:: SF Magazine ::

Haven't seen it yet, but I've been featured in an article on Art Collecting in San Francisco Magazine. If you're near a news stand, check it out and look at my silly mug in Josh Keyes studio.
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:: Bhutto ::

THE ASSASSINATION OF BENAZIR BHUTTO <-- Photographer John Moore from Getty Images, created a slide show documenting the events of last week in Pakistan. Very powerful stuff. Thanks to Bryan for the link.
Posted: jesse // 12.31.07 // +5+

:: Fecal Face in Austin - Jan 12th!! ::

GOLD RUSH <-- A show we put together will be opening on January 12th in Austin hosted at Okay Mountain featuring works by Michelle Blade, Kelsey Brookes, Alika Cooper, Jeremy Fish, Tara Foley, Matt Furie, Jay Howell, Josh Keyes, Anthony Lister, Hilary Pecis, Kyle Ranson, Andrew Schoultz, and Aiyana Udesen. During the opening Tim Kerr's band, If Bricks Had Wings, will be performing with an after party @The Scoot Inn (founded in 1871) going from 11-2am with music from White Denim, Cry Blood Apache, and others (listed soon)... It's going to be a blast, so if you're in that part of the woods, we'll be seeing you soon!!
Posted: trippe // 12.30.07 // +2+

:: Tonight ::

KINGS AND QUEENS <-- goes down tonight featuring works from Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock @Stussy SF. We got a preview right here.
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:: Photos ::

Manual Bello went and brought back some photos from Behind the Scene featuring street art @Ad Hoc in Brooklyn.
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:: La Dusseldorf/ Podcast ::

This mystery CD was left at the office and I started playing it a bunch not knowing what it was all about, and the thing really really grew on me... Today did some research and found out it's the 1970's German band La Dusseldorf who was lead by Kraftwerk's drummer, Klaus Dinger. The two albums "La Dusseldorf" and "Viva" are on the CD and are fantastic. Highly influential to both Brian Eno and David Bowe... Bowe named them the "the soundtrack to the 80s"... Added one of their many amazing songs to our Podcast. The whole albums are worth buying. La Dusseldorf & Viva @Amazon... or better on EBay... Youtube clip
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:: Take Away ::

THE TAKE AWAY SHOWS <-- Great video site from the French music blog La Blogotheque. They typically shoot videos with bands "in unusual, urban environments" that are really interesting to watch. Great bands too: Beirut, Caribou, Arcade Fire, Department of Eagles, and tons more.. Thanks to Jay from Receiver for the link, so good.
Posted: jesse // 12.28.07 // +1+

:: Peace and Iron ::

Jay Howell just released a new San Francisco t-shirt that is now available at Needles and Pens. We hear Gavin Newsom will be getting one in the mail as well..
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:: Black Lodges ::

My good friend Steven Vogel has a new blog and interview site packed full of random thoughts and theories. Plenty of cool stuff to dig around and read in the three sections. Check it out...Black Lodges.
Posted: irving // 12.27.07 // +1+

:: Tiger Attack ::

Tatiana, the 350 pound Siberian Tiger, escaped from her cage by jumping a 30 foot moat in the SF Zoo on Christmas Day. Once loose, she killed one person and injured two others. WHAT THE HELL!
Posted: irving // 12.27.07 // +5+

:: Austin ::

Live in or near Austin, Tx?! If so, you're stoked as we got something big planned for January 12th! More details tomorrow!... for now rest your hangover and/ or bloated bellies... In other news: freakin' crazy about the tiger, huh?!
Posted: trippe // 12.26.07 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

RICHARD PRYOR MAKES ME SO DAMN HAPPY <-- that and a bunch of other stuff. Merry Christmas or whatever winter holiday you may or may not celebrate! Just eat some food, drink some drink, and be happy with your family and friends!! The best from Fecal Face to you and yours!!
Posted: trippe // 12.25.07 // +1+

:: Chuck ::

CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS <-- just spent some time finding it. Almost didn't get to watch my Christmas favorite. Enjoy with a friend and/ or family... Got the laptop w/ my new fiance next to the fire... Happy merry jolly Christmas times everyone!! Hope it's going well for you.
Posted: trippe // 12.24.07 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

DANCING OUTLAW <-- Jesco White, a tap-dancing Elvis-impersonating West Virginian, stars in this documentary revolving around living with demons in the shadow of a murdered father. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
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:: Confidential ::

English photographer Alison Jackson has a new show up right now in Los Angeles that opened on December 15th. Confidential is more of Jackson's celebrity lookalike photography that she is well known for. She also has launched the satirical news website AJNews a while back.
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:: ~ ::

Posted: trippe // 12.23.07 // +0+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Guts ::

MUDD GUTS <-- If you live in San Francisco the name probably looks familiar. Spend some time going through the links/galleries and I bet you'll find some good stuff.
Posted: jesse // 12.23.07 // +1+

:: ClipsODay ::

SF's public TV and radio station, KQED, produces Gallery Crawl which are short informative (slightly sterile) videos on SF galleries. They've done (in Quicktime): Needles and Pens w/ Monica Canilao - Adobe Books - Electric Works - Fabric 8 and more.
Posted: trippe // 12.22.07 // +1+

:: ClipODay - Part Deux ::

"The All Seeing Eye" Gondry/Bismuth Installation
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:: Cheese ::

I love Cheeseburgers.
Posted: trippe // 12.21.07 // +1+

:: ClipOSlam ::

I know everyone's already seen this, but damn... That's the best b/s 360 ollie/ McTwist combo!
Posted: trippe // 12.21.07 // +4+

:: N.L.C.V. ::

Chevy Chase is the best.
Posted: irving // 12.21.07 // +0+

:: Cal Academy ::

The new Cal Academy is opening up next October but staff is moving in early in 2008. Lots of cool new jobs popping up over there... Check them.
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:: Cold Hands ::

40_ounce_shot2.jpgYou know how many 40s are drank lukewarm for almost half of it?! Well that doesn't have to be any more with the 40s Cozy (they have one for tall boys too). I stopped drinking the fuckers because I hate warm beer... I only wish we posted this in time for the holidays.
Posted: trippe // 12.21.07 // +7+

:: Juice ::

evan.jpgWanna thank our friends @Juice Design for sending over this limited edition cruiser deck with graphics by Evan Hecox which features the building Juice is in. Drinkers in SF will recognize the bar as the Kilowatt. Thanks, dudes... and thanks to Mr. Paul Urich who came through last night to record a podcast (nice stash, Paul) which should be up sometime Friday... In unrelated news, Poo's stoked for Christmas.
Posted: trippe // 12.20.07 // +2+

:: Free Fridayz: Teeth ::

Matt Delbridge's entry
Get your entry in for this week's Free Fridayz with the theme: Teeth! We got a great prize for this round which we'll let you in on tomorrow... So get them in by like 2pm Friday!... And remember that when the week's drawings have been posted it's already too late to submit. We got entries for last week's theme of Romance after it was already posted. That's a no go... email your entry to freefridayz(at)fecalface.com
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:: Crabby ::

HOW TO COOK DUNGENESS <-- ok, now the season is on.
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:: Tonight ::

After your arting tonight, come by the Attic on 24th street for Tuff Town. Fun Fun..
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:: ClipODay ::

Have you started playing your Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas album yet?
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:: I.I. ::

Danilo Brandao
INTERNATIONAL ILLUSTRATED <-- this Brazilian website features some nice work. This is their third issue although I think when they say "issue" they mean "online issue" as I don't see any printed book or zine or anything. Still nice work though.
Posted: trippe // 12.20.07 // +2+

:: Above & Ripo Tour ::

Ripo and Above are traversing South America visiting 18 countries over the next 6 months. They're making work and meeting new artists.... They're documenting their travels on this blog... Keep your eye on it... Good read.
Posted: trippe // 12.19.07 // +3+

:: Visell ::

1886_1.jpgAMANDA VISELL <-- w/ some nice illustrations and even though not really into the whole art toy thing, there are some good ones from time to time like this elephant one she did with Munky King. $60.
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:: Vetiver ::

You now how a song comes up in ITunes and it sounds like the best thing you've heard in weeks?! Vetiver just did that. Wish they had shows coming.
Posted: trippe // 12.19.07 // +4+

:: +~ ::

MIKE STILKEY <-- lives and works in LA and is working on a solo show @BLK/MRKT.
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:: Donate ::

DONATE TO FECAL FACE <-- Speaking of jobs, wanna take this time to thank all the people who have donated this year to Fecal Face!! As you can imagine running an arts website isn't exactly a quick way to financial stability. Thought of this as John Casey & Brian Barneclo were kind enough to drop a little $$. Thanks, guys!... If you so feel the need, the donate link is right here. My baby tooth that needs to be yanked out of my head thanks you.
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:: 2008 ::

A NEW JOB? <-- Make a resolution of getting yourself a new job in '08. I kinda forget that we have that. Great resource.
Posted: trippe // 12.19.07 // +1+

:: 45 ::

Not sure why I was thinking of Colt 45. I hope I'm not about to come down with a cold... Hey, Paul Urich's coming through tonight, so remember to email in your questions: news(at)fecalface.com. We'll be going live on Fecal Radio at about 8pm. Not sure what we're going to talk about except his art of course. Help us. Email in some questions and/ or topics to cover!... We'll interview for about an hour and then he's going to play some of his favorite music. Should be a good one.
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:: Sketch ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS <-- tonight @111 Minna. Check it out. Great place to get a last minute and affordable/ unique Christmas gift.
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:: Day 19 Baby ::

lynch_icons.jpg Congrats to our friends Jeremy and Claire Weiss who just brought a tiny package into the world named as Eli!!... That's so great, but I also want to mention that they got to photograph David Lynch!! That's so amazing... as is the baby, of course!
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:: Fecal Radio ::

SF based artist Paul Urich is coming through for some live Fecal Radio Wed night @8pm. Email your questions in to Paul: news(at)fecalface.com
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:: Boogie ::

NYC based street photographer, Boogie, has a new book out through Powerhouse Books. Edition of 500. Signed and numbered with a 5x7 signed silver gelatin print. $200 here.
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:: Feed ::

DONATE RICE <-- and learn some words.
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:: Fallis Hamburger ::

fallis-029.jpgDAVE FALLIS @HAMBURGER EYES <-- Hey,What's Up?, a collection of linoleum cut portraits by David Fallis who's also plays bass in gnarlemness Hightower.
Posted: trippe // 12.17.07 // +1+

:: Space ::

Posted: trippe // 12.17.07 // +3+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: jesse // 12.16.07 // +0+

:: Alex ::

ALEXANDER MARTINEZ <-- is an intern over at Hamburger Eyes and shoots some nice photos.
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:: +~ ::

WHEAT WURTZBURGER <-- besides having an amazing name, Wheat also shoots some nice photos... (Flash sites are so fucking annoying sometimes though)
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:: ClipODay ::

VAN DAMME <-- damn, that dude spreads his legs a little too easily.
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:: Okay Mountain ::

Okay Mountain Book
Got this great book sent to us from Okay Mountain the other day. It features 100 collaborative drawings done by Okay Mountain staff and friends. Curated by Mel Kadel and Travis Millard... Take a quick peek inside by clicking here.
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:: Os Gemeos ::

Os Gemeos Hits Up Lithuania... Gotta love their work and Brazilians in general.
Posted: trippe // 12.14.07 // +2+

:: Poddy ::

RICH JACOBS & TIM KERR INTERVIEW <-- is now up in our podcasts. Andrew Scott from Needles and Pens came over with Rich and Tim and recorded this hour long interview complete with live music performed by Tim and Rich. They discuss skateboarding, art, and music... Andrew was all screwy and clouded on cold medicine... Next Wednesday SF artist Paul Urich is coming by.
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:: ClipODay ::

Andy Howell speaks on his show @XLarge in LA.
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:: Tonight ::

IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME <-- The Luggage Store is one of the best galleries we have in San Francisco, and tonight they celebrate their 20th birthday featuring work by a grip of people who've been associated with them over the years. Work will be shown not only at their Market St gallery but also at their annex and at Cohen Alley. Happy Birthday, Luggage Store!
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:: Free Fridayz ::

I know. I know. We're late again on Free Fridayz, but that only means more time to get your drawing in for this week's theme of Romance like Andy Murphy did above. Not sure what's going to be the prize this week. Maybe Jesse contacted some company that sells trips to China or something... or a pet monkey. That would rule too.
Andy Murphy's entry. Check the book titles. So good.
send your entry in to freefridayz (at) fecalface.com before Friday at like 2pm or something. Get on it.
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:: Twist Thief ::

Got an email from our buddy Jeff Reeves letting us know that someone stole the Barry Mcgee piece that was commissioned by the SF Muni for the N-Judah train stop at Judah & Sunset. Someone just cut the piece out and bounced leaving the metal frame in the road. Muni didn't do it as they wouldn't leave the frame in the road like that... If you see this piece somewhere in the world, know that it was stolen from the people of SF!
More Twist Theft
... and it isn't the first time that someone stole some public Twist art. Remember that huge 64-foot-long and 8-foot-tall mural @1035 Howard St. That one was massive!
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:: Tonight ::

Rubicon Sun tonight @Fifty24SF featuring collaborative works from David Ellis and Doze Green. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek on Monday. Worth checking out for sure!
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:: ClipODay ::

FIX PUSH <-- In case you missed it at Underskatement, check out what was definitely one of the best films of the festival. "If I'm gonna ride 20 miles, I'm gonna push 20 miles."
Posted: jesse // 12.13.07 // +2+

:: Hidden Habitats ::

los_angeles_-099.jpgOur fella Jesse went down to LA and checked out Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh's show @Giant Robot and brought back these photos.
Posted: trippe // 12.12.07 // +1+

:: Whale Hunt ::

The Whale Hunt by Jonathan Harris
THE WHALE HUNT <-- In May 2007, photographer Jonathan Harris spent nine days living with a family of Inupiat Eskimos in Barrow, Alaska while they went on their traditional whale hunt. He documented the entire experience by shooting a photo every 5 minutes. When his heart rate quickened, like when they got the first whale, he would shoot at a faster pace.. an amazing site with incredible images. One of the best links to date... Read his statement after viewing the main site.
Posted: trippe // 12.12.07 // +4+

:: ClipODay ::

ART ADVENTURES: BUENOS AIRES <-- a little trip down South America way and brought back a report on some street artists living and painting in Buenos Aires.
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:: Primary Flight ::

The London Police
PHOTOS <-- Street Artists deck the walls in Miami's first curated street level group exhibition.
Posted: trippe // 12.11.07 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

mavricks.jpg MASSIVE MAVERICKS <-- last Tuesday it was pretty huge at this Bay Area surf spot and Flea went over the falls. San Franciscans love their Mavericks... not to mention Ghost Tree. Jesus!
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:: Kook Out ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of Thomas Campbell's new show that's up now @Mollusk Surf Shop here in San Francisco w/ music from Mattson 2 & Tommy Guerrero.
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:: LA ::

If you're in Los Angeles tonight, check out Hidden Habitats at GR2 from Saelee Oh and Jill Bliss. Also that night, is the super affordable That Show II at Gallery Revisited.
Posted: jesse // 12.08.07 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

IT'S OK <-- Chicago based artist, Sighn, is going to produce 1 million hand-made wood cutouts. It's bound to take him most of his life. Skirvin posted it last week, but in case you missed it, check it out.
Posted: trippe // 12.08.07 // +3+

:: Uniqlo ::

It's kind of hard to explain its addiction, but this little multiplayer "game" from the clothing company Uniqlo (who make some great pants btw) is a really fun way to waste a few minutes.
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:: Umbrella ::

TONS OF NEW PRODUCTS @UMBRELLA MARKET <-- tons of new Jeremy Fish hats, shirts, a beer mug?!, a 24K gold ring, and so much more including a couple new prints from Matt Irving and Ryan Jacob Smith.
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:: Tonight ::

kook_out.jpgThomas Campbell @Mollusk Surf Shop is going to be a good show to see as is Creativity Explored's Holiday show... Seriously, if you're considering getting some art for a friend this year, check out this show as you're sure to find something awesome for little $$$.
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:: Peter Sutherland ::

NYC based photograher, Peter Sutherland, updates his site.
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:: ClipODay ::

Mind Game is film by Japanese animator Masaaki Yuasa made back in 2004. He opted to take different styles of animation and throw them all together as opposed to sticking with one, and the result is pretty mind blowing. Here are some clips, but it's best viewed all at once. If you look around hard enough you can find the whole thing online.
God Scene - Lovemaking Scene - Car Chase
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:: Hsuing ::

Los Angeles artist Michael Hsiung got himself a new website with some new work and it looks pretty good. Read the interview we did with him a while back.
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:: Tanji ::

Check out the work of Japanese artist and illustrator Yoko Tanji. Her site is really packed full of work so it may take a bit to wade though it all, but the galleries have some good stuff.
Posted: jesse // 12.07.07 // +0+

:: +~ ::

monsterdice2.jpgGEOFF MCFETRIDGE DICE BY NIEVES <-- $250 Edition of 200. Invitation to the Launch at Pro qm in Berlin, this Friday, Dec 7th, from 20.30 - 22.30 Monster Dice, Poster and Nieves Books by Geoff McFetridge will be on sale.
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:: ClipODay ::

ALIENS V. COWS <-- great video with music and video from Cyriak.
Posted: trippe // 12.06.07 // +1+

:: Underwater Sculpture ::

Some pretty cool underwater sculpture from European artist Jason De Caires Taylor. Thanks for the link Tuffy.
Posted: jesse // 12.06.07 // +0+

:: Streets of Europe ::

PHOTOS <-- our NYC correspondent, Manual Bello, went to the opening of Streets of Europe last Friday @Jonathan LeVine in NY.
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:: Bent Stationary ::

Doin_It_Well.jpgOur friend Keith Shore emailed us up to let us know a couple things. First dude got engaged on the same night as me! Freak-N-A congrats on that one, Keith... And second, he started a stationary art company with some friends and releases this great calendar just in time for the holidays reminding you to keep your sex style fresh with art inspired by our favorite faux sexual situations from people like Matt Furie, Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch, Allison Nitch, Garrett Morin, and more. Get one here.
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:: FF Live - Rich Jacobs & Tim Kerr ::

rich_jacobs2.jpgThis Thursday at 4pm Fecal Face will doing another great podcast/audio interview for your ear holes. This time in the FF studios, we'll have Austin Texas artist & music legend Tim Kerr (The Big Boys, Poison 13, Now Time Delegation), and recent SF transplant, curatorial heavy hitter (MOVE), and artist, Rich Jacobs. The two are in a show opening at Needles + Pens here in SF on Saturday night, which should be great. In addition to the interview, Kerr and Jacobs will be playing some live on-air music from a collaborative, yet to be released, record they recently made (...maybe you saw the Rich Jacobs extra in the last Krooked video? The music in his part is the two dudes jamming)... be sure to email in your questions for these guys to: news(at)fecalface.com
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:: Absinthe ::

It's back and I've already started making still lifes. Ever drink the stuff? I think I'm set with Fernet, Beer, Gin, and Wine. Got enough crazy juice to deal with already.
Posted: trippe // 12.04.07 // +1+

:: Derby ::

You into roller derby? Our friend Melissa is in The S.F. ShEvil Dead and they're going up against the Richmond Wrecking Belles this Saturday in San Jose at the Civic Auditorium.
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:: WK ::

wk.jpgPHOTOS <-- "The good folks over at Espeis Archetype gallery in Brooklyn dropped a super dirty show featuring WK Interactive this past weekend. Worth checking out!" -emailed over our East Coast main man, Manual Bello.
Posted: trippe // 12.04.07 // +2+

:: Lots A Music ::

We're on a lot of mailing lists and such where we get a lot of bad and good music... Checking out a recent email, I thought I'd share some MP3s. Don't hate us if some of this is shit. Initial listens have proved it good thus far: Skeletons & the Kings of All Cities, Lucas What They Said - Tulsa, I was Submerged (Park The Van) Mass - Immaculate Machine, Fables (Mint) C'mon Sea Legs - Chris Bathgate, A Cork Tale Wake (Quite Scientific) The Last Parade on Ann St. & A Flash of Light, Followed By - Uncut, Modern Currencies (Paper Bag) Dark Horse & Out Of Sight - The Dead Bodies, Mr. Spookehouse's Pink House (Quite Scientific) Mr. Spookehouse, Himself & In Heaven, We All Are - Will Stratton, What The Night Said (Stunning Models On Display) Katy Did & I'd Hate To Leave
Posted: trippe // 12.04.07 // +4+

:: Monday ::

ARTING MONDAYS <-- Monday we're going to make our way around SF visiting studios, galleries, shops, weird places, wherever and want to do know if you've got somewhere you'd like us to check out. Work somewhere interesting? Doing something interesting or just got an idea, email us (news(at)fecalface.com) or leave a comment!
Posted: trippe // 12.04.07 // +3+

:: NowNow ::

Sam Ash
NowNow Gallery has been created as a simple and accessible platform for the presentation of photography both Australian and International. Thanks for the email, Ale.
Posted: trippe // 12.04.07 // +0+

:: Maxwell ::

truthmountain22.jpgMaxwell Holyoke-Hirsch has some new prints for sale on his site. He's also in a few holiday group shows which are going down soon and are also a good place to get some holiday gifts as well. You got San Jose's best gallery, Anno Domini's Fresh Produce on Dec 7th, White Walls All Star Hustle on Dec 15th... and one of our favorite's is Creativity Explored's holiday sale which is an amazing place to get inexpensive but very original works- a good place to get something for a friend or family member! That goes down Friday. Details.
Posted: trippe // 12.04.07 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

BEYOND WORDS: PHOTOGRAPHERS OF WAR <-- (click 'judge's choice on bottom left) this documentary focuses on the world's top war photojournalists, and attempts to turn the lens of attention onto them. Very interesting... Thanks for the link, Bryan.
Posted: trippe // 12.03.07 // +1+

:: Thought Forms ::

MIKE PARE'S <-- current works are explorations of youthful transcendence and bliss through music, meditation, gurus, be-ins and skateboarding. He lives in NYC and has a nice little book out through SF based Seems Books.
Posted: trippe // 12.03.07 // +0+

:: She Said Yes!! ::

Pretty nuts, but I dropped a knee on Friday night in front of my lovely lady friend Jessica and asked her to marry me and she done said yes... So if you're holding a beer in your hand, cheers to us, and if you've been to a rad wedding lately and know of a good place to have it, drop a comment. We're thinking of an outside spot maybe near water... and in random, isn't the celling at YBCA really awesome looking?!
Posted: trippe // 12.03.07 // +35+

:: Your Own Museum ::

Damn, can you imagine having so much $$ that you could build your own under ground museum? Rich bastards Norah and Norman Stone have that kind of $$ and have.
Posted: trippe // 12.03.07 // +0+

:: Little Tree ::

Before you head over to Under Skatement or wherever you're off to tonight in San Francisco, be sure to stop off and see Maria Forde's show The Fetching Veggie Etchings at Little Tree. Should be a good one.
Posted: jesse // 12.01.07 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 12.01.07 // +1+