:: IN-N-OUT @FFDG ::

A lot of people have been asking if we're doing Daily Dose this year where we put a call out to local artists and go buck wild for a month during the summer- art shows galore. Well, sure why the freak not?! Starting in June for 5 weeks Fecal Face Dot Gallery will be hosting week long art shows, exclusive to Bay Area artists, and we're putting the call out now.
The shows open Wednesday with a reception Thursday (6-8pm) and run till Saturday. Things tend to slow during the summer, but we wanna speed things up and have some fun again. If you're interested in showing, we wanna hear from you. All submissions will be presented to a panel of 6 anonymous Bay Area artists and 1 anonymous cat to fill the 5 allotted slots. Email jpg samples of your work, a brief description of your show proposal, info on yourself to innout(at)fecalface.com - Should be good times and we're excited to hear what you have in mind. FFDG will have new hours starting next week: Wed - Fri (3-6pm) | Sat (12-6pm)
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:: Faile ::

Spinning Faile Piece in Williamsburg <-- The international (and Brooklyn-based) artist collective Faile piece has put up a new piece on North 6th Street in Williamsburg. The carved wooden post has a spinning top, and chances are someone will try to steal it before long—after all, similar pieces were going for $100,000 at a show last year in London (check show photos)... Old news from last week, but wonder how long it stayed up. Not long we bet. Our studio visit w/ Faile - our '07 interview
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:: ~! ::

JAN FELIKS KALLWEJT <-- is freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Malaga and Warsaw.
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:: Sketch Tuesdays ::

SOME PHOTOS <-- from Tuesday's Sketch Tuesdays @111 Minna.
We scored this little oil from Brett Armory for $20
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:: _+!() ::

JESSE BALMER <-- has been around FF for years, now lives in SF, wrapped up a show @Double Punch, met him last night @Minna, and is a great guy... Oh and he does some great work as well.
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:: Hiro Kurata ::

Hiro Kurata (born '80 Osaka Japan) gradute of Parsons School of Design and makes some great paintings. He lives in Brooklyn.
Posted: trippe // 04.29.09 // +1+

:: Griffin McPartland | Thursday ::

EASY ON THE I'S @ADOBE BOOKS THURSDAY <-- featuring works from Oakland-based artist Griffin McPartland who has been curating, publishing, and making art in the Bay Area since 1992. As half of the publishing team of the celebrated Hot and Cold project zine, Griffin has shown at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, Lump Gallery, North Carolina, and Cell Project Space, London. Should be a great show. See you there. Adobe Books - 3166 16th St. 7-10pm w/ live performance by Coconut.
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:: ClipODay ::

HAUSCHKA - MORGENROT <-- A very good short made by Jeff Desom of Luxembourg. He emails that he's a young filmmaker... He's off to a strong start w/ this great one. Love it.
Posted: trippe // 04.29.09 // +3+

:: New York Street Advertising Takeover 2009 ::

Early Saturday morning, April 25th, scores of artists and volunteers took to the streets of NYC armed with rollers and five gallon buckets of white paint. By the mid afternoon, this group had whitewashed over 120 outdoor advertising spaces. -READ ON
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:: Mike Giant ::

MIKE GIANT <-- updates his site. He just back to San Francisco after a trip to London and Paris where his show with Dalek just opened at Gallery Magda Danysz - Looks like a great show. Check Dalek's work & Giant's work.
Posted: trippe // 04.28.09 // +2+

:: Faesthetic #11 ::

OK, heres the deal. Faesthetic #11 dropped this week, and it's awesome. I dropped the price down to $8 and the cover art is by Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch. The theme for this issue is "Ghost Stories" and it features contributions from over 40 artists. Seriously.. buy one. you'll like it. I made it just for you.
Posted: upso // 04.28.09 // +0+

:: Sketchy ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS TONIGHT @MINNA <-- haven't been in a minute. Going to check it out. Featuring: Henry Lewis, Ryan De La Hoz, Henry Gunderson, David Ball, and more... 6-10pm
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:: Gemma Booth ::

I love Fecal Face, I would really like to feature on it. I am a London based photographer. Here is my blog and website and some examples of my work attached, I hope you like it.... yes... yes we do like the photos. Nice site to boot as well.
Posted: trippe // 04.28.09 // +1+

:: Anthony Lister ::

Some new work from Anthony Lister. love his diptychs.
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:: Brendan Monroe ::

BRENDAN MONROE'S MONOGRAPH <-- we're very pleased to announce that we have copies of Brendan Monroe's newest book in the FF shop for $32. 176 pages of high quality work. Limited to 2,000 copies... See our preview.
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:: Art Dump ::

Phil Toselli and Michael Hsiung headed over to Little Bird Gallery in LA to check out Make the Logo Wooden featuring the creative division of Chocolate/Girl Skateboards and brought back SOME PHOTOS from this cash and carry art show. The show runs till the 29th.
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:: Musica ::

VETIVER IS ON TOUR <-- see them.
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:: Bearded Portraits ::

Got some prints from Keith Shore - Bearded Portraits up in the shop. The 12"x12" print is printed on 310gsm Hahnemuhle 100% cotton rag paper with archival pigment inks. Edition of 200. Signed. $40
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: ClipODay ::

LOCKS IN THE PANAMA CANAL <-- just love stuff like that.
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:: _+!@ ::

ANDREW RANVILLE <-- Originally from the United States I have been based in London since 2006, having completed my MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2008. My work has been exhibited internationally and my installations are located in various countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Finland, and Spain. Really great work.
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:: _+! ::

FECAL FACE SHOP <-- It's a bit thin now, but it'll be filling up. Stay up with it through the RSS.
Posted: trippe // 04.26.09 // +4+

:: Spencer Stucky ::

My name is Spencer Stucky - I live in Oakland, California - I am twenty one years old - all silver gelatin prints
Posted: trippe // 04.26.09 // +7+

:: ClipODay ::

Me and my friends Mikey G and Lena had some beers the other night and did some ghetto recording in the bomb shelter below their house. -Mike Aho
Posted: trippe // 04.25.09 // +2+

:: BBQ Sunday @FFDG ::

Crappy hotdogs, Tecates, and Jeremy Fish will be on hand at Fecal Face Dot Gallery from 3 to 6pm Sunday. We're saying good bye to the mural that will be painted over Monday :( ... This is your chance to get one of the few prints left and to ask Fish to maybe personalize it (wink wink)... Fish will be there with pen in hand for signing books and prints. 66 Gough St. - follow us on Twitter if you can't make it.
Fish working on The Ambush in February
Posted: trippe // 04.24.09 //

:: ClipODay ::

JEFFREY LEWIS <-- like this guy and his Will Oldham song too.
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:: Mail Mail Mail ::

RIPO sent this nice thank you package from Barcelona. I say thank U for the thank U.. So much good stuff flowing from the postman's hands.... Wait, that doesn't sound right.
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:: Win $1,000 ::

SCION/ VICE PHOTO CONTEST <-- win ya some loot.
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:: ClipODay ::

THE WILD AND WONDERFUL WHITES OF WEST VIRGINA <-- could be good/ could be horrible. The potential is there for both.
Posted: trippe // 04.24.09 // +1+

:: 16 Yr Old Dies ::

We were just talking about some of our worst slams from bombing hills in SF >> Skateboarding accident claims life of teen
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:: Ghost Houses ::

GHOST HOUSES BY NIGEL PEAKE <-- mailed in today by the Scotsman himself ($15.00)... Or at least I think he's from Scotland since he went to school in Edinburgh...Wait his country code is Isle of Man. Wow rad is that?!... check out the sheep they have on the island.
Posted: trippe // 04.24.09 // +3+

:: Pirate Cat ::

Tonight starting at 7pm, Pirate Cat Radio hosts a show featuring the photos of Michael Jang with a one-night-only slide show using over a hundred images. Punks and Poets: SF Subculture in the 70s features some seminal work from a time when San Francisco was going through some interesting changes. If you can't make it that night, you can always tune into 87.9 FM or piratecatradio.com at 10pm to hear the live broadcast.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Gregory Euclide ::

Just got an email from Gregory Euclide letting us know he's showing at Alphonse Berber Gallery in Berkeley. The show contains artists from every direction.. Couple locals, couple out-theres and a couple way-out-theres. Some work from the show... SF , SF, TEX, MN - Check out some of Gregory's great new work. We interviewed Gregory way back in '06.
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:: Bergman's New E6 ::

WHAT'S UP IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD? <-- we check out San Francisco's newest gallery Robert Bergman E6 which is located right on Market right around the corner from FFDG. His other gallery has been running at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica since 1979... On the way we swung through Lincart located right next door to E6 for their Frida & Man Ray photo show.
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hotdog.gifLast chance to view Fish's mural this weekend at Fecal Face Dot Gallery as it'll be behind layers of paint come Monday... Tecates and oscar weiners as we're BBQing up in front of the gallery on two tiny little grills Sunday (3-6pm). Jeremy Fish will be in attendance to sign copies of his book, prints or whatever. Stop through, eat a hotdog, give Fish a high-five, and down a Tecate. What a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon then w/Fecal & Fish.
All things come to an end
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The Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at California College of the Arts reveals: THE SECRET OF THE NINTH PLANET opening at two Mission based locations Friday night: Photo Epic Center (26 Lilac St.) and also at Queen's Nails Annex (3189 Mission St). Both 7-11pm. CCA's nine graduate student curators focus instead on works that deal in one way or another with ideas of time, space, and travel... The galleries are illuminated not by overhead lighting, but by light emitted from (the majority of) the pieces.. Lots of video and installation. You can preview some of the work here. Sounds good.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: _+! ::

CLAIRE SCULLY <-- is an illustrator born, bred, educated, and still lives in London. Lots of nice things to look at.
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:: Eazze SkeeZee ::

FOLLOW FECAL FACE ON TWITTER <-- an easy way to get Fecal updates.
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:: Mail Time ::

Portland based Ryan Bubnis sent a nice package of treats we got today in the mail. We preview his new zine From the Ground Up and get a closer look at these two great prints.
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:: Tofer ::

The show's over, but damn, Tofer Chin's show "Double Dip" down at C E R A S O L I gallery in Culver City LOOKED GREAT.
\\Be sure to check out >> CORNISH ACID which marks the highly-anticipated return of Tofer Chin's signature Eggman. In collaboration with Los Angeles based jewelry designer, Han Cholo, Tofer creates a brand new, limited-edition pendant. This time, with a gun metal shell and chain, matte black face and red piercing eyes; each of these affordable new pendants comes signed and numbered by the artist. With only 250 pendants available, for a very limited time, CORNISH ACID is the trip to take on 4/25/09.
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:: Point Break Live | No Good ::

Last Friday we checked out Point Break Live at Cell Space. Actors act out of the film and, though it had some chuckling moments, it isn't worth the $25 ticket cost. You're going to be WAY better off renting the film, buying beer and/ or pot, ordering some pizza, and watching it at home with some friends, and getting MST3K on it. The film is way funnier than watching some bad actors act it out on stage (the guy acting Gary Busey's part was pretty good though). Hate to be negative here, but really, if you're going to drop that kind of cash, go and see an actual good play down at the ACT... And $5 for a can of Heineken is a bit much when you dropped $25 to get in... We stayed 20 minutes past the second half before we took off, so we must have missed the blood and water spray which made it necessary for the audience to all wear rain gear... No recommend from us (seemed like it should have cost $8)... People on Yelp loved it, but that makes sense... and really, was that guy who played Keanu Reeves really from the audience. Seemed suspect.
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:: The Gray Skies of Morning ::

So I am in Copenhagen working on an exhibition of new works on paper that opens this Friday, the 24th, at the AMAZING gallery/'zine shop/artists collective TTC. For this show I also curated a slection of Philadelphia-made 'zines that will be available throughout the month, including books by Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Dan Murphy, Bill McRight and many, many more. The second issue of my zine Maylay is also going to be available. AND, I'm giving a presentation at the Danish Small Publishing fair Kunstpublikationer 2009, this Saturday at 2pm. There are some preview images of the show here. If anyone is in Copenhagen, stop by and say hello. TTC GALLERY
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:: Gary Baseman | May 2nd ::

La Noche de la Fusion featuring new paintings, sculptures and drawings from LA based Gary Baseman (our 6/08 interview) opens Saturday, May 2nd at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. This isn't going to be your normal art reception says Baseman. "The exhibition will open up with a celebration. A carnivale, a feista, a party. We will have girls in costume, Baseman creatures and live music, and it will culminate with a sacrifice, a ceremony, at the end of the celebration before we start the reception."... Sounds mental. Anyone down in LA wanna cover it for Fecal Face?
Baseman traveled the world in '08 for shows, speaking engagements, workshops and other art related gigs. La Noche de la Fusion focuses on breaking down those walls that keep us apart as distinct cultures by embracing the differences and fusing them into my own surreal world. May 2, '09 - Corey Helford Gallery - 8522 Washington Blvd Culver City
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Just browsing the Fecal Face Flickr Pool and came across these guys from P E L L E T. San Jose Sausage Party Series 1 consists of 6 new paintings of dudes' faces. They are all 4x6 inches, and will be available at Kaleid Gallery (San Jose) on Tuesday, April 21, starting at noon as part of the "Two Buck Tuesday" event. Well, we're a tad late, but maybe they're still there --- Anyway, there's some good stuff in the FF Flickr Pool and some not so good stuff. Browse about and join the good times.
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:: _+! ::

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:: Dave Lyle ::

Love the painting David Lyle emailed over. Ha... He's showing new paintings in New York at George Billis Gallery April 30th (6-8pm). The 38 yr. old who was born in Japan showed his oil paintings at Marx & Zavattero June '07.
Giclee prints of 16"x20" "They Say That Graffiti is Popular These days" will also be available.
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:: D.A. Dad ::

CLARK AND MICHAEL < Clark Duke, Michael Cera. Need I say more.
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:: Soto in London Town ::

Mark your calendars, you Londonites, because Jeff Soto will be showing The Inland Empire at Stolen Space May 14th. This show will feature over twenty new paintings on wood panel and paper, as well as large-scale outdoor installations. The opening will see the release of a limited edition hand pulled screen print and Soto will be signing copies of his newly published book ‘Storm Clouds’.
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:: Jennybird ::

JENNYBIRD AT VARNISH <-- J.L. Schnabel emailed over this review of this fantastic show now running in SF.
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:: 84 Degrees?! ::

Whatever you do, DON'T look outside or go outside. It's too painful... Stay here w/ us. We'll help to occupy those thoughts of ripping off your shirt and running out the door with wild abandon. Good times in the warmth is over rated anyway. You'll get skin cancer.
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:: ClipODay ::

You're business card is crap! "Wow, I'm impressed... So what, he's an officer! I know companies worth ten thousand dollars a year and the guy's a CEO"...Thanks, Nat for letting me know!
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:: 3UP 3Porn ::

ISAAC INVESTIGATES 3 UP AND 3 DOWN <-- plus all the Kink inside on Mission and 14th.
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:: An Evening with Francis Ford Coppola ::

The San Francisco Film Society announces the participants for An Evening with Francis Ford Coppola & Friends, 7:30 pm, Friday, May 1 at the Castro Theatre... The event will take the form of a free-ranging onstage conversation between Coppola and his longtime colleagues and collaborators George Lucas, editor Walter Murch and screenwriter Matthew Robbins, who will cover all manner of subjects. Following the conversation, an extended Q&A, and the trailer from Coppola's upcoming film Tetro, there will be a screening of a custom-built 15-minute clip reel featuring on-set footage of Coppola over several decades. For tickets ($20 members/$25 general) and information for An Evening with Francis Ford Coppola & Friends at the Castro Theatre go to fest09.sffs.org or call 925-866-9559
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:: **** ::

GR TREE SHOW >> It's that time of year again! Danny Espinoza, Cortney Cassidy, Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch, Liam Devowski, Death P. Sun, Aiyanna Udesen, and others, are doing the Tree Show this year at Giant Robot. I peeped the opening last night and there was good art hanging by good people. Be sure to check it out before it goes down!
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:: ClipODay ::

Bonnie Prince Billy - Death To Everyone <-- oh how you can make the day feel good, sir.
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:: Krop ::

Our friends over at Krop have started a portfolio hosting app on their site for artists / designer, etc. You've seen their jobs database for awhile now. These days you gotta do all you can do to score that job. Might help. It's all free w/ no ads they say. Looks like it works well too.
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:: LA Tonight ::

Los Angeles tonight: C E R A S O L I gallery presents the fine art work of three painters invoking various photographic genres in their work: John Grande in Gallery One, Franziska Klotz in Gallery Two, and Nick Potter in Gallery Three at the Cerasoli Gallery. Opening Reception: Saturday April 18, 6 - 9pm - 8530- b Washington Blvd. Culver City,CA |||| Also tonight and down the St is: Kinsey/DesForges is delighted to welcome London-based artists Conor Harrington and Chloe Early -- together for the first time in the U.S.-- to Los Angeles for their much anticipated duo-exhibition of exciting new works on canvas. 6009 Washington Blvd 7-10pm
John Grande Challenger, 2006, Oil on canvas canvas, 92x68"
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:: ClipODay ::

EXPLORING ANGEL ISLAND (watch in HD for better better) <-- Bad Disco Dan Wolfe put together a video from our island exploration. Photos from the trip.
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:: Peter Gronquist ::

Fecal Face supporter, 1AM Gallery at 1000 Howard St and 6th St. hosts Peter Gronquist tonight from 7-10pm with plenty of FREE beer. Here's a little preview.
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:: Exquisite Corpse ::

Ever make some exquisite corpse with friends? Love those things and so does VIKGUBBE.COM
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:: Art Walk Tonight ::

Fecal Face Dot Gallery will be open an hour later tonight till 9pm as we're part of the Hayes Valley Art Walk. Ashley will be gallery sitting. So stop in, check out Jeremy Fish's show The Ambush and have a glass of white wine compliments of us and of Encyclopedia Wines.
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:: Sexy ::

SEXY PEOPLE <-- have released their first tee and it rulz. Limited to 50 copies. Write sexypipol[at]gmail.com for more info and orders.
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:: _+! ::

CARLOS DE SPINOLA <-- is a London based Portuguese South African photographer w/ some interesting work. Spend some clicking about.
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:: Dirtypilot ::

Dirtypilot.com has some great work from LA based Albert Reyes up for sale as well as some from illustrator Charles Glaubitz. Dirtypilot hosts online shows every month.
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:: Whose Work? ::

Got this email this morning: Does anyone know the name of the artist that made this piece?? I've been searching for months...and it's now driving us nuts because even though I think we posted it awhile back, don't remember whose work it is. Any thoughts?
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:: Need a JOB?! ::

SOEX is hiring three Part-Time Arts Instructors for its Summer 2009 Artists in Education (AIE) Program. DETAILS
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:: SPORTS ::

Got a little package from our Chicago main honcho, Ryan Christian, the other day featuring a receipt for a machete and some beer (nice). Also in the package were some fliers for the show SPORTS he curated for Synchronicity Space opening Saturday April 25th featuring work from a grip of talented artists... Also in the package were two sunglass pins which you can grab at FFDG - gone to the first taker today. We're open 4-8pm. Jeremy Fish's show The Ambush up for another week (BBQ on Sunday the 26th for the last day of the show 12-6pm)
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:: Johnny Utah, Brah ::

pbl.jpgPoint Break is like the best/ worst easily quoted movie of all time (watch the trailer). Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves star in this classic bank heist/ surfing flim. This Friday comes Point Break Live at CELLspace where actors act out the entire film and one lucky audience member gets to play Keanu (sounds pretty funny). Anyway, I'm making it sound lame. It sounds better here. Have yet to see it, but we're going Friday night to check it out. Warning: besides monsoons and fake blood, there is gunfire and violence. This show is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. And it is messy.... so please leave the designer outfits at home! Seriously!... A bit expensive at $25, but we'll tell you if it's worth if after we check it out.
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:: Hush @Fifty24SF ::

Headed up Haight from FFDG to get SOME PHOTOS OF HUSH @FIFTY24SF.
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:: viral ::

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:: Hurricane Ike ::

Austin based photographer Sandy Carson has been documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Ike on Galveston, TX. Ike was the third most destructive hurricane to ever make landfall in the United States back in Sept '08.
Posted: trippe // 04.15.09 // +2+

:: Mr. Ferris Plock ::

Ferris Plock stopped in a bit ago to pick up a check. We just like that guy not to mention his work too... Baby Ferris on its way!
Posted: trippe // 04.15.09 // +3+

:: ClipODayssss ::

Online for 2 years now featuring hundreds of extremely interesting videos of talks given by top talents in technology, entertainment, design. Well worth a nice long visit ---- "TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader... The annual conference now brings together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes)." One of the best sites we've come across. Check their TOP 10 TALKS
Posted: trippe // 04.15.09 // +7+

:: Mel Kadel in NYC ::

Our friend the LA based Mel Kadel is off to NYC right now for her show Sun Days that opens Thursday evening at Nancy Margolis Gallery. If you're out there, be sure to stop by. We're excited because she's showing at Fecal Face Dot Gallery in September. Nancy Margolis is at 523 West 25th St. (between 10th & 11th Ave.). The opening is from 6-8pm.
Oh, and Travis Millard is in Lawerence, Kansas right not now lecturing tonight (6pm) at his old alma mater Kansas University in Wescoe Hall, room 3139. Then Thursday night he's holding "Pizza Party, Again?" Wonder Fair Art Gallery featuring silk screening and other goodness.
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:: Want Free Stickers? ::

Well, sort of. All you have to do is send our friends at Sticker Robot a nicely decorated self addressed envelope and it'll come back you stuffed with stickers. Check some of the envelopes they've gotten so far.
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:: Brett Amory & Nancy Chan ::

Our Megan Wolfe headed on up to Russian Hill here in SF for Nancy Chan and Brett Amory's show Spaces at Hyde St Gallery and brought back THESE PHOTOS.
Nancy Chan
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:: _+!@ ::

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:: Suzanne Coady ::

Know it's a couple days late, but playing email catch up after dealing with taxes (joy)... Anyway, Brian Willmont emailed over this holiday gem from Suzanne Coady... Eat a piece of chocolate and pretend it's a couple days earlier.
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:: Five White Walls ::

Due to some Easter obligations we weren't going to be able to make the shows at White Walls and Gallery Three on Saturday. So on Friday we stopped through for a quick preview. On the way we swung through Fivepoints Arts House in North Beach to see what they had going on.
Fivepoints Art House in North Beach
Adam Flores at Gallery Three
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One of Andrew Jeffrey Wright's x-wave paintings (the same one that was on the cover of that Tokion book) has been unceremoniously stolen and used to make a dress for Delia's. A step-by-step of how some hack designer Photoshop-ed a painting into a dress pattern is on the Space 1026 website.
Posted: alex // 04.13.09 // +3+

:: Pratt is Destroying the American Dream ::

Tonight Pratt is hosting their sculpture thesis show. Should be some good work. Here's the info: 6:00pm - 9:00pm Pratt Institute Steuben West Gallery 200 Willoughby Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Posted: julian // 04.13.09 // +1+

:: The Right Place ::

Last Friday we swung through the art toy shop Double Punch in North Beach. They have a smallish gallery upstairs which hosts some nice shows --- CHECK OUR PHOTOS FROM THE RIGHT PLACE featuring works from Kelly Tunstall, Scott Barry, Ryan Bubnis, and Alexei Vella.
Ryan Bubnis
Curator Ryan De La Hoz
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:: Merry Easter ::

Thanks for the great holiday drawing of festival cheer, Mr. Tony.
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:: _+ ::

LISA SOLBERG <-- 25 yr. old LA based artist. Shows with Kinsey/ DesForges and not totally sure how I feel about the work. Like it and kinda don't. Is that weird? Check it out. Like the mural.
Posted: trippe // 04.11.09 // +2+

:: Sinking Outside the GG Bridge ::

Last week we told you a bit about the sailboat that lost its keel 8 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge and of the dramatic rescue. WELL, READ THE ENTIRE EVENT as told by one of the two survivors on the boat. As I looked around I saw the clear, black, starry sky above us. There was a sliver of a moon directly to windward, which had a kind of spooky look to it above the frothing waves that kept rolling down on us. Looking the other way I could see right up the lighted streets of the city. I could see the flashing lights of the Golden Gate Bridge, and I could see Alcatraz lighted up below it. It all looked so close, but it seemed a lifetime away... Very intense read of survival and rescue as compiled by Sailing Anarchy.
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:: Cocaine Cowboys ::

Cocainecowboys_promo_cover2.jpgWatched the super interesting documentary Cocaine Cowboys last night which chronicles the drug trade in Miami during the '70s and '80s. Nuts to see how the city exploded as cocaine became more and more popular. Drug dealers making millions as coke entered the US threw Miami from Columbia- dozens of corrupt cops and city officials including multiple mayors convicted on fraud charges- banks opened and flourished with tons of cash flowing in- luxury clubs and resorts exploded to indulge the millionaire dealers. The city thrived on the drug trade until the wars started and the crack downs took place. Interviews with the dealers involved and the cops trying to stop it... Super interesting for sure. Rent it or watch it instantly on Netflix.
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:: Daniel Augschoell ::

b. 1985 - 2009 Bachelor in Fine Arts ( BFA ), IUAV Design and Arts, Venice - Nice photos.
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:: The Lab ::

Tonight at The Lab artist Rie Kawakami opens her show Living Cube, which looks pretty amazing from what we've seen so far. Visitors will distort an initial grid sculpture as they pass through the gallery, which will then be documented over time. She also shares the opening with artists Matt Kennedy and Michael Namkung. See you there..
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:: Shows To See ::

There are some shows opening this weekend you should check out. Tonight: The Right Place at Double Punch featuring works from Kelly Tunstall, Scott Barry (visit his website), Ryan Bubnis, and Alexei Vella. Looks like it should be a great show 7-late. 1821 Powell St. North Beach. Details - Saturday: Caleb Neelon & Mike Shine @White Walls and right next door opens The Draw Show At Shooting Gallery featuring over 300 artists. Both White Walls and The Shooting Gallery are at 835 & 838 Larkin at Geary in the TL and run from 7-11pm. - And also right there is Adam Flores @Gallery Three which has moved off 6th St and is now located above the White Walls gallery in their previous studio spaces.
Scott Barry
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:: DAY 19 ::

DAY 19 <-- the portfolio site for Jeremy and Claire Weiss has been updated with personal and client photo work.
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:: David Shillinglaw ::

DAVID SHILLINGLAW <-- blogs up some London-ness for us from time to time. He emailed over a recent painting of his this morning. Like it.
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:: Graffiti 911 in San Francisco ::

ZERO GRAFFITI IN SAN FRANCISCO? <-- "This is an upcoming meeting of business owners, etc to figure out a way to squash out all graffiti in SF. If you read the details, they're advocating CALLING MOTHERFUCKING 911 if you witness graffiti in progress. Doesn't this seem like a nuts abuse of an emergency system, like those people that call 911 to report they got the wrong order at a drive thru?... I'm not like 'pro graffiti' guy, but I kind of want to know that if me or my family is bleeding, they're not out there chasing "Wyno" or whatever." Thanks for the email, Brady. Totally agree! People love to get worked up.
Click above image from a previous Dogpatch (RIP) visit.
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:: PikTchure Taker ::

WHAT AND WHERE CAN YOU SHOOT? <-- Ever have some cop or security guard come up to you and tell say you're not allowed to shoot photos there for security reasons or some other retarded reason? I hate that crap. Stand your ground and know that the general rule is when you're on public property (a street, sidewalk, city park, etc) you can take pictures of what you see... Read more. My awesome mother-in-law Cynthia emailed over the bottom image.
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:: Babble ::

ART BABBLE <-- Created by The Indianapolis Museum of Art, the is being touted as the first major website to focus entirely on art videos. In an effort to have museums reach a younger audience online, they have created a place where you can connect with art-related content through lectures and video with a very youtube-like interface. It's still new and not perfect yet (it could use a ton more content), but it's headed in the right direction.
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:: Tessar Lo ::

We've been fans of illustrator Tessar Lo's work for some time. He's opening a solo show Future Perfect down in LA (Culver City) at LeBasse Projects this Saturday 4/11.
Tessar Lo - mixed media on paper, 30" x 22"
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:: Kenn Munk ::

London based Kenn Munk's The See exhibition in Denmark features illustration/graphic design based on tourism, optical illusion and a modernised form of Shinto --> PHOTOS
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:: Alessandro Zuek Simonetti ::

New York City based photographer Alessandro Zuek Simonetti was born in Italy and grew up parallel to the urban street cultures of the early 90's. Great photos and was just in Hamburger Eyes U DONT LIKE ME I DONT LIKE U show that's running in Miami at O.H.W.O.W.
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:: Free Fridayz | Crazy Love ::

For real, this Friday is another installment of Free Fridayz. Get your Crazy Love themed drawings in by 12pm on Friday. We got some great ones this week.
Declan Strange from the U.K. submitted this one
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:: Tofer ::

We haven't visited Christofer Chin in some time. Always great work from this LA based artist who's now showing at Cerasoli Gallery in Culver City.
"Confirmation", acrylic on canvas, 65" x 84"
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:: John Casey ::

JOHN CASEY AT SWARM GALLERY <-- we cover his opening that went down last Friday in Oakland but couldn't handle Art Murmur.
John Casey @Swarm
Opting for beers at The Stork Club instead
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:: A Day at the Office ::

I work at a strategy agency in SoHo called Naked Communications. Not sure why I have never posted this, but we have a pretty sick FAILE piece on the second floor. It's apx.16 x 8 ft!
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:: Chicago Reporte' Part II ::

Our Chicago main man, Ryan Christian, who curated West, Wester, Westest @Fecal Face Dot Gallery last summer, covers GEOFFERY TODD SMITH @ WESTERN EXHIBITIONS which is currently running till May 30th... Check our interview with Geoff done last year.
Geoffrey Todd Smith at Western Exhibitions Chicago. Click above image for opening night photos.
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:: The Lab Auction ::

25TH ANNIVERSARY AUCTION AT THE LAB HERE IN SF <-- Bay Area artists come out to support this corner stone SF based not-for-profit which has been supporting "new visual, performing, media, sonic, and literary arts" now for 25 years. Megan Wolfe participates and investigates.
Work by SF's Nancy Chan
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:: Phil Frost ::

Paperweight is Phil Frost's first solo show in 3 years. Fecal Pal, Adam Cimino makes his way down to Jonathan Levine in NYC for a quick look-see... Check our coverage from his last show 3 years ago.
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:: Let's Play Ball ::

TimLincecum.jpgNo Manny, but who the hell needs him anyway? Giants got 3 Cy Young winning pitchers on board (congrats, Lincecum!) and pretty decent set of bats through Molina, the new hot Sandoval, Lewis, and Winn (hopefully Rowand can get things together)... Anyway, we wanna see the rain hold up so that Lincecum can get his first win of the season and the Giants get their winning start of 1-0 and go on to win the weak west division (what Dodgers?)... and hey, when you see a game, sneak in some strong hootch and get your yell on. That stadium could use less email checkers and more fans... Go Giants!!
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:: Marci Washinton Thursday ::

Marci Washington, recent CCA MFA graduate and Fecal Pal for years, opens her solo show Dark Mirror Thursday at Rena Bransten (77 Geary 2nd Floor) 5:30 - 7:30pm. Titles such as Mistress, Drowned, Chandelier, and Stricken conjure up thoughts of crumbling mansions and old east coast families where secrets loom and beauty is found in the rust of past grandeur. Read our interview with her from last year.
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:: Chicago Reporte' ::

Our Chicago main man, Ryan Christian (ryan[at]fecalface.com), made his way to some great openings last week and brought back some photos: CODY HUDSON & COREY ARNOLD AT ANDREW RAFACZ GALLERY | Vaguely Paperly (curated by Chris Johanson) @ Kavi Gupta Gallery | Angelina Gualdoni's - Proposals for Remnants also at Kavi Gupta. These are all Some really great shows worth seeing if you're out in the Chicago way of things. If not, well... check our photos.
Corey Arnold and Cody Hudson at Andrew Rafacz
Angelina Gualdoni at Kavi Gupta
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:: ClipODay ::

DRONGO PLAYS THE DRUMS <-- "I thought you might be interested in the first offering from Electric Eel-Fish films for Fecal Face." Thanks for the email, Alex. There's something quite hypnotic about your video.
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:: The Present @Mollusk ::

Our buddy Isaac checked out The Present at Mollusk surf shop down at Ocean Beach here in San Francisco and brought back THESE PHOTOS. The show was in conjunction with the premiere of Thomas Campbell's new surf film, The Present, which premiered at the Victoria Theater in SF the same weekend.
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:: Ever Gold & Ted Lincoln ::

PHOTOS <-- from San Francisco's newest gallery Ever Gold. Also photos from Ted Lincoln's solo show at 111 Minna.
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:: ClipODay ::

We linked up this great Little Red Riding Hood video last week... Think this video was made by the same guy. Nice stuff from '06.
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:: Fecal Face Seeking Berlin Corespondent ::

This made us wonder why we don't have a Berlin corespondent. Do you live in Berlin and entrenched in the art scene? Fecal Face viewers need more insight into this great city. Prerequisites? Speak and write English, own digital camera and have understanding of how to shoot decent photos. Have some insight into the art scene there. Email info about yourself with some samples of writing and skill set to: news(at)fecalface.com <-- We'd love to have ya, and to start we'd like some photos of this show below.
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:: Twitter ::

Like everyone we've gotten into Twitter. FOLLOW US. It's fun for a little while at least.
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:: Photo Blog SF ::

Get off on learning more about the City By the Bay that's San Francisco and like you some good photography? Check out the photo blog that's WHATIMSEEING.COM as it focuses on history, current events, and day-to-day life through their lens. Maybe you're new to the city? Might be a good place for a little tour.
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:: Justin Goldwater ::

We twattered you guys asking for emails to some great personal sites. Justin emailed over a link TO HIS WEBSITE featuring some great work... Justin studied art at UCLA he made his way to Austin to work on the film "A Scanner Darkly". There he met several fellow artists and future founders of Okay Mountain, who jumped him into the gang. Currently on functional hiatus from Okay Mountain, he is back in California pursuing studies in Experimental Animation. - View his work at slowmobile.com
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:: West Collection ::

West Collection was founded by Paige West, the daughter of SEI Investments CEO and founder Al West, in 1996 as a way for SEI investments to aquire some "provocative art - art that full conversations around the water cooler" there at SEI offices. Paige was 26 then and began a collection that has grown to over 2,000 pieces. We found out about them after reading some PR about Don Porcella's show which opens tonight at Swarm Gallery in Oakland. West Collection had purchased his entire installation at the 2008 NEXT Art Fair in Chicago... Anyway, West Collection has a grip of great work on their website. Hours could be spent browsing the artist profiles. Every click you'll find something really great. CHECK OUT THEIR ARTIST PROFILES and enjoy yourself.
Thomas Doyle's 1:43 scale models
Jen Stark's amazing X-Acto knife paper sculptures
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:: Opening Tonight | Friday ::

Good morning, people. There are even more shows opening tonight than there were last night... and there are some great ones in other cities like Chicago, Sydney, and Oakland. Listen up. |----| Oakland kicks off their Art Murmur with just about every gallery around downtown hosting new shows or at least participating while hundereds of people stumble in and out of galleries. It can hit or miss, but you're bound to find something good like JOHN CASEY AT SWARM for example. Swarm Gallery. 560 Second St 6-9PM - Live jazz by Host Family |----| In Chicago is the opening of Geoffrey Todd Smith's show at Western Exhibitions. Geoff was part of our West, Wester, Westest at FFDG and has been called one of the "rising stars we should be collecting now" by Chicago Magazine. We like his work. At Western Exhibitions. 119 N Peoria St. 5-8pm |----| TRIPLE BASE'S FLAT FILES, an exhibition of new work by over thirty Bay Area artists. The show forefronts the Triple Base Flat Files, a constantly growing collection of over 300 original works on paper by local artists open year-round to the public for hands-on perusal. Triple Base 3041 24th St. 7-10pm |----| There's a lot more going on tonight. CHECK THE CALENDAR
John Casey at Swarm in Oakland
Geoffrey Todd Smith at Western Exhibitions Chicago
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Bill Daniel, filmmaker, photographer, and artist, has an opening tonight for his exhibition The Great Depression at Space 1026 in Philadelphia, 7-11pm. Then tomorrow night, Bill will be screening his epic documentary Who Is Bozo Texino along with special performances by The Extraordinaires and Sweatheart. That kicks off at 7pm.
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:: FUR-eeeee ::

MATT FURIE <-- updates his site with new works. Some info on our buddy Matt? Well, Matt is a leo, he enjoys long walks in the park, bubble baths, and an occasional glass of wine. He currently lives in San Francisco. His comic series "Boy's Club" is published by Buenaventura Press. And he looks like this.
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:: _+!@ ::

ASHKAHN.COM <-- is a "multi dimensional" designer from Los Angeles... What exactly does multi dimensional designer mean?
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:: Andrew Holder @Subtext ::

Carlos Figueredo submitted some great photos from Andrew Holder's show Changes which just opened at Subtext Gallery in San Diego. Andrew's a recent Art Center graduate. Nice work.
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:: Tonight - Artzzz ::

It's Thursday and that means a lot of openings tonight here in San Francisco. A lot of shows with artists we never heard of, but it's always nice to see something new ---> Ever been to First Thursdays down at 49 Geary (check one of our visits)? Get there early as it tends to get massively crowded and muggy with 5 floors of gallery action. Always some gems to stumble across between 5-7:30pm. |---| U.K. designer HUSH @Fifty24SF Hush is an urban artist who worked in Hong Kong for a number of years as a graphic designer/illustrator before returning to the UK. His popularity is soaring, with sell out shows in London and Los Angeles. Well, that's what on the press release. We've never heard of him before, but we're going to check it out. 248 Haight @Fillmore. 7-9pm |---| THE NEWSPAPER SHOW @EVER GOLD <-- this Tenderloin gallery opens its 3rd show since opening in January featuring works from Ryan Coffey, AA Hurry, Mary Joy Scott, Colin Hill, Steve Johnson, Mardi Brayton, Jeremiah Jenkins, A.L.W (paris), Beau Abbot, Jason Grabowski, Kit Rosenberg, and more. 441 O'Farrell st. 6-9pm |---| TED LINCOLN @111 MINNA Through the influence of both eastern and western cultures, philosophies, and practices, Ted creates paintings that explore the transitory nature of landscape. Again never heard of him, but we're going to check it out. 6pm - late 111 Minna @2nd |---| We'll blog up our findings for Friday.
Hush at Carmichael Gallery in LA
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:: Damon Soule ::

Got another image from Damon Soule as he works on his solo show Same Loud No which opens May 7th at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. He's currently in NYC working on the show in a friend's studio, and we're in SF eager for the opening.
Prime Oblivian - 18" x 24"
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:: Wooooo ::

The newest issue of Wooooo magazine (which is actually more of an paperback-bound interview book) just got released this month and it rules. Check out the interview with Andy Jenkins by Fecal Pal Michael Sieben among some of the other great art-related features,
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:: Skatey House Life ::

THE RAMP HOUSE <-- Recently created by Archivirus Architecture and Design, the Ramp House is a response to the client's request for a "skateable habitat". I don't think all that glass is very skate proof though. Thanks for the email, Jay.
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:: Sketchy Tuezdays ::

PHOTOS <-- from last night's Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna. Thanks for emailing them over, Ert.
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:: Hardland/Heartland ::

Oakland based Monica Canilao headed to Minneapolis last month to collab with Hardland/Heartland at Art of This Gallery for the show Our Starry Universe. THIS IS WHAT THEY CAME UP WITH... Last summer Hardland/Heartland had this opening at Needles and Pens. Good times.
A dance party ensued after the Hardland/Heartland opening at Needles and Pens last year. Click above image for photos.
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:: ClipODay ::

Maker Profile - Kinetic Wave Sculptures on MAKE: television <-- Reuben Margolin, a Bay Area visionary and longtime maker, creates totally singular techno-kinetic wave sculptures. Using everything from wood to cardboard to found and salvaged objects, Reubens artwork is diverse, with sculptures ranging from tiny to looming, motorized to hand-cranked. Thanks for the link, Adam5100.
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:: Deitch NYC | Jon Kessler ::

We've added some photos from Ryan McGinness show at Deitch's flagship gallery, but around the corner at Deitch's Grand St. gallery you can find an installation from Jon Kessler. Julian went and got some video and loves the show. VBS also has a 4 part interview with him as well. Jon Kessler was one of Williamsburg's earliest artists.
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:: Random: Abrakadabra ::

Doing a little early morning google spell check on the word Abrakadabra for obvious reasons and found this site. It seems to be a single image of good photo quality but what is it exactly? ...Thoughts?
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