inspired by each other. We got a sneak peak the other night and her new work is great. It does cost $5 but well worth it. Free to the first 50 Yerba Buena Center members though. 5-9pm. Howard @5th.
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:: +! ::

GEORGE JENNE <-- lives and works in NYC. Check Milf and Son & Diamond Jubilee.
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:: Sam Flores @Lineage ::

Lots of girls being cute and/or sexy in Philly this Friday as SF based artist, Sam Flores, is showing @Lineage Gallery in Philly with the opening going down this Friday evening... Sam's in gallery 1, but they have two, and the second gallery will be filled with more girls looking sexy and/or cute with works from Amy Sol and Stella Im Hultberg.
Amy Sol
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Corey Roomie? ::

Corey Arnold
Fecal Pal, Corey Arnold, is seeking a part time assistant/ intern in exchange for a free room in a house in Portland... or just a very nice roommate willing to pay $425 a month. If you're interested or know of someone, hit him up: corey (at) coreyfishes.com
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:: Princess Mononoke ::

Watch this animated classic made by Hayao Miyazaki tonight right here. It's absolutely brilliant if you didn't know that already.
Posted: trippe // 11.13.07 // +3+

:: Tonight ::

Tiffany Bozic is speaking tonight @The California Academy of Sciences with Academy curator Dr. Rich Mooi to discuss their collaboration w/ a preview of their show before hand. Talk is @7:30pm w/ the preview from 6 till then.
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:: I5 History ::

INVISIBLE5.ORG <-- driving between LA and SF anytime soon? Download this audio history/ tour and listen to it along the way to educate yourself on the invisible toxic landscape of the I-5 corridor. Each chapter has visual clues as to when to hit the play button to keep you on track.
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:: Fecal Live ::

Jay Howell
We'll be broadcasting live Wednesday evening around 6pm, this time interviewing SF based artist Jay Howell. Get your questions in for him by emailing them to: news(at)fecalface.com. Check the Podcast for previous interviews.
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:: Whoa ::

"This little guy is real. He was just born recently and lives at the SF Zoo." -Matt
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Strange Fruit ::

PHOTOS <-- from John Casey and Martha Sue Harris' show at Receiver that opened last week.
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:: Calendar ::

ANDREW'S CALENDAR <-- our pal from Needles and Pens has a great one page calendar featuring his smooth half frame photography. Not bad for only $5 and makes for a unique holiday gift (did I just say holiday gift?! Ugh...)
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:: Vic Blue ::

Our friend Vic Blue emailed us over this link to portraits he shot for Discover Channel's The Ted Koppel - Breaking Point which is about over crowded prisons. Be sure to read the captions... and to read our interview with Vic.
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:: Art Biz ::

Want some insight in the somewhat gross business end of the high art market, check the New Yorker article on Jeffrey Deitch. Hedge fund managers and goofy over-the-top-ness, but hey, we'd take some of that $$ if we could. Damn... preview
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:: Cavemen ::

STAYGLAD.COM <-- So so so good.
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:: + ::

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:: Bart Tour ::

BART TOUR '07 <-- goes down on November 25th for you skaters out there. Ride Bart with a grip of others and skate spots near the stops. Good times for sure. Video from last year.
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:: Dwyer's Podcast ::

We're pleased to have two great podcasts up for you all to enjoy. The first is our interview with John Dwyer from Thee Ohsees and the Coachwhips where he fielded your questions last night during our live interview discussing topics like fighting in Toronto, his best shows, Drugs, recording the new Ohsees album and much more... and then we also have a mix of music that John put together for you to download as well. Over an hour of entertainment.
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:: Thee Ohsees ::

Did you catch our interview with John Dwyer of Thee Ohsees last night? It'll be up on our podcast later today. And be sure to catch them playing tonight at Cafe Du Nord with Citay.
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:: Android ::

Tonight at The Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter, go see the spectacle that will be Ray Potes' first solo show Android. We don't want to spoil anything, but we have been getting some sneak peaks and it will probably blow you way. There are a bunch of other shows to see tonight, but this one starts early so go there first.
Posted: jesse // 11.08.07 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 11.08.07 // +1+

:: Date Farmers ::

The Date Farmers
PHOTOS <-- from The Date Farmer's and Sans show that's up now @Fifty24SF.
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:: First Thursdays ::

Chor Boogie
PHOTOS <-- from some shows that opened last week @111 Minna, Lower Haters, and Grey Walls.
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:: Fecal Radio Tonight ::

Fecal live radioness is back on tonight as we'll be interviewing SF musician John Dwyer of Thee OhSees and previous Coachwhips going on about 8:30pm pacific. We'll be taking your questions for John through email: news(at)fecalface.com. We'll be speaking of his art, music and life. If you miss it, no worries as it'll be added to our podcast sometime Thursday... You can also leave a question here in the comments.
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:: Dungeness ::

HOW TO COOK AND CLEAN DUNGENESS <-- the season starts on like Nov 15th, so get a little heads up on how to enjoy this west coast treat. Note: probably not for the vegan.
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:: ClipODay ::

BOOGIE INTERVIEW <-- "about growing up in Belgrade, photographing some of the most visceral topics in human nature and channeling both his inspiration and technique to create his highly-acclaimed artistry."
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:: Trade ::

Posted: trippe // 11.06.07 // +1+

:: +~ ::

HUMANAMENTE HABLANDO Y MALA CONDUCTA <-- for you non Spanish speaking people out there: "humanly speaking and bad conduct"... and is a show featuring work by Verena Urrutia and Mariel Sanhueza of Chile.
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:: Park Life ::

PHOTOS <-- Billy O'Callaghan checks out the work on display @Park Life for their 1 year anniversary show here in SF. Great work.
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:: Heads Up ::

Posted: trippe // 11.06.07 // +2+

:: Giant ::

Mike Giant is giving an artist talk tonight @CCA Oakland campus. He mentioned something about going for a ride and pizza afterwards too in his blog. Nahl Hall 8pm
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:: Science ::

Have you seen the photos of the new Academy of Sciences building yet? We can't wait until that place opens in 2008. Going to be so rad. You can even click here for some video. More on their website.
Posted: jesse // 11.05.07 // +2+

:: Parking ::

PARKING GARAGES FEEL NICE <-- some nice photos of these quiet spaces.
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:: POTD ::

Heather Maxwell-Hall
This week's POTD was submitted by Vancouver based photographer Heather Maxwell-Hall. Read her mini interview.
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:: Banksy ::

BANKSY UNMASKED? <-- Theo emailed this over and we don't much care if he's masked or not. He does great work. Maybe you'd like to see. Probably not him anyway as we'd imagine that he's got some help these days after so much success.
Posted: trippe // 11.04.07 // +1+

:: Giant Robot ::

Tonight at The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) in Los Angeles, Giant Robot is celebrating their Biennale. With performances and work by an incredible amount of talented artists including David Choe, Saelee Oh, Seonna Hong, Masakatsu Sashie, Souther Salazar, Pika Pika, Scrabbel and many more. We keep looking at the photos from Eric's blog and wish that we could go. It will be a blast, and you should go if you're in LA tonight.
Posted: jesse // 11.03.07 // +0+

:: Today ::

There's benefit art show on Haight and Steiner going down today starting at 12pm. It's to benefit the residents of 608c who are being evicted, and the show features art from people like Chris Johanson, John Dwyer, Kyle Ranson, Paul Wackers, Barry McGee and many more. Go get some art and support them at the same time!
Posted: jesse // 11.03.07 // +0+

:: Park Life ::

Paul Wackers
Congrats to SF based Park Life who's celebrating their first year in existence with a group show tonight featuring the liks of Andrew Schoultz, Jason Jagel, Paul Wackers, Maxwell Holyoke Hirsch, Michelle Blade, and many other great artists. Should be a good one. Details.
Posted: trippe // 11.02.07 // +6+

:: Portland ::

If you're in Portland tonight, go check out the group show Spiritual Boner with Jay Howell, Skinner and Scott Barry at The Grass Hut. Will be a good time.
Posted: jesse // 11.02.07 // +0+

:: Pieter Hugo ::

Pieter Hugo
YOU THINK YOUR PITBULL MAKES YOU LOOK TOUGH <-- can you imagine having a hyena?! Check South African photographer Pieter Hugo's series entitled Hyena and Other Men... and then be sure to check his studio portrait series featuring albinos. Whoa. He's speaking tonight SFAI.
Posted: trippe // 11.02.07 // +5+

:: _+ ::

MATT MIGNANELLI <-- RISD graduate working and living in NYC.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Shawn O'Keefe, Charles Kaufman, and Paul Henri
Be sure to get your entries in for this week's Free Fridayz before 9am Friday. This week's theme is Sandwiches. freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
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:: Devo Interview ::

If you had the chance to interview Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo and Wes Anderson film soundtrack fame, what would you want to ask him?... and you meaning us, Fecal Face.
Posted: trippe // 11.01.07 // +8+

:: Save 608 ::

DWYER'S EVICTION DEFENSE BENEFIT <-- goes down tonight at The Eagle featuring some amazing bands- Kelly Stoltz, OHSees, Pale Hoarse, Death Sentence: Panda, and Ragi The Lawyer Show.
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:: Not Silent ::

Tomorrow in New York, Chief Magazine is hosting it's Not So Silent Rock Show. It features work from such Fecal Pals as Tod Seelie and Matt Furie among many, many others. Oh, also 5 bands, film screenings, djs and an open bar. Wish we were in New York again.
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:: ClipODay ::

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