:: Porous Dead? ::

Porous Walker
We're getting Porous work from the grave.
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:: Poddy ::

JIM HOUSER UNTITLED SONG <-- Jim emailed over a great song for us to share with you. Read his interview. Great painter/ great musician.
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:: The Lab Saturday ::

A FEW PHOTOS <-- from the setup of Replace 'Please' with Fast & 'Thank you' with Good which features the work of Kelsey Brookes, Kill Pixie, and Anthony Lister @The Lab 101 in LA. The show opens this Saturday and it's going to be amazing!
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:: 1026 ::

1026.jpgSPACE 1026 CELEBRATES 10 YEARS <-- starting on November 2, Space 1026 in Philly will begin to celebrate it's first ten years with a installation and work from the artists who have shown there over the years... 1026 was one of the first galleries to show the kind of work you see here on Fecal Face on a daily basis. If you're over in that neck of the woods, be sure to swing through and check it out.
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:: Rojo ::

ROJO SMART CAR FRI IN LA <-- Rojo magazine is doing a group show in conjunction with the release (or is it soon to be released Smart Car?)... Anyway, there's a nice group of talent and the Smart car is a tiny not gas hoggee vehicle that we should have been driving years ago (if driving at all)... Shit, every study Peak Oil? Gas prices are soaring and our economy is failing. Scary shit... anyway.
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:: 5.6 Earthquake!! ::

YOU FEEL THAT?! <-- freaked the shit out of me... in the 12 years I've been in SF, that was for sure the biggest and longest.
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:: +~ ::

Love the emails we get. They can make your day... Like just now I got ///// "I found thiSSSS cool eggplant and ate it!" -loma ///// whatever. don't know her... just a quirky note floating through cyberspace.
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:: Canilao in London ::

Oakland based artist, Monica Canilao, emailed over some photos to the setup of a show she's in that just opened in London @Black Rat Press featuring work from her, Swoon, and David Ellis... Looks so amazing. Runs till Nov 16th.
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:: Halloween ::

WHATCHA' DOING FOR HALLOWEEN? <-- stabbed? bar? house party? home?
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:: Italian Fish ::

JEREMY FISH IN ROME ITALY ON WEDNESDAY <-- for you Italians over there, be sure to see Fish's show on Halloween night. .. Do they celebrate halloween in Italy? It seems they're a bit on the fence about it... In any case, Fish's show should be great and shouldn't be missed... and speaking of Fish... If Sieben and Fish had a kid who made art, what would it look like? Probably something like this. Wow.
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:: Radar ::

It's the start of the rainy season here in SF and the worst part for a cyclist is getting soaked... but now WE GOT RADAR... You can select to animate the weather and figure out if you're bound for slosh town or not. Me like. Bookmark it.
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:: Lowcard ::

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:: Verte ::

In the era of everyone making tshirts, it's nice to see something refreshing.
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:: Murakami ::

Anyone in L.A. get any good photos of the Takashi Murakami opening at MOCA that happened recently? I know photos and press were limited (sort of), but I thought there might be some floating around. If you do have some, send us an email to news(a)fecalface. You can see a little on Eric's Giant Robot blog.
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:: 608c ::

On November 3rd, there's benefit art show on Haight and Steiner going down starting at 12pm. It's to benefit the residents of 608c who are being evicted, and the show features art from people like Chris Johanson, John Dwyer, Kyle Ranson, Paul Wackers, Barry Mcgee and many more. Go get some art and support them at the same time!
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:: Neckface in NYC ::

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:: Books ::

"My name is David Schoerner, I started a small publishing company this past March, Hassla Books. Hassla just released its third publication, The Beginning, by Ola Rindal. You can see photos of this book along with the first two publications at www.hasslabooks.com"
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:: ~+ ::

DIOGO POTES <-- I know a couple of other Potes. This one and this one but they do the photography and not the designy.
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:: Saelee ::

SAELEE OH MINI INTERVIEW <-- We forgot to add Saelee's interview from our big ol' summer show in SF @Minna last August.
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:: R. Williams ::

ROBIN WILLIAMS <-- this NYC based painter updates her site... Read our mini interview with her we did August.
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:: Fuck ::

WOLRD'S LARGEST CORN MAZE <-- You see this yet?! It's somewhere on the way to Sacramento and it looks pretty awescum.
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:: Saturday Ride ::

HALLOWEEN RIDE THIS SATURDAY <-- Mike Giant is hosting an Albuquerque ride. Photo shoot. Best trick contest... Fixed gear encouraged. All welcome!
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:: ++~ ::

BFREEONE.COM <-- new site featuring nice work from Netherlands based artist, Merijn Hos... I really like the drawings (scroll down). Makes me want a tootsie roll pop.
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:: MIA ::

White Walls held a show a few weeks ago at the W hotel here in SF with Greg Lamarche and a piece went missing. It's a long shot, but if you spot this, let White Walls know.
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:: 10 Yrs. ::

Congrats to the Quite Life for their 10 yrs in existence, and in celebration they've made a bunch of shirts by some pretty talented fellas and fella-girls- Cody Hudson, Megan Whitmarsh, Andy Jenkins, and others... Check them on out.
Cody Hudson
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:: Manholes ::

Been checking out these Japanese manholes lately (wow, that sounded bad). All the covers are so intricate and interesting. It's a wonder more people don't get by cars after staring at manholes in the middle of the street. More here and here.
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:: Health ::

No, not Health the band, but your physical health. You an artist without health insurance? Well, SF may be going city wide with the stuff sometime soon, but in the meantime, check this out.
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:: TMS ::

THEE MORE SHALLOWS <-- are over there in France Land. So if you're somewhere near the Eiffel Tower, check them out this weekend. They'll also be in Spain, Italy and Switzerland around halloween times... So so damn good.
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:: Your Flag ::

WEAREMULTICOLORED.COM <-- As the world gets smaller countries begin to melt together. Create your own flag... The project was made for the Lower East Side Tenement Museum's Digital Artists in Residence Program in NYC by Matthew Brown, Jeremy Hutchison and Joe Marianek.
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:: Tonite ::

Kelly Lynn Jones of Little Paper Planes has an opening tonight at Rare Device. Far From Main Street is open from 6-9pm and it's gonna be good.
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:: Smokey Skies ::

Damn, the smoke from the LA fires is making its way up here... wonder if it'll start affecting our sunsets... That's fucked up. Their devastation makes for our nice sunsets.
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:: Horan ::

KATY HORAN RIGHT NOW AT TINYSHOWCASE <-- This time there's more to go around (200 to be exact), so drop by to get one for yourself. By the way $250 of the proceeds are going to Global Green: Rebuilding New Orleans. Good stuff.
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:: Chua ::

Toronto illustrator Charlene Chua has updated her site with recent work for Cambridge University Press, Owl magazine and Narat Inc.
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:: San Diego ::

The situation in San Diego seems to have become a lot scarier in the last couple of days. You can see from the photos, that the soot has become thick enough to block out the sun and the evacuation numbers are up in the 500,000s. NASA has released some incredible photos (1) (2) that show the smoke that is pouring off the coast. In fact the fires are moving so fast that this Google map set up by the LA Times, is said to have more updated info than CNN does right now. Hope everyone down there stays safe.
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:: Brodie ::

One of our favorite photographers, Mike Brodie, updates HIS SITE with more goodness from his summer travels.
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:: wEEKEND ::

THEFREAKINGWEEKEND <-- designated for any art form done during the weekend.
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:: Plastic ::

"Great Pacific Garbage Patch - a heap of debris floating in the Pacific that's twice the size of Texas"
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:: Sidereel ::

Now that TV Links has officially been shut down, you'll probably need a new video streaming site. We have been using SIDEREEL for a while now anyway because they provide multiple links per episode. Happy watching!
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:: Kurniawan ::

RONALD KURNIAWAN <-- Check the work of this Pasadena-based painter. He gets compared to Jeff Soto a lot (FOR GOOD REASON) but he also has some great work that stands on it's own.
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:: Biennale ::

Giant Robot has been planning their biennale at The Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. It opens on November 3rd so it's still a ways off, but be sure to mark this one on your calendars. You can see sneak peaks on Eric's blog.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: NYC ::

In NYC right now (it's muggy as balls here) and am drinking a Sparks (so so tired) and on my way to check out The Mall playing at the Knitting Factory... Then going to check out them Upper Playground shows and events with Dave Choe, Retna, and Saber Saturday and Sunday... Anything I should check out while here? Any good shows (there are always good shows to check out. I know)... Since all of my digital cameras are dead, I brought the Epic, and you know what? It's not as easy finding 35mm film these days. Nowhere in the airport did they sell it. I knew I should have stocked up before getting on the plane... Gots to get some of that good good 3,200 speed, and what's the deal with B&H closed on Saturdays. I call bullshit!
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:: Plane ::

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:: Poddy ::

JESSE'S FALL PODCAST <-- a new FF podcast to help keep you inside and warm this fall.
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:: Clock Doc ::

Bob K's working on a new documentary series entitled Little Giants with round one being focused on Don Pendleton. Unfortunately the release date is pushed back 6 months. In the meantime, check Don's clock.
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:: ::

Joy went and checked out Retna and Dora Drimalas show @Fifty24SF and brought back SOME PHOTOS.
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:: Tonight ::

After all your art shows are done tonight, come by and have a drink at what was formerly Tuff Town. It will be fun and you can help us think of a new name.
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:: ClipODay ::

JOSH KEYES @HANG <-- Art Adventures checks out his current show and Josh speaks about his work.
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:: Intern? ::

INTERN FOR DOZE GREEN AND DAVID ELLIS <-- having a show here in SF and need some help.
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:: Boogie ::

Due out spring 2008 is Sao Palou, a book of photos from that city in Brazil shot by street photographer, Boogie who gets those intense sketchy shots that few get close enough to shoot. Bound to be another great book... Published through Upper Playground.
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:: Datefarmers ::

PHOTOS & WORDS <-- The Datefarmers recently held a one night show in their studio-turned-gallery in Indio, CA where their work reflects the desert community that raised them.
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:: ~ ::

PHOTOS <-- from A Group Exhibition Obsessively Reshaping The Ordinary @Intersection for the Arts here in San Francisco.
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:: The Mall ::

The Mall is playing @The Knitting Factory on Friday with a shit load of other bands as part of that CMJ crazyness... I'll be there. Nothing like traveling 3,000 miles and checking out an old SF band.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Sketch Tuesdays ::

Sorry for the short notice, but tonight is Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna and the line up is super sick. You should probably go there now.
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:: Not Dead Yet ::

Mt. St. Mtn. recently put out one of their awesome zines (remember Where to Stick It?) from San Francisco Photographer Stefan Simikich. You can pick it up Not Dead Yet at Needles and Pens right this very second.
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:: Friends! ::

FRIENDS WITH YOU!! <-- Magical friends are still waiting to give us all the powers of the universe.
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:: Tonite NYC ::

If you're in New York tonight, be sure and go to Max Fish at 5pm. They are holding a benefit art auction with an amazing list of contributors and a raffle with some prizes that make us want to fly to New York. Seriously, we have never wanted to go to an art auction so badly in our lives.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Pixels ::

KORAYKANTARCIOGLU.COM <-- "working on pixel based drawings... my tool is the default paint software in microsoft windows."... I like.
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:: # ::

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:: ~+ ::

GRANT ELLIS <-- lives and works in Brooklyn.
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:: Tonight ::

BLACK METAL FAST FOOD FIGHT! <-- If you are in Baltimore tonight and tomorrow, be sure to check out the enormous group show happening at the Lo-Fi Social Club. A ton of artists including the awesome crew from Wham City! which will be sure to blow your minds.
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:: Backyard ::

BACKYARD SHAKEDOWN <-- a sneak peek at this glossy 96 paged photobook featuring some very good contemporary photographers. $25.
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:: Tonight ::

Greg Simkins opening in LA tonight @Gallery 1988... Check back next week to read our interview.
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:: Eliasson ::

Finally saw the Olafur Eliasson exhibit at SFMOMA yesterday. Sort of felt like you might lose your mind, but it's highly recommend that you check it out before it comes down (in February). More on the work of Olafur Eliasson here.
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:: Open Studios ::

This weekend is Art Span's 2nd weekend of open studios in San Francisco. The rain is supposed to stop by tomorrow, so go take a look. You can get the map here.
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:: Artadia ::

Congratulations to all of the 15 artists short-listed for the Artadia awards in the Bay Area. They were picked out of 520 and you can read about them and their work on the website.
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:: Aussie ::

The Australian online magazine weAREtheIMAGEmakers features issue 12.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Tonight ::

If you are checking out some art shows tonight, don't forget to stop by Flawless Victory @ The Hamburger Eyes Epicenter. After Party at The Attic.
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:: +~ ::

AARON HOBSON'S CINEMASCAPES <-- he has s show coming up in NYC at Go Fish Gallery Nov 1st.
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:: Winter ::

You got the groundhog to figure out the length of winter. Well, we got the Poo sweater index... Looks like an early winter. Damn his little sweater!
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:: Baby Mars ::

Congrats to Mars and Mikas for the birth of their new son, Atlas!... But wait. Do Mars and Atlas get along?... Yep, of course they do.
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:: Fort Mason ::

Don't forget that this Saturday and Sunday are open studios at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Go down there and check out the buildings and the art. You can usually find at least one great exhibit but gambling is the fun part.
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:: Portland ::

MIKE MAXWELL AT FIFTY24SF IN PORTLAND <-- if you're up in that part of the woods, check the show out... and totally unrelated, but me and my girlfriend were driving over the Golden Gate tonight and spotted the highway patrol talking a potential jumper off the rail with a Coast Guard Cutter down below in the water. So freaky as we had to pull over, walk out on the bridge and gawk. He didn't jump when we were there and glad he didn't. That could fuck with your head pretty bad I'd imagine.
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:: Glaubitz ::

CHARLES GLAUBITZ <-- updates his site.
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:: BaseBaseBall ::

Boston? Cleveland? Or those west coast teams? Just glad LA got knocked out. I hate that Disneyland team. Man, I wish it was like last year.
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:: Ryan Jacob Smith ::

This Friday in Los Angeles is a solo show by one of favorites, Ryan Jacob Smith @Reform School in Santa Monica. Details... Check out a great group show Ryan was in at Cinders Gallery called The Porch Show... Always good.
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:: Essenpreis ::

YOUFAIL.COM <-- Check out the work of New York based artist Kiersten Essenpreis who had a show back in June at Cinders (check there site for photos). Her work is great and that flash site she has is sort of rad too.
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:: ++ ::

NEON BIBLE <-- This kind of weirds us out.. but in a good way I guess.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Josh Keyes ::

Went to Josh Keyes show last night and brought back some photos of his great work.
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:: Bobridge ::

BROOKE BOBRIDGE <-- is a illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia who has been getting a bit of attention as of late.
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:: ~ ::

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:: Interns ::

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:: ::

Josh Keyes
JOSH KEYES @HANG THURSDAY <-- This is bound to be a fantastic show. Make this a stop for your first Thursday schedule. Hang's on Sutter- not far from the whole 49 Geary deal if that's your cup of tea... Also head over to The Curiosity Shoppe on Valencia to see Shawn Creeden's solo show Hollow Face, Hand Wing (and on Sunday the Curiosity Shoppe is hosting a live/ living bat event presented by the California Bat Conservation Fund @2pm)
Shawn Creeden
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:: Meneses ::

JUANTIA MENESES <-- We love her truck drawings, but this Los Angeles based artist has a bunch of other great work as well. Check out her Home Artifacts sculptures or her Not Here Or There paintings. Thanks for the link Kelly.
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:: How To ::

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:: Art Army ::

Mike Leavitt's (aka ArtArmy) action figures of the art world have been around for a bit, but it's fun to watch him keep adding new people every year. Check out the new Audrey Kawasaki - Banksy - Mark Ryden and the one that always makes us crack up - Sam Flores. So great.. be sure to check out the rest of the regular figures too.
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:: ClipODay ::

THE COMPETITION is a short film from the second Wholphin DVD. Back by popular demand - Here are more rad Wolphin movies that you may have missed over the last year or so: Baby Squid, Born Like Stars - Stairway at St. Paul - The Writer
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:: BeckMeyer ::

DREW BECKMEYER <-- Drew is a Los Angeles based artist who has a show coming up at Junc Gallery this Saturday. Paralles Of Obsrtuction also features the work of Brian Rush and Kate Guillen. Should be great, go check it out if you're in LA.
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