:: ClipOHalloween ::

Holiday excellence from friends Ferris Plock, Kelly Tunstall, and 84 Films.
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:: Swoon & Collaborators ::

PHOTOS FROM DISTANCE DOESN'T MATTER <-- New York based Swoon and her collaborators Ben Wolf, Greg Henderson, Conrad Carlson, Monica Canilao and Ryan Doyle to construct an installation of found materials, wheatpasted prints, paintings and more in Portland, Maine @Space Gallery. Photos from Tod Seelie and words from Monica Canilao.
Monica Canilao
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:: Halloweed ::

If you're in Philly tomorrow stop by Pure Gold to check out Faro and Dr. Crab's new work. It's sure to be a zany start to your debaucherous Halloween night (insert evil laugh here).
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:: deckz ::

AIGA is having a deck design competition! There are some pretty sweet designs... like my buddy Cortney Cassidy's. Check it out and vote up!
Posted: pesya // 10.29.09 // +0+

:: 2 Ryans in Seattle Nov 5th ::

Live in Seattle? Going to be around on Thurs. Nov 5th? Portland based Ryan Bubnis "GHOST MAGIC" and SF based Ryan De La Hoz "Residual Energies" open up at Flatcolor. 2 solo shows from some talented gents. Worthy a visit. ryanbubnis.com | ryandelahoz.com
Ryan Bubnis
Ryan De La Hoz
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:: +JONONE ::

JON ONE @THE DON GALLERY <-- 80s NYC graffiti pioneer and founder of the 156 crew opens this solo show of his paintings in Milan Italy.
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:: Kool ClipODay Keith ::

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Listening to ITunes Radio Station WEFUNK. Check it out. Good musical good goods...Fish turned us on to it last night. Been around forever. Classic hiphop/ soul... Can listen to it anywhere using the ol' IPhone too... and years of archives... Muuusezzek. Excelente Fantástico!
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:: Distracted Airline Pilots - FF ::

Get your Free Fridayz drawings in by Friday. This week's theme: Distracted Airline Pilots. This week's prize: A new zine from Travis Millard which we'll be previewing tomorrow.
Kozoo's submission from Tokyo, Japan
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:: OUR WINTER SHOW at Steinsland Berliner. ::

Opening tomorrow night in Stockholm: OUR WINTER SHOW at Steinsland Berliner. Emil Alsbo from TTC, Hilary Pecis, Anika Lori, Keith Shore and many more, it looks like a good show. Also, while I can't read anything on their site, it looks like Steinsland Berliner has a really interesting program going on.
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:: ~~+ ::

MUDCHICKEN <-- updates with design/ collage/ street art/ painting/ installation... Like the aesthetic.
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:: ((SOUNDER)) - Free Download-er ::

SOUNDER'S STOP THAT DREAMING <-- is now available for a FREE download. The EP was released as an accompaniment to Mel Kadel's solo show entitled, Echo Test at Fecal Face Dot Gallery on September 10th, 2009 in SF.
You can buy physical copies of the CD here which have been signed by Mel Kadel and Mike Aho and limited to only 100 copies.
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:: ClipODay ::

Do yourself a favor a listen to Aeroplane Over the Sea in its entirety tonight... Oh how much we'd LOVE to see Jeff Mangum and the rest of Neutral Milk Hotel perform this album live.
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CARTUNE XPREZ. Good stuff.
Posted: ryan // 10.28.09 // +0+

:: Jeremy Fish in Laguna Beach Nov 8th ::

WEATHER THE STORM <-- is Jeremy Fish's first museum show opening next weekend in Laguna Beach, CA. Fecal Face will be there and will be posting a pretty sweet preview in the coming days. Check back this week... preview preview.
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:: Joshua Liner - NYC ::

OPENING NIGHT PHOTOS <-- from NYC's Joshua Liner Gallery featuring two fantastic solo shows from two talented artists. Brooklyn based (Japanese born) Kenji Hirata of the Barnstormers collective opens The Way Out is the Way In while Richmond, Virginia-based artist Ryan McLennan opens The Strain of Inheritance. Both shows run till Nov 14th and would be better seen in person. If not in person, THIS PREVIEW FROM THE OPENING SHOULD WORK.
Kenji Hirata
Ryan McLennan
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:: IzRock - Sydney ::

KILL PIXIE - PROJECT ROOMS <-- is a new zine published through IZROCK Sydney to coincide with Kill Pixie's new show at Merry Karnowsky Berlin (24 October - 19 December 2009) - $14 - LOOK INSIDE
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:: _+~ ::

REGRETSY <-- Yes, we know these people put their hearts into it. We know it took hours and hours. We know how mean it is to laugh at their creations. And we regret being the only web site on the internet that makes fun of things. The worst of Etsy, the place to buy and sell all things handmade.
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:: Brendan Monroe in Santa Monica ::

BRENDAN MONROE @RICHARD HELLER SANTA MONICA <-- We've known Brendan for a number of years now and have always been a fan of his work. He and his girlfriend Evah Fan have recently moved to Stockholm, Sweden where she is studying art... We missed his opening last week, but wanted to share some images of his third show at Richard Heller.
Incredible wood work
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:: Opening Thurs Nov 5th @Fecal Face ::

We're happy to announce that MAXWELL LOREN HOLYOKE-HIRSCH'S MEGAREALMS OPENS THURS NOV 5TH @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- click the link to see some of Maxwell's new work which he's created for the show. Over 100 works will be on display. We've been looking forward to this show for some time.
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:: ClipODay II ::

Have you seen this yet?! The guy builds a model of San Francisco using over a million toothpicks... Ripley's offered him $40,000, and he turned them down...
Oh, and check the ping pong balls that travel through it. Thanks for the email, Travis!
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:: _+! ::

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:: ClipODay ::

We like Dave Kinsey. You like Dave Kinsey. Etnies likes Dave Kinsey too and did this quick little snippet video with him... Not too crazy, but a nice little taste into the man. Check his paintings for a better idea.
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:: Euclide in Denver ::

Gregory Euclide is now showing at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver. Great looking show. SEE FOR YOURSELF.
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:: Lunch Security? ::

Tired of having your lunch stolen by co workers or roommates? Might wanna try the ANTI-THEFT LUNCH BAGS <-- which have green splotches printed on both sides, making your freshly prepared lunch look spoiled.
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:: Bridge Protection or What? ::

Ever see the SF Bay Bridge Gargoyle?
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:: _+! ::

PETER E. MCCOLLOUGH <-- is a photographer in SF. Enjoy the portfolios - liked White Line Nightmare the best. Nice work considering can't stand horizontal scrolling portfolio websites.
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:: Catch Your Death ~Photos ::

And speaking of Double Punch, here are SOME PHOTOS <-- from Catch Your Death which is running now at this North Beach gallery/ store featuring works from Skinner, Jesse Balmer, Bryan Schnelle, and Steve Seeley running till 11/13. Double Punch is right here.
Bryan Schnelle
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:: We Haven't Felt This Way In Years ::

Heads up, SF! Opening Nov 21 @ DoublePunch
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:: Youngest Around ::

You've probably guessed that we enjoy us some sailing here at Fecal Face (can't live on art alone), and follow some sailing related news/ blogs. One that I think you may be interested in is the BLOG FROM JESSICA WATSON who, you may have read, is a 16 year old Australian girl who is attempting to be the youngest NON STOP round the world sailor which is a mighty task/ feat...
To give you an idea of what's involved, when she set off last month she was hit by a tanker (easily could have died) just a week into her trip and had to return for repairs. Well, she set off again just a few days ago... Hope she pulls it off... although seems pretty dumb to us and not sure of her parent's intentions to let their 16 year daughter sail around the world solo for over 8 months... Non stop means she won't touch land at all. Everything she needs for the entire journey is on her boat, and she plans to round all the major capes and sail through the roaring 40s & furious 50s in the Southern Ocean (gnar gnar)... Anyway, could be an interesting 8 months of blog reading. YOUNGESTROUND.BLOGSPOT.COM <-- --> Oh, and watch the Great GREAT documentary Deep Water for a taste. Amazing film!
Deep Water
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:: ClipODay ::

This is why it sucks to be behind with emails... A day after the whole balloon boy incident animator Rob Bohn emailed over this great short he made as the "drama" unfolded. A tad late, but better late than never... Gave us a chuckle.
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:: Hahaha ::

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:: Kill Kill Kill Kill Pixie ::

KILL PIXIE SHOWING SATURDAY EVENING THERE IN BERLIN <-- if you're in that part of the woods, be sure to see this show... Check our latest studio visit with Kill Pixie... Oh, and Mr. Pixie has a new zine out through IZRock... We like the guy.
Fecal Face studio visit w/ Kill Pixie
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:: The Realer Tony Larson ::

PHOTOS <-- Ex Girl Art Dumper Tony Larson showing new paintings for this silent auction benefiting Keep-a-Breast and Grind For Life... Not familiar with Tony? He's not the guy in the below news post. He's this fine gentleman.
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:: The Real Tony Larson? ::

About to add some photos from Tony Larson's show from a week or so back, but so confused because this guys says he's THE REAL TONY LARSON.
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:: Movie Review? ::

Where-The-Wild-Things-Are.jpgSaw Where the Wild Things Are last night. Can't say we absolutely loved it, but it does have very many funny, witty, smart and sweet/ sensitive moments, but as far as cinematic masterpiece... not so much, but well worthy of a theater visit <--
Love us some Spike Jonze, but he leans a bit on music video feeling moments a bit much- over stylizing instead of developing scenes so that they produce their own emotions (make any sense?)... Would be interesting to revert back to 11 years old and see how you'd feel about the film - may scare the shit out of me personally, but aren't kids more desensitized these days anyway... Rate it like a 7.5 out of 10... to give scale some meaning, would give Inglourious Basterds a 9.1.
Posted: trippe // 10.22.09 // +8+

:: Plastic Bummer ::

THESE DISTURBING IMAGES <-- of albatross chicks were made just a few weeks ago on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand and coral near the middle of the North Pacific by celebrated photographer Chris Jordan.
The disturbing set shows nesting babies are fed bellies-full of plastic by their parents, who soar out over the vast polluted ocean collecting what looks to them like food to bring back to their young. On this diet of human trash, every year tens of thousands of albatross chicks die on Midway from starvation, toxicity, and choking.
Posted: trippe // 10.22.09 // +6+

:: Travis Millard ::

Since we're adding things to the online store, we need to get this Travis Millard original drawing up as well. This 6" x 4" ink on paper drawing "Tanky" dated 2005 is yours by clicking right here.
Travis Millard - Tanky - 6"x4" - 2005
Posted: trippe // 10.21.09 // +1+

:: New Jesse Balmer Work ::

SF based Jesse Balmer came through FFDG and brought this great new piece in which we've just added to the online store. Click through the details!... Jesse is currently showing @Double Punch w/ Skinner, Bryan Schnelle, and Steve Seeley. We'll be adding some photos from that later in the week.
Parasitic Relationship #2 - ink and colored pencil on stonehenge paper - 18" x 18"
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:: Whiteley @FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of Slap editor Mark Whiteley's book release show last Thursday. Select prints from his book "This is Not a Photo Opportunity" are available in our online shop.
Barry McGee
The Vitello family
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:: _+! ::

HAPPY LOVERS TOWN <-- Jonathan Calugi is an illustrator based in Italy and has a bunch of nice work to check out on his site.
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:: Fitzcarraldo ::

Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School is a new school that Werner is starting this January in LA, where you can study the principles of film and "gorilla tactics" that include lock picking and film permit perjury. Wish I had an extra $1450 lying around!
Posted: pesya // 10.21.09 // +1+

:: Mildred TEEEEES ::

SF based Mildred emailed over some images from printing some new tees over at Anthony Skirvin's print shop Ape Do Good. 2 things: Get Mildred's Tee (Mildred, where can people buy it?), and use ADG for your printing needs.
DSC02799.jpg DSC02817.jpg
DSC02828.jpg DSC02829.jpg
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:: SF Storefronts Opens Friday (5-7pm) ::

Ever want to spend a Friday evening kicking it on Market near 6th St? Yeah, me neither, but this Friday is different as the SFAC kicks off their Art in Storefronts (5-7pm) with bands and local artists creating installations and work that can viewed through different vacant storefront windows along Central Market & 6th St area.... Info on participating artists - Download the map.
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:: ClipODay II ::

How much do you know about US involvement in Afghanistan? WATCH THIS GREAT FRONTLINE DOCUMENTARY to learn more, because we've been there for 8 years and it ain't lookin' like it's going to get much better anytime soon.
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:: Fecal Face in McSweeney's? ::

Fecal Face interviewed for the art section of the next McSweeney's quarterly #33 which is going to be in a quite different format this time around. READ ALL ABOUT IT... be on the look out for it within the next few weeks. Always great things from McSweeney's.
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:: Beyond Eden ::

PHOTOS <-- from the Los Angeles multi-gallery event celebrating the new contemporary art scene which took place a bit over a week ago.
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:: ClipODay ::

dark_side.jpgTHE MAKING OF THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON <-- watched this last night and you should watch it... The album was recorded in two sessions in 1972 and 1973 at Abbey Road Studios in London and remained on the charts for 741 weeks (fourteen years), the longest duration of any album in history.
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ATTENTION Fecal readers!!! This is an open call to all video, film, animation, internet artists, and those that work in any form of screenable artwork. I am conducting a very unique exhibition at a pop-up space in Brooklyn juried by one of the most prominent art players working in film and video today, Luis Gispert. Those selected for the exhibition will be screening work on a retail window facing one of the busiest intersections in Williamsburg, BK. Also selected work will be featured in a special New Genre segment here on Fecal Face!! Click on the flyer below or GO TO JCIA VIDEO for all details. The submission deadline is November 23rd so send in your work today!
Posted: julian // 10.19.09 // +3+

:: ~~~_!+ ::

SERGE BIRAULT <-- guessing from the language that this illustrator is French and yeah, he referenced Scarlett Johansson for the face.
Posted: trippe // 10.19.09 // +1+

:: Matt Lock ::

I've been enjoying this guy for a minute, not to be confused with this guy.
Posted: ryan // 10.18.09 // +2+

:: entrances ::

Posted: pesya // 10.18.09 // +0+

:: Alvaro Ilizarbe @ Medicine Agency Gallery ::

SF tonight! Go to my buddy Alvaro's opening at the Medicine Agency Gallery! His new work RULES.
Posted: upso // 10.16.09 // +1+

:: &$@%# ::

MARK DELONG <-- been a fan of this Canadian artist for some time.
"Untitled #2" Inkjet and Ink on paper 48"x48" 2008
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:: ()!@ ::

KELSEY DAKE <-- lives and works in Los Angeles.
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:: Thinkspace in LA ::

PHOTOS <-- from the 3 different solo shows @Thinkspace in LA with works from Esao Andrews, Tony Philippou, and Joshua May.
Tony Philippou
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:: #12 ::

Not to toot my own horn or anything but "TOOT TOOT" the new issue of Faesthetic is out!
Cover art by the always awesome Maya Hayuk, and featuring the contributions of 35 artists for only $12! Shipping is now faster and cheaper too! Hope you like it!
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:: A. Cooper ::

ALIKA COOPER <-- we meant to link this up way sooner, but completely spaced on it. (sorry, Alika)... But this SF based great painter who we've shown over the years and have always loved her work is currently showing new paintings @Mark Wolfe. Unfortunately the show ends this Sat, but you still have time to view it. Mark Wolfe is open Tues - Sat, 10:30 am - 5:30 pm
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:: Earthquake TESTS ::

Nothing like working here in SF and hearing the air raid sirens NOT happening on Tues @12pm... Freaky, but a bit of Tweeting answered our questions. Guess today is a biggest earthquake drill in California's history... Makes me think about the fact that we don't have extra water and caned food at home. Seriously better get on that, because if we've learned anything from Katrina it's that our government isn't always there to lend a hand when you need it most.
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:: +_! ::

ICONBLAST.COM <-- graphic designer and illustrator from Columbia.
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:: Mel Kadel ::

We have some Mel Kadel works still available @FFDG like this great one below - VIEW.
Garden Web - 11 1/2" (w) x 11 1/2" (h) - $800
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:: Mark Whiteley @FFDG Thurs. ::

Slap Magazine editor Mark Whiteley @Fecal Face Dot Gallery Thurs. (7-10pm) will be displaying photos from his new book This is Not a Photo Opportunity out soon through Gingko Press (preview)
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:: Vessel Ideation's ONE ::

Chicago-based industrial designers Vessel Ideation update the tea kettle, and we want one. The kettle is added directly to the stove top and is also used to serve (watch video) combining the kettle w/ pot... Unfortunately, they're not in production as of yet.
Although, it was back in March when designer Daniel Y. Chung said, "we will certainly plan on investigating avenues to find a partner to produce & commercialize this concept."... Maybe they're out or will be out soon?!
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:: ClipODay ::

Milton Glaser Draws & Lectures
-A Short Film by C. Coy
Milton Glaser (born June 26, 1929) is a graphic designer, best known for the I Love New York logo, his "Bob Dylan" poster, the "DC bullet" logo used by DC Comics from 1977 to 2005, and the "Brooklyn Brewery" logo. He also founded New York Magazine with Clay Felker in 1968.
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:: Treasure Island Music Festival ::

We'll be at the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend. Looking forward to seeing Yo La Tengo, Vetiver, The Flaming Lips, The Streets, Dan Deacon, and so much more... I'm sure they still have tickets available... We'll be camera-ing it up, so expect a report next week on the events which shall transpire... A weekend of sailing, music and beer. Oh God.
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:: Package Museum ::

THE AMERICAN PACKAGE MUSEUM <-- as my wife says, "a great source of inspiration for packaging dorks such as myself".
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:: DocumentaryODay ::

REALLY INTERESTING DOCUMENTARY ON THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG RACKET OF SOUTHERN FLORIDA <-- if you want them, you can get them. His brother died and then his 26 yr. old wife died from an Oxycontin overdose... Last year, 3,000 people died in Florida from prescription drug overdoses - three times the deaths attributable to illegal drugs... Of all the Oxycontin dispensed in the whole USA, 85% is dispensed in Florida... more info on the S. Florida's Pill Mills.
Posted: trippe // 10.13.09 // +2+

:: Fecal Face Seeks Music Editor ::

ff_music.jpgSee shows for free. Meet and interview your favorite bands. Review the music you love on the website you love. Win Win. --> BE FECAL FACE'S NEXT MUSIC EDITOR?
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:: Swoon in Maine ::

Tod Seelie emailed over THIS SNEAK PEEK of the show Distance Don't Matter featuring New York artist Swoon and her collaborators Ben Wolf, Greg Henderson, Conrad Carlson, Monica Canilao and Ryan Doyle opening Thursday @Space in Portland, Maine. They're constructing an installation of found materials, wheatpasted prints, paintings and more. View.
Monica Canilao
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:: New SOEX Opens This Weekend ::

soex.jpgSouthern Exposure opens their new space at 3030 20th St in the Mission (across from Atlas Cafe) this Saturday Oct 17th with thier inaugural exhibition, Bellwether which includes 10 newly commissioned works by Ant Farm, Renee Gertler, Liz Glynn, Jonn Herschend, Whitney Lynn, Jay Nelson, Nonchalance, Lordy Rodriguez, Christine Wong Yap, and SoEx's Youth Advisory Board.

SOEX members at any level are invited to attend their Member's Grand Opening and 35th Anniversary Party on Friday, October 16th, from 8-10 pm. Public opening is the following day, October 17th from 4-10pm.

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:: Email of the Day ::

DICK CHICKEN EMAILS <-- You live in NYC? Maybe you've seen Dick Chicken around town?... He emails to tell us a bit about his street art and the chicken running about Brooklyn with a dick for a head. He also has a show opening Oct 23rd in Brooklyn @3rdWard... Wait, can a chicken live without its head?! YOU BET IT CAN.
Posted: trippe // 10.13.09 // +1+

:: Dennis McNett ::

After showing @Fecal Face Dot Gallery this summer, NYC's Dennis McNett takes his Year of the Wolfbat to Philly's Space 1026. --> PHOTOS OF THE SHOW.
Posted: trippe // 10.12.09 // +0+

:: Fish Preview ::

Stopped through Jeremy Fish's studio the other night for some beer and pizza... Got a look at some of his new work for his first museum show Weathering the Storm which opens November 7th @The Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, CA. --> HERE'S A TEEEENIE TINY PREVIEW.
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:: Gordon Magnin ::

LA based artist Gordon Magnin mailed us a copy of his zine he created for his show 10:10 which opens Oct 17th @The Los Angeles Art Association. We like it and WANTED TO SHARE IT W/ YOU.
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:: Mark Whiteley @FFDG Thurs. 10/15 ::

Barry McGee
A PREVIEW OF MARK WHITELEY'S SHOW @FFDG <-- Thurs Oct 15th, Fecal Face Dot Gallery will be hosting a book release and art show featuring Slap Magazine's editor, Mark Whiteley's photos. The book, published by Gingko Press is due out soon. Come to the opening and get an advanced copy. Have Mark sign it for you. Enjoy a Tecate, buy the book, see the photos, and listen to a musical set from Will Sprott of The Mumlers. Thurs 7-10pm 66 Gough St.
Chan Marshall of Cat Power
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:: Art Forum = Thumbs Up ::

Ok, Art Forum got back. I think our mail slot is too small for the massively thick Art Forum... Excuse the previous rant.
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:: If, Then Maybe... ::

Old timey music, tasty Tecates, nice people, but most importantly, solid art from Austin based (1 from LA) artists: Tim Kerr, Russ Pope, Mathew Rodriguez, & Michael Sieben @Needles and Pens last Saturday --> CHECK THEM PHOTOS.
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:: Art Where's Our Subscription Forum ::

Said it before, but still pissed at Art Forum for only sending us 1 issue. That subscription was expensive. $46 expensive! Emailed them before and again today. Potential subscribers beware.
Posted: trippe // 10.09.09 // +9+

:: Exciting ::

What an exciting morning. Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize, we Bomb the Moon, and my wife got
me nice sunglasses for our wedding anniversary.
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:: Rich Jacobs MOVE #19 ::

PHOTOS FROM MOVE #19 @FIFTY24SF <-- Rich Jacobs gets buzzed on donuts and milk. We checked out the opening of this group show last Thursday.
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:: Infinity Opens in LA Saturday ::

INFINITY <-- is a group show opening Saturday in Culver City @Scion Installation L.A. curated by Andrew Schoultz featuring works from Xylor Jane, Richard Colman, Andres Guerrero, Ryan Wallace, Joseph Hart, Ryan Travis Christian, Andy Diaz Hope, Chris Duncan, and others. A solid line up indeed. 10/10 7-10pm - 3521 Helms Ave (at National) - open bar and free valet car parking
Ryan Christian
Posted: trippe // 10.09.09 // +2+

:: IllUSTraTion ::

RORY KURTZ <-- illustration from Chicago, IL.
Posted: trippe // 10.08.09 // +3+

:: Von Doom ::

PHOTOS OF VON DOOM @EVER GOLD <-- death metal show.
Is this an Antihero Tee.? Love it.
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:: Smart SF ::

SAN FRANCISCO 2ND SMARTEST CITY IN AMERICA <-- behind Raleigh-Durham, NC... Boston: 3rd, Seattle 7th (tied w/ DC), Portland 9th, Austin: 12th, NYC: 13th, Chicago 24th, LA 27th (tied w/ Pittsburgh)... Fresno: last
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:: _+!@! ::

NOLAN HENDRICKSON <-- lives in NYC and makes interesting work.
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:: Art Heist Smells Fishier ::

Last week we linked up a story to an art hesit taking place in Pebble Beach, CA. We thought at the time it sounded fishy, well, IT'S REALLY LOOKING FISHY NOW <-- $80 million would be the largest art hesit in US history, but in reality, it doesn't look like there was even a break in but instead some sort of scam by the two "victims".
Posted: trippe // 10.08.09 // +1+

:: _+! ::

Love this image from DAN OLSEN.
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:: Ping Pong Again? ::

PHOTOS FROM WHICH ONE'S PING <-- Art on paddles, Colt 45s, Shots, and a ping paddle championship with the winner winning a surf board. Good deal @Krochet Kids HQ in Costa Mesa, CA. Words and photos Michael Hsiung.
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:: Want a $3,500 Grant? ::

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE ANNOUNCES ROUND THREE OF THEIR ALTERNATIVE EXPOSURE GRANT <-- they're accepting applications till Nov 6th - Alternative Exposure grant seeks to fuel the energy of the local (SF Bay Area) visual arts community by supporting the vibrant artistic activity that occurs on the ground level. Alternative Exposure grants provide direct support, up to $3,500, to individuals and groups working in the visual arts to create frameworks of support for other artists working and presenting work in our communities. - find out more
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:: ClipOPing ::

Love ping pong and this match is pretty... unique... By the way, besides Thee Parkside, where's a good spot in SF to play?... Oh and this one's pretty good too. And another.
Posted: trippe // 10.07.09 // +1+

:: SF People - TV History Time ::

SAVING THE BAY <-- is a 4 part series on Channel 9 narrated by Robert Redford focused on the SF bay's history and natural aspects. Looks interesting if you like learning about the SF Bay Area... premieres Thurs evening on KQED 8-10pm. video preview
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:: Blue Inks - Zine Preview ::

We got this great zine from English based illustrator Andy Smith last week. CHECK IT OUT <-- so great. Be sure to check Andy's work and to buy a copy of this great little silk screened zine before they run out. - edition of 200 - Oh, and if anyone wants the copy we have here, stop in to FFDG and grab it today. Just ask the idiot behind the desk.
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:: Mel Kadel @FFDG ::

This is the last week to view Mel Kadel's show Echo Test @FFDG in person. Sure you can view it online, but is much better seen in person. We're open Wed thru Fri 3-6pm & Saturday 12-6pm. 66 Gough St @Market
Onward - 9 1/4" (w) x 6" (h)
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:: Love It Leave It ::

PHOTOS FROM LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT @111 MINNA <-- great show running throughout October in SF.
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:: Letttttttteeeers!! ::

LETTERPLAYGROUND.COM <-- How many different ways can you represent the letter "A" or the number "8"? Upload your own interpretations. Fun site to watch grow from artist and internet good idea guy Nate Williams.
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:: Day Nineteen ::

FOTOS --> DAY 19 @MEDICINE AGENCY IN SF <-- LA based husband and wife (Jeremy and Claire) photography team focus on images from the enjoyment of summer. --> DAY19.COM
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:: New Fecal Podcast ::

SOBER TOBER <-- is a brand new spanking musical podcast brought to you by the talented Adam Cimino. Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Art After Money ::

My friend Seth Adelsberger sent me this short article that mentions some Brooklyn dudes, The Bruce High Quality Foundation and others. It's a refreshing read, and makes me feel really hyped about the gallery I'm opening in Williamsburg December 1st! More on that soon! For now read this article.
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:: Dumpster SF ::

Fecal Friend Matthew Palladino posted some new work to his site. If you haven't seen his art lately check it out here!
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:: Andy Awesome ::

Hi Fecal Face!, I'd love for you to check out my site ANDYAWESOME.COM if you like the Turtles, He-Man, Batman, Super Heroes, Smurfs etc... Thanks for the email, Mr. Awesome. Love the work... are they each 40"x40" or is each series that size?
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:: Oakbook ::

PHOTOS <-- from "Improvised Branches" @The Oakbook at Jack London Square Oakland.
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:: Mel Kadel & Lori D ::

MEL KADEL & LORI D @GRASSHUT IN PORTLAND <-- opening tonight, Friday 6-9pm... A bit last minute, but we just found out when Isaac came into FFDG where, funny enough, Mel Kadel is showing as well until Sept 10th.
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A t-shirt connoisseur? Do you even wear t-shirts? If so, you should browse the hefty selection of artist editioned shirts that Chicago based, Imperfect Articles boasts. I think they're cool.
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:: The Human Pyramids ::

Michael Hsiung hung around w/ the international artist collective known as The Human Pyramids while they prepared and enjoyed the opening of their show in Los Angeles @Ghettogloss ---> PHOTOS
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:: Everyday ::

Happened to be over at SFAI the other day and checked out the just-opened group show Everyday Miracles (Extended). The show will unfold in three phases starting with Phase One which brings together women artists from all over Asia. The real draw here is Chinese artist Kan Xuan whose video and multimedia pieces never cease to cause a double-take. If you've never been to the SFAI campus before, you'll probably be inspired whether you like the show or not.
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:: Austin People ::

IF, THEN MAYBE OPENS SATURDAY @NEEDLES AND PENS <-- featuring work from Austin artists (and 1 from LA) Tim Kerr, Russ Pope, Mathew Rodriguez, & Michael Sieben. 3253 16th St @Guerrero. 6-9:30pm
Mathew Rodriguez
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:: Keith Shore ::

Keith Shore emailed over some recent work and updates his website.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Get your Free Fridayz drawing in by Friday afternoon. This week's theme: Create Your Own Saint.
Jess Hahn (Wilmington, NC) Saint Frankfurter
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:: Heiko Muller ::

Excited to check out Heiko Muller's work in person this evening @Jack Fisher Gallery. Will have some photos online here tomorrow.
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:: Hell's Belles ::

PHOTOS <-- from last Saturday's Hell's Belles Car Club's Pinewood Derby & art auction @The Shooting Gallery in SF.
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:: I.R.A.D. ::

Today is RACCOON APPRECIATION DAY <-- or you probably know it as, IRAD. The intelligence and dexterity of a raccoon is such that it can pick an avocado from a tree, aim, and throw it at a barking dog... The German name for raccoon is waschbaren ("wash bear"), while the French call the raccoon raton laveur ("little washing rat").
My favorite raccoon video
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:: Thursdays Shows ::

Well, it's the first of the month which means many many many art shows this weekend to check out here in SF and around the world... SF CALENDAR | LA CALENDAR | NYC CALENDAR - Here's what we're going to try and get to Thursday.

MOVE #19 @FIFTY24SF <-- Rich Jacobs curates his latest group show MOVE. 248 Fillmore St. @Haight 7-9:30pm

LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT @111 MINNA <-- is another group show this time featuring David Choong Lee, Derek Albeck, Eric Bailey, French, Hiro Kurata, Travis Millard, and others. 111 Minna 5pm-late

VON DOOM @EVER GOLD <-- is a celebration of heavy-metal inspired art with a focus on image-makers of the current metal scene. Artists include Andrei Bouzikov, Ben Venom, Clint Smith, French, Glenn Smith, Jeremy Simmons, Justin Bartlett, Paul Alexander Thornton, & Son of Witz. 441 O'Farrell St. Between Taylor and Jones 6-9pm

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