:: Puppets ::

FURYPUPPET.COM <-- love the style of these puppets coming from the Brooklyn studio of Zack Buchman & Maria Gurevich... looking insane and something out of a twisted Jim Henson film.
Speaking of Hensen --> One of Jim Henson's last interviews.
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:: ClipODay ::

FOR ALL YOU BANKSY FANS <-- Banksy Vs. Bristol Museum.
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:: Mike Shine ::

MIKE SHINE @THE SOAP GALLERY <-- photos from his show Flotsam's Wonder Tonic running till Sept 28th at this outer Mission Gallery space.
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:: Disney Buys Marvel ::

How do all you comic fans feel about Disney buying up Marvel?... funny Twitter: "I'm requesting a Howard the Duck/ Scrooge McDuck Crossover" Haha
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:: In Swedish News ::

SUICIDE ART GONE BAD <-- "A Swedish art student who faked psychosis and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital - all as part of an "artwork" - will today be judged on public disorder charges in a trial in Stockholm that has divided the nation."
Posted: trippe // 08.31.09 // +6+

:: ToNIgHT ::

FUTURE COLORS OF AMERICA <-- you live in SF? See this show tonight. Albert Reyes, Matt Furie, and Aiyana Udesen at GRSF. Reception: Saturday, August 29, 6:30 pm-10:00pm
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:: :) ::

HOPE AND ANCHOR <-- Enjoy some a nice collection of photography.
madi ju
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:: Summer Group Show ::

PHOTOS <-- from Joshua Liner's summer group show in NYC. Manuel Bello words and photos.
Damon Soule
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:: Bear Gnar ::

YOU SEE THE BEAR STUCK IN THE SKATEPARK YET? <-- Mr. Franklin alerted us to the adventurous fellow a few days back.
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:: Baby Thirty ::

Mega congrats to new parents Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock who are happy to announce the birth of their son Brixton this past Wednesday!! Looks like this talented couple who collaborate on paintings just got another collaborator?... You see their show at Minna that's running this month? Check the photos.
Posted: trippe // 08.28.09 // +3+

:: Tonight in LA ::

If you're in LA today please stop by to check out my show with Parskid at The Ronin Gallery in Echo Park. Should be fun and free :)
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:: Upper Fecal San Playground Francisco Face ::

WIN A TRIP TO SAN FRANCISCO FROM FECAL FACE AND UPPER PLAYGROUND <-- deadline is 8/31. Might want to enter now for this great opportunity which includes round trip airfare to and from San Francisco (within the USA - sorry), dinner and a historical tour from Jeremy Fish, meet Mel Kadel @FFDG at her opening September 10th, and spend a day w/ us doing something (not sure yet). Includes lodging at the Upper Playground Studio. Pretty epic contest! Word and word and double extra word.
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:: Sea no Evil Saturday ::

SEA NO EVIL SILENT AUCTION BENEFIT <-- happens this Saturday down in Riverside, CA featuring works from the likes of Anthony Lister, Gregory Euclide, Jeff Soto, Michael Sieben, Shepard Fairey, Mario Martinez (Mars-1), Maya Hayuk, Travis Millard, and so many others. All money raised will go to help fund The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society <-- maybe you've seen the show Whale Wars? Sea Shepherd's mission is to "end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species." $5 donation at the door. Corner of Mission Inn and Lemon in Riverside 3485 Mission Inn Ave. 7pm
Jeff Soto's work to be auctioned
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:: Ugh ::

THE STORY JUST GETS WORSE AND WORSE <-- doesn't even seem real.
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:: Neon Sail Bag? ::

RAGGED EDGE <-- wallets, bags, and folders made from recyceled sail carbon fiber cloth. A bit expensive, but this stuff isn't going to wear out anytime soon... Thanks for the email, Lori.
Posted: trippe // 08.27.09 // +1+

:: Mel Kadel - 9/10 ::

MEL KADEL OPENS ECHO TEST SEPT 10TH @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- excited as we're two weeks away from this LA artist and long time FF Pal taking center stage here @FFDG. Not only will Mel be hanging many earth-toned drawings featuring her recurring characters pushing, pulling, and climbing across the page, but we'll also have a limited run EP from Sounder w/ original cover art from Mel... Beverages available for nominal donation and the artist shall be present. Good times had by all. Thursday September 10th from 7 till 10pm. 66 Gough St. @Market. San Francisco, California.
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:: the future of music videos ::

Check out this unexpectedly amazing interactive Music Video for Placebo by the always awesome Champagne Valentine...
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:: Joyride Tonight in LA ::

A traveling art show - Joyride - opens on Thursday, August 27th in Los Angeles @BFF Storefront Gallery (4316 Melrose Ave. near N. Heliotrope) as part of the Bicycle Film Festival. A visual manifestation of the urban bicycle movement, Joyride brings together a diverse group of internationally established and emerging artists and members of the bicycling community all who share a passion for bicycles... After party @R Bar.... after the show.
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:: {}! ::

CHRISTIAN STORM <-- photo person from NYC who also assists Ryan McGinley on his shoots. Mundane imagery- not to devalue it in anyway. Together it works. Each photo on its own doesn't stand too well but together--- well, there ya go.
Not an example of the mundane referred
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:: clipOboulder ::

My homies out in Boulder just got their new website up and running for cypher13 design studio (quite possibly the raddest ever). They are also the same cats who are behind the infamous Joy Engine. Peep the mural action by main man Tee Bee (aka Todd Berger).
Posted: // 08.27.09 // +2+

:: PIZZA PARTY! in LA Tonight ::

Blood is the NEw Black is hosting a pizza party with art... and beer. We like BITNB and we like all that other stuff included in the night's schedule. If you're in LA, tonight's plans may have just gotten sorted.
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:: Misaki Kawai ::

Misaki Kawai has a new zine at Nieves. I happen to really enjoy this one - which is sold out :-(. (click images!)
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:: Denton ::

Was flipping through the new 7X7 magazine this morning and came across this scene... Guess when you got your smile down, you run with it.
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:: New Baltimore Gallery Space ::

Nudashank is a new artist-run gallery space in Baltimore which opened their second show CHROMATOSE on the 21st of August. The group show features a lot of great work juried by NYC's Erik Parker and runs through Sept 19th. Bill Dunlap was one of the artists selected and EMAILED US SOME PHOTOS <-- looks great.
Posted: trippe // 08.26.09 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

HOBO CLOWN BY ALLISON SCHULNIK <-- just posted her interview and thought you'd like to see the film referenced. Music by Grizzly Bear.
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Eric Lebofsky (Chicago based artist and saxaphone whiz) started this blog SUPERFREAKS, a drawing a day for an entire year, each a new character with "powers". Check it out.
Posted: ryan // 08.26.09 // +0+

:: PONYO ::

From director Hayao Miyazaki, who brought you such classics as Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, and my favorite Spirited Away, has his newest film in theaters now- PONYO. We saw it last night, and if you've yet to see it, make sure you do before it leaves theaters. Good stuff.
The film is much more of a children's film with a simpler story line but with a lot of Miyazaki's dreamy natural environments that always make you feel good. If you have some younger ones you can take to see it with you, even better. Just see it. In SF it's playing at Kabuki where they serve food and booze which is nice. VIEW TRAILER and remember trailers generally suck as they need to appeal to everyone. Don't let it sway you from seeing this great film, and thanks to our Twitter followers who suggested we see it.
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:: Free Bubnis Fridayz ::

Ryan Bubnis mailed us this tubular package a few weeks back and we darn forgot to show it off. A couple of prints and a new tee which you can purchase right here... We'll giving the print and tee away as part of this week's Free Fridayz prize. The theme might be one of our best: A monkey eating the Eiffel Tower while ice skating off a cliff wearing a mini skirt and hoop earings during the apocalypse. The good news is that we're already getting submissions like RUTH THOMPSON OF LIVERPOOL'S ENTRY. Excellent.... Hey, that would be a great tee shirt!
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:: Gunderson ::

LAST WEEK TO VIEW HENRY GUNDERSON'S SHOW AT FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- Wed through Fri 3-6pm and Saturday 12-6pm. We still have a couple works available here. Mel Kadel's show Echo Test opens September 10th. Details tomorrow. 66 Gough St.
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:: Justin Williams ::

We did a mini interview with this Melbourne based artist last month and he just wrapped up a solo show at Palmer Projects in Sydney. He was kind enough TO SHARE SOME PHOTOS W/ FECAL FACE. Great show, Justin.
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:: Say My Name ::

//Adam Wier
San Francisco artist and photographer Adam Wier made this one-night-only piece as part of a site specific installation series inside San Francisco's Grace Cathedral last Saturday. Episco Disco should be doing some more events at Grace Cathedral so keep your eyes peeled.
Posted: jesse // 08.25.09 // +0+

:: Saturday ::

THE FUTURE COLORS OF AMERICA <-- opens this Saturday @Giant Robot here in San Francisco with works from Aiyana Udesen, Matt Furie, and Albert Reyes. It's going to be the bees knees featuring solo works and collaborative works. 618 Shrader St. 6:30-10pm
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:: APT?! ::

Me and the Mrs are itching to move out of our current apartment and are on the apartment prowl. Know of anything good? Sunlight? 1 bedroom? Good neighborhood? Loft? Top floor? Whatever. We're looking and help is appreciated. If you know of anything, let us know. Just needs to be cat friendly. Thanks, kind folks - news(at)fecalface.com
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:: Damon Soule Mural ::

DAMON SOULE'S NEW MURAL AT TEMPLE <-- Damon was in town over the last month working on this massive epic mural.
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:: New Shirt?! ::

BUY A ANDREW JEFFERY WRIGHT SHIRT <-- because is there anything much better than ET and Mr. T on a Tee? So much TTTEEEEE.
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:: Ryan Riss ::

CRAPTICAL.COM <-- has been updated and it features the work of Ryan Riss, a 31 year old amazing drawing man located in sunny Seattle. We did a mini interview with Ryan last January where we learned he's influenced by old underground comix, optical designs, horror and zombie movies, rap music, hippie, stoner, and psychedelic art.
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:: Sketch 111 ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS @111 MINNA <-- this Tuesday. Artists sketch in front of you. You drink. You watch artists sketch. You buy art for little $$. Everyone goes home happy. What is it all about? We've been to a few.
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:: Battle-NESS ::

Bryan Derballa who blogs up the NYC emailed: "wanted to share a project I did for Wired documenting Duke Riley's exhibition Those About To Die Salute You. It was so sick. He spent months building boats and released them in a reflecting pool at the site of the old World's Fair in Queens. It was a mock naval battle and got really chaotic. I did gallery on Wired and put together a multimedia piece. Art, boats, pandemonium-- I thought it would be right up Fecal Face's alley. Here's the link." Chaos. Check the video.
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:: Kevin Morosini ::

We did a mini interview w/ the RISD graduate Kevin Morosini back in June. He mailed over this work below as a thank you. Thanks, Kevin. it's going up on our salon style wall that we're getting together in the next couple weeks. Cheers.
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:: SF ::

SAN FRANCISCO NEIGHBORHOOD SHOW OPENS SEPT 3RD @111 MINNA <-- great lineup and great idea for a show. Looking forward to it.
Mike Giant's Mission
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:: Arnold ::

JASON ARNOLD <-- who contributes to Free Fridayz often updates his site w/ some great new paintings.
Self Portrait
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:: J. Ward ::

JESSICA WARD <-- is an artist living in LA. Her work focuses on "women w/ eating disorders". Jessica uses her "own personal experiences with the disease to flesh out stories in each drawing."
Posted: trippe // 08.23.09 // +2+

:: Gone Surfin' ::

Some nice surfing photos from TYLER CUDDY.
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:: Musica ::

THE TREASURE ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL <-- is back this year (Oct 17th & 18th) w/ The Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, Vetiver, Dan Deacon, and many others. 2 days of music out in the middle of the SF Bay.
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:: _+ ::

LUKE BARBER-SMITH <-- was born in Philadelphia in 1981 and lives and works in Brooklyn New York. He's currently showing @Jericho Ditch located in Northwest Virginia - Pope Swamp to be exact.
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:: Connor Harrington ::

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:: ClipODay ::

The very talented Henry Lewis tattoos the also very talented Sylvia Ji. Looks for Henry's show @FFDG this December.
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:: Art Fraud ::

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:: Suicide Machine ::

Bryan Schnelle emailed over A FEW PHOTOS from his show Suicide Machine which is running at Gallery Three here in SF till Sept 7th... Gallery Three sits above The Shooting Gallery.
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:: Roy Nachum ::

ROY NACHUM @C E R A S O L I GALLERY OPENING SATURDAY IN LA <-- some really nice oil paintings from this NYC based painter and interior designer. Nachum is also well known for his work as an interior designer, which has appeared in restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels in the United States and Europe, including Club Door, TAO Nightclub at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Cafe Bari,SoHo, 1Oak, Lower Manhattan, Southern Hospitality and Destino both Upper East Side owned by Justin Timberlake. roynachum.com
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:: Kill Pixie ::

We were out of town and weren't able to give you the heads up on Kill Pixie and Cleon Peterson's show The Mirror Stage which opened last night @Monster Children in Sydney... Well, the show runs till Sept 17th, and you should see it... Check out their last 2 person show.
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:: Free Coffee ::

FREE COFFEE TODAY AT FOUR BARREL <-- for their one year anniversary. Get your caffeine on.
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:: Nathan Green - Good ::

Got an email from our buddy Michael Sieben letting us know that his Okay Mountain partner Nathan Green has just launched his first very own website featuring his paintings and sculptures... The work is good. Thanks, Mike!
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:: Water Up ::

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:: Deb Sokolow ::

"This young Chicago artist combines humor, paranoia, graphs, timelines, conspiracies, and so much more to create some of the best drawings ever! Check out her website and listen to her on bad at sports." -Ryan Christian
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:: Cafe Grattitude ::

Posted: trippe // 08.21.09 // +3+

:: Mel Kadel Interview ::

We're still collecting questions for our Mel Kadel interview... Got a question for this great LA based artist who'll be opening her show ECHO TEST @FFDG this September 10th? Email them over to news(at)fecalface.com w/ the subject "Mel Kadel is the best thing since sliced bread, and I have a question for her.".... Or better yet, enter the contest to win free trip to San Francisco to see the show in person, have a place to stay, have lunch w/ Fish, and hang out with us for a day! All for FREE. Enter here.
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:: Jolby ::

EVERYDAY SHENANIGANS ZINE PREVIEW <-- check out this great zine from the artistic duo that is Jolby. Not a bad creation for $12 which was created for their show @Artful Goods in Portland which opened August 7th.
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:: Beach Blanket Bingo ::

PHOTOS FROM A SUMMER GROUP SHOW @LEVINE IN NEW YORK <-- Ryan Morris brought back some photos that we're tardy in getting up. If you like the show, I'd get there quick 'cause Saturday is the last day it runs.
Work by AJ Fosik
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:: Back in SF ::

We're back after doing a bit of traveling back East and have a lot of great things to be added to the site... It's great coming back West and having the three hour difference. Wonder how long I'll be getting up at 6am.
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:: Art Show! ::

San Francisco artist Audrey Erickson is one of those people who is heart-breakingly talented, but who takes a year on one painting and never ever has shows. That means when she has a show, you have to see it or regret kicking yourself later. Sometimes art shows at cafes can get a bit annoying. You have to lean over people drinking coffee to see the art, it's hard to mingle, there are lines etc.. Luckily for you, Atlas Cafe is not one of those places. You can see the art, drink beer and see bands play just like a regular art gallery (sort of). Anyways, it's win-win, see you there tonight.
Posted: jesse // 08.19.09 // +1+

:: Home Bound ::

Heading back from the East Coast Wednesday. We'll be back to normal up in here. Stop through FFDG to view Henry Gunderson's show. 3-6pm Wed thru Fri and 12-6pm Sat.
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:: Wolfbat ::

YEAR OF THE WOLFBAT @THINKSPACE LOS ANGELES <-- Michael Hsiung checks out this two day show last week.
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:: ClipODay ::

via Coattails
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:: Tonight ::

SHAWN BARBER TONIGHT @THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- pretty sure Megan will be checking out this great show and bringing back some photos. If you're in SF, check it out. 839 Larkin St. 7-11pm - Ba-Daba-Do!
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:: BLAB! ::

PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING OF BLAB! @COPRO GALLERY <-- Copro Gallery and Monte Beauchamp proudly present the fifth annual "BLAB! SHOW," a kaleidoscope of colors and scenes from the "21st-Century Apocalypse" feature in the next issue of BLAB! photos and words from Michael Hsiung.
Travis Lampe
Jeff Soto
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:: Summer ::

Hey East Coasters, we're sure you've been out to swim in the Atlantic this summer already, but if you haven't, do. Made it to Ocean City, Maryland today and the water is amazing... Take a trip to the beach before summer's over. Wish the Pacific at SF was like that. Hot weather, mellow surf, and warm salty water... Forgot how great summer feels over here.
Posted: trippe // 08.14.09 // +2+

:: OdoSketch ::

SKETCH.ODOPOD.COM <-- pretty fun online sketching tool thing-a-ma-job. We'd prefer sketching with a pencil and paper, but it you're stuck in front of a computer or something could be an enjoyable 10 minutes... Mark Gettys who emailed the link over did this lil' dude.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

We're traveling about and have limited computer time, so this week's Free Fridayz will go up next Friday. The theme is a good one: Self Portrait. Get your drawings in by Friday 8/21. We've gotten some great submissions thus far.
Jen Mussari's Self Portrait
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:: Upper Fecal San Playground Francisco Face ::

WIN A TRIP TO SAN FRANCISCO FROM FECAL FACE AND UPPER PLAYGROUND <-- round trip airfare, dinner and a historical tour from Jeremy Fish, meet Mel Kadel @FFDG at her opening September 10th, and spend a day w/ us doing something (not sure yet). Includes lodging at the Upper Playground Studio. Pretty epic contest!
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:: Philly Tonight ::

Sara Schuenemann has brought together 40+ Philly artists to make teeth-themed work for a silent auction TONIGHT, August 14th, from 6-9 at Pageant, 607 Bainbridge Street.
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:: Oops ::

The DOUBLE TROUBLE PHOTOS are up now. A little hiccup, but we're good now.
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:: Double Trouble ::

PHOTOS FROM DOUBLE TROUBLE @EVER GOLD <-- that opened last week in SF. Collabs between young artists and the artists they admire... I wanna collab with Barry McGee...
Posted: trippe // 08.13.09 // +2+


Julia Rothman's ever-excellent Book By Its Cover book review site has posted the incredibly sad story of the blatant plagiarism of Lauren Nassef's work by a British grad student. The grad student, Samantha Beeston, won a major design competition using Nassef's drawings. And this isn't just one or two pieces, Nassef has identified TWENTY FOUR stolen images in the work of Beeston (a list is on Book By Its Cover). Beeston even went so far as to offer prints of Nassef's work on her now-off-line site. It seems that the blame for this type of plagiarism often falls on the internet age in which we live, but in this case it seems that the web has served to bring the theft to light. Judging by the fact that Beeston's image is no longer on the Texprint site, linked above, I'm hoping the prize has been rescinded. Anyhow, read the whole story here and bookmark Book By Its Cover, because it is always a good read. AND DON"T STEAL.
Posted: alex // 08.13.09 // +4+

:: Bruno Kurru ::

BRUNO KURRU <-- this Sao Paulo based artist does some really nice work... Man, there are a lot of talented artists down there in that city.
Posted: trippe // 08.13.09 // +1+

:: RIP Andy Kessler ::

NYC SKATE LEGEND ANDY KESSLER DIED MONDAY <-- from an allergic reaction he had to an insect sting while surfing. Andy was a NYC skating pioneer who banded with graffiti artists to help give a distinctively New York spin to the nascent sport of skateboarding and then helped popularize it by designing skate parks, died on Monday near Montauk, N.Y. He was 48.... I bet there's plenty to skate in the after life... with none of those nasty mushy NYC winters. RIP.
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:: Tunstall & Plock ::

PHOTOS FROM SEA OF LOVE - A COLLAB BETWEEN FERRIS PLOCK AND KELLY TUNSTALL <-- which opened last Thursday @111 Minna here in San Francisco.
Posted: trippe // 08.13.09 // +1+

:: InStint-BLOG ::

We're traveling about the Eastern Shore of Maryland visiting family right now AND INSTANT BLOGGING.
Posted: trippe // 08.12.09 // +3+

:: Mike Giant ::

MIKE GIANT @SKULLZ PRESS <-- we stopped through Mike's studio and Skullz Press gallery for this show of Mike prints which can be purchased right off the gallery walls. Tecates and good times. Thanks, Mike.
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:: _+! ::

And now a word from our sponsors... POSTER CABARET <-- has loads and loads of good posters up there, and they support Fecal Face. It's a win win. Support good businesses like this one.
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:: Mel Kadel @FFDG ::

Mark your calendar because Los Angeles based Mel Kadel is show at Fecal Face Dot Gallery this September 10th, Thursday 7-10pm. our 2007 interview - KQED interview.

Email your interview questions to Mel <- we're working on a new interview w/ Mel, and she wants to answer your questions. Email them on over to: news(at)fecalface.com

Posted: trippe // 08.11.09 // +0+

:: Shawn Barber THIS Sat ::

Confused as the press releases said the show was last Saturday, but I guess that Shawn Barber's Tattooed Portraits opening at The Shooting Gallery has been bumped back to this Saturday 8/15 7-11pm - 839 Larkin St... Well, whenever the opening is, be sure to get down there and see his work in person. Amazing stuff... Check our last interview/ studio visit with Shawn complete w/ video interviews.
Posted: trippe // 08.11.09 // +1+

:: Red Letter1 ::

SF based stencil artist ADAM5100 & Oakland's Seth Armstrong are showing together in Tampa FL this Saturday @the tattoo shop Red Letter1. If you're in that part of woods, you should check the show out.
Posted: trippe // 08.11.09 // +1+

:: Damon Soule Thurs ::

Damon Soule (remember his great show @FFDG) is in town and he's been working on an oversized mural at Temple for the past few weeks. He emailed to let us know that there's going to be a "reception unveiling party next Thursday the 13th from 6 to 9pm. David Chong Lee will be playing records and there will be libations and "hors de vors" provided by Prana restaurant. The address is 540 Howard street."... Can't wait to check it out... Oh and btw, we have a couple Damon Soule works left in our online shop.
Posted: trippe // 08.10.09 // +1+

:: SWAT ::

Came across these fellas downtown an hour ago... They were working on this.
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:: _+!@ ::

ADAM BATCHELOR <-- 21 year old Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor. Graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts in 2009, with a BA Hons in Graphic Design - Illustration. Residing in Norwich UK.
Posted: trippe // 08.10.09 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 08.09.09 // +0+

:: ANDES ::

If you're in Brooklyn go by Cinders to check out Blok and Elisita Punto's show up through August 30th.
Posted: julian // 08.08.09 // +4+

:: The Secret Leaflet ::

I co-created this 'news letter' in conjunction with a group of individuals operating out of NYC that also have an appreciation for contemporary culture, music, design, arts and film. Bodega Boys creates digital publications beginning with this fun little pamphlet, enjoy!
Posted: julian // 08.08.09 // +0+

:: 6? ::

Whether or not the kid did them, LIKE THE PAINTINGS.
Posted: trippe // 08.08.09 // +2+

:: Chris Koperski ::

CHRIS KOPERSKI @31 RAUSCH <-- 31 Rausch is actually Chris McCaw's house, and he uses the long front hallway as a gallery space.
Posted: trippe // 08.07.09 // +0+

:: S.K.A.T.E. ::

BATTLE OF THE BERICS <-- always enjoy some game of S.K.A.T.E.... Gunderson beat me my last game. Remember our game of f.e.c.a.l.?
Posted: trippe // 08.07.09 // +1+

:: Sunday film @YBCA ::

Playing Sunday @YBCA - A Sunday in Hell playing Sunday 2pm - The best film ever made about professional cycling, this grueling documentary follows the 1976 Paris-Roubaix bike race, an intensive journey across the cobbled farm tracks of Northern France. The director uses 20 cameras and a helicopter to capture the drama of the race from every possible angle.
Posted: trippe // 08.07.09 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 08.07.09 // +3+

:: Musica Tonight FREE ::

PALE HOARSE tonight @ Needles and Pens 8pm... Really great music and they're playing with UNRELIABLE NARRATOR & KIDNAP KIDS - 3253 16th St
Posted: trippe // 08.07.09 // +1+

:: Louvre ::

Forget if we talked about this or not already, but either way it's pretty amazing. After a $380,000 grant was bestowed on them, the Louvre was able to make all 35,000 of their pieces available online in English for the first time. You can bowse by room or by collection, seeing almost all of the work through hi-def images. We still think it's better for you get off your couch and go see it for yourself, but until then you can see the most amazing art collection in the world right now. Just make sure you actually look instead of just seeing it.
Posted: jesse // 08.07.09 // +0+


Maggie Manzer and Shawn Brackbill in a two person photography show at 1026 that opens tonight, Friday, from 7 - 10pm. Then on Saturday, check out new work from Chris Kline at B2 (1500 East Passyunk). That goes from 6-8.
Posted: alex // 08.07.09 // +0+

:: Paul Wackers ::

PAUL WACKERS/ SEEMS BOOK RELEASE <-- Saturday August 8th, 3-5 PM @The Luggage Store w/ Music: Boys IV Men and Daniel Martin-McCormick of Mi Ami. 1007 Market St
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:: ~ ::

Ever have one of those days where you just smell?... not really know what of, but something not good. A combo of cigarettes/ booze/ grease/ sweat/ and more booze split on your jeans... Probably has something to do with last night.
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:: A Bit Much HUH? ::

OAKLAND COPS TAZ FAN WHO WOULDN'T LEAVE SEAT <-- necessary or appropriate? Lame.
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:: GZA Last Night ::

Wanna thank HUF and Jansport for the free drinks/ free food, but most importantly for the epic GZA performance last night. Not only was it intimate but how many people can say that the GZA rapped standing right next to you. Photos and some video up in a hour or so... Oh and buy this bag as that was what all the FREE was for... Complete open bar means shots of Fernet and a slower Thursday.
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:: KUSF's Rock-n-Swap Sunday ::

KUSF's ROCK-N-SWAP <-- goes down this Sunday on USF's campus and is a Giant Music Lovers' Fair where vendors come from all over to sell music related items in various formats & genres - many offer hard-to-find items & real rarities. Vinyl galore, CDs, DVDs, posters, books, and much more. Regular Admission: (10a-3p) is $3 - Early Bird Shopping Special: (6am-10a) is $20.00 (includes bagels and coffee) - Location: McLaren Hall on the University of San Francisco campus.
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:: \___/ ::

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:: Opening Sat in the TL & Mike Shine @Soap ::

Gallery Three, The Shooting Gallery, and White Walls are all in one building and all three open new shows Saturday. The great SHAWN BARBER OPENS TATTOED PORTRAITS @THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- Contrasting between realistic figurative painting, art history and tattoo culture. This exhibit showcases Barber's signature brush work ----- SUICIDE MACHINE @GALLERY 3 <-- a new body of works by LA based Bryan Schnelle ---- RECOGNITION @WHITE WALLS <-- features works from SF based self taught artist Hugh Leeman & NYC based Michael Holman... All happens Saturday 7-11pm @ 835 Larkin St. in the Tenderloin San Francisco. ---- Also opening Saturday is MIKE SHINE @SOAP GALLERY <-- remember the show he had at FFDG. IT WAS PRETTY AWESOME to say the least. Soup Gallery is @ 3180 Mission St cross street Cesar Chavez and Valencia. 6-9pm
Shawn Barber
Hugh Leeman
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:: Chrystal Chan ::

CHRYSTAL CHAN <-- was born in November 1984 and raised in the Bay Area, California. She just got her BFA from SJSU. Nice work.
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:: Mike Giant & Fifty24SF Thurs ::

Mike Giant got a studio spot here in SF at 260 Divisadero Street near Haight. Thursday 6-9pm he's hosting a show w/ a few new drawings to share, plenty of old ones, a new poster I did with Mike Davis, and I've got copies of my first book for sale too. And free beer, of course. ------ Also Thursday Fifty24SF hosts El Mac (a graffiti mural artist and painter from Phoenix/Los Angeles) with a reception 7 - 9:30pm 252 Fillmore @Haight
El Mac
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:: {}! ::

Social networks are like parties... When your parents show up it's over.
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:: Palmer Projects ::

PHOTOS OF MIKE BENNETT'S @PALMER PROJECTS IN SYDNEY <-- Bennett's co-owner of Palmer Projects Gallery. Routines, Rituals and Everything in Between is his first completely solo show. The show opened July 16.
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:: Rock Make - August 23rd ::

ROCK MAKE 2nd ANNUAL STREET FAIR/ MUSIC FESTIVAL is all set for Sunday August 23rd on Treat St. between 17th Street and 18th Street in the Mission District. This years festival will be about twice the size and feature 12 Bay Area bands performing on two stages with over 60 local artists and craftspeople showing their wares in between.... They still have slots open for local artists and vendors. If interested check the Vendor application. APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 15th, 2009
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:: Josh Keyes America SHARK ::

Check out this black eyed peas video.. about 1:50 into it there's a Josh Keyes American flag shark on the wall during a party scene. -Rick Marr
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:: Proarts ::

BAY AREA CURRENTS 2009 <-- group show which ran at the merged Pro Arts/ Oakland Art Gallery from june 23 to july 24th 2009.
Annie Vought's paper cuts
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:: We Are Awake ::

PHOTOS FROM WE ARE AWAKE @DOUBLE PUNCH IN SF <-- group show featuring works from John Casey, Jon MacNair, Nick Mann "DOODLES", and Shawn Whisenant "AKO". Running till August 13th.
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:: ClipODay ::

From Genesis To Kevin Bacon: The sixty-six degrees of separation (Volume One) - An animation exploring the links between the niche movement of prog rock and the more mainstream elements of popular culture. from Tom J. Hughes - an illustrator, filmmaker and writer based in the UK.
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:: 4th of July or 4th of Aug? ::

ASTEROID HEAD ART CLUB'S 4TH OF JULY SUMMER CAMP PHOTOS <-- Sam Owen emailed these over a long time back, and we spaced it. Well, 1 month is better than 2 months late right?!
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:: Thursday's Openings to See ::

Opening Thursday here in San Francisco: SEA OF LOVE | FERRIS PLOCK & KELLY TUNSTALL @111 MINNA <-- the happy couple put on this two person show on the verge of the birth of their son. Sea of Love is no joke. Check photos from thier last show @Minna Jan '07 ----- DOUBLE TROUBLE @EVER GOLD <-- also opens Thursday evening featuring collaborative works from 18 artists such as Barry McGee, Tara Foley, John Casey, Monica Canilao, Ray Potes and more. ------ LIL' TUFFY @HOTEL BIRON <-- the wine bar around the corner from Fecal Face hosts this talented artist/ designer who designs a lot of great music posters. ----- We'll be bringing back photos from Friday from evening's events.
Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock
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:: HaHaOClock ::

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:: Dennis McNett @FFDG ::

A bit behind in getting these up. Now showing @FFDG is Henry Gunderson till August 29th, but before his show opened we hosted a one night show with NYC based Pratt professor Dennis McNett --> PHOTOS FROM DENNIS MCNETT'S YEAR OF THE WOLFBAT @FFDG <-- this Saturday this show opens at Thinkspace in LA and then stays up for 1 month beginning Oct 2nd in Philly @Space 1026.
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:: MusicODay ::

Been feeling MOVIE STAR JUNKIES FROM ITALY since buying their cd at this show (scroll down) a couple months back. If you can see them live, do.
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:: Wallworks @YBCA ::

PHOTOS FROM WALLWORKS @YBCA <-- went to the opening reception last Friday and enjoyed these large-scale works which are applied directly to the gallery walls.
Liked Leslie Shows' work
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:: _+@! ::

MOTELSEVEN <-- Motelseven is a 22 year old female graffiti artist, currently working on art exhibitions in Europe. Some nice stuff in there.
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:: GNar ::

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:: ClipODay ::

The skating is nothing spectacular but like these new slow motion cameras. MAKES ME WANNA GO SKATING.
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:: Upper Fecal San Playground Francisco Face ::

WIN A TRIP TO SAN FRANCISCO FROM FECAL FACE AND UPPER PLAYGROUND <-- round trip airfare, dinner and a historical tour from Jeremy Fish, meet Mel Kadel @FFDG at her opening September 10th, and spend a day w/ us doing something (not sure yet). Includes lodging at the Upper Playground Studio. Pretty epic contest!
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:: Busy Beaver Button-O-Matic ::

hey chicago peeps! this saturday Busy Beaver is opening their new space, and launching the "Button-O-Matic" series #10 curated by me! I hope you can swing by the party!
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Hey all you unemployed San Francisco people! THE SFMOMA IS FREE TUESDAY AND EVERY FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH <-- get down there and see Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams.
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:: Fabric 8 Opening Night ::

FABRIC 8 OPENS GALLERY SPACE <-- behind their shop in the Mission. Megan Wolfe was there for the opening. C 4 yourself.
Work by David Choong Lee
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:: Julian Duron ::

Fecal Face NYC correspondent JULIAN DURON updates his site w/ new paintings and they're very nice... I think there may be a Fecal Staff art show coming up @FFDG in the future.
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:: Whoa ::

STILL WANT A SMART CAR? <-- although most cars would end in the same fate.
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