:: Analog Nostalgia ::

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:: Rats + Cockroaches! ::

Hungry in SF? Wanna go out for dinner? You may want to check this list first. Ugh.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Thursday!!! ::

THE DODOS <-- are playing The Fecal Face 7.5 Year Anniversary Art show/ Party that opens this Thursday @111 Minna featuring work from 40 artists from around the globe... Andrew Schoultz (SF), Alexis Mackenzie (SF), Brendan Monroe (Berkeley), Chris Pew (SF), Chris Von Szombathy (Vancouver), Christofer Chin (LA), Cody Hudson (Chicago), Corey Arnold (Portland), Edward Woodley (Sydney), Ferris Plock (SF), Gregory Euclide (Minneapolis), Jay Howell (SF), Jeremy Fish (SF), John Casey (Oakland), John Copeland (NYC), Keith Shore (New Jersey), Kelly Tunstall (SF), Kelsey Brookes (San Diego), Kill Pixie (Sydney), Kyle Ranson (SF), Lukas Geronimas (Vancouver), Mars (SF), Mat O'Brien (SF), Matt Furie (SF), Maya Hayuk (NYC), Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch (SF), Mel Kadel (LA), Michael Sieben (Austin), Michelle Blade (SF), Mike Giant (Albuquerque), Mike Maxwell (San Diego), Monica Canilao (Oakland), Niall Mcclelland (Vancouver), Paul Schiek (Oakland), Paul Urich (SF), Robin Williams (NYC), Sam Flores (SF), Saelee Oh (LA), Tessar Lo (Ontario), Travis Millard (LA)
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:: ClipsODay ::

Ingmar Bergman died today at the age of 89.. His movies, even if they took some patience to watch, always made you think about something which is quite rare these days. Some classics are below.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Swan Songs ::

Tonight at The Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter will be the opening of the new show Swan Songs curated by Chris Fitzpatrick. We're really feeling the Astrophotography. Go there.
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:: Dogpatch ::

Got this email from John Graham - "Some yuppie fuckers are going to wipe out all the beautiful graff work down in Dogpatch. They're already painting over the Sectwanto and other pieces, and they're scheduling a "community" whitewashing / paint-over event for Warm Water Cove park on Saturday morning, August 4: CHECK IT... This is bullshit and I think Fecal Face should make some noise about it... Any suggestions? Maybe a stencil assault in the afternoon right after they've done their evil "work"? Or is there something to be done beforehand that can prevent it from happening (i.e., mass media alerts, etc)?... WE WENT DOWN THERE A COUPLE WEEKS AGO AND TOOK SOME PHOTOS (scroll down)
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:: Attari Manuals ::

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:: Stouffer ::

GRAND ARRAY <-- Hannah Stouffer is a San Francisco based illustrator and designer who continues to keep our eyes very busy. You can see more of her work hanging at the newly opened artist collective Studio 3579.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Tonite ::

A couple of great shows tonight to check out tonight: The YBCA is opening a new show Dark Matters with all kinds of 'undercover intelligence'. Also opening is Where To: Artists Implore A Cab at The Lab.. Then after all that, be sure to head over to the Attic on 24th for a special Friday TUFF TOWN.
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:: GRSF ::

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:: Panorama ::

PANORAMIC SAN FRANCISCO CIRCA 1971 <-- Some great panoramic photos by Brad Templeton... MORE SF PHOTOS.
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:: ClipODay ::

The alternate video of Kanye West's new single 'Can't Tell Me Nothing'. Apparently he saw Zach Galifianakis doing comedy recently and had he, along with Will Oldham, re-shoot his video with him not in it. The video was posted on Kayne's site today - read more. Thanks Arlo.
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:: Kill Pixie ::

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:: You Buy ::

Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch has some great prints for sale on his site. He's also going to showing at our 7.5 yr. Anniversary Show August 2nd at 111 Minna here in SF.
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:: Soule, Noborikawa, & Kawasaki ::

PICTURES <-- Manuel Bello headed over to Philly to check out the current shows featuring works from Damon Soule, Audrey Kawasaki, and Randy Noborikawa at the Lineage Gallery.
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:: Clark and Michael ::

If you haven't already watched this brilliant web show, DO IT NOW. I miss Arrested Development.
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:: Friday ::

This coming Friday, head over to The Lab where they will be opening a new group show inspired by taxicabs. The show, titled Where To, will feature a slew of artists including: Tara Lisa Foley, Matt Furie, Sophia Wang, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough and more.
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:: Cordero ::

Artist and Illustrator Louie Cordero has a show up right now at Giant Robot in LA and we hear it looks pretty great. Go check it out if you're down there or see some photos here.
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:: Skulls ::

THE MAKING OF DAMIEN HIRST'S DIAMOND SKULL <-- If you didn't already know about the skull, there is some info here. Apparently another artist made a fake diamond skull, and dumped it in the trash heap outside the gallery where Damien Hirst was showing. How's that for a critique.
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:: ClipsODay ::

Was going to save these for some Sunday Morning Movies, but they are just too good. Check some of Dan Deacon's videos: CRYSTAL CAT - DRINKING OUT OF CUPS - BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG - ON NBC You can check out more bmore at Wham City.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Sonic Youth ::

SONIC YOUTH LAST NIGHT IN BERKELEY <-- should have brought a flask!
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:: Hi ::

Porous emailed to say hi from the grave.
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:: Super Fishal ::

SUPER FISHAL <-- A complete Jeremy Fish clothing line?! Watch out! There's skateboard action too!
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:: Baseman ::

GARY BASEMAN @BILLY SHIRE IN LA <-- if you're down there, check out the show. It runs till August 11th and looks pretty sick.
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:: ClipsODay ::

ERIC OTTO & JASON MECIER <-- shows with Eric @The Shooting Gallery and Jason @111 Minna- Matt Petty behind the lens as part of his Art Adventures.
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:: BONDS ::

You watching this Giants game?! Bonds hit two home runs! Just 3 more to bet Hank Aaron's record. I'd get your tickets now for home games next week. I wanna see him beat the record! Go, Barry!!
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:: ~~ ::

Got a nice email from Alex DaCorte "I love your website so much. I was wondering if you ever look at new artwork via digital submission/website etc. I'm a philly based artist and have heard nothing but great stuff about fecal face (from Space 1026 kids) for a real long time now. If you do look at work, my website is - alexdacorte.com check it out!!" Thanks for the email, Alex. nice work. Tell the dudes and dudettes @ Space 1026, we say hi!
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:: Muller ::

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:: Poddy ::

WE GOTS ANOTHER NEW PODCAST <-- this time brought to you from Fecal-er Jesse Pollock. If you like the sounds, head on over to his site where we posts mp3s and such on the regular.
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:: Forums ::

NEW FECAL FACE FORUMS <-- we redid our forums. Now the site has one single login instead of multiple ones. Find art supplies, talk shit, How To section to post your questions, city sections, call for entries, grants, residences, internships?, sell your work, find a studio space, share mp3s, post your favorite clips, get gnar all in one spot. JOIN NOW!! - The best way to keep up with it may be ITS RSS FEED. Very nice.
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:: ClipsODay ::

All these videos are from the AUDIO DREGS website. They are a record label based out of Portland that has put out a ton of releases from people you might have heard of (take a look).
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:: ::

DANIEL TIERNEY <-- lots of paper and the installations are really great. He lives and works here in SF. We showed his work at Low Gallery a few years back.
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:: Conlon ::

PATRICK CONLON <-- Giant linked this as well on his blog, but just in case you missed it.. Check out the work of this painter, illustrator and tattoo artist.
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:: Mustaches!! ::

Our MUSTACHE CONTEST ends on Tuesday. So get your votes in now for the best mustachio. Who's it going to be? Richard, Andreas, Irving, or Sir Randolph Doogleberry? A banjo's on the line.
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:: Post-Apocalyptic ::

MOTODA HISAHARU <-- Check out the website of this Japanese printmaker who was been creating 'neo-ruins' to great acclaim for some time now. There is some other great work on his site, but the post-apocalyptic prints are amazing. More lithographs here.
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:: Sweatpants ::

Fecal dude, Andreas Trolf, has a new line of Sweatpants Tees out. Nuke the Whales! They've had a free ride for damn too long.
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:: ClipODay ::

ADAM5100 brings you SOME VIDEOS
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:: Zach Johnsen ::

ZACH JOHNSEN <-- lives in Brooklyn and does some fantastic illustrations.
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:: Poddy ::

A mix we got awhile ago from Audrey Audrey came up in the ol' ITunes and we thought we'd share it with you. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST... Audrey has more mixes here if you so enjoy... You got a good mix you wanna share? Contact us.
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:: Saturday ::

There are loads of great shows worth checking out Saturday. Here's a little run down: VOLCOMICS @SPACE GALLERY (free drinks all night plus Travis Millard's in town) - Andy Diaz Hope and Walter Robinson @the new and improved Catherine Clark - Erik Otto @ Shooting Gallery - Saber @ White Walls - Tree Show III @Giant Robot - RAPTURE Vs RUPTURE - New Works By Andrew Hem And Shawn Kuruneru @Receiver Gallery... and then on Sunday spend the day at the Headland Center for the Arts as they open their doors and let people get a peek at their Artist in Residence program. Nice place.
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:: Tenmyouya ::

TENMYOUYA HISASHI <-- Illustration work from this highly regarded Japanese artist. Check out the Kanagawa Low Riders.. so sick.
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:: Bolognesi ::

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:: Wenner ::

SCOTT WENNER <-- emailed us to let us know he'd "like to to save the world. One mountain at a time." Interesting ink & acrylic mountain-scapes.
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:: ::

HEY FUDGE- A NEW BOOK OF WORKS FROM TRAVIS MILLARD <-- published by Narrow Books and for sale for $30 here... and if you're in SF, don't buy it online, instead stop through Giant Robot on Sunday as Travis is town from LA to sign some books. Details. and check some other book reviews.
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:: Alika Cooper ::

Fecal Pal, Alika Cooper is showing with Robert Crumb in NYC at Paul Morris on Friday. details. She also has a solo show coming up here in SF at Mark Wolfe down at 49 Geary on July 19th. details. Congrats, Alika... Check out a recent studio visit we did her as part of our Art Monday Travels.
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:: Sci-Fi Love Life ::

PHOTOS <-- from Ric Stultz and Bill Dunlap's opening at Hotcakes gallery in Milwaukee.
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:: OKOK ::

If you live up in Seattle be sure to mark your calendar for a show from our friend Gregory Euclide that opens July 14th @OKOK Gallery. As Gregory says, it's going to be a big one with micro and macro installations with hundreds of 1" inch drawings and the installations with continue throughout the city... It sounds pretty epic and worth seeing for sure.
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:: Cut ::

Are you all like a whiz with Photoshop/ Illustrator, have a strong sense of design and then also have a weird ambition to compete against other designers in front of hundreds of other people? If so, it's your lucky day, because the Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament is coming to SF and needs people to place on stage, and they asked me to judge (they give out free beer during this one?)... So go here, sign up before July 17th, get your fingers in shape, break out the trainers, put your stunner shades on, get all design, and bring home the gold!!
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:: _!+ ::

KATY HORAN <-- is from Texas and is now living in the Brooklyn. She also has a blog and linked this video off it from Bat For Lashes that I enjoyed watching. Katy also enjoys all things "folky", "spooky" and "crafty"... This what I learned about Katy Horan today.
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:: MMMMmmm ::

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:: ~ ::

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:: Han ::

JON HAN <-- Check out the work of this artist and illustrator based out of Pasadena.
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:: August 2nd!! ::

Happy to announce this year's show which will go down at 111 Minna August 2nd featuring amazing works from some of our favorite artists working today (check below) with a live musical performance from The Dodos. DJs and the whole nine with free tshirts for the first shit load of people through the door.
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:: McShine ::

72IRONMEN <-- The work of artist, illustrator, and film maker (and recent Free Fridayz contributor) Wendell McShine.
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:: Sayaka ::

SAYAKA <-- We often get floored by really good watercolor and the work of Japanese artist Sayaka is no exception. The work is refined, dirty and playfull all at the same time. If you don't read Japanese, the site won't do much for you, but you can find all the images here.
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:: Tonel ::

IRONGREYMAMMOTH.COM<-- New updated work on the website of artist Jairus Tonel.
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:: Shuffle ::

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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: ~+ ::

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:: Artadia ::

If you are a artist living in the Bay Area, check out information about the ARTADIA AWARDS which are open until the end of July. Great opportunity to get some help.. APPLY HERE.
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:: Mustache! ::

Fecal man, Andreas stopped through HQ to show off his stash for our soup-strainer contest. The winner gets a banjo. Get on it Irving & Hart. Damn three months already?!
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:: Tonight ::

Go and check out PAUL URICH @Needles and Pens and then go and see THE DODOS @12 Galaxies. They're opening for Slim Cessna's Auto Club who we've never heard of, but we do know that The Dodos are great. Get there early.
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:: Monica ::

MONICA CANILAO <-- updates her site. She lives and works in Oakland.
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:: The Border ::

BORDER FILM PROJECT <-- Photos taken by migrants and minutemen on the U.S. - Mexico border. The photos take forever to load and you have to dig for the good ones, but there are some very insightful photos in there. Some also have notes, and maps attached. Over 73 cameras have come back so far.. more info here.
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:: Fireworks ::

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:: ClipsODay ::

Seeing as how it's Fourth of July today, we thought after you sat in the sun and ate food for a while, you might want to watch some movies.. This is an series that BMV paid to shoot a while back called The Hire. Sort of dated by now, but they changed web video back in early 2001 and the films are really well done. They are all by different world renown directors, all using great actors, and all staring actor Clive Owen as the driver:
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:: Perea ::

VINCENT PEREA <-- Check out the work of this Los Angeles-based illustrator. We like the sketches best. You can see more here.
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:: ClipODay ::

Check out the music video for Fujiya & Miyagi's song 'Ankle Injuries' made by Wade Shotter of the London-based Factory Films. Yes, it owes a lot to Michel Gondry's White Stripes video, but look at the shading on those dice! Sort of crazy.
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:: Ochre ::

TONY OCHRE <-- Tony Ochre is a Canadian artist who professes his love for you on his website, along with several other portfolio-related sections. Coincidentally, I just read about this calendar he made after nominating Amy Kellner for Person of the Year.
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:: ClipODay ::

CARTS OF DARKNESS <-- homeless dudes bombing hills on shopping carts!
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:: Wow ::

Knowing that a lot of Americans are on vacation this week, Bush "commutes the jail sentence of I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, The Associated Press reports." Fucking asshole, but what's new?!
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:: Inside Out ::

DRAW A WOMAN FROM THE INSIDE OUT.. (You may want to watch it on the fastest speed.)
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:: Tomas Presas ::

TOM14 <-- The work and portfolio of Brazilian artist Tomas Presas. A lot of good content in there if you can deal with all the site animations. Click on the htm version if you want to get around most of it.
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:: ClipODay ::

We got an email from Michael Hsiung, who we interviewed in April, telling us about this great "commercial some artists like Martin Hsu, Chad Glass, Mike Benson, Saelee Oh, and others participated in... I'm kicking the football, and I drew that volcano orifice for like 3 hours." Nice one.
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:: Tessar Paintings ::

TESSAR LO PAINTINGS FOR SALE <-- This great Toronto based artist is selling a series of paintings on his site for only $88 each... originals on shikishi board. ink and acrylic - 9.5" x 10.75". More details on his blog... Tessar will be showing here in SF on August 2nd. Details on that soon.
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:: Rojo ::

ROJO MAGAZINE <-- Founded in 2001, ROJO is a community project, an organization dedicated to the promotion and support of the arts based in Barcelona (Spain) and Sao Paulo (Brazil)... we like them. Go and say hi!!
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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