:: Dustin Kilgore ::

WORKPLUSPLAY.COM <-- "photography, design and installations by Chi-town denizen Dustin Kilgore. He calls waiting rooms ROOMS THAT NECESSITATE ANTICIPATION, and that's awesome." -Joshua Elowsky
Posted: trippe // 09.30.08 // +0+

:: MP3ODay ::

In honor of our Nov 22nd show @FFDG, here ya go. It's a great name: Titanium Expose.
Posted: trippe // 09.30.08 // +0+

:: !$~+ ::

ARTFOROBAMA.NET <-- online art auction with proceeds going to that Obama character. Lots of great work in there if you can afford it.
Todd Hido - 11"x14" C-Print, from the series A Road Divided
Posted: trippe // 09.30.08 // +2+

:: D Espinoza ::

Danny Espinoza has a sweet new zine available at Little Paper Planes. He is a good man and SF based artist, so check it out!
Posted: pesya // 09.29.08 // +1+

:: LAZ in NYC ::

London's LAZ Inc opened the group show The Outsiders in NYC this past weekend featuring works from Dave Choe, Ian Francis, Faile and others... Our Manuel Bello was there and brought back some photos.
Posted: trippe // 09.29.08 // +1+

:: West, Wester, Westest ::

FLAVORPILL PICKS <-- our upcoming show West, Wester, Westest @Fecal Face Dot Gallery to see this Saturday. "Fecal Face's Chicago correspondent, Ryan Christian, heads west with a talent pool plucked from all over the map - New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, and LA - with each of the 11 artists lighting out for imaginative territories. Amy Mayfield's bright-hued paint-pours on canvas resemble psychedelic aquariums, while storms brew beneath the nervous, wispy lines of Erin Morrison's nature drawings. Mike Rea carves large-scale wooden space modules and suited astronauts rich in fantastic detail. These artists, their westward expansion notwithstanding, are definitely on the way to somewhere promising." -Flavorpill
works from Eric Lebofsky (Chicago), Frank Magnotta (Brooklyn), Josh Mannis (LA), Amy Mayfield (Chicago), Erin Morrison (Seattle), Alexander Kvares (Atlanta), Tom Long (NYC), Scott Anderson (Chicago), Mike Rea (Chicago), Casey Jex Smith (CA), Geoffrey Todd Smith (Chicago)... Curated by Fecal Face's Chicago corespondent, Ryan Christian.
Posted: trippe // 09.29.08 // +6+

:: ClipODay ::

GAS SIGNS TRUTH IN ADVERTISING <-- as seen in and around LA these days.
Posted: trippe // 09.29.08 // +0+

:: $$$ ::

TAKE A YEN AND FOLD IT UP <-- can't read the site, but that's not important.
Posted: trippe // 09.29.08 // +0+

:: Orphan ::

ORPHAN WORKS BILL THROUGH THE SENATE <-- but it's still not too late to act. Email the House Judiciary not to pass the Orphan Works Bill right now. The CapWiz site is set up to make this a very quick and easy process. A letter is prepared, and all you need to do is enter your contact information. Do it NOW... The fast-tracked Orphaned Works bill will make it possible for people and business to use your images without your consent or knowledge. Though well-intentioned, it leaves all artists, especially photographers and illustrators, vulnerable... Learn about the bill here.
Posted: trippe // 09.29.08 // +4+

:: T.I> ::

There was a bit of arting going down this last weekend at the Treasure Island music festival.
Posted: trippe // 09.27.08 // +1+

:: zinienessiness ::

Zine Swap <----- "Zineswap aims to be a resource through which people can swap their zines with one-another. It also aims to become a vast archive of contemporary zine publishing, existing as both an online catalogue and an annual exhibition." A novel idea. Send 3 or more zines and get some back in the mail!
Posted: pesya // 09.27.08 // +0+

:: Signing books ::

Shepard is signing some E Pluribus Venombooks at La Luz about RIGHT NOW! 4:00 - 6:00 pm... Head out, if yer into this sort of thing.
Posted: // 09.27.08 // +0+

:: ClipsoDay ::

MACGRUBER! <-- Keith posted it in his blog. If you haven't seen them yet, do. Too good.
Posted: trippe // 09.27.08 // +0+

:: Patrick Nilsson ::

Patrick Nilsson <------ Nice works by this Sweden-based artist. It's all about the
beer house.
Posted: pesya // 09.27.08 // +0+

:: DeBate ::

THE FIRST DEBATE <-- thanks for the email, Patrick. That may be the best way to watch them.
Posted: trippe // 09.27.08 // +0+

:: Aerosolhenge ::

In central London over the past week there have been five 2-ton Stone Aerosol cans discovered in not so remote areas. When asked, officials seemed baffled but suggested it was some sort of calendar suggesting that artist D*Face is about to drop a nasty ass show this coming week... Read our interview w/ him.
D*Face in London
Posted: trippe // 09.26.08 // +3+

:: Lazarides NYC tonight ::

LAZ inc. presents: The Outsiders, NYC-->Sept. 26- Oct.12 -->282 Bowery @ Hoston Come out and see works by Antony Micallef, JR, Faile, David Choe, Conor Harrington and so many more. We were able to catch the preview last night and this show is beyond good. Keep an eye out for the play by play in the days to come.
Posted: // 09.26.08 // +0+

:: Dennis McNett ::

PHOTOS <-- from Dennis McNett's show The Old Horned Deity up now in NYC @The Stanton Chapter.
Posted: trippe // 09.26.08 // +1+

:: Eric Otto ::

SF's Eric Otto has this new 6 color print for sale for $50. Edition of 100 on 110lb pound paper. Can buy here... Speaking of sailing, this is coming into the Bay Saturday @2pm. We'll be out there.
Posted: trippe // 09.26.08 // +0+

:: McCan't ::

Adam5100 is heading back to his home state to get some stencils up for that political thing that's going on right now.
Posted: trippe // 09.26.08 // +2+

:: Boycott ::

THE SF EXAMINER ENDORSES MCCAIN-PALIN?! <-- Never ever would have thought an SF paper would go so far... Fuck that shitty paper anyway. Wouldn't even use it for Poo's liter.
Posted: trippe // 09.25.08 // +9+

:: _+! ::

KIM COGAN <-- updates his site with more great oil paintings. If you get a chance to see his work in person, do it... Some photos from a show he had in NYC last April @Gallery Henoch, and video before his show @White Walls last year.
Posted: trippe // 09.25.08 // +0+

:: Frederic Poincet ::

Frederic Poincelet <---- Great artist from the French regions.
Posted: pesya // 09.24.08 // +1+

:: Stine Belden Røed ::

Stine Belden Røed <-- interesting artist from Bergen, Norway.
Posted: pesya // 09.24.08 // +1+

:: London Police ::

PHOTOS <-- from the 4 Geezers show @ADHoc in Brooklyn as we play catch up.
Posted: trippe // 09.24.08 // +0+

:: The Trippes Are Back ::

Wow, getting married is something for sure... Back from dude weekends and wedding weekends. Rings have been swapped. Friends have gotten drunk. Water was swam in, beds flipped on. Vows studied and repeated. Cakes munched. Wine drank. Toasts made. Dancing done... It's all a blur (photos soon), but we got some good things on the way including our next show at our gallery Fecal Face Dot Gallery opening a week from Saturday. West, Wester, Westest featuring works from Eric Lebofsky (Chicago), Frank Magnotta (Brooklyn), Josh Mannis (LA), Amy Mayfield (Chicago), Erin Morrison (Seattle), Alexander Kvares (Atlanta), Tom Long (NYC), Scott Anderson (Chicago), Mike Rea (Chicago), Casey Jex Smith (CA), Geoffrey Todd Smith (Chicago)... Curated by Fecal Face's Chicago corespondent, Ryan Christian.
Posted: trippe // 09.24.08 // +7+

:: Art for Hope-LA ::

Art for Hope is popping off Wednesday, Oct. 1, 7-10pm, one-night-only in Los Angeles with this sick line-up: The Clayton Brothers, Camille Rose Garcia, Mercedes Helnwein, Seonna Hong, Kill Pixie, Marion Peck, Todd Schorr, Kent Williams, Mark Ryden and more. If nothing else the work is bound to nasty!
Posted: // 09.23.08 // +0+

:: We like Damon Soule ::

How many of you love Damon Soule's work as much as I do. Glad he has lots of new stuff coming.
Posted: // 09.23.08 // +0+

:: Skateistan ::

Skate scene on the rise in Kabul.
Posted: irving // 09.23.08 // +6+

:: Sieben ::

Michael Sieben's Fine Art Triangles is for sale in our online store (scroll down)... Have you seen his Adidas shoe yet or better yet, the film? Some of it was filmed in our gallery. Here's a little behind the scenes.
Posted: trippe // 09.22.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: // 09.22.08 // +0+

:: Natural Selection @ Open Space ::

Open Space Gallery, up there in Beacon New York, has the 'Natural Selection' work up online for your lack of commuting pleasure.
Posted: // 09.22.08 // +0+

:: I raise my glass to the Trippes! ::

THE VERY ABBREVIATED VERSION---> As many of you may know, John Trippe (the captain of this here ship) and his lovely lady Jessica have tied the knot. I wanted to take a minute to raise my glass of Orange Juice to both of them. May you both have a lifetime of happiness, blogging, sailing, arting, and whatever else it is you may desire. -Bello
Posted: // 09.20.08 // +10+

:: ClipODay ::

natasha.jpg NATASHA'S STORY <-- Photographer Rick Smolan heads off to Korea in the late 70s to work on a story about children that American GIs left behind after being stationed over there. The story is interesting and the photos are being compiled into a book due out next year and a possible film being produced by Francis Coppola's film company, American Zoetrope. Check it.
Posted: trippe // 09.19.08 // +0+

:: mixtART @ GRSF ::

Giant Robot has a 'mixtART' opening Saturday in San Francisco, featuring works by Buff Monster, Ekundayo and Alex Pardee among others.
Posted: // 09.19.08 // +0+

:: Halloween Early in NYC ::

MF Gallery is getting all zombi-afied again this year with their 6th annual Halloween art show. The blood drinking will begin at 7pm.
Posted: // 09.19.08 // +0+

:: East of Eden ::

There is a Galla Art Event kicking off today in Los Angeles, called East of Eden. This collaborative show will feature work from some of Los Angeles' most established galleries and art community do-gooders, including: La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Black Maria, drkrm Gallery, Gallery Revisited, Ghetto Gloss, Junc Gallery, Materials & Applications, Metro Gallery, Thinkspace, Bert Green Fine Art, Acuna Hansen, David Patton, Farmlab and De Soto. You can find out more about the actual event here.
Posted: // 09.19.08 // +0+

:: Cristina Natsuko Paulos ::

Cristina Natsuko Paulos is a New York City based artist, illustrator who blends some interesting techniques into her work consisting of paint, inks, dyes, and the old analog mixed media. More to come...
Posted: // 09.18.08 // +0+

:: Goodnight Pictoplasma - Paris is On ::

You ever just feel like this world is coming down around you. Yeah, I feel that suffering, but at some point you gotta pick up your parts, put em back in, and show em what your made of. This one in is for the underdogs! Brain work of Joel Trussell and music by Paul Brill & Jason Forest.
Posted: // 09.18.08 // +2+

:: Stencils ::

Crystal Townsend has a stencil opening (7-ish) at 'A Bon Port' in SF tonight. Not sure what that spot is all about but looks like a good reason to get swanky and drink booze. Check it out!
Posted: // 09.18.08 // +0+

:: MIA ::

Going to be a tad MIA the next few days as I'm all getting married and whatnots. But we got a load of good features on the way. Manuel's working on a great interview that's bound to be highly enjoyable. I'm going to be standing in front of a bunch of friends and family swapping rings with the future Mrs. Trippe... Wish me luck.
Posted: trippe // 09.17.08 // +15+

:: McNett in NYC ::

mcnett2.jpg"Friday night get down to the LES and check out Dennis McNett's solo installation at The Stanton Chapter, located on 176 Stanton (between Clinton and Attorney St.) beginning at 7PM - 10PM... This work will showcase a variety of new printed material, collage work, and sculptures by the artist including a large-scale installation!" -Julian Duron
Posted: trippe // 09.17.08 // +0+

:: Fairey @White Walls ::

SHEPARD FAIREY @WHITE WALLS <-- interns Ashley & Megan headed on down to the T.L. last Saturday to have themselves a look see.
Posted: trippe // 09.17.08 // +0+

:: Change ::

A MESSAGE FROM POO <-- we think he's on to something.
Posted: trippe // 09.17.08 // +5+

:: Kevin Taylor ::

SNC11262.jpgIntern Kara Bratcher made it down to Gallery Three last week for Symbiotica - works from Kevin Taylor and brought back THESE PHOTOS.
Posted: trippe // 09.17.08 // +0+

:: Camille Rose Garcia ::

A bit behind with getting these photos up, but here they are. CAMILLE ROSE GARCIA @JONATHAN LEVINE over there in the Big Apple. Manuel Bello reporting.
Posted: trippe // 09.16.08 // +1+

:: Ouch ::

Hungover for two days. Beer/ wine/ cigarettes/ whiskey/ fernet/ fire/ hotub/ golf/ steak... what a dude weekend and my fucking head still hurts. I keep drinking water but nothing comes out. I think I pickled my insides with Bourbon.... Anyway, rent a house in Guerneville with your friends. Will post some video when the dust settles and after my bruises heal.
Posted: trippe // 09.16.08 // +1+

:: The Death Star over San Francisco ::

Recently caught on camera over the city.
Posted: irving // 09.16.08 // +3+

:: Angie Mason ::

Angie Mason just has a show down south. You should take a look!
Posted: // 09.16.08 // +0+

:: Alex Young ::

This Alex Young guy has some skill. He does crazy splash paintings with aerosol. Plus he can draw. Hey, I am just serious. Keep an eye out!
Posted: // 09.15.08 // +0+

:: Suburban Harmony ::

Here is another fine animation short from the Pictoplasma NYC conference. Real mellow get your week off right kinda feel. The brain work of Steve Scott and 'not to scale' with music by 'Telemetry Orchestra'. May this week be even better than the last.
Posted: // 09.15.08 // +0+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 09.14.08 // +5+

:: ClipODay ::

FULL TILT TUSSLE <-- "As San Francisco-based dance-rockers Tussle prepare for a nationwide tour supporting their new album, Cream Cuts, they only have one thing on their minds: pinball."
Posted: trippe // 09.13.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

From the new hbo show The Life & Times of Tim. Seems pretty funny.
Posted: trippe // 09.13.08 // +0+

:: _+@ ::

JODY ROGAC <-- this Vancouver based photographer updates her site. More on her blog.
Posted: trippe // 09.13.08 // +0+

:: Goodbye Pictoplasma ::

The Pictoplasma conference wrapped up last Saturday night. There was a ton of great pieces of animation. Obviously I can not show you all of them but I will try to drop some of my personal favorites over the next week or so. This one was the brain child of Jonas Odell. And the track is Ali in the jungle by 'The Hours', dig it!
Posted: // 09.13.08 // +0+

:: Ric Stultz ::

Milwaukee based Ric Stultz will be showing some newer works like what you see below tonight @Open Space in Beacon, NY. If you're over there (where the hell is Beacon) be sure to swing through.
Posted: trippe // 09.13.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

CHANNEL 86 <-- you gotta get into the news. Created by Chicago based video/ media artist Rebecca Rodriguez.
Posted: trippe // 09.12.08 // +0+

:: AJW ::

ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT <-- tonight @The Luggage Store. Andrew is a founding member of Philly's Space 1026. We like 1026. The show titled "Art for Corporations" opens tonight from 6-8pm. See it or come back here Mon for some photos... Also, our buddy and Fecal Blogger, Andrew Scott, will be showing photos alongside Geoffrey Ellis @Needles & Pens. Details.
Posted: trippe // 09.12.08 // +1+

:: Bachleor ::

Off to the woods for my bachelor party weekend with Irving, Fish, Marr, Groshong, Hart, and Wolfe. Tell the police one of those dudes killed me if I'm not back at Fecal Face on Monday. Will be blogging it in the RIGHT NOW FF BLOG from my cell phone if there's cell service. Fun times.
Posted: trippe // 09.12.08 // +4+

:: Alien Earth ::

SOCOTRA ISLAND <-- "We covered some otherwordly places before, but this island simply blows away any notion about what is considered "normal" for a landscape on Earth." I wanna go. That beach looks amazing.
Posted: trippe // 09.12.08 // +1+

:: Aaron Johnson ::

Aaron Johnson @Stux NYC <-- His Reversed Acrylic Polymer Peel Painting Method on polyester American flags creates layers of hyper vibrant color depicting narratives that are both horrific and hilarious.
Posted: trippe // 09.12.08 // +1+

:: Wild West ::

Dusty emailed to let us know that artist Thom Ross has recreated a classic photo taken at Ocean Beach in 1902 here in SF. It's up through this weekend. Head out to the beach to check it out. Here are a bunch of photos if you're too lazy. Nice video from the setup.
Posted: trippe // 09.11.08 // +1+

:: Hilary Pecis ::

Last Saturday was the opening of Hilary Pecis's The Paradigm Shift @Receiver. We went and brought back some photos. Excellent show!
Hilary Pecis
Posted: trippe // 09.11.08 // +0+

:: Obey ::

ANOTHER NIGHT W/ SHEPARD <-- as he does some pasting here in San Francisco before his show that opens this Saturday at White Walls.
Posted: trippe // 09.11.08 // +1+

:: Hot & Cold ::

Chris Duncan & Griffin Mcpartland are looking to buy back copies of their Hot & Cold magazine series since they are missing complete sets and some institutions are looking to get a hold of them. Go to hotandcoldmassive.com for more info.
Posted: trippe // 09.11.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

When was the last time you spent some time w/ GOB?
Posted: trippe // 09.11.08 // +0+

:: Tonight ::

ART AUCTION TONIGHT <-- at Soma Arts with proceeds going to The Coalition on Homelessness featuring art from lots of talented foks like Sara Thustra. Sara donated an entire collection of art, something like 30 pieces named Sara's Closet with a starting bid of only $5... There's some nice stuff to be had from Chris Duncan, Barry McGee, Tara Foley, Xylor Jane, Paul Urich, Kyle Ranson, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, and many more. 5:30-8:30pm. $5-10 sliding scale gets you in. More info.
Just one of the works from Sara Thustra's closet
Posted: trippe // 09.11.08 // +0+

:: Jeremy Mora ::

JEREMY MORA @MARK WOLFE <-- here in SF. Our intern, Megan Wolfe, gets a few photos from the opening last Thursday.
Posted: trippe // 09.10.08 // +0+

:: Simkins & Lee in NYC ::

PHOTOS <-- from Greg "craola" Simkins & David Choong Lee @Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC. Photos & Text by Mr. Manuel Bello.
Posted: trippe // 09.10.08 // +0+

:: Giant ::

GIANT'S IN TOWN <-- as he prepares for his upcoming show at White Walls. Might be seeing some his stuff out and about. Here's a bit from last night. We'll be bringing you a taste of what he's up to while in SF over the next week or so.
Posted: trippe // 09.10.08 // +1+

:: Staley ::

PETER STALEY <-- Nice website. Never under-estimate the power of a good clean site with easy navigation. Oh yeah, the work is great too (that always helps).
Posted: jesse // 09.10.08 // +2+

:: Chris Johanson ::

CHRIS JOHANSON @DEITCH <-- artist Julian Duron went to check it out and brought back these photos & video.
Posted: trippe // 09.09.08 // +0+

:: Iceberger ::

Our intern Kara Bratcher headed over to Iceberger Gallery last week to get some photos of PACIFIC REVERB SOCIETY.
Posted: trippe // 09.09.08 // +1+

:: Musica ::

Man, nothing like ITunes on random to remind you of bands you'd love to see live but have disappeared off the map. Where's Fuck & Thee More Shallows to name a couple?
Posted: trippe // 09.09.08 // +0+

:: Free Fridayz ::

1AAM04.jpgWe're going to be giving away copies of the Mike Judge & Don Hertzfeldt's The Animation Show as this week's Free Fridayz prize. The person with the most votes wins volumes 1-3 while second and third place winners will win copies of volume 3. This week's theme is "Politics" (like Jeroen Blok has submitted already). NOTE that you need to get your drawing in by Thursday evening by 9pm (pacific time). Submission guidelines.
Posted: trippe // 09.09.08 // +0+

:: _+@ ::

RYAN WALLACE <-- updates his site with some great paintings.
Posted: trippe // 09.09.08 // +3+

:: ClipODay ::

DIAMOND DAVE <-- I gotta get to Lafayette to see this guy.
Posted: trippe // 09.09.08 // +0+

:: London Graffiti ::

Got an email from Graham Turner of London directing us to some photos he shot of the Cans Festival that took place in a "derelict tunnel near Waterloo station in London. Last week they re-did it all again, but with a focus on more traditional (sorry, did I say traditional??) graffiti. Definitely some great work there from the likes of Will Barras, Alexone, Shok1, Wordtomother, Sickboy, Sweet Toof, and loads of others."... Thanks for the email, Graham. More info @Londonist.
Posted: trippe // 09.08.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

SF based artist, Marc Horowitz, travels across America asking people THREE QUESTIONS.
Posted: trippe // 09.08.08 // +1+

:: VOTE ::

REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE <-- and then get out there and vote or else these morons are going to running the show... btw, that photo's a fake.
Posted: trippe // 09.08.08 // +2+

:: Barry McGee ::

Barry McGee opened up a stealth show at Ratio 3 on Friday. MIKE LIN INVESTIGATES.
Posted: trippe // 09.08.08 // +0+

:: FFDG ::

FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY is closed for renovations until Oct 4th when we open West, Wester, Westest featuring works from Eric Lebofsky (Chicago), Frank Magnotta (Brooklyn), Josh Mannis (LA), Amy Mayfield (Chicago), Erin Morrison (Seattle), Alexander Kvares (Atlanta), Tom Long (NYC), Scott Anderson (Chicago), Mike Rea (Chicago), Casey Jex Smith (CA), and Geoffrey Todd Smith (Chicago). Curated by Ryan Christian, our Chicago corespondent.
Chicago's Eric Lebofsky
Posted: trippe // 09.07.08 // +2+

:: InStant ::

RIGHT NOW FF PHOTOS <-- playing around with some instant cell phone photo posting tonight. Keep checking as it'll be updated throughout the night as we make our way about town covering openings and other whatnots. It's a work in progress that should add some enjoyment for me and for you down the line.
Posted: trippe // 09.06.08 // +2+

:: Seth Armstrong ::

Our intern Kara Bratcher headed over to Rowen Morrison in Oakland to see the solo show from Oakland based Seth Armstrong and brought back these photos... Unrelated: but why would you wanna do that?
Posted: trippe // 09.06.08 // +0+

:: Tonight ::

Oh man, there are too many shows worth checking out tonight. How about Hilary Pecis @Receiver on Valencia @26th? If you're near 6th st, maybe Kevin Taylor @Gallery Three?... Olivia Song Park @Mina Dresden also on Valencia but this time closer to 14th St... Live out near the beach? Check out Nathaniel Russell @Mollusk Surf Shop Gallery who have consistently good shows.
A preview of Hilary Pecis @Receiver
Posted: trippe // 09.06.08 // +0+

:: Viner Site ::

Viner has a super clean new site for your viewing pleasure, click the full screen option, it's nice! He also has some real lowdown editions in the store. Swoop em up!
Posted: // 09.06.08 // +1+

:: Gettin' Hot in Here ::

Wonder if it's the nice weather or something, but there have been 6 murders in the last two weeks in the Mission with 2 more last night. The killing of the Hells Angels leader occurred just a couple blocks from our offices on Tuesday. Stay alert out there especially if you're going up and down 24th st... Mission's gettin' hot.
Posted: trippe // 09.05.08 // +0+

:: Fear and Loathing ::


FEAR AND LOATHING 2008 <-- Tim Hussin, Noah Rabinowitz and Danny Ghitis cover both the Democratic and Republican conventions taking place this year. They're providing another side that we don't get to see on CNN as well as featuring some really powerful images. Thanks for the link Issac.

Posted: jesse // 09.05.08 // +5+

:: Tiny Showcase in NYC ::

WE=TROUBLE <-- the great online stop to get some nice limited edition prints, Tiny Showcase, has put together their first show opening in Brooklyn Saturday @Secret Project Robot. Lots of SF artists in this one.
Posted: trippe // 09.05.08 // +0+

:: NYC Shows ::

There are 2 must see shows in New York this weekend. First would be Greg "Craola" Simkins "It Wanders East" at Joshua Liner Gallery who will also be showing David Choong Lee in gallery 2. The second is my homegirl, the infamous Camille Rose Garcia showing "Ambien Somnambulants" at Jonathan LeVine gallery where you can also catch "Panorama Project 3" a group show curated by Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens in the project room. Not in New York, maybe you could be?
Posted: // 09.05.08 // +0+

:: Photo Contest ::

PLANET MAGAZINE'S PHOTO CONTEST <-- seems pretty cool. The winner receives a round the world plane ticket with a 10 page photo assignment featured in their magazine. Worth checking out. The contest theme is "Many Worlds, One Planet" w/ a deadline set for Oct 20th.
Posted: trippe // 09.04.08 // +0+

:: Johanson ::

This one seems to have been left off our previous Thursday's art posting, but if you're in New York tonight you need to go over and check out Chris Johanson's Totalities at Deitch Projects. From what we've heard and seen, it looks to be really amazing. Also, over the weekend Deitch is throwing it's annual Art Parade (more on that later).
Posted: jesse // 09.04.08 // +0+

:: Paul Schiek ::

If you head into the muggy chaos that's bound to engulf 49 Geary this evening (5:30-7:30pm) be sure to swing through Steven Wirtz to view our friend Paul Schiek's solo show the thing about you is you will end up like me.
Paul Schiek @Steven Wirtz
Posted: trippe // 09.04.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

DEERHOOF <-- San Francisco-based quartet Deerhoof in Dolores Park before they embark on a long tour supporting the release of their tenth album, Offend Maggie.
Posted: trippe // 09.04.08 // +1+

:: Tonight ::

Have you seen the list of shows opening this weekend?! Damn, there's bound to be some lost gems in there, but here are a few shows we think you should check out tonight, but be sure to check the complete calendars for San Francisco, New York, & Los Angeles. So in SF tonight: Andrew Schoultz @Marx & Zavattero w/ the NRSZ playing the after party @White Walls --- Serena Cole And Tahiti Pehrson @111 Minna --- "Catalyst" Group Show @FIFTY24SF Gallery --- we previewed those shows yesterday --- there is too much going on tonight. Check the calendar, and if you're out East, be sure to see Chris Duncan's show @Jeff Bailey Gallery.
Serena Cole @111 Minna
Posted: trippe // 09.04.08 // +0+

:: Hells Angels ::

Posted: trippe // 09.04.08 // +0+

:: !_~ ::

RUBENS LP <-- an illustrator from Sao Paulo.
Posted: trippe // 09.03.08 // +1+

:: Fast ::

CLAREMONT HD <-- w/ camera handoffs?! Not into longboards, but that was pretty rad.
Posted: trippe // 09.03.08 // +0+

:: Andrew Schoultz ::

IN GODS WE TRUST <-- a new solo show from SF based Andrew Schoultz opens Thursday @Marx & Zavattero. We previewed it yesterday (photos later today), but check out Travis Jensen's Chronicle article in the meantime... After party @White Walls with music from our intern's band NRSZ & the one piece EGADZ from 9-12am.
Posted: trippe // 09.03.08 // +0+

:: Pictoplasma NYC ::

Tomorrow is the kick off of the Pictoplasma NYC Conference. I believe registration is still open. If you're a pop art, characters illustration geek than you will be completely consumed by all the festivities and guest speakers. See ya there!
Posted: // 09.03.08 // +0+

:: Chrome Ugh ::

We're working on a little preview of some of the shows opening this week, but were trying to do it using the new Google Chrome... It's kinda poo poo right now. Bummer... Anyway, a preview on its way. Firefox, I stay with you for now.
Posted: trippe // 09.03.08 // +0+

:: Chrome ::

Google's new browser, Chrome, is expected to be available for download sometime around 11am (Windows only). Found some screen shots of it. Can't wait. Have you seen their comic yet which details it? They'll post download info here when they're ready. Browse.
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:: Dated, but dope on 35mm. ::

Sure did love it when Stereo spit out all those limited signed #'d decks a little more than a few years back. And let's not forget all the dope designs, Fecal Face's Matt Irving rocked for Stereo. Got most of those bitches tucked away, dewd! Was nice when collecting decks was about the rad score and not so much the mad pay-out! Anyway, I always like settling my mind to this little skate, art, piece of magic from years past.
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:: Greg Simkins @ Joshua Liner NYC ::

Going back a few years now, I stumbled onto a random graffiti page with the illest work by a writer named 'CRAOLA'. After obsessing for a bit I dug up some more dirt on this Greg 'CRAOLA' Simkins guy and discovered his fine art work was just as insane, but in a completely different context. As in NOT text, as much as character illustration craziness. Years later I managed to get some words with Greg Simkins and was pleased to find he is as solid as his skills. Needless to say we're stoked to see him (and mrs. monsta) swing through New York, this coming Saturday the 6th, with a whole new batch of works. Show up, and leave with your humility!
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