:: Bahonka ::

BOOTY <<< be sure to scroll down.
Posted: pesya // 05.31.08 // +2+

:: Kitty City ::

Posted: pesya // 05.31.08 // +4+

:: Street Art @The Tate ::

STREET ART @THE TATE MODERN w/ Os Gemeos, Nunca, Faile (our interview), and others <-- They were given free reign on the outside of the museum and given a group exhibition as well. Gettin' up!
Posted: trippe // 05.30.08 // +1+

:: ClipODAY II ::

Whether you love him or hate him, Above is back with some footage from his South American travels...
Posted: trippe // 05.30.08 // +1+

:: 100GIRLS ::

100 GIRLS ON CHEAP PAPER <-- from German based illustrator, Tina Berning.
Posted: trippe // 05.30.08 // +0+

:: Will Oldham @The Headlands ::

DSC02278edit.jpg Another one of our brilliant new interns, Caitlin Denny, headed north over the Golden Gate to check out the WILL OLDHAM & DAVID MAISEL PRESENTATIONS @The Headlands last Thursday. She even caught some video of Will performing a song of his. Check it out. She write good like.
Posted: trippe // 05.30.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

FOREST CITY ROCKERS! <-- Eighty Four films finally finished the first episode of their Forest City Rockers show. It's drawn by Jay Howell, animated by Jim Dirschberger and in this episode they've got live Mayyors footage as well as broken beer bottles. Sick..
Posted: jesse // 05.30.08 // +1+

:: Giants! ::

After living in SF for the last 15 years, this year I'm a full on Giants fan (sorry Tigers)... Expected to come in last place, they're looking pretty good after sweeping Arizona tonight and playing better than expected for sure!! They're home tomorrow. See a game this weekend! Go Giants!!
Posted: trippe // 05.29.08 // +6+

:: Robin Schwartz ::

PRIMATES AT HOME >>> Awesome photography by Robin Schwartz. I couldn't stop laughing. Check the rest of his site on tiny vices here.
Posted: pesya // 05.29.08 // +0+

:: Mister Lonely ::

MISTER LONELY <<<< "The film follows a lonely Michael Jackson impersonator who is invited by a Marilyn Monroe to a commune full of other impersonators including the Queen of England, Madonna, Sammy Davis Junior and James Dean, in the Scottish Highlands." <--- by Harmony Korine. Playing at the Lumiere on California and in Berkeley for a week.
Posted: pesya // 05.29.08 // +0+

:: Mars & Lee ::

Got our interns out and about. This time Megan Wolfe, who left the MOMA to work for us (well, not really but sort of), headed on over to Bucheon to have a look see at SF artists Mars & David Chung Lee's show Mental and Material Realms and brought back --> THESE PHOTOS & TEXT
The trippy landscape of Mars
Posted: trippe // 05.29.08 // +1+

:: M Maxwell ::

Our friend Mike Maxwell has a new website.
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:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 05.29.08 // +1+

:: $%^& ::

Posted: pesya // 05.28.08 // +0+

:: Tiffany Bozic ::

PHOTOS <-- from our friend Tiffany Bozic's show that opened last Saturday @Kinsey/DesForges Gallery down there in Culver City. Thanks for the photos, Mike. <-MORE PHOTOS->
Posted: trippe // 05.28.08 // +1+

:: Adam5100 ::

adam51110.jpgADAM5100 @ROWAN MORRISON IN OAKLAND <-- Ashley headed over the Bay Bridge to Oakland last Saturday to check out Adam5100's newest show of his stencil work.
Posted: trippe // 05.28.08 // +0+

:: FFDG Wins Best Of ::

FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY WINS BEST NEW ART GALLERY!! <-- thanks to the SF Weekly for the honor of being named SF's best new art gallery!... Oh and we have new hours to boot! Thurs & Fri (4-8pm) Sat & Sun (12-6pm). Stop through Thursday to get your last look at Savage Whiskers before Tara Foley's show opens on June 6th!!
Posted: trippe // 05.28.08 // +4+

:: 300/ $200 ::

THE CHEAPER SHOW <-- Vancouver based group show featuring 150 artists (Our own The NightOwlCoHolic aka Rick Marr is in the mix) w/ each artist showing 2 pieces. Work selling for $200. Nice concept and if you're up there in Canada, be sure to mark 6/21 on your calendar.
Posted: trippe // 05.28.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

God Has A Voice, She Sings Through Me, directed by Eliza Douglas and Bradley Benedetti in collaboration with Cocorosie and Emma Freeman.
Posted: trippe // 05.28.08 // +1+

:: Life Is Good ::

Our friend Sacha Eckes used to live here in SF but moved back to her native Belgium. She does this great comic and is having a kid very soon!!
Posted: trippe // 05.28.08 // +1+

:: Suzanne Husky ::

Headed over to Triple Base on Friday to check out Suzanne Husky's solo show and got some photos... Also keep moving to the dump for Paul Cesewski's carnival.
Posted: trippe // 05.27.08 // +0+

:: SECA/ Bay Area Now ::

SFMOMA'S SECA & YBCA BAY AREA NOW <-- If you don't know already, these awards/ shows focus on Bay Area artists and have in the past propelled artists into the high art world lime light very quickly. Many great winners in the past. SECA list of the winners and finalists.
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:: FFDG ::

FFDG ONLINE STORE <-- So behind with everything right now, but that's changing with the help we're now getting with our new wonderful interns, Megan, Gabe, Ashley, Caitlin, and U... Anyway, a heads up to give you like one more second to purchase work from our past show, The Out-Of-Towners. We have a few pieces left from Travis Millard, Cody Hudson, Christofer Chin, Keith Shore, Kelsey Brookes, and more HERE.
Travis Millard
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:: Electric Works ::

PHOTOS <-- from Electric Windows show that was held in Beacon, New York a couple weeks ago... How's it going, Cycle?
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:: New Hours ::

FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- has new hours starting this Thursday! The new hours are: Thurs & Fri (4-8pm) Sat & Sun (12-6pm)... Stop in this Thursday and meet Ashley who's now helping out on the gallery end as well as site end.
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:: Sketch Tuesdays ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS TONIGHT @MINNA <-- you know the drill. Artists sit at tables creating art throughout the night and pin finished works to a wall for purchase. A good way to get some nice art for not much dough. Check out one we went to a while back.
Posted: trippe // 05.27.08 // +0+

:: Worlds Largest Drawing ::

"With the help of GPS and DHL, I have drawn a self portrait on our planet"... Pesya emailed over a very interesting idea. Nice one, sir.
5/28 Update: Yep, it was a hoax as the artist explains. "It was his graduation project". He wanted to do it for real but didn't have the funds, so he made it up and why not. It's better this way anyway.
World's Largest Drawing
Posted: trippe // 05.26.08 // +9+

:: ~+_ ::

Posted: trippe // 05.25.08 // +0+

:: Hopeless & Otherwise ::

One of our newest intern, Ashley Taylor, headed on over to SOEX on Friday to check out their newest politically themed show, Hopeless & Otherwise and brings back photos and text.
Hopeless & Otherwise @SOEX
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:: ClipODay ::

THE LUGGAGE STORE ROOF <-- Lamesake takes a trip up for Os Gemeos, Chubs, Twist & friends...
Posted: trippe // 05.24.08 // +1+

:: Savage! ::

PHOTOS <-- from our show Savage Whiskers featuring Alexis Mackenzie & Jessica Cusik which opened last week at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Work from the show can be purchased online here.
Jessica Cusik
Posted: trippe // 05.23.08 // +2+

:: Tonight ::

ART AT THE DUMP <-- Paul Cesewski creates a carnival out of trash. We'll be there and will bring back photos. || SCOTT BARRY CLOSING <-- at Receiver. || JOHN CASEY <-- over in Oakland @Swarm Gallery. || HOPELESS & OHERWISE <-- SoEX gets political with a group show. || SUZANNE HUSKY @TRIPLE BASE <-- "For her ambitious installation at Triple Base, Husky crafted a series of soft sculptures that include Chinese factory workers, Mexican laborers, "counter-mainstream hipsters", and a series of inventive Berkeley "eco-heroes."..... We've got some interns now who are to be out and about tonight. Don't look at them in the eyes. They're aggressive and twitchy... I mean look at Gabe who's here now. He's got the crazy eye... Check out his band NRSZ who are playing this Sunday @21 Grand in Oakland with KIT and others.
Gabe and his eye
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:: ClipODay ::

LAMESAKE MAKES KOMBUCHA <-- damn, my wife-to-be is hyped because she had to stop drinking it 'cause it's so damn expensive, but now... making it at home?!
Posted: trippe // 05.23.08 // +3+

:: J Howell ::

FORESTCITYROCKERS.COM <-- will Jay Howell's next adventure rule or drool? If it's anything like his video below, should be pretty good.
Jay Howell's new amazingly awescum video
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:: PhotoShopped ::

PHOTOSHOP DISASTERS <-- got some good chuckles out of this site... link from: It's Nice That.
Posted: trippe // 05.22.08 // +2+

:: Ian Francis ::

Got a heavy duty 2 cannon sized tubes one inside the other from BLK/MRKT today. Cracked it open to find an AP print from the London based Ian Francis who've we've been fans of over the years (read our interview from earlier this year). The Giclee print is part of BLK/MRKT Editions and is of the best quality printed on Somerset 330gm... Damn no wonder the tank packaging as these prints sell for $700... If you got the $$$, pick one up off their site. Very nice indeed. Thanks, Ian!
Today's mail surprise
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:: End Rent Control??!! ::

You live in California? Rent an apartment? Not want your landlord to raise your rent $100/ month on a whim? Vote NO on prop 98 which, if passed, would END rent control... Can you imagine if SF didn't have rent control?! Ummm.... That would suck pretty hard unless of course you own a house or apartment building and your tenants have been paying $10/ month for the last 60 years... Vote NO on prop 98 Tuesday June 3rd!!! Read all about it. Save San Francisco from collapsing into a giant douche bag Marina District!!!
Posted: trippe // 05.22.08 // +3+

:: Free Fridayz ::

Be sure to get your Free Fridayz entry in by Friday 12pm like Jeroen Blok from Holland has... This week's theme is My City... We've got a good prize this week. freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
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:: KQED Love ::

KQED HAS SOME NICE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- You know you're doing something right when the Chronicle says nice things too.
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:: ^^^^^ ::

Juliano Guedes emailed us a link to his site where he has these little web zines he's created... I don't speak the language, but they look good... Got any good webzines you've seen recently?
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:: Apenest Vol II ::

APENEST VOLUME II <-- Jesse reviews up this great book featuring the likes of John Copeland, Andrew Schoultz, Alex Lukas, Eddie Martinez, and many more. The 208 paged book, which sells for only $30, comes complete with print sets, perfect bound and printed on dense heavy glossy paper. Well worth a look see and then purchase!
Posted: trippe // 05.22.08 // +1+

:: VAR ::

KARL GRANDIN <-- illustrator living in Stockholm. Dig his Animal Sweater... also check out his stop motion animated stuff.
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:: Michael Page ::

Posted: trippe // 05.21.08 // +0+

:: Poddy ::

FECAL FACE PODCAST <-- Nicholas Venaglia is back with another great mix for us... Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
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:: QUik in Holland ::

PHOTOS OF QUIKSAND <-- a group show in Holland curated by the legendary NYC '80s graffiti writer Quik... Our friend Mike Giant was asked to participate and brought back some photos for us.
Posted: trippe // 05.21.08 // +0+

:: Hardgrave & Koralie ::

HARDGRAVE & KORALIE PHOTOS <-- Manuel checked out the Robert Hardgrave & Koralie show that opened at the new Joshua Liner Gallery.
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:: Will Oldham ::

DSC_0167_b.jpgWILL OLDHAM'S PLAYING MUSIC @THE HEADLANDS THURSDAY <-- I'd get there early as the place can only hold 120 people for the show... you could always check out David Maisel's photographs that will also be on display if you can't squeeze in to see ol' Willy... hey, that's Corey Arnold's photo on his MySpace page for the song May It Always Be that, as I type this, sits behind me! Wow. Weird... (oh and it is for sale here, if interested!)
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:: Carnival @The Dump ::

skrew-ball.jpgThe SF Dump has a great artist in residency program where artists work at the dump for a month or so and then create an art show out of whatever trash they'd like to use. There have been some really incredible shows that have gone down, and the one opening this Thursday looks pretty good too... Paul Cesewski recreates an old-fashioned carnival opening this Friday. Get a sneak peek. Show Details.
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:: Biskup @Levine ::

TIM BISKUP @LEVINE IN NYC <-- our man in NYC Manuel checks the show out and also the second show from Titi Freak... Dig Biskup's new work!
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:: Love Photography ::

David Lang emailed over a link to his compiled list of some of his favorite photographers. Nice list.
Posted: trippe // 05.20.08 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

GREEN PORN <-- Took this gem of a link from Kozyndan's blog. "Isabella Rossilini dressed up as various little creatures describing their sex lives". So good..
Posted: jesse // 05.20.08 // +1+

:: Dave Kinsey ::

Dave Kinsey has a show opening 7/13/08 @Lazarides Newcastle. Like the direction of the work.
Posted: trippe // 05.20.08 // +0+

:: Dead Unicorns ::

After being online forever and inspiring countless photo blogs all over the country, Amy Kellner's Teenage Unicorn has finally been killed off. Rest In Peace and/or go browse the archives for hours of fun.
Posted: jesse // 05.20.08 // +0+

:: 2000 ::

Posted: trippe // 05.19.08 // +0+

:: Herzog & Lynch?! ::

Two of my favorite directors are working on a film together! "Werner Herzog and David Lynch are teaming for "My Son, My Son," a horror-tinged murder drama based on a true story... Herzog and his longtime assistant director Herbert Golder co-wrote "Son," loosely based on the true story of a San Diego man who acts out a Sophocles play in his mind and kills his mother with a sword. The low-budget feature will flash back and forth from the murder scene to the disturbed man's story. A guerrilla-style digital video shoot on Coronado Island is tentatively set for March."
Posted: trippe // 05.19.08 // +2+

:: Intern? ::

Got some free time this summer? The Eleanor Harwood Gallery here in SF is in need of interns. They have some really great shows and could be a nice place to get involved with. Details
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:: _+! ::

CODY HOYT <-- makes some really great silk screens and drawings.
Silkscreen, gouache, pencil and colored pencil on paper
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:: Movie of the Evening ::

Mike Midden emailed over a link to his student film which illustrates MAYBE IT'S BEST NOT TO MUSTACHE... So good.
Posted: trippe // 05.16.08 // +2+

:: Savage Whiskers ::

SAVAGE WHISKERS <-- opens on Saturday (6-9pm) @Fecal Face Dot Gallery featuring the work of Alexis Mackenzie & Jessica Cusik. Our gallery is right at 66 Gough @Market and the very beginning of Haight & Valencia... We're also going to be open tonight from 5-8pm as we're part of a neighborhood Hayes Valley art walk. This is your last chance to view Forever & Never the print show from Michael Sieben & Nat Swope.
Alexis Mackenzie
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:: Mars-1 ::

Our friend Mars is having an opening this Saturday @The Bucheon Gallery showing with David Choong Lee. The show is titled "Mental and Material Realms" and should be worth the visit for sure!
Posted: trippe // 05.15.08 // +1+

:: Tonight ::

We like new photo zines and Cutter Photozine is releasing it's first issue with a party over at 111 Minna tonight. Photos, music, drinking? Okay..
Also tonight is a special sweaty Tuff Town.
Posted: jesse // 05.15.08 // +0+

:: _+!@ ::

DREW BECKMEYER <-- some nice work from this Art Center graduate... Thanks for the link, Mr Shore!
Posted: trippe // 05.15.08 // +1+

:: Color Flip ::

I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually do anything.
Posted: irving // 05.14.08 // +1+

:: Orphaned Works Bill ::

The fast-tracked Orphaned Works bill (soon making its way through Congress) will make it possible for people and business to use your images without your consent or knowledge. Though well-intentioned, it leaves all artists, especially photographers and illustrators, vulnerable... Learn about the bill now. The American Society of Media Photographers has organized a fax campaign to put pressure on Congress and it's been effective. Soon they'll be organizing another round. Stay tuned here. Recent article . more info
Posted: trippe // 05.14.08 // +4+

:: Kelsey Brookes ::

Have you been over to White Walls to see Kelsey Brookes show yet? He's showing with A.J. Fosik right now. We're going to get over there to see the work and to see Kelsey's Yeti as seen below!
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:: Hot & Cold ::

Theo stopped through The Luggage Store to have a look see at Kick Out the Jams which is the art show to coincide with Issue #2 of Hot and Cold - PHOTOS.
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:: Threat of Chance ::

Andrew Janik went over to Ad Hoc in Brooklyn to check out The Threat of Chance and brought back THESE PHOTOS.
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:: MUTO by Blu ::

This is probably one of the best animations I've seen in a long time. MUTO by blu.
Posted: irving // 05.14.08 // +4+

:: Volcanic Lightning ::

Some crazy photos of a Chilean volcano erupting in the middle of a lightning storm.
Posted: irving // 05.14.08 // +2+

:: Alex Lukas ::

Alex Lukas, who we've interviewed a little bit ago, has a show up at Park Life w/ fellow Philly based Space 1026r Brian Willmont. See this show before it comes down June 8th... Another reason to stop through Park Life is to see their new massive sign that Andrew Schoultz and Jason Jagel did for them. Pics here.
Alex Lukas
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:: CCA MFA Show ::

PHOTOS <-- from last weeks CCA MFA graduate show... Be sure to stop through Herbst Pavilion in Fort Mason Center for SFAI's MFA show. This Sat. May 17th 12-6pm.
Colleen Sanders
Posted: trippe // 05.13.08 // +3+

:: RIP Rauschenberg ::

Robert Rauschenberg - Pilgrim - 1950
Posted: trippe // 05.13.08 // +4+

:: Forever & Never ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening evening's festivities that took place at FFDG last Friday. Forever & Never is an ongoing collaborative print project between Michael Sieben and Nat Swope... We have prints for sale on the FFDG's website. We have prints with editions of 45, but our favorite are the 1 of 1s that Nat put together not using Illustrator but instead worked it old school using a nice set of scissors, vellum, and tape. Prices range from $30 - $150 unframed and framed. Steal.
Nat Swope & Michael Sieben
26" x 26" - $100
Posted: trippe // 05.12.08 // +1+

:: Daily Serving ::

This is a good site, Daily Serving. Dig through the archives section a bit.
Posted: irving // 05.12.08 // +1+

:: Openings ::

Julian Duron in NYC is going to be sending us some opening pics from time to time from shows he checks out in the big apple... First he headed over to Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn for Move 16: Don't Paint With Your Teeth (PHOTOS) which is a show curated by the new SF transplant, Rich Jacobs... Then it's off to the city to Woodward Gallery for Street Language featuring works from Darkcloud and Matt Siren. PHOTOS.
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:: PooLiTicks ::

Posted: trippe // 05.11.08 // +3+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 05.11.08 // +0+

:: Brian Brown ::

BRIANBROWNIES.COM <-- From Utah and just moved to the big chapel... apple... Nice work and he's search of a jobby job if you wanna help a talented youngster out.
Posted: trippe // 05.09.08 // +3+

:: Tonight ::

Below is what's happening right now at Fecal Face Dot Gallery as we prepare for Sieben and Nat's show tonight. For you camera lovers, that's a 4-4-4 Red Box camera (I think I got that right)... Anyway, come down tonight for some art art art.
Michael Sieben
Juice running things
Sieben and the monsters on the way to FFDG
Posted: trippe // 05.09.08 // +2+

:: Summer ::

Don't forget to get your Free Fridayz drawing by Friday morning for a chance at winning a book from Monica Canilao and also a whole bunch of other goodies. Summer is this week's theme and get your drawing in by 10am Friday (pacific) for it to be included! Remember: the work must have Fecal Face written on it somewhere (not photoshopped), at least 600 pixels in width... Email them to: freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
Kyle Mooneyham's Summer submission
Posted: trippe // 05.08.08 // +2+

:: Tonight ::

Tonight over at the Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter, Aaron Rose (check out our interview with him from a while back) has co-curated the show Being True. Yeah it's sponsored by Nike and that makes us feel pretty weird, but check out the list of artists who are appearing in the show, it's pretty sick. Plus maybe they'll give you a free pair of dunks to shut you up..
Posted: jesse // 05.08.08 // +1+

:: Ladouceur ::

JEFF LADOUCEUR <-- Check out the work of this Vancouver-born artist who now lives in Brooklyn.
Posted: jesse // 05.08.08 // +0+

:: Friday Night ::

KICK_OUT_THE_JAMS2.jpgOur friend Chris Duncan is working his way through his Hot and Cold zine series which began at 10 and now is on issue 2 with a great show, Kick Out the Jams, opening at The Luggage Store on Friday (6-8pm). Too many great artists in the show to name. Just be sure to check out this show while it's up till June 14th. The 2 hours they jam the opening night into creates havoc which can be too much too handle. We recommend either people watch at the opening but if you really wanna see the work, check it out during their opening hours. Wed-Sat 12-5pm.
Posted: trippe // 05.08.08 // +3+

:: Thursday ::

There are a grip of good shows opening this weekend beginning on Thursday with D*FACE & ARMSROCK @FIFTY24SF. Not only are those two European artists showing but opening at the same time downstairs is a group show featuring SF based artists Brian Barneclo, Romanowski, and Sean Somers for the show entitled Orchestrated Oddities.... AND after or before that show be sure to check out CCA's graduate show which is always worth seeing!
D*Face & Armsrock
Posted: trippe // 05.07.08 // +2+

:: ClipOHuh? ::

This could kinda somewhat maybe sorta be good, but really Travis, what the hell is up with that music?!... skating/ art kinda reminds me of that Gonz thing skating in the museum.
Posted: trippe // 05.07.08 // +7+

:: _+! ::

VITOR CERVI <-- Motion design & illustration based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Posted: trippe // 05.07.08 // +2+

:: Opening Photos ::

Jesse goes to check out some shows from some of our pals. First off he heads down to LA to check the Hamburger Eyes book release party/ show @Hope Gallery and then last Thursday's opening of Circus featuring work from Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock who just were married last Saturday. Congrats! May all your babies be artistic babies.
Hamburger Eyes in LA
Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock
Posted: trippe // 05.06.08 // +1+

:: Mere Inches ::

PHOTOS <-- from Jim Houser's show that opened on Saturday Mary Karnowsky (LA).
Posted: trippe // 05.06.08 // +1+

:: Aitken & Wagner - ClipODay ::

First of all check out SLEEPWALKERS which was an installation in NYC's MoMA created with sound from Damian Wagner and visuals from Doug Aitken featuring Donald Sutherland and Tilda Swinton, musicians Seu Jorge and Cat Power. It's very good. Also be sure to watch Interiors as well... Thanks for the email, Damian. Very great work... Damian composed music for Heat and has mixed tracks for artists like Michael Jackson, The Stooges, U2, and the list goes on. Learn more.
Posted: trippe // 05.06.08 // +0+

:: Fish's Van ::

The van that has inspired work from Jeremy Fish (everything from prints, originals to toys) is for sale. It's an end of an era... Get a piece of art history. Camp with it. Drive it. Live in it. Make time with your lady in it. Setup a bar in it... It's yours for $4,500.
Posted: trippe // 05.05.08 // +2+

:: Forever & Never ::

card_sieben.jpgFOREVER & NEVER <-- opens this Friday @Fecal Face Dot Gallery featuring an ongoing collaborative print project between our friends Michael Sieben and Nat Swope. They'll be exhibiting 20 - 12" x 12" prints, and I believe there are rumors of monsters and film cameras?! Stop through Friday to find out more. It's going to be a good one and your mug might end up on TV.
Posted: trippe // 05.05.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

SNUFF BOX <-- BBC comedy featuring some of the fine gents from the brilliant Mighty Boosh.
Posted: trippe // 05.05.08 // +1+

:: P-P-P-Press ::

We got a pretty intense write up in today's Chronicle written by Travis Jensen which is broken down into three parts. A story on the site - Some artists that we're into - and then a rundown on some of our favorite galleries here in San Francisco... If that weren't enough there are also a few videos as well produced by Matt Petty: Me sounding dumb as hell (don't do video interviews after a bunch of beer) - Fecal Pals (my favorite video!) - and one on Kottie Paloma's show which is up right now!... We're down here at the gallery now if you wanna stop through before 6pm today... You can sit on our new bench! It holds the weight of a human! Good for your bum!
Posted: trippe // 05.04.08 // +6+

:: Mauled By Boarlets ::

Posted: trippe // 05.03.08 // +2+

:: Tonight ::

If you're in New York Tonight, Check out Chief Magazine's Spring Photo Showcase starting at 7pm. Some great photographers are lined up to be in the show.
Posted: jesse // 05.02.08 // +0+

:: Houser ::

Be sure and see this show Mere Inches in LA @Mary Karnowsky Saturday from one of our favorites, Philly based Jim Houser of Space 1026. His work always makes us oh so happy :) and he emailed over some shots from the setup!... You go? You get photos? Email then to news(at)fecalface.com
Posted: trippe // 05.02.08 // +4+

:: Nigel Peake ::

Nigel Peake from Ireland has sent us some great zines from time to time. We love them and were pleased to see that he had a show recently here in the states in Philly @Amble Gallery & Book seller... Here are some photos from the show. Feels good.
Posted: trippe // 05.02.08 // +0+

:: Chris Jordan ::

CHRIS JORDAN <-- Always great work from this LA based artist. Maybe you've noticed our nav bar. Love it.
Depicts 32,000 Barbies, equal to the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries performed monthly in the US in 2006. Click image for more.
Posted: trippe // 05.01.08 // +1+

:: Da Arts ::

The city donated a small space to The Shooting Gallery over on 6th @Minna as part of the "beautification" of 6th street project. Well, Kevin E. Taylor got in there and created a really nice mural. If you're over in the neighborhood (buying crack or whatever) check it out! Looks great!
Kevin E. Taylor @Da Arts
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:: Tonight ::

Man, too many shows to check out tonight: Here's a run down of the shows we're going to see: Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock @111 Minna - Daniel Tierney @Steven Wolf - Creativity Explored Celebrates 25 years!!!! - AND A LOT MORE (big weekend for openings) ... Of course down at 49 Geary they'll be going nuts with openings that you should check out. If you're heading down there their openings run from 5:30 - 7:30pm and we'd recommend getting there early as the place packs up quickly making art viewing annoying and quite sweaty to boot. Ugh...
Posted: trippe // 05.01.08 // +0+