:: Lynch's Interview Project ::

David Lynch, inarguably one of our all-time favorite directors and people, presents THE INTERVIEW PROJECT (beginning June 1st) in which his son Austin and his friend Jason drove around the country and shot 4-5 minute interviews with all the assorted strangers they met on the road. There are 121 interviews in all, and David Lynch introduces each one... they start June 1st HERE.
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:: Hilary Pecis ::

PHOTOS OF HILARY PECIS @TRIPLE BASE <-- just headed on over to 24th to get some photos of this great show.
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We have some end-of-the-month events going on here at 1026 tomorrow night. At 8:00 we are presenting Providence's Trutheater Theater's The Unbroken Circle Of Broken Things, a play starring Peter Glantz, Erin Rosenthal, Roby Newton and Leif Goldberg. Doors open at 7:30. Then at 10:00 we are showing Tommy Wiseau's The Room. Doors open at 9:45. Both events are free, but seating is very limited. And earlier in the day, Andrew Jeffrey Wright has an opening at The Print Center. Then we start to get ready for Matthew Palladino and Eric Shaw opening Friday, June 5th. More on that soon...
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:: IN-N-OUT Artist #1 ::

We're proud to announce one of the artists who will be showing in Fecal Face Dot Gallery's summer series, IN-N-OUT. Mi Ju, hailing from Korea and first year student at SFAI, will be showing June 24- 27th with a reception on Thursday the 25th from 6-9pm. More details on her show and the others coming up. We're excited about these four one week shows which will be begin running on June 10th. Schedule and details soon. For now enjoy one of Mi's amazing paintings below. Can't wait to see them up at FFDG.
Mi Ju showing @FFDG June 24-27th. Reception Thursday the 25th 6-9pm
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:: Eric White: Paris ::

Eric white is dropping a new batch of works (spoof record cover art) at Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris Saturday night. Make sure to stay tuned early next week for the studio visit.
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:: Morgan Blair ::

This talented artist and illustrator lives and works in Brooklyn. If you happen to be in Baltimore check out her work at the all new Nudashank in a fantastic group show titled Picture Plane which runs through June 21st.
Posted: julian // 05.29.09 // +3+

:: Be Here Now ::

If you're in LA check out this show that opens tomorrow at Canvas LA featuring some great young talent and curated by Brooklyn artist Daniel Albrigo.
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:: ClipOHorrible ::

You know skateboarding has taken a weird weird turn when...
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:: Tonight @YBCA ::

Nick Cave Soundsuits Collaboration at Yerba Buena <-- renowned choreographer Ronald K. Brown and the shimmering Soundsuits of visionary sculptor Nick Cave. 7pm.
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:: NO!!!!! ::

THE GOVENATOR WANTS TO CLOSE 223 STATE PARKS IN CALIFORNIA TO CURB BUDGET SHORTFALL <-- that's 25 parks within an hour of San Francisco including our beloved Angel Island, Mount Tamalpais, China Camp and Samuel P. Taylor State Park in Marin County, Mount Diablo, and several coastal beaches along the Peninsula!... Drastic cuts are necessary, the governor said, because of the slipping economy, declining revenues and a deficit that deepened after voters rejected five budget measures designed to help close the gap. Goldstein argued, however, that the savings derived from cutting the parks out of the budget would amount to 0.26 percent of the $24.3 billion budget gap... "It's a very, very tiny portion of the financial need, but the impacts would be draconian to say the least," Goldstein said. "Not only is this bad for people who are relying on state parks more than they ever have for recreation and vacation, but it is also bad for the communities surrounding these parks." -READ ON
This great view from Angel Island could be no more for up to 2 years.
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:: Ferris Bueller ::

BUY CAMERON'S HOUSE FROM THE MOVIE <-- just a cool $2,300,000.
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:: ClipOwall ::

Keep yer eyes open if yer running around Paris or New York.
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:: Let's Paint LIVE Friday ::

Pretty hyped to check this one out. LET'S PAINT TV LIVE <-- happens Friday evening in Oakland. Los Angeles Artist John Kilduff presents "Let's Paint T.V." Broadcasting LIVE from Smokey's Tangle @7pm. John spouts great lessons of art and living while simultaneously running approx. 4.5 mpg on a treadmill, painting on a canvas, and mixing alternatively healthy drinks or semi edible new foods in a blender. You won't believe your eyes, ears, and mind! music by: Paulette Nichols - 4709 Telegraph Ave Oakland 7pm.
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:: (++_ ::

THE SMALL STAKES <-- A lot of nicely designed posters - $25 each... Jason Munn is originally from Wisconsin but now calls Oakland, California home. Arising from a love of independent music, design, and making for the sake of making, his posters soon became a fixture in the local independent music scene.
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:: Not All Digital ::

POLAROID LOVERS TRY TO REVIVE ITS INSTANT FILM <-- In this small town just across the border from Germany, a small group of Dutch scientists and one irrepressible Austrian salesman have dedicated themselves to the task of reinventing one of the great inventions of the 20th century - Polaroid's instant film... Digital cameras are ubiquitous, cheap and easy to use - the reasons Polaroid stopped making the film last year - so what this group in Enschede is attempting may seem hopelessly retrograde. -READ ON & Check the slide show & audio - Thanks, Nat.
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:: FF Twitter ::

FOLLOW FECAL FACE'S TWITTER <-- an easy way to stay up with what we're up to.
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:: Chicago Porous ::

Hey, Chicago, Porous Walker is making his way out there to Believe Inn with a show entitled Ferris Buehler opening this Saturday featuring work from him and Chicago natives Gabe Levinson & Timothy Pigott. As everything Porous, should be interesting. You see our preview of his show at Receiver?
Porous Walker is a Chimpanzee at heart. He once met David Copperfield. His artwork has been featured in magazines and galleries around the world. His art is a reflection of the concepts and ideas derived from observing and absorbing the worlds around him. He likes laughing and trying to make others feel the same way. He was voted 'Best Cartoonist' in San Francisco by the San Francisco Weekly in 2006, after that he stopped being funny.
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:: TBW ::

TODD HIDO'S OHIO <-- we got this nice little book published through TBW Books awhile back. Time to share... Oh and if you want the copy that was mailed to us, come on down to FFDG today and pick it up. Open 3-6pm
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:: Pig ::

I just attended a private viewing at Deitch Studios in Long Island City of this awesome installation by a group of artists including Jeff Koons, Jim Drain, Paul Chan, and many others. The show runs through August 9th, so when the sun comes out again, get on over to Long Island City (yay!) and check it out!
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:: vedo:photo ::

Way back in 04 I was doing a little zinester out here in New York and this crusty streetrail snowboard kid name Mike Azevedo was copping me some of the best photos on the east coast, because he loved the poop we were putting out. Well he got all youtube tutorial savvy and dropped his flicks into a little website. Dope shots, check!
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:: Michael Jang ::

MICHAEL JANG SLIDESHOW @PIRATE CAT <-- The Shopkeep checks out this slide show of iconic photos of punks, beatniks, and poets shot in the 1970's/early 1980's in San Francisco.
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:: Prop 8 ::

What looked like a younger crowd of about 1,000 marchers just passed the gallery in support of gay marriage walking up Market St. towards Castro. Cops were going nuts trying to figure out the impromptu route they took. For a second it looked like they might turn onto the HWY. Now, that would have been amazing... Equal rights for all!!!!
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:: Tucker Tee ::

A fan of SF based artist Tucker Nichols for multiple years. He has a couple new shirts out through Park Life. Grab one. He also has this Hey Ladies tee as well.
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:: Dennis McNett ::

Dennis McNett's Year of the Wolfbat will be traveling the country this July with a stop here in San Francisco at Fecal Face Dot Gallery for a quick two day weekend show July 18th-19th. Mark your calendar. Not to be missed... Leopards with serpent tails, Goat heads wrapped in snakes, angry beasts, Eagles fighting snakes, bats and WOLFBATS!!!! - Wood carvings, collages and prints... Sizes range from 4 foot by 8 foot tapestry size woodcuts to smaller 8" x 11" lino-cut prints... and print prices ranging from $1500 to $10. Also on view will be masks and sculptures. Hope you can make it out!!
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:: Jonay PMatos ::

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:: Monica Canilao ::

Monican Canilao emailed last week and shared a few of her newest works. Great as always. She's in Italy now participating in Swoon's Swimming cities of Serenissima which is a fleet of handmade boats and a crew of artists traveling the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to Venice this May and June, 2009. We made art boats from junk and will be performing the dreamy story of a drifting metropolis during the Venice Biennale, a celebrated contemporary art exhibition.
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:: Isaac Tee ::

Our buddy Isaac done got himself one of his photos on a tee. You done get one. - comes in chick sizes too.
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:: ClipODay ::

Oh Oh Oh, that is smiles. Love it. Let's Paint TV
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:: ClipODay ::

Tobias Stretch Reel I <-- This is a bit of my animation from the last 2 years set to Richard Einhorn.
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:: RJ Shaughnessy ::

Yesterday we got Your Golden Opportunity is Coming Very Soon a book from LA based fashion(ish) photographer RJ Shaughnessy. Enjoyed it enough to share it with you.
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:: Pepa Prieto ::

Wouldn't it be awesome to get your art on an airplane? Well, Pepa Prieto got to.
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:: ClipODay ::

GREAT VIDEO <-- for the Danish group's Oh No Ono - Swim. Directed by Adam Hashemi who did this great commercial we linked to a few months back.
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:: Saturday ::

Matthew Palladino is showing at Space 1026 in Philly June 5th with Eric Shaw, but before he ships the work east, he's showing them Saturday and Sunday @rvca on Haight St. Reception Sat 4-7pm, and guessing all day Sun.
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:: Bozic Tattoo?! ::

We've all seen people get tattoos with work from the likes of Mike Giant, Jemery Fish and others... Interesting to have gotten an email from Ashleigh Hobson this morning with a photo from one she just got with work from San Francisco's Tiffany Bozic with ink done by Mike Moses from Salvation Gallery based in Richmond, Va. Damn, fine job. Looks great.
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:: Gallery Hop ::

DOWNTOWN/ NOB HILL GALLERY HOP <-- Megan heads over to NOMA, Silverman Gallery, and Cafe Royale.
Desiree Holman @Silverman Gallery
David Young V @Cafe Royale
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:: Clare Rojas ::

CLARE ROJAS @KAVI GUPTA <-- we were in Chicago this week and stopped through this great gallery to see what this Bay Area artist is up to with Believe Me.
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:: OPENING Friday Evening in SF ::

GOING DOWN FRIDAY IN SF <-- --> MUNDANE SHIFT SHAPE PLACEMENT @PARK LIFE <-- featuring works from Chris Corales, Andrea Myers, Matthew Rich, Brion Nuda Rosch, & Liz Walsh. 220 Clement St. 7-10pm || THE PRESENT @THE VICTORIA THEATER <-- Thomas Campbell's surf flick showing at 7 & 9pm. 2961 16th @Mission.
Brion Nuda Rosch
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:: Kill Pixie in LA ::

Our buddy Kill Pixie now living in LA but from Australia opens I'll Hit You Up Tomorrow May 30th down there in Los Angeles at Merry Karnowsky Gallery... Did you see our studio visit with him we did in March as he worked on the show? Great stuff.
PR stuffs: Kill Pixie (Mark Whalen) began as a graffiti artist on the streets of Sydney, Australia. His medium of choice nowadays is mostly ink and acrylic on paper mounted to wood, and coated in shiny resin. Inextricably embedded in their geometric, candy-colored environments, Kill Pixie's humanoid characters are like puppets compelled to enact roles prescribed by powers beyond their control. The machinery and structures are all made up of much smaller objects, giving the impression of a kaleidoscope opening up into ever more intricate worlds.
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:: Shield Law? ::

SF State photo journalism student, who has been working on a project focusing on Hunter's Point, witnessed a murder last Friday. Police want to see his photos, but he refuses to hand them over invoking the Shield Law as, for one, he's concerned for his safety. INTERESTING STORY
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:: FF ::

Get your Free Fridayz Pile Out themed drawings in by 12pm Pacific Friday. They're going up this Friday for sure!
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:: ClipODay ::

TORTOISE - PREPARE YOUR COFFIN <-- great new video from some Fecal Pals. Directed by Andrew Panyter, director of photography and edited by Dan Wolfe, and produced by Juice Design. Great work, fellas.
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:: We Have a Remedy ::

PHOTOS <-- from We Have a Remedy @Double Punch featuring works from Aiyana Udesen, Jessica Trippe, Betsy Walton, and Amy Earles.
Jessica Trippe
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:: Tonite ::

In case you missed Michael Jang's amazing slide show at Pirate Cat Radio last time around, he's added a second viewing. That's basically like losing your wallet and then finding it again. Punks and Poets starts at 8pm sharp.
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:: _+! ::

Ivana Klickovic emailed "greethings from belgrade, serbia"... Thanks for the photo. Love the signs.
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:: Electric Works ::

PHOTOS <-- from Enrique Chagoya @Electric Works here in SF.
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:: Kathleen Lolley ::

PHOTOS <-- from Thinkspace's Away From the Things of Man featuring works from Kentucky-based artist Kathleen Lolley, Virginia-based artist Alison Sommers, and Brazlian artist Joao Ruas... Michael C. Hsiung reports.
Kathleen Lolley
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:: Thomas Campbell ::

Thomas Campbell's newest surf film, The Present, is back in San Francisco with showings 7pm and 9pm at The Victoria Theater this Friday evening. The Mattson 2 will be playing a short but awesome set before each screening as well... tickets available on the trimyourlifeaway.com site.
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:: FF Pewwwlll ::

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:: Instant-Ness ::

Out in Chicago for some work work, but am doing some Instant Blogging and Twittering.
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:: Jesse Balmer ::

We'll be seeing more of this Jesse Balmer character soon.
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:: Josh Keyes in Denver ::

Josh Keyes opens "Sprout" May 30th at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver. Going to be a great one.
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:: Midwest Bound ::

TRAVEL BLOGGIN <--- About to get on a plane bound for Chicago... A man should not rise at 4am and be tossed into the sky... I'm hitting the pool as soon as we get there. Hope I don't fall asleep and drowned.
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The Beginning of the End A solo exhibition by Jen Stark Opening Saturday May 16th from 6-9pm (it starts in like 15 minutes, sorry for the late notice...) LMAK Projects 139 Eldridge St. NY, NY. Check it out.
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:: Tonight @Double Punch ::

WE HAVE A REMEDY @DOUBLE PUNCH TONIGHT <-- featuring works from Aiyana Udesen, Jessica Trippe, Betsy Walton, and Amy Earles. 1821 Powell St. 7-late.
Jessica Trippe
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:: Free Fridayz ::

This week's Free Fridayz has been put on hold till next Friday. Be sure to get your Pile Out themed work to freefridayz (at) fecalface.com before the deadline next Friday, the 22nd like Peekasso below has.
Not too sure how this fits into the "Pile Out" theme
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:: Ian Johnson ::

ISAAC EMAILED OVER SOME MORE IAN JOHNSON PHOTOS <-- from his opening last Saturday at White Walls.
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:: Brendan Monroe ::

Got two great additions to The Ol' Time' Fecal Face Online Shoppe' today both from Brendan Monroe.
Awaking Print - 3 color letterpress print on Rives BFK paper - 8 x10 inches - $50 - purchase
Furry Tote - made in collaboration with Mogu in Taiwan - $12 - purchase
Brendan has a book signing in Santa Monica at the Richard Heller Gallery Sat May 23rd. Hang out, have a beer and get your book signed by Brendan who will be signing and doing little drawings in books, 1-4pm Saturday the 23rd of May. details... We have copies of his great book available as well.
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:: SFAI Grad Show Tonight ::

SFAI opens their MFA show tonight at Herbst Pavilion in Fort Mason Center 7-9pm FREE. We'll see you there. --> Details ---- If you miss the chaos of tonight's opening, don't fret as you can view it till May 23rd in peace and quiet. Saturday, 16 May to Saturday, 23 May 2009 - Daily from 12:00 to 6:00pm - Free and open to the public.
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:: ClipOSimkins: Sketch Theater ::

Our old friend, Mr. Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins does it up proper like on Sketch Theater.
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:: Ian Johnson ::

IAN JOHNSON @WHITE WALLS <-- Travis Jensen checked out the opening last weekend.
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:: Looks Good Friday ::

THE FUTURE IS SO BRIGHT @666 GALLERY <-- featuring work from Mark Warren Jacques, Timothy Karpinski, Nas Chompas, Kyle Lee and Alexandra Steele. A group show is a mash up of paint, pen, warm colors and immense joy. 66 Sixth St @Howard 7-10pm Friday
Mark Warren Jacques
Mark Warren Jacques
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Picture Plane opens Friday in Baltimore including some awesome young East coast talent. Nudashank is a new independent, artist-run gallery space whose mission is to showcase young artists and this is their second show! So get out in the summer sun, see some radical work and support this new space! Oh yeah, someone send pics to julian [at] fecalface.com please!
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Kelsey Brookes Update ::

Kelsey Brookes emailed over a little update yesterday. Big fans of whatever he's doing, and we're pleased to say he's got some great prints up on his site for sale for only $100 (edition of 100 in both black like below and in white)... He's showing in a group show for the first time in San Diego May 29th at Quint Contemporary Art followed by a larger solo show there this winter... He's also off to Japan at end of the month for a little painting trip with RVCA which he's going to be blogging up for the Fecal... Safe travels, sir, and we look forward to following your adventures on FF when you return.
"Sink or Swim" | 20" x 20" | 9 color screenprint
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:: Damon Soule @FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening night of Same Loud No at Fecal Face Dot Gallery - solo show from Damon Soule... Moonshine is flammable!... Available work can be found here.
Shawn Barber & Brett Amory
Gut Trunk Oven - gouche and ink on paper - 10" x 13"
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:: IN-N-OUT ::

IN-N-OUT @FFDG <-- As soon as we get back from Chicago next week, we'll be going through the IN-N-OUT submissions we've received. Interested in showing your work @FFDG for our 1 week show groupings? Learn More.
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:: Awkward ::

AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS <-- Man, these blog sites never end. Thanks for the email, Nancy. Totally agree, but oh so enjoyable.
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:: *** ::

SCANWHICHES << Just what it sounds like. Scanned sandwhiches.
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:: Bastard Store / studiometrico ::

I WANNA WORK THERE <-- Founded in Milan in 1994 by four skateboarders, Comvert S.r.l. conceives, produces and distributes clothing for skateboarders and snowboarders under the brand bastard and distributes the brand Electric in Italy. Sweet spot.
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:: Kid ZOOM ::

Got a few photos emailed to us from Australia's Kid Zoom whose gallery installation runs at Boutwell Draper Gallery in Sydney till May 23rd. Check it out. Looks good as does the work on his site.
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:: Jeff Soto in London Towne ::

The Inland Empire at StolenSpace in London, 5/14/09 - 6/7/09 <-- The Inland Empire, the first solo exhibition of work by Jeff Soto in the UK, opening this Thursday night, May 14th at StolenSpace Gallery in London. The Inland Empire will feature over 20 new paintings on wood panel and paper, as well as large-scale outdoor installations. The opening will see the release of a limited-edition screen print and the artist will be signing copies of his newly published book Storm Clouds.
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:: *** ::

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:: _+! ::

Joao Ruas of Sao Paulo Brazil does some FINE ILLUSTRATIONS and opened up a show at LA's Thinkspace last friday night.
Posted: trippe // 05.12.09 // +1+

:: TwatnErr ::

Posted: trippe // 05.12.09 // +2+

:: Trace Elements @SFAC ::

We got to the opening minutes before it ended but were able to squeeze off A FEW PHOTOS from Trace Elements at The San Francisco Art Commission Gallery last Friday night. Great works from Michelle Blade, Jason Jagel, Dan Nakamura, Ferris Plock, Clare Rojas, Deth P. Sun, Kelly Tunstall, Porous Walker, Marci Washington and the Hamburger Eyes collective.
Work from Kelly Tunstall
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:: Elizabeth McGrath ::

PHOTOS <-- from Elizabeth McGrath's show Shadowless Summer which ended a couple days ago in NYC at Sloan Fine Art.
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:: Grad Time! ::

OUR PHOTOS FROM CCA'S '08 MFA SHOW <-- We weren't able to make the opening night of CCA's graduate show which opened the same night as FFDG's Damon Soule show last Thursday. We'll get down there before it comes down this Saturday and bring you some photos. The show can be viewed everyday from 10-6pm till Sat the 16th... SFAI opens their MFA show this Friday at Herbst Pavilion in Fort Mason Center 7-9pm FREE. We'll see you there at that one though! Details
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:: Ashley Taylor ::

Ashley Taylor who helps out a lot with the Fecal updates her site 4BLANKWALLS.COM with some great new photos.
Posted: trippe // 05.12.09 // +5+

:: Hubba Hidout ::

POACHING SOME HUBBY HIDEOUT <-- Travis Jensen squeezed off a couple shots of Peter Ramondetta at this legendary skate spot.
Posted: trippe // 05.11.09 // +1+

:: Jaime Martinez ::

BRIGHTLIGHTBRIGHTLIGHT.COM <-- greetings from Mexico
Posted: trippe // 05.11.09 // +3+

:: Stoked, Brah ::

Michael C. Hsiung checked out STOKED SESSIONS LA <-- an art show and fundraiser for Stoked Mentoring, a non-profit action sports organization for at-risk youth, which opened Saturday May 2, '09.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Monday ::

Whoa, that was a weekend. Got much coming up this week, and then we're off to Chicago for a few days starting next Monday. Chicago people, anything we should check out? We'll be staying downtown at the James Hotel.
Posted: trippe // 05.11.09 // +7+

:: Last Night ::

Whoa, that was a great opening. Thanks to everyone who came out last night to FFDG's opening off Same Loud No featuring work from the great Damon Soule. We'll get some photos up on Monday leaving us a couple days to get back on target... Such a nice weekend coming up. How do we relax? Will be on the Twitter.
Posted: trippe // 05.08.09 // +1+

:: SLPS II ::

Tonight the San Francisco Slideshow Potluck is happening at The LeftSpace Studio over on Bryant Street. This will be the second time they have thrown an event like this in SF after being based in New York and holding it in other cities nationally. Kicks off at 7pm and dinner sounds amazing. Still trying to go to figure out how to go this in the same night.
Posted: jesse // 05.08.09 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

Forest City Rockers: Episode 3..

Posted: jesse // 05.08.09 // +3+

:: Photographer Rights ::

WHAT IS MUNI'S PHOTO POLICY? <-- "you can't photos here?". Says who?
Posted: trippe // 05.07.09 // +4+

:: Tonight ::

A few preview shots taken yesterday. DAMON SOULE TONIGHT @FECAL FACE. 6-9pm. 66 Gough St @Market.
Posted: trippe // 05.07.09 // +1+

:: Bad ASS! ::

Hanging the show right now and Damon Soule let us know we can pay him out with this when his show Same Loud No ends.
Posted: trippe // 05.06.09 // +1+

:: Skate Job? ::

SUMMER SKATE JOB IN WALNUT CREAK? <-- teach some of those O sweet moves, Brah?
Posted: trippe // 05.06.09 // +1+

:: May Murmur ::

John Casey checked out OAKLAND'S MAY ART MURMUR.
Jee Kim @Blankspace Gallery
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:: Case Solved | Simon's Body Recovered ::

It's with a heavy heart that I report this morning that the case of the missing beta fish known as Simon has been solved.

At 10:52am Pacific this morning his body was recovered from a bag of paint rollers and paint trays.

In bed last night we retraced the evidence. Yesterday morning I noticed a trail of barely visible water slim on the desk which was very hard to see. You had to tilt your head just right. In the chaos of trying to find Simon I moved the bag which was next to the desk. I didn't realize that he could have fallen in... well, he did... We set him atop the desk for the first time the night of his death. We hypothesize that he didn't like the lights coming from the street which now would have been visible and made a jump for it. He must have forgot that he needs water to stay alive. Poor fella... The good news though is that our friend's body can be properly laid to rest in the San Francisco Bay come this Saturday. Please lower your head in prayer at 12pm Saturday in remembrance of this proud fish whose life was cut much too short.

Simon's body will be on display at Damon Soule's opening of Same Loud No which opens tomorrow at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Long live Simon!

Posted: trippe // 05.06.09 // +7+

:: Giant & Dalek in Paris ::

MIKE GIANT & DALEK AT GALERIE MAGDA DANYSZ <-- in Paris. Avery Argo emailed in these images from this great show running till May 23rd.
Posted: trippe // 05.06.09 // +6+

:: Simon R.I.P. ::

Changed Simon's water before leaving last night at 9:30pm. Wiped the crust out of my eyes this morning after opening the gallery. Went to say hi to my buddy Simon, the gallery Beta fish, but he was gone. His clean water glassed container was empty. Thinking he jumped ship or something, I searched the floor and cracks around the desk where his bowl sat... NOTHING. Simon straight disappeared!!! What the f*ck?! My buddy is gone without a trace. Killed by a rat? He evolved legs and ran away?! Where are you, Simon??? My desk is so lonely now. Not even a corpse to bury at sea. My friend is gone. The mystery of the missing Simon begins now... I WILL avenge your death, ol' buddy.
Simon as photographed May 4th @9:26pm Pacific
Posted: trippe // 05.05.09 // +10+

:: Damon Soule @FFDG ::

Opening Thursday --> DAMON SOULE'S SAME LOUD NO @Fecal Face Dot Gallery <-- Thursday, May 7th. 6-9pm.
Posted: trippe // 05.05.09 // +3+

:: Musica ::

It's no secret we enjoy us some Oh Sees. The mugginess of last night's show at The Knockout only made it better. Hey, if you're in Ohio see them at Oberlin College Friday... Oh and the Movie Star Junkies from Italy were damn entertaining as well. Good times... Oh Sees at Amnesia May 15th btw.
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:: La Noche de la Fusion ::

GARY BASEMAN @COREY HELFORD IN LA <-- photos from Phil Toselli and broken English by Michael C. Hsiung.
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:: Potes Photo Shoe?! ::

Yep, Hamburger Eyes editor, photo king, & FF POTD curator, Ray Potes has his own shoe out through Keep. GET A PAIR.
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:: Keith Shore ::

We have some great new original works from Keith Shore up in the Ol' Fecal Face Shoppe'... Speaking of Keith, he just finished art for a McSweeney's t-shirt and is currently working on two, 8-foot canvas paintings for the new ACE Hotel in NYC.
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:: Griffin McPartland ::

GRIFFIN MCPARTLAND @ADOBE BOOKS <-- the show opened last Thursday evening here in SF. We stopped through Friday afternoon for a look at this pleasant show.
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:: ()+ ::

Poo scared the shit out of me this weekend.
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:: James Roper ::

JAMES ROPER <-- really love the graphite and paintings from this young Manchester based artist. Spend some time clicking about. This kid has skills.
Rapture series
pencil on paper - 59cm x 42cm
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:: ClipODay ::

Did anyone see the Kentucky Derby yesterday? Man, what a race! We try and keep it art related as much as possible but how often do you see an upset like that? In case you missed it, a 50-1 horse named Mine That Bird came flying up the rail from last place in the final stretch to win the race. It was so quick that announcer didn't even see it coming and hardly mentioned it at all. The horse cost $9,500 (compared the the million dollar horses owned by the leader of Dubai) and was brought up to the race on the back of a pick-up truck. It was the second biggest upset in Kentucky Derby history and has to be seen to be believed (especially jockey Calvin Borel's toothless cries of joy.. so rad). A girl I was sitting with had put $20 bucks on the horse because she liked the name and won $1,000. Watch the after race footage (about 7 minutes in) with the arial camera to see what an amazing move it was.

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:: Argh ::

MEXICAN STREET PUNKS <-- Hey, I wanted to submit a couple photos from my trip to Mexico City this year. I was hanging out with some skinheads and street punks who I befriended during my seven months living there. I hope you like them. -William Dunleavy
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:: &^^^ ::

Cristina Guitian is an illustrator living in London. She's from Madrid and her sign is Aquarius.
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:: __+)(* ::

Kevin Christy was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He graduated from Art Center College of Design. He has exhibited work throughout North America and Europe. He is represented by Monya Rowe gallery (New York), and has also shown at Jack Hanley gallery (San Francisco), Hope gallery (Los Angeles), New Image Art gallery (Los Angeles), White Columns (New York), Loyal gallery (Sweden), and Space 1026 (Philadelphia).
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:: Rich Quick ::

The Carmichael Gallery in LA hosts Get Rich Quick featuring art from a lot of heavy hitters opening May 7th. That's good, but it's interesting to note the work comes from the collections of their collectors. Maybe bad economy hit these collectors and it's your win win if you score on their misfortune? Or another sign that the art market is still in freefall? You decide.
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Tonight in Philadelphia: Derek Weisberg and Matt Rebholz here at Space 1026 from 7-10. It is going to be great. Also tonight: The grand opening of the artist-run AHN/VHS in the VOX Building, along with rumors of a gong with a tennis ball gun pointed at it at Copy. Fabric Workshop has an opening for Tristin Lowe, Virgil Marti, Peter Rose, and Ryan Trecartin, and in South Phila, T+P/ has a show of British artists. And in Chicago, Next is going on this weekend.
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:: Free Fridayz ::

Free Fridayz will be going up on Sunday because it's my wife's BDay today and we're going to do something birthday like and not work on Free Fridayz like... Send them before Sunday like Luke Mullins has here below. This week's theme is: MONEY
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