:: british busch ::

THE MIGHTY BOOSH is airing on adult swim now!
Posted: pesya // 03.31.09 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

This is one of the racoons that lives under my deck. There's a knot hole that he sticks his hand through to grab anything tasty. He loves cat food! I love this.
Posted: trippe // 03.31.09 // +5+

:: Twitter to the Rescue ::

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Our friend the NYC based photographer and Hamburger Eyes guy, Dave Potes, put together THIS GREAT PODCAST for your listening pleasure. This is mix is part of a mix trade our friend Adam put together. Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
Posted: trippe // 03.31.09 // +7+

:: Porous Walker Preview ::

We got a PREVIEW OF POROUS WALKER'S ME VS. ME LAST NIGHT <-- which opens this Saturday 4/4 at Receiver Gallery in San Francisco. Be sure to get to the opening or while the show is up. We spent 2 hours and weren't even close to seeing it all. Check the preview w/ video.
Previewing Porous Walker's Me Vs. Me
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:: Sketch Tuesdays Tonight ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS @111 MINNA <-- Every 3rd Tuesday of the month 111 Minna hosts this live drawing/ art making event. Local artists are invited to draw live and sell the pieces on the spot. Good place to score some quality art for little money dollars. Lots of talented artists tonight including Adam 5100, Matthew Palladino, Henry Gunderson, Jesse Balmer, and many more (maybe even some Jason Jagel we heard). 111 Minna @2nd downtown. 6-10pm FREE 21+
Maybe some Jason Jagel?
Posted: trippe // 03.31.09 // +3+

:: Work To Do ::

PHOTOS FROM WORK TO DO @112 GREENE ST IN NYC <-- Every time I'm invited to another "graffiti show" I have the same thoughts: 1) "Really?" 2) "Jesus, Not again." and 3) "There's going to be so many wicked art show fights." Julian Duron investigates.
Afrika Bambaata performing
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:: Almost Dying Outside the Gate ::

After a long day of sailing on Saturday we overheard an Mayday call on channel 16 at like 8pm. We listened in horror as 2 guys held onto their overturned sailboat that had lost its keel 8 miles out to sea west from the Golden Gate Bridge. In this water temperature you have approx. 45 minutes before you go into extreme hypothermia and die. Read the full story here. Scary stuff... Wonder if they hit a whale which are heading north this time of year.
Posted: trippe // 03.30.09 // +3+

:: Rent is DUE ::

Brooklyn Gallery Goes The Brutal Honesty Route <-- "It's no secret galleries are struggling; news of closings and 'death watch' rumors have been circulating in the art world for several months. One such rumor was recently circulating about Jack The Pelican Presents, an art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn..." READ ON
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:: Congrats, Corey ::

Congrats to Portland based fishing life photographer, Corey Arnold for being named one of "PND's 30 new and emerging photographers to watch", and he had a few nice things to say about Fecal Face in his interview... Suddenly I was getting phone calls and inquiries from magazines and galleries around the world, many of whom found me on fecalface. Thanks for the niceness, Corey! It's an honor to be associated with you, sir.
Corey Arnold self portrait
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:: Ryan McGinness @Deitch ::

Manuel headed over to NYC's Deitch to see what RYAN MCGINNESS IS UP TO.
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:: SF Mag's Art Issue | Press ::

sf09_04.jpgTHE YOUNG AND HUNGRY HAVE ARRIVED <-- we're pleased to be featured in San Francisco Magazine's Art Issue which is on news stands now. Ratio 3, Jessica Silverman, Triple Base are also in there. An interesting article on the growing SF art scene which can be read online here. Written by Franklin Melendez.
Hey, it's me @FFDG w/ Fish's mural behind me.
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:: Quake ::

YOU GUYS FEEL THAT?! <-- we did. 4.4
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:: Nachison ::

Detroit artist Emily Nachison does some great illustrations and prints among other things, and has work in a show that opened last week along with a slew of other talented folks at the brand new Nudashank Gallery in Baltimore.
Posted: jesse // 03.30.09 // +3+

:: RIPO in Brussels ::

RIPO got reflective with his solo show '...Is What I Meant to Say.' in Brussels this past weekend. Euro-bound...? Go check it out until April 30. If not you can check him out with this syndicate of artists or in our feature that will be dropping in a jiffy.
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:: Lai ::

JUSTINE LAI <-- For the last three years this San Francisco-based artist has been working on her series Join Or Die, in which she has been painting herself in various sexual acts with all the United States Presidents. She's up to Grant.
Posted: jesse // 03.29.09 // +11+

:: Josh Keyes ::

When was the last time your scrolled through Josh Keyes paintings? No matter how familiar you are with his work, it's always a nice time to say the least. Gawd, the guy is good. His next solo show is at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver. May 30th.
Posted: trippe // 03.29.09 // +3+

:: Garrett Vander Leun ::

Got an email from Garrett Vander Leun with a couple images attached. The one below is from a series he's doing called Broken Hearts Crew which depicts some B-list character from his childhood in the throws of total heartbreak. Don't know why RoboCop is so damn funny... Garrett had this nice drawing in UPSO's Faesthetic.
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:: manmiddle.com ::

today i present you the work of recent RISD grad Nich Bach. me likey
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:: SF Muggings ::

handgun.jpgSAN FRANCISCO MUGGING STORY <-- right by my old apartment on Page last month this went down. Not sure of any statistic or anything, but it seems when the economy turns south, muggings and shit jump up. I remember back when the Dot Com shit fell flat. We lived down at 12th and Howard back then and our friends were always getting mugged walking from our house late at night... Stay alert and safe out there. I either skate or bike personally.
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So I guess I am overstepping my Phila corespondent duties a little, but Philadelphian Andrew Jeffrey Wright, along with Claire Rojas and Lydia Fong have a show called AMERICAN REALITIES opening up at New Image on Saturday night, the 28th of March. Check it out, music and comedy in addition to art at the opening.
Posted: alex // 03.27.09 // +1+

:: _+! Friday! ::

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:: Brendan Monroe's New Book ::

We were lucky to receive a copy of Brendan Monroe's newest book published through Park Life. HERE'S A LITTLE PREVIEW. 176 pages and worth the $32 they're asking for it. Look inside.
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:: Tonight in San Francisco ::

Ok, there must be a way to make all three of these shows tonight 'cause they're all great. First up is SPIRIT RAPPINGS @HAMBURGER EYES featuring works from Sarah Filley, Daniel Turner, & Michael Wells curated by Michelle Hyun. 6-9pm. 26 Lilac St. off 24th in the Mission <--- ---> Then heading out towards the beach on Shrader at Haight is the video game themed show GAME OVER/ CONTINUE @GIANT ROBOT featuring many talents like Matt Furie, Albert Reyes, Jay Howell, Bigfoot, and others. 6:30 - 10pm 618 Shrader St. <--- ---> and all the way out at Ocean Beach at Mollusk (4500 Irving St.) is an art show supporting Thomas Campbell's new film, The Present, (trailer) which is screening at the Victoria Theater on 16th (get tickets) Saturday the 28th. Live music from Tommy Guerrero. 7-10pm - A great night to get out there.
Bigfoot from a '07 Fecal Face studio visit. *click image to view it.
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:: Thursday's Gallery Hop Around SF ::

We weren't able to make many openings in March. So on Thursday afternoon we made our way around San Francisco to at least GET SOME PHOTOS from of some of the shows we wanted to see. Fifty24SF, White Walls, The Shooting Gallery, 111 Minna, Catherine Clark, and the new Baer Ridgway were visited. View the big ol' blog post.
Mitsy Avila Ovalles @Fifty24SF
The new Baer Ridgway Gallery down by SFMOMA
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:: Hudson & Arnold in Chicago Friday Night ::

Two Fecal Pals open shows at Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago Friday evening. Cody Hudson with his first major Chicago solo exhibition in several years and Corey Arnold makes his way from Portland to show his latest batch of Fish-Work: documenting his experiences as a commercial fisherman for the last 13 years. Both shows are going to be amazing. All goes down Friday evening at Andrew Rafacz Gallery. 6pm - Chicago. Ever check out Corey's How to be An Alaskan Fisherman post he did for us? So good, and be sure to listen to Cody Hudson & Michael Sieben's podcast we recorded last summer.
Cody Hudson
Corey Arnold
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:: Double Punch ::

Double Punch, the toy collector shop here in SF's North Beach, has a gallery space on their mezzanine level and have been hosting some good shows lately with their new curator Ryan De La Hoz. Check SOME PHOTOS from their current show Continuous Spectrum featuring works from Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Mark Todd, & Jesse Balmer
Jesse Balmer
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:: ClipODay ::

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD <-- Is one of the best thing we've seen all week. Perfectly animated by Tomas Nilsson... Came across the link over at photographer Amy Stein's blog. Howdy, Amy! You see our interview with this talented photographer. Amy's a 37 year old NYC photographer who has been named as one of the top 15 emerging photographers in the United States by American Photo magazine. She somewhat recently had a solo show at Robert Koch this summer. Our photos from it.
Little Red Riding Hood as animated by Tomas Nilsson
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:: Thee Oh Sees ::

THEE OH SEES TONIGHT AT THE EAGLE <-- They're back from Texas and are playing w/ Grant Hart (of Husker Du), Eat Skull, The Fresh and Onlys at The Eagle with its great outside fire pit and mirrored urinals... If you're in NYC, check them out April 4th @The Bell House... And be sure to listen OUR INTERVIEW W/ JOHN DWYER where he discusses the start of the Coachwhips, Touring, Fighting in Toronto, Drugs, Recording, Favorite Shows and download HIS MUSIC MIX from our podcast. Great stuff for sure.
Thee Oh Sees playing Ghost In The Trees at a house party for SXSW 2008 in Austin Texxxas
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:: Free Fridayz | Spring Fever ::

Ok, we have spring fever so we're taking this Friday off to play outside and to celebrate Alexis Mackenzie's birthday (FFDG will be closed Friday)... This means that this week's Free Fridayz themed: Spring Fever will be going up a day or two late this weekend which is good news as you now have more time to get your drawing in. We have lots of good ones so far (nice one, Rex) and we'll have a good prize as well. Submission details found here... Get 'em in by Sunday morning.
Jess Hahn's Spring fever submission
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:: Jen Corace @Art Star Gallery in Philly ::

J.L. Schnabel went to Philly for Jen Corace's show at Art Star Gallery and emailed us THESE PHOTOS AND A REVIEW of it. Freshly transplanted from the West Coast via Seattle to Rhode Island, where she cut her teeth at R.I.S.D., Jen Corace has arrived in Philly armed with this beautiful new solo show, 'Clementine'.
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:: Henry Gunderson ::

Henry Gunderson emailed over images of some new pieces he's finished for his show @Fecal Face opening July 23rd. Great work. You check out his mini interview from last September or the board he did for Atlas SK8 Shop in Montreal?... He's currently at SFAI.
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:: ITALY! ::

ALIFRANCE @The Don Gallery <-- some photos from this show running in Milan right now till 4/20 featuring Alexone, Space Invader, WK Interact.
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:: Adobe Books 20th Anniversary ::

ADOBE BOOKS 20TH ANNIVERSARY ART AUCTION SATURDAY <-- If you don't know, Adobe Books is an independent book shop in the Mission of San Francisco. In the back of the shop is a tiny gallery which has hosted some of this city's best artists over the years. Check the artists participating. It's bound to be a great auction worth getting to. *The auction ISN'T happening at Adobe, but instead at Southern Exposure. 417 14th St. 3-8pm <--- ---> Also be sure to check out Garth Thompson-Vieira@AdobeBooksBackroomGallery Thursday night @Adobe Books.
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:: Adrian Johnson ::

ADRIAN JOHNSON ILLUSTRATIONS <-- love that one below.
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:: Mike Shine @SF Folk Museum ::

It's not everyday that an artist gets to recreate their art shack/ studio/ play house inside the walls of a museum. Well, our friend Mike Shine got to. Here are some PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING <--- ---> SOME FROM THE SETUP <--- AND SOME FROM THE ACTUAL SHACK.
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:: Jason Jagel - Seventy-Three Funshine ::

A PREVIEW/ LOOK-SEE OF JASON JAGEL'S NEW BOOK "SEVENTY-THREE FUNSHINE" <-- published through Electric Works. We were damn pleased to get this over-sized gem in the mail last week and are damn pleased to share it with you... damn.
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:: Move:18 Opening Pics ::

The Shopkeep made it out to Park Life on Clement St last Friday night for the opening of Rich Jacob's Move:18 and brought back THIS REPORTE´.
clockwise starting top left: V. Vale & Rich Jacobs, Work by Alex Kopps, Work by Chris Duncan, C. Duncan & Derek from Park Life.
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:: SF Art Theft ::

San Francisco Gallery Owner Claims Thieves Made Off with Quartet of Paintings Valued at $50K <-- Michael Rosenthal -- owner of the eponymous gallery on Valencia Street -- is perplexed as to why thieves ripped off four of his paintings in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Well, now the paintings have been found. An "Italian looking man" sold all four of the four feet by four feet paintings to some other guy on Market St for $1,000 from the back of a van sometime Saturday... The man then took the paintings home and saw a news report on TV about the theft then phoned police. Now the paintings are safe back in the hands of the gallery... Our question would be, who the hell buys 4 large paintings from the back of a van on Market St.? Shit, you can't even move paintings from a gallery during this economy let alone sell them from a back of a shady van. Weird.
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:: John Wentz on Lower Haight ::

Our Megan Wolfe was out and about a couple days ago running errands when struck by the window display at D Structure, the ski shop on Lower Haight. JOHN WENTZ OIL PAINTINGS... Man, speaking of the Lower Haight, what's the deal with the renovations at Mad Dog?! Now where are we going to watch the World Cup in 2010? That new place looks lame as hell.
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:: Nate Williams ::

It's been awhile since we've said hello to illustrator NATE WILLIAMS. Big client list and always great work.
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:: EnSTanT ::

MODIFIED SOME TWITTER <-- speaking of the Twitter. We're going to compile a list of organizations, galleries, artists, websites, whatever art related twitters... If you know of one we should include, email us at news(at)fecalface.com
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:: Alex Lukas & Joshua Petker ::

ALEX LUKAS AT WHITE WALLS AND JOSHUA PETKER AT THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- Ashley headed down there early last March 14th for the opening of these two great shows. Have yourself a look-see.
Alex Lukas
Joshua Petker
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:: Poo's (Slap's) Adidas ::

It's Slap's new Adidas, but we like to call it Poo's Adidas since it features my boy on the insole (CHECK THE LASERS!). Just got to get him some sponsors so he can start bringing in the cash and buy his own cat nip!
Posted: trippe // 03.23.09 // +2+

:: Fish @FFDG VIDEO ::

Mr. Dan Wolfe just finished THIS AMAZING TIME LAPSE of Jeremy Fish painting his mural at Fecal Face. Nice work, Dan. Music by EL-P. *Be sure to hit the HD button to watch in High Deffff.
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:: alexis anne mackenzie interview ::

hey dudes and dudets. an interview-video I did with the lovely Alexis Anne Mackenzie just popped on Threadless Tee-V. Check it out!
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:: Maria Forde ::

MARIA FORDE AT NEEDLES AND PENS <-- opening of Advice Portraits last Friday here in SF.
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:: Andrew Jeffrey Wright tonight in Austin ::

Andrew Jeffrey Wright has an opening tonight at DOMY in Austin. In addition to art on the walls, AJW will be telling art jokes and there will be performances by Sweatheart and Narwhals of sound. There might be some music festival going on in Austin right now too, but I say go to this. Or, for those of us stuck in Phila, zines and noise at Padlock, 8 to midnight.
Posted: alex // 03.21.09 // +0+

:: C3 at Gallery Three ::

Megan Wolfe headed over to Gallery Three on 6th St to check out the moody show 777 featuring the work of C3 (Christopher C. Curtis) and brought back THESE PHOTOS... speaking of Megan. She's participating in The Lab's 25th anniversary art auction which goes down Saturday evening. Details here.
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:: Kinsey Giant ::

MIKE GIANT AND KINSEY COLLAB <-- on this nice looking screenprint. 18 x 24" 100% cotton rag. Signed & numbered edition of 150, $75
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Randy from High Speed just stopped through and he gave us a little sneak peek at Slap's upcoming Adidas shoe which looks amazing, but the best part for me is that the insoles feature my cat Poo. My boy's famous! Might have to do with his presidential campaign... A real talent that cat.
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Nigel Peake created this new Fecal podcast for your listening pleasure. It's a great one. Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
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Move:18 - Listen with Your Ears and Eyes Wide Open, This Time Curated by Rich Jacobs opens tonight at Park Life (220 Clement st.) 7-11pm. This art show promises to bring the viewer a little closer to that sound in their own head that won't stop going, even when it is quiet, wait - is it ever really quiet? Lots of different artists we enjoy in this one focusing on plenty of things to see, hear, experience, and even learn from in this show; sculptural works, flat drawings, paintings, and photographs will sit on the walls next to sound pieces and home-made instruments, made specifically for this exhibition. Should be a good one, and we should have some photos from this for ya on Monday if the Shopkeep can come through with them.
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:: Kill Pixie Getting Large ::

If you're in Barcelona look out for Kill Pixie's billboard. It's to sell some booze, but it's pretty damn most excellent. Nice one, sir... You scroll through our studio visit with the Australian now living in LA?... Hey, it's like Crocodile Dundee 3.
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:: RIPO Interview coming up on Fecal ::

Manuel Bello is working on a RIPO feature which we'll run just prior to his upcoming solo show in Belgium. Got a question for this political charged typography artist? Email it on in to Manuel(at)fecalface.com by Monday the 23rd.
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:: Free Fridayz - Creature! ::

Be sure to get your Free Fridayz entries in by Friday (12pm Pacific) for a chance to win this Creature Skateboards summer pack which includes beer coozies, a cooler, a cruiser board, TShirt, beer opener, and shades. This week's theme is The Lost Highway, and we don't have many entries this week so your chances of winning are pretty good... We have a lot of prizes to mail out next week if you're wondering where your prize is... Email entries in to: freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
Win yourself some Creature summer goodness
Jeroen Blok got his entry in already
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:: Pegan ::

Julian made it to the last day of GREGORY DE LA HABA @JACK THE PELICAN in NYC.
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:: POTD - Hamburger Style ::

Have you been following Photo Of The Day now that Hamburger Eyes has been curating it?! Damn, fine stuff. Get in on it by submitting to: potd(at)fecalface.com - And speaking of Hamburger Eyes, be sure to get to their next show out there in Miami going down March 28th. U DON'T LIKE ME I DON'T LIKE U
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FOLLOW US ON TWATTER <-- 500 followers as of this morning. Let's make it 501!
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Unpiano ::

Jesse updates Unpiano with some photos and lots of music on his music blog. Get busy downloading some tunes.
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:: Fish at Fecal Face ::

fernet-branca.jpgThe opening was a couple weeks ago, and we spaced on getting THE OPENING NIGHT PHOTOS up. Beer, people, art, and more shots of Fernet. "The drink has been popular in San Francisco since before prohibition"... The show runs till April 26th. Plenty of time to get down to FFDG to check it out. Maybe you can see Simon our new beta fish.
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:: Andrew Schoultz at V1 ::

PHOTOS <-- from SF based Andrew Schoultz show which runs till April 8th in Copenhagen at V1 Gallery.
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:: Tonight in NYC ::

I NOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING... <-- opens tonight in NYC at Sloan Fine Art (128 Rivington St) featuring work from Seonna Hong, Caroline Hwang & Saelee Oh. 7-9pm
Saelee Oh's Wolf Mountain
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:: Philadelphia Tonight... ::

Seriously, Stupididity opening tonight at Kung Fu Necktie, 1248 N. Front Street. 6-10 pm. This show looks like it is going to be a good one. Just to name a few of the artists participating: Jayson Musson, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Isaac Lin, Nick Paparone, Shelly Spector, Charles Burns, Dave Dunn, Matt Leines, Jim Houser, the list goes on and on. And Drew Leshko, who is new to me, but these things look AMAZING.
Posted: alex // 03.18.09 // +0+

:: Jeff Soto ::

product_medium_344243.jpgBe sure to check out the new issue of Juxtapoz (out any minute) as I got to interview Jeff Soto for the cover story... Yeah, done through email, so hopefully it doesn't suck too bad. Jeff's work is what matters anyway, and it's always amazing.
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:: Pirates! ::

WHO ARE THESE SOMALI PIRATES <-- some great photos released by the military giving some insight.
Posted: trippe // 03.18.09 // +5+

:: Book Store? ::

STACEY'S CLOSES <-- It's a sign of the times. Book stores are becoming more and more obsolete. SF's best closed today for good. Bummed I didn't make it down there to get a good smell... Always a fan of Green Apple.
Posted: trippe // 03.17.09 // +2+

:: Gridz ::

The $100 House is a project happening in Detroit that a couple (Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert) started - they bought a bunch of dilapidated houses dirt cheap in a Detroit neighborhood, fixed them up with solar heating & electricity, added new appliances and sell them back to artists and the like at a $50 profit. Sounds like this idea has a lot of potential!
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:: Kevin Taylor ::

Emailed over a few photos from some shows he has work in right now. Check his work up at Belljar & at Mina Dresden... and he currently has work up at Google right now... Yeah, that Google. I like this one.
Posted: trippe // 03.17.09 // +1+

:: Damon Soule @FFDG ::

We're not ready for the whole PR thing yet, but shit, I had to share these two Damon Soule pieces for his show Same Loud No which opens May 7th at Fecal Face. The guy is amazing and off to NYC where he's got a studio to work on the show... I could see how spending the month in the Big Apple could help inspire this work.
Posted: trippe // 03.17.09 // +2+

:: La Luz de Jesus ::

Rachel emailed in a few PHOTOS from the group show Everything But The Kitschen Sync which runs til March 29th down there at La Luz de Jesus.
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:: Art Salz ::

Not every artist is struggling in this economic slow down. Brooklyn based Jose Parla, who we interviewed last October, had a piece of his in a Sotheby's auction recently. The work was expected to go somewhere between 8-12 thousand but looks like it sold for $52,000! Damn, way to go, Jose! How about a show @FFDG?!
Sold to the man with the expensive hat
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:: Maxwell' Silver Hammer ::

MAXWELL HOLYOKE-HIRSCH <-- is an artist living in SF and currently is showing in Neither Up Nor Down at 111 Minna which we plan on getting to this week. Photos soon.
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:: Chronicle ::

THE CHRONICLE SAYS NICE THINGS ABOUT ALEX LUKAS SHOW AT WHITE WALLS <-- we have some photos we'll be adding today or tomorrow.
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:: HAHA ::

BORAT'S WORKING ON HIS NEW FILM <-- and it sounds like fame may be making things more difficult. Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America For The Purpose Of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable In The Presence Of A Gay Foreigner In A Mesh T-Shirt.
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:: 3rd Ward ::

Julian headed over to 3rd Ward in Brooklyn last Friday to check out The Sketch Book Project and brought back THESE PHOTOS. Thousands of artists and thousands of sketch books with plenty of beer and people.
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:: BandODay - Psychedelic / Ambient / Shoegaze ::

PAIK <-- are from Detroit, sound a bit like Mogwai or something, from time to time feature San Francisco's Anthony Petrovic (Ezee Tiger) and probably never have any plans to play in SF --> Monster of the Absolute is a song you should buy, but here's a free MP3.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Bob London ::

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Out in Brooklyn tonight Secret Project Robot presents a Benefit Silent Auction to support the SWIMMING CITIES OF SERENISSIMA. If yer into that whole collecting thing you might be able to swoop up a sweet Swoon, or a Faile, The London Police, D*face, David Ellis etc. Help these fine folks get their sail on--->
Posted: bello // 03.14.09 // +1+

:: The Horrible Bad That It's Wonderful Great ::

BADPAINTINGSOFBARACKOBAMA.COM <-- wonderful link found on Damon Soule's website. We're planning his show out which opens May 7th @FFDG.
Posted: trippe // 03.14.09 // +6+

:: The Boiler ::

Pierogi, Williamsburg's sovereign venue for good art opened its new venue Saturday called The Boiler. Heres a picture of it in progress if you don't have time to watch the video. Basically expect works taking advantage of this space giving Brooklyn a unique new home for awesome art!
Posted: julian // 03.13.09 // +0+

:: Alex Lukas & Joshua Petker SATURDAY ::

Excited to check out Philly's Alex Lukas Saturday night at White Walls here in San Francisco. The Fecal Face Philadelphia correspondent opens And Another Shall Rise To Take Her Place featuring his disaster styled work. Check out the interview we just did with him. Going to be a great show right next door to another at The Shooting Gallery featuring work from LA's Joshua Petker. Get down to the TL Saturday. 835 Larkin St. 7-11pm
Alex Lukas
Joshua Petker
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:: Jacob Rolfe ::

SKYWHALE.COM <-- nice illustrations from this Melbourne artist.
Posted: trippe // 03.13.09 // +1+

:: Zackary Canepari ::

Our friend ZACKARY CANEPARI lives in New Delhi... no wait... maybe it's Islamabad. Not sure 'cause he's always traveling about the region shooting different assignments like when he covered the Mumbai attacks... and Day of Ashura where there's lots of self-flaggelating with knives. HARSH, but it you think that's bad, check his photos from the festival of sacrifice HOLY CANNOLI... Anyway, he updates his site and it's always worthy of your time.
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:: Needle Belljar Meter Maids Tonight ::

The quaint little shop on 16th, Belljar, celebrates their first year in business with an art show tonight featuring works from Kevin Taylor in their back gallery (Details)... Right up 16th, our friends at Needles and Pens open ADVICE PORTRAITS by MARIA FORDE 6-9:30pm... Up on Haight @Lower Haters are THE METER MAID STUDIES which looks to be a great group show focused on meter maids? Man, I hate the Interceptor!
Maria Forde @N&P
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:: FFDG ::

We have some new work up in FFDG's online shop. A few collabs between Matt Furie and Albert Reyes along with a new set from Ferris Plock.
Matt Furie & Albert Reyes collab
From Ferris Plock's series now for sale @FFDG
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:: Mathieu Young ::

10walkabout.jpgA really cool series of photos around Los Angeles, Walkabout took 4 days to complete on foot while pushing a large strobe. More good stuff to be seen at Mathieu Young's website.
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:: Sleeping Bear ::

Amsterdam-based artist Eiko Ishizawa designed and created this Bear Sleeping Bag that totally blew our minds. How awesome would it be to curl up inside that bear?! So far it's just a one-off but her website says she is considering selling them sometime soon. Thanks for the link AT.
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:: YBCA ::

Tonight Yerba Buena Center for The Arts hosts the film series Youth Producing Change as part of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival. Young film makers from all of the world converge to let their films speak on behalf of the challenges they are facing. It can be pretty easy to ignore issues when they are halfway across the globe, but when they are displayed in your city it's a good signal to pay attention. Should be a great festival.
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:: ClipODay ::

ANTHONY LISTER MURALS IT UP <-- for his show The Pain of Felling at KGallery in Milan, Italy.
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:: Brendan Monroe's New Book ::

Brendan Monroe will be signing copies of his new book and showing work at Park Life Thursday evening starting at 7pm (DETAILS). His work will be up through March 18th. The book we've yet to see, but Park Life has put out some high quality books in the past. Check out Andrew Schoultz's book they published two years ago. Nice.
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:: Cornrow Rider Tonight in NYC ::

An evening with Cornrow Rider happens tonight at Monkey Town in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (58 N 3rd St). "Brooklyn based artist collective Cornrow Rider present a night of experimental video projections. Taking full advantage of Monkey Towns four channel screening abilities, Rider will project Top Spin, and Just You and Me, two videos that coincide as one hypnotic installation."... Go and check it out and email us some photos. We like Cornrow Rider!
A sample of Cornrow Rider's videos
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:: TTTTT Shirts ::

quiet.jpg THE QUIET LIFE <-- is having an end of the season sale on their TShirts. Some pretty sweet designs for your chest wear in the range of twenty duckettes.
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:: Oakland's Art Murmur ::

John Casey BLOGS UP Oakland's first Friday's known as Art Murmur.
Billy Sprague at Amoeba Record's 3rd Annual Art Show
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:: 1861 SF Cottage ::

SAVE THE OLDEST HOUSE IN SF <-- We know the city has no money, but it would be great if the city bought and fixed it up turning it into some historical landmark. Maybe the state? I know I'd love to see some old timey photos in it if I took a tour. Like what was the neighborhood like back then kind of thing.
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:: Bucheon Gallery Closing ::

Bucheon Gallery here in San Francisco is closing its doors to its Hayes Valley gallery at the end of March, but they're not calling it a wrap. They're planning on curating shows in alternative spaces around town and have plans to build out their website hosting online shows. Read their press release... We wish them well. They've hosted some really great shows over the years!
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:: Down Down We Go ::

Artists' Dreams Imploded Along With Bankers' <-- "The economic meltdown is supposed to reenergize [the] creative economy of New York by breaking the city's expensive obsession with finance. Instead, it's wrecking artists' best shot at wealth: Through Larry Gagosian."
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:: Portraits ::

"Olan Mills rules. I have a 1970s Photogenic light kit, once used for school portraits (but not by me). FINALLY PUT IT TO GOOD USE." -Robbie Augspurger
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:: Twatter ::

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:: Obey ::

Man, not again. Someone or some company goes after Obey and then Obey goes after a smaller entity. It's like bigger fish going after smaller fish and the smaller fish going after even smaller fish. Figure this damn copyright issue out already.
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:: Josh Keyes '11 ::

Seems nuts to think so far ahead, but we're terribly excited to announce Josh Keyes solo show opening April 7, 2011 at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. We've been a huge fan of Josh's work over the years and are honored to have his work grace our tiny gallery walls (shit, we'll hopefully have a larger space by then). Years off, but in the meantime there's plenty of Josh Keyes to see. He's opening "Sprout" in Denver May 30th @David B. Smith Gallery (previously Limited Addiction Gallery). More details on that soon.
Scorch I, 18"x24", acrylic on panel, 2009
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:: Dirty Hands ::

Dirty Hands, the film on David Choe premieres here in SF this Saturday at the Castro Theater as part of the Asian Film Festival. Don't fret if you can't make it because it's your birthday or something, it'll be playing again at the Kabuki on Tuesday, the 17th @4pm... Jeremy Fish reviews the film here.
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:: Sickness ::

Take care of yourself. Maybe you've already gotten that cold that's going around... or not. Granted I don't take care of myself while sick, but that shit beat me up a bit. Back now.
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:: Fish Business ::

ART BUSINESS <-- reviews up Fish's show (scroll down) at Fecal Face Dot Gallery.
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:: alexis anne mackenzie shirt ::

i'm always honored to work with Artists I love.. and this week is no exception. Over at The Select Series.com we today launched a shirt with Alexis Anne Mackenzie. This is her first t-shirt ever, and i'm in love with the way it turned out. I hope you like it too!!!
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:: Matzu ::

MATZU @JOSHUA LINER <-- Manuel got a look see a couple days before last night's opening.
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:: kittin' ::

YUDU is a screen printing kit making printing easy(er). Comes with built-in dryer! And the emulsion is set up in sheets so you don't have to deal with the liquid. You can find it online at crafting sites or hsn. Can't wait to read some reviews on it!
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:: Matzu @ Liner ::

If you are in NYC this evening do yourself a favor and show up to the Joshua Liner Gallery, have a drink and prepare to have yer mind blown by some Japanese folk, American Pop crossbread brought to you by the always incredible Matzu.
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:: U Sexy? ::

Sometimes it's just great to kick back with a drink and enjoy sexy people.
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:: Scott Campbell ::

Scott Campbell does some nice tattoos, but check out this ill $$ art. Click on "art" and click around. Thanks for the link, Mel.
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You don't have to try to find art this weekend in New York, it will find you. PULSE, The Armory Show, VOLTA, and SCOPE all separate entities of one giant event across the piers through Sunday!!! Also in Williamsburg on Saturday night, an all out art extravaganza! There's too many galleries to mention, but come to The Burg and follow the crowd 8-12AM!
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:: Flickr Fecal Face Pool ::

Has 567 members these days and is filled with all kinds of goodness from naked people with coins on their faces to nice gouache works like the one from Mitchell Andrew Kehe as seen below. Join today and post your work... Dig the photo.
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:: ElbowToe likes Gardens ::

ElbowToe is looking forward to the summer so he can do more gardening!
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:: Lister in Italy ::

Australian artist and friend, Anthony Lister is up to his old tricks again with his latest show in Italy. Seems like a hike but if yer in the area. If not, you can also check it out here.
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Lots going on tonight, lots to see. First, They Are Summating at Space 1026 with Michelle Blade, Jeanette Mundt, Suzannah Sinclair and Erika Somogyi. I've been helping to put this one together and I'm real, real excited for it. Also tonight, there is a release party for the new issue of MEGAWORDS at Juanita and Juans (at 11th and Cherry, where the Megawords storefront was last fall). Then Nick Paparone at Copy, a little farther south, there is a photography show at T&P, and finally, I think Jay and Chris made a window display for a show of historical Philadelphia brewing paraphernalia at the AITA Storefront in Old City.
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:: Street Skate Park in SF ::

This is your chance to help determine the future of SF's newest skatepark... A real skate plaza (just seconds from Fecal Face. hee hee)... No burly bowls and old men in leopard print pads, but a park for street skating. Meeting tonight.
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:: HEY CHICAGO! Alexis Anne Mackenzie @ The Threadless Gallery! Opening Friday! ::

the queen of papercuts, Alexis Anne MAckenzie has her first midwest solo show opening this friday in Chicago @ the Threadless Gallery. This show is a must-see if you are in the city... Alexis' work is mind blowing in person. She'll be there on friday to shake everyone's hands. B there or B square.
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:: Hey D.C. peeps! check this show out! ::

Adam Russell, an up & comer from the midwest.. has his first solo show in D.C. opening the friday! The gallery is called Art Whino, so i'm assuming everyone will be drunk on art! Sounds awesome to me. You should go if you are in the area.. check out Adam's great work in person. More info about the show and gallery: HERE and more info about Adam Russell: HERE
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:: Mike Shine ::

MIKE SHINE RECREATES HIS ART SHACK <-- and we have a few photos of the process going down. His show, Inside/Outside- Artist Environments, opens Thursday night at Museum of Craft and Folk Art here in SF. 7-9pm. 51 Yerba Buena Lane (right behind the new Jewish Museum on Mission between 3rd and 4th) - Map
Click above image to see the shack being built
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:: Asteroid 'nearly hits' Earth ::

ASTEROID CLOSE CALL <-- The last asteroid of that size which hit the Earth in 1908 "had the force of a multi-megaton nuclear blast, and leveled everything for a distance of twenty-five kilometers around the epicenter"... The distance from the Earth was about twice as high as some telecommunication satellites and approx 1/5 the way to the moon... I'd say we were more than lucky.
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:: Farts!! ::

millard.jpgTravis Millard did the illustrations for this great book which is taking off. 30,000 copies sold and now they're printing 60,000 copies more and translating it to other languages. Nice work, guys! Check the news reporte... We visited Travis last month at his mountain house... FFDG is honored to feature his wonderful girlfriend, Mel Kadel, this September which we're really looking forward to.
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:: Changes at White Walls ::

After 4 years at White Walls Gallery here in San Francisco, Andres Guerrero is leaving the gallery "to continue building upon what has been developed at White Walls with Justin Giarla but this time on my own accord"... White Walls have had many a great show, and we look forward to see what Andreas does next.
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:: Matt Pagett ::

MATT PAGETT <-- Not entirely sure what the hell is going on except that I really enjoyed clicking about. Interesting work from this UK based artist.
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:: God Don't Surf ::

Our friend Alex Klein directed this film God Went Surfing w/ The Devil with our friend Bryan Derballa getting the stills. Keep your eyes for it as it should be out sometime soon.
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:: Help Bring Holli Home ::

Bay Area artist Holli Hawthorne recently traveled to India to visit her boyfriend and was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident last Tuesday when a motorcycle in front of her with three passengers skidded out, and she either swerved to avoid them or ran into them. She was wearing a helmet at the time. Her friend Harrison was on the scene to give her CPR until the ambulance arrived. She has been in a coma with a serious brain stem injury since. Stanford Medical Center has offered to take her in for free as she has no health insurance. That's the good news. The bad news is that she's still in India thousands of miles from the hospital and needs $200,000 for the medical transport from India to Palo Alto. Her friends and family are reaching out for donations. Read her story here and here and donate now.
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:: Thursday ::

A bunch of shows opening this Thursday evening for first Thursdays. Here are some we think you'll enjoy. The calendar has a whole lot more worth checking out... MIKE SHINES ART SHACK <-- Inside/Outside- Artist Environments at The Museum of Craft and Folk Art featuring Mike Shine's art shack that he's rebuilt in the gallery. Remember our visit from last summer or his show @FFDG. We'll be posting up some photos of the construction very soon. || MIXED MESSAGES @FIFTY24SF <-- hey, there's a Trippe in there and a bunch of other talented folks. Featuring local Bay Area-based artists Mitsy Avila Ovalles, Jessica Trippe, Jin Chon, Chris Jehly, John Casey, and Empte Eyes. || NEITHER UP NOR DOWN @111 Minna <-- looks like a great show opening at 111 Minna featuring works from Jason Jagel, Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch, Zachary Rossman, Aiyana Udesen, Matthew Palladino, Cody Cochrane, and James Blagden. Minna stays open till 2am, so it's always a good spot to end the evening for more art viewing and beer having.
Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch at 111 Minna
Mike Shine's Art Shack
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:: Art Quest ::

PHOTOS <-- 4 galleries on Oakland's 40th Street Corridor held openings on the 21st of Feb as part of Art Quest. What's Art Quest? Read all about it. John Casey reports.
Derek Weisberg at Rowan Morrison
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:: London Towne ::

LONDON SHOPPE FRONTS <-- small business is awesome... Dr. Dolphin Sanchez, where are you?!
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:: Todd HidoTonight ::

Todd Hido has put out a small book OHIO through TBWbooks and is doing an artist talk about the book along with signing copies at SF Camerawork. 657 Mission St. 6pm
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:: Hamburger Eyes ::

hamburger.jpgWe're happy to announce that Photo of the Day is now being curated by our friends at Hamburger Eyes, the most epic photo magazine with the best darkroom facilities in San Francisco (Photo Epic Center). We've admired what they've been doing over the years, from putting together the amazing magazine (published tri-annually) to curating amazing shows at places like Yerba Buena, and to also having their own book, Inside Burgerworld. POTD is only going to get so much better now... Join the goodness. You're encouraged to submit your photos to potd(at)fecalface.com
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:: The Best Job in the World ::

Please vote for my friend Marcella, she wants THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD and she would rule at it. 35,000 people applied and she's made it to the top 50 to be a caretaker of an island in Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
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:: ClipODay ::

A little video as Jeremy Fish was working on his mural at Fecal Face Dot Gallery for his show The Ambush. *Do you spy the Aesop?
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:: Lump ::

PHOTOS <-- from Josh Rickards at Vox Populi in Philly and Tory Wright at Lump in Raleigh, NC. Jerstin Crosby reports.
Josh Rickards at Vox Populi in Philly
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:: Ready. Set... ::

After last week's craziness with getting Jeremy Fish's show up (photos coming), we're back to work, and have A LOT of stuff going up this week. Keep checking back or follow us on Twitter for the heads up.
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:: Snow Day! ::

If you live in New York you know that EVERYTHING is cancelled today because of the blizzard. I mean everything. Take off your phone fingers and make something!
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:: Happy Garbage ::

Ran into these little guys last night.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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