:: Colbert ::

Stephen Colbert was recently at the White House Correspondents' diner and gave this performace for Washington media and the President.
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:: MCMF ::

THE MISSION CREEK MUSIC FESTIVAL <-- begins soon and we'll be bringing you some interviews and reviews and stuff as things get closer... that is if if we can ever finish the new Umbrella site. Ugh.
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:: Poddy ::

NEW FECAL FACE PODCAST <-- compilled by fecal pal Anthony Skirvin. If you use ITunes and haven't yet subscribed to our Podcast, CLICK RIGHT HERE to automatically subscribe... and don't forget that you can get more info on the bands with links by opening up the cover art on your ITunes. How do you do that? Click here and find out.
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:: NYC ::

PHOTOS <-- The Jersey Troll checks out some shows in NYC. Thordis Adalsteinsdottir @Stux Gallery. Helen Verhoeven @Wallspace. Tracy Nakayama @ATM gallery.
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:: Wassup Rockers ::

YA, MAN. SOUTH CENTRAL AND SKATING AND PUNK ROCK <-- man, it's no KIDS. At least they could have found skaters who know how to push.
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:: Sacha Eckes ::

PHOTOS <-- from Sacha's solo show that went up last night at National Product here in SF.
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:: Tucker Nichols ::

PHOTOS <-- from Tucker Nichol's opening last night at LincArt. Such a great show. Stop in and see it for yourself!
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:: Clip of the Day ::

JOE VS THE VOLCANO <-- is out on DVD. We've been waiting. If you know, you know. The movie is genius. The trailer horrible. Here's a nice review.
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:: Saturday Night ::

NO FORMAT <-- at Receiver Gallery featuring photos by Dave Franklin, Maya Hayuk, Andrew Paynter, Dave Potes, Chrissy Piper, Ray Potes, and Brian Pritchard. 1314 8th Ave (@Irving). 7-10pm.

Maya Hayuk

DEPTH P. SUN <-- at Giant Robot. 622 Shrader Street (upper Haight). 6:30-10pm.

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:: Network Neutrality ::

SAVE THE INTERNET!!!!!! <-- Congress is now pushing a law that would end the free and open Internet as we know it. Read all about the proposed law and sign the petition. Read more at sfgate.com | The New Yorker | Business Week | and read AOL Blocks Critics' E-Mails... Could be shitty times for freedom on the internet if something like this passes!
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:: Clip of the Day II ::

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:: Tonight ::

TUCKER NICHOLS <-- show opens tonight at LincArt. 1632C Market St. 6-9pm. We expect it to be a good one.
SACHA ECKES <-- we're also excited about Sacha's show that opens tonight as well at National Product which is just up the street from Linc. See both shows and be happy... Check our Calendar for more. Live in NYC? Check our NYC calendar! We're also looking for someone to manage our LA arts calendar. Interested? Contact us.
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HERZOG GETS SHOT <-- look for it in the end where he takes off his pants and he has been bleeding the whole time.. classic. Did you ses him and his new film The Wild Blue Yonder last night at the Castro? Thanks for the link, Jesse.
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:: ~~~#@#~~~ ::

New Book by Ari Marcopoulos (Edition of 200). New Zine by Jaret Penner at Neives Books.
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:: Flying ::

Cari Dimarcellis aka the woman behind the insanity that is Porous Walker has updated and expanded her web site. Pretty pictures abound!
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:: Rojo Contest ::

THE ROJO/ FECAL VIDEO CONTEST RESULTS <-- vote for your favorite video. The winner will receive copies of Rojo's newest books.
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:: Clip of the Day ::

STYLING! <-- clothes express your personality. So express yourself! Take the A Train to fashion. She's a real hot dog! Stay cool, Jeff.
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:: Tonight ::

2,000 SIK <-- this evening @The Luggae Store.
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:: B-Day! ::

HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY TO FECAL FACE TODAY!!! <-- man, if his party is anything like last year's party! Those were some good times.
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R.I.P. FAUSTO VITELLO <-- The man who created Indy Trucks and was an influencial business man and leader of the skate industry up here in Northern California passed away Saturday from a heart attack while riding his bicycle. Even though he could be highly intimidating at times, you knew that his door was open anytime if you had an idea or just wanted to talk. He created and helped to create many great things in skating and will be missed. Our hearts go out to the Vitello family... what a strange year in skateboarding.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Homer ::

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE? <-- could suck or it could be genius. whatever. going to see it.
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:: New New ::

Got a bunch of new content up on the site. First you have to check out the Phil Frost solo show that Yasha went and checked out in NYC at Jack Shainman Gallery. So intense! Isaac Randozzi did an interview with Kevin Wilkins who is the editor of The Skateboard Mag. A great interview. The guy edits the mag from Nebraska!... Travis Millard emailed these sweet drawings and Groshong eats Chinese... and if you skate, be sure to check out the junk jam in the pan handle today (sat).
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:: Urban Inks ::

"Hey guys, love the new layout of the site. I was writing to tell you guys about our posters being exhibited at the SFMOMA this up coming may 4th-sept 5th. Check out the press release. Sarah and I moved to New York last summer so I could go to Cooper Union, and She just got excepted to SVA 's grad program for graphic design. We still make posters but not as many as we used to. Anyway, thanks for your time. -Reed"
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:: -+```#```+- ::

Aaaaaa, FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY can be nice... Nice site design too. aren't serif fonts pleasant?
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:: Skatey ::

this saturday the 22nd, lowcard/roughneck/// barbeque junkjam @ the panhandle sf,oak/masonic starting @ high noon.bring beer, obstacles , meat.
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ground control to major tom, GOOGLE MARS..
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:: Brave Art ::

PHOTOS <-- Kelsey Brookes was invited to show some work alongside Doze Green, Kinsey, Mars-1, Bigfoot, Dalek, and others up there in Whistler, Canada. He brought back some photos from his trip.
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:: Tonight ::

LET OUTSIDE INSIDE <-- Riley McFerrin shows new work tonight at the office of Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi at City Hall. 5-8pm. Read an old interview we did with him.
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:: Sunday ::

HEADLAND'S OPEN HOUSE <-- happens this Sunday 12-5pm. Just over the Golden Gate bridge. Have you been over there? So perdy.
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:: Combat ::

The US military takes pride in coming up with this and better ways to fight the "enemy." Thanks for the link.
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:: Contest ::

FECAL & ROJO VIDEO CONTEST <-- ok, with dealing with the new site this contest got left behind, but we didn't forget. We're going to put this up this Monday. So if you haven't submitted a video yet, do it. How?
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:: Tees ::

ARTINTHEAGE.COM <-- Artist designed tees featuring, Chris Duncan, Adam Wallacavage, Jamie Dillion, Gerik Forston, Annette Monnier, Kat Karnaky, Nick Paperone, Paul Coors and Tim Gough.
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:: Giant ::

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:: **^%^** ::

THEBRAINBOX.COM <-- illustrations from Italy.
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:: +++ ::

Paintings and Sculptures from James Esber
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:: Riley McFerrin ::

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi has had some great shows in his city hall office. Well, this Friday is the opening of yet another. "Let Outside Inside" features new works from Riley McFerrin. Be sure to check this one out! Read an old interview Skirvin did with him from a couple years ago.
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:: ~~!@!~~ ::

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:: As ::

Wednesday night is the start of the Oakland A's cheap Wed. night games. $2 tickets/ $1 hotdogs. They're playing Detroit. Sweet... oh, and we're taking the flat bar to the DMV around 6 tonight if anyone wants to come through to skate.
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:: Phil Frost ::

PHIL FROST IN NYC THIS THURSDAY <-- at the Jack Shainman Gallery. We're such fans of his work. If you live out that way be sure to check this show out. It's bound to be amazing.
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:: LA ::

I AM 8-BIT V 2.006 <-- opens tonight @1988 in LA featuring over 100 artists participating, including Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Joe Ledbetter, Luke Chueh, MCA, Dalek, Mear One, Buff Monster and Amanda Visell. This show will also mark the release of the "I AM 8-BIT" book from Chronicle Books, which features work from last year's show, as well as some from this year's exhibition.
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hamburger high episode 001. now showing!
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:: Clip of the Day ::

MARBLES! <-- love this stuff.
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:: Monday ::

Roughneck video premiere at Parkside with music from Hightower and Killing Spree. $3.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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a monthly online photo showcase, the april edition of GROUP SHOW is up..
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:: Karl Kwasny ::

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:: Media Temple ::

As you may or may not know, MEDIA TEMPLE is providing our hosting now. They have been nothing but amazing, and if you're looking to start your own website or are looking for better hosting, check them out first. Out of all the hosting companies, they are the ones who support the arts by hosting us and other art/ design sites. Support good companies who give something back to our community!
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:: Zines! ::

GOOD STUFF <-- is our new section where we profile cool shit we're into like zines/ clothing/ and other whatnots. Check it.
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:: Namesake ::

Namesake will be performing at the MISTAKES IS WHAT MAKES IT photo show at the Arc- 9pm. You may have heard of him on our Podcast or the other audio thing we did on the old site. Very good.
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:: Tonight ::

SICK ALPS 12" RELEASE PARTY <-- @ the Peacock Lounge in the lower Haight. Here's a lil' sfbg writeup.
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:: RSS ::

We got some RSS feeds for the calendars. THE SF CALENDAR RSS | LA CALENDAR RSS | NYC CALENDAR RSS. Get new shows feed right into whatever RSS reader you use... We also have RSS for our new site. Scroll down to see those. What's RSS? It's freakin' great! You could even create a calendar widget if you wanted.
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:: SPB ::

SPB <-- convention this weekend up there in Portland. Be on the look out. There will be some Fecal Pals in the group and they're hunting last year's stolen trophy. Rumor is the hunted is in the crosshairs.
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:: Clip of the Day ::

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:: Death ::

MYDEATHSPACE.COM <-- where your profile ends up after you die. Caution, this site sucks you in and makes you feel all weird when you're done.
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:: Ugh ::

Fecal Face is going to be down some on Thursday as we reinstall some shit 'cause i fucked it up by trying to install Image Magick. I'm tech, but not that tech. Moving this site to a new server has been really fun.
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:: Mistakes ::

Some of our friends are participating in a show this Friday @The Arc Cafe out in the mission. Photos with errors/ mistakes of some sort. Dave Potes, Brook Dillon, Mariah Gardner, Eve Ekman, Archie McKay, and others.
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:: Ferris ::

If you're in Brooklyn, be sure to stop by Halcyon to see new work from our pal Ferris Plock.
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:: Rain ::

THE BIG UMBRELLA <-- damn, we need one of those with all this shitty rain. thanks for the link, porous.
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cover girl and homie launches her new site, AIYANAVILLE..
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:: Silk ::

Dustin Koop at Said and Done is looking for artists to contribute to his silkscreen project.
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:: Blogs ::

Upper Playground is getting bloggy.
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:: New Site Stuff ::

So we got some bugs to work out, of course, with the new site. Question for ya: Does it load slow for you compared to the old site?
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:: Boogie ::

IT'S ALL GOOD <-- is a new book from the photographer known as Boogie. Check it.
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:: Email ::

With the moving of the servers comes fucked email. So if you're trying to reach me, you can through the contact page.
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:: Clip of the Day ::

BANKSY FILMS <-- thanks for the link, Porous.
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:: Huh? ::

ETNIES MAKE A GOLF SHOE?! <-- man, golf can be fun (drunk), but a skate company making a golf shoe? I don't get skating anymore.
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:: Poddy ::

We added a new Podcast last night which features a bunch of SF local stuff compilled by a fella who's in a local band and wishes to remain annonomous. Have you joined it yet? Use ITunes? CLICK HERE to subscribe automatically. Easy as pie. We're going to be putting video up there too. New to Podcasting?
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:: New Site?! ::

SO WE HAVE A NEW SITE <-- and instead of waiting till everything is set, we're just goin' for it. So please bear with us as things get settled over here! It's different than the last. It's not how we want it yet. We're about 50% of the way there, but the foundation is set, and that's a start. We'll be tweeking this thing for weeks to come and adding a bunch of previous content and new stuff. It's a new era of Fecal Face... Hey, in some other news, CHECK OUT PHOTOS FROM SARA THUSTRA'S SHOW AT ANNO DOMINI!!! So great!
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:: Video Contest ::

ROJO & FECAL VIDEO CONTEST <-- submit your video by this Friday. It's easy. Use your digital camera to film something retarded or serious. Upload it to YouTube and send us the link. Then you'll win some free shit. Easy Easy Easy.
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:: Arkitip #33 ::

ARKITIP #33 OUT NOW <-- featuring Danny Sturgess, James Blagden, French, José Parlá, McArthur Park, Ca, Nieves Picks, Supreme, CR Stecyk III, Sound in Print | Rob Cordiner, Christian Neuman, Glenn Moust, Joshua Gajownik, Fama Instante, The Alife How To.
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:: Egg Song ::

Maybe it's the sweet Springtime makin' me all squishy inside, but I'm really digging this Egg Song.
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