:: Eric Johnson ::

ERIC ERNEST JOHNSON <-- graduate of SFAI and now lives and works in LA. Great stuff.
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:: ClipODay ::

People from Holland are a bit strange.
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:: ::

"Some more news from Spain where we installed a huge sculpture in the yard of a new Contemporary Art Center called "Matadero" in Madrid."
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:: Skatement ::

UNDERSKATEMENT <-- has a new deadline of Oct 15th. Be sure to get your films in before then!
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:: ~ ::

Kenn Goodall lives and works in London
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:: TMS ::

Thee More Shallows are playing a free show Sunday @the Barnsdall Art Park in LA as part of the Swerve Festival @1pm. Go and see them and tell them Fecal Face sent ya.
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:: ClipODay ::

HOTEL CHEVALIER <-- You can download and watch the new Wes Anderson short for free right now from the Apple website. I think the only catch is that you have to have Itunes.
Posted: jesse // 09.27.07 // +5+

:: Park Life ::

WEATHERED WORLDS <-- @Park Life Friday featuring works by Kyle Lee, Marina Luz, Hillary Pecis, and Zack Rossman.
Hillary Pecis
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:: Rojas ::

Check out the Clare Rojos show at Paule Anglim here in SF before it comes down on Saturday.
Posted: trippe // 09.26.07 // +3+

:: Cut&Paste SF ::

CUT & PASTE SF <-- happens this Saturday @Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and they asked me to judge this live design competition where designers go head to head against each other as they each design a chosen theme for 15 minute rounds... Design off. tickets are $10 presale/ $15 at the door and be purchased here. 7pm door. 8pm event.
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:: Katy Smail ::

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:: Free Jury ::

Here in SF, Intersection for the Arts teams up with Southern Exposure on their 16th Annual Entry Fee-Free Juried Exhibition, 7th Annual Film/Video Screening, Day of Public Interventions, and Performance Series of works by Northern California artists. DETAILS.
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:: Bangers ::

BANGERS BOOK SERIES <-- Every winter Matt Moore produces a large series of monochromatic illustrations and publishes a book of the explorations... Be sure to click around his site.
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:: Push ::

TED PUSHINSKY <-- San Francisco-based photographer Ted Pushinsky finally got himself a website. To celebrate, he is offering a specially priced print through the site's marketplace.
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:: Your Book ::

DIGITAL (SELF) PUBLISHING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOK <-- San Francisco Art Institute's Seminar Series is putting on this great all day informal seminar this Sat. to help you learn how to self publish your photos through a high quality/ easy and cheap to produce book. Artists, publishers, editors, bookstore owners, artistic directors and others will be there to provide a comprehensive and rich overview of how to get your photographs self-published digitally... Saturday Sept 29th @SFAI. $75 ($35 students)... Our friend Paul Schiek will be there to help as well.
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:: ClipODay ::

DEPTH P SUN <-- Petty's back with another Art Adventure.
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:: Qikai ::

ZHANG QIKAI <-- Is a Beijing based artist who works with the theme of animals in various modern settings. His most famous are his series of panda-inspired paintings.
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:: SOEX ::

San Francisco's Southern Exposure has got themselves a new space over on 14th Street (at Valencia). The grand re-opening isn't until November 9th, but go check out the new building. We hear it's pretty nice.
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:: ::

"My name is Olimpia Zagnoli and i'm an italian illustrator. I watch your website everyday, would you check mine?"
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:: Space ::

Fuck visual artists' work spaces, WRITERS' WORK SPACES!
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:: ~ ::

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:: ClipODay ::

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:: ~+ ::

ANDREW GROOVES <-- likes mountains, snow, forests, rice, oceans, rivers, bears, wolves, foxes, rain, wind, waves, autumn, winter, spring, emma, skateboards, beer, deerhoof, miyazaki, nintendo, kites, birds, drawing, sketchbooks, black sabbath, wes anderson, japan, exploring, adventures, beetles, labyrinth, being radical, feedback, noises, sparks, and lots more...
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:: ::

JONATHAN CALUGI <-- download one of his fonts.
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:: Gallery Guide ::

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:: Baseball Break ::

It looks like our favorite team, the Tigers, don't have a chance anymore this year. They blew it. So FF is now an official Giants fan from here on out. Favorite players? Dave Roberts, Tim Lincecum, and that new dude, Rajai Davis... Playoffs? How about the Phillies or Padres... Baseball. Ugh.
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:: Free ::

The Bicycle Film Festival rolls into SF this weekend and they kick things off tonight with a FREE show at Thee Parkside tonight- Tussle, Oh Sees, Sic Alps.
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:: Mister Lonely ::

If you are in New York, check out Brent Stewart's show Mister. Lonely Portraits at Cynthia Broan. Brent spent a bunch of time shooting portraits from Harmony Korine's new movie Mister Lonely which provides for some interesting photos. Also showing are Shannon Lucy and James Clauer's The Aluminum Fowl .
Posted: jesse // 09.18.07 // +0+

:: College ::

THE NEW COLLEGE BEAT <-- self published over-sized zine/ magazine collection of work from friends of Yale graduate student, Ryan Waller... Watch this great PSA he created.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 09.16.07 // +3+

:: Claodie ::

CLAOODIA.NET <-- lot of nice illustrations.
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:: ClipODay ::

joyner.jpgART ADVENTURES HITS UP ERIC JOYNER'S STUDIO IN SAN FRANCISCO <-- his opening is Saturday @The Shooting Gallery... They've already got a lot of the donut/ robot fun up on the site to preview.
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:: Fish Interview ::

JEREMY FISH INTERVIEW <-- last night we did our first LIVE pudcast where listeners emailed in their questions and Fish answered them on up. Came off great... NOTE: We've changed our podcast some, and we still need to move over the old podcasts to it... So if you've subscribed before, you'll need to subscribe to our new one. CLICK RIGHT HERE... Oh, and check out SUPERFISHALSF.COM and be sure to check back as we're going to post a mix of music that Fish put together for us as well!
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:: Rob ::

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:: UP Berkeley ::

Congrats to Upper Playground for opening a new shop over in Berkeley. They're having events all day and into the evening with live painting from Dave Choe, Saber and Retna with an after party starting @8pm at Radio Bar. Details.
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:: Saturday ::

Photo editor of Slap Magazine, Joe Brook, is having a show of his photos at Gamma on Saturday.
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:: Pianos ++ ::

UNPIANO.COM <-- Just completed a re-design of the old site. Not real big on self promotion, but I think you'll really like the music and photo blogs, among other things.
Posted: jesse // 09.14.07 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

REJECTED CARTOONS: DON HETZFELDT <-- We've almost certainly run this before, but if you have never seen it before now is your chance. We still laugh like it was the first time. You can get Don's new-ish DVD at his site. Thanks Jay.
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:: So Good ::

Thanks to everyone who emailed in their questions for Jeremy Fish tonight for our first LIVE podcast... It came off so great. It'll be available for download right here sometime on Friday for those of you who missed it.
Posted: trippe // 09.13.07 // +2+

:: LIVE Podcast Tonight ::

We got Jeremy Fish on his way over to the Fecal Face H.Q. for a little interview and he's also going to play some of his favorite tunes as well, and we're doing this all LIVE starting at around 8:45ish tonight. Check back around then with the link to listen... You can also email questions to Jeremy that he'll answer live as well. send them to: news(at)fecalface.com... All coming up tonight!!
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:: Tonight ::

Two great shows tonight to catch on the early side: NIGHTMARE STATUS @ THE EPICENTER and SKINNER @ SUPER 7. See you there!
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:: Fjord ::

FJORDPHOTO.ORG <-- Bringing together amazing young photographers with the goal of releasing a book. Check out all the photographer's galleries on the site. Really good stuff.
Celine Clanet
Whitney Hubbs
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:: Tessar Lo ::

A new 12 x 16 giclee print from Tessar Lo. Edition of 50. $80 USD.
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:: Taller Boy ::

Michael Sieben emailed last night... "I'm getting very serious about my work".
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:: Tessler ::

ANIMAL SLEEP STORIES <-- Check out the work of artist Daria Tessler. Her prints and multimedia works are really fun.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Burke ::

JESSE BURKE <-- Check out the work of this New England Photographer. Scrolling flash photos sometimes sort of give me an aneurysm, but look at all those leaves! Makes me miss the east coast in the fall.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Be sure to get your Falling Free Fridayz themed drawing in by 2pm on Friday (pacific) for a chance at winning this Michael Leon Some Girls limited edition board that was created for a show he had here in San Francisco in 2003 @Red Five. This rare gem has been hanging here in the FF offices for years but we want to give it to you to encourage you to submit your best drawing for this week's Free Fridayz. freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
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:: IceCast ::

Anyone out there have some experience with IceCast? We're trying to install it on our server and are a bit lost. Email or post comments with some help. news(at)fecalface.com
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:: ClipODay ::

I LOVE BOB ODENKIRK <-- his experience with pitching movies to executives. So good.
Posted: trippe // 09.12.07 // +2+

:: Nguan ::

NGUAN.TV <-- excellent photographer living in LA
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:: Help ::

We know that you're poor like we are, but if you enjoy checking out the site on the daily and have some extra hundred dollar bills hanging around in your sock drawer, maybe you could scoot one or two our way? Maybe a nickel or something would be nice. We try and bring you some enjoyable eye candy through this internet machine, but shit, sitting in front of this computer all day takes time away from our coal mining jobs... In all serious, please.
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:: Eltono ::

ELTONO & NURIA, PUBLIC/PRIVATE SIGNBOARDS (BERLIN) <-- people get so excited about "street art" that at times it's too much to handle, but Eltono's stuff has a real good feel to it.
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:: Keith Shore ::

KEITH SHORE <-- updates his site, and have you seen the Ecko Star Wars clothing that Keith did?
Posted: trippe // 09.11.07 // +3+

:: Image Makers ::

Sam Stephenson
WE ARE THE IMAGE MAKERS <-- there are a lot of art magazine type sites out there and a lot of them aren't so good, but this one, which focuses on Australian artists and photographers, is pretty darn tootin' and is worth some time spent on it. They've featured over 150 artists since 2005... people like some of our favorites Anthony Lister, Kill Pixie, Jeremyville, Ben Frost, Yok, and many others.
The Yok
Posted: trippe // 09.11.07 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

DRIFT <-- is a new microscopic styled animation from Carl Burton. It's really great and worth a watch. It's also very large, so open it up on a large monitor and get lost in micro space.
Posted: trippe // 09.10.07 // +2+

:: Presents ::

THE PRESENT GROUP <-- The third issue of The Present Group was just released online. It features a series of 65 drawings and collages by (now) San Francisco based artist Christine Kesler.
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:: +_~ ::

STEFANlUCUT.COM <-- this 21 yr. old designer with some nice work out of Romania.
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:: Photos ::

JEFF SOTO'S AND JIM HOUSER'S <-- shows that opened last Saturday at Jonathan Levine in NYC. Photos & words by George Koroneos.
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:: 25 Disegni ::

OUR LOOK INSIDE 25 DISEGNI <-- a 3 book series featuring works from Baronciani, Ratigher, Squaz, Paper Resistance, Eric Ailcane, and Blu. Published in Italy.
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:: Deep Water ::

Went and saw one of the best documentaries I think I may have ever seen (on par with Grizzly Man, if not better) - DEEP WATER is the story of the first solo, non-stop, round-the-world sailing race in 1968 which focuses on Donald Crowhurst and his story which begins like a Boy's Own adventure tale but ends up more akin to tragedy... It's very good and worth seeing! The trailer doesn't do it justice... Don't have to be into sailing to love it.
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:: R.I.P. Morgan ::

After almost a year of living here in the Fecal Face offices, Morgan, a female soap dish crab, purchased on a whim in a chinese pet store, passed away today. Somehow we feel better as life in crab heaven has to be better than life here in that dank little tank eating the same old icky blood worms every couple days... She'll be missed... but missed most by our cat Poo whose obsession with Morgan bordered on the religious. Subita morte exstingui.
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:: Photos ::

FIRST THURSDAYS <-- we made our way around through Chris Duncan, Yum Yum, Adobe, and to the Hemlock to see our beloved Thee More Shallows.
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:: ::

RUSSIANS is the theme for this week's Free Fridayz. Get yours in by 2pm Friday: freefridayz (at) fecalface.com
Kurt McRobert's entry
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:: Tonight ::

art of Daniel Tierney
There are so many shows tonight. Here's what we're going to check out: First make your way downtown to 49 Geary where most of the dozen or so galleries are holding openings. Be sure to get there early because it gets pretty crowded as the art aficionados get off work and bee line for the place (runs 5:30-7:30). Down there see: CHRIS DUNCAN @GREGORY LIND - ID IS @STEVEN WOLF featuring works by Hooliganship, Anna Schachte, Dan Tierney, & Frances Trombly - and then be sure to head over to Lower Haight to see TODD BRATRUD @FIFTY24SF - and then just down the street from there is HENRY LEWIS @LOWER HATERS - and then on 16th is POLAROID PROJECT @ADOBE BOOKS - plus a whole lot more ON OUR CALENDAR. Looks like fall is here.
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:: Music ::

First Thursdays- fall- Sept??!!... Fuck, there are so many good shows to check out (Billy Childish tonight at Needles & Pens). Too many to name really (scroll down and see for yourself)... But how about some good music?! Thursday night one of our favorite bands Thee More Shallows are playing at the Hemlock (headlining- going on about midnight)... and then on Saturday Kelly Stoltz is playing with Sonny Smith and The Oh Sees at 12 Galaxies which should be a brilliant one for sure.
Posted: trippe // 09.05.07 // +3+

:: Poddy ::

FRENCH'S PODCASTS <-- The London based artist French passed through SF while doing some traveling on the west coast so we invited him over for our first podcast interview and asked him to play some of his favorite music - Death Metal... So download both podcasts HERE... Read our interview with French we did last March.
Posted: trippe // 09.05.07 // +5+

:: Franmos ::

FRANMO.COM <-- Francesca Boyd-Barrett is from Toledo. Nuff said. Higher her. She needs a job.
Posted: trippe // 09.05.07 // +3+

:: My Party ::

PAUL PAPER <-- lives in Lithuania, takes some nice photos, but, dang it... I wish sites like this would have 'next' and 'previous' buttons for more relaxing browsing.
Posted: trippe // 09.04.07 // +1+

:: Soto-ness ::

Posted: trippe // 09.04.07 // +2+

:: Farmer ::

TESSA FARMER <-- Check out these amazing miniscule sculptures done by London artist Tessa Farmer. You can see more work here.
Posted: jesse // 09.03.07 // +0+

:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 09.02.07 // +2+

:: Nocito ::

JASON NOCITO <-- Check out the work of this New York based photographer. More work here.
Posted: jesse // 09.01.07 // +0+

:: * ::

Posted: trippe // 09.01.07 // +2+

:: Free Fridayz ::

I know Friday was yesterday, but we're giving you guys till Sunday to get your drawings in for this week's Free Fridayz. The theme: Ridin' It Out. What's that maybe look like? Check Josh Spencer's. This week's prize: A Jeff Soto set.
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