:: Uncle Dirty ::

Today's Photo of the Day is just a small piece of THE STORY OF UNCLE DIRTY. Spend some time with Mike Belleme's very unique uncle!
Mike Belleme's Uncle Dirty
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:: Kadel & Millard Zines ::

TRAVIS MILLARD & MEL KADEL ZINES <-- Got a little package in the mail the other day from our Los Angeles friends Travis Millard and Mel Kadel with a couple of new zines they both made to coincide with their show that's up right now at Richard Heller in Santa Monica. Check Travis's blog to how the show went down.
Mel Kadel & Travis Millard's newest zines
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:: For Sale ::

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:: ClipODay II ::

Have no idea what they're saying, but this is a great commercial.
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:: Print Mel ::

You like Mel Kadel? Ya, so do we. So we're stoked to see a print of hers go up on the Oakland based Rowan Morrison's website for sale.
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:: NoisePOP ::

I think there's some sort of music festival going on right now- Noise something? Anyway, checking out The Mountain Goats and Tulsa Sat. @The Independent. Not sure why posting it since it's sold out... guess I'm paying back our free admission. :) - what were the best shows you've seen thus far?!
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:: ~+ ::

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:: ClipODay ::

DRUM STICK IN THE FACE <-- check the dude on the right. Harsh! -submitted by Mr. Travis Millard
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:: Polaroid ::

PATRICK WINFIELD'S POLAROID COMPOSITES <-- just another sad reminder that the film is soon to be gone.
Posted: trippe // 02.28.08 // +6+

:: ~~+ ::

NAWLZ ISSUE 3 <-- cool interactive comic.
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:: Tagger?! ::

WHAT IS TAGGING? <-- is your child a tagger?!
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:: Sylvia Ji ::

PHOTOS <-- of Sylvia Ji's show that's currently running at Corey Helford in LA until Mar 15th... Our Opening Photos Archive
Sylvia Ji @Corey Helford LA
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:: Ajit Chauhan ::

A couple weeks ago we went and checked out Ajit Chauhan & Tara Foley's show at Adobe and you saw how great it was. Well, he's showing this Saturday in New York @Jack Hanley and it's bound to be a great show worth checking out. Details
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:: ClipODay ::

THE CRACK FOX <-- from probably the funniest and most creative show I've ever seen, The Mighty Boosh... From season 3. Thanks, Alicia.
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:: :( ::

To help some draw some eyes to his clothing line Rebel 8, Mr. Mike Giant, is going to be moving his blog from the Fecal which, of course, makes us sad. But he isn't gone, just at a different URL. So keep your Mike Giant fix maintained from time to time by following his doings right here.
Posted: trippe // 02.27.08 // +3+

:: Kill Pixie ::

Kill Pixie emailed over some photos of his current show that's up now in Melbourne. Looks awesome.
Posted: trippe // 02.27.08 // +1+

:: FF Gallery ::

Aaaa, man, here I am talking about the gallery already like I said I wouldn't do for awhile, but just wanted to remind real quick that we'll be open tonight from 3-8pm should you wanna stop through and take a look see at Welcome Home.
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:: The Witch ::

We get some crappy ass CDs sent to us and some decent ones from time to time... The Witch - Paralyzed arrived yesterday and after the second or so track I started feeling it. Looked into them through Myspace and after checking out some band photos I realized why... hey, there's Jay Mascis and he plays drums?!... and thus I like The Witch even more... Check it. Psychedelic-ish.
Posted: trippe // 02.27.08 // +4+

:: Project Grizzly ::

"$100,000.00 later and 7 years of research, we've finally got a suit..." Troy Hurtubise showing the world how to become one with the grizzlies like a real man. And then there's the stress testing of the older suits.
Posted: irving // 02.26.08 // +2+

:: Photos ::

EVAN HECOX @KINSEY/ DESFORGES <-- J. Garcia emailed in a few photos of this great show now running till Mar 22nd in LA. You should check it out, and also know that Dave Kinsey released a new print for sale. Looks good.
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:: FF Gallery ::

A bit behind as we play some catch up after opening Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Just added work from the show online for sale. Tomorrow we'll have photos from the opening, but in the meantime, check SF Weekly's review of the opening (guess we're hip) and John Casey made a mention.
Posted: trippe // 02.25.08 // +4+

:: Hugo ::

PIETER HUGO <-- South African-based photographer who creates some incredible images. His newest series The Hyena & Other Men is pretty jaw dropping, as are the other images on his site. Isn't it weird how you know instantly that one photographer is different from the rest? It gives you goose bumps because you know you're looking at something amazing.
Posted: jesse // 02.25.08 // +3+

:: Chen ::

ZHONG CHEN <-- Most known for his pixel paintings where every pixel is flat and carries the colors that it would from a computer. Born in China, he know lives and works in Australia.
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:: ClipODay ::

CURIOUS GEORGE <-- this has been out for a bit, so damn good. Glad dude's outta here soon.
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:: Ugh ::

Soooo many shots of fernet, but such good times. Thanks to everyone who came out last night for our first opening of the new Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Small space but people fit, and the rain wasn't so harsh! The Uptown was great, but man, music would have made it better. Learning lessons. Anyway, photos soon. Drinking off the hangover today as we hang out in the new gallery. Open Sundays 12-6pm and Wednesdays 3-8pm. Come on by!! 66 Gough St @Market.
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:: Fecal Face Tonight! ::

FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- opens its doors (66 Gough St @Market) tonight, Saturday, from 5-8pm for our first show Welcome Home featuring works by Kill Pixie, Jay Howell, Kyle Ranson, Jeremy Fish, Kelsey Brookes, Andrew Schoultz, Hilary Pecis, Tara Foley, and Maya Hayuk.... I know it's going to rain hard tonight, but that's fine as the gallery is pretty damn tiny. Can't fit many people in it anyway... After Party @The Uptown - 17th and Capp. Come and celebrate with us after the opening. 9-2am.
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:: ClipODay ::

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL - KING OF CARROT FLOWERS <-- recorded at one of their last concerts in Athens and the idea of seeing one of the best albums performed live gives me shivers.
Posted: trippe // 02.22.08 // +5+

:: Dave Potes ::

Our friend and NYC photographer, Dave Potes updates his site with more goodness.
Posted: trippe // 02.22.08 // +2+

:: Monster Drawing Rally ::

soex.jpgSouthern Exposure's Monster Drawing Rally goes down tonight @the Verdi Club (2424 Mariposa Street at Potrero) 6-11pm. Over 120 artist participating with four one-hour shifts with approximately 30 artists drawing simultaneously each hour. All art is sold for $60 each. It's a good time with our man Jesse manning the bar and I guess I'm volunteering as a seller whatever that means.
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:: Geoff McFetridge in LA ::

Bobby S. emailed over this link to Geoff McFetridge's new show @Redcat. LOOKS GREAT.
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:: HVW8 ::

HVW8.jpgOur intern Joy, whose about to embark on a journey around the world, stopped through Fifty24SF last week for the opening of their HVW8 show and brought back THESE PHOTOS. We meant to get them up sooner, but shit, we've been preparing for the opening of Fecal Face Dot Gallery which happens this Saturday!
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:: ClipODay ::

THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES <-- Great BBC documentary from 2007 about those in power and how they operate. Covers some ground you probably already know about, but also reveals some information that even the most avid conspiracy theologer might find interesting.
Watch the Trailer.
Posted: jesse // 02.21.08 // +1+

:: Tonite ::

After you're all done with your arting tonight, come by Tuff Town at The Attic on 24th street. Hear some records and have some drinks. Doesn't Jay Howell always play the best music?
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:: Surveillance ::

Now that there is a city camera on every street corner, finally someone discovered a way to move through modern society in relative privacy. Link from BoingBoing.
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WELCOME HOME <-- is our first show in our brand new gallery space at 66 Gough St @Market. Works from Kill Pixie, Jay Howell, Kyle Ranson, Jeremy Fish, Kelsey Brookes, Andrew Schoultz, Hilary Pecis, Tara Foley, and Maya Hayuk. 5-8pm... So tired right now as we've been slaving away on the new space working on the floors and other last minute details (some photos). Help us celebrate at The UPtown afterwards. 9-2am.
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:: States ::

Posted: trippe // 02.19.08 // +3+

:: Ian MacKaye ::

Minor Threat and Fugazi fans will be happy to know that there's an interview with Ian MacKaye at Black Lodges. Has anyone else been listening to The Evens? It's good stuff.
Posted: irving // 02.18.08 // +2+

:: Human Hamster Wheel ::

Take your shoes off and enjoy a walk in the grass.
Posted: irving // 02.17.08 // +1+

:: Tonight ::

Some good shows going on tonight around San Francisco --> MATT FURIE @ JACK FISCHER.. (2-5pm) - PRINTED MATTER III @ GIANT ROBOT - PAUL WACKERS @ ELEANOR HARWOOD. In Los Angeles, AMY STEIN @ PAUL KOPEIKIN - OVERGROWTH @ GR2. See you out there!
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:: Satellite Down ::

Posted: trippe // 02.15.08 // +1+

:: Jan Sochor ::

Jan Sochor
We get lots of emails from great photographers, but damn, we got an email from the Czech Republic photographer, Jan Sochor and his work is pretty powerful stuff. Colombia smugglers, Cockfighting, Life of a Scavenger, and many others. Worth a long visit.
Posted: trippe // 02.15.08 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

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:: Ian Johnson ::

Our friend, The SF Masher, works for the Chronicle and wrote a nice piece on Ian Johnson's show that opened last Sat at White Walls here in SF with video from Matt Petty. We shot some pics too before I broke my face.
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:: Ted Gahl ::

Got an email from Ted Gahl who lives in Connecticut with a link to his work. Lots of good work. Take a look around.
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:: Whale For Sale ::

If you got a truck to move it, it's yours.
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:: Art Death ::

Dreamspace by Maurice Agis
MAN ACCUSED OF SCULPTURE DEATHS <-- "The artist, Maurice Agis, who created an inflatable sculpture (Dreamspace photos) that killed two women when it flipped over in a freak gust of wind has been charged with manslaughter." There's more info here. - Submitted by Mars
Posted: trippe // 02.14.08 // +1+

:: Barneclo Live ::

Thanks to Brian Barneclo who stopped through the Fecal Face HQ to do some drawing which was broadcast live through the FF Live channel. Thanks to all who jumped in the chat and got involved and congrats to those who won the drawings he made while here! It all worked out better than we thought, so you'll be seeing more of this in the future... Not the live feed, but here's A LITTLE VIDEO CLIP taken during the live session.
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:: Pillow Fight!! ::

In case you want to get your rage on this Valentine's Day, go to Justin Herman Plaza in front of the Ferry Building at 6pm and participate in a public pillow fight! Looks like this.
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:: DNA Tattoo ::

Posted: trippe // 02.14.08 // +1+

:: Tonight ::

The new Hamburger Eyes book is out now and the official release party is happening tonight at The Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter. Not just that, but it's also the anniversary of the Epicenter opening and the birthday of the magazine. Like the earth, the sun and the moon all lining up.. this is not to be missed. Starts at 5pm.
Posted: jesse // 02.14.08 // +1+

:: Robin Williams ::

Friday is the opening of Robin Williams show in Brooklyn @Jack The Pelican (also happens to be her 24th birthday as well). Check it out. Robin showed in our massive arty party last August. Great work!
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:: ClipODay ::

TICKLE PARTY <-- fitting for the valentines day thing-a-ma-job.
Posted: trippe // 02.14.08 // +1+

:: $$$ ::

SFWEEKLY IS GIVING AWAY $2,500 <-- if your art is selected in their Masterminds program.
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:: Tessar Lo ::

Got an email from Tessar Lo (his work's featured in our nav) letting us know he's in a two person show in LA at the Culver City based Project Gallery with Chris Devera. You can view & buy work here. Looks good, Tessar. Thanks for the email.
Tessar Lo
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:: ClipODay ::

WHAT'S ART?? <-- let these dudes tell you - submitted by Miguel.
Creature Comforts
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:: Songbird ::

Have you tried the open source Songbird yet produced by the fine folks who brought you the best browser, Firefox and the great email program Thunderbird (we use both here at Fecal Face and love them!)... Maybe this Songbird will rule too... most likely. Thanks for the heads up, Lark!
Posted: trippe // 02.13.08 // +2+

:: Live Again? ::

LIVE FECAL <-- today at 6pm Pacific to chat, discuss news whatnots, and get your feedback. Wednesday Brian Barneclo is stopping through around 6 to do some live drawing. Should be interesting. Joy's here too with her own cam as well. All live and stuff at 6pm.
Posted: trippe // 02.12.08 // +1+

:: White & Clayton Brothers ::

PHOTOS <-- Manuel Bello went over to New York's new Sloan Fine Art to check out this group show featuring Eric White, The Clayton Brothers, and others (damn, nice new work!).
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:: Shopdropping? ::

Taking a dull moment in people's lives and spicing it up some, says NYC artist Ryan Watkins-Hughes on his SHOPDROPPING
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:: One More Time ::

Monica Canilao just emailed looking for that link for finding free music using Google. Well, here it is.
Posted: trippe // 02.12.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

THE MAN WHO EATS BADGERS <-- "Unlike most meat-eating Britons, Arthur never goes into a butcher shop. He gets his meat, by scooping up the carcasses of animals crushed under the wheels of passing traffic" - Submitted by Hans.
Posted: trippe // 02.12.08 // +1+

:: Next Monday ::

Monday, the 18th, we're going to be adding one of the most important and powerful features up on the site to date. Be sure to check back us then... It might be one of the most sincere and substantial features we've ever added.
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:: Arty Party ::

Isaac emailed over a couple shots from our massive show that went down @111 Minna last August here in SF. See a shit load of photos here and/ or check out a couple Isaac just sent: ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR - FIVE - SIX
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:: ClipODay ::

ZARDOZ <-- that's great, but let's --> SPEAK WITH HERTZOG AND ERROL MORRIS
Posted: trippe // 02.11.08 // +2+

:: Opening Photos ::

PHOTOS <-- from Albert Reyes & Ian Johnson's show @White Walls and also from Mike Maxwell's show at The Shooting gallery that opened Saturday. Good stuff.
Posted: trippe // 02.11.08 // +2+

:: Stolen Art ::

ART HEIST <-- "Masked robbers brandishing handguns stole four paintings by 19th Century masters worth $164 million from a Zurich museum in Switzerland's biggest art theft, police said on Monday." Thanks for the link, Nat.
Posted: trippe // 02.11.08 // +1+

:: Pes ::

EATPES.COM <-- You might remember Pes from the commercial he made featuring a human skateboard a while back, but his site is chocked full of a bunch of other great videos as well. Kaboom! (youtube version) - Pee-Nut - RoofSex. Thanks for the link Awwwdrey.
Posted: jesse // 02.11.08 // +1+

:: LIVE ::

FECAL LIVE <-- Live Yahoo is some sort of new live thing-a-ma-job and they sent us a cam. From time to time we'll go live with something like an artist interview or from inside the gallery... Right now? Going to see if we can get a signal from the gallery where we're going to do some painting and shit... we're just testing this thing to see how it works. Might be cool when an artist stops through.
Posted: trippe // 02.09.08 // +2+

:: Polaroid ::

After a slow decrease in production over the last few years, Polaroid has decided to quit making instant film. After next year, Fujifilm in Japan will be the only producer. So stock up now and buy some extra to sell on Ebay. Time Zero film goes for like $70 a package now.
Posted: jesse // 02.09.08 // +4+

:: Tonight ::

Oh man, the weather has turned from shit to amazing. Had to take a couple days away from the computer to do this... Anyway, tonight head down to the tenderloin to check out Mike Maxwell @the Shooting Gallery and right next door @White Walls see Albert Reyes and Ian Johnson's show. AND before of after doing that be sure to stop through Needles and Pens where they host an eighties skate zine show curated by Rich Jacobs.
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:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 02.08.08 // +1+

:: Underblogment ::

Our friends Andreas and Dave who run Underskatement, the skatecentric film festival, blogged up their tour travels throughout the west coast... Damn, Rob Welsh went from fresh to hesh, and don't forget Fixed Push.
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:: Strong Arms Wine ::

DSC_0003.jpgYesterday this little box from Mel Kadel showed up, and in it, a bottle of Shiraz (my favorite) with her work on it. Thanks, Mel! Couldn't find where to get it online, but contact Mel and get a bottle.
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:: $$$ ::

MORE BANKSY NUTS-NESS <-- a screen print of his sold for 96,000 pounds?! Damn, should have got something from him back in the day.
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:: Snider ::

ROGER SNIDER <-- Roger is a Los Angeles based photographer who used to live here in SF a while back and has been taking some terrific photos for a long time now. Almost all his work is worth checking out at least once and the newer Big Rig series is really fun to look at. Inspiring stuff..
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:: First Weekend ::

Tonight is the first Thursday of the month, which means it's followed by a solid second Friday and Saturday, which means lots of arting to be had. Check out the calendar to see what's what. MATT GORDON @ RVCA and RICH JACOBS @ NEEDLES AND PENS are a pretty good bet.
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:: Posters ::

HAND PAINTED MOVIE POSTERS FROM AFRICA <-- thanks for the link, Andy.
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:: Porous Tee ::

Our buddy Porous Walker's new tee is sure to turn some heads. FRONT - BACK - you like? buy.
Posted: trippe // 02.07.08 // +1+

:: ++ ::

WATCH THIS SPACE <-- Great photo blog/gallery from a nameless Canadian in Ontario who works in Steelmaking. Is it just me, or is digital a little too clean sometimes?
Posted: jesse // 02.07.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

EVERYTHING POOPS <-- We put this in Sunday Morning Movies at the beginning of the week, but here it is again in case you missed it. We don't know why it's so funny. We thought it was going to be dumb, but it makes us laugh every time. I guess that what's happens when you have a name like Fecal Face. More poop.
Posted: jesse // 02.07.08 // +1+

:: Free Fridayz ::

The Karate Kid is this week's theme for Free Fridayz. Get your work in by 12pm on Friday like Greg Kletsel has. Submission guidelines.
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:: Keyes & Casey ::

PHOTOS <-- from Josh Keyes and John Casey's show that opened last Saturday @Tag Gallery.
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:: Mike Giant Art ::

Mike Giant work for sale
We've got a couple of original Mike Giant works for sale as part of the new Fecal Face Gallery opening up (Feb 23rd). They're both 18" X 24", framed, $1,500 each. Both have a minor crease on the paper. Contact: gallery(at)fecalface.com ... and speaking of Mike, he's showing some drawings @DCAC in Albuquerque for a Valentine's Day group show opening Friday the 8th.
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:: Yoshiyuki ::

Kohei Yoshiyuki photographed his series The Park in Tokyo during the 1970s. Back then, couples who had no place else to go would go to the park to be alone. Only they usually weren't alone. We're a little late in mentioning this re-emergence of his work (his show at New York's Yossi Milo Gallery was back in 2007) but his book has been popping up a bunch lately. Read the NY Times piece here.
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:: ClipODay ::

CHRIS JORDAN ON RACHEL RAY <-- thousands and thousands of photos of the millions and millions of items of shit we throw away each day. Love his photographic work as illustrated by him being up on our nav for the last 6 months.
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:: GIFs ::

SWEET GIFS <-- Best viewed on a large screen and left on for hours. Thanks Adam.
Posted: jesse // 02.06.08 // +1+

:: _+!@ ::

San Francisco artist and graduate of SFAI, DANIEL TIERNEY does great work. Anyone remember his Low Gallery show? Nice one.
Posted: trippe // 02.05.08 // +0+

:: Jeremy Fish MIX ::

JEREMY FISH'S FECAL FACE MIX <-- this SF based artist and Fecal Pal created this mix just for you, the Fecal reader. It's a good one!... Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
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:: ClipODay ::

LAZER TAG <-- it's hotter than ever!!! Thanks for the link, Isaac.... Also watched You're Gonna Miss Me - the story of Roky Erickson last night, and wow, that is one seriously great film! See the trailer here and rent it. You won't be bummed.
Posted: trippe // 02.05.08 // +5+

:: Lucas Soi ::

The First Plague by Lucas Soi
LUCAS SOI <-- lots of great drawings from this Vancouver based artist. Click about. Check the comix too... Check The Mutators. Good tunes.
Posted: trippe // 02.04.08 // +3+

:: Christofer Chin ::

Christofer Chin
Our friend, the LA based artist, Christofer Chin (aka Tofer) updates his site with some great new paintings. Love the the work.
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:: ~~~ ::

Posted: trippe // 02.04.08 // +0+

:: Bomb It - film ::

BOMB IT <-- the hype surrounding street art continues with this "global graffiti documentary. Featuring street artists and top graffiti writers from 5 continents..." airs as part of San Francisco's IndieFest on Feb 16 & 17 @The Roxie. Might be good to check out... Are you excited to see anything specific @IndieFest this year?
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:: Mori ::

KENTO MORI <-- This former San Francisco photographer now lives in Tokyo and just released a brand new version of his website. Good stuff.
Posted: jesse // 02.04.08 // +0+

:: Vote-ding ::

Tuesday's the big day for all the candidates. Do you know who you're going to vote for and WHY? Don't get on any hype train and vote for someone you know nothing about. Do yourself and our country a favor and get educated on the issues. Find the candidate that fits your ideals by taking this Washington Post questionare. It takes like 30 or so minutes, but worth it!... and FIND YOUR POLLING PLACE HERE in case you forgot.
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:: RPS ::

Tonight at El Rio, Oakland's Rock! Paper! Scissors! is having a benefit show with some great bands. RPS offers classes and is the kind of resource we like to have around, so go check it out.
Posted: jesse // 02.04.08 // +0+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: jesse // 02.03.08 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 02.02.08 // +3+

:: Alicia Can Do It! ::

With all this political stuff going on, let's concentrate on what matters... which is Fecal winning the war! Bought your war bonds yet??!!
Posted: trippe // 02.01.08 // +1+

:: Ben Aqua ::

OKFRESH.COM <-- photography from Austin based Ben Aqua.
Posted: trippe // 02.01.08 // +0+

:: Luke Williams ::

LUKELUKELUKE.COM <-- Photographer & designer Luke Williams does some nice work in Baltimore.
Posted: trippe // 02.01.08 // +6+

:: ClipODay ::

COCOROSIE <-- a quick little live intimate performance. Wish me and my friends could get together and make music like that. Damn!
Posted: trippe // 02.01.08 // +1+