:: Thursday ::

Some shows worth seeing opening this Thursday here in SF: Ernesto Burgos, Kyle Ranson, Derrick Snodgrass @Gregory Lind - Amy Stein @Robert Koch (remember her interview?) - Hera, Ala Ebtekar, Rene Almanza @Fifty24SF - Baby Boomers Fucked Everything @SOEX <-- a good way to start your holiday weekend.
Amy Stein
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:: Whitney Wood = Dope ::

Whitney Wood is a painter who was running around NYC for a bit and is now hanging out down south getting her masters from SCAD. She does really large abstract work that for some reason reminds me of Joe Sorren in a totally awesome kinda way. I really like her stuff, and think it is worth a look.
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:: Last Night ::

PHOTOS <-- from Hardland/Heartland which opened last night @Needles & Pens. Included bench breaking/ dance & pizza party.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Joost ::

JOOST <------ is a free, downloadable program that is basically an online streaming tivo. Look up channels like Australian Food TV and watch Twin Peaks.
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:: Video Contest ::

Francis Coppola's Rosso Bianco wine is hosting a video contest. Check it out.
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:: Tonight ::

The surf film by Alex Kopps Displacement is hosting an online auction here in conjunction with a show at The Luggage Store tonight featuring works from lots of notables like Barry Mcgee, Rich Jacobs, Clare Rojas, Geoff Mcfetridge, and many more. Check it out. Also our friends at Needles and Pens are opening Hardland/ Heartland featuring works from Minneapolis based artists Crystal Quinn, Eric Carlson and Aaron Anderson... N&P always has shows worth checking out pus they're right on 16th, so stop through on your way to dinner or drinks or movie watching or bike riding or snail writing.
Alex Kopps
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:: Mohammadreza Mirzaei ::

Mohammadreza Mirzaei <------ really nice photography.
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:: Snail?! ::

INNER CITY SNAIL <-- A slow moving street art project.
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:: Critical Mass ::

Critical Mass starts tonight from Justin Hermann Plaza at 6:00 and the Bicycle Film Festival is coming to town opening on July 23rd... ride 'em!
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:: David Ellis ::

"If you have not gone by Roebling Hall to see David Ellis' solo show "Dozens", drop what you are doing and go right now before it closes on Saturday! This epic show includes many new paintings, video works he calls motion paintings, and a group of mind-blowing kinetic sculptures that will resonate your artist mind. Peep the video!" Roebling Hall 606 W. 26th St. NYC -Stoopy Booshy
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:: Wave ::

After watching Spain destroy Russia yesterday we took the day off, and while biking around we started waving at tourists on those cable car trucks thinking they wouldn't wave back, but they do... and they love it. It's kinda funny. Wave to the tourists. It'll make you feel good.
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:: ClipODay ::

James Pants video created by Aaron Fink.
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:: James Dawe ::

JAMES DAWE <-- must be getting good at this stuff... had a feeling he was from London even before checking out his profile, but this talented illustrator is in fact from London.
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:: !_+~ ::

TEITSMA.COM <-- Netherlands based artist, Raymond Teitsma, updates his site with new paintings and drawings.
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:: Photos ::

JULIA FULLERTON-BATTON <-- takes some really incredible photos. Take some time looking around her site.
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:: Euro Cup! ::

And it's off... only 4 teams left and Irving's got the right way to watch it. espn360.com let's you watch live online for free... After judging that Air Guitar stuff tonight something tells me I'm going to be useless tomorrow, so we're off to watch Spain and Russia at some bar. Maybe Mad Dog on Haight? Anyone else fucking off tomorrow morning for some Euro Cup?
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:: Snott ::

Again it's a snotting day and off to the pile of dirty clothes in search of a worthy booger catcher, and today's winner is the Barry McGee Ray Fong tee that Huf put out a couple years ago. The tee still makes my clothing team and from time to time it ends it's cycle as a Designer Snott Rag.
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:: RIPO ::

RIPOVISUALS.COM <-- updates his site with some nice work on the street and in the gallery.
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:: Theft ::

GONE IN 90 SECONDS <-- The San Francisco Police Department used a bait car to demonstrate how quickly an auto burglary can occur.
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:: ClipODay ::

New video for Ladyscrapper by Perish Factory. Check their site to see their other videos... Be sure to check the one for Bomb The Bass.
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:: Sketch ::

It's that time of the month again... Sketch Tuesdays happens tonight @111 Minna. Something like 20 artists sit and draw at a large table while you drink and mingle... They finish work and pin it to a wall for sale. Win Win.
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:: Fish, Keyes @Liner ::

PHOTOS <-- from Jeremy Fish and Josh Keyes shows that opened last Saturday in NYC @Joshua Liner Gallery. Mr Bello investigates and comes through with some Keyes work for his home.
Josh Keyes 1000 Points of Light
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:: David Maisel ::

DAVID MAISEL <------- nice aerial photographer. Don't forget to check out his oblivion series.
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:: Fast Fecal Face ::

MOBILE.FECALFACE.COM <-- If you're a cellphone web user and are tired with waiting for the Fecal Face to load while trying to check the calendar or something real quick, you'll be happy to know that we've created this super quick condensed Fecal Face with calendar info and an abbreviated sampling of the site for those on the go... Having dinner and wanna check the calendar to see if there are any good shows worth seeing in SF, LA, or NYC? Check mobile.fecalface.com... for you IPhone users, it comes up automatically checking the site with your phone. Hecka quick like!!
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:: Amy Lockhart ::

WALK FOR WALK <-------- very awesome and interesting animation by filmmaker and great painter Amy Lockhart of Vancouver Canada. Also there's this.
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:: Baby Tour ::

Congrats to the Vancouver based artist Ben Tour and his lady for the birth of their new son, Jasper Tour, who was born on June 11th!!
Dad's art
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:: Designer Snott Tee ::

Due to my on again/ off again smoking nature, my sinuses tend to get wrecked at times. Instead of buying tissues, I go for the dirty clothing pile and wrap a tee shirt around my nose and blow all day... This isn't a diss to the tee, it's just where they end up until laundry day... Today's Designer Snott Tee happens to be a shirt called CMYK that my friend Matt Irving made for the French company 6 Pack. Check them out as they produce a load of great shirts by well known artists.
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:: Jason Reamer ::

DANTESWHARF.COM <-- some really interesting work from this Seattle based artist... a bit like our friend Matt Furie, but different. Me like.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Speech ::

THE SPEECH ACCENT ARCHIVE <---- a collection of accents from around the world.
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There was a terrible loss in the streets of Chicago on the night of June 14th when someone senselessly killed street artist, designer, Brendon Scanlon (aka SOLVE)... Our hearts go out to the Chicago art community, his family, friends and everyone who he touched, inspired and supported. May the streets of Chicago flourish in his name.
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:: Bananas ::

DEATH MASKS <--- self explanatory.
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:: Dirty Hands ::

If you're in Los Angeles tonight, hopefully you already have tickets to the premier of the David Choe documentary Dirty Hands. The world premier plays at The Majestic Crest Theater in Westwood and we hear seats are slim. Luckily there are one more showings on Sunday and one next week. Should be good!
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If you are in New York City tonight you must come out and see Josh Keyes at the Joshua Liner Gallery which also happens to be showing Jeremy Fish and his latest batch of mythical gems. Two wicked shows in one wicked location, need I say more!?
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:: Burgermania ::

BURGERS <-- how to make a mini burger.
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:: Go Fish? ::

Corey Arnold's HOW TO BE AN ALASKAN FISHERMAN feature up on the site may have to be one of the best features on Fecal Face. It's touching and gives me a good chuckle everytime I reread it. Thanks, Corey.
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:: Fish Preview ::

JEREMY FISH PREVIEW <-- Some of the work that's showing at his solo show @Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City which opens Saturday. Also a look at his new book which is due out soon... On the same night in "gallery 2", Josh Keyes also opens up a solo show as well.
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:: Kelsey Brookes ::

The hyper talented San Diego based Kelsey Brookes updates his site with some new great work... Check out his blog from when he was in SF for his White Walls show.
Kelsey Brookes
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:: Air Guitar ::

Man, even after making an ass of myself last year, they've asked me to be one of the judges for this year's sold out Air Guitar Championship here in SF that's going down next Wednesday @The Independent... Here's how it went down last year.
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:: Gregory Euclide @ Limited Addiction ::

Limited Addiction Gallery in Denver opened a new show with Gregory Euclide who uses this clear substance called PETG to create a unique illustration tattered paper fusion effect. It is in a class of its own... Check it out and be sure to take a second look at his interview here on Fecal Face from 2006.
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:: Yay! ::

Just got one of these Yay Flags courtesy of Nathalie Roland who runs Headphonerecord.com. The operator's guide is great and it makes us want to run out and do fun things as soon as possible. Going camping soon and this flag will be waved a bunch for sure! You can read more about them or pick one up here.
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:: Bill Dunlap ::

Bill Dunlap emailed over a couple links to some collabs he did with Timothy Buckwalter. Check check one, and check check two. Very nice.
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:: Mars ::

You live in Lisbon, Portugal?! If so, be sure to see Mars show entitled The Nature of Time which opens Thursday @VPF Cream Gallery... Not sure what to expect? Check photos from his show @Bucheon w/ David Chung Lee's that's up now.
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:: ClipODAy ::

FERRIS PLOCK & KELLY TUNSTALL <-- are not only studio mates... not only create somewhat similar works... but are married too! Art Adventures interviews in their SF studio... Anyone besides Ferris watching the Euro Cup (tv schedule)? Italy's still in it... and the rest of the matches start @11:45am.
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:: Ohsee Dodos ::

Our friends Thee Ohsees and The Dodos are playing here in San Francisco Thursday night @The Independent. Get your tickets early as I'm sure this is bound to sell out, and we'll be seeing you there!... Oops, it is already sold out.... Scalp a ticket or sneak in or something.
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:: Poddy ::

ME (TRIPPE) MIX FROM NOV '06 <-- We have a bunch of older podcast mixes we haven't moved over to the newer system. Anyway, moved over a favorite of mine for you to listen to... Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
Came across this scene on Monday and it made me as happy as the music in this podcast.
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:: L'edition Populaire ::

GABE REVIEWS <-- up a couple books from L'edition Populaire.
"HB Black Trace " by Bom.K (128 pages//25 euros)
"Je T'aime!" by Dran (64 pages//11 euros)
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:: SFAC ::

tboz.jpgMike Lin emailed over a link to photos from The SF Arts Commisions A Complicated Dominion group show featuring Tiffany Bozic, Tara Tucker, and others... He also added a profile on SF based Ryan Shaffer.
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:: El Tono ::

El Tono recently showed in Lima, Peru where he collected wood found on the street, cut them into strips, painted them, and let the opening night attendants hang the work. Pretty cool idea.
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:: Seems ::

Seems Books out of SF makes really nice small edition books. Their newest features the work from NYC based Joseph Hart and looks great. For only $16 you can't say no. Get one.
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:: Jeremy Fish ::

Our good buddy, Jeremy Fish, is showing this Saturday in NYC @Joshua Liner Gallery! We got a look at the work last week before it was shipped out west, and FUCK, it's good. Below is a tiny taste, and I guess on Friday we'll add photos to the site. Lookin' damn fine.
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:: Night Vision ::

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, Jen Cohen, Kaliisa Conlon, and Brendan Leonard curate Night Vision at The Climate Theatre in SoMA. Each show is different, ranging from solo performances, to group exhibitions. Night Vision is both a heroic and modest showcase of the best new media and film work in the Bay Area. Caitlin investigates... Who's Caitlin? Well, find out.
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:: ClipODay ::

DAVID BYRNE: PLAYING THE BUILDING <-- David Byrne has a sound installation piece called Playing the Building over at the Battery Maritime Building where he makes the building vibrate to create a giant musical instrument. The clip video appeared on Boing Boing TV last week and is really fascinating. You can read more about it here.

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:: YBCA ::

Do you like free Campari? I'm not sure that we do, but there is a panel tonight at YBCA that will be discussing the crossover of visual artists who work with music and musicians who are also artists. Why not so something different and go to a panel this year? RSVP at the link above.
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:: Day Off- Sorta ::

Kinda taking a day off today, but wanted to thank Art Slant for their review of Tara Foley's show... Had some lunch today and came away with a Fecal Face book deal which you'll know more about in the fall... but now, let's ride bikes and see the Tigers go down to the Giants tonight. God, gotta love stubhub...
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:: Schoultz ::

ANDREW SCHOULTZ BOARD SET ON EBAY <-- our auction ends today @1pm pacific. Get your bid in now.
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:: Photos ::

We've embedded a little Flickr thing on the front page of the site featuring your photos (scroll down)... For your images to show up, be sure to tag your Flickr images with 'fecalface'.
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:: Friday ::

Love our new interns, but damn, none of them came through to watch the gallery on Friday, and this is where I was meant to be... So it was gallery baby sitting instead, but Tara Foley's work is great company. I talk to it when no one is here.
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:: Am I? ::

WOLF AM I <-- is a nice looking little zine by illustrator Colby Nichols.
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:: N&P ::

PHOTOS <-- from Needles & Pens 5 yr. anniversary show which opened last Sat here in SF. Again Ashley got the photos.
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:: Howell & Furie ::

Intern Ashley headed on over to Receiver last week for the opening of Return to Innocence featuring Jay Howell & Matt Furie and brings back THESE PHOTOS.
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:: SF Masher ::

Our friend The SF Masher (Travis Jensen) has a new website. Check it.
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:: Tara Foley @FFDG ::

PHOTOS <-- from Tara Foley's beautiful solo show, Say Hello To Neverending, that opened last week @Fecal Face Dot Gallery.
Tara Foley @Fecal Face Dot Gallery
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:: Sieben & Cody ::

PHOTOS <-- from Michael Sieben & Cody Hudson's shows @Fifty24SF that opened last week.
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:: ClipODay ::

ASK ME, DON'T TELL ME <-- documents the Youth for Service project in San Francisco during the 50s; a project that recruited youth gangs to do various community service projects.
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:: Auction ::

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:: Lower Haters ::

VINYL APOCALYPSE <-- Megan went over to Lower Haters last week for this show where they showed artist manipulated vinyl.
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:: Sieben & Hudson Podcast ::

MICHAEL SIEBEN & CODY HUDSON PODCAST <-- This one might have to be our best to date. Last Wednesday before their shows @Fifty24SF we spoke of their work, music, design, film, BBQ, checkered pants and other oddities over a few cold suds. It was a good time for sure... Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic downloads.
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:: Maya Hayuk ::

The great NYC based Maya Hayuk will be showing with our good friend and NYC blogger Tod Seelie on Friday @The Arm gallery in Williamsburg with a grip of other artists. Check it... Also look at this collab she did with Chris Duncan in Brussels and this great collab bellow she did with Kyle Ranson.
Maya Hayuk & Kyle Ranson Collab
Holala Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, April 2008
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:: Word to Mother ::

PHOTOS <-- from Word to Mother's solo show @Stolen Space & really high socks in London. The show runs till the 15th.
Word to Mother
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:: Meet The Interns ::

intern_gabe.jpgMEET INTERN GABE <-- he likes to eat chips when he's here, and when he's not here, he's at his other job which is at Street Light Records on 24th... or he might be playing music with his band NRZS. Buy him a drink.
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:: Adbusters! ::

THE ONE FLAG CONTEST <-- Adbusters magazine is hosting a design contest where you submit a flag design that embodies the idea of global citizenship... Adbusters is a great magazine and the contest is being judged by some heavy design hitters. You have till Dec -08 to submit. Get on it.
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:: First Thursdays ::

JESSE'S FIRST THURSDAYS JOURNEY <-- mr. Jesse Pollock makes his way around to some shows last Thursday. He stops through SF Camera Works, Fifty24SF for Sieben & Hudson's show (will have that Podcast up later today), and then to the Eagle to see Countless Others... watch out for flying cupcakes.
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:: Fenix-Art ::

Couple weeks back, 1am piss drunk at the now world famous birthday party for Eric White, I bumped into Jonny Fenix who was running around NYC while his show opened here. He does sparrows real big... You should check out his furniture. Nice to meet ya man!
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:: Mikel A. Telleria ::

MIKEL A. TELLERIA <-- enjoy the work from this Basque based artist... and if you don't know, the Basque region sits in northern Spain near the French border and the separatist group ETA have been fighting for their independence since the '60s... They're still at it.
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:: ClipODay ::

Joy Division - Transmission... There was a good interview with Anton Corbijn who directed the 2007 film about Ian Curtis of Joy Division titled Control on this morning's Fresh Air. Take a listen and rent the film which is now out on DVD.
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:: Andrew Schoultz ::

ANDREW SCHOULTZ 5 SIGNED COMPLETE BOARD SERIES <-- Andrew Schoultz has made a generous donation to Fecal Face with this amazing sold out board series from Western Edition. All the boards are signed by Andrew and for only $400 you get this amazing series. There aren't any more complete sets available anywhere, so this is your shot to get this amazing set and also help Fecal Face at the same time! Start your bidding now here at EBay.
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:: 3G IPhone ::

IPHONE GOES 3G <-- making the web twice as fast and for only $199. Guess I got mine 3 months too early. Those bastards.
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:: The Secret Handshake ::

Together Gallery put on this show up in Portland. Adam Haynes was in it, he does some cool vector in-motion looking fine art stuff, along with this guy and a few others.
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:: Last Night ::

Thanks to everyone who came out for Tara Foley's solo show at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. The show looks amazing and we'll be adding photos early in the week... We'll also be adding photos from a lot of shows that opened this weekend as well.
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:: Graffiti Cops ::

THEY'RE WATCHING YOU <-- breakin' the law! Breakin' the law! <-- that might be the best video of all time! I mean, they rob a bank with their jammin' tunes!
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:: Tara Foley Tonight ::

Tonight we're opening Tara Foley's show Say Hello to Never Ending at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Complete with Installation & Painting, the show looks amazing for sure! Stop through for a glass of wine and check it out. 6-9pm. 66 Gough St. Map
"For Those Who Live Behind The Castle"
Tara Foley - gouache & thread on archival paper - 41" x 30"
Posted: trippe // 06.06.08 // +2+

:: 5 Years of Needles ::

Our buddies over at Needles and Pens are hosting their 5th anniversary show on Saturday featuring a grip of amazing SF artists. Got a peek last night and they really have some great work. Show details.
Paul Wackers @Needles & Pens
Posted: trippe // 06.06.08 // +1+

:: Portland ::

If your in Portland tonight, check out the show at Grass Hut. The show features artists that create work at Yosemite Studio, which you might remember seeing in an interview we did a while back. Should be a great show considering it features work from Seonna Hong, Souther Salazar, Marth Rich, Ester Pearl Watson and Mark Todd.
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:: More NYC Fun ::

Brendan Monroe (check our studio visit) has a show opening today with Evah Fan at Little Cakes. There is no opening shin dig but the doors unlock at 1pm this afternoon. Oh, and if you happen to be in Jerz tomorrow night Crybaby Gallery in Asbury Park has a crafty couple of shows put together with Bethany Marchman, Shaunna Peterson Pilar Alvarez and Kukula, could be a good time... You know how they get down in Jerz.
Posted: // 06.06.08 // +2+

:: New York ::

If you're in New York tonight, check out the Hjacked book release over at The Arm in Brooklyn hosted by Chief Magazine. The book, which is volume one, contains the work of 44 photographers from the USA and Australia (including our guy in New York Tod Seelie) and looks to be pretty amazing. More info here.
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:: The Fountainhead - Ethics ::

While I have been working on words for FecalFace for sometime now I am using this bit of film history as my first of many posts here in the news. Let this guide us on our daily duties, or at least for the next 5 minutes. It is awesome X10!
Posted: // 06.05.08 // +3+

:: Fecal Live ::

Thanks to Cody Hudson & Michael Sieben who came through the office for an interview which you'll soon to able to download through our Podcasts. Be sure to stop through their shows tonight @Fifty24SF. Cody's up stairs with Michael in the downstairs gallery. Show Details.
Cody Hudson & Michael Sieben @Fecal HQ
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:: ClipODay ::

Saw this over at Umbrella where Mr Fish has a bunch of new products by the way. Get over there and get a pint glass, shirt, or better yet, get the Jeremy Fish Barry the Beaver vibrator!
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:: Ryan Shaffer ::

RYAN SCOTT SHAFFER <-- this Bay Area artist has a new website.
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:: Patterns ::

Posted: pesya // 06.04.08 // +0+

:: Tonight ::

Fecal Face goes LIVE tonight with live radio/ cam interviews w/ Michael Sieben & Cody Hudson. We'll be talking art, life, and they're upcoming shows @Fifty24SF. We'll be going live around 8pm or so (Pacific). Check back and email over any questions for these two to: news(at)fecalface.com
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:: Secret Service ::

"This morning, a Boston-born performance artist, Yazmany Arboleda, tried to set up a provocative art exhibition in a vacant storefront on West 40th Street in Midtown Manhattan with the title, "The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/The Assassination of Barack Obama," in neatly stenciled letters on the plate glass windows at street level."
Posted: trippe // 06.04.08 // +1+

:: Sam Chivers ::

Checking out the Our User Galleries and was feeling Sam Chivers design work.
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:: ClipODay ::

Posted: trippe // 06.04.08 // +2+

:: Tara Foley @Fecal Face ::

TARA FOLEY @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY OPENS FRIDAY <-- We're really excited about this San Francisco based artist... The show, "Say Hello To Neverending" opens this Friday evening, June 6th, with installations and paintings. Tara is well known for creating some beautifully interesting installations and this show isn't to be missed! We're pretty excited to say the least!!!
Posted: trippe // 06.04.08 // +4+

:: Mars ::

Stumbled across this image recently and couldn't stop thinking of it. A sunset on Mars.
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:: Swoon and Tennessee Jane ::

PHOTOS <-- from Portrait of Silvia Elena featuring works from Swoon and Tennessee Jane @Honey Space in NYC. The show is "an attempt to raise awareness of the brutal killing of women in Mexico that has been rampant since the early 1990s. Please take the time to read the true story of Silvia Elena and countless others who have stripped of there lives in Juarez and other cities across Mexico."... Manuel Bello reports.
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:: Fecal Radio Live ::

Michael Sieben & Cody Hudson will be stopping through Fecal HQ Wednesday evening for a live radio interview to discuss what they've been up to including some talk on their shows that open upstairs and downstairs of Fifty24SF on Thursday evening here in SF... If have a question for either of these fine and talented gents, please email them to: news(at)fecalface.com and be sure to check back sometime tomorrow evening probably around 8ish (pacific) for some live radio... We'll also have the cam & chat up for some multimedia madness. Crazy.
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:: Saturday ::

Ok, you ready?! It's the first weekend of the month, and there are a hell of a lot of shows to check out... Don't stress as we'll start dropping shows in bite size morsels... Mark Saturday down in the calendar: Jay Howell and Matt Furie @Receiver. Our intern Ashley will be there for the opening. So if you miss it, come back to FF Monday for the photos!
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:: ClipODay ::

There's a hot new craze sweeping the nation as youngsters are hip on "graffiti" art. Bomb It is a film addressing this exciting art movement from the "Tagging" to the "Bombing" these kids got it going on! They're out there keeping it "Fresh". This film is now out on DVD. Tune in. Drop out!
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:: Vote ::

Don't forget to vote today, and when you do, it's NO on prop 98 which, if passed, would END rent control here in California!
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:: Caterers? ::

Me and the wife-to-be are getting married this September and doing all that is preparing for the big night and have come up against a few walls... Like how in the hell do you pick a caterer?! Who's any good and not too expensive? You ever have to deal with something like this and have some advice or know of a good person/ company to use? Mind letting us know? We could use the help: news(at)fecalface.com
Posted: trippe // 06.02.08 // +13+

:: ClipODay ::

Zewesawam is a nature show produced by Arnold Ehret's NATURE COMPANY starring professional zoologists Bill "B-Mon" Henderson and Cuate Wynne. B-Mon and Cuate travel to the farthest reaches of the globe uncovering the most beautiful creatures Mother Nature has to offer. Visit www.zewesawam.com
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:: Tucker Nichols @De Young ::

After a six month residency at the DeYoung, Tucker Nichols unveiled "Into the Museum", a body of work inspired by the DeYoung, and asked the question "what is a museum?"... Our intern Megan Wolfe brings back these photos.
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:: Lemurs! ::

So next week's Free Fridayz theme is Lemurs. Be sure to get your drawing in by 12pm Friday for a chance at winning an Andrew Schoultz board from Western Edition's Artist Series... and speaking of Lemurs, have you started looking for images? They are the coolest prosimian and are all but almost extinct. I mean. Look at these guys. here-here-here-here
This week's Free Fridayz prize
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:: Sidelines ::

FROM THE SIDELINES <-- The SF Guardian used to run Sarah Han's strip From The Sidelines on a weekly basis, but ever since she left we've had no way to read them. Now Sarah's got a new web archive where you can read all of them straight through and try to figure out if you can tell who she is talking about.
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:: Oral Histories ::

ORAL HISTORIES FROM SEPT. 11 <<< "A rich vein of city records from Sept. 11, including more than 12,000 pages of oral histories rendered in the voices of 503 firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians, were made public on Aug. 12. The New York Times has published all of them. "
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:: Talia Keinan ::

TALIA KEINAN >>> lives and works in Israel and has been on Nieves.
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:: Burk Uzzle ::

BURK UZZLE <<< amazing photographer from North Carolina. Check out the All American.
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:: Beach Boys ::

BURST OF BEADEN <<< wonderful filmmaker and artist updates his site.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: zine ::

NO FRIENDS FOREVER >>> new zine by Liam Devowski. Very designy.
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