:: ClipONow ::

Another reason why SF is awesome <--- just came across this scene on the edge of Chinatown this evening.
Posted: trippe // 07.31.09 // +3+

:: Nothing ::

MICHAEL GUIDETTI is a great artist with a few shows up in town - Jancar Jones on mission has a great solo show by him, and No., on 389 Valencia street, has a group show with him and Julie Cloutier, Claire Nereim, Pablo Guardiola, Chadwick Rantanen, and Sean Talley. Also if you were wondering, his work may look digital, but really they're just projections on a completely flat, watercolor surface (like this)! Nuts!
Posted: pesya // 07.31.09 // +1+

:: Superfine ::

SUPERFINE @MORGAN LEHMAN IN NYC <-- photos from a great group show running now till August 7th.
Eric Beltz
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:: Nice Craola ::

Check this amazing painting from Craola that he finished for an upcoming show at Joshua Liner in NYC... our interview w/ him.
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:: Gunderson @FFDG ::

Ashley will be on gallery watch today from 3-6 and Liz will be covering Saturday from 12-6pm. Stop in and see Henry Gunderson's work in person. It's the cat's meow. FFDG 66 Gough St.
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:: Wallworks ::

WALLWORKS OPENS TONIGHT @YBCA <-- we're going to check it out. 8-11pm
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:: Twitter - Suit ::

TWITTER POST LEADS TO LAWSUIT <-- you hear about this yet?! A girl tweets "Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it's okay."... and her landlord (Chicago's Horizon Group Management) sues her for $50,000??!! That's nuts.
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:: July's Oakland Murmur ::

Is it an art event being swallowed by the mass party surrounding it? Are people aware that there's art inside? Is it the best thing ever? Can it survive? THEO PONDERS OAKLAND'S FIRST FIRDAY'S ART MURMUR <-- and reports on July's.
Posted: trippe // 07.31.09 // +1+

:: Megan Wolfe ::

She watches FFDG on Saturdays, she photographs art shows about town for us, and she's a damn fine artist in her own right. Check her site and see for yourself. Megan Wolfe does highly rendered graphite drawings focused on sidewalks and pigeons... This Saturday evening she'll be showing at Cafe Socha w/ David Young V & John Felix Arnold III. Cafe Socha is at 3235 Mission st (@ Valencia). 6-8pm Saturday
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:: _+! ::

Haven't seen photographer NICHOLAS VENAGLIA in awhile. According to his website he still lives in Pacifica, and his flickr page was updated last week... The internet says he's good.
Posted: trippe // 07.30.09 // +2+

:: Christopher Russell Fri @Park Life ::

Hailing from Boulder CO, Christopher Russell is a 2006 BFA CCA graduate w/ a show You Are So Balanced; I Don't Want to Complicate Things Friday night at Park Life (show details). We've been enjoying Christopher's work at various group shows around SF. Looking forward to it.
Posted: trippe // 07.30.09 // +2+

:: Blast From The Past ::

MICHAEL LEON FREE AND EASY <-- was a short film I made on Michael back in '03 after he completed a board series for Element. Stumbled across it today. Michael's a talented guy who's art directing (or style directing or something) Nike clothing/ shoes/ life style or something (not to discredit. I just don't know exactly what he does there now)... Anyway, it was fun to make, and Michael's a rad guy.
Posted: trippe // 07.30.09 // +2+

:: 31 Rausch ::

This Saturday August 1st, 31 Rausch gallery will be celebrating it's fourth anniversary with a show by San Francisco photographer Chris Koperski, who had the very first show all those years ago. Should be a great array of work which will made even better by the fact that they are barbequing out front starting at 5pm in honor of Chris's birthday. There are a ton of shows this Saturday, but put this one on your list.
Posted: jesse // 07.30.09 // +0+

:: ShortStoryOfTheDay ::

FRESH OUT THE BOX: OLAJUWAN MITCHELL <-- The story of a shoe shiner working on Market St in San Francisco by Travis Jensen.
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:: Matt Furie ::

We're preparing for Matt Furie's interview which will go live later today... He answers your questions. We'll be posting more of them up in the coming days. This one comes from John Casey.
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:: Roger, Sieben ::

Have you checked out Michael Sieben's Roger Skateboards yet?! DO IT NOW ROGER SKATEBOARDS... and we're pleased that Mr. Sieben is making his way out to SF this fall. We wanna wine him, dine him, and sail him.
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:: Art in Storefronts - Apply Now ::

rent.jpgART IN STOREFRONTS <-- is a pilot program in collaboration with the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development and Triple Base Gallery. They're putting the call out to local artists who may be interested in having their installation work showcased in vacant store front windows. Neighborhoods include Taylor Street in the Tenderloin, Third Street in Bayview, Central Market Street and Lower 24th Street in the Mission... Fill out the application form if you're interested. Application Deadline: August 14, 2009 at 5:00 p.m - more info here.
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:: ClipODay ::

You see WU TANG LEGO? Pretty good, but I think I like it 'cause I haven't jammed out some Wu in awhile... Thanks for emailing it, Isaac.
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:: Wanna Build a Sk8 Park?! ::

MAN, THE CITY PUT OUT BIDS FOR A COMPANY/ PERSON TO BUILD SF'S SKATE PARK <-- to be built right here... Estimated Cost: Not to exceed $80,000 - The bids were due July 13th. Hope they got someone good.
Posted: trippe // 07.29.09 // +4+

:: Brian Barneclo Thursday ::

Just got this email from SF based artist Brian Barneclo. "I've just released a grip of new paintings that are hanging at District wine bar. Please join me next Thursday, July 30th 2009 for an opening reception from 6-10 at District. Great wine, great food, great art, great peeps. Don't miss it!"... District Wine Bar 216 Townsend St @Third.
Posted: trippe // 07.29.09 // +1+

:: Damon Soule ::

We have a few works for sale in our online shop from Damon's show "Same Loud No" which ran @FFDG May 7 - June 6, '09.
Take All Ions - gouche and ink on paper - 10" x 13" - framed - $300
Cluster Fuck (3 of 4) - acrylic, enamel on canvas - 6" x 6" x 2.5" - $400
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:: Henry Gunderson @Fecal Face ::

PHOTOS <-- of Henry Gunderson's first solo show White Hole @Fecal Face Dot Gallery which opened Thursday 7/23 here in San Francisco. Great show & turnout. The largest we've ever had.
Henry Gunderson in front of his work
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:: ClipODay ::

'Thurso' by Glasgow based band, Over The Wall. The video was directed by Dan Sutherland of Red Design, also responsible for Mystery Jets, Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale videos.
Posted: trippe // 07.28.09 // +1+

:: Art Reality Star?! ::

Last week we told you about Bravo channel's art reality show and the casting call they put out looking for artists. Well, this happened last week in NYC... And I wouldn't get excited about becoming an art star if you win- maybe a show at one of those Fisherman's Warf galleries. Doesn't seem to work out that way....... and we're pretty sure we know Jesse Edwards. This Jesse Edwards? Must be.
Posted: trippe // 07.28.09 // +3+

:: ClipODay ::

You guys emailed them in and Matt Furie answered them. His interview goes up later in the week. Thanks for the great question, Porous.
Posted: trippe // 07.27.09 // +2+

:: _+! ::

XAVIER BARRADE <-- a talented designer out of Paris.
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:: Shawn Barber | Aug 15th ::

Speaking of The Shooting Gallery here in SF, Shawn Barber prepares for his solo show Tattooed Portraits: Snapshots is a glimpse into that intimacy opening August 15th. Words from Shawn about the show and his work: "I started painting tattooed artists in 2005, obsessively documenting the men and women that define contemporary american tattoo art. My dedication and enthusiasm for the art form gradually opened doors for me to learn the craft from some of the greatest tattoo artists in the world. I find myself at a crossroads, with an unwavering passion for painting and an equal desire to practice the craft of tattooing." Can't wait to check it out. Mark that calendar for August 15th.
Posted: trippe // 07.27.09 // +2+

:: Favorite Gallery? ::

What's your favorite gallery here in San Francisco and beyond? Consistently good shows, good times at the openings, tasty treats, panel discussions, whatever your criteria is...
Posted: trippe // 07.27.09 // +28+

:: The Shooting Gallery SF ::

PHOTOS <-- from Mike Maxwell & Paul Chatem's two person show @The Shooting Gallery.
Mike Maxwell
Paul Chatem
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:: Here We Go ::

Our summer series IN-N-OUT is over, Henry Gunderson's show is up and running (photos later today), and we have a crap load of content to add to the site today and throughout the week. Stay tuned...
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:: Gunderson ::

Thanks for coming out last night. Sorry we had to close early but your crowd masses frightened us. And hey, did you get photos last night- any photos?! Send all and any photos to news(at)fecalface.com We'd be happy to get photos of you and your friends and of Mr Henry.
Someday we'll have a larger space.
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:: Issue 1 ::

Just like Fecal Face, our friends over at Beautiful/Decay began as a hand-photocopied zine. After printing issues A-Z they've revamped the format that includes no traditional advertising, double the page space and limited copies (1,500-2,000) with more pages. I'm excited to go pick one of these up! Check out the image below for more info.
Posted: julian // 07.24.09 // +0+

:: Marr-Famous ::

RICK MARR IN TODAY'S PAPER <-- toting Jeff Lebowski gear prepared for this weekend's Lebowski Fest... Rick is the one who brings you amazing blogs such as his latest.
Posted: trippe // 07.23.09 // +2+

:: Gunderson Tonight ::

HENRY GUNDERSON TONIGHT AT FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- White Hole opening Thurs (7-10pm). 66 Gough St.... Henry is also featured in today's Examiner --> Young Bay Area Painter Seeks Adventure.
Precious Meat - arcylic on panel - 15" x 22"
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:: Becca @White Walls ::

Becca used to do a lot of wheat pasting street art back in the 90s in LA. She disappeared to Texas for a decade and resurfaced in SF @White Walls with her show True Colors. Our Ashley checked the opening a couple weeks back and got SOME PHOTOS.
Wheat paste outside White Walls
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:: ClipOGundersons ::

Hanging Henry Gunderson's show "White Hole" last night at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. All set for his opening Thursday (7-10pm). Drinks from our kind friends at PBR. 66 Gough St.
Get to know Henry. Read his interview... You ever see the guy skate?
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:: Public Works ::

If you live in Chicago you have to go to this opening. It's going to rule.
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:: Roger Gastman ::

Roger Gastman (from While You Were Sleeping & Swindle magazines...) has a great blog...
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:: POTD ::

Wanna thank our friends at Hamburger Eyes for curating our Photo of the Day for the last 6 months or so. As with all good things, it had to come to an end. So we'll be picking and choosing from the great submissions you email in. Keep them coming. Be aware that it's been a long time since we've gone through them. We're looking at emails from April. There are a lot of amazing submissions in there. 1,063 emails to be exact.
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:: Opening Thursday @FFDG! ::

After spending the entire day painting over that mistake (but a fun one), we're excited to open Henry Gunderson's show White Hole this Thursday July 23rd (7-10pm) at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. This Bay area native is in his second year at SFAI and we're very pleased to host his first solo show (read an interview with him). Tasty tasty beer will be provided by PBR.
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:: yyyyyyy ::

I don't know much about Michael Guidetti. As you can see from the site his work speaks for it's self. This is some of the most intriguing art I've seen in a while. Click the picture below. Digital video projection, Watercolor on Canvas!!! Unreal.
Posted: julian // 07.20.09 // +3+

:: American Standard ::

We're a little late on the draw with this, but that's been known to happen with a three-hour time difference. If you're in New York tonight, leave your computer now and go check out photographers Christian Hansen and Peter van Agtmael over at Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn which started at 6pm. The show is a collection of work from American road trip photos and should be pretty amazing. If you 're not in New York, you can always go here and check out some of the photos.
Posted: jesse // 07.17.09 // +0+

:: Day 19 Photo Contest Online! ::

DAY 19 ADDS "WIN THEIR CANON 5D CAMERA CONTEST" ONLINE <-- Over 1600 people sent in photos, 5 photos per person. Meaning, we looked at over 8000 images to get it down the the final 5. Scratch that, 10. We decided to each pick 5, don't get mad... it's our contest for our camera and we didn't want to argue... We're not telling you who to vote for, but come on, Ted Pushinsky's photo clearly dominates the rest.
Ted Pushinsky's Andre The Giant!
Posted: trippe // 07.17.09 // +2+

:: Unagi Saturday ::

We just added an interview with SF producer Unagi. Saturday is the album release party @Cafe Du Nord for Reinventing The Eel. Check out Dennis McNett's show at FFDG and then head up Market for his party. Ten dollars, son.
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:: Momentum LA ::

In LA area on Saturday Gallery Nucleus opens Momentum featuring works from Tiffany Bozic, Chigi, Ina Kyung Lim, Tessar Lo, Veronique Meignaud, and Brooks Salzwedel. Opening Reception / Jul 18, 7:00PM - 11:00PM. 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA.
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:: Amberella Gallery ::

Harp music, show tunes, pink galore, dogs in tutus, cotton candy are all happening at Amberella Gallery which opened last May in Philadelphia. Artists in this show include: Derek Ihnat, J.L. Schnabel and Kris Chau, and Kime Buzzelli. WORDS AND PHOTOS
Gallery owner and artist Amber Lynn Thompson
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:: Dennis McNett ::

DENNIS MCNETT SATURDAY @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- w/ beer provided by the kind folks at PBR. Dennis has amsolutly filled our small gallery space from floor to ceiling with his amazing one-of-a-kind wood carvings, collages, and prints. Sizes range from 4 foot by 8 foot tapestry-size woodcuts to smaller 8" x 11" lino-cut prints, and print prices ranging from $10 to $1500. FFDG is normally closed Sunday, but will be open for a short time during in the afternoon (hours listed later today)... Opening is Saturday July 18 (7-10pm). 66 Gough St.
From a show last year in NYC "The Old Horned Deity"
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:: Crash & Burn ::

PHOTOS <-- from Yumiko Kayukawa & Ben Tour's show at Joshua Liner in NYC.
Ben Tour
Ben Tour
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:: E.T. ::

Posted: pesya // 07.16.09 // +2+

:: Photography ::

A lot of nice photography from WILL SANDERS.
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:: Clayton Brothers Saturday LA ::

THE CLAYTON BROTHERS @PATRICK PAINTER IN LA - SATURDAY <-- if you live anywhere near Santa Monica, I'd recommend you check out this show from these two greats. They both teach at Art Center and have influenced and taught a lot of the artists you love. Check our studio visit with did them earlier this year. Great dudes... "Jumbo Fruit" opens Sat 7/18 (6-8pm). Patrick Painter is located in the art gallery complex known as Bergamot Station in Santa Monica @2525 Michigan Ave.
Rob and Christian Clayton from a Jan '09 Fecal Face studio visit.
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:: Jesse Balmer ::

We saved a couple of Jesse Balmer's unsold work from his IN-N-OUT show from last week @FFDG and now offer these two in our online shop. Incredibly intrically drawn large framed works.
ink & pencil on paper - 15.5" x 19.5" - framed - $350
pencil on paper - 19.5" x 25.5" - framed - $400
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:: Don Pendleton ::

DON PENDLETON who lives and works out of Dayton, Ohio has a great new online exhibit
with a buncha new stuff and a new interview with mumble magazine. Pretty awesome stuff,
check it out!
Posted: pesya // 07.16.09 // +1+

:: _+!! ::

VITORCERVI.TV <-- nice design/ illustration/ motion work from this Sao Paulo based artist.
Posted: trippe // 07.16.09 // +2+

:: Jogging ::

Posted: trippe // 07.16.09 // +5+

:: Sten ::

Email this morning w/ subject "STEN IN NAPLES" w/ a few images attached. Like it and found this Flickr page.
Posted: trippe // 07.15.09 // +1+

:: Paul Wackers ::

PHOTOS FROM PAUL WACKERS SHOW @THE LUGGAGE STORE <-- that opened last Friday here in San Francisco. Ashley brings back the great photos and text.
Posted: trippe // 07.15.09 // +4+

:: Jesse Balmer @FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from Jesse Balmer's show at Fecal Face Dot Gallery and of the opening night's festivities.
Jesse & Lauren enjoying some MJ
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:: Os Gemeos Dissed ::

That was quick. Like the Haring mural before it, Os Gemos' Houston street mural has been "suped up" by the locals. Not sure if the Times will be able to spin this one into a feel good tale as with Haring "collaboration," but I'm sure they can follow our embellishers instructions for a cute little e-mention. Hope someone has the great idea to put Plexiglas over the next one then - yuck. -Nat Thomson
"blog about it" Damn dude that's brutal hehe!
Posted: julian // 07.15.09 // +4+

:: Ron English ::

PHOTOS <-- from Ron English's solo show at the Don Gallery in Milan, Italy.
Posted: trippe // 07.15.09 // +2+

:: Henry Gunderson @FFDG ::

There's a lot going on at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. We have crates filled with Dennis McNett's work ready to be opened for his one night show Saturday (7-10pm) and we're really excited about that and very excited as we're approaching Henry Gunderson's show White Hole which opens on Thursday July 23rd (7-10pm). A lot of great work to be viewed!
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:: Da Moon ::

Nerd alert. On July 16th wechoosethemoon.org is going to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's landing on the moon with this real-time interactive recreation of the Apollo 11 mission. (Currently in the pre-launch phase). Can also follow on the Twitt... They should have visited this moon instead.
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:: Crate-Tas_tick ::

Not sure if Dennis McNett knows how small FFDG is. He sent some serious crate action! That one in the back weighs like 100lbs. Our UPS driver was actually a bit bummed at us this morning. haha. Better come to the show. Only up Saturday 7/18 for 3 hours. 7-10pm
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:: Tickets Gone Quick ::

Congrats to the 4 people who emailed in and won the free Blonde Redhead & Thee Ohsees tickets we were giving away as part of the Bicycle Film Festival's opening night sold out show @The Independent tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy the show... Man, people are lazy. All someone had to do was post a quick youtube video and no one did for hours the contest was running. Had to just post "if you want them, email us" on Twitter which then, of course, took approx. 30 seconds to give them away.... Rock-N-Roll
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:: Os Gemeos ::

OS GEMEOS MURAL IN NYC <-- Manuel was walking past last weekend and snapped a few pics.
Posted: trippe // 07.14.09 // +0+

:: Karen Aragon ::

Karen lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where she makes illustrations and other projects. I'm really digging her overhead profile series. Check it out!
Posted: julian // 07.14.09 // +4+

:: Whammy @RVCA ::

PHOTOS <-- from this great group show on the Upper Haight @RVCA featuring works from Kelsey Brookes, Mel Kadel, Dave Kinsey, John Dwyer, Jay Howell, Jeff Soto, Robert Hardgrave, Tiffany Bozic, and, Anthony Lister.
Kelsey Brookes
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:: Dash Snow RIP ::

Sorry to say that the rumors floating about are true and in fact Dash Snow has died of a heroin overdose. Best wishes to his friends, fans, IRAK crew, and, of course, to his daughter. Never like to hear of anyone who's only 27 pass away from anything let alone drug use. We had the opportunity to meet Dash years back at Max Fish and remember him being a lively nice dude. Sad day.
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:: Dash Snow RIP - Rumor? ::

Hopefully it's just some online prank or nasty rumor, but there is talk this morning that NYC artist and IRAK member Dash Snow has passed away from a rumored heroin overdose.
Posted: trippe // 07.14.09 // +4+

:: Dennis McNett Saturday ::

Dennis McNett's Year of the Wolfbat will be traveling the country with a stop here in San Francisco at Fecal Face Dot Gallery for a quick show Sat. July 18 (7-10pm). Mark your calendar. Not to be missed... Leopards with serpent tails, Goat heads wrapped in snakes, angry beasts, Eagles fighting snakes, bats and WOLFBATS!!!! - Wood carvings, collages and prints... Sizes range from 4 foot by 8 foot tapestry size woodcuts to smaller 8" x 11" lino-cut prints... and print prices ranging from $1500 to $10. Also on view will be masks and sculptures. Hope you can make it out!! 66 Gough St. Sat. July 18 (7-10pm).
Posted: trippe // 07.14.09 // +0+

:: The Work Steady ::

The Work Steady is freelance Illustrator/Designer Colin Strandberg. I'm a big fan of his work and you might be too!
Posted: julian // 07.14.09 // +0+

:: looking to score a copy of CS4? ::

The Threadless Bestee of the Month is now sponsored by Adobe! Vote for your favorites and submit your own designs for your chance to win a crazy prize pack...
Posted: upso // 07.14.09 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

GOABOVE.COM <-- New site specific works from Berlin, Germany on the BERLIN WALL. This year marks the 20 year anniversary of the BERLIN WALL falling! Enjoy the symbolism, irony, and gesture of unity from the extending arm reaching through the hole in the wall offering flowers to the other side "Bridging The Divide" between the East and West side of Berlin.
Posted: trippe // 07.14.09 // +1+

:: West Athens, Maine ::

THE FREE REPUBLIC OF WEST ATHENS <-- an old-school hippie freakout protest. On the 4th of July instead of hitting the coastal parades and fireworks displays, we decided to drive two hours into the hinterlands of Western Maine for the "Free Republic of West Athens" for their annual anti-government parade.
Posted: trippe // 07.13.09 // +2+

:: Linc Art Relocates ::

Linc Art relocates - closes gallery on Market and Rose. We saw the for rent sign last week and got this email from Linc today: We want to let you all know that Lincart Gallery has relocated. Our summer hours will be by appointment only from our original space a block south at One Otis Street, San Francisco, 94103. Our website and phone number remain the same. Don't like to see any gallery close their doors and Linc was our neighbor around the corner from FFDG. Look forward to see what they get into next.
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:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 07.13.09 // +1+

:: No Hitter!! ::

Congrats Jonathan Sanchez on his no hitter for the SF Giants!!! The first in SF Giants history! Awesome!
Posted: trippe // 07.10.09 // +2+

:: Art Star TV??! ::

The cable TV station Bravo is putting together an art reality show and are putting out a casting call. Could be funny/ good/ stupid/ whatever. Why no San Francisco casting call??! - "an hour-long creative competition series among aspiring contemporary artists who will create and compete to conquer the art world!" haha - READ ALL ABOUT IT.
Posted: trippe // 07.10.09 // +3+

:: Control VVVVV ::

SHOW ALERT CHICAGO PEOPLE <-- Fecal Face's Chicago correspondent Ryan Christian has put together the group show control c, control v featuring works from Eric Yahnker, Alexis Mackenzie, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Brion Nuda Rosch, Tobacco, Matt Irie, Hilary Pecis, and Bjorn Copeland. This steller line-up opens next Friday July 17th @ebersb9 - Chicago, IL
Bjorn Copeland
Posted: trippe // 07.10.09 // +1+

:: MJ Balmer Fest ::

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to Jesse Balmer's opening at Fecal Face Dot Gallery and to those brave souls who had to put up with our Michael Jackson dance party (Andrew)... Also thanks to the Chronicle for the write-up on it... We'll get some photos up on Sunday.
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:: Paul Wackers Tonight ::

PAUL WACKERS SOLO TOURNESOL EXHIBITION <-- opens tonight @The Luggage Store. Can't wait. Love his work... THE TOURNESOL AWARD administered by Headlands Center for the Arts and funded by an anonymous donor, was established to recognize one emerging painter each year, and support them in taking the first major steps towards establishing their career in the Bay Area. The goal of this award is to provide the artist with the financial and community support to assist their artistic development in the critical years after school.
Posted: trippe // 07.10.09 // +3+

:: The Lab ::

Since June 25th, The Lab has been celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a really great Performance Series scheduled to run through Saturday July 18th. While they have all looked worth checking out, the real gem here is the Upset the Rhythm SF Showcase happening this Sunday July 12th. It features a bunch of bands including Foot Village, Death Sentence: Panda!, KIT, Lucky Dragons, Gowns, and Former Ghosts. Happy Birthday to everyone over at The Lab, we'll see you there.
Posted: jesse // 07.10.09 // +0+

:: Matt Furie ::

Matt Furie is coming through FFDG sometime today to start video answering the questions some of you submitted. We've gotten some great ones thus far. If you have a question for this wonderful man, please email them on over to news(at)fecalface.com w/ the subject "Matt Furie is the greatest artist of all time and I have this question for him. Do you mind asking it to him when he gets there today at FFDG? It would mean the absolute world to me."
Posted: trippe // 07.10.09 // +0+

:: Ways of Seeing ::

PHOTOS <-- from Ways of Seeing running in London at Black Rat Press featuring work from Swoon, Brian Adam Douglas and Matt Small.
Posted: trippe // 07.10.09 // +1+

:: Go Away Little Boy ::

EL NINO IS HERE!!! <-- which means a crappy crappy stormy and very wet winter. If you've never been through one in San Francisco yet, you think Seattle is a rainy city?! Moldy sidewalks, damp apartments and sun depravation. It sucks. Remember the one back in like '97 or winter of '04 where it rained for like 42 days straight??!! If you have a leaky roof, now's the time to fix it... Guess it's good for the drought situation California is in... Although makes me wanna move.
Posted: trippe // 07.09.09 // +4+

:: Polaroid Film Comeback? ::

THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT <-- for you Poloroid film lovers out there, I think you're going to be happy to know that: Impossible b.v. has acquired the complete film production equipment in Enschede (NL) from Polaroid, has signed a 10-year lease agreement on the factory building; and has engaged the most experienced team of Integral Film experts worldwide. Now they have 12 months to develop and research to find new solutions for replacing/ upgrading problematic/ expensive components. Can they pull it off? Would be nice to break out those great cameras again. Thanks for the heads up, Nat.
Posted: trippe // 07.09.09 // +4+

:: Tonight!! & Baby Urich!! ::

Some good shows to see tonight. We're hosting Jesse Balmer at Fecal Face Dot Gallery and there's this great show opening tonight @RVCA featuring some very talented folks... with what looks like Coors is providing the suds... Who drinks Coors?! That stuff tastes nasty. You like Coors? I know Paul Urich drinks it. Can't get enough of the stuff. The blue mountain thing is good though... I wish my Anchor Steam did something... Maybe some steam coming off the label each time you took a sip?!

Oh and speaking of Paul Urich, I wanna congratulate him and his wife Kari on the birth of their daughter Stella Ruby Byron Von Urich!!! You know that kid is going to be a talented little girl. Can't wait to meet her!

Posted: trippe // 07.09.09 // +5+

:: Ben Tour @ Liner NYC ::

Long time Fecal Face favorite Ben Tour is opening his show 'Crash & Burn' at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City this Saturday. Also showing is the long anticipated 'Higashi No Kamisama - God From the East' from Japanese artist Yumiko Kayukawa. Should be a good one!
Posted: // 07.09.09 // +0+

:: Viynl ::

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:: Jesse Balmer Tonight! ::

JESSE BALMER TONIGHT AT FECAL FACE <-- the guy's work is fan-tas-tick! All hung and the beers are on ice. A Thriller dance party at 9pm?! We'll see how drunk the gallery manager gets. 66 Gough St. 6-9pm and probably later.
Balmer fine tuning
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:: YES ::

Thanks, sir John Casey for emailing over this song to help complete an epic dance party tomorrow!!
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:: Song? ::

Random request. Tomorrow after Jesse Balmer's opening I think we're going to have a Michael Jackson dance party at the gallery and I want this song, but you can't buy it on ITunes and I don't have it anywhere. Anyone out there got it wanna email us the MP3? news(at)fecalface.com Doesn't hurt to ask... Watching this documentary now. Is MJ our Kennedy thus far?
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:: Mark Inglis Taylor & Porous Walker ::

Our goold pal ol' buddy, Isaac, headed on over to the Beast Bay for THIS WICKED PREVIEW of Porous Walker & Mark Inglis Taylor's dou show at The Hatch Gallery. It's up and running right this second.
Penis High 5
Porous "Last Minute" Walker
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:: Lister ::

NO WIN SITCH is an independently funded exhibition project by artist Anthony Lister. The idea behind this exhibition is to showcase his newest works based on the theme of media saturation within Australian culture and the effect it has on the community. Far from the traditional gallery setting - this installation challenges stereotypes in a new and exciting way. The show is open to the public for ONE NIGHT ONLY and will take place on July 17th - 6 > 8. Visit- www.anthonylister.com -for location details.
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:: Jesse Balmer Thursday @FFDG ::

FFDG OPENING THURSDAY <-- We're very excited to welcome the young and talented Jesse Balmer into Fecal Face Dot Gallery this Thursday evening for his short but great show as part of our summer IN-N-OUT series. Jesse will be displaying new work on paper. Drinks will be available. The artist shall be present and I continue to wear a tie. 66 Gough St. 6-9pm although I'm sure it'll run later as it always seems to do.
Jesse Balmer
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:: Vhils // London ::

VHILS, AKA ALEXANDRE FARTO @LAZARIDES IN LONDON <-- photos from this great show from this young Lisbon based artist. Check it.
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:: Schoultz in LA ::

If you're in LA be sure to see Andrew Schoultz show White Noise and Silence running till August 1st @Roberts & Tilton. They have some photos on their site of the show. Looks great.
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:: _+! ::

RASMUS EMANUEL SVENSSON <-- the Swedish can make design look so effortless and perfect. Rasmus is yet another example.
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:: BandODay ::

Got this email yesterday that caught our attention: Hello FF. Do you like tacos? Do you like meat pyramids? Do you like wolves in track suits who spend their free time practicing archery? We're a band (I come to Shanghai) from Oakland and we love your site. Thanks. The video below is eye pleasing. The music sounds pretty good at first listen. Their local, and you can download their entire album from thier website for free (nice people drop a couple bucks at least)... If you need to delete the album in a week, sorry. If they become your favorite band, then you're welcome!
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:: ClipODay ::

CAPTURED: SF PREMIERE <-- Sunday, July 12th @ 7pm. - Socha Cafe. Looks interesting --- Since 1979 Clayton Patterson has dedicated his life to documenting the final era of raw creativity and lawlessness in New York City's Lower East Side, a neighborhood famed for art, music and revolutionary minds. Traversing the outside edge he's recorded a dark and colorful society, from drag to hardcore, heroin, homelessness, political chaos and ultimately gentrification. His odyssey from voyeur to provocateur reveals that it can take losing everything you love to find your own significance.
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:: 1026 X Cinders ::

Drop what you're doing and go by Cinders to see this two person show including Philadelphia artists Isaac Lin and Andrew Jeffrey Wright, who are old friends, collaborators, and founding members of the Space 1026 Collective. The show runs through July 26th. It's AWESOME!
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:: Almost Home ::

There's a nice group show opening in Chelsea this Thursday at Frederieke Taylor Gallery including artists working with various forms of spatial investigations, curated by An Hoang. The artists included in the show are Lois Dodd, Amir H. Fallah, Mary Lum, Gordon Matta-Clark, Kirsten Nelson, and Lisa Sigal. The exhibition runs through August 14th.
Mary Lum Collage on paper
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:: Word to Mother ::

PHOTOS <-- from Word to Mother's show that just opened last Thursday at Fifty24SF.
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:: Mi Ju ::

FFDG OPEN TUESDAY Come in FFDG tomorrow for your last chance to view Mi Ju's incredible paintings. Normally not open on Tuesdays, but you gotta see these in person 3-6pm. Photos truly don't do the work justice at all... If you miss the opportunity this round though, she'll be back at FFDG April '10!
Click for detail
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:: Win My Old IPhone ::

We're giving away my old IPhone as the prize for this week's Free Fridayz. Get your drawings in by Friday for a chance to win. This week's theme: Best Film. Submission guidelines are found right here, sir (or ma'am).
Jean Matos from Brazil emailed in her great submission
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:: Jesse Balmer Thurs @FFDG ::

JESSE BALMER AT FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- runs this week with a reception Thursday (6-9pm) as part of our summer series, IN-N-OUT. Jesse's show is the second to last with Dennis McNett's show rounding out the series. Show one featured: Jamie Nelson then Brett Amory and last week's Mi Ju... Thurs we'll have the normal Tecates and good times.
Jesse Balmer
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:: Udesen & Furie! ::

just a lil fyi to all the art-tshirt lovers out there. we dropped shirts by Aiyana Udesen and Matt Furie today...
Both are awesome, and Matt's glows in the dark!
and if you're in the market for more awesome shirts, we've recently dropped designs from Bwana Spoons, Geoff Mcfetridge and Panayiotis Terizs to name a few...
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:: ClipODay ::

You think you're style on your fixie is sweet but Thomas Edison was doing on it decades ago!... and almost certain this video isn't fake. Thanks for the link, Tucker.
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:: WC ::

We don't hear about too many art shows happening out in the far East Bay, but on Sunday Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek opens Full Deck: A Short History of Skate Art which runs through September. While another skate art show may seem repetitive here in San Francisco, the roster of artists contributing to the show is pretty impressive and should be worth checking out if you're out that way. Plus it's a Sunday and you're probably just watching a movie or something anyways.
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:: No to Google? ::

ARTISTS SAY NO TO GOOGLE <-- When Google representatives recently invited dozens of prominent artists to contribute work to be featured on its new Web browser, the company enthusiastically sold the idea as an opportunity to have artwork shown to millions... this article came out a couple weeks back but interesting.
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:: Joshua Petker ::

Already started looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Here's a great one. Joshua Petker is taking portrait commissions till August for holiday '09 delivery. Contact him.
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We are hosting Cadaver Corpse, curated by Tessa Perutz this month at 1026. This show of exquisite corpse drawings features work by Justin B. Williams, Eddie Martinez, Cody Hudson, Kathy Grayson, Chris Lux, Jayson Musson and a ton of other good people. Stop by from 7-10pm. MORE HERE.
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:: Paul Wackers ::

PAUL WACKERS SOLO TOURNESOL EXHIBITION <-- opens next Friday July 10th at The Luggage Store. Can't wait. Love his work... THE TOURNESOL AWARD administered by Headlands Center for the Arts and funded by an anonymous donor, was established to recognize one emerging painter each year, and support them in taking the first major steps towards establishing their career in the Bay Area. The goal of this award is to provide the artist with the financial and community support to assist their artistic development in the critical years after school.
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:: Matt Furie ::

We're working on a Matt Furie interview and wanna know what you'd ask the man. Got a question you wanna ask? Email it to us: news(at)fecalface.com w/ subject "Furie Feels Funny".
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:: On The Water ::

As you read this, me and the little lady are on the water taking a much needed rest. Doing some INSTANT BLOGGING though... Even taking a break we can't take a break from the Fecal. It's a sickness.
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:: -=~ ::

AFFEX VENTURA <-- Danish artist born 1980. Works and resides in Copenhagen. The work is familiar and unique. Nice.
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:: ClipOProduct Review ::

Hanging out w/ Fish and saw this nice summer time cruiser from Creature Skateboards.
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:: Isaac Lin and Andrew Jeffrey Wright TONIGHT, Bklyn ::

Cinders has a show of new works by these two Philadelphians opening up tonight, 7-10 pm on Havemeyer St in Williamsburg. Check it out.
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:: ClipODay ::

Ever wanted to get WAY TOO CLOSE TO A TOOTH?
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:: Hamburger Eyes ::

EXODUS - HAMBURGER EYES @MINNA OPENS THURSDAY <-- loads of photos with sizes ranging from 8x10 inches to 8x10 feet will be on display from 6-2am. Not only the good times and good photos, if all went according to plan, they'll be releasing a new issue that many of you helped to make happen through donations. 111 Minna @2nd downtown. 6pm-2am
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:: French in The Netherlands ::

HEY ALL YOU AMSTERDAMN PEOPLE OUT THERE! <-- A show you should see opens Friday... The London based skater and metal maven's artist Richard Sayer, a.k.a French who we interviewed 2 years ago and also did an interview podcast with last year (you hear his death metal mix?!) has a show opening this Friday at the Wieden & Kennedy advertising agency - Amsterdamned office. We'll be posting some photos from the opening next week. Get there. Wanna see your photo up on Fecal Face.
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:: Ocean Beach ::

OCEAN BEACH AT NEEDLES AND PENS <-- opens Thursday featuring works from artists who "thrive in and around the coastal zone"... artists like CHARLIE CALLAHAN, JAY NELSON, RACHEL KAYE, and many more. (6-9:30pm) 3253 16th St.
Jay Nelson
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:: M. Maxwell ::

San Diego based Mike Maxwell is hard at work for his 2 person show w/ Paul Chatem (see work in progress). The show "Until The Whistle Blows" open July 11th @The Shooting Gallery.
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:: _+! ::

NICOLA VERLATO <-- Born in Verona, Italy in 1965. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York... We've linked up his amazing oil paintings before. Would love to see them in person. Intense.
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