:: Cardboard ::

CARDBOARD CHAIR <-- seems like a fun project to build your own.
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:: ClipODay ::

Speaking of shoes today, CHECK THIS LAKAI COMMERCIAL
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:: Max Fish ::

NYC's MAX FISH IS COMING TO MIAMI <-- they're recreating this classic Lower East Side skate/ art bar in downtown Miami w/ bands and DJs for this week's Basel... 28 NE 14 St. Should be a fun spot to hang out.
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:: Illustrator Alex Passapera ::

Alex Passapera who now resides out in Brooklyn does some really intricate illustration work. Enjoy!
Posted: bello // 11.30.09 // +0+

:: The Invariant Set ::

Toronto based artist James Gauvreau emailed over some photos from The Invariant Set which is a collaborative show with Anna Pantchev @Le Gallery in Toronto. Interesting looking show... Here's a video walk through.
Posted: trippe // 11.27.09 // +3+

:: internet art ::

Rafael Rozendaal updated his site. I like this one and this one a lot!
Posted: pesya // 11.27.09 // +1+

:: Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome ::

The Don Gallery in Milan, Italy was invited to participate in Rome's Museum of Contemporary Art show on Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow and Urban Art. THEY EMAILED OVER SOME PHOTOS of the show.
The Clayton Brothers
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:: TV win ::

Deidra wins on the today show!
Posted: pesya // 11.26.09 // +0+

:: Jan 9th, 2010 - Mike Davis ::

We're happy to announce that Mike Davis will now be showing with Henry Lewis at Fecal Face Dot Gallery with a reception scheduled for Saturday January 10th (6-9pm). Going to be a great show!
Mike Davis via Art Business
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:: Meat/ Veggie/ Pie/ Fart ::

Hope all have a great Thanksgiving Day enjoying friends and family eating food stuffs and relaxing for a minute... and add Thursday Dec 10th to your calendar as Fecal Face Dot Gallery will be opening a large group show with some incredible artists participating showing some smaller works.
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:: ***************** ::

JAMES BENJAMIN FRANKLIN is a great artist to check out. Some of you old Low gallery folks may find this one familiar! Also this piece is one of my favorites.
Posted: pesya // 11.25.09 // +2+

:: Minna & Five Points ::

PHOTOS <-- from group shows at 111 Minna and also at Five Points Art House. Megan Wolfe shoots and types.
Kevin Taylor
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:: Kabul Skatey ::

AFGHANISTAN OPENS ITS FIRST SKATE PARK <-- organized by Skateistan, an Afgan Skate School which engages growing numbers of urban and internally-displaced youth in Afghanistan through skateboarding, and provides them with new opportunities in cross-cultural interaction, education, and personal empowerment programs... More photos of the park.
Of course our old friend Kenny Reed was there.
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:: Thanksgiving FFDG Closed ::

Fecal Face Dot Gallery will be closed this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. We'll be open Dec 2nd next Wednesday through Friday 3-6pm and Saturday 12-6pm. On display is Megarealms featuring work from Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch... Happy/ Merry Thanksgiving.
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:: Tara Foley @Adobe Books ::

PHOTOS <-- of Tara Foley's show Either in a Million Years or Until the Bitter End running now @Adobe Books. Unfortunately the show ends Dec 1st. Tara showed at Fecal Face last year (photos).
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:: ClipODay ::

Take a ride down San Francisco's Market Street in a street car before the 1906 earthquake... Man, what I'd give to spend just one day walking around the city back then... emailed to us from Tim Gatto.
Posted: trippe // 11.24.09 // +1+

:: Double Punch Group Show ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of last Saturday's group show at Double Punch's We Haven't Felt This Way In Years.
Posted: trippe // 11.24.09 // +1+

:: spY ::

Enjoy a few minutes checking out Spanish urban artist SPY'S INTERVENTIONS. Some witty work.
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:: Sketchy ::

SKETCH TUESDAYS TONIGHT @111 MINNA <-- a lot of artists we've never heard of and some we have like Mike Shine, Jason Vivona, Rene Almanza, David Fallis, and others. Drinks, watch people draw and maybe pickup some work for little $$. 6-10pm 111 Minna.
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:: McSweeney's #33 ::

MCSWEENEY'S SAN FRANCISCO PANORAMA <-- newspapers are dying out and McSweeney's is releasing its first (and only issue they say) "When I was hearing about the death of newspapers", Edgers says, "it hit me viscerally: What if I don't have a newspaper in the morning? If newspapers are going to survive, they're going to have to do things the Internet cannot do."
Should be a full interesting issue and don't forget there's a little Fecal Face interview of sorts in there as well... The paper is released Dec 8th, and you can preorder your copy here for $16.
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:: Free Fridayz: WebZINE ::

FF + FF <-- is a badass webzine project put together by Mr. Sam Owen featuring artists loosely associated with the Free Fridayz sketchbook sharing contest on Fecal Face Dot Com... great job, Sam!
Posted: trippe // 11.23.09 // +1+

:: Nikki McClure ::

NIKKI MCCLURE @NEEDLES AND PENS <-- Paper and an X-Acto knife is all this Olympia, Washington based artist needs to create these intricate works... On display here in SF till 12/12.
Posted: trippe // 11.23.09 // +1+

:: Rebel8 ::

REBEL 8 <-- has a new grip of clothes on their way out and a new look-book featuring some Fecal Face in there... Model thirty? How's my Magnum? Career change.
Posted: trippe // 11.23.09 // +4+

:: >>>>><<<<< ::

Canadian-born Kristine Moran lives and works in Brooklyn. She focuses on rituals and fantasies connected to weddings, carnivals, and other culturally significant events. Cool!
Posted: julian // 11.23.09 // +2+

:: ClipODay ::

May have to be our favorite music video of all time.
Posted: trippe // 11.22.09 // +2+

:: Photo of the Day ::

Going through some old photos and came across this gem from a trip back to wholesome Toldeo, Ohio... Family values right there.
Posted: trippe // 11.21.09 // +8+

:: MMMMmmmm ::

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:: Objectify ::

OBJECTIFIED <--- is a great industrial design film (by Gary Hustwit, who also did Helvetica) that is going to be on KQED this tuesday at 11pm. Make sure to scroll down and see the other clips. Check out the trailer, too.
Posted: pesya // 11.20.09 // +0+

:: Howard House ::

Man, I SO miss the little ramp in the back of Howard House. Those were the dayz.
Posted: trippe // 11.20.09 // +2+

:: Henry Lewis @FFDG ::

Henry Lewis show at Fecal Face Dot Gallery has been pushed back a bit to Saturday January 9th. It's actually a great thing as he'll have more time to prepare for the show. He's been busier than ever at Skull & Sword hooking people up with some of the best tattoos available in SF... Photos from his last show @111 Minna.
Henry Lewis Sat Jan 9th @FFDG
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:: Saturday Punching Doubles ::

WE HAVEN'T FELT THIS WAY IN YEARS <-- is a big ol' group show going down in a small gallery (not that we have any problems with small galleries of course) in North Beach Saturday evening featuring a whole slew of talented folks. Great work and good times. See you there? Double Punch Gallery 1821 Powell St. 7pm - late
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:: Oops DER ::

We added Fish's video up on You Tube yesterday, but like an idiot we made it private... Fixed 'er up now if YOU WANNA SEE IT.
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:: Will Barras @Fifty24SF ::

It's been a busy month and we missed the opening, but yesterday we made it up Haight to check out WILL BARRAS @FIFTY24SF <-- a great show from this London based artist.
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:: ClipODay ::

Was going through some old video and came across from Gonz footage Irving filmed when in NYC some time back on an Adidas shoot or sumtin'.
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:: Free Fridayz: Fashion Victim ::

Ok Ok OK, we missed a couple weeks with Free Fridayz. It's been crazy up in here... It WILL go up tomorrow though, so if you've yet to get your drawing in, do it now... The theme: Fashion Victim. Email them to freefridayz (at) fecalface.com - This week's prize is some gear from Rebel 8 which will keep U from being 1.
Rebel 8 gear... Why who's she waving to?
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:: Thurs Night ::

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:: Chor Mural Saturday ::

Chor Boogie may have been stabbed when a group tried to steal his paint cans (video), but they didn't stop him from finishing it. This Saturday @11am Chor returns to the mural for "a brief welcome speech and a live demonstration on the mural."
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:: Yumiko Kayukawa ::

PHOTOS FROM YUMIKO KAYUKAWA AT THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- for what, I think, is her third solo show. We also stopped off at the new Gallery Heist down the street on Geary to have a look at their inaugural group show.
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:: DAMN ::

SF GIANT TIM LINCECUM WINS 2ND CY YOUNG AWARD!! <-- congrats to the franchise for winning two years in a row... Now if the Giants can get some hitting before next season starts.
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:: Mike Shine ::

Hsuki - 11 1/2" x 13 1/2" - acrylic on dirftwood panels
Rhann Heltic - 10 3/4" x 13 1/2" - acrylic on dirftwood panels
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:: underground library ::

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND are getting back together! Kind of. Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker, and Doug Yule (so far no word on John Cale) are getting together to meet up at the New York Public Library and talk about the band. The talk is related to the new VU book coming out. Wish I was in nyc!
Posted: pesya // 11.18.09 // +0+

:: J Williams ::

Melbourne based Justin Willams updates HIS WEBSITE with new work. We did a mini interview w/ Justin a year back. Good work.
Posted: trippe // 11.18.09 // +0+

:: ESPO (aka Steve Powers) ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening of ESPO's show @White Walls here in SF last Saturday... 300 tires and a lot of writing on the walls... We did a small feature on his Philly mural project A Love Letter for You last month..
Posted: trippe // 11.18.09 // +1+

:: Filmy Fishy ::

Before Fish's show opened in Laguna Beach (opening photos) we did a studio visit with Jeremy Fish and did some filming while there. Got a tad more editing to do this evening, but it'll be up on the site tomorrow.
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:: FFDG Press ::

San Francisco public radio station KQED REVIEWS MEGAREALMS @FFDG <-- the show is on display this week. Wed-Fri 3-6pm & Saturday 12-6pm. 66 Gough St. - fecalface.com/gallery
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:: _~! ::

BORJA BONAQUE <-- illustration & design work.
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:: Original Work 4 Sale ::

3 NEW FERRIS PLOCK & KELLY TUNSTALL WORKS IN THE OL' ONLINE FECAL FACE SHOPPE' <-- all measure 11" x 14" gouache, acrylic, ink on mounted canvas. $375/ each
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:: ::

LA'S MIKE STILKEY IN THE NEW YORKER <-- Mike emailed "I asked how they found me and they said read my interview on Fecal Face, holy shit! Rad for both of us!!"... Fancy Fecal Face.
Posted: trippe // 11.17.09 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

The creation of RIPO's painting "10 Days" which was created by following BBC news headlines May 6-15th, 2009. Everyday a new painting based on the day's news.
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:: Mural Haight ::

There's some mural hub-bub over at Haight and Fillmore across from Upper Playground. It seems a couple enthusiastic artists asked the person working at the store if they'd like a new mural to replace the one that's been fading over the last 30 years on the side of the building. Yes was said and the mural work began. The problem was the neighborhood preferred the old one as well as the owner of the building. People got upset and it was decided that the original mural would be repainted over this new one. All is well except there's some talk of mural permits?!
(SF Gate article) photos
Lesson learned: be sure to get the all clear before starting a massive mural project.
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:: ClipODay ::

YOU'D LOOK GREAT IN THESE <-- and the holidays are just right around the corner!
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:: Bjorn Copeland ::

PHOTOS <-- from Bjorn Copeland's show @Jack Hanley... On the way to his studio he collected random bits of trash and made sculptures out of them. Our 2008 interview w/ Bjorn.
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:: Tucker Nichols ::

PHOTOS <-- from Tucker Nichols opening @Gallery 16 in San Francisco. Megan Wolfe covers.
Posted: trippe // 11.17.09 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

I know this isn't a sailing website or anything, but days like yesterday make me wonder why more San Francisco peoples don't get a cheap boat and get on that there water. It's nice to have the place to yourself though.
Posted: trippe // 11.16.09 // +6+

:: Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch ::

PHOTOS <-- from the opening night reception of Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch's Megarealms @Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Video by Michael Hession. Work available in our online store. View the show in person Wed-Fri 3-6pm & Sat 12-6pm. 66 Gough St. SF
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:: ClipODay ::

We'll be posting some photos from ESPO's show @White Walls soon. Here's some video in the meantime... A collection of 300 tires which were collected around SF and Ms Wolfe.
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:: ClipODay ::

Browsing Mildred's Flickr page and came across some video of him going to town on the keyboard. Nice stuff. This one is good too.
Posted: trippe // 11.14.09 // +5+

:: Shows to See Tonight ::

ESPO @WHITE WALLS <-- --> ERICK FOSS @GALLERY THREE <-- --> YUMIKO KAYUKAWA @THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- lucky you as all three of these shows are located in the same building. 7-11pm 839 Larkin
ESPO aka Steve Powers Philly mural project
And right around the corner a new gallery opens. Gallery Heist kicks off their first show NOW OR NEVER featuring works from Brett Amory, Mike Giant, Sylvia Ji, Skinner, Jessica Trippe, Tahiti Pehrson, and more. 7-11pm 679 Geary St
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:: Damn Cheap Boat ::

Wanna get into sailing? This may have to be the best deal I've ever come across. The boats are strong and fast and they're selling this J24 for only $950!
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:: ClipODay ::

Came up on the old ITunes this morning here at Fecal Face and has stuck all day long. From Dinosaur JR's '85 album Dinosaur.
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:: Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch updates ::

Posted: upso // 11.13.09 // +1+

:: This Must Be The Place / Recap Video ::

as the title of this entry suggest... video footage from the show I curated with Scion earlier this year.
Posted: upso // 11.13.09 // +3+

:: Tangents ::

My buddy Jeff just sent over a new interview he did with Fecal Pal Ben Tour. It's always nice to see what our friends are up to... Great work Ben! Also check out his FF interview from way back in 2006. His work has come a long way!

PS : If you are in Vancouver tonight, go to the group show TANGENTS including Ben and other great artists! 8PM @ Lifetime Space 68 west 5th ave Vancouver, BC.
Posted: julian // 11.13.09 // +0+

:: Screen Burns ::

Submit your wacky art films, videos, internet art, animations or any screenable work to my show in BK. Everyone that submits will show work in the gallery. Selected artists will screen outside facing the busy street with audio. The show is juried by film and video artist Luis Gispert! Here's one great entry we received from Chris Little! The deadline to submit is November 30th! CLICK HERE NOW to submit.
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:: ClipODay ::

SWEET: Joshua Allen Harris's inflatable animals breathing NYC's subway air was an online hit in the summer of '08.
Posted: trippe // 11.12.09 // +1+

:: ~_!+ ::

ATTICUS JACKSON <-- lives in Brooklyn. A nice collection of photographs... There's a whole bunch more on his Flickr Page.
Posted: trippe // 11.12.09 // +4+

:: Mission of Burma Ticket Winner ::

The pair of Mission of Burma tickets for Saturday's show at The Independent goes to Brandon Burke. He had the best reason as to why he should get them. He wrote: I have unbalanced tinnitus; louder in my right ear than my left. (True.) Hoping a few minutes at this show without an earplug in the left ear will even it out a little... Best answer hands down... Most people wrote boring shit like: "My mom is in town and used to roadee for them"... or the odd on from a SF female: "Two things get me off. One is Mission of Burma and two is walking naked into my roommates room when he's not there and peeing in his plants"... oooookkkkk.
Posted: trippe // 11.12.09 // +1+

:: Soul Clap Dance Off Friday ::

Wanna get down to some soul music and watch me make an ass out of myself? NYC's Soul Clap & Dance Off hits 111 Minna Friday the 13th and I'm going to be a dance competition judge with the leader of the 1st Satanic Church, Matt Gonzalez, and others @midnight. Should be interesting, and from what I've read about the night, it sounds like these guys know how to do it right. Fri 11/13 9-2am $5
The Soul Clap and Dance-Off is not only New York Night Train's biggest and most famous party, but one of the NYC underground's more popular monthly nightlife institutions. The first all-soul night of subterranean maximum rock and soul DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin, the concept is elegant - all night dancing to wild amazing 45s and a dance contest in the middle.

The party has grown to sell out every month - draw nearly 500 paid patrons while remaining true to its DIY aesthetics - garnering acclaim in practically every NYC publication, featuring judges from every edge of music from Monotonix to MGMT - and now spreading around the world -from Calgary to Mexico to Israel.

Posted: trippe // 11.12.09 // +1+

:: Alex Lukas tonight NYC ::

Alex Lukas The Eventuality of Daybreak @Glow Lab tonight in New York City... We see a lot of work online and when/ if we see certain people's work in person... well, at times it doesn't quite have the same impact, but we can say that Alex's work is so much better in person. This show should be great. Get to it. 30 Grand St 7-9pm
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:: Sotheby's Wednesday ::

WARHOL '62 SILKSCREEN WORK 200 ONE DOLLAR BILLS SELLS FOR 43.8 MILLION <-- as well as a Warhol self-portrait given by the artist to teenage secretary Cathy Naso at his New York studio The Factory in the 1960s fetched $6.1m... Damn, you can have dreams can't you.
Posted: trippe // 11.12.09 // +1+

:: Chor Boogie Stabbed ::

CHOR BOOGIE STABBED <-- while working on a mural on Market between 6th and 7th as part of the San Francisco Arts Commission's Art in Storefronts program... Chor was stabbed twice by a group of 4 who attempted to steal his spray paint. "Definitely, I'm angry, but I have forgiveness in my heart. I forgive, but if they do get caught I will press charges," says Boogie.
Posted: trippe // 11.12.09 // +2+

:: Free Fridayz... Friday ::

Be sure to get your drawing in by Friday for this week's Free Fridayz... The theme: Fashion Victim.
Alain Cheung's Fashion Victim
Posted: trippe // 11.11.09 // +1+

:: LISTS?! ::

Speaking of the ol' Twitter, we've created some lists on our account listing artists and galleries. If you think you should be on either list, let us know.
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:: Fishy TV ::

Got this Twattered our way today: Did you see that too @fecalface? Manny Delgado, a.k.a Ed O'Neills son on ABC's Modern Family, has a J.Fish poster on his bedroom wall. @sourisdestace <-- no we didn't. Actually, never heard of that show before, but hey, that's kewl. Fish getting ups in must see TV.
Posted: trippe // 11.11.09 // +2+

:: Jim Houser ::

His new body of work Make Room For The Emptiness, marks his third solo show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery, and, as the title suggests, focuses on a poignant turning point in Houser's life and subsequent body of work, as he was recently married to a new love.
Posted: trippe // 11.11.09 // +1+

:: Juxtapoz's 15 Yrs ::

JUXTAPOZ'S 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ART AUCTION IS NOW ONLINE <-- featuring works from just about everyone... and this Saturday in LA the work will be on display @Factory Place Arts Complex. 1330 Factory Place, Bldg A 7-11pm
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:: Swoon's Swimming Cities ::

Remember when SWOON and collaborators traveled along the coast in homemade boats, rafts and crafts (Swimming Cities) for the 53rd Venice Biennale? (Tod Seelie posted some photos from the travels). Well, they trying to bring some of the experience to NYC and specifically to Anonymous Gallery and are RAISING SOME $$ TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. This isn't some sort of random donation. Prints available and other goodies too for dropping $$... Check photos.
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:: ClipODay ::

AN INSIDE LOOK INTO KINK.COM <-- you live in SF and you've seen the castle on 14th and Mission. You may have friends who work there... You've wondered what's going on inside. Here's a PG documentarian look.
Posted: trippe // 11.10.09 // +1+

:: Paper Nieves Rad ::

Nieves Books release 3 New Zines by the Members of Paper Rad: Ben Jones (read our interview) - Jacob Ciocci - Jessica Ciocci.
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:: Yum Yum Saturday ::

WILD WILD EAST OPENS SATURDAY AT THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- featuring works from Yumiko Kayukawa. Check some photos from her summer last summer with Ben Tour @Joshua Liner in NYC... and did you know that we still have a great Ben Tour piece which was dontated to us? Get a great piece and help out Fecal Face.
Yumiko Kayukawa
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:: Jeremy Fish Laguna Art Museum ::

PHOTOS OF JEREMY FISH'S WEATHERING THE STORM <-- which opened last Saturday night in Laguna Beach @The Laguna Art Museum. Fecal Face was there... Click here, sir.
Posted: trippe // 11.10.09 // +2+

:: the unkown portraits ::

Posted: upso // 11.10.09 // +0+

:: Jim Houser Print ::

JIM HOUSER PRINT AVAILABLE <-- through Poster Child Prints. Never heard of them, but do enjoy some Jim Houser. $75.
Posted: trippe // 11.10.09 // +1+

:: Ready, Able ::

Hey remember that interview with Allison Schulnik we did? Well, Grizzly Bear asked her to provide visuals for a tune off of their new album, Veckatimest. See the video in all of it's glory.
Posted: ryan // 11.10.09 // +0+

:: t.v. ::

TINY VICES updated their site. Be sure to check out the portfolios.
Posted: pesya // 11.09.09 // +0+

:: Monsterpiece Theatre ::

TWIN BEAKS, for all you David Lynch fans.
Posted: pesya // 11.09.09 // +0+

:: Alex Lukas Thurs ::

ALEX LUKAS THIS THURS IN NYC @GLOWLAB <-- Alex Lukas is based out of Philly and posts up here in the news. We interviewed him last March before his show @White Walls (photos). - Opening Thurs 7-9pm 30 Grand St NYC
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:: Wanna C Mission of Burma? ::

WIN A PAIR OF MISSION OF BURMA TICKETS <-- for Saturday's Independent show here in SF.
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:: LA Bound ::

Hung over Maxwell opening drive to LA to stay up till 5am drinking with old friends. Fish's opening and another 5am night talking on the beach in Laguna. Then a trip to Mel Kadel's and Travis Millards before heading back to SF exhausted... 75mph on the 5 with my eyes playing tricks on me... fotographs on their way.
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:: Mornin', Soldier ::

Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening of Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch's Megarealms last night at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. We'll be adding opening night pics and work online early next week... Right now we're on the road heading to sunny Los Angeles for the opening of Jeremy Fish's show Weathering the Storm (preview it) opening Saturday @The Laguna Art Museum 6-9pm. It costs a few $$$ but is open to the public.

We're going to be instant blogging during the trip. CHECK IT OUT. We might see some photos from HWY 5 or even of LA itself or possibly from the opening night festivities. You're so excited to click. DO IT.

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:: Bjorn Copeland Saturday ::

BJORN COPELAND SATURDAY @JACK HANLEY SF <-- we had the chance to interview Bjorn a couple years back. CHECK IT. Great work. 395 Valencia St @15th (6-9pm)
Posted: trippe // 11.06.09 // +1+

:: Jen Stark ::

Posted: upso // 11.06.09 // +0+


So what if New York gets a big parade today? We don't need that, there's better stuff to do. We got a ride-able Falcor in the gallery. Dead of the Living Night, a collaborative installation by Jonathan Cammisa and Jonah Birns opens tonight at Space 1026. So suck it Yankees. Also tonight: A Show About River Travel at Progressive Sharing, Eric Veit at AHN/VHS, and a "duel show" at Copy and Vox (Thanks Dave). Then a noise show in South Phila with a flier by Lance Simmons, who's art I really like. Parade, pshhh, who needs a parade?
Posted: alex // 11.06.09 // +0+

:: ClipODay ::

The Monkees aren't exactly known for their creative spark par say, but when their show was cancelled in '68, they were actually free to get a bit creative and to make fun of themselves in the process with the film HEAD (co-produced by Jack Nicholson)... The film was actually intended to destroy "The Monkees"/ to do something completely different and to tarnish the idea of the clean wholesome commercially accepted boy band. You'll love it. Fecal Face guarantees it, so rent it.
Posted: trippe // 11.05.09 // +4+

:: ~+!* ::

KINETIC SCULPTURES <-- from Seattle based Casey Curran
Posted: trippe // 11.05.09 // +1+

:: See ART Tonight ::

Ok ok ok, so it's First Thursday, and you're all wet to see some art, but dang-nab-it, what the hell to see?... If we weren't opening MAXWELL LOREN HOLYOKE-HIRSCH'S MEGARELAMS TONIGHT @FECAL FACE (6-9PM), we'd be out seeing these shows
Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch @Fecal Face

DARLING WE'RE LEAVING, WILL BARRAS @FIFTY24SF <-- Will Barras is an artist and illustrator best known for his work with the Scrawl Collective, a collaboration of artist's centered around Bristol, UK.

Paxton Gate is now opening shows at their Curiosities for Kids. Tonight they show TROLLS IN NORWEGIAN FOLKTALES BY MANETTA GARRISON

Holly Andres @Koch Gallery
49 Geary does their 1st Thursday thing this evening. If you're downtown from 5:30-7:30, stop in 49 Geary as the sprawling 3 stories host many galleries with varying degree of goodness, but you're bound to find something great like HOLLY ANDRES PHOTOS @KOCH GALLERY

In the Tenderloin near Union Square would be AARON ELIAH TERRY & KORAKRIT ARUNANONDCHAI @EVER GOLD <-- they always host interesting and fun shows worth checking out. Not familar with tonight's show, but it's worthy a visit, and after that show, continue on to...

THE NOVEMBERISTS' GROUP SHOW @111 MINNA <-- featuring works from Alex Braubach, Alex Case, Catto Houghton, Chris Stokes, Christopher Butler, David Fallis, Dusty Genard, Ian Robert Mullen, Jesse Gidcumb, Kelly Nicolaisen, Matt Gonzalez, Mike Steffen, Ryan Coffey, Sean Brimer, Tim Schafer, Yoni Matatyaou... 111 Minna's show run till 2am, so make that your last stop... or that's what we like to do.

Most importantly, CHECK THE CALENDAR and see something that seems interesting. Take a chance and discover a new gallery or space. As they say variety is the spice of life, and there are a lot of shows opening this weekend. Grab some friends, put a bottle or two of wine in a backpack and explore!

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:: Mel Kadel ::

Today is the last day we're going to have MEL KADEL work available from her show Echo Test for purchase online. There are still some nice pieces RIGHT HERE.
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:: Ari Marcopoulos SUNDAY ::

Ari Marcopoulos is showing photos (Within Arm's Reach) at the Berkeley Art Museum until Feb 7th. This Sunday he'll be giving a presentation of his photographs, and following that Marcopoulos will join NYC-based hip-hop pioneer and historian and former graffiti artist Fred Brathwaite; skateboard legend Keith Hufnagel; and noted painter and graffiti artist Barry McGee in a freewheeling conversation that contextualizes the exhibition while exploring cultural intersections. Could be interesting... 3pm - DETAILS
Born in Amsterdam in 1957, Marcopoulos came to New York in 1979 and quickly became part of the downtown art scene. He got a job printing black-and-white photographs for Andy Warhol, and two years later, tired of spending so much time in the darkroom, he found a position as a studio assistant with the photographer Irving Penn.
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:: Jonathan Levine ::

PHOTOS <-- from True Self, a Gary Baseman curated show @NYC's Jonathan Levine Gallery.
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:: ClipODay ::

A small taste of Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch Megarealms opening Thurs Nov 5th @Fecal Face Dot Gallery. The show is hung and looks amazing together. You may have checked out his interview which illustrates only a tiny hint at the entire show. 66 Gough St. 6-9pm
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:: Will Baras Thurs ::

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:: Peru Ana ::

PHOTOS <-- from NYC "street artist" Peru Ana Ana Peru @Brooklynite Gallery.
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:: Tara Foley Tonight ::

Morning, everyone... Not many art shows open on Tuesday evenings, but that's just what Adobe Books is up to these days... Be sure to catch TARA FOLEY @ADOBE BOOKS TONIGHT <-- 3166 16th St. 6-9pm
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:: _+~ ::

GERT-JAN AKERBOOM <-- Dutch artist living in Berlin creating interesting ink works.
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:: Maxwell Thursday ::

MAXWELL LOREN HOLYOKE-HIRSCH @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY THURSDAY <-- 6-9pm 66 Gough @Market - San Francisco, California
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:: ClipOTalkingHeads ::

Early Talking Heads live at CBGBs in the mid-1970s. Thanks for emailing, Mike.
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:: Mi Ju Tuesday Evening ::

Fecal Face Dot Gallery was lucky enough to show Mi Ju this past summer as part of our IN-N-OUT series (photos). The 3 paintings we showed were part of a larger 5 painting series which will be on display Tuesday at The San Francisco Art Institute as part of the show Beasts of Burden featuring the artwork of Ashli Sisk, Jo Lind, & Mi Ju - 800 Chestnut St. Nov 3rd 4:30 - 8pm
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:: ClipODay ::

Well, the Bay Bridge is open now, but this past weekend we got to drive across when it was closed and creepy.
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:: Tara Foley Tues @Adobe ::

TARA FOLEY TUESDAY NIGHT @ADOBE BOOKS <-- remember her show @FFDG?. Such great work from this SF based artist.
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:: Tucker Nichols Friday ::

TUCKER NICHOLS THIS FRIDAY @GALLERY 16 HERE IN SF <-- We've been fans of Tucker over the years and plan on getting to this show. Photos next week, but if you're the Bay Area, check it out yourself. (details) tuckernichols.com | Gallery 16 | '06 show @Linc | '06 Book
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