:: Hangover ::

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to Fish's show - The Ambush and you're welcome (or sorry) to those whom I bought shots of Fernet. One year of art selling and almost 9 years of art websighting. Photos, text and Free Fridayz to come.
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:: The Dufala Brothers ::

Billy Blaise Dufala and Steven Dufala have an opening for their latest endeavor, Trophy, tonight at Fleisher-Ollman on Walnut between 16th and 17th here in Philadelphia. These two brothers make AMAZING work. This is going to be real exciting. Or, if you're in Boston, check out Amanda B. Clarke and Jennifer Lewis at Space 242, also opening tonight. I wish I could make it.
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:: The Ambush ::

Jeremy Fish's oversized print The Ambush is now offered for sale here. This is Fish's largest print made to date limited only to an edition of 30. 22" x 34" unframed. $200.
Jeremy Fish's "The Ambush" - 22" x 34" - $200
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:: Mars-1 ::

MARS-1 @JONATHAN LEVINE <-- like... wow. What a show! Manuel investigates.
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:: Shepard Fairey ::

SHEPARD FAIREY ON FRESH AIR THIS MORNING <-- A really good interview with Shepard and also with Mannie Garcia who shot the photograph which Shepard created his Obama poster from... Shepard's suing the AP and both sides have a point. Shepard says he's standing up for artists and so is the AP. Shepard says he transformed the image enough and that "Fair Use" comes into play since his image's intent differs from Mannie's... Our question is this. Shepard says he has the right to use an image he found on the internet and change it and profit from it and that by suing he's protecting artists... But what if McDonalds downloaded an Obey Giant image that they found online and "modified it" and used it to help sell their new Obey Sandwich?... Or what if any large company browsed the internet and downloaded any artists work from their website and did whatever they wanted with it... I don't know. Both sides have some serious valid points and it's a good conversation we should be having in this age where everyone's life and work are online. Who can use what and for what? Listen to the interview online or later today when they rebroadcast it. KQED 88.5 @1pm & 7pm - or KALW 91.7 @6pm
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:: who's afraid of big black men ::

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:: Fish @FFDG Thursday ::

The mural's done. The print has been framed and hung. Last minute details being dealt with in preparation for Jeremy Fish's show The Ambush which opens at Fecal Face Dot Gallery Thursday evening (6-9pm) with an after party at The Uptown (Capp St @17th) from 10 till 2am. Come through and see Fish's mural, buy an oversized print (edition of 30 - $200), and then celebrate Fish's show and the fact that FFDG has been in existence for 1 year at The Uptown!... The print will first offered to the fine folks of San Francisco at the opening before adding them online here at Fecal Face at 9pm Pacific.
Jeremy Fish's "The Ambush" - 22" x 34" - $200
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:: MYMO ::

Is an artist I met during her travels through New York City a few weeks back. She just got her new site going, check it out, her stuff is amazing. A big thanks to my man Peter for the intro.
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:: SOEX Monsters ::

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE'S MONSTER DRAWING RALLY <-- goes down Friday night. It's the 9 year that over 30 artists gather @the Verde Club here in San Francisco and draw live. Once completed, the work is tacked to a wall and sold for only $60. You can score some serious gems for such a little amount. Trust me. Last year I volunteered to be a person who tacks new work to the wall. It was a frenzy as collectors jumped on works... Only $5. Check the artists involved. Fecal Face favorites like Paul Urich, Matt Furie, Kelly Lynn Jones, Matthew Palladino, Marci Washington, Andrew Schoultz, and others. 2424 Mariposa Street (between Hampshire and Potrero Streets) 6-11pm
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:: Need Home? ::

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:: Corey Arnold @ Sara Tecchia ::

Fecal Pal and amazing fish photographer, Corey Arnold opens his solo show Fish-Work @Sara Tecchia in NYC on Thursday. 529 W 20th St. 6-8pm... Corey's done some amazing features for us including our favorite, HOW TO BE AN ALASKAN FISHERMAN, and be sure to check out his NPR slide-show and audio presentation... When not on the water, Corey lives in Portland.
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:: Thomas Beale: Conjure @ Clean Water ::

This New York City Artist has a show in Los Angeles this Saturday @ Kinsey/Desforges and another in New York come March 10. The New York show is a charity event to raise awareness about the effects of unsafe water and education those who should know about possible solutions. Charity event, means you might have to buy tickets, but I think its a good cause.
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Brian Willmont (who Fecal Face did a little mini interview with a while back) has some great new work up on his site. He is also in a show with Denise Kupferschmidtand Eric Shaw up now through April 15th at 92Y Tribeca in New York. Check it out if you are in the neighborhood. (Philly kids- the gallery is right by that first stop the Chinatown bus makes in Manhattan, and getting off that bus even ten minutes earlier HELPS - so here that excuse you needed to de-bus)
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:: Ryan Wallace ::

We told you of Ryan Wallace's Saturday one night show @Envoy in NYC. Check some photos... Speaking of Ryan, we have a podcast interview we did with him and Andrew Schoultz we still need to get on the site... Hopefully we can get that up soon.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Above ::

Above updates his website. Like his type.
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:: Brendan Monroe ::

Brendan Monroe has a new book out through Paper Museum Press and he's offering signed copies to the first 30 books ordered through his site. (limited to 1 per customer). 176 pages on wood free paper then bound in a soft cover with a poster fold out jacket. $32 - Get a look inside the book right here.
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:: Your Questions ::

As promised, Jeremy Fish, while working on his mural @FFDG, answers a viewer question emailed in by Jannell Summers from Indiana who'd like to know...
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:: Animalania @Fuse ::

PHOTOS <-- from Animalania @Fuse in NYC. Group show curated by Aliya Naumoff running till Mar 14th... Photos by Julian Duron.
From the "Kitty City" series by Tim Barber
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:: Choe-Bay ::

We love Dave Choe as much as the next art wesbite, but not sure if I'd want that piece for $3,000. Good luck, mayonnaiseslacks.
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:: Dustin Aksland ::

DUSTIN AKSLAND <-- is a photographer living in San Francisco.
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:: Simon Evans | Island Time ::

Man, can't believe we forgot to mention Simon Evans show Island Time which opened last Friday @James Cohan in NYC. The 2004 SECA award winner (and my old roommate) and now Berlin resident opened a mind bender which photos could never fully illustrate. This one needs to be seen in person, but here's a taste: HERE x HERE... Does Jack Hanley not rep him anymore? Don't see Simon's name on there.
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:: MP3ODay ::

Forgot to add this MP3 to Matt and Kim's Interview - I WANNA.
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:: Sunday Morning Movie ::

Email in a question for Fish and we'll ask him tonight through video and post it up Monday. Email them to news(at)fecalface.com
FISH @FFDG last night since Skirvin is MIA with SMM.
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:: Maya Hayuk ::

MAYA HAYUK @CINDERS IN BROOKLYN <-- Julian headed over there last week for the opening.
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:: Fish @FFDG ::

Wolfe is making a time lapse of Fish's mural @Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Things are coming along quite well as seen: HERExHERExHERE... We also have copies of Fish's book Once Upon a Time which you can buy online right here.
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:: Lister Paper ::

Anthony Lister got down on some hand detailing for his latest print release through Paper Monster entitled 'Midnight Man'. Hurry, I think they may still have a few left.
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:: Pisces ::

IT'S PISCES TIME <-- Fecal Face is a pisces and likes other pisces.
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Proximity Magazine is a super well designed, well written and well printed publication based in Chicago. Issue three came out back in December, but I just got my hands on a copy this week. There is too much content to list here, but highlights include visits with alternative art spaces across the country, an interview with Dave Potes from Hamburger Eyes, art from Justin B. Williams, Jen Stark and a ton of other people, reviews, listings, criticism; it just goes on and on. Some of the content is on-line, but I really recommend ordering the print version. More at Proximity Magazine. (In the spirit of full disclosure: I have some work in this issue and there is a little piece on Space 1026 , but still, objectively, it is a great magazine).
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:: Sam Friedmans Work ::

The other day I dropped a link for Sam Friedman and somehow it got spun in the wrong direction. Let it be known if an artist is introduced on Fecal Face it is because we think his/her work deserves to be seen, just as I think Sam's does. It was never intended to be anything other then an objective non-discript open discussion on his art. I never gave my opinion on it as I wanted to see what others had to say. Anyway, here it is. I think it's good stuff, I think he has a very eclectic style that reminds me of more then a few of my favorite artists. That said, have another look.
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:: Clayton Brothers ::

We're lucky to have a feature with the Clayton Brothers going up on Monday. Do you have any questions for them? Email them in this afternoon and we'll pass them onto them. news(at)fecalface.com with the subject Clayton Brothers... Tubular!
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:: Ryan Wallace ::

NYC's Ryan Wallace will be "showing an ice sculpture and some other experiments at Envoy this Saturday". If you're over there, check it out. One night only. 6-8pm.
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:: Mars-1 ::

MARS-1 @JONATHAN LEVINE <-- his show Nuclear Mystic opens this Saturday night in NYC, and it's going to be amazing. The guy has been working his tail off and his work just keeps getting better and better. 529 w 20th Street, 9flr. 7-9pm
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:: New Image Art ::

THE FUCKING CRAP OF LIFE <-- featuring the work of LA based Megan Whitmarsh opens this Saturday in LA @New Image Art. Also showing will be SF's Matt Furie and C.F.... We visited Megan's studio last month and also interviewed Marsea of New Image (or Jeff Soto did) last month too. Going to be a great show.
Megan from Fecal Face's studio visit
Megan Whitmarsh
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:: *~Kate ::

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I just posted my latest Fecal feature on New Genre Art & Visual Culture. If you have time for a short read, check it out, and write some comments. Thanks! --->
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:: More Photos ::

Our intern Ashley has A FEW MORE PHOTOS to add to from Matthew Palladino & Ryan Shaffer's opening @White Walls.
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:: TJ's ::

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:: ClipODay ::

While you're at it, watch this one too.
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:: Art Poo Town ::

THE BOOM IS OVER. LONG LIVE THE ART! <-- The contemporary art market, with its abiding reputation for foggy deals and puffy values, is a vulnerable organism, traditionally hit early and hard by economic malaise. That's what's happening now. Sales are vaporizing. Careers are leaking air. Chelsea rents are due. The boom that was is no more. -from the NYTimes... But don't fret, because others are saying good things about buying art: "recent reports suggesting that art investments could prove to be more lucrative than buying stocks. ArtPrice, a France-based art market research company, says the price of contemporary art has risen by 12.5 percent in the last 12 months." -JoongAng
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:: Double Punch ::

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:: Bonnie Brenda Scott ::

PHOTOS <-- from Bonnie Brenda Scott's show The Wilderness Society which opened last Thursday @Nexus Foundation in Philadelphia. By FF corespondent and artist, Alex Lukas.
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:: WUW?! ::

Britain's new anti-terror law could stop media from taking pictures of police <-- A new British anti-terrorism law went into effect Monday that could effectively bar photographers from taking pictures of police or military personnel - a move that prompted some 200 photographers to protest outside of Scotland Yard's headquarters. I remember riding my bike about SF one night taking photos. I stopped at EMB to get a few shots of whatever when this security guard came up to me and told me I wasn't allowed to shoot photos there... Had something to do with terrorism fears or some shit... Dude, if a terrorist wants to get photos and info for whatever they want it for, they can get it. Leave me and my shitty photography out of it... Link from Lori.
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:: The Ambush ::

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:: Shepard Fairey ::

We know he got arrested and that he's got some legal issues with some sort of presidential thing... Hey, he also has his first museum show going on now @ICA in Boston. Manuel went and brought back THESE PHOTOS.
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:: Lister & Simkins ::

ANTHONY LISTER & GREG SIMKINS @FIFTY24SF <-- a week or so ago, their separate solo shows opened here in SF.
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:: ClipOfunny ::

Magnus Randell's Inquisition with Michael Sieben. Love this little number, reminds me of some conversations I have had lately... Ha!
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:: OK, who tripped on the cord? ::

Did anyone notice that the entire Media Temple server just died? Wow, that has never happened in my 6 years with them. I'm sure people were gasping without their beloved Fecal Face Dot Com. Hallelujah! BTW Media Temple is the best web hosting service on the planet.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Hamburgers! ::

Merry happy love day, and happy anniversary to Hamburger Eyes. Tonight: our awesome friends have donated the sickest photos and paintings and we are going to sell them for way cheap. it wont be silent auction or raffle or anything weird like that. its first come, first serve. you buy it and go home with it right there. its a win win.
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:: HUF - Free Fridayz ::

FREE FRIDAYZ ARE LATE AGAIN?! <-- yep, which is good for you since that means you have another day to get your HUF logo in. The winner from this week's Free Fridayz not only gets a tee shirt made of their HUF design but also wins $100 certificate to HUF's online shop which features all the damn shoes you'd ever want. Email them in to: freefridayz(at)fecalface.com by Sunday!
Daniel Bennett's entry
Moses Lujan's entry
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:: Art Murmur ::

OAKLAND ART MURMUR <-- Every first Friday of the month in Oakland, a grip of galleries open their doors with many of them hosting new shows. Wine is poured, art is shown, and mobs of people converge. John Casey headed over there last week for Feb's Murmur and brought back THESE PHOTOS.
Renee Castro @Fort Gallery
crowd @Hatch Gallery
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:: FFDG ::

Last weekend for Paul Urich's show @FFDG... Oops, meant Jessica's show @Fifty24SF is the first Thursday in March not Feb... Man, it's cold here tonight.
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:: Sandy Carson ::

Sandy Carson emailed in this gem yesterday. The Scotsman is now living in Austin after being a pro BMX dude for some time and is now a freelance editorial and commercial photographer.
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:: Loving Day ::

Above sends some Valentines Day love. A bit early, but that's so you have time to send the video to an admirer.
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:: Obama Obey Who? ::

hope.jpgAND IT GOES ON AND ON <-- guess the story is picking up steam. Man, if anything, this is going to be great for Shepard Fairey's career. The guy is set for long term art fame... But about copyright what-nots... Should the image have been used? Sure, why not? Used to being the little zine making skate kid who's always under the radar, who'd expect this much attention? Did Shepard think it would get this large? We'd imagine that he didn't... Wow, things can blow up pretty quick.
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:: Call 4 Art ::

WNYC in... well... NYC is about to open its new performance space "The Greene Space" and is looking for artists. Interested? Go here.
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:: Palladino & Shaffer ::

MATTHEW PALLADINO & RYAN SHAFFER @WHITE WALLS <-- our intern Megan Wolfe checks out the show and brings back some photos of Shooting Gallery's Patrick Segui show as well.
Matthew Palladino
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:: Musica ::

See ya there tomorrow night.
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:: Maya Hayuk ::

MAYA HAYUK @CINDERS GALLERY NYC <-- Sexy Gazebo: Believing is Believing opens Friday night @Cinders in Brooklyn and is described as like putting on kaleidoscope glasses and walking down a warm plant-filled tunnel towards a fireworks show of radiantly bright neon-colored rorschach tests that emit a healing glow on its viewers. Maya Hayuk is a muralist, painter, photographer, printmaker, curator, video maker, documentarian and lover of life who's lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has had dozens of shows internationally, painted murals all over the globe, is part of the Barnstormers Collective, designed record covers, and most recently had the aptly titled hardcover book, Just Good Vibes, come out on Upper Playground/Fifty24SF. We like her and think you should go to the show. If you can't, we should have photos here next week.
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:: Alex Lukas & Philly ::

We're pleased to announce that the talented Alex Lukas is the new Fecal Face Philadelphia corespondent and will be bringing you what's going on in Philly in terms of art shows and other Philly related art-ness... Alex also has a solo show coming up here in San Francisco @White Walls with the opening scheduled for Saturday March 14th (hey, on my birthday!). If you'd like to reach Alex, email him at: alex(at)fecalface.com
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:: The Ambush ::

JEREMY FISH || THE AMBUSH <-- is coming to FFDG Thursday, Feb 26th (6-9pm) - After party @The Uptown (10-2am). A site specific mural project and release of a very special limited edition over sized print - edition of 30. We're very pleased and will be bringing you updates as things come together.
Fish came through last week to start planning it out
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:: Neil Krug ::

Really like the photos of NEIL KRUG. We'll be bringing you more from him soon.
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:: Motivate This Morning!! ::

INSPIRATOMATIC.COM <-- a good way to start your morning. The site rearranges parts of inspirational imagery, words and platitudes to create a new motivational poster every time the site is refreshed. Stay confusingly motivated today!
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:: Wave ::

This looks like so much fun (warning: turn your volume down)
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:: Mark Dean Veca ::

MARK DEAN VECA @UAG IN SAN DIEGO <-- Mark Dean Veca lives and works out of Los Angeles. The show runs till March 15th. Thanks for the photos, Carlos.
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:: Mp3ODay ::

This has been out for some time and hopefully you already have it, but if not, download this MOGWAI LIVE CONCERT MP3 from NPR's All Songs Considered. Such an amazing recording!... and unrelated, but see the Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe Award-winning 2008 film IN BRUGES. Watched it last night, and it's worth telling your friends about.
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:: pobf.org update! ::

I mentioned a few weeks ago about my friend Patrick O'Brien who is making a movie about his battle with ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease). Well.. I wanted to tell you about this awesome fundraiser we're doing... If you swing by The Select Series.com, we're offering 4 t-shirt designs with 100% of the proceeds going to Patrick's foundation to help him finish the film. Pick up an awesome t-shirt and help out an awesome cause. awesome!
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:: Ben Jones @Deitch ::

PHOTOS <-- from Ben Jones show The New Dark Age which opened last Thursday @Deitch in NYC. Julian Duron writes, photographs, and videos.
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:: ClipODAY II ::

DEATHBOWL TO DOWNTOWN <-- is a film by Rick Charnoski & Coan Nichols (makers of Antihero's Tent City) on the evolution of skateboarding in New York City. Doesn't look like they have any screenings coming up in the near future, but when they do, we'll let you know. Looks good... Also, they sent us this promo calendar. If you want it, stop into FFDG on Thursday and grab it. We're open from 4-8pm... This is the last weekend Paul Urich's show Gone But Not Forgotten will be running before we open Jeremy Fish's special mural and print show on Thursday February 26th. That's going to be a fun one!
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:: ClipODay ::

Our friends at StoneYour.TV are getting ready. Here's how!
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:: Oliver Vernon ::

PHOTOS <-- from Unexpected Occurrences featuring the work of Oliver Vernon @Joshua Liner in NYC. Manuel Bello hit up the opening.
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:: !_+ ::

ANDREW HOLDER <-- is a graduate of Art Center and now lives in Pasadena. He also has a show @Subtext Gallery in San Diego opening in March.
Have you ever stayed at The Chateau Marmont? That place is awesome.
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:: Sleep Tinkle ::

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:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 02.05.09 // +8+

:: Wood ::

SWEET VESPA <-- well, sort of. Personally I'd go with something like this, but always amazed of quality wood work like that.
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:: Sao Paulo ::

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:: Obey V. AP ::

hope.jpgTHE ASSOCIATED PRESS VS. SHEPARD FAIREY <-- the now famous Obama HOPE image designed by Shepard Fairey was created from an AP photograph... The image, Fairey has acknowledged, is based on an Associated Press photograph, taken in April 2006 by Mannie Garcia on assignment for the AP at the National Press Club in Washington. The AP says it owns the copyright, and wants credit and compensation. Fairey disagrees. Interesting to see how this one plays out. When money is involved things can get nasty... More @Photo Business - LA Times - PDN
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:: Ben Jones @ Deitch ::

Calling all New Yorkers out into the brutal cold (17F) for Ben Jones' show tonight at Deitch's Grand Street location in SoHo. If you haven't seen his work on Paper Rad check it out now! This show is definitely worth the trip out!
Posted: julian // 02.05.09 // +1+

:: Poster Boy ::

POSTER BOY IS CAUGHT! <-- OR WAS HE? <-- take a razor and manipulate the posters in NYC's subway. Great stuff. On Flickr. Thanks for the link, Lori.
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:: Choe Book ::

DAVID CHOE BOOK <-- a look inside Dave's newish book published through Lazarides Gallery... You see the preview and read the review of the film about Dave Choe called Dirty Hands yet? It's a good one written by Fish.
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:: Jeff Soto Book Signing ::

JEFF SOTO: TURNING IN CIRCLES <-- (Book Signing and Slide Show at the Riverside Art Museum) - Thursday, February 5, 2009. 7:30 - 9pm. Free and open to the public - "Jeff Soto will present an hour long slide show telling the story of his career so far and featuring work from his past and present. There will be a Q & A session and a signing afterwards for his new book, "Storm Clouds". The museum will have copies available for purchase. In addition, Soto's exhibition, "Turning in Circles" is still on display".
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Zines ::

ASS, ASS, TITTIES, GRANDMAS, ASS, & TITTIES <-- you gotta give 'em credit for the title.
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:: MWM's new books ::

illustrator/designer/artist MWM dropped two new self-published books of awesomeness.
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:: Tes One ::

My man, TES ONE out in Brooklyn is dropping a bunch of new 'old' unreleased tracks on the regular. Oh, and he is keeping good company with the people who run this mag.... Represent!
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:: Death ::

DEATH LANDSCAPES <-- from Matt Lee who joined Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore, South India in 2007. He coordinates the Foundation Art & Design programe and lectures illustration and graphic arts on the Visual Communication programme. Be sure to check out the Indian matchbook covers too.
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:: Science ::

My friend Lindsey works at the Cal Academy and came to work this morning to find this next to her cubicle. I love it.
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:: TV? ::

You know how Netfilx has the watch instantly bit and how they're adding more stuff to it? But it sucks watching a film on your laptop? Anyway, we got this thing and it's awesome. It hooks Netfilx to your TV through your wireless. Pretty awesome for $100. It's like having some fancy on demand cable thing. Can pause, rewind, the whole bit. We're loving it... Ok, that's our TV talk for the day.
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:: Zeitgeist ::

You've probably seen ZEITGEIST, the ultimate no-bullshit doc about religion, government, money, power etc. (and if you haven't, seriously drop everything and watch it now), but also if you haven't seen the ADDENDUM, you might as well make an afternoon out of it just for kicks. Also visit the ZEITGEIST page for more information about their movement.
Posted: julian // 02.03.09 // +16+

:: Kyle Ranson ::

PHOTOS <-- from Saturday's opening of Joyous Marriage featuring work from SF based Kyle Ranson @Receiver Gallery.
Posted: trippe // 02.02.09 // +1+

:: Thursday ::

Well, another month and another round of new shows opening. We'll be talking about them for sure, but one we're really hyped on right here. We'll be bringing photos back from this one for sure. Mr. Lister is a FF favorite for sure. In the upstairs or downstairs (not sure) also opening the same night is Greg.Craola.Simkins. A good night. Show details
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:: Futballs ::

If you're like us and spent your Sunday away from the TV but still wanna know how the game went down, here's some abbreviated video to get you caught up. Damn, looks like it was one hell of a game.
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:: Kent Brockman ::

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