:: Gallery Street Art - Graffitied ::

"Choque Cultural art gallery in Sao Paulo is a gallery renowned for its street art exhibits, including graffiti. But in September the gallery was subject to an "intervention": about 30 pixadores (graffiti artists) invaded the gallery with their paint buckets and brushes and in less than five minutes, painted graffiti over all walls and art pieces exposed." read on... Thanks for the link, Tucker.
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:: Other @N&P ::

The train hopping street artist Other makes a gallery stop here in San Francisco @Needles & Pens. We headed over there to get some photos of this great show.
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:: Ninjai ::

NINJAI <-- just thought of this amazing online animation series from like 2001. Been so long and so good... Spend 30 minutes and watch this beautiful internet classic... Wish they'd make chapter 13. They only finished chapter 12 in like 2005. Come on! How about a feature film?
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:: FFDG ::

Work from TITANIUM EXPOSE IS NOW ONLINE <-- and we're working on getting all the other images from the opening up as well. This Turkey stuff is throwing a wrench in the work day... Got a lot of great stuff coming up by this weekend. Lister studio visit part 2, Jeremy Fish studio visit, and other goodies. Stay tuned.
Anthony Lister diptych available through FFDG
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:: ALVA toy drive ::

ALVA skateboards is having a toy drive in Los Angeles to put some rad stuff in the hands of sick kids who haven't got the fairest shake. Seems like a good cause to me. It is going on from now (mon-sat) til Dec.13th at 7pm.
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:: PEAP ::

Sometime back I did a little write-up for my man PEAP in this magazine who is in a show in Sydney right now. He is pretty solid about keeping in touch... that is how solid head do, ya dig. Check him out in the book, faesthetic with Mars-1. If you like the cover of that book you can buy the original art in FFDG.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Free Fridayz will be going up a day late this week due to Thanksgiving. Be sure to get your Heaven themed drawing in by Saturday 12pm Pacific.
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:: ClipOBaxter ::

Another Sketch Theater production with a dewd named Nick Baxter. This guy gets down hard across the board: skin, canvas, paper, film, etc... Check out this clip. Think you will be sold on his illustration skills.
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:: Jonestown ::

Man, you know how the web is. You're working away listening to some NPR when something sparks your interest. "Hey, what was that all about", you ask yourself. Clicking away you go, and the next thing you're doing is reading all about Jonestown... and then you spend 44 minutes listening to the audio recording they made while they're about and during the drinking of the poison laced koolaid... Whoa that was some serious dark weird/ creepy heavy shit.
Posted: trippe // 11.25.08 // +7+

:: Tonight ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS <-- down there @111 Minna tonight featuring work from lots of good folks like Henry Lewis, Kottie Paloma, Matt Furie, Richard Hart, Hilary Pecis, and others... The deal is the artists sketch away and then pin the sketches to a wall, and you get yourself some art for cheap. Details. 6-10pm.
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:: Beast ::

BEASTMAN @CHINA HEIGHTS IN SYDNEY <-- like what's going on over there in Sydney, and Australians are super cool too.
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:: Turkeeeeys ::

Fecal Face Dot Gallery will be closed for that eat lots of food day and the recovery day Friday... We WILL be open this weekend: Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm... and work from Titanium Expose will be online tomorrow/ Tuesday.
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:: Amy Stein ::

Amy Stein emailed to let us know she has a new book due out through Photo-Eye featuring her Domesticated series. You can pre order your signed copy now for only $24... Read our interview with her we did last year... "In 2006, Amy was a winner of the Saatchi Gallery/Guardian Prize for her Domesticated series. In 2007, she was named one of the top fifteen emerging photographers in the world by American Photo magazine and she won the Critical Mass Book Award."
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:: GG Paint ::

Guess they're painting the Golden Gate Bridge this morning. My wife crossed it on her way to work and when got to work noticed that a huge splatter of paint fell on the truck... I like that our truck has Golden Gate Bridge paint on it... Speaking of the bridge, we went under it yesterday on the sailboat (thanks for watching FFDG, Gabe)... When we were putting the boat away the Coast Guard was on the radio talking about locating a body of a person who jumped off it an hour before... Freaky, but I guess with the new barrier their about to build, bridge suicides will be a thing of the past. Ever see this one?
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:: Ben Barry | Frank Chimero ::

QUESTIONABLE CHARACTERS <=- Great site to ask all your designy questions and see the answers on both sides of the field.
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:: Chris Pell ::

CHRISPELL.CO.UK <-- Illustrator from Brighton, UK. Dig the animation w/ music from Germlin.
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:: Parla ::

JOSE PARLA @CHRISTINA GRAJALES <-- Manuel checks out the opening in NYC.
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:: ClipOBarber ::

Shawn Barber is quickly becoming one of my favs. This Sketch Theater production I have yet to see, so hopefully it's not too tired. Enjoy and when yer done check out our studio visit with Henry Lewis riding shotgun. Still not happy, check out Barber at Last Rites on Dec 13th in NYC.
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:: Cover Browser ::

TV GUIDE <=- Every TV Guide cover since April 3rd, 1953. Pretty neat.
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:: Show Me ::

SHOWMEHOW.COM <-- love informative illustrations and this site releases a new one every other day... Oh, and there's a book too.
Posted: trippe // 11.23.08 // +2+

:: CCA ::

We're happy to announce that CCA is now an advertiser on Fecal Face. Not that advertisers make us happy (paying rent is nice), but since we think CCA is one of the best art schools here in the Bay Area... Well, it makes us smile.
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:: Wine Wine ::

Just wanna give a quick Thank You to those @Encyclopedia Wines for their generous donation of O so tasty wine which we served at the opening of Titanium Expose last Thursday (photos Monday)... Their donation was the reason why I was so out of commission yesterday. Weeeeeeee.... Oh and those Sofia Champagne cans are pretty epic too. Darn tootin'.
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:: Perspectives ::

Posted: pesya // 11.22.08 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

BLEK LE RAT INTERVIEW <-- nice little insight into the French street art pioneer... Read our interview with him and come into FFDG to see a piece from him which arrived late from Paris and missed the opening of Titanium Expose. We'll be adding photos and work from the show online Monday. Amazing work in here right now.
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:: Tonight ::

LINE WEIGHT <-- group show opens tonight at Gallery Nucleus in Southern CA.
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:: Skate Dance? ::

"When you guys have an extra 1:59 and you need a belly laugh..." -Bloom Press
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:: Ian Johnson ::

Not really a review at all...more of a little look inside Beauty is a Rare Thing published by Paper Museum Press (Park Life) featuring portraits of jazz greats by Ian Johnson.
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:: William Hundley ::

Austin based William Hundley opens Draco @Kinsey/DesForges Saturday down in Los Angeles. We did a mini interview with William a few months back.
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:: Big Geezers Show ::

Our home boy Chaz from The London Police just sent over a massive link to the Big Geezers show he put together out in LA. There is still time to see it....Rad!
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:: Hitchcock ::

OLD HITCHCOCK SHOWS <-- are online for your viewing pleasure. Never watched any, but damn, that guy knew how to make films.
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:: Chris Taylor ::

WINNERSBLUES.COM <-- isn't just a great song by Sonic Youth but it's the website of Vancouver based Chris Taylor.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

ok Ok, we missed Free Fridayz last Friday, but we ain't going to F* up again, so get your HELL themed drawing in by 12pm tomorrow.
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:: I Heart Google ::

THOUSANDS OF LIFE MAGAZINE'S PHOTOS <-- Google and Life have teamed up to release thousands of never before published photos (with nice full size option)! You can spend hours going through these amazing photographs dating all the way back to the 1860s. *Note "Add "source:life" to any Google image search and search only the LIFE photo archive. For example: art source:life"... Thanks for the heads up, Isaac.
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:: Tonight ::

TITANIUM EXPOSE <-- opens tonight at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Got a lot to do today (as of 10am), but we'll be ready to open come 6pm tonight. 6-9pm drinks and good times. Artists include: Anthony Lister, Blek Le Rat, Buff Monster, Chris Ryniak, Damon Soule, Dennis McNett, Henry Lewis, Julian Duron, Henry Gunderson, Joshua Petker, Mars, Matt Furie, Maya Hayuk, Mel Kadel, and Ryan Christian.
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:: Peter Sutherland ::

We've been fans of Peter's photography for years now and of ATM Gallery in NYC. The two come together for this show Friday night.
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:: Kill Pixie ::

Our Australian buddy, Kill Pixie, is about to open Super Systems @Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Berlin on Saturday. You live over there, be sure to check it out.
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:: Rob Fisher ::

ROB FISHER @JACK THE PELICAN <-- Julian went and check out this show that opened last Friday in Williamsburg.
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:: ClipOWTF ::

Bill O'Reilly Smears San Francisco With Surreal Pseudo-Documentary <-- All we can say is... WOW!... Photographer Stephen Karnes who emailed us the clip, summed it up best when he wrote, "I live in the secular progressive city of Portland, OR and I personally can't walk five feet without getting a handjob from gay crack addicted police officer or tripping over a homeless abortion doctor."... Well put.
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:: Doodle ::

"Hello my name is ELBOW-TOE, and I am a doodle addict."
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:: Media Temple ::

Every once in awhile we just have to give a big ol' thank you to Media Temple who's been our hosting partner over the years. If you're looking for a place to host your site, be sure to give Media Temple a look. They've been great to us.
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:: Titanium Expose ::

Titanium Expose opens this Thursday at Fecal Face Dot Gallery featuring work from: Anthony Lister (NYC), Blek Le Rat (Paris), Buff Monster (LA), Chris Ryniak (LA), Damon Soule (Portland), Dennis McNett (NYC), Henry Lewis (SF), Julian Duron (NYC), Henry Gunderson (SF), Joshua Petker (LA), Mars (SF), Matt Furie (SF), Maya Hayuk (NYC), Mel Kadel (LA), and Ryan Christian (Chicago)... Beverages available and all shall be going on from 6-9pm. 66 Gough St @Market.
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:: Damn, Faile! ::

NOW THAT'S A SHOW <-- check out the photos from Faile's show in London. That's how you put on an art show. Bonkers!
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:: Jeremy Fish ::

We're going to be doing a studio visit with our good buddy Jeremy Fish tomorrow to check out his work for his upcoming show @Fifty24SF which opens Dec 4th here in SF... Haven't seen anything yet, but the word is that there's a lot of the good ol' fashion ol' timey going on. Think Gold Rush days... Anyway, got a question for Fish? Drop it in the comments and will ask him when we get to his studio tomorrow... See last year's studio visit.
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:: Piero Manzoni ::

HIS SHIT IS WORTH THE WEIGHT OF GOLD <-- Ok, sometimes we speak of the matter.
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:: Storybook Street ::

Round these parts this guy ElbowToe has been getting up pretty hard over the last couple years. If you love it or hate it, you gotta give props to his nasty illustration story book style. Don't see too much of this up, werdz cross-hatch!
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:: Liz Brown ::

Mr. Julian Duron headed on down to Williamsburg to check out Liz Brown's new show @Like The Spice and brought back these photos.
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:: Trent Whitehead ::

China Heights Gallery in Sydney emailed over some photos from a recent show they had with Trent Whitehead entitled Cornucopia.
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:: Summer Nights ::

WE ARE SLEEPING GIANTS <-- is a nice photo series from Toronto based Brooks Reynolds. *When we checked it out the computer volume was off which is a good thing after turning it on to find a not so great song. Who knows, maybe you'll love it. We preferred looking at the photos with the sound off though.
Posted: trippe // 11.17.08 // +1+

:: Weather ::

Damn, what an amazing weekend. Feel bad for you people out East as the weather here in SF is too incredible... Sorry to anyone who may have stopped through Fecal Face Dot Gallery on Sunday to find locked doors, but shit, nature called yesterday... Free Fridayz, POTD, and a bunch of other stuff is coming right up...
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:: Chris Anthony Photography ::

My friend Emily sent me a link to Chris Anthony's photography page. Thanks Emily, it is really spectacular!
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Know what you eat ::

Check out the health inspection database, which I just found out about this morning. Always very useful.
Posted: pesya // 11.15.08 // +2+

:: Stefan ::

Posted: pesya // 11.14.08 // +2+

:: Nigel Peake ::

Nigel Peake has been mailing us his books for a couple years now, and we love them. So we were hyped when he emailed over some photos from his newest book release show for his book Maps released by Analogue Books in Scotland.
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:: Damn Nice Out ::

If you can, leave work early. It's retarded out there today in the city. So nice out... I'm just clocking in for the night, so if you wanna stop through Fecal Face Dot Gallery, we're open from 4-8pm, and this is the last weekend of Tiffany Bozic's show before we open Titanium Expose next Thursday.
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:: Paul Wackers ::

Congrats to a Bay Area Fecal favorite, Paul Wackers, for winning this year's Tournesol Award... Paul won $10,000 in prize money and a studio at the beautiful Headlands compound situated on sprawling rolling hills just over the Golden Gate Bridge in the Golden Gate National Park... Wait, does that mean we won't be seeing Paul @Lost Weekend anymore?! Who's going to reduce our late fees anymore?!... Billy emailed in some photos of the Tournesol 5th Anniversary show that opened this last Sunday at The Headlands Center of the Arts.
Paul Wackers
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:: Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch ::

San Francisco based artist, Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch, opened A Season in Hell down there in San Jose, CA @Anno Domini Gallery last week, and Nicholas Venaglia & Pesya drove on down and brought back these great images. Maxwell's been creating art for only 3 years now. It's going to be fun watching his work mature. Keep an eye open for this guy.
Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch @Gallery AD
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:: ClipODay ::

Edit of Fleischer Brothers' 1932 cartoon "Minnie the Moocher" with middle cut out, leaving only the song.
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:: Lisa Romero ::

LISA ROMERO, local artist and illustrator extraordinaire, has a little write-up and interview at Venus Zine. You may remember her from Sketchbook Mondays, the predecessor to Free Fridays.
She mailed the Trippes this awesome painting as a wedding gift!
Posted: pesya // 11.12.08 // +1+

:: Obama ::

TRAVELS WITH OBAMA <-- An interesting photo essay by photographer Callie Shell... "Four years ago Time photographer Callie Shell met Barack Obama backstage when she was covering presidential candidate John Kerry. She sent her editor more photographs of Obama than Kerry. When asked why, she said, "I do not know. I just have a feeling about him. I think he will be important down the road." Her first photo essay on Obama was two and half years ago. She has stuck with him ever since."... Saw the link @Bendpress.
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:: 7.5 Years ::

OUR 7.5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW <-- Just stumbled upon some photos from our last big show. Damn, that shit was fun... Maybe a huge one for 10 years?!
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:: Mark Alsweiler ::

Sydney's Palmer Projects have emailed us some photos from their last two shows and both have been great. Previous was Mark Drew and now MARK ALSWEILER'S "MERRIMENT" focusing on "enjoyment in the small and simplistic activities of the day. " We like it.
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:: Bourne Fish ::

Jeremy Fish and skater Scott Bourne teamed up to create the book of Scott's poems entitled Cheating on the Metronome published through Carhartt Europe.
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:: Randolph Colosky ::

RANDOLPH COLOSKY @ADOBE BOOKS <-- opening tonight Wed from 7-10pm with one of our favorite bands, Thee Ohsees playing @9pm.
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:: ClipODay ::

"Keith Emerson from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer likes to stab his keyboard with knives when playing. This is a ridiculous video that shows what rock music used to be about. I guess the acid was better back then." - Fecal Fan Spencer (Toronto Ontario)
Posted: trippe // 11.12.08 // +1+

:: Nate Williams ::

NATE WILLIAMS <-- we've been fans of this Buenos Aires, Argentina based illustrator for years. He's got some new work on his site. Click about, kids.
Posted: trippe // 11.11.08 // +1+

:: Nawlz ::

NAWLZ <-- is an interactive comic and this is their 10th issue. Have yet to read it, but like the interface. Worthy of your time.
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:: Lincecum!!! ::

SF Giants ace young pitcher, Tim Lincecum, is this year's Cy Young Award winner!! What, no Zito?! Maybe SF will have a chance next year at some play off action with this new youthful team?!
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:: Love Them ::

THESE ARE TOO GREAT <-- photographer Dustin Humphrey, the Dopamine surf team and Bali = great advertising campaign! Might have to be one of the best we've seen (excluding some genius World ads back in the day).
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:: KAWS ::

KAWS @GERING & LOPEZ IN NYC <-- our man in the Big Apple, Manuel, borrows a camera from a bunny and makes it to the opening.
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:: Tripp ::

CANDICE TRIPP <-- nice work, but knowing that somewhere at some time we were related is pretty cool too... This 23 year old resides in London. She has a show opening on the 13th @Lazardies in Newcastle.
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:: Brendan Monroe ::

Love seeing what kind of photography painters and illustrators make when they dive into it... Last week we got some photos from the great Brendan Monroe and are going to feature them in our PHOTO OF THE DAY section... No photoshop tricks here. The photos take on that cool look because Brendan believes that the film probably expired in the 80s or early 90s. Love them and, of course, Brendan's other work... We visited his studio last year (photos).
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:: Kids ::

ART FOR KIDS SAKE <-- is a benefit to help fund Opportunity Impact & Burt Children's Center here in San Francisco. Artist include Mike Giant, Tony Labat, Matt Irving, and many others. $40 gets you in and it's for a great cause.
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:: Minna ::

FREAK OF NATURE @111 MINNA <-- nice group show which opened last Thursday here in SF, and I ended up buying a painting... So that's why they serve alcohol at openings. Makes the $$ separation easier. I get it, but most importantly, we have a new great painting.
Our new Henry Gunderson work
Posted: trippe // 11.10.08 // +3+

:: David Gibson ::

DAVID GIBSON <=- "Born in Ilford, Essex in 1957, he had worked for several years as a Residential Social Worker before pursuing photography full-time in 1994." Check out his blog too.
Posted: pesya // 11.09.08 // +0+

:: adobe ::

Posted: pesya // 11.09.08 // +1+

:: Faile PHOTOS London ::

If you were not able to get yer lover to buckle at the knees with the work in the FAILE studio visits then perhaps we can lend more assistance, with the help of this site. Now in the past I have heard the heads project their empty dreams in distress, but I challenge em to talk shit now. Holy fucking FAILE SHOW manship! Repeat after me "FAILE kills it!" Go ahead, say it like ya mean it. Many thanks to new member Nico for dropping the link. You can be a member too and comment to yer hearts content.
Posted: // 11.09.08 // +1+

:: Otto Snoek ::

OTTO SNOEK <=- Really nice street photography by this artist from the Netherlands. More work here. Also be sure to check out higher society.
Posted: pesya // 11.08.08 // +0+

:: Paul Insect ::

Went and checked out PAUL INSECT @FIFTY24SF last Thursday evening and got these photos. Great show! Check it like now.
Posted: trippe // 11.08.08 // +0+

:: Prop 8 ::

Having had just gotten married a month ago I can feel for those who now can't due to Prop 8s passing. Last night thousands took to the streets here in San Francisco to say that they're not going to give up the fight for their basic rights. SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION TO REPEAL PROP 8!!!
Posted: trippe // 11.08.08 // +2+

:: Christian Spruell ::

CHRISTIAN SPRUELL @BUCHEON SF <-- Artist and FF intern, Megan Wolfe, investigates and brings back these photos.
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:: Tonight ::

JASON VILLEGAS @RECEIVER GALLERY <-- not familiar with this Brooklyn based artist, but like what we see on the Receiver site and they always have good shows. "Plush fabric sculptures, wall paintings, installations and video work reflect the common theme of consumption of products, sex, death and information." 1415 Valencia St. @25th... pretty sure their openings run 6-10pm.
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:: ClipODays ::

Kinda forgot how amazing South Park is. They have all their episodes online now and it makes for awesome little 20 minute breaks. They were quick on this one which came out like the day after the election.
Posted: trippe // 11.08.08 // +1+

:: Jose Parla NYC Tonight ::

My man Parla is having his Solo Show "Layered Days" in NYC tonight. You should fight through the elements and show up!
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:: Faile show OPENS in London ::

Faile opens their epic show in London TODAY November 7th. And for all you Faile heads out their you can bet Fecal Face will have all the fresh juice as it spews. 10 days only-->
Posted: // 11.07.08 // +2+

:: Wild Combination ::

poster.gif Wild Combination is an emotive, and absorbing portrait of avant-garde disco pioneer Arthur Russell, who died of AIDS in 1992. The film starts November 7th at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco. Check out the Fecal Face interview with director Matt Wolf. -Chris Rolls, FF Music Editor
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:: Beard? ::

boyfriend got a beard and looking for an awesome gift for him? Artist Keith Shore will do a portrait of them for only $200... Hey, I've got a beard. Looking for a gift for me? Hook it up and contact Keith!!
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:: Goldie ::

Hooray to Fecal Pals Matt Furie & The Dodos for winning a SFBG Goldie award this week!
Matt Furie's Desktop image- click it
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:: Kelsey Brookes ::

KELSEY BROOKES @NEW IMAGE ART <-- Kelsey's show opened last Saturday down there in LA and it's a killer show. Check out the photos courtesy Daily DuJour.
Posted: trippe // 11.06.08 // +1+

:: Tucker Nichols ::

Always been a fan of Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols. Buy some prints printed by Bloom Press for Tornoto's Paul and Wendy Projects.
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:: KAWS->NYC ::

The KAWS show is opening tonight at GERING & L0PEZ GALLERY. You should check it out!
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:: ClipODay ::

Graffiti Research Labs (dedicated to outfitting graffiti artists with open source technologies for urban communication) set up this laser tagging system... It would be rad to tag the Transamerican Building.
Posted: trippe // 11.05.08 // +0+

:: Titanium Expose ::

We're pleased to announce that we're opening Titanium Expose at Fecal Face Dot Gallery on Thursday Nov 20th here in San Francisco. We've selected some of our favorite artists which we've featured on the site this last year. It's a doozie! Artists include: Anthony Lister (NYC), Blek Le Rat (Paris), Buff Monster (LA), Chris Ryniak (LA), Damon Soule (Portland), Dennis McNett (NYC), Henry Lewis (SF), Julian Duron (NYC), Henry Gunderson (SF), Joshua Petker (LA), Mars (SF), Matt Furie (SF), Maya Hayuk (NYC), Mel Kadel (LA), and Ryan Christian (Chicago).
Posted: trippe // 11.05.08 // +4+

:: Last Rights ::

Manuel checks out THE 13TH HOUR @LAST RIGHTS GALLERY in New York.
Posted: trippe // 11.05.08 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

CIRCULAR PAINTING <-- around and around, a group of South African artists create this really nice time lapse 360 degree painting.
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:: Great Night!!! ::

How did you celebrate last night?! After heading down to YBCA for their party, we decided to keep in mellow here in FFDG with some champagne and celebrate with some friends... Have you watched Obama's speech yet?! It has to be the best we've ever heard from a politician? If not, do it now. Beautiful and amazing to hear it come from the mouth of a president of the United States. We're all very lucky. Doesn't it feel great to be an American again??!!
Watching Obama's victory speech in FFDG
Posted: trippe // 11.05.08 // +3+

:: $10 ::

ALL OF RECEIVER'S ARTIST SHIRTS ARE NOW $10 <-- as they clear out their inventory. Well, there are only like 3 in there, but I'd get the Tofer lady tee... well, if I were a lady that is.
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:: Thursday Shows ::

First Thursday is here amoungst us once again. It's time of the month, and here are some shows we think you should check out: FREAK OF NATURE@111 MINNA <-- is a group show featuring some really great artists like Henry Gunderson, Casey Jex Smith, Andrew Schoultz, Hilary Pecis, Josh Keyes, and others.... Also check out London's street artist PAUL INSECT@FIFTY24SF... Then there's the chaos of First Thursdays @49 Geary (houses something like 15 galleries) and the surrounding galleries in on the street which runs from 5:30-7:30pm and is a good first stop, but get there early.
Paul Insect @Fifty24SF
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:: Julian Duron ::

JULIAN DURON <-- updates his site with a few new works and check out his graphite drawings too. He lives and works in Brooklyn.
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:: ClipODay ::

PIGEON'S FLIGHT <-- is the new video from Fecal Face's music editor Chris Rolls & Simon Phillips "experimental / electro / folk" Shakes Gown... Not only can Rolls interview and produce music but he runs the label KimoSciotic Records.
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:: Obama President!!!! ::

Fecal Face champagnes for America and the changes that are bound to finally take place. F*ck, Bush!
Posted: trippe // 11.04.08 // +10+

:: Lets us all breath! ::

America is back! May we restore our name to the world and F-ing sense of dignity among ourselves. Reporting from New York City... I could not be more inspired. Imagine the thought of a future. LETS HAVE A DRINK AND PREPARE TO BREATH SOME FRESH AIR... CHEERS AMERICA!
Posted: // 11.04.08 // +1+

:: Kehinde Wiley ::

KEHINDE WILEY @DEITCH <-- Wow. Another fantastic show. "Kehinde Wiley (born in Los Angeles, California in 1977) is a New York based painter who is known for his paintings of contemporary urban African American men in poses taken from the annals of art history."
Posted: trippe // 11.04.08 // +2+

:: Hey, World!! ::

Stop text messaging everyone telling them to go vote every 5 minutes. Dude, we know... For some that text message shit ain't free.
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:: Erin Morrison ::

ERIN MORRISON <-- has updated her site with new work. This Seattle based 23 year old artist is represented by William Bennett Gallery in New York (check their artists. She's the only one living artist they rep. Miro, Dali, Picasso, etc...). Well, she's opening a new show of work there entitled New American Landscapes on November 15th. If you're on that coast, check it out. We're lucky enough to still have a couple pieces from our last show West, Wester, Westest.
Metropolitan Park (Spread Your Seed) 24 x 32" Mixed media on paper, 2008
Protected Forest: Clement, ID; 24 x 32" Mixed media on paper, 2008
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:: Brendan Monroe ::

Got this email the other day from The Bay Area's Brendan Monroe. Get one while you can for only $50: "I've just finished making the fourth print in a series of four letter pressed prints. It's been just about a year since the first one and I'm really happy with how this last one came out. 3 colors on Rives BFK gray paper. Letter Pressed with Olive-Route Press in Berkeley."
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:: Quote of the Day ::

"You ever get the desire to wear cologne?" -Van after flipping through a Vogue just now.
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:: Guillaume Ninove ::

GUILLAUME NINOVE <-- is a Paris based illustrator. Click around his site. Great work.
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:: Coleman & Houser ::

JIM HOUSER & RICHARD COLEMAN @WHITE WALLS <-- we headed down to the T.L. Saturday night through the rain for the opening of this great two person show.
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:: Election Night Party!!!!! ::

8419.jpgFREEDOM OF ART: ELECTION NIGHT PARTY <-- is going down @Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Tuesday night from 6-11pm, and it's FREE. Drink with your friends on what could be one of the best night's in our country's history... plus there's free pizza when the polls close (8pm) and up to the minute election coverage (all the stations present)... This is where we'll be. We're not staying at home watching Wolf on CNN get tech with some over sized laptop alone.
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:: Quote of the Day ::

"How do you spell camera?" - a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.
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:: Ron English ::

RON ENGLISH @THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- braving a muggy rainy Saturday night in SF, we checked out the show.
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:: Sunday Morning Skate ::

This little number has a pretty eclectic mix of heads getting rad. Take note of the creative direction by Fecal Face home-bro Michael Sieben. Can you say 'late shuvit', fun!!! If you dig the trailer you can see it in it's entirety right here. Trailer tunes The Sounds, dope!
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