:: Jennifer Keeler Milne : Sydney ::

Jennifer Keeler-Milne will be displaying a kaleidoscope of works at Tim Olsen Gallery in Sydney Australia come early September.
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:: Poddy ::

UNPIANO VS. HAMMERHEADSHARKATTACK PODCAST <-- these two Fecal Pals, Unpiano & H.H.S.A., put together this great mix. Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
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:: MP3ODay ::

THERE AIN'T NO CATCHER IN THE RYE <-- The group is named in honour of the late jazz musician Krzysztof Komeda. Isn't Sweden great?!
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:: We Thieves ::

We take a look at issue one from We Thieves which focuses on Canadian artists. Good looking book coming from our friends up north with nice health care and a better educational system. Fecal Face is a Canada friendly website unlike some of those other art sites.
We Thieves
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:: MarrTard ::

Our NightOwlCoHolic is settling down a bit with a normal 9 to 5. Well, not really normal as he's working at kink.com photoshopping out ass dimples and smudging zits. The good news? Maybe we can get Rick to do some more blogging beginning with a tour of the Armory Building (click floor plans to tour the entire building w/ nice photos. Click on the pdfs. Pretty sweet.)? Whatcha' say, Ricky?
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:: Journals ::

Love looking at artists' journals and sketch books. It's so great when they add them online like Jeff Garcia has (click on journals). I wanna see more.
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:: Denver Obama ::

1897.jpgTonight's the big speech and all around town artists have been going wild with the street art promoting the man.
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:: Wild in the Streets ::

This Sunday a four and half mile route stretching from Bayview to Chinatown along the Embarcadero will be closed to traffic from 9am-1pm for SF's first "Sunday Streets". There are some events that might be cool, but the best part is riding through the city without having to worry about being run down. SFGate article. sundaystreetssf.com
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:: ClipODay ::

Speaking of Fish, here he is promoting his Barry the Beaver vibrator at Good Vibrations here in SF... "People are surprised at how strong it is"... You've come a long way Jeremy.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Got two great books as prizes for this Friday's Free Fridayz. This new book from Jeremy Fish and also this beautiful high quality book featuring work from Alex Gross. Might be some of our best prizes in awhile, so be sure to get your Switchblade(s) themed drawing in by high noon (Pacific) this Friday for a chance at winning. Submission details.
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:: _+! ::

DANIEL TURNER <-- now lives in Brooklyn after graduating from SFAI. Be sure to scroll sideways.
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:: Hoppy Hope ::

PHOTOS <-- from the Manifest Hope show in Denver... Thanks for the photos, Geoff.
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:: Erin Morrison ::

ERIN MORRISON <-- 23 lives in Seattle and is represented by the William Bennett Gallery in the SoHo district of NYC and does great work.
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:: Keith Shore ::

Keith Shore is about to wrap up his group show Linear Abandon (photos) but is opening a solo show in Sweden at the KRETS in Malmo, Sweden Sat. Never heard of them before but their past shows look interesting. Check them out.
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:: Sketch Tuesdays ::

It's Sketch Tuesdays again over at 111 Minna tonight. This month looks like a pretty good one and if you didn't already know, this is a great way to get some of your favorite local artists work on the cheap.
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:: Sao Paulo: Boogie ::

It's not all ass, we CHECK OUT Boogie's newest book of photos from the roughest part of Sao Paulo published through Upper Playground.
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:: Manifest Hope : Denver ::

Over this past weekend there was an artist pilgrimage to the Rocky Mountain to stand for change, while attempting to Manifest Hope, for us as a nation and for the sake of humanity. Since world politics, global & national economics, trade, energy, and pretty much everything else is on a slippery slope with no room for, further error. Did I forget to use the word progress? All hype aside, the show looks incredible featuring this sick collaboration piece by long time personal friends; Josh Holland & Shannon Bonatakis, (keep yer eyes out, they kill) as well as many old favorites including : David Choe, Sam Flores, Alex Pardee, my little crazy hawaiian homie Aaron Martin (aka Angry Woebots), El Mac(who is beyond nasty with the can), Shepard Fairey and way too many to mention. You can see the show until the 28th. Or you can swing by Joy Engine, hands down best art website (trick toy store) in all the lower Rocky Mountains, with one time 4am paste partner of mine, Todd Berger fueling the local tanks. You can also find a healthy batch of show flix on Beauty and the Street. The clip loops so stick around! For all of you who did not already know, Denver is on the map!!!
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:: MP3ODay ::

"DONKEY" BY SONNY SMITH <-- again, another track from the comp we put out like 3 years ago... If you like this track, be sure to check Sonny's Myspace page for more info and to find out when you can see him live. He's always playing about SF and beyond. He's actually playing at the Make-out Room this Friday night.
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:: The Chameleon ::

Frederic Bourdin is a French serial impostor that has taken the characteristics of a priest, a tiger tamer, and a few missing children, among many others. If this tickles your fancy be sure to check out his youtube profile. And on that note, Zelig.
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:: David Ball ::

Our intern Megan Wolfe headed over to the revolution focused book store, Babylon Falling, in lower Nob Hill for an opening of work from SF based David Ball and brought back THESE PHOTOS.
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:: Filippo Minelli ::

FILIPPOMINELLI.COM <-- Italian based street artist. Not huge into his paintings, but enjoy his 'selected works' section on his site (scroll right)... Oh, and the animals are on strike.
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:: MP3Oday ::

"EXECUTIVE POWDER" BY EZEE TIGER <-- another track from the past Fecal Face music comp we put out many a year ago... Ran into Ezee Tiger (best one man band ever!) a bit ago and he mentioned that he's soon to release a new album. Is it out yet? Not sure, but look for it and if you ever get a chance to see the man preform live, do it. Such a great experience.
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:: Charlie Duck ::

Charlie Duck <----- is an interesting artist from the UK. Be sure to check out his outside series.
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:: MP3ODay ::

"MID-TEMPO VIOLENT DANCER" FROM THE COACHWHIPS <-- another track from the Fecal Face comp we released something like three years ago. Enjoy this classic.
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:: Mike Maxwell ::

MIKE MAXWELL @GALLERY THREE <-- stopped through the opening real quick last night and brought back a few photos from this San Diego based artist's opening at this gallery down in on lurker laden 6th St.
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:: Space Monkey: makes a comeback ::

Does everybody remember the good old days when artist James Marshall still called himself Dalek and he was rockin the Space Monkeys like nobodies biz. It's not more than a year or two, but I thought those days were gone. When all the sudden a wicked 9 color print shows up out of no-where for nearly nothing. Too bad they SOLD OUT in jiffy, but still good see em back in the mix and this short rules! Can you say Circle Jerks!!!
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:: Mike Shine Online ::

We have a selection of work in our online store from Mike Shine's show "8 Tracks & Wallbangers" that's up now at FFDG.
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:: Buff Monster ::

BUFF MONSTER SATURDAY @COREY HELFORD <-- be sure to stop through this show if you're down there in LA. Read our interview w/ him.
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:: MP3ODay ::

NAMESAKE'S "WHEN YOU WERE MINE" <-- Did you know that many a year ago, Fecal Face released a comp CD featuring some bands from San Francisco? Some good stuff like Ezee Tiger, The Mall, Sonny Smith, Thee Oh Sees, and others including Namesake. We'll be uploading some of these MP3s over the next few days.
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:: ClipODay ::

Eric Joyner's "Tin World" which is a mirror planet of Earth was invaded by giant donuts from another world. Over the past thousand years they have fought, battles have ended, but there's never been any lasting peace.
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:: The Butcher Boy ::

Hate promo trailers, but it was all I could find
1998 The Butcher Boy, based as the novel of the same name, is a film you must watch. A dark comedy which tells the story of Francis 'Francie' Brady, a schoolboy who retreats into a violent fantasy world as his troubled home life collapses. Directed by Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire) Rewatched it last night and it's even better the second time. If you live in SF, rent it from Lost Weekend after I return it. A classic.
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:: Burnett Book ::

THE OUTSKIRTS OF AWESOME <-- is a new book from Thrasher Magazine writer and photographer Michael Burnett. We take a little look and it'll also be this week's Free Fridayz prize. So be sure to get your artwork in by Friday at 3pm for a chance at winning the book. Images need to be at least 600 pixels in width, include the words Fecal Face and based off the theme: My Favorite Thing(s) like Jeroen Blok's entry. Email: freefridayz(at)fecalface.com
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:: Jeff Ladouceur ::

Got an email from artist Jeff Ladouceur this morning with photos from his current inflatable sculpture installation Floater which is up now at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The work coincides with KRAZY! (The Delirious World Of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art) and is running till September 7th.
Jeff Ladouceur's Floater
Jeff has worked with the fellows that made the inflatables for Paul McCarthy but, as Jeff put it, he "hasn't had as much wind trouble as him lately". If you're up there, check it out. The show has some great early Pettibon, 'Poor Richard' drawings by Philip Guston, and other great stuff by Christian Marclay, Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Chiho Aoshima, Mr., etc...)
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:: Valley Punks Vs. The Surfer ::

Kind of like the Daggers before they even existed.
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:: Phillips ::

DARSHAN PHILLIPS <-- does this nice "BLK/ WHT/ YLLW" series which he emailed to say is soon to be featured in New American Paintings. We like it.
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:: ClipODay ::

If you skate you've most likely already seen this and, if you don't skate, you probably don't care... anyway, NICE VIDEO FROM DVS <-- with music from our friends in The Dodos... What's up, Deak?!
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:: Shit ::

Even Porous is hyped on the Olympics.
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:: Thursday ::

San Diego based Mike Maxwell opens Human's Nature this Thursday evening at Gallery Three down there on 6th and Mission from 7-11pm.
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:: ClipODay ::

Part 3 of the 4 part SouthCentral Tour from artist ABOVE. Follow his painting trail thru Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Columbia, & Guatemala.
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:: Linc ::

PHOTOS <-- from Precious Cargo that opened last week at Linc Art here in SF. Intern Kara Bratcher covered it.
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:: ClipOEvening ::

MOGWAI - Friend Of The Night
Oh, and they're coming to San Francisco playing at the Grand Ballroom Sept 8th w/ Fuck Buttons.
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:: Forever & Ever ::

FOREVER & EVER BY SHAWN BARBER <-- a little preview of this SF based artist newest 265 paged high quality tattoo book published by 9mm press.
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:: NYC Art World ::

THE END OF THE BEGINNING <-- is a piece that Paul Menchaca wrote about New York's ever changing art ocean as money flows in and out and its effects on the artists who live there... From Greenwich Village of the 1940's to today's quickly gentrified Williamsburg, it's an interesting read of human nature and how artists change cities and how the financial markets effect art.
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:: Weber ::

SAM WEBER <-- is an illustrator living in Brooklyn and works as an illustrator for the NY Times.
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:: ClipODay ::

WHERE DO ALL THE BALLOONS GO? <-- gotta watch this little gem.
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:: Death Star ::

MAN, SAN FRANCISCO IS CHANGING <-- Imperial Fleet Week SF done very nicely.
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:: BoomBoxes ::

Photographer Lyle Owerko just finished this series of vintage boom boxes... That just made my day, and this would be the song to jammy jam.
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:: ClipODay ::

Wong Kar Wei's short film There's Only One Sun <-- thanks for emailing that on over, Romke... (we were away from the office last week, but back now... Man, what a strange trip that was.)
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:: Angels ::

Man, you know a city is trouble when the mayor and police ask for help from its citizens to patrol the streets.
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:: Flying Poo ::

I can't believe we missed this one from a couple days ago. Paul McCarthy's giant inflatable dog poo titled "Complex Shit" broke free and floated away from the Swiss Museum's lawn (news) and, after breaking some windows at a children's home, ended up 200 meters away... When thinking of dog poo art, you may also want to check this out... See we're not the only place where poo and art meet.
Paul McCarthy's "Complex Shit" airborne
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:: Sullivan's Travels ::

It's been a while since since we got chance to see her work displayed up in a gallery.. Which is why we are psyched to go see Mariah Gardner's show Sullivan's Travels, which opens at The Curiosity Shoppe tonight. We hear that there's a pretty good zine in the making as well.
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:: _+! ::

CLAIRENEREIM.COM <-- this CCA graduate lives and works here in SF and does some nice design styled work.
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:: Pixie & Peterson ::

PHOTOS <-- from White Walls current show from Sydney based Kill Pixie and Cleon Peterson. Megan Wolfe got down there for the opening.
Cleon Peterson
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:: Anxiety ::

Fecal pal and local San Francisco photographer Ryan Furtado opens his show Beyond The Ocean Of Anxiety tonight over at The Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter. Ryan has been shooting a really wide variety of subject matter for a while now and the show should be a good one.
Posted: jesse // 08.14.08 // +1+

:: Tonight ::

If you're in the LA area be sure to check out on friend's book release tonight. Seems Books is located here in SF and have produced many a good book we think you'll like. Joesph Hart, Mat O'Brien, Nick Neubeck, and others. Peter Sutherland is a NYC based photographer.
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:: Count Thy Buttons ::

Fecal pal Patrick Griffin is opening a show at The Journal Gallery in New York tonight. Remember those rad buttons he was making when we stopped by he and Kathy Grayson's studio a while back? Well <em>Count Thy Buttons displays that work come to fruition. Wish we in New York right now, sounds like it will be pretty damn good.
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:: MovieODay ::

STANLEY KUBRICK'S BOXES <-- "Documentary on the thousands and thousands of boxes Stanley Kubrick left behind. Meticulous notes and photographs for film locations and ideas"... He directed such films as Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove, The Shining, and others. Thanks for the link, Carlos.
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:: Mike Shine @FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from Mike Shine's show 8 Tracks & Wallbangers which opened last Friday at Fecal Face Dot Gallery... Never thought I was going to recover from those freakin' Harvey Wallbangers... Hate drinks that taste like candy. Bad news bears but great work and good times late into the night.
How many Harvey Wallbangers did you have?! Ugh.
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:: Waterboarding as Art? ::

"Have you looked up Espo's new water boarding attraction at Coney Island? we had a segment on it this morning." -Namesake
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:: Arting Mondays? ::

This Monday we're going to venture away from the office to visit artists' studios/ weird work spaces/ anything art related and somewhat interesting like our previous outings (one | two | three) If you know of a place we should visit here in SF, let us know. We'd love some invitations to something neat-os.
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:: Pictoplasma: NYC Conference ::

I don't know about you guys, but I have been pretty in-love with the Pictoplasma books for the last 4 years or so. That being said I feel it is my duty to let everyone know who may not already about the Pictoplasma Conference that is going down in NY for 3 days in Sept. Tickets are a touch pricey, but if it's your thing should def. be worth it. There is a dope line-up of guest speakers and a ton to do and see.
Posted: bello // 08.12.08 // +2+

:: Common Descent ::

PHOTOS <-- from 111 Minna's newest show Common Descent featuring works from Brett Amory, Seth Armstrong, Andrew Hem, & John Wentz. Megan Wolfe investigates.
Posted: trippe // 08.12.08 // +2+

:: Zener ::

ERIC ZENER <-- Bay Area artist Eric Zener has been making some great for work for some time now. His paintings are good, be we really like the mixed media beach scenes. He has a show coming up during September at Hespe Gallery in San Francisco.
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:: ClipODay ::

RICHIE JACKSON - 'BETTER THAN LIFE <-- Have we ever posted this before? We're not sure, but Jay posted it and either way, we're posting it again. Graphics and Editing by Richie Jackson himself.
Posted: jesse // 08.11.08 // +1+

:: Argentina ::

BLEJMAN.COM <-- Buenos Aires-based artist and illustrator Veronica Blejman does some interesting work. Check out both the paintings and the illustrations.
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:: ** ::

Posted: jesse // 08.10.08 // +5+

:: ++ ::

SUPERBAD.COM <-- No Wonder You feel sick. Repeat post of San Francisco-based graphic designer Ben Benjamin.
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:: Tonight ::

KILL PIXIE & CLEON PETERSON @WHITE WALLS <-- our good buddy, Kill Pixie, comes back to the States from his native Sydney for this two person show which opens tonight. Be sure to get to White Walls and see his new work.
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:: Olympics Opening Ceremony ::

Sounds like the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics is really impressive, it's on the idiot box at 7:30 tonight. I've always been a sucker for the Olympics, more so with the winter games. Anybody remember the Ferrari thing at Torino? That was some randomness, skip the beginning and get to the testosterone stuff at the end!
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:: FFDG - Tonight ::

MIKE SHINE'S 8 TRACKS & WALL BANGERS <-- opens tonight at FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY and trust us, the gallery has never looked so different. While on your art about (Ferris Plock @Lower Haters | Ron Stoner @Mollusk | and More), stop through to see the space and have a Harvey Wallbanger or a Tecate or both. 6-9pm. 66 Gough @Market. Show details.
A small taste of the installation @FFDG
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:: Fifty24SF ::

PHOTOS <-- from last night's opening @Fifty24SF featuring works from Jesse Reno, Keith Shore, Marco Zamora, and Basco Vazko.
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:: Olympics ::

You see photos from the opening ceremony yet? There's something great about the Olympics... world leaders coming together to root for their nation's team. Competing in a friendly competitive way. With the world acting so nutty, it's nice to see something rooted in historic decency and humility. Politics aside... Go USA!
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:: MP3ODay ::

stereo.jpgYesterday I got totally freaked out when some huge insect leapt up from under the desk. The cat sprang to life and chased the thing down. By the time I got to it the cat had already eaten one of its legs. How the hell did a huge grasshopper get in here and is it still a good luck omen if it was maimed during its visit? Anyway, here ya go.
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:: ACE Galleries ::

Some juicy high stakes art fraud in the billions featuring Doug Chrismas?! Article one | Article two should keep you entertained for a half hour.
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:: Friday Night @FFDG ::

8 TRACKS & WALLBANGERS <-- opens at Fecal Face Dot Gallery on Friday evening from 6-9pm. You see what he's been up to? Should be a fun show serving Harvey Wallbangers (OJ, vodka, and galliano- disgusting) along with Tecate and wine... We visited Mike's beach front art shack last week. Good times.
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:: Tonight ::

Tonight at Fifty24SF Jesse Reno, Keith Shore and Marco Zamora in the upstairs gallery and street artist Basco Vazko will have a solo show at the ground level of the gallery. Show Details
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:: MP3ODay ::

wu.jpgMan, the ITunes is firing this morning and thought I'd share. A strong cup of coffee... Your speakers on as loud as they get. AND BOOM!!
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:: Eye Camera ::

Heard a report on the radio yesterday about new digital camera technology that's being developed by engineers at University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign and Northwestern University. It's not exactly easy to understand, but basically they have created an 'eye camera' that sees like a human eye and can capture images with a much wider field of view. You can see video here.
Posted: jesse // 08.07.08 // +2+

:: _+! ::

KRISTINA COLLANTES <-- is a 21 year old illustrator based in Rhode Island.
Posted: trippe // 08.06.08 // +0+

:: FFDG Friday ::

8 TRACKS AND WALLBANGERS @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY FRIDAY <-- We're pleased to open another show in our gallery with Mike Shine on Friday evening from 6-9pm. You may remember him from our feature of his art shack. Mike's a rad dude and right now is completely covering the gallery with murals and hanging his drift wood art on top. It's looking awesome (will get some photos up later today)... At the opening we'll be serving "Harvey Wallbangers" (OJ, vodka, and galliano- disgusting) along with Tecate and wine at the opening. The artist will be present. Good times shall be had. Hope to see you there!
Mike Shine @FFDG Friday
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:: Ranson & Canilao ::

PHOTOS <-- from the great show One Long Funeral Song that's up now featuring collabs from Bay Area artists Monica Canilao and Kyle Ranson running now at Space 1026 in Philly. Here are the photos, but if you're in the city of brotherly love, get there and see the show in person.
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:: MP3ODay ::

joan_baez_bob_dylan.jpgYou know how something pops up in ITunes and it kinda makes your day. You've heard the song before, but this day it feels really good?... Maybe you'll like it too. (Never thought we'd get her on the site)
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:: Saturday ::

KILL PIXIE & CLEON PETERSON @WHITE WALLS <-- our good buddy, Kill Pixie, comes back to the States from his native Sydney for this two person show. Be sure to get there and see his new work.
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:: NYC Art Calendar ::

Come on New York, where are all the shows at this month? Get em posted on the CALENDAR. It just takes a minute and they will go live in a jiffy and so will yer turnout!
Posted: bello // 08.05.08 // +4+

:: FFDG ::

We got a new show opening this weekend at Fecal Face Dot Gallery which we'll be telling you all about this week, but in the meantime we just realized that we still have a piece from Gary Baseman in our online store. We accidentally marked it as sold when it hadn't yet. So she's for grabs here along with a Michael Sieben, Ben Tour, Kim Cogan, Kelsey Brookes, and others.
Posted: trippe // 08.05.08 // +3+

:: Art Murmur ::

OAKLAND'S ART MURMUR <-- we checked out a few gallery's, drank some wine, and took a few photos from their monthly art walk.
Posted: trippe // 08.04.08 // +2+

:: You're a Star ::

Filmmaker Victor Solomon is shooting a scene for a short film and he's looking for some people to fill in art show patrons. He's filming this Tuesday @The Lab and in a gallery on Hayes on Thursday. If interested, check the details here.
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:: Tucker Nichols ::

EVERYTHINGTHATHAPPENSINADAY.jpgANONYMOUS POSTCARD <-- you email them a claim and then they'll transform your message into a vague and largely indecipherable postcard and mail it out... There's some good ones on the archive page... The mind of Tucker Nichols.
Posted: trippe // 08.04.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

A performance called VB55 by Vanessa Beecroft @Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin. April 2005 - more info here.
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:: Matt Luckhurst Art ::

A big thanks to Kara Henry who sent over an email dropping the good word on Alberta based Canadian artist Matt Luckhurst who will soon be running around NYC working on his masters at S.V.A.. Pretty well rounded artist busting out fresh design, motion graphics and lets not forget his paintings. CHECK IT!
Posted: bello // 08.03.08 // +1+

:: Grusome ::

40-year-old suspect held in gruesome Manitoba bus killing <-- "While we were waiting on the side of the road, [the attacker] was taunting the police with the head in his hand."... My God. What a gnarly gnarly story. Whoa.
Posted: trippe // 08.02.08 // +5+

:: Bart Banks ::

Jay of Receiver emailed over this sad photo this morning... You skaters out there know. No more Bart Banks?!
Posted: trippe // 08.02.08 // +1+

:: MP3ODay ::

We get promotional emails throughout the day with links to MP3s... We're going to start sharing some of the better ones we get. This song, "Kids Aflame", by Todd Goldstein from The Harlem Shakes' is pretty good. His side project is called Arms... Never heard of him or them before, but the song's pretty good. Download it.
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:: Bruno 9li ::

Brazilian artist Bruno 9li is opening a solo show Meta down in San Jose @Anno Domini tonight Friday (show details). If the show is to be anything like his solo show from last year, it's bound to be worthy a visit (see photos).
Bruno 9li @Anno Domini in 2007
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:: Art Murmur ::

OAKLAND'S ART MURMUR <-- goes down every first Friday of the month like tonight (6-10pm). It's a massive art walk where over 15 galleries will be open just north of downtown. Take Bart to 19th St and the galleries are right there (Map). Some horrible work and some great work. So much to see. Drinks, music, good people, and good times... We'll be hitting it up and will bring back some flics for the Fecal. Check it.
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:: Alexis in LA ::

Alexis Mackenzie opens her solo show down there in LA @POVevolving (near Dodger stadium) Saturday from 7-11pm. Be sure to see her collages in person as the detail takes seeing in person to fully appreciate, and speak to her if you go to the show. She's a great gal.
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