:: Kottie @FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of Kottie Paloma and The Daily Strangers which happened last Thursday at our gallery FFDG or Fecal Face Dot Gallery... 5" x 7" portraits $100/each.
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:: Portalupi ::

We missed mentioning artist Nicholas Portalupi's show You and Me at Oakland gallery Forthrite, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go check it out before it comes down. You won't be sorry.. check out more of his work here.
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:: Snider ::

We talked about Roger Snider's photographs a while back on the site, but his images of Japanese big rigs continue to blow our minds. Click on the Japanese Decotora section of his gallery to see what we mean.
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:: Next Chicago ::

Ryan Christian, our dude in Chicago, went and checked out Chicago's NEXT art fair which complements Art Chicago which both ran last weekend and brings back these photos.
Got to meet those guys.
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:: Fecal Podcast ::

Man, it's been awhile, but here is another great podcast for you. This time Fecal Pal and great musician Nicholas Venaglia compiled one for us. It's going to be a keeper!... Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
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:: Joshua Gorchov ::

GORCHOV.COM <-- this Bay Area illustrator whose clients range from the Time Magazine to Rolling Stone updates his site.
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:: Above ::

We've been posting photos from Above's South American wall covering travels from time to time. We'll he's back in the US but not after one last bus in Mexico City.
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:: Miss Rockaway Armada ::

In the summer of '06 & '07 a group of artists and musicians traveled down the Mississippi River in a giant homemade raft constructed out of reused materials. Along the way they, The Miss Rockaway Armada, would perform music and put on performances. Maybe you've seen Tod Seelie's photos from the trips here on the site. It was really incredible... Well for three weeks the group reformed to create a massive art installation at Mass MOCA in April and it's up now and worth checking out. If you're not near MA check these photos of the installation. Really great work!
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:: Delong & Hart ::

PHOTOS <-- from this two person show from Mark Delong & Joseph Hart which is running now @LES Gallery in Vancouver.
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:: Lister Setup Photos ::

LISTER SETTING UP HIS SHOW <-- How funny. Not a half hour after making the post asking for images of Anthony Lister's show that opens Saturday @New Image Art, do we get an email from Anthony Lister himself with these great images of him setting up his show... Lookin' good!
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:: Mr Lister ::

Quit Your Sobbing and Call Me in the Afternoon a solo show from our friend Anthony Lister @New Image Art in LA opens Saturday! The guy has been killing it lately and also has a show up right now in Italy @K Gallery as well. If you're anywhere near LA, you get to the opening with a digital camera and want to share some love, email us over some photos. We'd all here love to check them out and share them with our readers. email them to: news(at)fecalface.com
Anthony Lister's @New Image Art Saturday in Los Angeles
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:: Saturday Art Walk ::

YBCA has organized an art walk around the downtown area. Probably a bit more interesting with the older crowd, but it could be a nice way to spend a Saturday. Wonder about and get a little drunk in the sun and see some art. Stop through 111 Minna (Vulcan)... Catherine Clark always has intelligent high end shows... Crown Point Press has been a leader in print making since 1962...
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:: Last Night Paloma ::

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Kottie Paloma and The Daily Strangers last night @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY. We drank some nice wine and the guy who stole our tip jar at our last opening had the balls to come through again, but we know who you were, you random street lurker guy... You got none $$$, and I managed to only have one shot of Fernet while Irving and I smoked too many cigarettes... Bozic came through and we spoke of her show that's coming up in the gallery... Yep, Tiffany Bozic is showing in a few months (excited)... Anyway, I'd post some photos, but since I only had the 35mm on me, you'll have to wait until the film gets back. Olden Times!
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:: Art Flea Market ::

San Francisco Art Institute is hosting an art flea market Saturday (10-5pm) at their North Beach campus (800 Chestnut). It's going to be a really nice out, their campus is beautiful, their art is always interesting... also be sure to stop in their Diego Rivera Gallery where students host interesting shows.
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:: Film ::

GOD WENT SURFING WITH THE DEVIL <-- is a documentary about life in the Middle East and surfers in Israel and Gaza that our friends Alex Klein & Bryan Derballa are working on now... Check their site often as Bryan has been posting amazing photographs from their life on the road in the Middle East. Can't wait to check it out as both those guys are pretty talented.
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:: Adam5100 ::

ADAM5100 @STUSSY <-- Adam emailed over a few photos from his show that's up now @the Stussy store here in SF.
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:: Barve Art ::

Tarah MacDonald went to this year's Brave Art show in Whistler for us and brought back THESE PHOTOS.
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:: __~+! ::

Working with some of my photos for an article you'll see soon and liked how this looked and thought... "John, you should throw that up in the news for kicks...."
Well... gosh darn it... kicks.
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:: Tonight! ::

KOTTIE PALOMA AND THE DAILY STRANGERS OPENS TONIGHT <-- our first solo show at FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY opens tonight (6-9pm). Come on down to 66 Gough St and see the strangers in Kottie's life. These drawings, created over the last two years, feature the strangers Kottie's seen on the streets of San Francisco, the subways of New York City, and the clogged freeways of Los Angeles. Faces you take note of and the people you don't go back to talk to...
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:: ClipODay ::

"Some members of the anthropology department @KSU are studying youtube, the internet and the changes in culture it is producing. Anyways, a professor (Dr. Michael Wesch) and his students have made some really awesome videos about the internet and youtube." -Daniel Vieira
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:: ClipONight ::

JUSTICE HAS A NEW NAME <-- thanks for emailing that, Dan.
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:: Neon Gray ::

The wonderful folks over @Neon Gray are working on a new website for FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY. Pretty hyped on the good work they do. Check 'em out.
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:: ClipODay2 ::

BARRY MCGEE ON ART TALK <-- no face time with Twisto. Instead they do a little puppet character action. Nice one.
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:: ClipODay ::

KQED's program Spark follows acclaimed photographer Todd Hido as he cruises one of his favorite Bay Area neighborhoods in search of the perfect shot... Love this guy.
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:: Geoff McFetridge ::

GEOFF MCFETRIDGE @MOLLUSK <-- This one should get people pretty excited. Opens on Friday out @Mollusk which is out at the beach. 4500 Irving @46 Ave. 7-10pm.
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:: Kottie Paloma @FFDG ::

KOTTIE PALOMA AND THE DAILY STRANGERS <-- Pretty hyped as there was a gap in our calendar and we're able to show one of our favorite San Francisco based artists, Kottie Paloma, with a reception all set to go down this Thursday @Fecal Face Dot Gallery (6-9pm). The show features over 250 5" x 7" portraits of some of the people Kottie has seen but hasn't meet over the last 2 years- the rough faces of the streets of SF, the subways of NYC, and the clogged freeways of Los Angeles. Come on down as it's bound to be interesting to see it all put together!
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:: Judith Supine & ClipODay ::

Andrew Janik rolled through English Kills Gallery to get these photos of Judith Supine's great show in Brooklyn... I heart the Pogues.
Judith Supine @English Kills - Brooklyn
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:: _+~ ::

CORPUSGROUP.NET <-- some interesting design and nice site. Some illustration work here.
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:: SOEX ::

San Francisco's Southern Exposure is in need of volunteers for this year's auction and spring fundraiser, Optic Illusion. Meet some new people and artists and help out a worthy SF institution! Check here for details. It all goes down the weekend of April 24-27.
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:: ClipODay ::

Video by illustrator Ben Jacque of Vancouver's Crystalbeard Collective.
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:: Ryan Bubnis ::

SOME PHOTOS <-- from Portland based artist Ryan Bubnis's show Where the Good Thoughts Grow that's up now in Phoenix @Perihelion Arts.
Ryan Bubnis @Perihelion
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:: SF Skatepark ::

According to these recent photos, the new SF skatepark is pretty much ready to go!
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:: Corey Arnold ::

COREY ARNOLD ON NPR <-- check out this great audio slide show of his amazing photos from his Alaskan crab fishing adventures. Corey was on season two of the TV show The Deadliest Catch and he did a How To Be An Alaskan Fisherman article for us (2nd most popular feature we have added online)... Corey is also showing a photo now at Fecal Face Dot Gallery and is also shown by Sara Tecchia Roma New York.
Corey Arnold documents the sea
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:: Shock an Awe ::

ABORTION ART? <-- a Yale art student's senior project involved artificially inseminated herself "as often as possible" while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood from the process.
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:: Intern @Fecal Face!! ::

INTERNFF.jpgLike Fecal Face, art and the whole hoopla including our new gallery space? Need some interning hours to fill for school? Know how to operate a camera, computer, some design sense, intelligent, photoshop skills, know how to form sentences and would be interested in writing about art, have at least one day per week open, want to meet some interesting artists, got ideas, motivated, skilled, sassy, enjoy the color turquoise, speak english, have an earing on your little toe, enjoy computers, have a sense of humor, can stand upright, not allergic to cats, isn't afraid of people, knows that Fecal Face isn't feces related?!... Well, then send us your resume, myspace page, head-shot, passport papers, turn ons, angry letters to, anything about yourself that makes us think you're a talented hard working art loving person to: internship(at)fecalface.com... We'll review all the emails we get and then get back to you in a week or so. We'll be accepting 3 interns. It's going to be awesome... sort of.
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:: Lowcard tonight ::

Lowcard, the worst skate mag ever (but best beer coozie ever) celebrates their first lameness 5 years tonight @Hamburger Eyes. Lots of horrible/ great photos from the mag. Details.
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:: Weston Teruya ::

One of our favorite artists in San Francisco, Weston Teruya, is showing at the Intersection for the Arts with an opening reception scheduled for April 21st (a monday?). He showing with Michele Carlson who also does some great work... Be sure to check it out. It's going to be great!
Weston Teruya
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:: Stress!! ::

Working late one night in 1999 Nicholas White takes a cigarette break. He jumps back in the New York City McGraw-Hill building's elevators to get back to work... the elevator stops... it won't move and he's stuck in it for 41 hours! WATCH THE VIDEO. Ugh... Link from Amy Stein's blog.
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:: +_()! ::

JAN KALLWEJT <-- a Warsaw based illustrator.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Benny Gold ::

Our old friend Benny Gold gets some Chronicle love as well as some Art Adventure video love as well... SF Masher doing the writing!
Posted: trippe // 04.16.08 // +2+

:: Joshua Liner ::

Manuel checks out the opening of the new NYC based Joshua Liner Gallery and brings back these words and photos.
Tomokazu Matsuyama
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:: Space Junk ::

This computer-generated image released by the European Space Agency on Tuesday shows trackable objects in low-Earth orbit from the aspect of the North Pole. Low-Earth orbit is the domain of many commercial, military, scientific and navigational satellites as well as debris, which drift for decades before eventually burning up in Earth's atmosphere... Be sure to hit the 'next' button to see more.
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:: God Loves a Working Man ::

BEER TAX? <-- a possible increase of 1,500 percent if a freshman CA lawmaker has his way.
Posted: trippe // 04.16.08 // +3+

:: ClipODay ::

THE INNER LIFE OF A CELL <-- hard time understanding what the hell they're talking about, but it looks incredible!
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:: _+! ::

PHOTOS FROM AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS NOFERIN'S SHOW @COPRONASON IN LA <-- some little pill fellas frolicking in the forest.
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:: Apocalyptica Wednesday ::

Man, I was hyped when asked if I wanted to check out Apocalyptica tomorrow night @Slims. Of course, hell ya!! These are the guys who covered Metalica songs with just four cellos... but not sure after checking out their myspace page. What happened? Drums? Singing?... um, we'll let you know how it goes.
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:: ClipODay ::

Last night I caught some of this documentary on photographer Annie Leibovitz called "Life Through a Lens" produced by PBS's American Masters series. Not sure when it'll be on next or where you can find it (searched all over online) but if you get the chance, watch it. It's a nice look into this SFAI graduate who went on to be there at the start of Rolling Stone Magazine (when it was interesting) and has since gone on to be a high profile celebrity photographer... It was nice to see that, though immensely famous, she's still just a nerd with a camera and a great eye for capturing amazing images... Well worth a watch. 5 stars... Also be sure to check out her retrospective, A Photographer's Life, that's ongoing right now here in San Francisco @The Legion of Honor.
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:: FFDG ::

We have a few new pieces from Aiyana Udesen and Matt Furie for sale on FFDG's site
Matt Furie's Pass the Peace Pipe
Aiyana Udesen's Britney & Devil
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:: ClipODay ::

ELVIS PRESLEY: THE BURGER & THE KING <-- A BBC documentary from 1996 about Elvis Presley's eating habbits. Complete title: The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley.
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:: Fernando Sanchez ::

THANKGODFORCONCEPTUALART.COM <-- Fernando lives in Los Angeles and his site features some of his video works. Really like "9 Fans (Super Bowl XLI Kickoff)".
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:: Dzama ::

A few photos from Marcel Dzama's show that's up till this weekend in NYC @David Zwirner... You can view some really nice photos of the show here. Looks so great. Gotta see it in person!
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:: Sunny Sunday ::

Pesya's watching Fecal Face Dot Gallery today. Come down and say hi. 66 Gough St. Open till 6!
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:: Tonight ::

If you're in the Los Angeles area, check out the show opening tonight at Kim Light. Francine Spiegel, Kathy Grayson, Misaki Kawai, and Eva Lewitt all have work in the show and it sounds like it's gonna be really great.
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:: Fight! ::

HOW MANY 5 YEAR OLDS COULD YOU TAKE ON IN A FIGHT? <-- I feel like a puss that I could only take 20 :(
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:: Furie @Adobe ::

Went down to Adobe Books last night to get some photos of Heads a solo show from San Francisco based artist, Matt Furie.
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:: OBEYness ::

SHEPARD FAIREY RESPONDS <-- to the cease and desist letter he sent out to an artist who was copying his work. Check our original post about it.
Posted: trippe // 04.11.08 // +7+

:: Vancouver Saturday ::

We like Joseph Hart & Mark Delong. If in Vancouver be sure to check this show out.
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:: ClipODay ::

LIVING AND DYING <-- a great collaboration between Stefanie Augustine & Adam Gault.
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:: Justin Angelos ::

Got an email from artist Justin Angelos of Salt Lake City with a link to some of his recent work which is going to be on display @Tin Angel on April 18th there in Salt Lake... Enjoyed the collages. Check 'em out.
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:: Get It! ::

"An amazing (and rare!!) opportunity to score one of the early masterworks of Jay Howell on ebay. Check it" -Brian
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:: Liner ::

Joshua Liner Gallery opens its doors this weekend with a nice group show in NYC after first starting up in Philly. Congrats on the move, but yo, how about an address or something on the website letting people know how to find you?!... We'll be out there for the Josh Keyes and Jeremy Fish show in June, and speaking of Fish, we got one for sale right here (scroll down).
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:: Thursday Evening Openings ::

Matt Furie @Adobe Books |||| Cellspace is creating a cardboard city w/ "movie making, puppet theatre and surprises" which looks pretty interesting |||| Kunsole (3 piece artist collective interested in remedial exercises in publicness) preforms in the SFAC Gallery Window Installation Site on Groove St. DETAILS |||| more calendars
A FF favorite, Matt Furie shows @Adobe Books
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:: Dustin Aksland ::

DUSTIN AKSLAND <-- is an SF based photographer who's showing now in DC @The Meat Market Gallery. Nice work.
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:: Newsom Hearts China ::

A FEW PHOTOS FROM THE TORCH RUN <-- headed downtown to see what's up with the "torch run" and to get a few photos... Man, sucks Newsom sucks off China so hard by not letting people's voices be heard.
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:: Kim Cogan ::

Billy went and checked out Kim Cogan's first NYC show @Gallery Henoch in Chelsea. If you wanna see the show in person do so before Saturday when it comes down.
Posted: trippe // 04.09.08 // +2+

:: Pascal ::

PASCAL'S TRIANGLE IN REAL LIFE <-- Vancouver design student, Andy Chung, brings some math to the real life.
Posted: trippe // 04.09.08 // +1+

:: Podcast ::

AWESOMEFEST PODCAST <-- We told you about The Awesome Fest which is going down April 18th & 19th up in Point Arena, CA (near Mendocino) featuring bands Adam Stephens (of the Two Gallants), Chief, Girls, Golden Animals, Morning Benders, Port O'Brien, Thee Oh Sees, & The Growlers... Well, check the podcast.
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:: SkullPhone ::

I LOVE HOW SKULLPHONE HACKS INTO CLEAR CHANNEL'S DIGITAL BILLBOARDS! <-- some places are saying that the ads were paid for? Not sure what's right, although, if legit that would be great.
Posted: trippe // 04.09.08 // +7+

:: CNN POO ::

CNN IS LIKE THE WORST NEWS SOURCE EVER <-- but Kelly digs the crappy stories.
Posted: trippe // 04.09.08 // +3+

:: OBEY Cease and Desist Update ::

So we never heard back from anyone @OBEY after we emailed them to confirm about this story, but we did see a pretty official looking image of the cease and desist email header apparently coming from OBEY's Studio Number-One... That's a heavy threat for a couple prints when OBEY obviously "borrowed" work himself... In any case, it sucks when stuff gets legal in the art world, but when $$ is attached I guess it can go down. Let's hope all parties work it out... What's your take?
Posted: trippe // 04.08.08 // +29+

:: Nigel Peake ::

Nigel Peake sends us his simple line drawn zines from time to time which are well assembled and enjoyable to flip through, so we're pleased to see he's got a show opening up in Philly @Amble Gallery & Books on Thursday. If you're over there, be sure to check it out.
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:: DP @ CD ::

DON PENDLETON INTERVIEW OVER AT CROWNDOZEN <-- Don is an artist and graphic designer who lives in Ohio and has been creating graphics for Alien Workshop since the '90s and now is working over there at Element.
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:: ClipODay ::

This is an awareness test... How many passes does the team in white make?
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:: JBC ::

SF based Jet Black Crayon release a new album entitled In the Interim which also features a dvd with music videos from people like Dan Wolfe, Greg Hunt, Matt McGrath, Cheryl Dunn, and others... Gadget, we want a copy!
Posted: trippe // 04.08.08 // +1+

:: Scott Berry ::

PHOTOS <-- from One Foot in The Other World The Other Foot in The Other World solo show from SF based artist Scott Berry @Receiver Gallery.
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:: Hope ::

PHOTOS <-- from Hope Springs Eternal which opened Saturday @Needles and Pens featuring works from Monica Canilao, Bill Daniel, Chris Duncan, Mat O'Brien, The Polaroid Kidd, Kyle Ranson, Andrew Martin Scott, Sara Thustra, and Paul Urich.
Monica Canilao
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:: ClipODay ::

SFT scaled the Golden Gate Bridge today and hung some banners as part of the Olympic torch protests that will no doubt be happening all week in San Francisco. There's a bunch of clips here.
Posted: jesse // 04.07.08 // +1+

:: Garfield without Garfield ::

This explains why "cat people" are so much less psychotic once they have a cat... John Arbuckle sans Garfield.
Posted: irving // 04.07.08 // +0+

:: Ryan Bubnis ::

WHERE THE GOOD THOUGHTS GROW <-- works from Portland based artist Ryan Bubnis.
Posted: trippe // 04.07.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

Sitting here in the gallery and made up a quick video for our current show. Music: Health
Posted: trippe // 04.06.08 // +2+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 04.06.08 // +0+

:: Yoon Lee ::

Billy O'Callaghan was in NYC a week or so ago and checked out Yoon Lee who he's been a fan of since since seeing her work at the Headlands and her 2006 show at the Luggage Store --> PHOTOS
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:: Einaudu ::

SF based artist, Fred Einaudu. Kinda mixed work with some gems in there like the one below.
Posted: trippe // 04.05.08 // +0+

:: Tonight ::

CHECK THE CALENDARS <-- Missed Kill Pixie's show last night @Park Life w/ Ryan Scott Shaffer. We did get a sneak peek at Pixie's work before the show and will add some images to the site later today or tomorrow... As for tonight, there are a few shows you should try and get to. Needles and Pens are hosting HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL which opened in London at 96 Gillespie a month or so ago featuring works from Monica Canilao, Bill Daniel, Chris Duncan, Mat O'Brien, The Polaroid Kidd, Kyle Ranson, Andrew Martin Scott (Martin?!), Sara Thustra, and Paul Urich... Our friends at Receiver open a solo show from Scott Berry... If you're in NYC you may want to swing through Jonathan LeVine Gallery as they open three new shows- solo show from Alex Gross... The Date Farmers... & Erik Mark Sandberg
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:: McLaren ::

JOE MCLAREN <-- Great illustration work from this London-based artist. Love some of that detail. Link from here.
Posted: jesse // 04.04.08 // +0+

:: Mylar ::

JORDAN DOMONT <-- This Bay Area artist uses drawing ink on translucent mylar to create some interesting portraits.
Posted: jesse // 04.04.08 // +0+

:: Barcodes ::

You might remember that we posted about Japanese manhole covers a while back and how intricate and beautiful they were. Well, Japanese design firm D-Barcode has done the same thing for packaging barcodes. Taking a mandatory label item and making into something worth looking for. Since the design site is in Japanese, you can see a gallery via the website Dark Roasted Blend. Thanks for the link Yuko.
Posted: jesse // 04.03.08 // +2+

:: ~_+ ::

OLIMPIA ZAGNOLI <-- is an illustrator working in Milan.
Posted: trippe // 04.03.08 // +0+

:: Tonight ::

It's First Thursday tonight in San Francisco and there are a ton of shows. You can click here to check them all out. If you're looking for a recommendation however, go check out Fecal Pal Mike Brodie (aka the Polaroid Kid) who has a show at SF Cameraworks in coordination with his winning a Baum Award. Congratulations Mike!
Posted: jesse // 04.03.08 // +4+

:: mp3ODay ::

Posted: trippe // 04.03.08 // +0+

:: Apocabliss ::

Exhibition curated by Maya Hayuk @ ALICE GALLERY (Brussels) 12 American Artists in Brussels: Andrew Jeffrey Wright - Chris Duncan - Christine Shields - Cody Hudson - Heidi and Erika Lynn Anderson - Jovi Schnell - KayRock & Wolfy - Kyle Ranson - Maya Hayuk - Paul Wackers - Thaddeus Kellstadt... Looks like an amazing show. See photos of it here.
Posted: trippe // 04.03.08 // +1+

:: David Black ::

Our friend, David Black, updates his site with more great photography.
Posted: trippe // 04.02.08 // +0+

:: Awesome Fest ::

AWESOME FEST <-- goes down April 18th & 19th in Point Arena, CA (up near Mendocino) featuring BellaVista, Chief, Girls, Golden Animals, Morning Benders, Port O'Brien, Thee Oh Sees, & Willowz... This is the second year they've held this music festival organized by our friend Nate from The Ordinary Kids... Get out of town for the weekend and see some great music in a unique place.
Posted: trippe // 04.02.08 // +1+

:: Design ::

THEO GENNITSAKIS <-- is a Paris based designer... There are some nice gems on the site (like below). Have a look see.
Posted: trippe // 04.02.08 // +0+

:: Bloom Press ::

There's going to be a print sale over at Bloom Press this Friday. Nat Swope makes amazing prints for many solid artists, so drop by if you want to score some deals. Bloom Press, 2310 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, from 5pm until 10 pm and Art Murmur is happening at the same time.
Posted: irving // 04.01.08 // +1+

:: Designarium ::

We got this new Dave Kinsey board from the new Designarium headed by Natas and backed by NHS in the mail yesterday. Looks good/ limited numbers/ and available at skate shops nationwide... Designarium's mission: "sponsoring artists instead of skaters to explore and expand the culture and ideas that have made skateboarding as popular as it is today." Will be interesting to see what they come up with... We'll be giving this board away as a prize for next week's Free Fridayz. The theme is Rip Off Your Favorite Artist. Be sure to get your drawing in by Friday 12pm. Email it to: freefridayz (at) fecalface.com.
Posted: trippe // 04.01.08 // +1+