:: Thurs Word to Mother ::

U.K. based illustrator and painter Word to Mother (check last year's show at Stolen Space) comes to Fifty24SF in San Francisco this Thursday 7/2 with the show "Young Mind, Old Soul" - Thursday July 2nd (7-9:30pm) 252 Fillmore St. @Haight
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:: John Casey at Bell Jar ::

We take a look around the shop Bell Jar on 14th and also get a good look at Oakland based John Casey's show running now in their back gallery. PHOTOS.
John Casey @BellJar
Bell Jar's owner Sasha Wingate
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:: Jack Hanley ::

PHOTOS <-- from a group show at Jack Hanley here in San Francisco featuring works from Harrell Fletcher, Donald Urquhart, Chris Johanson, and Jon Pylypchuk.
Untitled - Chris Johanson
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:: MWM : Parallel Universe ::

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:: Mi Ju @FFDG ::

PHOTOS FROM MI JU'S OPENING AT FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- as part of our IN-N-OUT series. Mi's work is incredible and the closer you get the better it is. Most of the time with paintings of this scale the opposite is true. We're so impressed we offered her a show for April 2010, and she said yes! One of the best painters we've seen in a while. Amazing work.
Mi Ju in front of her work
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:: Michael Sieben's New Book ::

THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU <-- is a new book out mid-July published through Gingko Press and Upper Playground featuring 96 pages of work from our buddy Michael Sieben. I could tell you all about it, but check our preview and have a look yourself. $19.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

So much going on so far this summer with IN-N-OUT @FFDG and we're dropping the ball on Free Fridayz. We'll be posting up this week's theme: Summer Party on Thursday this week. Get your Summer Party themed drawings in soon for a chance at winning a copy of Michael Sieben's new book. freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
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:: David Choong Lee ::

David Choong Lee just stopped in FFDG to check out Mi Ju's show and was telling us about his show Sunshine on Cast Shadow which opened last Friday night at the University of Arizona - Joesph Gross Gallery. Check out the installation- 350 works all hung on top of each other. Looks great! --> PHOTOS.
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:: Mackenzie @Park Life ::

ALEXIS MACKENZIE AT PARK LIFE <-- we checked out her opening last Friday evening and took a few photos.
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:: Tempestade ::

POROUS WALKER has recently sent me an email with some rad new works. And if you're in the area, check out Hatch Gallery in Oakland for his new show with Mark Ingils Taylor opening the 3rd. Also the Hot Slump (his as well as Jay Howell and other's) latest show at OKMT in Austin, Texas is due to close on the 1st! So check it out!
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:: Pitchman ::

"Billy Mays, the burly, bearded television pitchman who boisterously hawked products such as Orange Glo and OxiClean, has died." He was 50. No official word as to what has caused it yet, but it's thought to be a concussion. He was just on Conan, too. Strange how one follows the other!
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:: Werner's New Book June 30th ::

Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo <-- a book featuring Werner Herzog's diary as they were filming the great film Fitzcarraldo which is to be released June 30th. Read an excerpt from the forthcoming book here... If you've never seen the film, rent it tonight... True story: I blew a chance to have Thanksgiving dinner with Werner last year with a small group of people. I still can't believe how amazing that would have been... Totally blew it.
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:: Erik Mark Sandbreg ::

ERIK MARK SANDBERG <-- LA based Sandberg does incredible work and he has a new show opening up July 10th in Berlin at Johanssen Gallery... If you're over there, you're stoked. Read the press release (PDF), and check out Erik's work.
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:: Visit the Fecal? ::

There may be an opportunity for you and a friend to come out and visit Fecal Face for free- expenses covered. Keep checking back because you're not going to wanna miss that.
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:: English Kills ::

Bushwick is on fire! Tomorrow evening head over to this spot showing new work by Jason & Jason. English Kills is in a growing cluster of galleries residing off and around the Morgan L stop in Bushwick. Come out and support your local gallery! Oh and while you're in the area have Anthony make you a pie at Roberta's.
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:: Hamburger Eyes ::

Hamburger Eyes is about to unleash a new issue in the next week as well curating a show at 111 Minna opening July 2nd. Before you head down to Minna Thursday night, check out the show featuring work from Hamburger Eyes, Ray Potes with Mike Kepka and Ted Pushinsky @Exposure Gallery 6-9pm.
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:: Choong Lee in Arizona ::

San Francisco based David Choong Lee opens a solo show at the University of Arizona - Joesph Gross Gallery tonight.
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:: Alexis @Park Life ::

Alexis Mackenzie's (see her studio visit?) show NEVER BE SAD opens at Park Life Friday with a reception 7-10pm. Haven't been out there in some time, but we'll be there then. 220 Clement St
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:: Jackson Died? ::

Michael Jackson died today... Man, now I feel like an ass for retweeting this image today from Thrasher.
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:: _+! ::

ALISON BRADY <-- sweetly kinky and strange photos. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Alison Brady is an emerging artist that lives and works in New York City. Brady is currently represented by Massimo Audiello Gallery, in New York. She holds an MFA in Photography, Video, and Related Media from The School of Visual Arts (NYC).
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:: Mi Ju Tonight ::

MI JU OPENING TONIGHT @FFDG <-- not to keep beating a dead horse, but the paintings have to be viewed in person. Check the preview. 6-9pm - 66 Gough St
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:: What's in a name? ::

6a00d8341c4f9453ef011570052.jpgFRITINANCY PONDERS THE NAME "FECAL FACE" <-- and maybe or maybe not why I choose it over 10 years ago. It's been so long, I don't even know anymore. I did write a blog post explaining it to a emailer a few months back... Nice writeup, Nancy.
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:: Isaac & Stereo ::

Our good ol' photographer buddy Isaac Randozzi is having a board release party at DLX for his Stereo boards this Saturday. Should be good. The Euro Adidas video is going to be shown as well as A Visual Sound and Tincan Folklore. Isaac also did DLX's window display as well. Shaka!
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:: Mr. Shore ::

Keith Shore updates his site with a large series of Dining paintings (people at the dinner table). i have two done so far. they are 30x40, canvas paintings - oil, acrylic, gouache and spray paint.
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:: Portland ::

IDLE TIES <-- opens in Portland Thursday evening featuring work from San Francisco based artists: Chris Duncan, Matt Furie, Jessica Trippe, Yellena James, Paul Urich, Porous Walker, Rogelio Martinez, Derek Snodgrass, Tahiti Pehrson, Aiyana Udesen, & Jay Howell @Together Gallery. 6-11pm - Yay SF artists and me wifey!
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:: Mi Ju Opening Thurs ::

MI JU OPENING THURSDAY 6-9PM @FFDG <-- Week 3 already for Fecal Face Dot Gallery's Summer Series IN-N-OUT and we couldn't be any more pleased. We've hosted two great shows thus far. Jamie Nelson and Brett Amory... This week's (reception Thurs 6-9pm) comes from San Francisco Art Institute student Mi Ju. She's been here in the US studying for the last year hailing from Korea. She is an extremely talented 24 year old painter whose works are massive and intensely labor intensive. Takes her months to complete one of her 6 feet by 3 feet paintings. I think you're going to be impressed... So come down Thurs. Have a drink, meet Mi Ju, and of course, see her gorgeous work. Some of the best stuff we've seen in SF in some time. Thurs 6/25. 66 Gough St. (6-9pm)
Mi Ju at Fecal Face Dot Gallery
Amazing detail
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:: Ben Frost ::

BEN FROST AT BROOKLYNITE <-- Feast your eyes at the beauty of these saturated canvases and know fantasy only as a overwhelming consumer reality!
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:: Gen Arts: Turns 15 ::

15th Anniversary Benefit will feature an exhibition of the works of over 60 artists including Kris Lewis, Dan May (who is so good) , Martha Cooper, Brandi Milne, Erik Otta and so many more. The pricing of admission might seem steep but if your are looking to buy some work you could could walk out with a steal on some benefit art pricing.
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:: (_)@$ ::

KATY HORAN <-- Since receiving her BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2003, she has shown her work in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Louisville. For now, she lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
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:: Wanna Go To Brazil?! ::

WIN A TRIP FOR 2 TO SAO PAULO <-- Upper Playground & Juxtapoz may give you 4 nights there. That would be sweet.
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:: _+! ::

PETER MICHELLE <-- is an illustrator working out of Toronto. Lots of good work.
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:: Viner at Sloan NYC ::

DOUBLE COVERAGE OF JONATHAN VINER'S SHOW AT SLOAN FINE ART IN NYC <-- J.L. Schnabel got some photos and wrote a great review of the show with Ryan Morris also getting in there and covering this fantastic show. More.
Jonathan Viner at Sloan NYC
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:: IN-N-OUT @FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of week two at Fecal Face Dot Gallery's IN-N-OUT summer series featuring the work of Brett Amory... Opening this week is San Francisco Art Institute student Mi Ju... She will be showing 3 large 6 feet by 3 feet intricate paintings along with some smaller work. Thurs. 6/25 (6-9pm)
Brett Amory at Fecal Face Dot Gallery
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:: Win a Canon 5D - Day 19 ::

LA based photographers and long time friends of Fecal Face, Jeremy and Claire Weiss, are holding an awesome contest for a chance at winning their used "but in great condition" Canon 5D. Join their Facebook group, submit your favorite lo-res photos by July 15th and they'll pick out their top 5 favorites and post them on their blog... From there they'll open up the voting to everyone and the winner gets themselves a great camera. Great deal! Get on it. Details
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:: ClipODay ::

A little video of Brett Amory at Fecal Face Dot Gallery (photos tomorrow). Unfortunately, his show is already finished, but up next is San Francisco student Mi Ju whose been here in the States for the last year from Korea. She'll be showing three 3'x6' paintings and maybe some smaller work as well. The reception for that show is Thursday 6/25 (6-9pm). Beer/ wine/ good times are all a given. 66 Gough St.
Mi Ju - 6'x3'
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:: AJ Fosik ::

PHOTOS <-- from AJ Fosik's show at White Walls here in SF. Took us a minute to get down there to view this amazing show featuring this Philly based artist's intense wooden sculptures.
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:: _+! ::

GREG GOSSEL @THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- as we prepared for another IN-N-OUT show we sent our newest intern Liz Kaufman out with the camera down to the TL to get some shots of this show as well as AJ Fosik's at White Walls (photos up later today). This 27 year old designer from Wisconsin is doing familiar work and doing it well.
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:: Death After Life ::

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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Kelly Allen ::

KELLYALLEN.COM <-- the site is a bit annoying to navigate, but the work is nice.
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:: Thanks ::

Thanks to everyone who came out to FFDG last night for Brett Amory's show. You can view it today from 3-6pm and Saturday 12-6pm. We'll be posting some photos and video on Monday... Serious dent on the Tecates. Damn... Mi Ju next Thursday... Oh what have we gotten ourselves into? Wasn't summer meant to be mellow?... No, we love it. Just need a day to recoup... Tonight see East Meets West @Baer Ridgway Exhibitions - John Casey @ BellJar - FART PARTY @ NEEDLES & PENS.
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:: Mike Giant in LA ::

Mike Giant will be showing some work and doing some live drawing at The Fast Life store on 3rd and Crescent in Los Angeles Saturday.
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:: More Banksy ::

Interested in his show in Bristol? HERE'S A BBC VIDEO GUIDED TOUR
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:: ClipODay ::

BIRDY NAM NAM - THE PARACHUTE ENDING <-- When Matt Furie emails and the subject reads awesome video!!!!!!, you know it's going to be good... The new video for the Parachute Ending by Birdy Nam Nam & produced by Justice. The video was directed by Steve Scott, creative direction, concept and illustration by Will Sweeney.
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:: JR ::

FACES OF THE FAVELAS <-- The French artist JR first made his mark in Rio de Janeiro last year, as giant posters of staring eyes started appearing on buildings in the city's oldest favela. Watch the slide audio slide show.
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:: Jon Clary and Bruce Wilhelm ::

JON CLARY & BRUCE WILHELM @ELEANOR HARWOOD SATURDAY <-- looks to be an interesting show. 7-10pm 1295 Alabama St.
Bruce Wilhelm
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:: +!@ ::

FECAL FACE FLICKR POOL <-- below is a photo in there from Jess Gough... and hey, there's our Chicago correspondent Ryan Christian taken by Nicholas Venaglia... and then some nice work from neli0.
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:: Bergamot Station ::

There's a great group show running right now till July 3rd at Richard Heller in Santa Monica. Artists: Dereck Albeck, Hiro Kurata, Mars Mario Martinez, G Bradley Rhodes, Britton Tolliver, Sage Vaughn, and Oliver Vernon. 2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica
Dereck Albeck
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:: ClipODay Fantastic!! ::

NEW TERRI TIMELY SHORT FILM - SYNESTHESIA <-- and it's freakin' great. Watch this gem.
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:: IPhone-ness ::

Broke down and ordered the new IPhone (good for this work thing we do)... Anyway, first they say it's going to arrive by today and then this weird hold gets put on it. It better be here by tomorrow! Anyone else seeing this weird-ness?
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:: IN-N-OUT ::

BRETT AMORY TONIGHT @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- our summer series IN-N-OUT with weekly shows coming and going for the next few weeks keeps chugging along. Tonight is a reception for Brett Amory's show running 6-9pm. People congregate, art is viewed, alcohol is drank, and good times are had by one and all! The show is also available for viewing Thur 3-9pm, Fri 3-6pm, Sat 12-6pm. See you tonight. 66 Gough St. -- also read an interview with Brett on Sour Harvest.
Brett Amory tonight @Fecal Face
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:: B.F.F. ::

The Bicycle Film Festival kicked off last night in NYC, but tonight is the JOYRIDE ART SHOW which coincides with it every year. The show is spread out among multiple galleries in Manhattan but, of course, within bike distance. So check the locations, get on the whip and see some art... After party @Lit.
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:: _+~! ::

Don't know what's inside A Terrorist Romance Novel, but what a great title. Wanna SEE A PREVIEW?
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:: Follow/ Lead ::

If you use Twitter and like it and like Fecal Face, combine the two and add us. It's an easy way to know what we're up to.
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:: +!~Mudchicken ::

MUDCHICKEN.COM <-- is Vincent Pacheco from Redwood City who now lives up in Seattle. We're going to do a mini interview with him soon, but couldn't wait to share. Great stuff. Explore the site.
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:: 49 Geary ::

JUNE'S 49 GEARY ART OPENINGS - PHOTOS <-- Megan Wolfe headed downtown the first Thursday of June to see what's crackin' at this grouping of galleries.
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:: Mel Kadel ::

LA based Mel Kadel updates her site with a grip of amazing new works for you to browse... We're also happy to say that she's showing at FFDG this September 10th and has a new zine out which you can order here. Check out the preview. Edition of 100 6" x 9" handmade book, 40 pgs.... Oh, and did you check out The Studio Visit with did with her and Travis Millard yet?
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:: +!~ ::

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:: "Utah" Gets 6 Months ::

UTAH GETS 6 MONTHS IN JAIL FOR GRAFFITI ON NYC SUBWAY CARS <-- A globetrotting graffiti artist and Fashion Institute of Technology student blamed for $100,000 in damage worldwide will spend six months in jail for tagging city subway cars... Danielle Bremner "UTAH" pleaded guilty to a felony criminal mischief charge Monday and was sentenced in Manhattan Criminal Court.... Harsh sentence. READ ON - More info here here... And what happens when the Vandel Squad meets up with former graffiti artists they busted back in the day? Something like this... Thanks for the email, Lori.
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:: Francis Ford Coppola & Tetro ::

The guest on today's KQED Forum was the director Francis Ford Coppola - director of such classics as "The Godfather," "Apocalypse Now" and "The Conversation" (listen to the interview online). His new film Tetro, starring Vincent Gallo (hum?), opens here in San Francisco this Friday at the Kabuki. The film is a New York Times Critics' Pick... check him out making the moves on my wife and at how retarded happy I am.
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:: Bank-Sea ::

Every so often, art breaks out of its confines to become an event. People who would never normally go to a gallery do so; they feel part of it when they would otherwise feel excluded. The last time this happened was when Olafur Eliasson put a giant sun and a mirrored ceiling in Tate Modern and teenagers rolled around on the ground making shapes they could see reflected in the roof.

And it's happening now at Banksy versus Bristol Museum, the exhibition the elusive graffiti artist suddenly unveiled last week, in which he has his "remixed" the museum's own collection by putting more than 100 of his own artworks among it - by far the largest Banksy show to date, of work mostly never shown in the UK before... READ ON

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:: Reverberations @Fifty24SF ::

PHOTOS <-- from this great show featuring works from NYC based artists Che Jen and Kenji Hirata at Fifty24SF. The show runs till June 25th... Our newest intern Liz Kaufman covers.
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:: IN-N-OUT Thursday ::

The IN-N-OUT train keeps on rolling this week with Brett Amory showing at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. His work will go up this Wednesday and run through Saturday with a reception on Thursday from 6-9pm. Beer and wine will be available as well as the artist present. Great work that is better seen in person as the details are great. Thursday 6/18 - 66 Gough St. 6-9pm
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:: Ascendants ::

Damon Ginandes creates murals and sculptural works. He recently completed a new installation at The Carlton Arms Hotel in Manhattan on East 25th Street. If you're in NYC check it out. Also browse some of his other work here.
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:: Mike Shine & Peralta ::

How baddass is that?! Our friend Mike Shine (his show @FFDG) was the subject of a short film by Stacey Peralta (DogTown and Z-Boys - Riding Giants) made for the "Inside/ Outside" exhibit at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art he had a few months back (photos).
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:: Love Bryan ::

In addition to being a NYC blogger here on Fecal, Bryan Derballa also does the great site, Lovebryan.com, and they've relaunched a new version of the site complete with... New posts automate to the front page as well as bigger photos, easy navigation and RSS feeds. Now it's a worthwhile space for a group of young photographers documenting life as they live it. Have a look for yourself. Worthy of a daily stop to see some interesting photography.
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:: Schoultz in LA ::

Missed this one, but if you're in LA, be sure to swing through Roberts & Tilton as SF based Andrew Schoultz is showing some new paintings and drawings. The show White Noise and Silence opened just this last Saturday... We'll see if we can scrounge up some photos.
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:: Best Buy ::

IMPROVE EVERYWHERE'S BEST BUY MISSION <-- has to be one of their best... Fifty "agents" enter a Best Buy in Manhatten all wearing the standard Best Buy uniform of blue shirt and kaki pants. If a customer walks up to them mistaking them for an employee and asks a question, you help them out but never say you're an employee... After 30 minutes of freaking of the staff, cops are called and hilarity begins. Quotes like "are you guys some sort of cult" to when a real employee was "told to go get some merchandise from the back, declared, "You should ask one of these other 50 people to do it!"... Check it out.
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:: IN-N-OUT ::

PHOTOS <-- from our first show at Fecal Face Dot Gallery as part of our summer series, IN-N-OUT, featuring the work of Jamie Nelson. Great work, fun opening... and up this week is the work of Brett Amory. The show runs all this week with a reception all set for Thursday evening from 6-9pm. Hope to see you there.
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:: Woody Allen ::

Woody Allen was on Fresh Air this morning, and it was great. He's about to release his 40th film, Whatever Works (6/19), starring the awesome Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm... You can listen to the great interview online right here.
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:: The Cavern ::

Kenny Scharf, a psychedelic painter who once shared a Times Square apartment with Keith Harring, unveiled his most recent Cosmic Cavern in Bushwick last week after a 20 year hiatus. The home/studio is tricked out with black lights and laced with hundreds of objects and appliances one would find roaming the curb-side trash piles of Brooklyn every friday. Click here to read more about this awesome installation.
Posted: julian // 06.15.09 // +1+

:: Beau Chamberlain ::

He lives and works in brooklyn. His paintings are lovely. Click around on his site and you might find something you like.
Posted: julian // 06.12.09 // +4+

:: Brighton University ::

Chris Pell, whose great work we linked on Wednesday, emailed over this great site GDI09.CO.UK which features all of Brighton's illustration and graphics recent graduates as well, makes an interesting viewing. There's some great stuff going on here.
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:: F*** CANCER ::

As I'm sure some of you know, Justin Van Hoy (Designer extraordinaire for Swindle and Studio Number One, amongst many others) has been battling Leukemia for some time now. Thankfully, Justin is doing well, but medical bills add up quick, so we are hosting a fundraiser tonight, Friday, June 12th, here at Space 1026 in Philadelphia. We're going to be drinking beers, having a drawing jam and passing the hat to help Justin with the medical expenses. Stop by from 8 to late, AND DON'T FORGET YOUR WALLET. (And if you can't make it, donations can be made on-line HERE.)
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:: _+! ::

FARO, AVOID, + BLOKE <-- While its hard to keep stamina and canvas such a large space as NYC these three have been pushing there weight for the last 3 with spots all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, + Queens. @Factory Fresh Gallery at 1053 Flushing Ave in Bushwick. Ryan Morris investigates.
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:: AJ Fosik Saturday ::

Hopefully we don't have to tell you because you already know, but AJ FOSIK'S SHOW THERE'S ALIENS IN OUR MIDST OPENS SATURDAY AT WHITE WALLS <-- 835 Larkin St. 7-11pm in the T.L. <-- should be a great one no doubt. See you there.
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:: Tonight ::

Come on down to Fecal Face Dot Gallery tonight 6-9pm for Jamie Nelson and then head down to The Attic for an all 2PAC night 10-2am brought to by the fine folks at Hamburger Eyes. Sick.
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:: Intern Jelly ::

Welcome photographer and Rochester Institute of Technology student Liz Kaufman into the Fecal fray (BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration and a double minor in Applied Imaging Systems and Psychology in May, 2010)... She'll be giving us an extra hand around the web and gallery this summer. So if you see her out and about covering art and music shows or picking up our window vinyl (like she is now) tell her howdy and buy her a beer. She's a Fecal Pal and a good photographer.
Liz Kaufman self portrait
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:: L.A. people! Listen up! ::

I curated a show, and it's opening June 20th at the SCION space in Culver city. Check out this blog post for all the important info.. It features the work of some of my favorite Faesthetic contributors and all artists will be on hand! I hope to see some friendly fecal faces out!
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:: Hamburger Eyes ::

HELP HAMBURGER EYES RELEASE THEIR NEXT ISSUE <-- In today's economic climate, it is becoming more and more difficult to raise funds by traditional means for independent publishing. Our magazine is made possible though the advertising of local businesses. With advertising sales at an all time low, we decided its time to come up with new ways of raising money. - Drop a little dough to help a great magazine! There are gifts as well for making a pledge.
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:: Tonight @FFDG ::

Fecal Face Dot Gallery's IN-N-OUT has begun with Jamie Nelson kicking things off. His reception is tonight Thursday 6-9pm. The artist will be present as will beer, wine, and good times. FFDG will be showing a new artist every week for 5 weeks and open Wed - Fri (3-6pm) & Sat (12-6pm) View the schedule.
Jamie Nelson
Jamie Nelson
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:: Bain ::

THE BAIN PROJECT <-- took place in Raleigh, North Carolina on May 9th, 10th, 16th, and 17th in a historic water treatment plant downtown. Local artists and bands recently took advantage of the space. Not a whole lot of photos of the art, but shit, we do love us some good photography, old buildings, and the interesting/ strange things found in them. More details
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:: Chris Pell ::

CHRIS PELL <-- we've linked up this 21 year old recent graduate of Brighton University before. He just updated his site with more great work. Love it. Spend some time clicking about.
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:: Bird Attack ::

We're inspired this week by this little black bird in downtown San Francisco that's protecting its nest by attacking anyone who comes near it (video) for this week's Free Fridayz theme BIRD ATTACK. Get your drawings in like Bryan Todd of Louisville, Ky has... Yeah, his isn't a drawing, but you get the point. Email them over by 12 noon Pacific Friday!
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:: Meredith Dittmar ::

MEREDITH DITTMAR <-- Portland based artist who does some incredible works! Check out these below to get started. The pieces are polyurathane foam, fiberglass resin & polymer clay. Wow.
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:: ClipODay II ::

WITHOUT YOU BABY THERE ARE NO US <-- a handdrawn animation recreating the Star Wards Kid Youtube video, and every single drawing individually framed and on display at the Scope Art Fair in Basel this week. 604 drawings! An absurd dedication to absurdity. YOUTUBE DRAWINGS BY: COMENIUS ROETHLISBERGER & ADMIR JAHIC.
Buy a frame @Scope
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:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 06.09.09 // +7+

:: Jamie Nelson Thursday @FFDG ::

Jamie Nelson kicks off our summer series, IN-N-OUT AT FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY, with his show going up this Wednesday and running through Saturday with a reception Thursday (6-9pm). The schedule can be found here featuring: Brett Amory June 17-20 | Mi Ju June 24-27 | Closed July 1-4 | Jesse Balmer July 8-11 | Dennis McNett *one night show Sat July 18 | More details can be found here.
Jamie Nelson opening Thurs (6-9pm)
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:: _+! ::

Such great work. Spend some time CLICKING AROUND <-- amazing graphite.
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:: BassKeeeetBal ::

You Lakers fans might like this tee from Ca based Ashkahn Shahparnia.
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:: Forever ::

MICHAEL > Paul Scheer examines MJ's many prized possessions straight from Neverland. I wish some of these were still on sale.
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:: Within 10 Years ::

We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth's climate.


watch the whole thing, the ending shows 'some' promise
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:: ClipODay ::

I used to want to fight the wind, but now HE'S FOUND HIS PURPOSE <-- brilliant
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:: Off to Chicago ::

OUR ART IN HEAVEN <-- Jerstin Crosby, a member of the Raleigh, NC artist collective Team Lump, travels to Chicago to participate in a group show at Heaven Gallery and blogs his travels up. Great work in there.
Olafur Eliason installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago & Jerstin Crosby's work @Heaven Gallery
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:: Kern @Rental ::

RICHARD KERN OPENING AT RENTAL GALLERY IN NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA <-- The work shows a lot of what he's capable of doing, but fell short for me in any sort of theme. Ryan Morris got some photos from the opening last Thursday.
Really like this photo Ryan took of people at the opening.
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:: OKMT ::

If you're in Austin tonight, swing by Okay Mountain and check out the group show The Hot Slump featuring the work of Porous Walker, Jay Howell, Ryan Bubnis, Jason Jagel, Cody Cochrane, and Griffin McPartland. The gallery (where we hosted a Fecal Face show a while back) rules, the art is exciting and a bunch of those guys are down there for the show.
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:: Parks Good ::

SAVE CALIFORNIA STATE PARKS <-- Just this week, the Governor announced a new proposal to eliminate state funding for our state park system - which will close more than 80% of the 279-unit state park system. That means 25 parks within an hour of San Francisco including our beloved Angel Island, Mount Tamalpais, China Camp and Samuel P. Taylor State Park in Marin County, Mount Diablo, and several coastal beaches along the Peninsula! Save the parks by making your voice heard. Go to the California State Parks Foundation site at www.calparks.org/stopclosures and use the automated form to generate a fax on your behalf directly to the Governor and your state representatives.
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:: DYI Fair ::

logo.jpgThe 5th annual Renegade Craft Fair opens this weekend in Brooklyn. The Renegade Craft Fair is a unique DIY event held annually in Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles & San Francisco (July 18th & 19th @Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion). At RCF you'll find all sorts of cool handmade stuff - including plush items, jewelry, posters + prints, craft kits, clothing, stationery + more. SF based artist Kevin Taylor will have a few items there... and as you should damn well already know, here in San Francisco, you buy good stuff like this year round at our friend's shop Needles and Pens.
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:: Constant Flow ::

If you're lucky enough to be in LA this weekend do not miss the opening of David Ellis' show at one of my favorite galleries in the country, New Image Art! There will be new motion work, paintings and sculpture to see. How exciting!
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:: Mike Davis ::

PHOTOS <-- from San Francisco based Mike Davis & the Montreal based Heidi Taillefer @Joshua Liner in NYC.
Mike Davis
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Here at 1026 we have New Works by Matthew Palladino and Eric Shaw. We will be here from 7-10 for the opening. Be sure to also check out Bill McRight at AHN/VHS in the Vox building.
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:: ClipODay ::

We created a Video on our own initiative, which explaines the EU Elections, the distribution of power within the EU as well as the treaty of Lisbon. We would be glad if you could promote it. Glad to. Learning is easier with nice visuals, and learning about the EU has never been so fun. We've embeded the video below, but it looks better larger.
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:: 300!! ::

Congrats Randy Johnson!!
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:: IN-N-OUT @FFDG ::

IN-N-OUT at Fecal Face Dot Gallery begins next week. These one week solo shows open on Wednesday and run through Saturday with a reception on Thursday evening from 6-9pm. We're happy to announce the artists who will be participating. CCA graduate Jamie Nelson June 10-13. Brett Amory June 17-20 (see our photos from his show at Hyde St Gallery). SFAI student Mi Ju June 24-27 (check this beautiful painting from her. It's 4 feet by 6 feet. Amazing!). Closed July 1-4. Jesse Balmer July 8-11 (photos from his last great show). Dennis McNett Saturday July 18-19th... Then Henry Gunderson opens July 23rd and all these chaos ends.
Jamie Nelson
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:: Thursdays ::

About to head out on the streets of SF with camera in hand for our Thursdays feature (doesn't have to be an art show). What/ where should I do/ go and see? Follow the discussion on Fecal Face's Twitter or leave a comment here... Will be Tweeting the day too if you're super bored.
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:: Naughty Teens/Garbanzo Beans ::

Ambach & Rice, formerly OKOK Gallery, is hosting a show Saturday evening by one of my favorite artists, Eric Yahnker. You may remember my post from his show at Jack the Pelican here in Brooklyn a few months back. His work is humorous and varies in medium from drawing to sculpture. If you're in Seattle this weekend check it out. Also stay tuned for Eric's upcoming interview with FF buddy Ryan Travis Christian!
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:: Opening Tonight! ::

SO MANY SHOWS OPENING TONIGHT <-- and to help you navigate through the chaos, here is a list of some of our favorites. SKINNER @111 MINNA <-- opens tonight 6-2am. You check the preview of the show? Nice. 111 Minna @2nd |||| CUTTER AT SF PHOTOWORKS TONIGHT <-- zine release/ photo show. Cutter Photozine is a Bay Area-based documentary photo magazine dedicated to featuring people telling their own stories and documenting their own existence. 5-8pm 657 Mission St. between 2nd & 3rd ||| FOOLS GOLD @EVER GOLD TONIGHT <-- featuring work from Tara Foley, Tahiti Pehrson, Silver Warner, Massan Fluker, and Andrew McClintock. 6-9pm 441 O'Farrell between Taylor & Jones |||| KENJI & CHE JEN @FIFTY24SF <-- reunite two members of the Barnstormers Collective to present. 7-9:30pm 252 Fillmore St @Haight |||| BLOWING IT @CAFE ROYALE <-- a portrait series by Oakland based artist Teppei Ando. 8-12am 800 Post St @Leavenworth
Tara Foley last summer @FFDG
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:: Dan Bina ::

He makes beautiful work. Check out his site for more.
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:: {}!~ ::

THIBAUD HEREM <-- is a designer/ illustrator living and working in London. A lot of nice stuff on his site. Click about. Like the Moon Book as well as the Fish Book.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Don't forget to get your drawings in for this week's Free Fridayz theme Hollywood Harlets like Mike Kralovich from Long Island has.
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:: ClipODay ::

Portland based Ryan Bubnis has a show opening at Nemo Design this Friday evening 6-10pm. They did a little studio visit with him below for your visual and audio pleasure.
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:: Flatcolor ::

Yo Seattle! Do not miss the grand opening of Flatcolor tomorrow evening in Pioneer Square. My friends Chris and Parskid have been working their asses off to get this space open kicking off the Summer with a great show. I'm all the way out in Brooklyn so I can't make it, but please send your pics to julian(at)fecalface.com. Click here for all the info.
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:: PLAF ::

PLAF - Autonomous Mechanism <-- a revist from an indoor and outdoor show by artists Eltono and Momo in NYC last fall... This collaboration has been entirely unsanctioned, in urban water, and kinetic, or illegal, wet, and moving. The sculptures have been made entirely of recycled materials. The indoor show ran at Anonymous Gallery in NYC Sept 1st - Oct 10, '08 - PHOTOS <-- from the inside show.
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:: Babylon Falling's Final Show ::

PHOTOS FROM BABYLON FALLING'S LAST SHOW <-- There's one phrase that several Nob Hill residents and artists have used to sum up Babylon Falling's final show, and that's "bitter-sweet". The independent bookstore will close its doors for good at the end of June. "The End is Near", indeed. -Megan Wolfe covers.
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:: Let's Paint TV ::

WE CHECKED OUT LET'S PAINT TV LIVE IN OAKLAND LAST FRIDAY <-- and it was great. We took some photos and have a little video to share. Fun was had by all. So good.
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:: Cutter Zine ::

So many shows opening this weekend. Here's one CUTTER ZINE RELEASE @SF CAMERWORKS THURSDAY <-- Cutter Photozine is a Bay Area-based documentary photo magazine dedicated to featuring people telling their own stories and documenting their own existence.
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Q&A W/ GROTESK <-- a swiss "designer/ artist" living in Brooklyn since 1999. He's also the creative director at Zoo York, and also a consultant for fashion companies and ad agencies.
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:: Skinner at Minna Thursday ::

A PHOTO GUIDED PREVIEW <-- of Skinner's show WORSHIP THEE KINDLY THE DARK HAND THAT GUIDES ME that opens this Thursday evening at 111 Minna. This full bore installation of sculpture, paintings and mixed media work will mark Skinner's first major solo effort and will be available for enhanced 3-D viewing on the night of the opening reception. Thursday, June 4 2009, 6pm-late.
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:: Twitter Burglery ::

TWITTER YOUR WAY TO GETTING ROBBED <-- we were just talking about that the other day. You announce to the world you're out of town, what a perfect time for a burglar to make their move.
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:: Posters ::

POSTERCABARET.COM <-- offers up a grip of posters. Lots of good stuff in there and they're supporters of Fecal Face too :) Win Win.
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:: Design Meet Up ::

Receiver is hosting a Design Meetup this Friday night. Not sure how it would go down, but it's good to meet/ network/ show your sweet design-ness off. Plus, you spend too much time in front of that computer machine. Friday, June 5th, 7 pm at Receiver for our latest 'Design Nerd' meetup. We'll have a bit of social lubrication and light snacks; please bring things to share! Let's get rad! We'll have a projector and a couple big monitors if you'd like to show any new work. 7-10pm. 1415 Valencia St @25th
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:: Sarah Applebaum ::

PHOTOS <-- from Sarah Applebaum's solo show now running at Receiver Gallery here in SF.
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