:: Emily Maye Photo ::

Los Angeles based Photographer, Emily Maye has a new website kickin' around on the interweb. The joy of simplicity.
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:: ClipODay ::

Want it on your phone? Go here.
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:: Cobble Court ::

I'D LOVE TO LIVE THERE <-- gotta love tiny houses in city centers like this one. Check the slide show.
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:: T.L. Saturday ::

The fellas over at White Walls and their neighbors The Shooting Gallery have themselves a doozy of some good art opening this Saturday evening. At White Walls you got the two greats Jim Houser & Richard Coleman and then @The Shooting Gallery is Ron English. See you down there. The festivities run from 7-11pm... Maybe on your way over you should stop and see ALEX LUKAS @ICEBERGER. Read his interview here.
Richard Coleman
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:: Who does She think She is? ::

Hoping to see Who does She think She is?, a documentary by Academy Award winning filmmaker Pamela Tanner featuring 5 women who refuse to choose between their art, careers, children, etc.. It's playing in New York now and soon will be nationwide. Getting rave reviews and you should keep an eye out.
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:: Tuesday ::

THE POWER OF VOTING? REALLY? <-- You can make up your own mind about this one, but it's very hard not to notice a couple of good points. All those emails your mom, your uncle, your friends and even your driving instructor send are pretty annoying anyways. Plus, seeing your favorite artists turn into political mouthpieces is always a bit disturbing. Just don't forget that Gavin McInnes is Canadian so his opinions of the United States are worthless (just kidding.. sort of). As a bonus, we've also linked up one of our favorite blogs who chimed in with an additionally important question. Don't forget to read the "uplifting" comment sections on both these articles.
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:: EmailODay ::

Maxarra emailed us this morning with his "calaveras day" drawing which we're guessing has to do with Day of the Dead coming up and the elections next week. Thanks for the email, Maxarra. Nice drawing!
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:: Sieben Stich? ::

MICHAEL SIEBEN STITCH PATTERN? <-- hum... I'd rather have a painting of his personally. Wait a second, we have one for sale!
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:: Kelsey Brookes ::

Our buddy Kelsey Brookes will be showing new paintings @New Image Art in LA opening this Saturday night. "Over 20 new paintings, new sculptures and a surprise installation, which in most reasonable countries would get me arrested.", says Kelsey. Be sure to stop through and, if you bring a camera, send us some photos... You can view a preview of the show, here.
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:: Photos ::

FUNHOUSE @PARK LIFE <-- Kara Bratcher investigates this group show.
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:: Lump Gallery ::

PHOTOS <-- from Big Kids Little Kids @Lump Gallery in Raleigh, NC featuring work from Philly's independent art scene. Unfortunately the show came down already, but it lives online!
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:: Halloween Closed ::

Fecal Face Dot Gallery shall be closed on Halloween... Speaking of which, what are you doing for it? Personally I'm going camping in the rain. It's meant to rain all weekend! Kinda stoked for it. Remember seasons? Ah, California.
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:: Plock & Tunstall ::

SF artists Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock are showing @Limited Addiction Gallery in Denver opening Nov 1st. If you're in that part of the country, check it... We visited their joint work space last year.
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:: Prop 8 ::

STOP THE LIES <-- "We need to stop the Mormon Church from pushing their marriage views on Californians through the ballot box. Please sign this letter now to President-Prophet Thomas Monson demanding that his church cease funding the "Yes on 8" campaign".
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:: Short Story ::

CLEARANCE RACK <-- is a short story from SF's Travis Jensen. Travis writes for the Chronicle and did the feature on Fecal Face a couple months back and is the author of Left-Handed Stories.
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:: IPhone Condom ::

Ok, not big on the whole IPhone, IPod, Laptop skin thing, but when Gelaskins mailed us skins with an image from Lyle Owerko's awesome Boombox Project we were pretty pleased... You may remember Lyle's series from Sept 11th we featured entitled THE DAY THAT NO BIRDS SANG... Gelaskins has tons of art skins here and get Lyle's here.
How rad to have a mini boombox
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:: Casey Thursday ::

SCARECROW <-- is the new book from Oakland based John Casey. He'll be signing copies of his new book and showing some work @Rowan Morrison in Oakland Thursday (details). Buy online $20.
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:: ClipOYears ::

MTVMUSIC.COM <-- MTV has announced this new site which hosts just about every music video they've ever aired... Ok, there goes your night.
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:: Ryohei Hase ::

RYOHEI HASE <-- is an amazing illustrator from Tokyo.
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:: Trent Parke ::

TRENT PARKE <-- "Born in Newcastle, Australia in 1971, Trent Parke now lives in Adelaide, the only Australian photographer in the celebrated Magnum group."... Also check out the site IN-PUBLIC.COM <-- which features the work of street photographers. Worth spending some time clicking about.
Australian Trent Parke
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:: Sutherlands ::

ANDREW SUTHERLAND <-- is brother to photographer Peter Sutherland and makes great work in his own right. He's best well known for taking paper and turning it back into wood and then saws it into lumber. CHECK ONE - TWO - THREE.
Wood to paper to wood.
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:: Cute Thirty ::

Ok ok, it's not art related at all, but shit, IT'S A PUPPY PLAYING W/ A BABY LION.
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:: ClipODay ::

AIR FISH <-- That thing is so sick.
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:: Keegan McHargue ::

KEEGAN McHARGUE <--- Check out this Portland-born San Francisco-based artist. He has some really nice works like this one, and he's on Nieves, too! Check it.
Posted: pesya // 10.27.08 // +2+

:: Bozic @FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of Tiffany Bozic's opening @Fecal Face Dot Gallery.
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:: Shopsin's General Store ::

I LIKE KILLING FLIES <--- is a great documentary about Shopsin's General Store, the legendary grocery store-turned restaurant in Manhattan's lower east side. The owner and cook Kenny Shopsin also recently published a book of his food and philosophy designed by Tamara Shopsin featuring the photography of Jason Fulford.
Posted: pesya // 10.26.08 // +2+

:: Jules De Balincourt ::

JULES DE BALINCOURT <--- Jules is a French born artist that does some really amazing work. He studied at CCA and currently lives and works out of Brooklyn. More art here, and you can find more on him here, and here.
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:: Schalliol ::

DAVID SCHALLIOL <-- Great site from this Chicago-based photographer and sociology professor. Found out about his work after stumbling upon his series on the Chicago Housing Authority and his series on isolated buildings which are quite brilliant (check out the night time and winter shots). His photos have a great subtext which is pretty refreshing these days.
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:: ++ ::

YOUFELLASLEEPWATCHINGADVD.COM <-- I can't believe it took this long for someone to think of this. One of the best sites we've seen all week.
Posted: jesse // 10.24.08 // +1+

:: Bozic @FFDG ::

Ok Ok, we've already posted this a bunch, but wanted to share an image from Tiffany Bozic's show Symmetrical Balance that opens Saturday at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. She's too talented... 66 Gough St. @Market. Saturday 6-9pm.
Yeah, that moon is painted
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:: Goldstein ::

DANA LAUREN GOLDSTEIN <-- fashion photographer living and working in NYC.
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:: Election Night? ::

WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON ELECTION NIGHT? <-- if there's a night to party, I think that Tuesday would be a great night to. Bar? Home? Park? Seems like a good night to be around like minded people and a few pints of beer!!!! What are you getting in to?
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:: Bozic Saturday ::

TIFFANY BOZIC @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- this Saturday and the show looks fantastic. 66 Gough St. 6-9pm
Tiffany Bozic @Fecal Face
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:: Todd Francis ::

TODD FRANCIS @3131 <-- The skateboard graphics man has a show here in SF. Isaac blogs it up on Slap.
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:: Contain Tonight ::

If you're in NYC tonight be sure and check out Contain featuring works from Greg Lamarche, Maya Hayuk, Anthony Lister, and Monica Canilao @Anonymous Gallery in the Lower East Side. Solid lineup right there.
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:: ClipODay ::

THERE WILL BE BLOOD <-- if you've yet to see this soon to be classic (out last year), rent it. It's like a modern day Citizen Kane in that it's a story of a broken man who's drive for success is a one way up ride. Brilliant and heavy.
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:: ClipOScary ::

Can really bum you out that people like this exist in this country.
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:: ClipODay ::

Gotta have some Crack Fox from The Mighty Boosh at times. Help to get your morning sorted... "Mmm, gonna make you wear a little dress and hurt you"!
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:: Margaux Williamson ::

Margaux Williamson <--- Nice work from this Toronto based artist.
Posted: pesya // 10.21.08 // +2+

:: Blek & Doze ::

BLEK LE RAT & DOZE GREEN @JONATHAN LEVINE <-- Manuel Bello checks out this great opening from these two legends.
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:: Earthquake!!! ::

EARTHQUAKEQUIZ.ORG <-- God knows there's one coming. Are you like most of us and keep telling yourself to get some food and water together? Fuck, that reminds me... Anyway, there's going to be a massive one here in SF soon. Should be prepared.
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:: Mike Giant ::

MIKE GIANT ON VIMBY <-- he talks about his work/ life and his show @White Walls.
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:: Tonight ::

SKETCH BOOK TUESDAYS @111 MINNA <-- a group of artists make work live and, when finished, pin it to a wall for sale. Can score some nice drawings for little $$. 6-9:30pm.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Bozic @FFDG ::

TIFFANY BOZIC OPENS SYMMETRICAL BALANCE <-- this Saturday at Fecal Face Dot Gallery and we're very excited for it. We've known Tiffany for over 8 years now and are so happy that we can finally host a solo show with her new works! Tiffany will be present at the opening and beverages shall be served/ good times had... This Saturday, the 25th, from 6-9pm. More details.
Symmetrical Balance: Tiffany Bozic @FFDG Saturday
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:: Jang ::

This Friday evening San Francisco photographer Michael Jang will be showing a "new" series of photos at University High School. Michael was twenty-one when he made photos of his family in the seventies and hasn't even shown them until now. He sent over several for us to check out and it makes us really excited to see the show. There is some other stuff to check out on Friday as well, but leave the galleries for a minute and come over to a high school. The Jangs opens on the 24th at 5:30pm
Posted: jesse // 10.20.08 // +2+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 10.19.08 // +1+

:: Seventh Heart ::

If you're looking to see some photos tonight in San Francisco, you should stop by The Seventh Heart on Market for the opening of Cole Blevins and Heather Renee Russ' show Never Always Gone. It's right around the corner from the Fecal gallery so you can make a couple of stops.
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:: ClipODay ::

OBAMA BACKS OBAMA <-- thanks for the link, Ferris.
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:: @_+# ::

JUD BERGERON @SLOAN FINE ART <-- in NYC. Manuel covers the opening and brings back these photos & words.
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:: ClipOday ::

Going through some old video files. WE MISS BILL HICKS
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:: Damon Soule ::

DAMON SOULE & CHRIS MENDOZA@JOSHUA LINER <-- Manuel Bello heads over for the opening and after party(s) last week there in NYC.
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:: ClipOEvening ::

Makes me wanna BREAK OUT THE SUPER 8 and get busy. David is a french man living here in San Francisco and has red hair (see post below). Great video/ film!
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:: Daniel Albrigo ::

NEW WORK<----from this Brooklyn based painter and tattoo artist. I like the paintings especially! -Julian
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:: Werd Up! ::

My man Jonathan LeVine had a big birthday bash couple weeks-ish back. Werd up on the belated from all of us!
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:: More Theft?! ::

"Two Margaret Kilgallen paintings were stolen of the wall Wednesday morning from the Anniversary group show at Gallery 16 in SF. The pieces were taken by two guys at around 10 am. I would imagine that these would turn up for sale somewhere at some point... These paintings are owned by Griff Williams, the owner of Gallery 16/Urban Digital Color who was a personal friend of Margarets."
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:: Redhead? ::

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:: Obama Track Bike? ::

Show your support for our future president with AN OBAMA TRACK BIKE?! Can't decide if this incredible stupid or kinda awesome... It is a nice bike with the $$ going to a good cause. "Barack Obama's victory fund". Is there such a thing?
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:: Free Tickets? ::

Ok, I think we were a bit vague with the contest rules for the free Acorn tickets (@The Hemlock Tuesday the 21st) we're giving away... Take a photo of yourself or someone or something in front of your computer screen. On the computer screen needs to be fecalface.com. This technicality helps us verify that the photo is legit... We'll post the photos on the site and let choose a winner. Send 'em in to: contest(at)fecalface.com
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:: Furie's Illiterate ::

MATT FURIE IN ILLITERATE MAGAZINE <-- this mag was stuffed through our mail slot this morning, and our buddy Matt's work is in it.
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:: Tiny Jay Howell ::

JAY HOWELL IS RIGHT NOW'S TINY SHOWCASE <-- you go and buy and you enjoy it.
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:: Free Acorn Tickets ::

Ontario's The Acorn are playing next Tuesday the 21st @The Hemlock here in SF, and we're giving away a pair of tickets to the show. All you have to do it to email in a photo (contest(at)fecalface.com) which viewers will vote on. The winning photo wins the tickets. The rules consist of only 1. Fecal Face needs to be on the computer screen somewhere- foreground, background, whatever. This ensures that the photo is in fact from you. Get your photo in by Thursday @12pm. We'll post the photos and let you vote for your favorite. Winner with the most votes gets the tickets. *btw, the Hemlock is a 21+ bar/ club. Under 21? You can win the tickets, but they ain't going to let you in less you have a good fake id or something.
The Acorn - directed by Chris Mils (dewd that did the Modest Mouse Float On video)
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:: Fan Monroe ::

Our friends Brendan Monroe and Evah Fan just got back from Paris where their show Dwindle to a Tiptoe (photos) opened @Galerie L.J. Beaubourg. The show runs through Nov. 6th... A video of Evah's mobile, and also check out our studio visit we did with them last year.
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:: Allyson Melberg ::

ALLYSON MELBERG @CINDERS GALLERY <-- Julian Duron heads over to this great Brooklyn based gallery for a look at her drawings and sculptures.
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:: Angel Island ::

HOLY CRAP! <-- Apparently this was happening while we were sleeping last night. Always wondered what would happen if there was a fire there since there is no fire department on the island. Question answered.
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:: White Trash ::

lister.jpgTALES OF WHITE TRASH PROPHECY <-- we review up this Australia artist Anthony Lister's new book published through Upper Playground. A great book for only $20.
Posted: trippe // 10.13.08 // +2+

:: Eric Yahnker ::

ERIC YAHNKER @JACK THE PELLICAN <-- NYC FF correspondent, Julian Duron, headed over to Williamsburg for the opening... Check out the Bible that was completely whited-out except that which sequentially spelled "Beegees".
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:: Dexter Dalwood ::

DEXTER DALWOOD <------ Great work from this London based artist. He was also a member of the Cortinas, a 70's British punk band, the guitarist of which went on to play with the Clash.
Posted: pesya // 10.12.08 // +1+

:: &^ ::

FAUND MAGAZINE <-- invites artists who are good at finding interesting images online and then they create an interesting magazine out it... Interesting... Where the hell is Skirvin this morning? Let's watch some PaperRad from '05! Fawk it.
Posted: trippe // 10.12.08 // +3+

:: Saturday Night ::

MIKE GIANT @WHITE WALLS <-- see ya there. 835 Larkin St. 7-11pm
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:: FF Mail ::

FROM THE MAIL BAG <-- the tale of the missing Fecal Face Tee.
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:: ClipODay ::

BANKSY'S PET SHOP <-- here's some BBC info and photos @Wooster. Lookin' good... God, that guy is huge. How to spot a Banksy fake?!
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:: Lab Merger ::

In some LA art merger news, The Cerasoli Gallery (formerly The Lab 101) has merged with Project: to now form the Cerasoli-Lebasse Gallery down there in Culver City. They open their first show Saturday night. In gallery one: Vincent Hui, Melissa Haslam, Ryuichi Orgino, Deth P Sun & Mari Inukai and in Gallery two: Jennifer Davis & Suzanne Sattler... BUT LAB 101 is kicking too as the same night San Francisco based artists Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock will be opening Shy Fireworks.
Plock & Tunstall's Shy Fireworks
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:: Mark Drew ::

MARK DREW @PALMER PROJECTS IN SYDNEY <-- got these great shots from this classic tape show running now down under. Mark Drew is a co-owner of the Sydney based China Heights which has shown the likes of friends Kill Pixie... I love the "Hip Hop Mix" tape!
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:: Henry Lewis ::

HENRY LEWIS & KELI REULE @111 MINNA <-- some photos from last week's opening.
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:: Tonight ::

Live in SF and wanna see something interesting? Here are some art events we think you would enjoy... Brion Nuda Rosch ends his month long residency at Southern Exposure tonight. "Throughout the month, ice cream has been served and conversations have been had. Visit the gallery for a final social and opportunity to experience the ephemera of past activities and actions." Show Details ---- NIKKI McCLURE @ NEEDLES & PENS (never heard of the place) ----- New Work by PAUL HAYES @Lower Haters looks interesting. Check his Flickr account. He's the guy who does those flying pieces of paper you might have seen about town. We like 'em. ------ JAY NELSON @TRIPLE BASE <-- maybe you remember that wooden tree house @Needles and Pens back when or the one that's up @Mollusk? Anyway, that's Jay and he's back from getting his MFA from Bard College and is ready to show some new work. Should be a great show!
Paul Hayes tonight @Lower Haters
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:: Simkins ::

Not a super collector of art toys, but we do like free stuff, so we were hyped when Greg Simkins Strange Co. vinyl toy appeared here at Fecal Face. Simkins work is steller and we'll be giving this fella away as part of this week's Free Fridayz. Get your drawing in within the next couple hours 2pm Pacific. This week's theme: The South. Go here for info on how to submit your drawing.
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:: NYC shows ::

There are a few shows to see in New York City this weekend. Friday I would suggest if your in Brooklyn you check out The Train Car Project, 2 years in the making, featuring over 60 artists. I know Scotty, the man behind This Is Process has put much into this one. And lets not forget Saturday night is Damon Soule at Liner, who will also be showing the work of Chris Mendoza. See ya there!
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:: Jose Parla: London ::

If you happen to be on that side of the pond, Jose Parla has a show at Elms Lesters in London this Friday. We will have more Parla for you shortly, the Fecal is a little backed up.
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:: Space 1026 ::

We've been fans of Philly's Space 1026 for a while now... Tonight they're here in SF for a show at the Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter. Lucky you.. One Thousand and Twenty Six Eyes runs opens tonight from 5-9pm
Posted: jesse // 10.09.08 // +1+

:: Poor Fella ::

Came across this guy just now down the St. from Fecal Face... Weird seeing dead birds like this in the city... Made me sad as I never see guys like this alive... Think related to the post below? Blue Angels gave the little guy a heart attack?!
Posted: trippe // 10.09.08 // +4+

:: Fleet Weak? ::

It's that time of year again here in SF where the Blue Angels start buzzing about town... Most here in the San Francisco hate the silly war birds for the wasteful military spending and useless burning of fossil fuels as the battle ships sail under the Golden Gate, but I still have to say, I fucking love it... not the military or the waste... it's just that jets are f*ing cool.
Posted: trippe // 10.09.08 // +4+

:: Master Cleanse ::

THE MASTER CLEANSE <-- is a group show featuring older (sometimes not so great) works from Shawn Barber, Henry Lewis, Kim Cogan, Paul Urich, and others which goes down Friday night here in SF. As these great artists clean out their studios, you get to come home with some amazing work for as little as $20 up to $500. 8-11pm. Show Details.
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:: Giant @White Walls ::

MIKE GIANT @WHITE WALLS SATURDAY <-- It's the second Giant to make their way through White Walls here in SF. Be sure to see this show. Mike's one hell of an original!
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:: ClipODay ::

LYDIA FONG @ RATIO 3 <-- KQED's Gallery Crawl just produced a video interview with Barry McGee about his Lydia Fong show A Moment For Reflection that is currently showing at Ratio 3 in San Francisco. Really great to hear Barry talking about his work on camera.
Posted: jesse // 10.08.08 // +1+

:: Aurel Schmidt ::

AUREL SCHMIDT @DIETCH <-- a great show covered by Mr. Julian Duron. Check out our 2006 interview with her.
Posted: trippe // 10.07.08 // +1+

:: Glory Hole ::

Julian Duron headed over to McCaig & Welles in Brooklyn for The Glory Hole featuring works from Greg Haberny and brought back THESE PHOTOS.
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:: 1:AM ::

San Francisco has a new gallery opening up focusing on street art. 1:AM opens their doors Friday on 6th @Howard with their first group show (details). Welcome to the joys of art sales.
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:: ClipODay ::

Very well said.
Posted: trippe // 10.07.08 // +2+

:: Podcast ::

Fecal Face will be broadcasting LIVE Tuesday evening (around 7pm Pacific) as we record a podcast with Andrew Schoultz & NYC based artist Ryan M. Wallace. We'll be drinking some beers and fielding your questions. Get your questions in for these two brilliant artists.
Ryan M. Wallace
Posted: trippe // 10.06.08 // +1+

:: West Some More ::

WORK IS NOW IN OUR ONLINE STORE <-- from West, Wester, Westest. Some of the best work we've had the privilege to have in there. Might want to get some Tom Long before he rockets to other levels or pick up the only small work Frank Magnotta has ever made. Everything else he does is about 3 times this size (and price)... and better yet, stop in and see the show in person. Too much detail that's missed viewing online.
Posted: trippe // 10.06.08 // +1+

:: ~ ::

Posted: trippe // 10.06.08 // +0+

:: Poo Attack! ::

Posted: trippe // 10.06.08 // +2+

:: West Opening ::

PHOTOS <-- from last night's opening of West, Wester, Westest @Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Thanks to everyone who came out. Let the healing begin now please.
Posted: trippe // 10.05.08 // +1+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 10.05.08 // +0+

:: West, Wester, Westest ::

WEST, WESTER, WESTEST @FFDG opens tonight from 6-9pm. Some of the artists have flown into town for the show. Come on down, see the work, have a drink. Beer & wine shall be served... "Fecal Face's Chicago correspondent, Ryan Christian, heads west with a talent pool plucked from all over the map - New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, and LA - with each of the 11 artists lighting out for imaginative territories. Amy Mayfield's bright-hued paint-pours on canvas resemble psychedelic aquariums, while storms brew beneath the nervous, wispy lines of Erin Morrison's nature drawings. Mike Rea carves large-scale wooden space modules and suited astronauts rich in fantastic detail. These artists, their westward expansion notwithstanding, are definitely on the way to somewhere promising." -Flavorpill
works from Eric Lebofsky (Chicago), Frank Magnotta (Brooklyn), Josh Mannis (LA), Amy Mayfield (Chicago), Erin Morrison (Seattle), Alexander Kvares (Atlanta), Tom Long (NYC), Scott Anderson (Chicago), Mike Rea (Chicago), Casey Jex Smith (CA), Geoffrey Todd Smith (Chicago)... Curated by Fecal Face's Chicago corespondent, Ryan Christian.
Posted: trippe // 10.04.08 // +1+

:: Highschool ::

HIGHSCHOOL ART <-- high school art teacher shares his students' works. Sweet.
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:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 10.03.08 // +0+

:: Japan ::

Our pal Irving is in Japan. Check out that skate spot?!
Posted: trippe // 10.03.08 // +2+

:: Jeff Soto: Storm Clouds ::

Man, it's so nice getting great stuff sent to us like this. Jeff Soto's new book Storm Clouds is a hearty classic and worthy of any art lover's book shelf. Not bad for only $41. CHECK OUT OUR LITTLE PREVIEW.
Posted: trippe // 10.03.08 // +0+

:: Detroit ::

In the motor city Saturday night there is an amazing self portrait show at C-POP Gallery. Featuring works by Andrew Schoultz, Blek Le Rat, Jeff Soto, Kelsey Brookes, Kofie, and too many more to list. This might be the only time I ever wished I was in Detroit.
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:: Chelsea ::

Julian Duron headed down to Chelsea for their first Thursdays there in New York and brought back SOME PHOTOS... Check out David LaChapelle's newest installment titled Auguries of Innocence. Never text on the battle field!
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:: Tonight ::

THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS @ELEANOR HARWOOD <-- opens tonight featuring works from Paul Wackers, Johanna St. Clair, and Sean McFarland... Paul Wackers is great. Buy his paintings.
Paul Wackers - acrylic, spray paint - 40"x45"
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:: Seelie ::

Tod Seelie's show opens tonight over there in Portland, Maine's @Space Gallery w/ a Black Label dance party. Japanther & Matt and Kim will be playing the next night @the same spot. If you're over there, you're hyped.
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:: Tasty ::

Now available at the Walgreens down the street from FFDG. Yum!
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:: First Thursday ::

SO much to see... Here are a few things we think you'll enjoy, but check the calendars (SF, NYC, LA) to see everything that's opening tonight. Henry Lewis and Keli Reule @111 Minna: Check out Henry's Interview to get a taste. The guy kills it everytime. - Locals Only @ RVCA: A bunch of Fecal Pals showing at this Haight St. store. Jay Howell, Matt Furie, Aiyana Udesen, and many more - Koralie @ FIFTY24SF Gallery: a solo exhibition featuring French artist Koralie, an internationally renowned fine and street artist - 49 Geary opens it's doors for it's first Thursdays from 5:30-7:30pm. Lots of galleries with new shows opening up. 3 floors of art. Get there early as it gets crowded and stuffy.
Matt Furie
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:: Matcha ::

Sometimes museums get overlooked during all the First Thursday gallery fuss. It's really too bad because they usually have some good stuff cooked up as well. Like for example, the Asian Art Musuem's exploration of Japanese tattoo. Matcha features a bunch of stuff including live demonstrations (no electric needles) and tea tastings.
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:: Podcast ::

We'll be doing a live interview and podcast (listen to previous interviews) next week with NYC artist Ryan Wallace and SF based Andrew Schoultz. Get your questions in now. Email them to news(at)fecalface.com
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:: RVCA ::

Tomorrow in San Francisco, RVCA will be opening their new show Locals Only, which features a slew of amazing work from local artists all across the city. Starts at 6pm.. See you there.
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:: New Desk ::

You don't really care, but man, our sense of accomplishment is sky high as we wrap up our manual labor here @Fecal HQ. Even though probably going to end up slightly wonky, the new desk is coming out better than we thought it would... Hopefully we'll get this place cleaned up before Saturday's opening of West, Wester, Westest. Power tools crossed...
Fecal's new handmade desk
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:: Music Intern? ::

Zeitgeist Artist Management - who reps Grizzly Bear, Dept of Eagles, Bob Mould, Death Cab for Cutie, French Kicks and a slew of other bands - is looking for an intern at their SF office. Shoot an e-mail to leslie(at)zeitgeistmanagement.com with a resume and cover letter / bit about yourself.
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