:: ClipODay ::

JEREMY FISH ON VIMBY <-- Art gave Jeremy Fish the opportunity to quit his normal job and have the freedom to spend his day how he wants to. Nice video. Hey, our next show @FFDG features Jeremy Fish. A great mural and print project opening Feb 26th.
Posted: trippe // 01.30.09 // +0+

:: Paper Crystals ::

PHOTOS <-- from Paper Crystals @Pageant Soloveev in Philadelphia featuring gigantic hamburgers, bats, serpents, sharks and carrots from artists Jason Hsu and Chris Kline.
Posted: trippe // 01.30.09 // +0+

:: nothing fancy #9 ::

i am unexpectedly honored to be a part of Nothing Fancy #9.. a kick ass online art zine with a great line up of artists! check it out! free stuff for your eyes!
Posted: upso // 01.29.09 // +2+

:: Erosie ::

EROSIE <-- I try to look for the parallels between, and the nuances of the graffiti-codes, the illustrated image, commercial visual language and the traditions of art, since all of these fields belong to my background and my present-day interests.... Lots of good work from this European artist.
Posted: trippe // 01.29.09 // +4+

:: Free Stickers ::

FECAL FACE & STICKER ROBOT ARE GIVING AWAY 1,000 FREE STICKERS OF YOUR ART <-- well, you have to win next week's Free Fridayz contest first though. Submit your design by this Friday for a chance at winning 1,000 stickers with your art on it... No idea what we're talking about? Check this week's Free Fridayz.
Raen Coplin's great entry
Posted: trippe // 01.28.09 // +0+

:: South Ferry Station ::

In the next couple of weeks MTA's latest Art's For Transit installation titled See It Split, See It Change by Doug and Mike Starn will open to the public. The 250 foot-long glass panel mosaic will be located at the South Ferry subway station located in lowest Manhattan. The Times did a little story on it last month which included a few pics and such. Check it out!
Posted: julian // 01.28.09 // +0+

:: Jackson Pollock ::

JACKSONPOLLOCK.ORG <-- don't need to spend millions on one... Create your own!
Posted: trippe // 01.28.09 // +1+

:: Poddy ::

mt.jpgA NEW FF PODCAST <-- an hour of great music put together from Mark Kaiser of Mt. St. Mtn.. {mount saint mountain} is an art and recording project centered around vinyl only pressings, limited to 200 - 500 copies. Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
Posted: trippe // 01.28.09 // +3+

:: ClipODay ::

Somehow we ended up watching the classic David Letterman & Madonna Interview last night when someone mentioned a scathing Paris Hilton/ Letterman Interview... So great watching Dave out wit his silly guests, and it's always satisfying watching Paris make an ass out of herself. Classic!
Posted: trippe // 01.28.09 // +1+

:: Kyle Ranson ::

Excited for the opening of Joyous Marriage featuring the work of Kyle Ranson opening this Saturday night here in San Francisco @Receiver. Kyle's been working on this massive installation for over a month now, so it's bound to be interesting. Show details.
Posted: trippe // 01.28.09 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 01.27.09 // +0+

:: Michael Dotson ::

MICHAEL DOTSON <-- posted some images of his acrylic paintings up on Flickr w/ the fecalface tag and thus is how we saw them. Very nice work coming from this DC based artist. Also be sure to check out the installation work on his site too.
Posted: trippe // 01.27.09 // +5+

:: Sketchy ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS <-- happens to tonight here in SF @Minna featuring Ferris Plock, Jay Howell, Henry Lewis, Aiyana Udesen, Kelly Ording, and more. 6-10pm. Minna St @2nd.
Posted: trippe // 01.27.09 // +0+

:: James Jean ::

PHOTOS & REVIEW <-- from James Jean's first solo show held at Jonathan Levine in NYC. Words & photos from J.L Schnabel.
Posted: trippe // 01.27.09 // +0+

:: New Image ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of New Image Art's 15 year anniversary show which opened last Saturday down in Los Angeles. Thanks for the photos, Calvin... Speaking of New Image, have you read our interview with the founder of New Image, Marsea Goldberg yet conducted by Jeff Soto? Get some education on.
Posted: trippe // 01.27.09 // +0+

:: Photography ::

AMERICANSUBURBX.COM <-- a portfolio site of sorts featuring a lot of great photography. Worthy of your time if you enjoy the photographed image.
Todd Hido - Two Way Street
Posted: trippe // 01.27.09 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

LOCALS ONLY? <-- well, not really, but don't drop in on the wrong guy @Pipeline.
Posted: trippe // 01.26.09 // +0+

:: Todd James ::

PHOTOS <-- from Todd James (REAS) show which is running in Melbourne right now @Don't Come.
Posted: trippe // 01.26.09 // +0+

:: David Young ::

Megan headed over to Babylon Falling here in SF last week for the opening of LIVE FOREVER featuring work from David Young and brought back these photos.
Posted: trippe // 01.26.09 // +0+

:: The Selby ::

Posted: pesya // 01.26.09 // +0+

:: Simon Hoegsberg ::

WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE - 100 METERS OF EXISTENCE <-- The project is a 100 meter long photograph (probably the largest to date) consisting of 178 portraits of people walking toward and away from the camera under an open sky. Simon Hoegsberg shot it in Berlin over the course of 20 days from the exact same spot on a railroad bridge in 2007... Would love to see this in a gallery.
Posted: trippe // 01.26.09 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 01.24.09 // +0+

:: Lauren Albert ::

LAUREN ALBERT MAKES GREAT WORK AND LIVES IN BROOKLYN <-- she also made the video below as well and was born in 1986 which was a funny year.
Posted: trippe // 01.24.09 // +5+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 01.23.09 // +1+

:: Free Fridayz ::

Just added this week's Free Fridayz with the theme: Obama, but getting ready for next week's theme: Design a Square Sticker and the winning designer gets his or her sticker produced by Sticker Robot. Be sure to get your drawings in by next Friday Jan 30th for your chance to win... and don't forget that the design NEEDS to be square to be eligible.
Posted: trippe // 01.23.09 // +0+

:: Art Crimes ::

"I want to be a part of the ART CRIME TEAM." -Lori
Posted: trippe // 01.23.09 // +1+

:: Koons ::

JEFF KOONS @THE CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES <-- Manuel spent the first day of the new year lurking about this massive chateau situated just outside Paris to view the gardens and Jeff Koon's show.
Posted: trippe // 01.23.09 // +0+

:: Gnarly ::

Warning hardcore porn!! - Living in SF you're aware of Kink.com and how they own the massive Armory Building here on Mission St. Well, a couple months ago they had a "shoot" and some FF people were caught in the act. I count 3 in the background. Hahaha. Gnarly (wanna touch her, Groshong?!)... Speaking of the Armory Building though, ever wish you could see inside? Well, you can. Check the floor plans and click on the different rooms for some high res photos.
Posted: trippe // 01.23.09 // +2+

:: Park Life ::

THE DRAWING CLUB <-- opens tonight @Park Life on Clement St featuring the work of 7 CCA graduates who used to meet up every Sunday back in their collage days for some doodling and collaborating on each others drawings. The group rejoins for this show featuring Bryson Gill, Chi Birmingham, Casey Watson, Isaac Lin, Jay Nelson, Kyle Mock, Peter Scherrer and Rachel Kaye. 7-10pm details
Posted: trippe // 01.23.09 // +0+

:: Saturday ::

If you happen to be in Los Angeles tomorrow night, stop by Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica. Vanessa Prager and Kathy Grayson (whom we stopped by to see a while ago) are opening their two-person show Hunting and Gaming inside the Bergamot Station Art Center. Should be a good one!
Posted: jesse // 01.23.09 // +0+

:: Randy Laybourne ::

Posted: trippe // 01.23.09 // +0+

:: New Image ::

Congrats to New Image Art in Los Angeles on 15 years and on the show which opens this Saturday down in LA. Check back Friday as we're going to have an interview with Marsea Goldberg founder and curator of this great gallery conducted by Jeff Soto. Not to be missed (if we get her answers and images back in time)
Posted: trippe // 01.22.09 // +0+

:: Comics? ::

Famed Louvre museum embraces comics for first time <-- "Comics, long a staple of the French literary diet, are moving to center stage... From Asterix and Obelix to Tin Tin to the brooding comic book hero Largo Winch, the French public has long adored their cartoon heroes. Now the visual world of comics is being embraced for the first time by Paris' Louvre museum."
Posted: trippe // 01.22.09 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

Wanna get to know more about this Damien Hirst fellow? WATCH AN INTERVIEW ON CHARLIE ROSE. Thanks for the link, Lori.
Posted: trippe // 01.22.09 // +0+

:: Space 1026 ::

PHOTOS <-- from setting up and of the show New Ancient Structures now running @Space 1026 in Philly featuring the work from two favorites Andrew Schoultz & AJ Fosik. Thanks to Alex Lukas & Adam Wallacavage (great artists themselves) for the photos.
Posted: trippe // 01.22.09 // +0+

:: Soundsuits ::

I just stopped by Jack Shainman in Chelsea to view Nick Cave's (not Bad Seeds) Soundsuits and was completely blown away by the craftsmanship and presentation of the work. Here's a nice tidbit from The NY Times about his work from 2006: "Whether Nick Cave's efforts qualify as fashion, body art or sculpture, and almost regardless of what you ultimately think of them, they fall squarely under the heading of Must Be Seen to Be Believed." Also if you're interested check out this short video.
Posted: julian // 01.22.09 // +1+


You should check out the work of Mexico based Ines Estrada. The illustration work is great, and there are some nice zines for sale @ the store.
Posted: upso // 01.22.09 // +0+

:: Travis Millard Select T ::

Travis Millard did a sweet shirt for the line I curate, and I KNOW you guys like you some Travis Millard...
Posted: upso // 01.22.09 // +1+

:: Obama's People ::

Photographer Nadav Kander shot portraits of Obama's top advisers, aides, and members of his administration. Feature w/ audio.
Posted: trippe // 01.22.09 // +1+

:: Home ::

Back in SF after a few days down in Los Angeles with lots of photos from studio visits (and a moving violation for doing a 'hey, I'm lost' Uturn) which we'll be adding to the site over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned. Thanks to everyone who was so damn nice to us by letting us tromp about their studio with camera in hand... Back to work and we have a lot of stuff to add today and tomorrow. Check back throughout the day.
Posted: trippe // 01.22.09 // +0+

:: Anthony Lister ::

"said she looked forward to seeing me paint her as a super hero...well, I finally got around to doing it. SUPER IS AS PARIS DOES 6ft x 4ft - mixed media on canvas - rad, a.l" Anthony Lister
Posted: trippe // 01.21.09 // +4+

:: Kevin Cyr ::

Kevin Cyr has some lovely works on cars and the like. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
Posted: pesya // 01.20.09 // +1+

:: Ota Paper ::

Paper Tiger just dropped 25 of these Nathan Ota prints. Swoop in on that one, Nathan Ota is beyond good!
Posted: // 01.20.09 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

In honor of the inauguration, we wanted to post Rev. Joseph Lowery's benediction from a couple of hours ago. Some people found it childish and the ending offensive, but it was great to hear someone (especially a man who has been fighting for civil rights so long) having a good time with such sensitive topics and riffing on old blues songs. Nice to see the stuffy ceremony ending with a bit of laughter and good spirit. Amen..
Posted: jesse // 01.20.09 // +1+

:: Obama the 44th!!! ::

A new era as Obama is now the president of The United States! Congratulations to everyone. This is a very special day... Can't wait to watch Bush leave Washington in the helicopter. Hee Heeee.
Bye, Bush. You won't be missed!
Posted: trippe // 01.20.09 // +6+

:: Go Get Adorned ::

I was informed a few days ago that New York Adorned on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg is housing an awesome artist friend named Daniel Albrigo. Check out his incredible paintings and works on paper, then go get tattooed by him at Adorned.
Posted: julian // 01.19.09 // +0+

:: Jerry Hsu ::

JERRY HSU has an awesome collection up at tiny vices. You must check it out. Stat!
Posted: pesya // 01.19.09 // +0+

:: Vice ::

Vice Natives Issue <--- has some nice photographic works by Patrick Odell who
needless to say is a part of Epicly Later'd.
Posted: pesya // 01.19.09 // +0+

:: Crafty ::

A new law is about to be put into effect that may affect crafters of toys and clothing. The new law, starting Feb. 10th, requires crafters and toy makers to test their products for lead. Every material (cloth, plastic, paint etc.) needs to be tested separately and the tests may go up to a couple hundred dollars each, which may end up putting a lot of people and stores out of business.
Posted: pesya // 01.19.09 // +2+

:: LA Bound ::

Heard some banging on the walls and noticed tons of people on the sidewalk in front of the gallery with noises of firetrucks in the distance. They all converged out front, and that's when we figured our building was on fire. The restaurant had a gnarly grease fire which didn't get too out of hand. The gallery is ok, and Pesya will be in there today from 12-6pm. Stop in to see Paul Urich's show... We'll be LA bound to visit some artist studios and the like. We'll be blogging it up along the way and instant blogging as well. Stay tuned.
Posted: trippe // 01.18.09 // +0+

:: florida represent ::

check out the design work of Smile Maker. It's poppy and I think you'll like it.
Posted: upso // 01.17.09 // +1+

:: US ARTS?! ::

The United States has never had a Secretary of the Arts, and Quincy Jones would like to change that. He's said that his first talk with Obama he'll beg for one. 137,267 people have signed this petition in agreeance thus far. We have a chance to get this country in shape. Let's help start a real movement to enlighten this silly place. SIGN THE PETITION!
Posted: trippe // 01.17.09 // +4+

:: Ryan Riss ::

Posted: trippe // 01.17.09 // +1+

:: Minna ::

CREATIVE CONTROL <-- is tonight focusing on "where hiphop and skateboarding collide". Artwork from MIKE GIANT, ALEX PARDEE, IAN ROSS, DAMIAN KING, KARINE LEUNG, and MEARONE. $5 B4 10:30. @111 Minna. Video premiere The Frisco Montage.
Posted: trippe // 01.17.09 // +0+

:: Free Fridayz ::

We're going to be a day late with this week's Free Fridayz, but that's good for you, because now you have till Saturday afternoon to complete your drawing. The theme: Lamest Shit Ever like the drawing Jessica LaVecchia from Pittsburgh sent in. Molte bene!
Get your Lamest Shit Ever drawing in by Saturday 3pm pacific. Make sure it's at least 600 pixels in width and has Fecal Face incorporated somewhere. freefridayz(at)fecalface.com
Posted: trippe // 01.16.09 // +1+

:: The Playground ::

Tomorrow in SoHo Dana Goldstein is putting on a show at The Puffin Room titled The Playground featuring works by several artists and photographers. Take a walk in the freezing cold and get your winter art season on. It's open to the public and should be fun!
Posted: julian // 01.16.09 // +0+

:: Isaac in Stereo ::

Our buddy Isaac Randozzi has a couple boards and a t-shirt out through Stereo skateboard's Collaboration Series.
Posted: trippe // 01.16.09 // +2+

:: The Piece Process ::

Manuel gets some photos from the opening of The Piece Process @Anonymous Gallery in NYC. "The Piece Process will unite relevant artists with their contemporary counterparts through artwork that serves as a reference or an impetus to something larger or more complete."
Warhol @The Piece Process
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:: Shepard-Mania hits Boston ::

No breaking news here but as if he isn't busy enough with Time Magazine and all the Obama office parties etc., Shepard Fairey has a pretty massive exhibit lined up with The Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston. Should be a good one, with 80 some works on display. The festivities kick off with some lecture stuff on Feb. 5th. Followed by the opener on the 6th. Large but will it compare with this Obey show from 07, when he still played games with us common folk. Shepard Fairey on the ticket 2k12?
Posted: // 01.16.09 // +4+

:: Pettibon ::

Raymond Pettibon will be giving an artist talk @CCA's SF Campus (1111 8th St) Friday evening @7pm and the band Raymond Pettibon and The Niche Makers is playing @Thee Parkside afterwards w/ Old War Shirt & M.S. Garvey and the Hootenanny AllStars. Should be interesting indeed. Talk=free | show=$5
Posted: trippe // 01.15.09 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

From artist Chris Pell from the U.K. featuring music from Ben Butler & Mousepad.
Posted: trippe // 01.15.09 // +0+

:: There's a Plane in the Hudson ::

If you're in New York and see a U.S. Airways plane floating in the Hudson as I did this evening don't be alarmed because everyone is ok and it wasn't terrorists. There were only minor injuries as the plane crash landed "safely" into the river today after being taken down by geese. Yes, geese. Here's the full story, some cool pics and a video from Huffington Post.
Posted: julian // 01.15.09 // +5+

:: Control ::

If you've yet to watch the film on Joy Division, Control, do so. Very good... and while you're at it, watch 24 Hour Party People too.
Posted: trippe // 01.15.09 // +3+

:: Sunny Dayz ::

Wow, it's ridiculous out there these days. Had to force myself to work today after taking some time off yesterday. Anyway, getting ready for our trip down to LA next week. We'll be blogging it up on Monday w/ studio visits and movie stars down in LA land. Going to be nice to see what's a crackin' on the southern side of the golden state... Oh and stop through FFDG this evening for a look see of Paul Urich's show. 4-8pm. Open Friday 4-8pm and Sat & Sun 12-6pm.
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:: Night of the TREEPLE ::

Since Alex Pardee is a couple posts down with his show at 5024SF I figured now might be a good time to run this little trailer put together by Alex. It's pretty rad!
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:: Princess Market ::

My favorite very lady like street artist Miss Van has her new store up and running. Get in early if ya know what I mean on V-Day purchasing. Check it! Oh, and did you happen catch her stuff at 5024SF?
Posted: // 01.14.09 // +0+

:: Joshua Liner ::

Manuel stopped through Joshua Liner in NYC to get A LAST MINUTE GLIMPSE of Kris Kuksi and Pat Rocha's shows before they came down and make room for Oliver Vernon and Crash which open this Saturday.
Pat Rocha
Posted: trippe // 01.14.09 // +0+

:: Paul Urich ::

PAUL URICH @FECAL FACE <-- some photos of the show and of the opening.
Posted: trippe // 01.13.09 // +0+

:: Illustration Jobs ::

Illustrator Charlene Chua emailed over a step by step for creating an illustration for her local weekly. It's brief, but if you're considering illustration as a job, you might get something useful out of it... There's much more info and good stuff over @illustrationmundo.com as well.
Posted: trippe // 01.13.09 // +1+

:: English & Pardee ::

ALEX PARDEE & RON ENGLISH @FIFTY24SF <-- Megan headed over there last Thursday and brings back these most excellent reportè.
Posted: trippe // 01.13.09 // +0+

:: Art Slant | Urich ::

ART SLANT PICKS OUR PAUL URICH SHOW <-- thanks for the review and thanks to the cops who pulled over a car right front of the gallery during the review. Not only pulled over but the car searched with bundles of cash and bags of drugs pulled from within- the driver in cuffs... Always exciting @FFDG. Our photos of the show will be up later today.
Posted: trippe // 01.13.09 // +0+

:: Henry Gunderson ::

Henry Gunderson showed last month @White Walls which we meant to get to, but got swamped with the holidays and extra work. In any case, the internet solves all problems and there's SOME PHOTOS RIGHT HERE from the opening which featured works from Skot Olsen, Regino Gonzales, Dee Dee Cheriel & Henry Gunderson whose first solo show opens July 23rd @FFDG.
Henry w/ pre opening skatepark face smash
Posted: trippe // 01.13.09 // +1+

:: lou gehrig's disease sucks ::

talented film maker Patrick O'Brien has ALS and is trying to finish a movie about his story... before he dies! Check out his website for more info and check out this video link for his most recent promo. Compelling stuff...
Posted: upso // 01.12.09 // +1+

:: Derek Albeck ::

DEREK ALBECK <-- has himself a new internet website.
Posted: trippe // 01.12.09 // +1+

:: Grand Theft ::

We got MORE PHOTOS from United States of Color vs. Grand Theft Auto emailed in by Carlos Figueredo. Thanks, Carlos!
Posted: trippe // 01.12.09 // +2+

:: Grand Theft Auto ::

Daniel Tierney emailed over a few photos from Grand Theft Auto which opened last Friday down in San Diego @Seminal Projects featuring works from STEVE GIBSON, MAYA HAYUK, DANIEL TIERNEY, GEOFFREY TODD-SMITH. Show runs till Feb 7th.
Posted: trippe // 01.12.09 // +2+

:: 10 Yrs. of U.P. ::

Congrats to the SF based Upper Playground for celebrating 10 years in exsistence! And to celebrate their giving back to you with a 50% discount in their retail stores in SF, LA, Berkeley, NYC, and in their online shop until Thursday the 15th... Seems like people are going for it, because their server is creeping. Get on it before the site crashes or something.
Posted: trippe // 01.12.09 // +3+

:: Mat O'Brien ::

PHOTOS <-- from Mat O'Brien's opening @Eleanor Harwood which opened on Saturday night.
Posted: trippe // 01.12.09 // +1+

:: Art Dealers Gone Bad ::

TROUBLED PACIFIC HEIGHTS ART DEALERS STILL IN BUSINESS <-- "February 2007 was a tough month for Nancy Wandlass, an international art dealer known for her Louis Vuitton handbags, $30,000 Escada wardrobe, and constant presence at the Marina District's tony Rose Cafe. Two months earlier she'd been arrested with her husband, Thomas, on charges of fraud, grand theft, and conspiracy for allegedly stealing two 19th-century French paintings valued at $300,000."... Not our scene, but a nice little read. Thanks for the link, Lori.
Posted: trippe // 01.11.09 // +1+

:: Photo Contest ::

Our friends @Volcom are holding a Photo Contest where the winner will get their photo added onto one of the girl's artist series. Besides getting your photo on a butt load of tees, you also win a butt load of tees- Details.
Posted: trippe // 01.11.09 // +0+

:: Home Studio Home ::

HOME STUDIO HOME <-- published through Ammo Books, this nice quality photo book, from a series by designer Todd Oldham, features the home/ studios from R.I.S.D.'s students' living quarters. We take ourselves a little look/ see.
Posted: trippe // 01.11.09 // +0+

:: Mat O'Brien ::

MAT O'BRIEN TONIGHT @ELEANOR HARWOOD <-- opening from 7-10pm. We'll bring back some photos for ya if you can't make it. 1295 Alabama St @25th.
Posted: trippe // 01.10.09 // +0+

:: Todd James ::

NYC's Todd James (REAS) has two shows opening in Australia: Unnatural Disasters and Double Disaster... @Monster Children Gallery on Jan 15th and Melbourne’s Don't Come Gallery on Jan 16th... Check the trailer.
Posted: trippe // 01.09.09 // +0+

:: Shawn Barber Interview ::

We're working on an interview with painting champ, Shawn Barber, and wanted to see if you guys have any questions you'd like to hear him answer. Now's your chance. Ask him whatever: favorite paint and brushes, how he got so damn good, a good art school, how to make a great egg sandwich, favorite curling sportsman, whatever... With a subject of "Shawn Barber", email them on over to news(at)fecalface.com and we'll forward them onto him and include them in our interview. Something like we did with Mike Giant's interview.
Shawn Barber
Posted: trippe // 01.08.09 // +3+

:: Baseball Talk? ::

COULD THE SF GIANTS BE A WINNING TEAM NEXT YEAR??? <-- now that they have an incredible pitching crew with the acquisition of Randy Johnson, and need I mention our Cy Young Lincecum... and could the Giants get Manny? Let's go, GIANTS!!
Posted: trippe // 01.07.09 // +3+

:: Ron English Thursday ::

We ain't the only gallery having an opening on Thursday. Being that this Thursday is official open to '09's art season, there's a lot of good good opening (full calendars). Down at Fifty24SF you have Ron English downstairs and Alex Pardee in the upstairs gallery. details.
Alex Pardee
FIRST THINGS FIRST <-- is a group show opening @111 Minna featuring works from Robert Hardgrave, Clynton Lowry, Kelly Ording, Ryan Bubnis, Rene Almanza, and others. 6-2am... After our Paul Urich opening ends at 9pm, I think this where the after party drinks shall be had.
Robert Hardgrave
Posted: trippe // 01.07.09 // +0+

:: OBEY Obama ::

22time01-190.jpgShepard Fairey's Obama poster enters the National Portrait Gallery <-- "Shepard Fairey's ubiquitous illustration of President-elect Barack Obama, seen in rallies, parties, shop windows and construction sites throughout the 2008 election season, has found a permanent home. The National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., announced that it had acquired Mr. Fairey's work for its collection." -READ ON - and some call him a plagiarist, but that's nothing new.
Posted: trippe // 01.07.09 // +9+

:: Paul Urich @FFDG ::

PAUL URICH @FECAL FACE <-- opens on Thursday from 6-9pm. Drinks shall be served and Paul will be in attendance... For an idea as to what to expect we turn to Flavorpill's nice writeup. "Driven by the notion that people die when their face is no longer recognizable, Urich haunts his viewers with faint sketches of anonymous folk culled from old family albums. With light pencil strokes, Urich sets tiny faces floating on vast expanses of paper, then overlays them with dabs of color and broad gouache strokes that resemble the bubble and burn of melting celluloid. The result tugs at the eye with the urgency of an image speeding across a rearview mirror." -Flavorpill - SF Weekly has some nice words.
Posted: trippe // 01.07.09 // +0+

:: Faesthetic ::

FAESTHETIC ISSUE #10 <-- out now for only $10. "Collectable and Affordable, Faesthetic is a collection of art & oddities from around the world. Issue #10 showcases 128 pages of "Scams & Deceit" themed art from over 35 artists. Featuring high quality 2 color offset printing, original cover art by Mike Perry & Jim Stoten, and a 16 page photo series by SKULLPHONE. 100% ad free! All for only $10!"
Posted: trippe // 01.07.09 // +1+

:: _+!@ ::

AMPUTATE.ME <-- dedicated to all dogs who have died... love a good ol' fashioned html styled art website.
Posted: trippe // 01.07.09 // +0+

:: Billboard Liberation Front ::

Posted: trippe // 01.06.09 // +1+

:: ClipODay II ::

"I just finished the third episode of my animated web series called "county ghost" and thought id send it over in case you were interested." -Mike Geiger
Posted: trippe // 01.06.09 // +0+

:: Kinsey ::

DAVE KINSEY PRINT - AXIOM <-- this new print is out Wed morning. Seems like a nice one: 18 x 24" 3/C screenprint on 100% cotton rag. Signed edition of 145.
Posted: trippe // 01.06.09 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

Eric Testroete's Japan travel video reminds me to travel more this year.
Posted: trippe // 01.06.09 // +2+

:: Grand Theft Auto ::

If you're anywhere near San Diego this Friday, you have to check out this great show - United States Of Color Vs. Grand Theft Auto @Seminal Projects featuring works from STEVE GIBSON, MAYA HAYUK, DANIEL TIERNEY, GEOFFREY TODD-SMITH... This is bound to be a most excellent one for sure. Hey, if you live down there and are going... hook us up with some photos. We wanna see.
Maya Hayuk
Geoffrey Todd Smith
Posted: trippe // 01.06.09 // +0+

:: Friday ::

Our old intern, Megan Wolfe, will be showing a few works in the group show entitled, Coming Attractions which opens @Bucheon Gallery on Friday featuring the works from Mars-1, Robert Hardgrave, David Choong Lee, and others. details
Posted: trippe // 01.06.09 // +1+

:: Space 1026 ::

Live near Philly? Be sure to check out Andrew Schoultz & AJ Fosik @Space 1026 on Friday... Andrew will be bringing us back a blog from the show. Stay tuned for that.
AJ Fosik
Posted: trippe // 01.05.09 // +1+

:: Awesome Book ::

We love Travis Millard, and when Travis emails to tell us about his friend Dallas Clayton's new book entitled Awesome Book which he describes as "a magical Suess-like book for kids and curious adult-types". We know it's going to be worthy of your time and energy. Keep your eyes out for it and/ or buy one. If it sucks, blame Travis, not us, but we don't expect it to suck at all 'cause it LOOKS DAMN GOOD.
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:: Back to Work ::

Hope some of you out there had some time off during the holidays... We took some time off away from the computer (damn, my gut feels bloated from drinking beers on the boat) but are back now and are ready for the shit to hit the fan. Got a lot coming your way in the new year. See you Thursday for starters @Paul Urich's opening @FFDG- Gone but not Forgotten... Above wishes you the best this 2009.
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:: More Pools ::

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:: Paul Urich ::

PAUL URICH @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- opens on Thursday January 8th, 2009 from 6-9pm... There are a shit load of shows that night, but we'd love to see you and can offer a brilliant show and tasty wine treats from Encyclopedia Wines and Sofia champagne, and that shit is awesome... Get to know Paul. Our interview from July and a video from way back in 2002!
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Ok ok, our new year's resolution is to be more on Free Fridayz. The holidayz got shit slowed down here for a sec... So be sure and get your drawings in for the 9th when we post them up. The theme: Your New Year's Resolution!. Send them in now! freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
Alessandro Echevarria's Resolutions
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:: Cornrow Rider ::

Seems like a good way to start 2009?
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