:: Faile ::

PHOTOS <-- from the 5 yr. show @Perry Rubenstein Gallery in NYC featuring works from FAILE, Zilla Leutenegger, Teresa Margolles, Robin Rhode, + Richard Woods.
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:: nyc art book fair ::

The NY ART BOOK FAIR, besides being hosted by Printed Matter, is showcasing a boatload of publishers, of which The Holster, Nieves, J&L, Islands Fold, and Picturebox are all going to be a part of, among many, many more. Starts Oct. 2nd through the 4th at the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City, Queens with a preview + benefit Oct. 1st. If you are in the area, be sure to check it out. Definitely the event of the year out on the east coast, especially for all you zine lovers!
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:: ClipODay ::

FULL ON ARRESTED FOR SKATEBOARDING?! <-- been cuffed and ticketed and all that, but come on, that cop is over reacting a bit. "I'm going to break your arm like a twig"... A night in jail? Board for evidence? Everyone's got a job to do, but let's put it in perspective.
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:: R.I.P. Beau Velasco ::

REMEMBERING BEAU VELASCO <-- Beau was fucking rad. This is such a huge loss. -Tod Seelie
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Newly formed super gallery EBERS B9 will have a group painting show up for the next month or so that is very much worth your while. Works by Howard Fonda, Amy Mayfield, Tyson Reeder, Sebastian Vallejo, and SF favorite Paul Wackers. Check it out!
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:: Michael Sieben ::

MICHAEL SIEBEN UPDATES HIS WEBSITE W/ MORE GOODIES <-- facts about Michael: He lives in Austin. Has mini ramp in back yard (or had?). Has made zines that would make even the most un humorous barrel roll in laughter on the floor. Michael is a co-owner of the fabulous gallery in Austin Okay Mountain (which Fecal Face had a show a couple years back where Lance Armstrong attended (me & Lance). Travel blogs: day 1 - day 2 - day 3 - day 4 - day 5)
Some early '08 FF and Michael Sieben @the Sieben estate.
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:: Dennis McNett @Space 1026 ::

DENNIS MCNETTS YEAR OF THE WOLFBAT <-- wraps up it's summer touring @Space 1026 in Philly this Friday evening. You may have remembered that Dennis' traveling show made a stop @FFDG this past August (photos) and down to LA @Thinkspace right after (photos). If you're in Philly and can't make Friday's opening, you'll be happy to know that the show will be running throughout October... not a quick stop like the two previous... A preview of Friday's show.
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:: Art Heist in Pebble Beach ::

eye-magnifying-glass.jpgThere's something intriguing about art heists, emailed Bloom Press when they forwarded over this link... We feel the same way. A Pebble Beach $27 million dollar art heist has some intrigue... Sounds like a pulp novel. Small town detectives. Couple with radically different age gap (31 & 62). Wealthy Pebble Beach. Rembrandt, Jackson Pollock, G.H. Rothe, Joan Miro and Renoir... more press. Smells suspicious.
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:: Jan Kallwejt ::

JAN KALLWEJT <-- a freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Barcelona
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:: wild! ::

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:: Whiteley Show ::

Mark Whiteley, the editor of Slap Magazine, has a new book This is Not a Photo Opportunity due out through Gingko Press. To celebrate the release we're going to be showing some of his photos for a few days after Mel's show comes down Oct 10th... For one, get to FFDG to see Mel Kadel's show Echo Test before it comes down, and mark your calendar for Mark's show. Should be a fun evening.
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:: Mike Stilkey ::

We told you about Mike Stilkey's show which opened on the 18th in Denver @David Smith Gallery. Check out SOME PHOTOS... and be sure to view HIS STUDIO VISIT by Dave Kinsey.
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:: Derballa ::

BRYAN DERBALLA <-- updates his photography portfolio site and says of his summer that he scored the front cover of The Wall Street Journal twice, published an eight-page portfolio of Colombia work in a UK culture magazine, visited some of my favorite visual artists for Nike/Livestrong, kicked it in the South Bronx with young rappers for The FADER, rode with a moped gang and survived a mock naval battle for Wired.com, learned a lot and had a blast.... Bryan posts his photos RIGHT HERE on FF along with the mega talented Tod Seelie.
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:: Albeck & French ::

PHOTOS <-- from Derek Albeck & French's show @Cerasoli Gallery in Culver City... You listen to our podcast interview w/ French and hear his death metal mix from 2 years ago?
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:: ClipODay ::

KQED'S GALLERY CRAWL headed to Fecal Face Dot Gallery to interview Mel Kadel and have a look at her new exhibition, ECHO TEST. Kadel incorporates vintage patterns, yellowed paper, and a persevering heroine into many of her works.
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:: Opening Photos ::

PHOTOS <-- from the openings at The Shooting Gallery, White Walls, & Gallery Three featuring works from Eric Otto, Kevin Taylor, Albert Reyes, Rich Jacobs, & David Young V.
David Young V
Kevin Taylor
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:: _+! ::

SAM FALLS <-- Really refreshing clean imagery.
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:: Sketchy Tuesday ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS <-- goes down tomorrow @111 Minna featuring some nice artists like Mike Giant, Eric Bailey, Mildred, Adam 5100, Adam Flores, Nate Van Dyke, and many more. You know the deal artists sketch and then pin work to the walls. You get quick sketches and work for little $$... There's beer too which is fun. 111 Minna @2nd Downtown 6-10pm
Adam Flores
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:: Hot Rods Tonight - Saturday ::

4TH ANNUAL PINEWOOD DERBY RACES & ART SHOW <-- is tonight @The Shooting Gallery. A 35 ft track has been assembled for the races and hot rod related art will be auctioned off for the Bay Area Women's & Children's Center. Races start @8pm. 839 Larkin St
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:: New DYI Shop - Take Classes ::

Wanna get your DYI on? Learn how to make buttons, silk screen, stickers, zines and the like?... Wait, but isn't the fun teaching yourself?... Anyway, if you'd rather get the skinny from people in the know in an enviroment with all the tools, well then, the new store front WORKSHOP is your spot. They open their doors Saturday with a party w/ DJs drinks and the like. Check it out. 1798 McAllister St @Baker 7-11pm
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Heiko Muller Reception Saturday - SF ::

German based Heiko Muller opens his first US solo show Stay Awake here in SF with a reception this Saturday @Jack Fisher Gallery. His varied work looks interesting online. Like the graphite work like posted below. Worth checking out. 3-5pm 49 Geary Blvd., Suite 418
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:: ClipORacism ::

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:: HUF ::

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WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE POPUP SHOP <-- The Spike Jonze directed Where The Wild Things Are will boast not just cutting edge visuals and a soundtrack featuring Karen O, but they now also have their own pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles. Inside, creators have decorated the space to look like that actual forest set from the film, and filled it with costumes by Christian Joy, t-shirts by Geoff McFetridege, books, toys and stuffed animals. The exhibit runs through October 18th.
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:: ClipOAwesome ::

A collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis
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:: Ornaldo Kern ::

We got an email from an Argentinian painter/street artist named Ornaldo Kern and he included THESE GREAT LARGE PAINTING/ MURAL IMAGES. Thanks for the email, Ornaldo and fantastic work! Check 'em out.
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:: Fashiooon? ::

We don't do a lot of fashion here @FF... Why not. Here ya go --> BELLE SAUVAGE LONDON FASHION WEEK CATWALK DEBUT
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:: Base Base Base ::

PHOTOS OF TODD BURA'S OPENING @TRIPLE BASE <-- and then we headed to The Painted Bird for Air Waves and thought of Tucker Nichols work throughout the evening.
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:: Varnish Fine Art - Forced Out ::

Eminent domain is a bummer if you own a small business and you're in their cross hairs. That's what Varnish Fine Art, who have shown many great shows over the years, have found themselves. How do you schedule shows when you're not sure when you're to be forced out? Well, they know they've only got a few more months so they're opening PROJECT WRECKING BALL Friday and the long-term art project will continue until the wrecking ball swings.
Varnish has invited over 25 artists to create work on-site and on the walls throughout the next few months. The launch party is Friday from 7 till 11pm. 77 Natoma St. @2nd... The Gallery owners have been in a legal battle with the Transbay Joint Powers Authority for some time. Watch & read about it: - ABC news story - Chronicle story
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:: Fresh Pressed Screen Shops ::

PHOTOS <-- from Michael Hsiung's one night only live screen print event @Fresh Pressed in Los Feliz... Silk screens are available for you to print the shirt right off your back if you wanted.
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:: bopzink ::

I really like some of these monotone t-shirt designs created by an old school chicago graffiti crew
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:: ClipODay ::

BOMB IT <-- The global graffiti documentary featuring street artists and top graffiti writers from 5 continents can be viewed online...Os Gemeos, Revok, Swoon, Shepard Fairey, etc... can watch the whole thing online and is broken down into sections making it easier to skip around to where your interest lies. Spend some time.
Os Gemeos
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:: Hey you NYC peoples ::

Erin Morrison will be be opening a new solo show Thursday evening there in NYC @The William Bennet Gallery. We were lucky to have some of Erin's work @FFDG as part of West, Wester, Westest last year. If you're out there in NYC, be sure to swing through. Her work is even better in person... show info
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:: Megan Wolfe ::

PHOTOS <-- of the opening evening from Megan Wolfe's show that's running through the rest of this week and this weekend @Cafe Royal there on Post St in the Tender-Nob.
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:: Marc Bell Interview ::

We're working on an interview with the Vancouver based comic/ fine artist Marc Bell. Got a question for him? Email it to: news(at)fecalface.com w/ the subject "Marc Bell, I have a question!"
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:: TIMF Contest! ::

We're giving away 1 two day pass to this year's TREASURE ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL (Oct 17th & 18th) featuring performances from the likes of Yo La Tengo, The Flaming Lips, Dan Deacon, Vetiver, The Decemberists, and more...
To win the tickets, email your Free Fridayz drawing in before Friday 3pm. The theme is Stupid Police Chase! The week's winner will get the 2 day tickets... Obviously need to live somewhere near San Francisco to win since the prize doesn't include travel. Yes! Yes!
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:: Mission Bang Bang ::

LIVE IN THE MISSION? BE AWARE. <-- Police have beefed up enforcement in the Mission to head off a possible gang war... Don't get caught in the crossfire.
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:: Fecal Face in Sunset Magazine?? ::

sunset-cover-sep09-m.jpgThere's a nice article "Galleries on the Verge" in the Sept issue of Sunset magazine which say some really nice things about Fecal Face Dot Gallery along w/ White Walls, Triple Base and 111 Minna... Who would have thought Fecal Face in Sunset magazine?! Sign of the impending Apocalypse?
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:: Tonight ::

Ashley Taylor who helps out the Fecal quite a bit by covering art openings and doing some FFDG gallery sitting is showing some of her recent photos from Thailand @Eos Wine Salon and Gallery tonight in Cole Valley/ Upper Haight. 901 Cole St. 6:30-9:30pm
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:: A Love Letter for You. ::

Steve Powers has been working on a love letter painted on the rooftops that run along the El(evated subway line) in West Philadelphia. There are more than 30 up now and a few more still in progress, despite the fact that the opening reception is over and done with (Powers and his crew are workhorses).
If you are in Phila, you can see the murals between 46rd St. Station and 63rd St. in both directions (here is a partial list of what to look for). Or, if you can't make it to the city of brotherly love to check it out in person, you can see some photos on the project's official website, or some lo-fi photos I shot on the Cantab Publishing Blog. There is also a printed pamphlet available to guide your IRL viewing and offer suggestions of West Philadelphia businesses that have supported the project and to whom you should offer your support.
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:: ClipODay ::

The trailer for the 2002 "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" - First-time filmmaker and award-winning photographer Sam Jones documents the recording of Wilco's album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.
Beautifully shot on 16mm film, the film follows the band as they wrap up the amazing album that actually got them dropped from Reprise. Rent and watch it on DVD. The film should be seen in high quality.
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:: Contributors ::

WE ARE CONTRIBUTORS <-- nice looking art show of old school handmade decks featuring 60 rad artists, including Thomas Campbell, Don Pendelton, Travis Millard, Mel Kadel to name but a few... all proceeds from the auction are going to help buy underprivaleged kids in Canada... The boards are in a traveling exhibition throughout Canada and the next show is in Toronto @Livestock Sept 25-27th then off to Montreal and the last show in Quebec City.
On display in Vancouver
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:: Lucas Soi ::

LUCAS SOI HAS 6 NEW AMAZING DRAWINGS ON HIS WEBSITE <-- he lives and works in Vancouver, Canada and does fantastic works on paper, installation, and video. Check his series Found Alive. Brilliant.
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:: GG & Mustaches ::

mustache.jpgMUSTACHE RIDE ACROSS THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE THIS SUNDAY <-- what a better way to start your Monday morning than to start planning out your weekend. You have a week to grow out the mustache (Can't grow one? Plastic stashes provided). Meet at Conservatory of Flowers @ 1:30PM, ride across the GG Bridge, and take the ferry back. Such a great ride indeed. BYOBBBM. Bring your own bike, beer, booze and mustache.
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:: ClipODay ::

Dan Olsen emailed us a link to his site (nice work btw) the other day. While browsing stumbled upon his great little short: Homeslice, the movie. Remember: Follow your hearts.
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:: In Or Near the LA Area Saturday? ::

BAKER'S DOZEN OPENS SATURDAY 6-10PM @THE TORRANCE ART MUSEUM <-- featuring some really great work including work from Eric Yahnker and Allison Schulnik who've recently been interviewed here @Fecal Face. Baker's Dozen is an annual survey round-up of 13 artists who we think made an impression over the past year and reflect the strengths of contemporary practice as seen at various galleries and spaces throughout Los Angeles.
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:: Save This Link ::

PRINTER RESOURCES FOR INDEPENDENT ART PUBLISHERS <-- One of the most common questions we get at N&P is - Do you know of a good printer to print my zine or book? Well, you're in luck! The good folks down at OOGA BOOGA in Los Angeles have set up a pretty fantastic page to help answer that question. Check it out. -Needles & Pens
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:: Parking Day ::

You probably already figured it out, but today is PARKING DAY <-- where people are encouraged to take over metered parking spaces and create a park out of them in SF and around the world, and what an amazing day for it here in SF as temps are meant to get into the 80s.
Our question though is, would the DPT give tickets if you forgot to drop a dime in the meter?... I think I'd rather spend my day at a real park although it's a pretty brilliant idea. U see any good ones today? In front of Four Barrel on Valencia a guy offered to pump my bike tires on my way in this morning... article
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:: Ryan Christian ::

Damn, the Fecal Face staff are some talented artists... Our Chicago correspondent Ryan Christian makes some amazing graphite work... Really amazing. Great new pieces, Ryan! Click for a larger view to fully grasp the insane detail.
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:: Mike Stilkey ::

Live in and or around the Denver area? LA based Mike Stilkey is showing at David B Smith Gallery Friday. Remember our studio visit w/ him that Dave Kinsey did with him last Feb?
Mike can do some amazing things with an old book collection
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:: Bikes & Cops ::

Is it just us or are cops cracking down on cyclists in San Francisco these days? I've personally seen 4 people pulled over in just two days. Weird. Don't they have better things to concern themselves with?!
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:: Arty Art Shows ::

Friday check out the opening from SF based Todd Bura @Triple Base in the Mission on 24th St. Sample of his work here. | Also Friday Eli Harris @666 Gallery. Not familiar with his work, but from a sample of it online, looks like it could be an interesting show to see. | SATURDAY: see Todd St. John @Mollusk, the surf shop out at Ocean Beach. St. John lives in NYC and has an impressive resume. | Also Saturday is Day 19 @Medicine Agency. Day 19 is the photography from the LA based husband-wife team of Jeremy and Claire Weiss. We've known these two since the creation of Fecal Face. Jeremy was actually in our first show I believe back in 2000. They both shoot for a barrell full of clients.
Todd St. John @Mollusk
Eli Harris @666 Gallery
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:: ()* ::

NICE GEAR <-- Once again SF takes fashion to a new level -Aesop
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:: Sting ::

COPS POSE AS PEDESTRIANS FOR FAILING TO STOP <-- be aware SF drivers... I myself got pulled over a few months back for not stopping out on Lincoln heading out to Ocean Beach.
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:: Brian Willmont ::

PHOTOS OF BRIAN WILLMONT @RECEIVER GALLERY SF <-- if you stuck around long enough you could have taken hold a 3 foot bong and let 'er rip with the artist thanks to the completely annihilated beast who stumbled in off the street.
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:: ((sounder)) ::

We've lower the shipping cost on the ((sounder)) EP. It was set too high and we'll refund those who've already made a purchase. GET YOURS NOW FOR ONLY $10
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:: Emperor Norton ::

norton.jpgHOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SAN FRANCISCO'S EMPEROR NORTON? <-- this beloved madman circa 1860 printed his own curency which was accepted throughout the city. He ate at the best resturant never to receive a bill. The best seats in the theater were reserved for him. Police saluted him, and when he died his funeral prosession was 2 miles long.
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:: ((sounder)) - $10 ::

For Mel Kadel's solo show at FFDG, ((sounder)) has recorded a 4 song EP entitled, 'Stop That Dreaming' (available here for $10), with original cover-art by Mel Kadel, the limited edition of 100 physical copies will be signed and numbered by the artist.
One of the new songs,'Oh Darkness Looming' was recorded in Echo Park with the help of Travis Millard, and Michael Sieben on vocals. The title of the recording is inspired by a painting by Dave Bryant of Austin, Texas. ((sounder)) is the music project of artist/video director Mike Aho.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Don't forget to get your drawing in for this week's Free Fridayz. The theme: Dinosaurs are so from the 80s
Frank Gutierrez from West Jordan UT
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Jobby? ::

YBCA IS HIRING <-- for you SF people. Tell them FF sent you... Wait, is that a good idea?
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:: Date Farmers ::

PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING OF THE DATE FARMERS SHOW @FIFTY24SF <-- the show runs till Sept 24th here in SF.
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:: Orientalisms 'R Us ::

asian_m.jpgASIANSART.ORG <-- a cultural intervention that's targeting the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Anonymous guerrilla artists are registering their protest via look-alike flyers and a content-rich website that combine parody and incisive critique to point out how the samurai warrior mythos is being exploited for box office returns in a time of war. Japanese Studies scholars as well as a curator from LA County Museum of Art have validated the parodists' concerns, and even the Asian Art Museum's own chief curator has acknowledged their concerns as legitimate. more info: Artist and educator's insightful take, puts it in context | Asian Studies faculty echo their concerns: the Japan History Group blog | Major museum's curator of Japanese art responds | Artsjournal.com's Real Clear Arts blog asks "What should the museum do?" | Interview on 8Asians.com | Hard Knock Radio interview
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:: Julian Duron ::

One of our solids in NYC, Julian Duron, besides being a great Fecal Face contributor is also a great artist... HE GOT SOME INTERVIEW LOVE FROM HEARTY.
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:: Mel Kadel ::

PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING OF MEL KADEL'S SHOW @FFDG <-- available work from her wonderful show can be found online here.
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:: ClipODay ::

Music video for 'How About Thank You', from Bonnie Prince Billy's Chijimi EP on Drag City. Directed by Mike Aho.
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:: I'm Back ::

Just got back from 6 months in the Republic of Turkey while on assignment there. Not much to report as I didn't get to many (or any) art shows. Instead spent all of my time either reporting on the Council of Ministers or walking the streets of Constantinople trying to find a decent burrito... Will be reviewing some art shows while I'm here in San Francisco for the next year or so. Excited as the art season just began. Selam!
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:: _+! ::

STEVE MACDONALD @RARE DEVICE <-- Ashley headed over to this Market St boutique for their Sept show.
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:: Mel Kadel @FFDG ::

Crazy week last week and we're busy playing catch up, but will have some great photos from Mel Kadel's opening @Fecal Face Dot Gallery tomorrow. Work available online... Let us know if you have any photos from the opening.
The electricity in the neighborhood even went out for 10 minutes during the opening.
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:: Deitch NYC ::

KEHINDE WILEY & TAUBA AURBACH @DETICH <-- This Last week Deitch Projects presented a huge opening at both their locations in SoHo to hail in the new season of art after the slow summer. Works from two of there most prestigious visionaries adorned the walls and installation area, bringing ideas of technology and interpretation to a more traditional approach.
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:: ClipODay ::

Ran into Jolly Jack a couple days back... Not sure what's worse.
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:: Brian Willmont Preview ::

PREVIEW/ TASTE OF BRIAN WILLMONT'S SHOW OPENING TONIGHT @RECEIVER <-- we meant to get these up a tad earlier, but it's been a nutty week here at Fecal Face. Better late than never... We also interviewed Brian last April where he describes his work as Awkward, loud, nasty, and a bit boisterous, I might call them "American Miniatures".
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:: Tonight ::

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:: Mel Kadel ::

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:: Hot & Cold ::

Hot and Cold release their tenth and final issue tonight w/ an art reception tonight @Baer Ridgway in SF 5:30-8pm 172 Minna St- details
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:: Thanks ::

Thanks to everyone who came out to Mel Kadel's opening of Echo Test at FFDG last night and to those who braved the 20 minutes where we had no electricity. Photos of the show and work available will be added online tomorrow. Today is to be spent hanging out with the winner of our and Upper Playground's Upper Fecal San Playground Francisco Face contest... We'll be doing some instant blogging.
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:: Mel Kadel Tonight ::

So many great shows tonight worth checking out. Wish we could make some, but we'll be at FFDG tonight for the opening of Mel Kadel's Echo Test (7-10pm) 66 Gough St. Get out and see some art this weekend! Check the calendars.
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:: Buff Monster in LA ::

PHOTOS FROM BUFF MONSTER'S COREY HELFORD OPENING <-- emailed to us from the wonderful Michael Hsiung who just so happens to have this great new tee out.
Los Angeles' Buff Monster
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:: Evan Hecox Saturday in NYC ::

Even Hecox opens up a show The Last Thousand Years focusing on work inspired by a recent trip to Vietnam this Saturday @Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC.
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:: Kim Cogan Thursday ::

The very talented oil painter Kim Cogan, whose paintings often highlight dark SF urban street scenes, opens a new show of work @Hespe Gallery this Thursday. 251 Post St. 5:30 - 7:30pm
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:: Park Life Opening ::

PHOTOS <-- from the mural collabo show featuring works from Andrew Schoultz, Chris Ballantyne and Mark Mulroney which opened last Friday here in San Francisco.
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:: Attention Economy? ::

Going to be on a panel this afternoon which is part of a series of activities encouraging wider and deeper cultural participation in the Bay Area with support from The Wallace Foundation organized by The Grants for the Arts and The San Francisco Foundation. Today's topic: "Reinventing the Culture Business for the Attention Economy." Should be pretty funny as I possibly flounder before the sold out 100 attendees. If you're near the Independent Film Center at 2pm this afternoon stop through and giggle at me.
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:: SF Neighborhoods ::

OPENING NIGHT PICS FROM SF NEIGHBORHOODS <-- which is running now at 111 Minna here in San Francisco.
Albert Reyes and friend
San Francisco's Mars-1
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So much going on over hear on Friday, it's going to packed and Grolschy. Fabulous photography by Melanie Schiff @ Kavi Gupta. Explore your dark side with Paul Nudd & Dan Attoe @ Western Exhibitions. Master drawing by Robyn O'Neil@ Tony Wight Gallery. The local legend, Philip von Zweck @ Three Walls. And so much more...Selina Trepp @ Andrew Rafacz Gallery. William Staples @ 65 Grand. Craig Doty @ Roots and Culture. Amy Casey @ Zg Gallery. David Lieski @ Rowley Kennerk Gallery. Molly Springfield @ Thomas Robertello . The oh so wonderful Olafur Eliasson show is still up for another week @ the MCA.
Posted: ryan // 09.09.09 // +0+

:: Lister Saturday ::

ANTHONY LISTER @NEW IMAGE ART IN LA SATURDAY <-- see this show. Remember when Manuel Bello visited his studio? This should help.
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:: ClipONow ::

Working late tonight as Mel Kadel finshes installing her show Echo Test at Fecal Face Dot Gallery which opens this Thursday (7-10pm).
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:: Brian Willmont Saturday ::

THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT OPENINGS THIS WEEK <-- of which there are many we're hyped to check out. BRIAN WILLMONT (4/09 interview) opens SKNWALKER @RECEIVER GALLERY this Saturday here in San Francisco. 1415 Valencia St @25th St. 6-9pm
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:: RandomODay ::

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:: Archie on Acid ::

LUCY AND MARK MULRONEY @EVER GOLD <-- Archie comics with a bit of a perverted twist... "a bit" is an understatement... This couple from Rochester, NY double team this Tenderloin Gallery space. Caution: careful opening this link up at work. Graphic-ness straight ahead. Oh ya, very graphic.
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:: Mel Kadel ::

Just wrapped up painting the gallery walls. Fresh white coat for Mel Kadel to come in later this morning to begin install. She's also going to be doing some painting on the wall as well. We're very excited for her opening of Echo Test @FFDG this Thursday (7-10pm).
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:: Mel Kadel Thursday ::

MEL KADEL OPENING THURSDAY @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- We'll have some Tecates, Mel shall be present. Expect a lot of great work and some of Mel's work done right on the gallery walls. 66 Gough St.
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:: Angel Otero ::

This young Chicago based painter is on the rise, check out his work. Big, thick, bold, painty, really nice.
Posted: ryan // 09.07.09 // +3+

:: ClipODay ::

on the old chris rock show. the diabolical one with a crazy fucking performance. cheggit.
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:: ClipODay ::

THE LOST COIN <-- A film by Daniel Britt and Joseph Pelling.
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:: ()_! ::

EAT RICH KIDS <-- some nice surfy/ water photography. Hope you're out there this weekend and not inside looking at this post... I wanna surf w/ Kelly Slater.
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:: Framing?! ::

FRAME SF <-- Our buddy Dave Fallis of Hightower fame is a master framer and he just got the idea to blog up some of the gems that pass through his shop here in San Francisco.... Oh and speaking of Hightower, they're playing tonight @Annies Social Club. 917 Folsom St. @ 5th
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:: Last Night ::

After hours... many an artist and curator in there.
Last night's Neighborhood SF show @Minna was good (drunken) times indeed. We'll be adding photos after the holiday weekend.
Ferris Plock's tee is amazing. You remember this story?
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:: Thanks ::

I've been reading your site since high school. I don't even remember how I found this place but every day I'm glad I did. I love fecalface.com and keep up the great shit. - Some days a nice email is all it takes to make you feel better. Thanks, Nate.
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:: $$$$ Alternative Exposure ::

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE'S ALTERNATIVE EXPOSURE GRANT <-- which offers up to $3,500 to individuals and unincorporated groups in San Francisco and Alameda Counties working in the visual arts. Download the application. Deadline is Nov 6th, and there's to be an informative session on Sept 30th @Receiver 6pm.
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:: Art Collector - Charles Saatchi ::

30 THINGS ABOUT ART AND LIFE, AS EXPLAINED BY CHARLES SAATCHI <-- He rarely gives interviews, but a new book offers an intriguing insight into what drives the enigmatic collector's passion for art.
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We are hosting SERIPOP here at SPACE 1026. Our site is having a little hiccup, but you can keep up to date via our Flickr. Also tonight: AHN/VHS has an opening of a group show of works on paper, The Art In The Age has an opening of new works by Chris Kline, Caleb Neelon, Rich Coleman and more. James Ulmer has work in a group show at Works Gallery, and also in Olde City, Bonnie Brenda Scott has a new piece at Salt. If anyone is in Raleigh, NC Scott and Bill McRight have work in a new show at Artspace that opens tonight. Top that off with NEW ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT T-SHIRTS at STORE 1026.
Then get ready for the official unveiling next Saturday of you know what.
And finally, if you missed it last week, you can read about the Philadelphia experience in the New York Times.
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:: It's Nice That - Issue 2 ::

IT'S NICE THAT RELEASE 2ND PRINT ISSUE <-- the art and design blog is proud to take pre orders for the 128 paged, advertising-free, magazine w/ a release date of Oct 1st. Pre order comes w/ a Rob Ryan screen print. A preview can be viewed here.
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:: FFDG ::

FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY'S TWITTER <-- we have one for Fecal Face, but if you're just looking for gallery updates, that's the place.
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:: Opening Night Pics ::

PHOTOS <-- from Future Colors of America featuring Albert Reyes, Matt Furie, and Aiyana Udesen which opened last Saturday @Giant Robot here in SF. Thanks to Mildred and Giant Robot for emailing over the photos.
Albert Reyes, Aiyana Udesen, and Matt Furie w/ a human sandwich
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:: Western Xeditions ! ::

One of my favorite spaces in the Windy, Western Exhibitions has launched a new venture, Western Xeditions. Tons of great prints, books, and objects here.
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:: TeeOfTheDay ::

Today's shirt of the day comes to us from our friends in Philly @Space 1026 and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. So many shirts coming from AJW. $16 dollars to cover your upper body.
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:: Buff Monster Saturday in LA ::

HEAVY METAL ICE CREAM SMILE <-- is Buff Monster's solo show @ the Culver City (LA) based Corey Helford Gallery. BM's new book Life Is Sweet: The Art of Buff Monster is released the same night. 8522 Washington 7-10pm

We have one piece from Buff Monster in our online shop for sale.

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:: POTD - Blog Winner Finalist ::

Our Photo of the Day was a finalist for Dazed Magazine's blog Awards. Didn't win as that honor was awarded to Sexy People which is fitting... In any case, thanks, Dazed!
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:: Boggs Lites ::

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:: ToNIgHT ::

NEIGHBORHOOD SF @ 111 MINNA ||||||||||
MEGAN WOLFE @CAFE ROYAL <-- See you out and about tonight. if you can't make some openings, we'll get some photos up... Also probably doing some instant blogging tonight too.
Lucy working on a mural @Ever Gold
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:: Random Thought ::

high_dive.jpgJust thinking about standing on a high dive and the feeling that you'll miss the pool when you jump... You're not going to, but it feels like it.
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:: Schoultz Mural Party/ Fundraiser ::

Andrew Schoultz just completed a new mural in the Mission home of architect David Baker and they're throwing a fundraiser next Thursday 9/10 for Great Sreets, The San Francisco Great Streets Project catalyzes the return of our city's streets to their rightful place as the center of civic life in this wonderful city by working with government, business, and neighborhood leaders to test, analyze and institutionalize placemaking. (more people and bikes. less cars?)... Anyway, sounds like a good cause and $20 gets you food, beer, music, and a look at a great mural (photos here). tickets
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:: Hot & Cold - The End ::

HOT & COLD: THE END IS HERE <-- After 7 years and 10 issues, Chris Duncan and Griffin McPartland's HOT AND COLD produces its final issue and in celebration there's a group show @Baer Ridgway on Sept 11th w/ an after party @111 Minna. Music and a lot of goodness. The Shopkeep is working on a feature for Fecal Face which will be online next week. Check back for that and be sure to make the opening.
Griffin McPartland @Adobe Books last May
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:: brushspoke ::

Like Bikes? Like art? Check out Brush & Spoke!
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:: _+! ::

INTERPLANETARY INVASION OF GIANT FRIENDLY ROBOTS <-- might you be seeing more of these giant robots somewhere in the future? Designer Lee Whiteman hopes so.
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:: Calling all Artists ::

Artists, send us your Twitter account so we can follow you and help promote you, your shows, and witty/ intelligent insights... or just the silly things you Tweet about. This is what we mumble about. news(at)fecalface.com
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:: San Francisco ::

NEIGHBORHOOD SF PREVIEW <-- quick look at this great show that opens tomorrow, Thurs 9/3, at 111 Minna featuring work from some heavy hitters as they create work inspired by different neighborhoods in San Francisco. Great work and the opening should be a good time indeed.
Sylvia Ji's Upper Haight inspired work
Jay Howell enjoying some Matt Furie
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:: Featured Work O Day ::

MATT FURIE & ALBERT REYES COLLABORATION <-- Kill the Voted graphite on museum mat board - $350 - 3 different works to choose from. There are two others.
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:: Friday @Park Life ::

Andrew Schoultz, Chris Ballantyne and Mark Mulroney - A Collaboration <-- opens at Park Life this Friday. The artists will be working together on a site-specific mural in the gallery and will also be presenting smaller, collaborative works on panel. We'll be there. See you there. Park Life 220 Clement St. 7-10 pm
Chris Ballantyne
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:: ClipODay ::

ISOS is one of the original founders of "New Age" music according to his website, and his area code is 415 which means his an SF local! Maybe we can book him for our 10 year anniversary events coming up next year?! Love it!
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:: TeeOfTheDAY ::

BOB MARLEY is one of the most recognizable faces of the modern world! right? Here at African Apparel, we decided to immortalize this on our first T shirt (part of our artist series) . JAH RASTAFARI !!
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:: Free Trip to SF Contest ::

Did you sign up for the Upper Fecal San Playground Francisco Face/ FREE TRIP TO SF CONTEST? Well, the deadline for entering passed yesterday and now we wait for the winner to be selected. Historical tour and dinner w/ Jeremy Fish, hang out at FFDG during Mel Kadel's opening of Echo Test next week on the 10th and spend a day w/ us touring the city checking out some art or something. Not too sure what we're going to do with them yet. I know it's going to be a slow day as is the case after an opening the night before... Any suggestions?? What would you wanna see in San Francisco?
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:: Shawn Barber ::

Wanted to get these photos up sooner, but got behind as Megan is preparing for her show Mass Populous which opens this Thursday (details)... Anyway, if you didn't make it to Shawn Barber's show at the Shooting Gallery, HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING <-- but you're also in luck as the show runs till September 7th if you wanna see it in person.
Shawn Barber
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:: Openings Thursday ::

The fall art season is upon us now as galleries across SF and the US open new shows this week. Here in San Francisco we think you should get to these openings:
THE DATE FARMERS @FIFTY24SF <-- "The Date Farmers prefer to use scavenged materials, often found near their desert homes in southern California and nearby Mexico. "Using stuff that was thrown away is Mexican ingenuity. People's idea of art is that it's really expensive and [made of] nice materials, but found objects are so abundant, they're much easier and freeing for us."" @Fifty24SF. 248 Filmore St. 7-9:30
NEIGHBORHOOD SF @ 111 MINNA <-- "Past and present artists present a survey of the diverse neighborhoods and people that comprise the city of San Francisco." Mike Giant, Sylvia Ji, MARS-1, Jeremy Fish, Coro, Eric Bailey, Matt Furie, Ferris Plock, Akira and Helen, Brett Amory, Adam 5100, Brian Barneclo, Wesley Burt, Nate Van Dyke, Adam Flores, Colin Hill, Jay Howell, David Imlay, Micah Lebrun, David Choong Lee, Ryan Malley, Romanowski, and Lee Harvey Roswell. 111 Minna 6-2am
LUCY & MARK MULRONEY @EVER GOLD <-- I could write something about this show, but I think the preview gives you the idea pretty straight forward. 441 O'Farrell St. 6-9pm
MEGAN WOLFE @CAFE ROYAL <-- You may have seen Megan at openings shooting photos for FF... If you've stopped in FFDG on Saturdays, you've meet her as she's here almost every Sat gallery sitting. We love Megan, but besides helping us out tons, she is also an accomplised artist herself. Thursday she opens Mass Populous @Cafe Royale. Highly rendered graphite drawings "examin issues of survival and coexistence through wildlife found in the urban environment." 800 Post St (@ Leavenworth) 8-12am
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