:: FFDG ::

FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- will be closed this week and weekend as we prepare for our next short run show 8 tracks and Wallbangers featuring work from Mike Shine who we've just did a visit with last Monday.
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:: Philly Friday ::

Fecal friends Monica Canilao & Kyle Ranson are opening One Long Funeral Song @Space 1026 in Philly on Friday. Show details... If you're over near philly, be sure to check it out... and if you get flics, email them on over news(at)fecalface.com
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:: Alex Pardee "CHADAM" Trailer ::

Alex Pardee's iconic character CHADAM has come to life with the people at HDFILMS Inc. running shit behind the scenes. You may also remember seeing CHADAM on the cover of The Used record; Lies for the Liars. Looking forward to seeing this dark piece of animation in full. CHADAM LIVES!
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:: Rebel 8 ::

REBEL8 <-- is having a 30% off sale through 8/8/08... You see Giant's own Sharpie?!
Posted: trippe // 07.31.08 // +2+

:: Poddy ::

PUNKS GIT CUT <-- is a new podcast assembled by our buddy and artist Mr. Jay Howell... Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
Posted: trippe // 07.31.08 // +1+

:: So Much Radio ::

ME ON YOUR CALL ON KALW 91.7 <-- from this morning's show on Bike, Bart or Bus... I come on about 25 minutes into the show and talk about Oakland's Art Murmur, camping on Angel Island, and riding out to Sausalito... I'm the guy who sounds like he's talking from space. IPhone's sound poopy on the radio.
Posted: trippe // 07.30.08 // +4+

:: KALX ::

This Thursday @12pm Michelle Blade will be the guest on Brendan Monroe's radio show Arts in Review at Berkeley's KALX 90.7 (this is what it looked like when I was there a bit ago). They'll be chatting about her show up at Jack Hanley, life, the city vs. nature, and "communal transcendent experiences"... What are those? Guess we'll find out Thursday.
Posted: trippe // 07.30.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

Adam emailed over this clip of a harsh NYPD cop who got hostile on a Critical Mass rider. WOW!
Posted: trippe // 07.30.08 // +7+

:: Exactitudes ::

EXACTITUDES <-- Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek have worked together since October 1994. Inspired by a shared interest in the striking dress codes of various social groups, they have systematically documented numerous identities over the last 13 years.... Be sure to click around. Thanks for the link, Adam5100.
Posted: trippe // 07.30.08 // +1+

:: Baby Thirty! ::

P1020310.jpgCongrats to our friend Jay Hakkinen of Receiver Gallery and his wife for the birth of their son Niko Douglas Hakkinen who popped out just earlier this morning! Awesome!
Posted: trippe // 07.29.08 // +5+

:: Me on the Radio?! ::

I'm going to be on the show Your Call on KALW 91.7 Wednesday morning from 11-12pm talking about using public transport to experience what the Bay Area has to offer... Kinda like how to take a mini vacation within the distance of your bike/ ferry boat/or Bart... Should be interesting to hear me flail on live air... And you can hear it live here. Wow.
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:: Square America ::

THE PARTY ON SQUARE AMERICA <-- Kirk emailed over a link to this great site featuring "rad amateur snapshot photos from the 60's and earlier. mostly B&W"... Spend some time on it.
Posted: trippe // 07.29.08 // +4+

:: ClipODay ::

((sounder)) 'A War on the Coffee Table' in collaboration with artist Todd Bratrud.
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:: Sketchy ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS <-- goes on tonight down at 111 Minna... You know the deal. If not, here's some photos from one a couple months back.
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:: Hijacked ::

HIGHJACKED Vol 1 <-- is a thick book filled with great photography/ a collection of work from American & Australian photographers. Check our preview and as soon as we know where you can buy them, we'll let you know. Looks good.
Posted: trippe // 07.26.08 // +0+

:: Ponies ::

Guide Horses For The Blind <-- An interesting alternative to guide dogs. Make sure to check out the photographs.
Posted: pesya // 07.25.08 // +1+

:: Art @The Dump ::

The Artist in Residence Program @The Dump is looking for artists to submit proposals for their month long program. You get a studio at the dump and a month to come up with a show. You have full access to all the weird things people throw away here in SF and get to create a show from the waste (see a show- scroll down). They've had some really interesting shows in the past and now it could be your shot at getting in there. If you have an idea, contact them!
Posted: trippe // 07.25.08 // +1+

:: Baseman ::

Gary Baseman will be signing his new Pink HotChaChaCha vinyl sculpture to the first 100 people at the Super 7 booth on Saturday @Comic Con... Booth #4729. Sat 4pm.
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:: Drive ::

DRIVE | PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANDREW BUSH <-- an amazing collection of photos of people driving their cars mostly on the highways of Southern California. There are over 150 of these great images on his site here, and you can get the 143 paged book from Amazon here... Bush is 52 living in LA w/ a MFA of photography from Yale.
Man keeping it moving at 81 mph (I am not sure where) on a Sunday in 1989
Mother trying to look after son at 31 mph on Rodeo Road in Los Angeles at 10:28 a.m. on a Tuesday in February 1997
Man traveling southbound at 67 mph on U.S. Route 101 near Montecito, California, at 6:31 p.m. on or around the 28th of a summer month on a Sunday in 1994
Posted: trippe // 07.25.08 // +3+

:: ClipODay ::

BE A STREET PERFORMER <-- Make some change and you don't even have to be there... work by Faycal Baghriche.
Posted: trippe // 07.25.08 // +1+

:: Sam Green ::

SAM GREEN << Pretty awesome pencil works by this London based artist.
Posted: pesya // 07.24.08 // +0+

:: _+() ::

HEAVY METAL MONK <-- thanks for the link, Nat.
Posted: trippe // 07.24.08 // +0+

:: Lynn Smith ::

SUSAN LYNN SMITH <-- San Francisco-based photographer Susan Lynn Smith's work was just featured in the City Hall Exhibition Eighteen Months and her site contains some of the great images she exhibited at the show, as well as some older work.
Posted: jesse // 07.24.08 // +0+

:: Antoinette Martin ::

SARA-LAND.NET <-- Brooklyn based artist/ illustrator Sara Antoinette Martin just had a two person show at the Gowanus Studio Space Gallery and has a new toy coming out from Kid Robot. We found some pretty interesting work on her site.
Posted: jesse // 07.24.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

DON PENDLETON DOCUMENTARY <-- is out now... If you don't know already, Don is a graphic designer & artist working in Skateboarding. He created some of skateboarding's best known and loved graphics for Alien Workshop awhile back. $20 and it's a steal.
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:: Tod Seelie @Cinders ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of our man Tod Seelie's show that opened last weekend @Cinders Gallery there in Brooklyn. Congrats, Tod!
Tod Seelie @Cinders Brooklyn
Posted: trippe // 07.23.08 // +2+

:: Bay Area Now ::

PHOTOS <-- are no up from the opening of Bay Area Now 5 that opened last Saturday @YBCA.
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:: BFF ::

THE BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL <-- begins its SF run with an opening night party @333 Ritch and the films begin on Friday and continue throughout the weekend with an art show @Bottle Cap Gallery on Thursday.
Posted: trippe // 07.23.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

SOME THINGS YOU DO FOR MONEY <-- is a documentary/ slideshow shot and edited by Brian Derballa about Jason Andrades who spends most of his time on a street corner on the border of Williamsburg and Bushwick. He grew up there hustling drugs, although he's spent about half of his life in jail... Very nicely done, Bryan.
Posted: trippe // 07.23.08 // +2+

:: Fish Book ::

fishbook.jpgOur buddy, Jeremy Fish, has a brand new book out which we previewed here. It's of the highest quality and selling at Umbrella for $50... It's quite nice with a plush leather feeling cover and also comes with a silk ribbon to help you remember where you left off last... chronicling the last 3 years of his work... Not to mention Fecal Face got a shout out in it. Get yo' self one like now!
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:: Jen Merrill @Iceberger ::

Our intern Kara Bratcher headed over to Iceberger Gallery here in SF to see the work of Jen Merrill and brought back THESE PHOTOS.
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:: ClipODay ::

We like Adobe Books. You like Adobe Books. Thanks for the video heads up, Adam.
Posted: trippe // 07.22.08 // +4+

:: Wed Lunch ::

Tiffany Bozic will be speaking this Wednesday @SF Art Commission Gallery with John P. Dumbacher, Curator of Birds and Mammals at the California Academy of Sciences as they talk about their shared interests in adventure travel, strange animals, and unique intersections between art, politics and nature. 401 Van Ness Ave from 12-1pm.
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:: Ryan Jacob Smith ::

Our Portland based buddy, Ryan Jacob Smith, just had a great show at Limited Addiction Gallery in Denver and wanted to share some photos. Great work as always, Ryan.
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:: Adam5100, Genovese, & Otto ::

Before heading over to Yerba Buena for Bay Area Now Saturday night (photos on the way), we swung through the connected galleries down there in the Tenderloin. ADAM5100 & MICHAEL GENOVESE @WHITE WALLS and then across for ERIC OTTO @THE SHOOTING GALLERY
Eric Otto
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:: Skinner @UP ::

PHOTOS & TEXT <-- from Skinner's show at Upper Playground's Sacramento store by Aaron Winters.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 07.20.08 // +0+

:: Sat Night ::

Lots of shows worth checking out tonight: BAY AREA NOW 5 <-- opens tonight @YBCA. ERIC OTTO @THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- --> ADAM 5100 & MICHAEL GENOVESE @WHITE WALLS <-- --> KATHLEEN LOLLEY @GRSF <-- --> AND SO MUCH MORE! ----- And if you're in Los Angeles, you've got a lot of goodness going on tonight as well. Be sure to check these shows featuring some of our friends: SHAWN BARBER @BILLY SHIRE! -- CODY HUDSON & SEAN CASSIDY @NEW IMAGE (you hear our podcast interview we did a month ago with Michael Sieben yet?! Listen to it) -- and there's MORE TOO
Michael Genovese
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:: Zinefest ::

Zinefest has rolled around again. It's going to be at the County Fair Building, 11:00am - 8:00pm on Saturday, 11:00am - 7:00pm Sunday. Some buddies and I will have a table, come drop by and say hi!
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:: FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from our, Fecal Face Dot Gallery's, Benefit show that opened last week and then runs till July 27th.
Posted: trippe // 07.18.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

Man, you're not sounding too good... Oh wait, it's a baby girl with the video slowed down. Wow.
Posted: trippe // 07.18.08 // +4+

:: FFDG Online Store ::

We've added work from our benefit show on our gallery's online store. We've got work from Gary Baseman, Michael Sieben, Andrew Schoultz, Paul Urich, Maya Hayuk, Shawn Barber, Kim Cogan, Mars-1, and many more. Click here.
Shawn Barber watercolor
Posted: trippe // 07.17.08 // +1+

:: Sieben Shoe ::

Remember when those monsters took over Fecal Face Dot Gallery a couple months ago (remind yourself)... Anyway, the film they were shooting to support Michael Sieben's new Adidas shoe is finished and IS NOW LIVE. Check it and look for the Fecal Peoples cameos (Fish, Me, Jessica, Isaac, Mariah, and others)! So great!
Sieben's monsters stop by FFDG
Posted: trippe // 07.17.08 // +7+

:: City Hall ::

The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and PhotoAlliance are presenting the show Eighteen Months:Taking the Pulse of Bay Area Photography at City Hall tonight from 5:30 - 7:30pm. The show features 22 photographers such as Victor J. Blue, Sean McFarland, and Noah Beil who were selected out of 261 submissions. Should be a good before-dinner show.
Posted: jesse // 07.17.08 // +0+

:: Luggage Store ::

Our intern, Kara, headed over to the Luggage Store last Thursday for the Headland Center for the Arts '07 Award show featuring work from Ana Fernandez and brought back a few photos.
Posted: trippe // 07.16.08 // +1+

:: Heros & Villains ::

PHOTOS <-- from this show @White Walls featuring photos of contemporary artists by Tatiana Wills & Roman Cho. Megan Wolfe investigates.
Posted: trippe // 07.16.08 // +4+

:: Ooops ::

See what happens when you're a lack luster journalist? You screw up the details and misstep the facts... In yesterday's Arting Mondays we reported that Andrew Schoultz shares a studio with Hilary Pecis. Well, they don't. She was there hanging out and we assumed they share it when it's been Andrew's solo studio for the last 4 years... Gotta remember to ask questions from time to time... Unrelated: Matt Furie's Humor
Posted: trippe // 07.16.08 // +2+

:: Rene ::

We recently got to meet Mexican artist Rene Almanza who has a show up right now @Fifty24SF (see our coverage of it). He threw some images up on his site as well that are worthy of your eye.
Rene Almanza
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:: ClipODay ::

"This is what my Saturday nights look like. How 'bout you?" - Nat from Bloom Press.
Posted: trippe // 07.16.08 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 07.15.08 // +1+

:: Kilroy ::

Nicholas Venaglia checks out a couple zines mailed to us from Kilroy Savage of New Jersey.
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:: Sieben Shoe ::

Our buddy Michael Sieben has a new shoe out through Adidas and our buddy Elias Bingham has a shop in Austin No Comply and they've just moved locations. This Saturday they're throwing a party to celebrate the move and Sieben's new shoe! Wish we could be there, but something tells me Sieben will be and he'll bring his digital camera. Blog thirty?!
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:: ClipODay ::

Louise Bourgeois at the Guggenheim <-- This summer, New York's Guggenheim Museum is honoring 96 year old sculptor with a retrospective lasting until September 28, 2008.
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:: Photographer? ::

We're looking for someone to shoot our wedding on September 20th in Marin. We're not looking for a wedding photographer but someone who's got a good camera and the skills to pull it off for some $$$... email a link to your site w/ samples of your work to news(at)fecalface.com if interested.
Posted: trippe // 07.15.08 // +3+

:: Tod Seelie ::

SLOW DANCING TO SLAYER <-- opens this Thursday in Brooklyn @Cinders Gallery featuring photos from Mr. Tod Seelie whose work you're familiar with as he's always blogging up his great images in the Fecal Face NYC Blog... Click here to see a bunch of images from the show.
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:: Bank Who? ::

I really don't give a shit who he really is, but maybe you may want to know who Banksy may or may not be? Smells like hype to me.
Posted: trippe // 07.15.08 // +2+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 07.13.08 // +0+

:: Tonight ::

ANA T. FERNANDEZ @LUGGAGE STORE <-- Not very familar with her work but looks great. She's also one of the artists featured in this year's YBCA's Bay Area now which opens a week from Saturday and also features many artists we've never heard of. Excited for the show to open.
Ana Fernandez
Posted: trippe // 07.11.08 // +1+

:: :) ::

Thanks to everyone who came out to Fecal Face Dot Gallery for our group show last night... We'll be adding unsold work to our online store in the next couple days... I wish I was taking a day off. Feelin' a tad slow after having a bit too many shots from that mystery bottle that was under our sink. Wasn't Fernet and it wasn't Jager... Some strange and disturbing in between.
Posted: trippe // 07.11.08 // +4+

:: MovieoftheDAY ::

THE HARDER THEY COME <-- yes, that is a link to the full film on Google (can also download to IPod), but please don't watch this '70s cult classic online (listen to Lynch). Rent it because it deserves your full attention! It's a top 10. Listen about the film on NPR.
Jimmy Cliff in Harder They Come
Posted: trippe // 07.10.08 // +3+

:: Tonight ::

Of course we're having our show tonight, but you need to also get over to Hamburger Eyes to see The Low Road featuring photographs that Ted Pushinsky has shot while traveling outside the U.S. over the decades. You've seen Ted's San Francisco shots. Now see what his lens has caught outside the gate.
Photo: Ted Pushinsky
Setting up The Benefit Show @FFDG
Posted: trippe // 07.10.08 // +1+

:: Thursday ::

FECAL FACE BENEFIT SHOW OPENS THURSDAY <-- to help raise some $$ for some upcoming FF projects. It's with great pleasure that we announce the artists who've agreed to be in the show and help support what we've been doing over the years. Featuring: Ben Tour (Vancouver), Ferris Plock (SF), Jeremy Fish (SF), Kim Cogan (SF), Shawn Barber (SF), Gary Baseman (LA), Kill Pixie (Sydney), Maya Hayuk (NYC), Henry Lewis (SF), Cody Hudson (Chicago), Hilary Pecis (SF), Andrew Schoultz (SF), UPSO (Toledo), Jason Reamer (Seattle), Paul Urich (SF), Kelly Tunstall (SF), Matt Furie (SF), Kelsey Brookes (San Diego), Mel Kadel (LA), Tiffany Bozic (SF), Travis Millard (LA), Ryan Scott Shaffer (SF), Mars 1 (SF), Brendan Monroe (Oakland), Jay Howell (SF), Michael Sieben (Austin).
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:: Viner, Prints, Pencils ::

Our boy, Jonathan Viner has a new print operation he is running out in Brooklyn and is offering some truly spectacular prints. Plus he just updated with some strait to the public pencil works. Hurry and check em out and keep your eyes pealed for the studio visit to drop any day.
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:: Gorchov ::

Bay Area illustrator Joshua Gorchov updates his site --> THEBIGBLACKCLOUD.COM
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:: ClipODay ::

Shadow Monsters by Philip Worthington, from the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition at MOMA in NYC. April 2008.
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:: Ben Tour Prints ::

Vancouver based artist Ben Tour has two new Giclee Prints printed on Somerset Velvet 100% Cotton Acid Free prints available through his site right now. Both are 24x18 and an edition of only $200. Get one before they're gone.
Posted: trippe // 07.08.08 // +0+

:: DIY Fair Weekend ::

The Renegade Craft Fair is coming to San Francisco this weekend. For both Sat & Sun you can browse for free over 200 vendors selling everything from comic books to craft kits, silkscreened posters to reconstructed clothing at Fort Mason... This fair hits Chicago, Brooklyn (see photos), & SF only. Seems like a good way to spend an afternoon down at Fort Mason by the Bay, but you know our friends at Needles &Pens sell this stuff everyday of the year right here on 16th st, fyi... diy.
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:: Fifty24SF ::

PHOTOS <-- from Therapy Dropout & Descriptive Verse which opened last Thursday @Fifty24SF featuring works from Hera, Ala Ebtekar, Rene Almanza. Intern Megan Wolfe investigates.
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:: ClipODay ::

THE DATE FARMERS <-- spend some time with the guys as they prepared for their show at Jonathan Levine in NYC last March.
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:: Art Theft Again?! ::

Man, what's going on here in SF? We got some sort of art thief running about town. Last week some work from Barry McGee & Clare Rojas got lifted from RVCA and now these two Sylvia Ji pieces were taken from White Walls... If you see any of these, contact White Walls and let them now... Lame-os.
Stolen Sylvia Ji work
Posted: trippe // 07.07.08 // +11+

:: ^&% ::

NYC based Robin Williams updates her site with new work. We've featured some of her work in a few of our group shows. Well worth a visit.
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:: 49 Geary ::

PHOTOS <-- from a little trip we took down to 49 Geary to see what they had going on for First Thursdays. Kyle Ranson, Amy Stein, Ryan Martin and more...
Kyle Ranson @Gregory Lind
Posted: trippe // 07.07.08 // +2+

:: ^& ::

MIKEL URIBETXEBERRIA <-- is a 33 year old photographer living in Basque Country. He does some great work. I mean look at this.
Posted: trippe // 07.07.08 // +2+

:: ClipsODay ::

We posted about Stop Smiling Magazine's video series last week and we liked the videos so much that we wanted to share a couple more. Check out three they shot with Cody Hudson: ART, SCULPTURE, and 12x12.
Posted: jesse // 07.07.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

HIPSTERS IN SPACE <-- check it. Fecal Face made the film. Look on the screens in the background... We're so cool that we don't even care.
Posted: trippe // 07.05.08 // +0+

:: America ::

HAPPY 4TH <-- Hope you're not sitting in front of a computer right now, but if you are.... get up and get outside. Take a day off and eat a hot dog and try not to blow off a finger or two... and if you live here in SF and plan on seeing the fireworks... Hum, it was pretty damn foggy last night at Aquatic Park, so good luck (downtown looked cool in the evening).
Posted: trippe // 07.04.08 // +2+

:: Tee/ Print ::

POROUS WALKER TEE & PRINT @HUF <-- Muf tee and lady cherry bomb tee with a limited edition print run are going to be released Saturday at Huf's Sutter st. store and also @Huf LA.
Posted: trippe // 07.04.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 07.04.08 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

TOM LONG STUDIO VISIT <-- As a follow up to our interview with Tom Long, the folks at Stop Smiling Magazine emailed us about some video they shot his studio and at the park talking about art. Good Stuff!
Posted: jesse // 07.03.08 // +1+

:: KALX ::

Sir Brendan Monroe interviewed me on KALX last week and it airs today @12pm. If you're bored and want to hear me talk about the site?, then listen live here @12pm Pacific... and don't make fun of me for sounding so stupid!
Posted: trippe // 07.03.08 // +0+

:: Hanna Terese ::

Hana Terese <------ really enjoyed this Copenhagen based artist's work. Check out the Sweaters.
Posted: pesya // 07.02.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

OS GEMEOS @DIETCH <-- gawd, Jeffery Detich and those goofy art guy glasses!

Posted: trippe // 07.02.08 // +5+

:: M4M ::

MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY <-- We clipped an article about this film out of the paper when it was showing at the SFIFF back in May.. Then it sat under a stack of papers, lost forever until just now. San Francisco director Barry Jenkins made this film about one night stands and the city's gentrification that we're excited to see. Click here for more info or check listings for the next screening.
Posted: jesse // 07.02.08 // +0+

:: OK ::

OKLAHOMA CELEBRITIES <------ speaks for itself.
Posted: pesya // 07.02.08 // +1+

:: FFDG ::

We've added a few more pieces to our online store as we prepare for our group show that opens at our gallery on July 10th. Today we've added work from Vancouver based Ben Tour and SF based Jay Howell... All proceeds from this show go to help fund some of our upcoming FF projects... and speaking of the gallery, we're closed this week and weekend for America Day.
Ben Tour, 17" x 21" acrylic on paper, $800
Posted: trippe // 07.01.08 // +0+

:: Stolen ::


Got word that two pieces of art by Barry McGee and Clare Rojas were stolen from RVCA's San Francisco store last Tuesday (not during the opening). They are from permanent/private collections and have a great deal of sentimental value to the artists. If you have any information about the theft you can contact RVCA at (415) 701-7822. Click here from more details.

Posted: jesse // 07.01.08 // +1+

:: _+!@ ::

FFFFOUND.COM <-- is a web service that not only allows the users to post and share their favorite images found on the web, but also dynamically recommends each user's tastes and interests for an inspirational image-bookmarking experience... you can find some realy nice stuff there.
Posted: trippe // 07.01.08 // +3+

:: Venaglia ::

NICHOLAS VENAGLIA <-- helps out with FF and takes some nice photos and has some nice work on his site. Make a cyber visit and say hi.
Posted: trippe // 07.01.08 // +5+