:: Accountant? ::

Umbrella Market is looking to hire an accountant/ business management sort of person for some restructuring kind of work. If you got the skills and/ or know of someone who does, let us know!
Posted: trippe // 01.31.08 // +1+

:: SF Skatepark in Progress!!!! ::

POTRERO DEL SOL/LA RAZA SKATEPARK PROGRESS!!! <-- just a short few blocks from my house they are pouring concrete on San Francisco's first skatepark (not gonna put Excelsior or Hunter's Point bowl in the skatepark category)... Just in time too as, shit, I'm getting older, and crap, I've been here for 13 years and a decent SF park has been in the works for so long... Stoked to say the least!! Thanks for the photos, Chris. I gotta roll down there tomorrow.
Posted: trippe // 01.31.08 // +0+

:: Free Fridayz: Time Machine ::

Email in your drawings for this week's Free Fridayz. The theme is Time Machine... Get yours in by Friday like Ari Ferdman from Austin has. email them to freefridayz (at) fecalface.com and be sure to read the submission guidelines... people send in drawings we can't run and it makes us sad.
Posted: trippe // 01.31.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

MISFITS - BULLET <-- feels so good.
Posted: trippe // 01.31.08 // +1+

:: Adobe Show ::

Ajit Chauhan setting up @Adobe
Our wonderous intern, Joy, went down to Adobe Books last week to get a preview of their show Milky Way of Breeding Stallions That Roll, Ejaculating by Themselves featuring our friend Tara Foley and Ajit Chauhan and comes back with THESE PHOTOS AND WORDS.
Posted: trippe // 01.31.08 // +0+

:: Barron Storey ::

The influencial illustrator and CCA teacher, Barron Storey, who's pupils have included many artists including David Choe (see any similarities in the work?!) is having a solo show Victims at the San Jose based gallery, Anno Domini opening Friday night. Should be interesting.
Posted: trippe // 01.31.08 // +0+

:: Business Reply Mail ::

Packard Jennings Business Reply
This is genius. I want to get a job at a Business Reply Mail center in Delaware just so I can get one of these amazing pamphlets on how I can turn my life around. Click on the page-by-page view to the left to check it out. Thanks to Jess for the tip-off.
Posted: irving // 01.31.08 // +7+

:: Casey and Keyes ::

If you live anywhere near Nashville, be sure to stop through Tag Art Gallery on Saturday to see the two person show from Josh Keyes and John Casey. It's going to be a great one!
Posted: trippe // 01.30.08 // +3+

:: Valencia's Freedom Wall ::

03_11_10_0280.jpgMaybe you've noticed the wall that's covered in wheat pastes and graffiti at the old police station on Valencia btw 23rd and 24th? Well, the owners condone the work and have been documenting it for the past 10 years. Southern Exposure hosts a public meeting on the wall tonight. Have you tagged the wall? Do you consider it an artwork? A nuisance? Does it build community? Degrade it? Come and share your thoughts with the community.
Posted: trippe // 01.30.08 // +0+

:: Legos! ::

MINILAND @LEGOLAND <-- or even better, Legoland CA. Look, it's SF.
Posted: trippe // 01.29.08 // +0+

:: Johansson Projects ::

Our friend Nathan Cordero just participated in a group show at the new Johansson Projects in Oakland. Looks like a great show and space!
Posted: trippe // 01.29.08 // +0+

:: South American Travels ::

Above & Ripo in Santiago, Chile
Above and Ripo continue to blog up their travels in South America. 18 countries in 6 months creating and meeting new people along the way. Damn, that sounds good.
Posted: trippe // 01.29.08 // +3+

:: The Capa Cache ::

ROBERT CAPA'S LOST NEGATIVES <-- War photography pioneer Robert Capa's lost negatives have finally been brought to light. After disappearing from a train station in 1922, thousands of negatives are now available to the public through The International Center of Photography in New York. The Times set up a great slide show and an interactive photo of the "suitcase" for you to zoom in on.
Posted: jesse // 01.29.08 // +0+

:: Jones ::

KELLY LYNN JONES <-- This Los Angeles-based artist who also runs Little Paper Planes, updates her site with some new paintings.
Posted: jesse // 01.29.08 // +0+

:: Neckface ::

NECKFACE PHOTOS <-- from Death Becomes You @Don't Come in Melbourne.
Posted: trippe // 01.29.08 // +0+

:: VASF ::

Over at RVCA in San Francisco, they have been doing in-store bands for free. Tonight you can go see The Japanese Motors start up around 7pm. They also have a gallery which we wrote about a while back with a new show opening on Feb 7th.
Posted: jesse // 01.29.08 // +0+

:: OhSees ::

One of our favorite local bands, Thee Ohsees, are playing tonight @the Knockout. See them live. You won't be disappointed.
Posted: trippe // 01.28.08 // +0+

:: Wall ::

JEFF WALL <-- Great slide show and video piece on Canadian photographer Jeff Wall's work from his show at SFMOMA. You can also see a similar piece about his show at MoMA in New York.
Posted: jesse // 01.28.08 // +0+

:: LOC ::

The Library Of Congress has officially joined Flickr and uploaded over 3,000 restriction-free photos from their archives (they've been collecting since the 1800's). They are available in high-resolution and can pretty much take your whole day away if you start looking at them for too long. Great Link from the Underwired Blog.
Posted: jesse // 01.28.08 // +1+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 01.27.08 // +2+

:: Tonite ::

Tonight is the closing reception for the ATA benefit at Receiver Gallery. It's all silent auction style, so go get yourself some great, inexpensive art!
Posted: jesse // 01.26.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

Remember that crazy storm a couple weeks ago? Well, if you were in the Coast Guard this is what you had to deal with.
Posted: trippe // 01.26.08 // +0+

:: Ouch ::

Posted: trippe // 01.26.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

I MISS THE MALL <-- when you coming to San Francisco for a visit, Adam?!
Posted: trippe // 01.25.08 // +7+

:: Viner @ Levine Photos ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of Jonathan Viner's show @ Jonathan Levine which runs till Feb 9th.
Posted: trippe // 01.25.08 // +0+

:: Anthony ::

CHRIS ANTHONY <-- Stockholm born and Los Angeles-based photographer. His show I'm The Most Normal Person I Know, is up right now at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City.
Posted: jesse // 01.25.08 // +0+

:: Tonight ::

It's stormy and crappy, but there are some shows worth checking out if you're brave enough to get a little wet... In Oakland one of our favorite galleries, Ego Park, is opening Extramundane featuring work from Chicago based Cayetano Ferrer ||||||| Grandma @Aftermodern a group show featuring work by the likes of Libby Black, Ann Toebbe and others ||||||| GIMME POLAROID @FIVE POINTS in North Beach is a show of polariods from photographer Michelle Casciolo ||||||| CCA's Playspace gallery is opening Emergency Biennale which began in Chechnya and has traveled to Paris, Brussels, Milan and other cities and now makes its US debut tonight featuring works from over 60 international artists "drawing attention to the plight of Chechnya and more broadly to human and social emergencies in the context of "ambivalent globalization" while also questioning the phenomenon and proliferation of international biennials".
Posted: trippe // 01.25.08 // +0+

:: Tonite ::

Adobe Books hosts Milky Way of Breeding Stallions That Roll, Ejaculating by Themselves which opens tonight with work from Ajit Chauhan. Also featuring work from Tara Foley and live music.
Posted: jesse // 01.24.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

XLR8R TV PROFILES OUR PAL MATT FURIE <-- tour his studio and follow his quest to find his pizza earing and find out why he draws so sexual.
Posted: trippe // 01.24.08 // +3+

:: Keith Shore Print ::

You know Keith Shore's beard portrait banner at the top of our site? Well, he just released a print of that image which is now available on his site.
Posted: trippe // 01.24.08 // +0+

:: Free Fridayz: Birthdays ::

Sam Kroswell's Free Fridayz entry
Be sure to get your Birthday themed drawing in by 12pm Friday for this week's Free Fridayz like Sam Kroswell has. This week's prize, I think, is going to be a copy of the Hamburger Eyes book... either that or a Tee shirt or something. Not sure what Jesse has lined up. In any case, email them to: freefridayz (at) fecalface.com (*make sure the images are at least 600 pixels in width!)
Posted: trippe // 01.24.08 // +0+

:: And The Dragon ::

WE ARE FRIENDS <-- got this email about this show that took place last week in Williamsburg, NYC. Enjoyed the images. Good work in there.
Jeremiah Maddock
Posted: trippe // 01.24.08 // +0+

:: Fifty24SF Photos ::

Vancouver artist, Ben Tour
OPENING PHOTOS <-- Our wonderful and sometimes naked intern, Joy, went on over to Fifty24SF for the solo show of Vancouver artist, Ben Tour. Upstairs was the group show Letters to the Editor featuring works by Cum*, Eine, Brent McHugh, Ryan Jacob Smith, and Mario Wagner... Joy also got behind the scenes before the show opened too. Nice to see how such a great show comes together!
Portland artist, Ryan Jacob Smith
Posted: trippe // 01.23.08 // +0+

:: Hamburger Eyes Book Review ::

hamburger_book-052.jpgOur friends who produce the amazing photo magazine and run the best photo lab in the city, Hamburger Eyes, have just released their first book produced by Powerhouse Books. We got our hands on this wonderful 192 paged hard covered beauty so we could give you a sneak peek!
Posted: trippe // 01.23.08 // +1+

:: Sketch Tuesdays Photos ::

Headed on down to 111 Minna last night to check out their Sketch Tuesdays. Drank a few beers. Watched some sketching. Saw a bird drink at the bar... and shot a few photos.
Posted: trippe // 01.23.08 // +0+

:: Nikon's Scale ::

THE UNIT THAT MEASURES THE WORLD <-- which reminds me of one of the best films I saw as a kid. Powers of Ten opened my eyes so much. That and my first economics class... and for that Nikon site, use your scroll wheel for navigation. It works better that way.
Posted: trippe // 01.23.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 01.22.08 // +0+

:: Opening Photos ::

CAROLINE HWANG @GIANT ROBOT SF <-- thanks to Saelee Oh for the photos!
Posted: trippe // 01.22.08 // +0+

:: Fecal RSS ::

I know our RSS feed is a tad confusing, but here's some of our RSS links: AS OF NOW RSS - FEATURES & BLOGS RSS - P.O.T.D. RSS
Posted: trippe // 01.22.08 // +0+

:: Michelle Blade Print ::

Michelle Blade's Unknown
Tonight is the release of your friend Michelle Blade's print up on Tiny Showcase. Not sure what time it's going up, but like most prints on T.S., they're bound to go fast... A portion of the sales of Michelle's print will be going to The Big Sur Land Trust which Michelle assures us is the best charity ever... See Michelle tonight @111 Minna.
Posted: trippe // 01.22.08 // +2+

:: Dust Photos ::

The Dustward @Hamburger Eyes
Jesse went down to the opening of Dustward @Hamburger Eyes last week and brought back these photos of the craziness. Looks like a good show. Check it out before it comes down Feb 7th.
Posted: trippe // 01.22.08 // +0+

:: Sketch Tuesdays ::

It's the third Tuesday of the month (already?!) which means that 111 Minna is to host their great series, Sketch Tuesdays, featuring work by local artists made right on the spot and then put up to sale for some low prices. Tonight's artists: Marci Washington, Michelle Blade, Deth P. Sun, Jay Howell, Ferris Plock, Kelly Tunstall, Nate Van Dyke, Arlo Jamrog, John Dwyer, and many others. We'll see ya down there. 6:30 - 9:30. 111 Minna
Posted: trippe // 01.22.08 // +0+

:: Naked? ::

Our review of the boob zine Titty City has been taken off the site after the zine's creator called to say that some of the ladies within weren't keen on being naked outside the printed page. Fearing lost friendships, he asked if we'd consider removing it... if you wanna see them naked, guess you'll have to buy it... or if you're really feening pictures of naked girls, you'll be able to find something online somewhere... I'd imagine.
Posted: trippe // 01.21.08 // +5+

:: Art for Sale ::

Our show Gold Rush is up and running in Austin right now, but if you're not near Austin and are interested in work, there's some available online: Jay Howell, Andrew Schoultz, Tara Foley, Matt Furie, Aiyana Udesen, Jeremy Fish, and more. Page one - two
Posted: trippe // 01.21.08 // +1+

:: Kill Pixie Print ::

pixie_print.jpg Got a tube in the mail yesterday sent to us all the way from Australia. Kill Pixie sent over one of his new 100% cotton archival giclee prints which is an edition of 35 and can be purchased here for $120. Thanks for the print, Kill Pixie!! -killpixie.net
Posted: trippe // 01.21.08 // +0+

:: Tiffany Bozic Interview ::

An interview with Tiffany Bozic about her exhibit at the Cal Academy of Sciences. Head over to Mumble Magazine and give it a read.
Posted: irving // 01.21.08 // +1+

:: ATA ::

Starting this Wednesday, Receiver Gallery will be holding a silent auction to benefit ATA. The show features a slew of amazing artists, runs through Friday, and finishes with a closing reception party on Saturday. ATA has always been one of those places that we're glad exists, and this is an excellent way to both support them and get some great art.
Posted: jesse // 01.21.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

DAVID LYNCH ON PRODUCT PLACEMENT <-- is it not clear that we adore him yet?!
Posted: trippe // 01.21.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

BEST PARTY EVER? <-- Thanks to L.O.A. for the link. Can't stop watching..
Posted: jesse // 01.19.08 // +5+

:: FOR SALE ::

Anybody in the market for a Vagina Couch? You may have just just missed you opportunity.
Posted: irving // 01.18.08 // +0+

:: Tonight ::

Better late than never right? Ampersand Gallery has a show opening tonight starting at 6pm (an hour ago) with work from ALBERT REYES & NICK GRAHAM. Don't worry, if you miss it tonight, it will be up through the Feb. 22nd
Posted: jesse // 01.18.08 // +0+

:: Palloticks ::

So hard to know what these candidates stand for and who to back in '08. Stoked to find this Washington post questionnaire to help.
Posted: trippe // 01.18.08 // +1+

:: Fecal Face Gallery??!! ::

After we closed Low Gallery 2 years ago we had planned on getting a new space so we could start exhibiting the work like you see on the site. Well, yesterday we signed the lease to open not Low Gallery again but FECAL FACE GALLERY which will open here in San Francisco starting with a group show sometime in the middle of February... After a little paint and love, this Hayes Valley gallery is going to be perfect to feature solo shows from artists from around the globe. Wooo Whooo!!
Posted: trippe // 01.18.08 // +20+

:: Corey Yorker ::

Corey Arnold
Was flipping through the Jan 14th issue of the New Yorker and saw our friend Corey Arnold's above photo inside. Congrats, Corey. Way to get up in the fiction section! If you aren't familiar with his work, his feature on How to be an Alaskan Fisherman is a great start and then jump on over to our old interview with this great Portland based photographer.
Posted: trippe // 01.18.08 // +2+

:: Galaxies ::

TOP TEN ASTRONOMY PHOTOS OF 2007 <-- Was up on SFGate a while back with some crazy images you may have missed.
Posted: jesse // 01.18.08 // +0+

:: Wooooo ::

WOOOOO MAGAZINE <-- Jason Crombie and Wooooo Magazine have been putting out one of the funniest publications we have read in a long time. We know it kind of sucks to make this comparison, but remember back in like 2001 when Vice made you laugh like crazy? Interviews that actually made you want to keep reading? Check out this one with David Byrne where we chases him down the street after spotting him on a bike. David liked it so much he posted it on his own site. Wooooo is free where you can find it..
Posted: jesse // 01.18.08 // +0+

:: Time Travel ::

Some photos of the newly opened ECHO PARK TIME TRAVEL MART in Los Angeles. You can see more products and descriptions here. Thanks to Greg for the link.
Posted: jesse // 01.17.08 // +1+

:: Dimmock ::

THE NINTH FLOOR <-- New York photographer Jessica Dimmock spent nearly three years documenting heroin addicts in midtown Manhattan. With the work, she put together a project slide show thats both incredible and sad at the same time. Thanks to Bryan for the link.
Posted: jesse // 01.17.08 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

WALKING <-- wow, that's great.
Posted: trippe // 01.17.08 // +5+

:: Tuff Tuff ::

Tonight after you're done with your arting, stop by The Attic for TUFF TOWN. Fun times and drinks are always a good Thursday right?
Posted: jesse // 01.17.08 // +0+

:: Gregory Euclide ::

"I used a sheet of PETG (it's plastic the kind they use for two liter bottles) I make a bubble out of it and compress a painting under it. Then I heat it up and the pressure pushes away the plastic and these things explode... So much for trying to contain it... Your fucking concrete rivers... Your cherished memories.. Total fabrications.... Then what?" -Gregory Euclide. See it.
Posted: trippe // 01.16.08 // +1+

:: Art TV ::

arttv.gif <-- an art video site featuring gallery profiles and interviews with artists and collectors. High end art world. Haven't given it the complete look over just yet, but looks interesting and worth spending some time on.
Posted: trippe // 01.16.08 // +0+

:: Tiger Attack 911 Calls ::

To hard not to listen to. From the Christmas day attack at the SF Zoo.
Posted: trippe // 01.16.08 // +0+

:: Jon Gitelson ::

Posted: trippe // 01.16.08 // +1+

:: ~+ ::

SACHA ECKES <-- updates her site and now lives in Belgium after living in SF for many a year.
Posted: trippe // 01.15.08 // +0+

:: Banksy Wall Sale?! ::

_44353944_banksy_ebay_203.jpg $200,000 Euros for a Banksy wall?! It sold today for 208,000. Damn.
Posted: trippe // 01.15.08 // +4+

:: Hawkinson ::

TIM HAWKINSON <-- Some amazing work from this renown San Francisco-born and Los Angeles-based artist. Photos just don't do his work justice since they are so packed with details, but you can see more of his work as well as video clips on the PBS site from their series Art In The Twenty-First Century. Also found this video walk-through of his show How Man is Knit at PaceWildenstein in New York and this description of his Getty Center exhibition. Thanks to Andrew for the tip. So good.
Posted: jesse // 01.14.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

PHILIP GLASS - SESAME STREET. How can Philip Glass music be so creepy and so beautiful at the same time?
Posted: jesse // 01.14.08 // +0+

:: Austin Done ::

Just wanna thank everyone who came out last night to our opening out here in Austin. So much fun. Such good old timeee music by If Bricks Had Wings. Such good people and good times. And I got to meet this guy! He's a Fecal Face fan?! Sick!
Posted: trippe // 01.13.08 // +2+

:: Gold Rush ::

Not sure if anyone has noticed yet, but Trippe is curating a show in Texas tonight. Pretty sure it's called Gold Rush. Go get 'em Johnny. Wish we were out there tonight.
Posted: irving // 01.12.08 // +2+

:: MUJI ::

MUJI opened their first North American store in New York back in November. Check out MUJI UK to see what sort of stuff they have. Eat it IKEA.
Posted: irving // 01.12.08 // +1+

:: Wilshire Blvd. ::

Really cool site about the history of Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. If you're into exploring LA's architecture, get yourself this guide book by Michael Webb. Hard to find, but it rules.
Posted: irving // 01.12.08 // +1+

:: We Feel Fine ::

It's been posted here before, but it's still a rad site. What's the world blogging about? We Feel Fine is keeping tabs. Read the mission statement if you really want to understand, or just dive in.
Posted: irving // 01.12.08 // +0+

:: Productivity Music ::

When you've really got to get shit done, I like stuff that is moving at a faster pace that you are. Keeps you motivated and trying to keep up. Today is a "get shit done day" and I just picked up Bonde Do Role and CSS. Handling it. Thanks to Alicia and Abbey for the tip-off.
Posted: irving // 01.12.08 // +0+

:: Tonight in Austin ::

GOLD RUSH IS TONIGHT <-- see you there. We'll be the awkward looking kids in the corner sipping Anchor Steam trying to get the courage to mingle with you Texans. It's going to be a good one!
Posted: trippe // 01.12.08 // +1+

:: Josh Keyes - Gold Rush ::

JOSH KEYES MINI INTERVIEW <-- Josh wraps up our mini interviews with some of the 13 artists who are participating in our show Gold Rush that opens tomorrow night, Saturday the 12th, at Okay Mountain in Austin, god damn, Texas. We've got legendary Tim Kerr's band, If Bricks Had Wings, playing music during the opening (sounds like traditional Irish music somewhat) and then we're having a most good times after party at the old timee bar, The Scoot Inn (founded in 1871), with music from local bands Steak Fingaz and Total Abuse. 10-4am... If you live near Austin, we'll be seeing you and for those of you who don't, well, you're stoked that we're going to stop talking of this show and move on!!
Posted: trippe // 01.11.08 // +0+

:: Buck Shot - Peter Sutherland ::

Buck Shot
We review up Peter Sutherland's new photo book entitled Buck Shot, and it's fantastic. Check it.
Posted: trippe // 01.11.08 // +0+

:: Kyle Ranson - Gold Rush ::

MINI INTERVIEW W/ KYLE RANSON <-- Our show, Gold Rush, opens Saturday @Okay Mountain featuring work from Michelle Blade, Kelsey Brookes, Alika Cooper, Jeremy Fish, Tara Foley, Matt Furie, Jay Howell, Josh Keyes, Anthony Lister, Hilary Pecis, Kyle Ranson, Andrew Schoultz, and Aiyana Udesen w/ live music from Tim Kerr's" target="_blank">Tim Kerr's band If Bricks Had Wings. After party @Scoot Inn with bands Steak Fingaz and Total Abuse. 10-4am
Posted: trippe // 01.11.08 // +1+

:: Andrew Paynter ::

I get to work with this guy on a daily basis. He's awesome and so are his photos.
Posted: irving // 01.10.08 // +1+

:: Barry McGee Interview ::

Nice interview with Barry McGee at the Swindle website.
Posted: irving // 01.10.08 // +0+

:: Albuquerque ::

The Southwest leg of Underskatement kicks off tonight in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Guild Theatre. More information on the website.
Posted: jesse // 01.10.08 // +2+

:: Tonight ::

THE DUSTWARD opens at 7pm tonight over at the Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter. After party at The Attic.
Posted: jesse // 01.10.08 // +0+

:: Michelle Blade - Gold Rush ::

MICHELLE BLADE MINI INTERVIEW <-- this SF based artist is one of 13 showing in Austin @Okay Mountain as part of our show there Saturday, the 12th, entitled Gold Rush!!!
Posted: trippe // 01.10.08 // +0+

:: Jonathan Viner ::

JONATHAN VINER <-- is showing @Jonathan Levine on Saturday, the 12th. If you happen to be in NYC, check it out... Read our interview with Jonathan we did a bit ago.
Posted: trippe // 01.10.08 // +1+

:: ~_+ ::

Posted: trippe // 01.10.08 // +0+

:: Game Time ::

Posted: trippe // 01.10.08 // +0+

:: Ben Tour Tonight ::

Be sure to swing through Fifty24SF tonight as Ben Tour of Vancouver is showing new paintings and drawings. 248 Fillmore @Haight. 7-9:30pm
Posted: trippe // 01.10.08 // +0+

:: Jay Howell - Gold Rush ::

JAY HOWELL MINI INTERVIEW <-- as part of our Gold Rush show that opens on Saturday in Austin @Okay Mountain... Jay was coming and then backed out. That makes me sad, but I know what it's like to not be able afford a plane ticket. Ugh. Will have a beer for you Jay!
Posted: trippe // 01.10.08 // +0+

:: Pigs ::

Rad music video of Jeremy Fish painting a mural at Milk in SF for Aesop Rock by Dan Wolfe.
Posted: irving // 01.09.08 // +3+

:: British Columbia ::

If you've ever wanted to do a trip to the West Coast of Canada, these photos are a great representation of what you'll see. Check out the "film pics" for each day of the trip. I used to live in Chinatown in Victoria, which you can see in the Dec. 27th & 28th photos. The "Moon Key Grocery" was the front door of our apartment, we referred to that store as "our refrigerator". I miss that place. Nice stuff from Randy Laybourne.
Posted: irving // 01.09.08 // +0+

:: SideStep ::

This site let's you check all of the online travel sites at once. Tried it out and it seems to work pretty well. Haven't flown with them yet though. SideStep
Posted: irving // 01.09.08 // +1+

:: Black Lodges ::

Two new interviews over at Black Lodges, this time with designers Benny Gold and Ben Wilson.
Posted: irving // 01.09.08 // +0+

:: Tara Foley Gold Rush ::

MINI INTERVIEW WITH TARA FOLEY <-- as we prepare for our Gold Rush opening on Saturday in Austin @Okay Mountain!
Posted: trippe // 01.09.08 // +0+

:: Okay Mountain ::

We're interviewing all the artists who are showing at our Gold Rush show which opens Saturday @Okay Mountain in Austin... Thought we'd get the gallery's perspective by asking one of the owners, Michael Sieben, a few questions.
Posted: trippe // 01.09.08 // +1+

:: +!~ ::

FRANMO.COM <-- Some pleasing illustrations from a girl in Ohio.
Posted: trippe // 01.09.08 // +0+

:: Faesthetic #7 is Out ::

Our friend UPSO has released Faesthetic #7 - "160 pages of original 2 color art with the theme of "DOOMSDAY". Perfect bound with a cover designed by Tim Biskup". I love that it's "not a lifestyle magazine".
Posted: trippe // 01.09.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: jesse // 01.09.08 // +1+

:: Gold Rush - Hilary Pecis ::

Posted: trippe // 01.09.08 // +0+

:: New Name? ::

TRIPPEPOLLOCKEDWARDSTROLFSKIRVIN SUTHIGOSEEYLNMARRSOTOGIANTBELLO.COM <-- and here we go. (see Growing Pains below) Looks we should change our name as someone as already given us the push by getting the URL! WELCOME TO SERIOUSNESS!!!... Only one man would get us that URL!! A touch of elegance, Porous... Speaking of the man, when was the last time you checked out his interview?! So great.
We Miss Porous Walker
Posted: trippe // 01.08.08 // +2+

:: Gold Rush in Austin ::

AIYANA UDESEN <-- in case it isn't clear yet, we've put together a show entitled Gold Rush which is opening this Saturday @Okay Mountain in Austin. Aiyana is one of 13 artists we've selected to show and it's going to be fantastic.
Posted: trippe // 01.08.08 // +0+

:: Holleben ::

JAN VON HOLLEBEN <-- Some interesting work from this German photographer living in London. Check out Dreams Of Flying.
Posted: jesse // 01.08.08 // +1+

:: You Know This Already ::

No Country for Old Men
Or should know already that No Country for Old Men is one of the best films made in, at least, this last year if not the last five. Heavy stuff, but so well acted and so incredibly thoughtful and gently constructed by the light hand of the two important film makers, The Cohen Brothers. Wow. See it in the theater while you still can!!
Posted: trippe // 01.08.08 // +1+

:: Gold Rush - Matt Furie ::

Matt Furie
MATT FURIE MINI INTERVIEW <-- Yep, we've put together a show called Gold Rush that's opening Saturday the 12th in Austin @Okay Mountain Gallery. It's going to be too good... and we'll be doing daily updates from the road starting Thursday.
Posted: trippe // 01.08.08 // +0+

:: Free Mp3s using Google ::

Thanks to Tenderoni who saved that YouTube link we posted awhile ago, and then lost, showing you how to find free music using just Google! Shit works pretty good. Get on it while you still can!!
Posted: trippe // 01.07.08 // +5+

:: Brown Bear ::

Jesse went and checked out the group photo show We're In This Together that's up right now at Brown Bear here in SF.
Posted: trippe // 01.07.08 // +0+

:: Growing Pains ::

No big deal, but what's with galleries naming themselves after their owners? Maybe it's part of growing up, but our pals at the Los Angeles based galleries The Lab 101 & BLK/MRKT Gallery have decided to go with the owner name deals with Lab becoming the Cerasoli Gallery and BLK/MRKT now called Kinsey/ Desforges Gallery. Maybe we should change Fecal Face to Trippe/ Pollock/ Edwards/ Troff/ Skirvin/ Suthigoseeya/ Marr/ Soto/ Giant/ Bello Online Art Destination... but in all seriousness, the two galleries named above always show great work whatever they decide to call themselves. Maybe there's something to it.
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:: Gold Rush - Anthony Lister ::

ANTHONY LISTER MINI INTERVIEW <-- this amazing NYC based Australian artist will be showing at our show Gold Rush which opens this Saturday the 12th in Austin @Okay Mountain. Tim Kerr's band If Bricks Had Wings will be performing during the opening w/ an after party @Scoot Inn with bands Steak Fingaz and Total Abuse as selected by our Austin welcome committee, Michael Sieben and the other Okay Mountaineers.
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:: ClipODay ::

This guy's got some serious roots.
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:: Finding Music ::

Jesse made a post awhile ago basically making it very easy to find mp3s using Google. I can't find that post, but I did save the code that you enter into Google to find what you're looking for, and we're going to share it again. Works great!
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:: Palestinian Wall ::

pay_spray.jpgPAY TO HAVE YOUR MESSAGE SPRAY PAINTED ON THE PALESTINIAN WALL <-- you donate a little $$ and a message of your choosing is spray painted on the wall. You'll get a few high res photos of your message and help to fund small social, cultural and educational projects... Don't forget about the wall.
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:: Sunday Afternoon Movies ::

We'll Skirvin is MIA right now, so here's a couple clips: MORE ROKY ERICKSON <-- a low fi recording of the guy who basically started "psychedelic rock" in the 1960s and later ended up wrongly in an insane asylum. Listen to the 13th Floor Elevators and/ or see the documentary on him You're Gonna Miss Me... Not a huge TV person, but Wolfe told us about Hulu.com. You sign up (takes like a week for you to get accepted or whatever) but then you get Fox and NBC shows on demand... All the Simpsons you want.
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:: Paul Urich Podcast ::

urich_pod_news.jpgFECAL PODCASTS <-- Paul was the first artist up on Fecal Face like 8 yrs ago and now he's the most recent podcast. He also played about 30 minutes of country rockish. (Paul turned me onto Roky Erickson. Ever listen to the 13th Floor Elevators?! So good! Check the post below!)... Tread w/ caution... To have our podcast automatically load in your ITunes open ITunes and go to "Advanced" and "Subscribe to Podcast..." in the prompt it asks for you to enter a URL. There you add this: http://www.fecalface.com/podcasts/feed.xml
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:: Gold Rush - Jan 12th - Austin ::

Alika Cooper
ALIKA COOPER MINI INTERVIEW <-- with this San Francisco based artist who's showing at our show which opens next Saturday the 12th @Okay Mountain in Austin... And for you guys who'll be at the show, you should know that a grip of the artists will be coming out for the opening: Fecal peoples me, Jesse, and Jessica are coming with artists Tara Foley, Hillary Pecis, Alika Cooper, Andrew Schoultz, and more. Good times.
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:: ClipODay ::

ROKY ERICKSON - YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME <-- remember that post Jesse made about finding music? Shit works.
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:: Boogie in Paris ::

BOOGIE IN PARIS <-- if you're over in that part of the world be sure to see his and photographer Dennis Stock's show @Collette Jan 7th.
NYC's Boogie
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:: Stormy ::

One of the heaviest storms to hit SF in years. Winds at Angel Island topped 87mph! We drove about to experience it and got some photos.
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:: Immigration ::

Vic Blue just finished up a story on migrant workers returning home that puts some great perspective on immigration. You can check out the multimedia version here. Click on the video link.
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:: Gold Rush - Austin - Jan 12th ::

ANDREW SCHOULTZ MINI INTERVIEW <-- we continue with our quick interviews with the artists participating our show Gold Rush which opens Saturday, Jan 12th in Austin, TX @Okay Mountain. Live music from Tim Kerr's band, If Bricks Had Wings, will be performing with an after party @The Scoot Inn (founded in 1871) going from 11-2am with music from White Denim, Cry Blood Apache, and others (listed soon).
Andrew Schoultz
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:: 20X20 ::

111 MINNA'S 20x20 SHOW TONIGHT <-- featuring over 65 artists as they produce one piece for the show that measures 20X20. Lots of good in there. Odd Nosdam & Sonny Phono Djing. 6-2am
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:: SF Magazine - Art Collecting ::

A Collector's Guide to the New Art Market
Got the new issue of San Francisco Magazine with a nice article on art collecting entitled A Collector's Guide to the New Art Market with insight from our friend Alan Bamberger and others including Jack Hanley, Catharine Clark, and more including an awesome/ weird full page of me and Josh Keyes as seen above. The article also profiles 8 of the cities most significant collectors. Worth the read. (photos from the photo shoot)
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:: ClipsODay ::

Mogwai - Stanley Kubrick - Mogwai - Punk Rock - - - - - - - - - - And a really great live Mogwai mp3 from NPR's All Songs Considered... There are some great live mp3s waiting to be downloaded here.
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:: Top of the Mound ::

Long time coming but we are the end all Fecal.
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:: Potatos ::

EVAH FAN <-- updates her site. You catch our studio visit with her and Brendan Monroe?
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:: Poddy ::

FECAL FACE NEW YEARS PODCAST <-- is now up compiled by our own Mr. Jesse Pollock... Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
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:: Gold Rush ::

Kelsey Brookes
Our show in Austin @Okay Mountain is a little more than a week away (Sat Jan.12th) and thus we start our mini interviews with the artists participating. Today we bring you one of our favorites, San Diego based artist, Kelsey Brookes!
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:: Ghost Ship ::

SS Independence in the Dog Patch
You've been to The Ramp for some bloody marys and looked up to see that huge old cruise ship in the dog patch that's been sitting silent for years and wanted to get inside. I know I've been dying to get inside this 1950s cruise ship forever... Well, Jon Haeber did and brings back these great photos!... Fuck, it looks so great. Gotta get in there. You been in there or know how to get in there?! So beautiful. More info on the ship here.
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:: Whoa ::

Happy New Year everyone... Back to work.
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