:: 2009 ::

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE <-- hope all have a safe drunken good time tonight!
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:: Photo Epicenter ::

Our friends @Hamburger Eyes, who run the lab Photo Epicenter, announce that, as of today, the full B/W & color photo lab will be run for members only and it's limited to only 13 with a monthly fee ranging from $150 - $350 depending on their own space requirements and darkroom usage. Offices and workspace and storage for supplies will be available for members. If interested, get on it now quick. There aren't many labs open in SF anymore where you can print your own stuff. DETAILS
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:: Ben Tour ::

Our Vancouver friend, Ben Tour, will be having a show at Meta Gallery in Toronto this January 9th. If you're in the area, check it out... and if you need a Ben Tour original right now, we have one.
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:: ClipODay ::

This is from Kirsten Lepore who worked on the ClipODay from 2 days ago. Excellent.
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:: ClipODay ::

The full version of "Story from North America" (2007) by Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore... Music written and performed by Garrett Davis
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:: LA's Bucket ::

LA's Bucket pleads guilty to almost 3 dozen felony vandalism counts <-- "The graffiti artist who gained notoriety on YouTube with his daredevil tagging exploits pleaded guilty today to nearly three dozen felony vandalism counts and was released from jail after serving time since last May, prosecutors said."... and how does it all get cleaned up? Bucket's freeway video - news video
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:: Happy Holidays! ::

MERRY CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE BROWN! and HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! Hope all are with family and friends and are warm and toasty with cheer and baby Jesus vibes and/ or Hanukkah treats of day of Kislev filled with Marshmallow Dreidels!!... We're going to be taking a bit of time away from the computer and spending a lot of it on the water. Will be blogging my enjoyable time off w/ almost daily updates for the most bored of you out there... L'chiam!!
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:: Travis Louie ::

TRAVIS LOUIE @FUSE GALLERY IN NYC <-- Manuel brings back these photos.
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:: ClipODay ::

Artist Logan Hicks interview from "The Run Up" DVD.
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:: Holiday Baby ::

Congrats to Bob Kronbauer for the birth of his son Arlo Finley Kronbauer who popped out on the 15th!
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BATTLE OF THE BERRICS <-- game of S.K.A.T.E. tournament and it's going to be fun to follow. Go Shier! You know Koston's going to win though.
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:: Poddy ::

UNPIANO VS. HAMMERHEADSHARKATTACK PODCAST- ROUND II <-- these two Fecal Pals, Unpiano & H.H.S.A., put together this great mix. Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads. Happy the Holidays!
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:: ClipODay ::

Man, some things are like watching a train wreck.
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:: MK ::

Marjaana Kella lives and works in Finland and has some nice photographic work. Check her out.
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:: Walk For Walk ::

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:: ClipODay ::

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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Mo-Dern ::

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:: ClipODay ::

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:: RIP Sparks ::

If you had asked many of us at Fecal Face to stick out our tongues over the last 4 summers or so, chances are they would have been orange. Chances are, we probably wouldn't even have remembered you talking with us either. It may seem silly to lament the passing of an alcoholic energy drink, but you have to remember that half the photos on this site would not have been possible without it (remember this?). Maybe we're wrong in saying that, but we'll really never know. Anyways, Rest In Peace Sparks. it was nice knowing you.
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:: FF Group ::

FECAL FACE'S FLICKR GROUP <-- is looking good these days and worth a gander.
posted by theory_one1
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:: Anathema ::

Manuel headed over to Last Rites in NYC to get THESE PHOTOS of Shawn Barber & Vincent Castiglia's show Anathema.
Genevieve poses with her Barber portrait.
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:: Titanium Expose ::

Tis the last weekend to view Titanium Expose before we take a little holiday holiday over @Fecal Face Dot Gallery and then open Paul Urich's show Gone But Not Forgotten January 8th. We're open Thursday & Friday 4-8pm and Saturday & Sunday 12-6pm. Stop in and say hi in between holiday parties.... work from: Anthony Lister (NYC), Blek Le Rat (Paris), Buff Monster (LA), Chris Ryniak (LA), Damon Soule (Portland), Dennis McNett (NYC), Henry Lewis (SF), Julian Duron (NYC), Henry Gunderson (SF), Joshua Petker (LA), Mars (SF), Matt Furie (SF), Maya Hayuk (NYC), Mel Kadel (LA), and Ryan Christian (Chicago).
Mars-1 work needs to be seen in person.
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:: ClipOSkater08 ::

Congrats from one crippled old skate punk to an obvious spring chicken. REPRESENT!
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:: Holiday Sale in LA ::

Eric Bailey emailed us about a nice looking LA studio sale going on this Saturday you should check out if you're down that way: "I'm having one last open studio/ big art sale with some fellow artists before I move out of my Downtown LA space."... Looks like a great one with Anne Faith Nicholls, Sylvia Ji, Derrek Everette, Mers, Selenia Rios, Taylor Cannon, Chris Wolford, Clown, Jon Booker, Johnny Vampotna, Tommy Ruets, Marco Zamora, Derek Albeck, Meex, Art Weeks, Ichae Ackso, Ken Dougherty... and More. All goes down from 12-7pm.
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:: Santa ::

SANTA <-- what other time of the year do you let some creepy stranger hold your children?
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:: ClipODAy ::

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:: LA Trip ::

With gas prices the way they are, we figured now's a good time for a road trip to Los Angeles for some studio visits and other arting adventures. We'll be blogging as we go. Anyone's studio you wanna see? What should we hit up down there. Will be stopping through Kill Pixie's studio and camping one night on the way down. That we know. Leave a comment.
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:: Bookshelf Film Festival ::

"Bookshelf is an experimental film festival, exploring the back road's of a collaborative medium. Constructed by the ambitious minds of Mike Abela, Patrick Sean Gibson, and a collective of art school students, high school students, and independent film makers." The submission deadline is in 10 days, so get your filmy on! If you're in and around Sonoma, check it out. The screening is at the Sebastiani Theatre on 478 1st st., January 10th.
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:: Earthquake Nerd Time ::

Man, last night I realized how unprepared my house is when the big earthquake hits. The electricity went out for like an hour and all we had was one candle and a little shitty pencil sized flashlight. Got me thinking about how, if it were the big one, it'd be nice to have more flashlights, batteries, food, water, a radio, and all that jazz... Oh and also need to figure out a meeting spot for family members, 'cause, what if you're not in the same place when it goes down?... And remember, they say txt messages work better than trying to make a call on your cell due to high possibility they'll go out first... 72 HOURS.ORG <-- is a great website with lots of info... Can you imagine the whole city with no power for days?! I'm gonna have a huge mag light and my BB gun to fight off those ravenous raccoons.
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:: The Piece Process: NYC ::

There is an amazing show brewing as we speak at Anonymous Gallery in New York City (opening Wednesday the 17th) that will be featuring some works by old school icons like Warhol, Haring, Basquiat as well as many of our new favorites over here at Fecal Face like Maya Hayuk, Judith Supine, and many many more. Don't miss it!
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:: ClipODay ::

Hey, Bush, LOOK OUT!!
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:: Shawn Barber: Last Rites ::

Went out to check out the Barber works at Last Rites last night. The stuff looks amazing and yer in luck as the actual opening is tonight! You should make it out!
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:: ClipODay ::

Are you a good consumer?
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:: Primary Flight ::

Logan Hicks emailed over some great photos from this year's Primary Flight that just went down in Miami... Check out photos from last year.
Huge! Check the dude bottom left.
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:: Pattern ::

PATTERN @THE HALLWAY BATHROOM GALLERY <-- a very nice grouping of artist converge in Brion Nuda Rosch's apartment flat this Saturday... hallwaybathroomgallery.com
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:: Kill Pixie Print ::

We're happy to announce Kill Pixie's new giclee print Super Systems through Fecal Face. Signed and editioned to 50, this 14" x 17" giclee is printed on Hahnemuhle Bamboo 290 g/m2 and is offered at only $60. They look fantastic!
Kill Pixie's Super Systems
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:: Gunderson ::

One of our new favorite artists in the city, Henry Gunderson, is showing @White Walls Saturday w/ Regino Gonzales & Dee Dee Cheriel... details.
Henry Gunderson
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:: No Sin, No Future ::

Ryan McGinness will be signing his new book No Sin/No Future at Zakka in New York this coming Saturday. If you are into this sort of thing this should be a rad one!
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:: Paul Urich ::

You don't know how rad it is running a gallery. Sure there are its downsides (wait till you see my new blog), but the ups are way up there. The best is unwrapping new work for shows. It's better than Christmas @12. Anyway, super hyped on Paul Urich's new piece we're going to be showing in January @FFDG. More on the show very soon. Just wanted to share this great image Paul emailed over this morning.
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:: Space 1026 ::

SPACE 1026 BENEFIT SHOW <-- opens Friday featuring works from many a awesome artist. All proceeds go to help support this great Philly institution. Support them.
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:: Kill Pixie ::

KILL PIXIE IN BERLIN <-- showing @Merry Karnowsky Gallery until Dec 20th. Kill Pixie sent us a few photos for a look-see.
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:: Margaret Kilgallen ::

Whoever designed this wine label, which is a complete bite from Margaret Kilgallen's work, should be ashamed of themselves... Not only is it a bite, but it's a horrible one at that... Thanks for the heads up, Tony.
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:: Soto Saturday ::

Our buddy Jeff Soto opens his show Turning In Circles this Saturday @The Riverside Art Museum with a Public Reception 7 - 9pm.
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:: Grady Gordon ::

GRADY GORDON <-- is currently about to graduate from CCA, makes interesting work, and is part of the group show, Blue Light Special, opening @Lower Haters this Friday. Dig the monotype prints and haunting paintings.
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:: Stickers ::

STICKER ROBOT <-- has a special running through December. Get 500 free stickers when you order 1,000. They can do quality silkscreen vinyl weather proof stickers. They don't print poo poo flexo or digital vinyl stickers. Nice die cut and all kinds of fancy sticker things... We're waiting for ours to get here. Hyped! Look out San Francisco. We've got 4,000 gems on the way and they don't say Fecal Face on them.
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:: Modele Puissance ::

Modele Puissance is a Paris based collective created in 2008 which pratical articulates around drawings, made of 4 artists Jean-Philippe Bretin/n'roll, Vanessa Dziuba, Julien Kedryna et nicolas Nadee/Plancton 9... Spend some time clicking about. Really nice work.
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:: Anathema ::

SF's Shawn Barber will be showing in New York this Saturday @Last Rites Gallery w/Vincent Castiglia. And as Shawn wrote us, "saturday night is the grand opening and my first new york book signing for 'forever and ever, tattooed portraits'... this is my first collection of erotic work and I believe it's fitting for this venue." If you're in NYC, be sure to check this out. Wanna see Shawn's Studio?
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:: _+! ::

"When people ask what kind of photographer I am I usually say what I am shooting or focusing on at the moment. I realized saying, "I'm shooting music editorial and want to do more fashion" sounds fucking boring. So sometimes I say, "I am a really shitty one"." -Paul Rodriguez
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:: Charlie Brown ::

You catch Charlie Brown Christmas last night? Oh, the memories.
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:: ClipODAY ::

From the 1966 classic (amazing) film, Withnail and I... Bruce Robinson, who wrote and directed Withnail, is currently working on making a film on Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diary (not this one) staring Johnny Depp and slated for release in '09. Great book, great director and brilliant actor. Shit's bound to be excellent... Hey, you ever watch Depp in Lost in La Mancha? Gotta see that one.
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:: Oslo Opera House ::

OLSO OPERA HOUSE REALLY SKATE PARK <-- architects design to avoid those damn skateboard vandals, but in Norway, a whole different story.
Get your Slalom or Bert Slide on
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:: Mike Giant ::

We're going to be interviewing Mike Giant very very soon and this is your chance to ask him a question. Email your questions to news(at)fecalface.com with the subject 'Mike Giant Interview'. Get them in soon.
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:: Fecal WUH? ::

HAHAHA -- Here's another good one.
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:: Kinsey Prints ::

Ok, well, guess we shouldn't have waited on opening the tube sent to us from BLK/MRKT Editions which was filled with 3 new prints from Dave Kinsey because, according to their site, they're sold out. In any case, they're really nice prints and we'll be throwing one in on this week's Free Fridayz Christmas prize pack (also included a Jay Howell print which you can buy here). So be sure to get those What I Want For Christmas drawings in by Friday. This is bound to be one of our best prize packs to date. Holiday times.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Yes, we didn't add a Free Fridayz this week, but we are going to post one this Friday, so get your drawings in by then for a chance at winning a massive Fecal Christmas prize pack. This week's theme: What I Want For Christmas.
Many people wanted SEX for Christmas like Rento here.
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:: Boatwright ::

Fecal pal and photographer Angela Boatwright has been shooting a ton recently and updated her website with a bunch of new work. She also released her zine "Six Pack Of Sorrows" through mt.st.mtn a couple of months ago. It came out looking great and you can find it in the usual zine places.
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:: Evans ::

MCNAIR EVANS <-- San Francisco-based photographer who has some great work up on his website. Check out of "Academy" set all the way through. Photos with no people can be refreshing every now and then.
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:: SundayAfternoonSkateRewind ::

A couple months back I dropped the New York section of this classic production, Art Directed by Fecal Face's Matt Irving. Now you get to enjoy it in full.
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:: Jay Howell Prints Available ::

We're happy to announce that Jay Howell's new print Here's Some People is for sale online and in time for the Christmas holiday (scroll down to purchase). Be sure to get on them quick to ensure you get one.

Printed on Bradford Rag Brilliant White 300 g/m2
20" x 24"
Edition of 50
Signed and editioned
Printed by iolabs in Pawtucket RI.
Signed and editioned by Jay
Thanks to everyone who came out last night and got a print. Thanks to Encyclopedia Wines for the wine wine.... Congrats to Robert Francisco and his soon to be bride and to Jay Howell for being so damn tough!
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:: Kelly & Ferris ::

Our friends Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock are opening up their studio on Sunday and will have some work for sale as well as some drinks to drink and friends to chat with... Tonight @Mollusk their hosting a poster show featuring work from a wide range of talented folks. Mollusk is out towards the beach.
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:: MoMA Atrium NYC ::

If you are into mind melting projection stuff the MOMA in NYC has a new Atrium installation that will be on view from now until Feb 2nd. Looks pretty crazy!
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:: Jay Howell ::

JAY HOWELL'S PRINT RELEASE IS TONIGHT <-- @FFDG from 6-9pm. First crack at an awesome print before we add them online, free wine from our friends @Encyclopedia Wines, and Jay's IPOD playing bitchin tunes. What else could one ask for? Life's grand. 6-9pm - 66 Gough @Market
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:: FISH Opening ::

JEREMY FISH @FIFTY24SF <-- Snuck past the massive lines to get a few photos from last night's opening. Most excellent show, Mr. Fish!
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:: Faile on BBC ::

And just when you thought we could not shove any more Faile down yer throat we do. Dig on this and some of that. Enjoy cuz it is all yer gonna get for a while.
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:: :AM ::

At FFDG we have some copies of the first issue of :AM Journal which is published by the graduate students at the College of Enviromental Design, UC Berkeley. It's very nicely done and if you want one, stop in the gallery this week or weekend. Thurs & Fri (4-8pm) Sat & Sun (12-6pm). Have a look inside: X-X-X-X-X-X
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:: Jay Howell Prints ::

JAY HOWELL PRINT RELEASE PARTY <-- this Friday @Fecal Face Dot Gallery from 6-9pm. Before we unleash them online on Saturday, we're hosting a release where you can get first. Come by, have a couple glasses of wine donated by Encyclopedia Wines and buy a limited edition giclee print. They're going to go quick. Here's Some People is printed on Bradford Rag Brilliant White 300 g/m2 - 20" x 24" - Edition of 50 - $75 - Signed and editioned - Printed at iolabs.
Jay Howell's "Here's Some People" print
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:: Tonight ::

JEREMY FISH & MISS VAN @FIFTY24SF <-- all goes down this evening here in SF. If you can't make the show and after party @the Peacock Lounge, don't fret. We'll be there covering it and will have some flics online Friday. Normally that'd probably be a no go, but since we're riding the wagon, don't think we'll be hungover tomorrow. A night out sober? This is going to be interesting.
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:: POW party ::

For all you POW print heads out there in London, there will be a little shin dig this weekend with print releases from Banksy, Micallef, Mudwig (which is a nice new addition to their roster) and various others.
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:: ClipODay ::

Animation from Vancouver's Ehren Salazar
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:: EWhite in Miami ::

Art Basel is buzzing pretty hard down in Miami right now. If you made the pilgrimage you should stop by and see Eric White's new work at the Quality Pictures joint and if not you might have just got a preview. More on Miami soon...
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:: *( ::

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:: FF Flickr Group ::

FECAL FACE'S FLICKR GROUP <-- is filling up with some great work. This is going to be fun.
Australia's Beastman is on there
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:: Holiday Art Times ::

It seems like every gallery in SF is hosting some sort of holiday art sale/ show this weekend. You should get out there and support the arts and give some original gifts this year. Some places you should check out would be: CREATIVITY EXPLORED'S HOLIDAY SHOW (opens Friday 6-9pm) whose gallery of work by artists with developmental disabilities offers up some really awesome unique stuff for little $$$. Plus you'd be giving back to a great organization.... JAY HOWELL'S PRINT RELEASE @FECAL FACE goes down on Friday as well which gives you a chance to score a large 20" x 24" limited edition print the evening before we add them online for sale. Complimentary wine provided by Encyclopedia Wines and Jay Howell's IPod will also be present.... POST-POSTCARD 12 @THE LAB opens Friday too with small postcard sized original works going for anywhere from $1 to $30.
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:: Ha ::

Ok, so I normally don't laugh at those forwarded emails that people mail all around with jokes and shit, but this one kinda got me even though it perpetuates a stereo type which is never a good thing, but shit, humor ain't always P.C. - HOW TO HANDLE IRRITATING SEAT - MATES ON AN AIRPLANE - If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you follow these instructions: 1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case. 2. Remove your laptop. 3. Start up 4. Make sure the guy who is annoying you, can see the screen. 5. Close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky and move your lips like you are praying . 6. Then hit this link.
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:: Flickr FF Group ::

There's some Fecal on Flickr. Tag your photos and art work with 'fecalface' and it shows up on the right side of the site (scroll down)... We also just created a FECAL FACE DOT COM GROUP where you can post more of your work, discuss art, add photos from art openings and the like. We just created it, so it needs some filling up and members. Join now... Anything you think our readers would be interested in checking out, throw it up there. We'll be keeping our eyes on it.
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:: Darren Waterston ::

Our dewd Joshua Petker (who has a piece in Titanium Exposed) just shot me a catch up email and had some solid things to say about the work of Darren Waterston. I would have to agree brother, his stuff is dope!
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:: Hannah Terese Nilsson ::

Hannah Terese Nilsson <=- Boy, Sweden has some nice artists. Hannah lives and works in Gothenburg, and has some great works like her sweaters series. Also check out her vice competition winner.
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:: Blu<--rewind ::

There is a large ass Blu in Berlin piece going around right now but it is pieces like the below that really set this guy apart.... NUTS!
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:: Gerald Edwards III ::

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:: Slap Saturday ::

If you skate, you already know that Slap Magazine is now a magazine only in the sense like Fecal Face is a magazine- only online... Welcome them to the online world this Saturday in the real world here in San Francisco @Club Six with art from the likes of Todd Bratrud, Michael Leon, Matt Irving, Jeremy Fish, Ed Templeton, and others. Show Details... What? Does that mean I'm like the new Lance Dawes since he created the magazine and I built their first website?... Nah, probably not.
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:: Two Birds ::

TWO BIRDS FLY <-- "is a collaborative project between different artists, surfboard shapers, and glassers to create handcrafted surfboards that are produced as sustainably as possible with a focus on the visual artistry of the craft". That Thomas Campbell board is pretty nice looking.
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:: Correspondance ::

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:: Mumbai ::

Our friend Zackary Canepari is a freelance photographer in India. At 4am he got this message, "get on a plane... terrorists have blown up mumbai... americans are being shot in the street... we'll pay you an extra $50 per day!". He says he'll do it AND THIS IS WHAT HE SAW. For more intense photos, Zach says go here.
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:: D*Face on BBC ::

This will be the first of a few of the BBC street art interviews we will be running. Starting with D*Face cuz he is my homie and he fucking rules! Make sure to read all the shit they did not cover right here.
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:: Hi ::

I'M THE TRUMPET-PLAYING WALRUS <-- thanks, Ferris. Made our afternoon.
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:: FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening night festivities of Titanium Expose @FFDG.
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:: Joel Trussell-Portland ::

Joel Trussell who I know through his incredible animation work with the Pictoplasma family, is having a solo show in Portland on Dec. 4th. If yer a Portlandite you should show up.
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