:: John Casey Jan 9th ::

Oakland based John Casey opens the solo show Hope Springs Internal @POVevolving Gallery in Los Angeles January 9th. He also curated the group show Odd Populi opening in the back room the same night featuring works from Martha Sue Harris, Billy Sprague, Kerri Lee Johnson, Bill Dunlap, and Mike Lay.
John Casey
Mike Lay
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:: FunnyODay ::

When was the last time you listened to David Cross' - Shut up, You Fucking Baby? So good, makes me wanna download his newest book I Drink for a Reason for our next drive to LA. --> How about his open letter to Larry the Cable Guy?
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:: Mike Giant ::

MIKE GIANT OPENING NEW YEARS DAY <-- looking to see some art on the first day of 2010?... Mike Giant is opening up Skullz Press and displaying some new works along with some free beer (hair of the dog). 260 Divisadero St @Haight (6-9pm).
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:: ClipODay ::

NYC based photographer and video artist Robbie Cooper's great project SIMULATIONS --> IMMERSION then click "photos" and "video" --> he photographs and videos children's faces as they play video games. The concentration is intense and begins to feel pretty creepy.
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:: Holiday Monroe ::

We got this awesome holiday snow family card emailed over from Brendan Monroe who's over in Sweden these days with Evah Fan... You see Brendan's last show from October?
Brendan Monroe @Richard Heller Oct '09
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:: Sea Lions ::

Not to obsess, but seriously, where did they go? --> Thanks to a comment yesterday, maybe we do know why.
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:: Lump Gallery ::

DANIEL DAVIDSON AND JOSH RICKARDS @LUMP GALLERY <-- running now for at least a couple more days in Raleigh, NC. Fantastic work.
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:: Free Fridayz: New Year's Resolution ::

Get your drawings in for next week's Free Fridayz theme: NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION going up Jan 8th <-- like Bobby Griffiths did here.
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:: ClipODayzzz ::

Hey, all you older skaters out there --> might enjoy THIS COLLECTION OF OLD VIDEO PARTS --> and would you look at that? It's the old FIT Video CREDO I filmed and edited way back when. Thanks for the link, Irving.
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:: Lions Be Gone ::

The sea lions that usually hang out at Pier 39 in the hundreds have all but disappeared and no one knows why. They first arrived in '89 which, it should be noted, was the last major earthquake. Maybe they know something we don't? --> this live cam image doesn't lie.
Posted: trippe // 12.28.09 // +6+

:: New FF Podcast - Travis Millard ::

FECAL FACE'S TRAVIS MILLARD PODCAST <-- just in time for 2010, our friend and LA based artist Travis Millard compiles this great sampling of his college radio days just for the Fecal Face listening audience. Step back in time and enjoy a younger and college aged Travis Millard. Most brilliant! --- Load this XML feed in your ITunes for automatic Fecal Face Podcast downloads and to check out our podcast archive.
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:: Henry Gunderson ::

Henry Gunderson emailed over a newish painting. No secret we like the guy's work. You see his show @FFDG?
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:: David Shillinglaw ::

DAVID SHILLINGLAW, who blogs up from London for Fecal Face, emailed over some recent paintings we thought we'd share. Check Dode's last blog where he checks out some great Berlin street art --> and check out a recent zine he released this month. Below are some of his recent paintings.
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:: Merry Christmas ::

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:: ClipODay: Rome Paste ::

Under the Muro Torto in Rome from TTS: JbRock, Greco & Diamond from back in November - spend some time over the holidays making your city a bit more interesting.
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:: Mi Ju @SFAI ::

MI JU @ SFAI <-- Mi Ju, who studies here in San Francisco at the Art Institute, emailed over a few images from her latest show which ran in November at the Diego Gallery there at SFAI. She showed at Fecal Face last summer (photos) and will be showing some smaller paintings at FFDG this April 2010. Her work is incredible.
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:: Joshua Longo-Land ::

JOSHUA BEN LONGO <-- The work is a result of my formal training as a Industrial Designer at Pratt Institute, an obsession with monsters and comic book heroes, and my fascination with riding the line between comfort and discomfort. Really like the Monster Skin Chair.
Posted: trippe // 12.23.09 // +1+

:: _+! ::

Anyone know where we could get a copy of Photoshop for a PC without dropping an arm and a leg?! Feel free to let us know- news(at)fecalface.com... It's gotten difficult to find a copy and for some reason ours won't transfer to a new computer like it's done in the past. Small business rates? Art website rates? No rates? In like 15 years never had this kind of trouble... and why the hell isn't there an equal application that isn't $700?!... Love Adobe and can't imagine using anything, but Jesus, $700 is a tad much.
Posted: trippe // 12.22.09 // +10+

:: POV Surfing ::

POV TEAHUPOO SURFING <-- love little cameras and what you can do with them now. By the way, that wave gets massive.
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:: Nicolas Le Borgne ::

We did a mini interview with Odo (aka Nicolas Le Borgne) back in August. He emailed over SOME PHOTOS from his first solo show running now in Bayonne, France.
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:: Brian Barneclo ::

SF artist Brian Barneclo just wrapped up this huge mural in Santa Cruz. He's in the beginning stages of a new massive 600 foot one here in SF at 7th and Townsend called Systems Mural Project... Maybe you've seen his huge mural on the side of Food's Co at Shotwell and 14th?
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:: ClipODay II ::

Was going through some old files and thought we'd start sharing some old skate footage I filmed from way back when here in SF. To start things off, how about some from the London lade, Paul Shier.
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:: MusicODay ::

Got a QUEST FOR FIRE CD in the mail sometime back from Tee Pee Records. These guys hail from Toronto playing Psychedelic rock-ish - feels like Pink Floyd/ heavy. Sounds good so far. Check 'em out... & read more about them on PitchFork.
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:: Song/ClipODay ::

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:: ~_! ::

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:: zzz ::

Keds is now allowing people to custom design their shoes.. Which is an idea that's been done before, only now you can customize everything down to the threads, and it even lets you upload your own images. You can also put them to sale, which is pretty rad. May be the easiest way for an artist to do a shoe.. Remember those rad Urich dunks? I do.
Posted: pesya // 12.19.09 // +1+

:: But the Real Question... ::

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:: Brooklyn's Sat Sundown Showdown ::

SATURDAY BIKE LANE PROTEST <-- Cyclist Heather Loop and at least 50 other bikers plan to take to the former lane in their undies on Saturday and throw off their shirts in opposition to reports of religious leaders' political power play to have the bike lane removed, according to The Brooklyn Paper. Although it looks like cold cold weather and snow... We wanna see those photos... The newspaper, The Brooklyn Paper, suggested the scantily clad protesters might roll into the neighborhood at sundown Saturday - just as families leave synagogue services on the Sabbath.... But then again, MAYBE NOT.
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:: Game of F.E.C.A.L. is set ::

Mark your calendar. Game of F.E.C.A.L. will go down Saturday January 23rd @Wallenberg. Prizes, good times, and details will be posted closer to the date. This is a heads up to you old dudes. Time to work on those flip tricks, boneless ones, hand plants, beer belly... whatever tricks you got to take the squad down... Oh, and we're going to need an official judge this time. After party good times roll. Karate chop!
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:: Opening Night Photos ::

ANDY KEHOE @THINKSPACE IN LOS ANGELES <-- His show featured 19 of his newest acrylic paintings on wood panels, which serve as an outlet for the artist to express his feelings of unrest and anxiety in this all too unstable world we live in. Michael C. Hsiung blogs up Andy's second solo show in sunny LA... Well, maybe not so sunny for his 2nd opening.
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:: 5 Years of Fecal's Photo of the Day ::

WE HAVE 1,822 PHOTO OF THE DAYS WHICH EQUALS TO 5 YEARS OF FECAL FACE'S PHOTO OF THE DAY <-- 10 years of Fecal Face (almost). We're all old and stuff.
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:: Know Your Gay Hanky Code?? ::

Somehow gay hanky codes came up last night while visiting Henry Lewis's studio... Well, here you go --> ALL THE CODES <-- and there are a lot of them... Oh, I know how it came up. Paul Urich is now tattooing right at Castro and Market (Paul, what's the name of the shop?). There was talk of a tribal tattoo circling a man's anus done at the shop? Damn, that can't feel good... or shit, maybe it felt great. Have no idea. --> Dark red = 2-handed fister (left pocket) or 2-handed fistee (right pocket)
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:: Studio 4 Rent ::

SILK SCREEN ARTIST LOOKING FOR A STUDIO TO RENT? <-- saw this on the forums and it comes with just about all the necessary tools for silk screening. Might be a good one to check out. Check some photos. Lots of windows with views.
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:: ClipODay ::

THE FINISHING TOUCH BY P. WILLIAMS <-- Mixed Media installation and performance, Huntington Beach Art Center 2008. Watch the video. Love it. So great.
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:: Rebecca Suss Tonight in Brooklyn ::

Rebecca Suss, a Space 1026 alum and current UC Berkeley MFA candidate, is having an opening for an exhibition of new paintings tonight at WORK Gallery in Brooklyn. Check it out, her work is great.
Posted: alex // 12.18.09 // +1+

:: Kuksi @Joshua Liner ::

KRIS KUKSI @JOSHUA LINER NYC <-- Beasts, Saints, robotic hybrids, and Greek Gods are assembled together to form decadent hive-like dystopias bent on destruction and fevered with lust. J.L. Schnabel reviews Kuksi's recycled toy creations.
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:: ~_!+ ::

STUDIOFOLK.COM <-- illustrations from French based Denis Carrier... Really like the one below!
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:: Audrey Kawasaki ::

AUDREY KAWASAKI @JONATHAN LEVINE IN NYC <-- The 15 new paintings, all composed on wood with oil and graphite and featuring her signature, obsessive explorations of the female form via sleepy eyed, sexually charged femmes, continues on the contradictory themes of innocence and sexual fruition. J.L. Schnabel reviews these sexy girl oil paintings on cutout wood panel.
Audrey Kawasaki in front of her work
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:: Sunset ::

We're sun junkies here @FF, and happy to report that the sun is now officially setting later as of now! It's a slow climb back to sunny days, but at least it's good to know that the sun sets later and later from here on out.
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:: World Cup - South Africa ::

USA V. ENGLAND JUNE 12TH 10:30AM PACIFIC <-- mark your calendars... Where do you plan on watching the match here in San Francisco?
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:: Basel - Miami Look Back ::

Andrew Hosner of LA's Thinkspace emailed over some links to his Miami photos: ART BASEL MIAMI '09 <-- --> AQUA ART MIAMI '09
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:: Lurker Luker ::

JEFF LUKER <-- shot today's Photo of the Day and has a nice grip of work on his site. Nice vibe to his photos.
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:: Travis Louie ::

PHOTOS <-- from NYC based Travis Louie's opening of Lifetime Companions @The Shooting Gallery... This may be one of the best shows we've seen in awhile. Incredible work... Believe it or not, these are acrylic paintings. Nuts stuff.
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:: Free Fridayz: FEVER ::

Be sure to get your Free Fridayz drawings in by this Friday. This week's theme: FEVER <-- and the best drawing will win a copy of Travis Millard's newest zine Tear Jerker.
Jordan Tanner got his Fever themed drawing in already
Travis Millard's newest zine is this week's prize.
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:: Fecal Mail ::

Got a couple great zines in the mail today. CHECK THEM OUT <-- Collect Everything from Toby Reid who's showing right now at Antisocial in Vancouver until Dec 20th. --> And a new one from the Scotland based architect Nigel Peake.
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:: Foto Boooph ::

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:: Side 2 Side @FFDG ::

PHOTOS FROM THE OPENING OF SIDE 2 SIDE @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- a tad bit of rain didn't keep people away as we enjoy this short run group show. Can be viewed Wed-Fri 3-6pm and Sat 12-6pm in SF here.
Henry Gunderson
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:: RIP ::

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:: ~~! ::

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:: Tony Larson ::

Had to add some weight to keep the corners down for the frame it's about to live in
Got this great print mailed to us last week from Tony Larson... Hey Tony, thanks for the print and when's your site going to be ready? -- Check Tony's show @Project X.
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:: Mike Giant ::

and this great coffee stained SF print - edition of 6
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:: XMAS MIX ::

DOWNLOAD TOD SEELIE'S XMAS MIX <-- as well as his previous years' mixes. Thanks, Tod!
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:: Winter Show @White Walls ::

PHOTOS OF WHITE WALLS GROUP SHOW <-- Saturday night the rain was heavy. So we poured an extra glass of wine and called a cab... Heavy hitters and some beginners (or most likely, just people we haven't heard of yet)... Nice mix of work to enjoy on a wintery SF night as we watched our blood alcohol level increase.
Kill Pixie
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:: Emmert William ::

Seattle based Emmert William makes some crazy work.
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:: PhotoODay ::

Mel Kadel emailed this morning: I just got back from NYC and wanted to show you this mural i stumbled upon, on the corner of Prince & Elizabeth. Well, we do believe that's a Travis Millard mural and it looks amazing. Nothing like the city eagle accidentally eating up beer caps.
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:: On The Bay ::

Were out last night sailing about on the San Francisco Bay when The USS Potomac sailed past us. The boat was termed the "Floating White House" when Franklin D. Roosevelt used it throughout his terms as president. Later Elvis bought it and sold it after doing a bunch of pills on it... In 1980 she was involved in drug smuggling and towed to Treasure Island where she sank... Now restored, you can tour it at Jack London in Oakland and even take trips on the Bay... The baddest looking boat on the SF Bay.
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:: Drinks @Dawn? ::

ANDREAS TROLF GETS UP AT DAWN TO HIT UP SOME OF SAN FRANCISCO'S BARS THAT START SERVING AT 6AM <-- You up right now on this Sunday morning? Wanna drink? Here's a sampling.
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:: Whitney Biennial Artists ::

Congrats to SF based Tauba Auerbach for being included in this year's Whitney Biennial. Also congrats to Aurel Schmidt who's also included. We interviewed Aurel way back in 2006. Complete artist list right here.
Tauba Auerbach
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:: Holiday Shows Sat Night ::

Tis the season to get small works for little $$ --> opening tonight are some group shows to find that special unique gift. LITTLE WONDERS @FABRIC 8 - 3318 22nd Street near Valencia (7-10pm) ||| EVERYTHING UNDER $100 @ROOT DIVISION <-- Items for sale include unique drawings, paintings & photographs, handmade jewelry, fair-trade clothing, knitwear made from recycled yarn, silk-screened baby clothes, and much more.
Travis Louie @The Shooting Gallery
TRAVIS LOUIE @THE SHOOTING GALLERY <-- This will mark Louie's first major solo show at The Shooting Gallery with fifteen intimate portraits. 839 Larkin St @Geary 7-11pm ||||| WINTER GROUP SHOW @WHITE WALLS <-- featuring work from a grip of talented folks ----> and upstairs from White Walls, FANEE @GALLERY THREE <-- that's three art shows in the same building. See you there.
Fanee @Gallery Three
SARA THUSTRA @ NEEDLES & PENS <-- also opens tonight with a calendar release, 25 cent jewelry, watches and other goodies expelled from a vending machine? As always Sara's openings also include a free meal if you're hungry and tonight music from Boydie & Jamie - 3253 16th St. @Guerrero 6-9pm
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:: _+! ::

ANA BENAROYA <-- does some nice posters/ design/ illustration work out of Baltimore.
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Okay folks, tonight at SPACE 1026, we're hosting our annual art auction. We've hit up all of our friends who have generously donated artwork, and tonight it all goes up for bidding. There are over a hundred pieces from artists like Andrew Schoultz, Hilary Pecis, Andres Guerrero, Shepard Fairey, Jim Houser, AJ Fosik, Derek Weisberg, Ben Woodward, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Eddie Martinez, Dennis McNett, Jacob Ciocci, Eric Shaw, Matthew Palladino and the list goes on and on. And the opening bid on everything is just five bucks. You can preview some of the items up on the block HERE. This is an in-real-life event only, so if you can not get to Philadelphia by seven o'clock tonight, you're out of luck (New York folks, keep in mind, we are in the same block as the Chinatown Bus stop). Otherwise, if you can make it, doors open at six here at 1026 Arch Street.
Posted: alex // 12.11.09 // +1+

:: The Quiet Life ::

THE QUIET LIFE <-- has a grip of new designs worthy of your $$$ and just in time for Jesus' birthday party.
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:: El Tono in Peru ::

We link up anything El Tono emails us because we love his work. Check some out: I have just returned from Lima, Peru, where I spent the last month working on a show with my fellow artists from the Equipo Plastico. The project developed as we walked around the city and was inspired by our daily routines throughout the month. We put a very complete report about the show on the Equipo Plastico website
El Tono's public space art in Italy
El Tono's public space art in Columbia
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:: Printed II Group Show ::

PHOTOS <-- from Printed II Group Show running down in LA @Crewest Gallery featuring hand printed posters from some of today's most innovative street artists, activists, and designers. words & photos: Michael C. Hsiung
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:: Happy 30th ::

Happy Birthday to Kelly Tunstall who turned 30 yesterday. We got to check out the house that she shares with Ferris Plock and their son Brixton last night, and damn, that's a nice spot. Hopefully they'll let us do a little studio visit in the coming weeks... Oh and the family (minus Brixton for now) will be showing in tonight's show Side 2 Side at Fecal Face Dot Gallery 6-9pm.
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:: Basel Basel Basel ::

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:: Side 2 Side @FFDG ::

Work from Derek Albeck which will be on display at the opening of SIDE 2 SIDE @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY <-- Thursday evening 6-9pm.
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:: Richard Colman prints... ::

Richard has some nice new prints available. They are of the sweetness.
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:: Side 2 Side Opening Thurs @FFDG ::

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:: Calling All Cars - You See This Bike? ::

Got this email from our friend Shawn Barber: "Yesterday, as I was moving things out of my old apartment on clinton park- someone snuck in- stayed there after I left, took a shower, used the new tenants toothbrush!, left their dirty clothes and stole several items- it's completely horrific an undeniably ballsy. They stole my favorite bicycle
A white on one single speed mountain bike, white saddle, lime green front shocks; and a FFDG red sticker and a Rebel 8 sticker on the frames' seat tube... If any Fecal Face members see this bike, please let me know. Below is a photo of the bike when I purchased it, it looks different now with a white seat and a few other different parts, but you would know it if you saw it." -Shawn Barber
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:: Game of F.E.C.A.L. ::

Remember years back when we played a few rounds of S.K.A.T.E. at Wallenberg but renamed it F.E.C.A.L.? I won the first round and Bob K won the second (gotta dig up those photos)... In any case, we're thinking of getting another game going in the next month or so, but first would like to get a sense of interest. Trolf is down as are a few others. You? Leave a comment below to let us know. Fun times with prizes and just dorking around on flat ground. Level of competition? Not at all like this <-- you see the final between Chris Cole and ARod?! Jesus.
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:: Teeeeny Tiny ::

tiny_apt.jpgNYC'S SMALLEST STUDIO APT @175 SQUARE FEET <-- a married couple and 2 cats. Not too bad for only $175,000? I'd go mad.
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:: Joe Sorren Print Sale ::

It's the holidays and there are sales abound. Joe Sorren has some nice prints at 30% off.
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:: Andy Kessler Foundation Saturday ::

ANDY KESSLER MEMORIAL FOUNDATION BENEFIT ART SHOW <-- goes down Saturday @Volcom in NYC featuring work from a grip of talented artists. The show is from 8 pm - Midnight, there will be a silent auction featuring a ton of art, drinks and good times to raise money for a good cause... Kessler was an integral part of graffiti and skate crew The Soul Artists of Zoo York in the late '70s—considered by some to be New York's version of the Z-Boys crew from Dogtown in Santa Monica, Calif. Andy spearheaded many skatepark projects over the years and sadly passed this last summer.
446 Broadway (Between Grand and Howard) - Also open Sunday, December 13th - 11 am - 7 pm
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:: PhotoODay ::

This happy guy appeared by the gallery today.
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:: Sandy Kim - UNPiano Books ::

PHOTOS OF SANDY KIM @EVER GOLD <-- A massive crowd flocks to Ever Gold for the first release from UNPiano Books and to see GIRLS perform in San Francisco.
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:: ClipODay ::

windows-7-burger.jpgHAVE YOU SEEN THE WINDOWS 7 BURGER YET? <-- yum. That's 7 layers of cow beef!!
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:: Herbert Baglione @Fifty24SF Thursday ::

What's the deal? Fifty24SF always hosts their openings on first Thursdays which is great because we hardly ever have an opening on first Thursdays which means we can make their openings... But not this month.
Herbert Baglione
This Thursday Fifty24SF opens a great show from Herbert Baglione of Brazil - who has been a strong interest in the South American graffiti movement for more than ten years. Inspired by Brazil's street culture, Baglione started experimenting with new ways to look at his urban environment of Sao Paulo and provoked dialogue about his fresh perspective on urban artwork.... Stop through FFDG then head up Haight a couple blocks to Fifty24SF. 248 Fillmore St @Haight. 7-9:30pm
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:: holiday sale! just for you! and you! ::

my first sale ever.. in the almost 10 years of publishing faesthetic... just in time for the holidays! 33% off orders of $30 or more, plus a sweet new Dan Funderburgh X Poketo wallet! I love you! Happy holidays!
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:: Brooklyn ::

bike--300x300.jpgWILLIAMSBURG'S HASIDS REMOVE BIKE LANES <-- the drama between the new residents and the old continues... but removing bike lanes because scantily clad hipster cyclists attracted to the Brooklyn neighborhood made it difficult, the Hasids said, to obey religious laws forbidding them from staring at members of the opposite sex in various states of undress... that's kinda screwed up.
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:: Side 2 Side Opening Thurs ::

'Team Picture' by Keith Shore
SIDE 2 SIDE @FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY OPENING THURSDAY 12/10 (6-9PM) <-- above is a piece we got from Keith Shore in the mail yesterday. We'll be previewing the show throughout the day...
Fecal Face Dot Gallery (San Francisco) is happy to announce to opening (Thurs Dec 10, 2009 6-9pm) of Side 2 Side a group show of painting and illustration from San Francisco contemporary artists as well as artists from Los Angeles. This short run show ends Dec 19th.

Artists include: Derek Albeck, Jesse Balmer, Brian Barneclo, Matt Furie, Mike Giant, Henry Gunderson, Jay Howell, Alexis Mackenzie, Mildred, Travis Millard, Ferris Plock, Albert Reyes, Mike Shine, Keith Shore, Kevin Taylor, Kelly Tunstall, and Marco Zamora

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:: Monster Children ::

Out there in Sydney Land? SQUARE GROUP SHOW @MONSTER CHILDREN THURSDAY 12/10 <-- featuring works for under $500, and it's like summer down there too. That's gotta be weird- a summer Christmas. TV doesn't show it that way.
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:: Black to Back and Light ::

PHOTOS <-- from Black to Back and Light w/ work from Jeremy Jansen, Richard Serra, Niall McClelland & Ellsworth Kelly at this Toronto based Clint Roenisch Gallery... Niall has shown with Fecal Face in the past. We're big fans of his work... Impressive artists to show with, Niall!
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CHECK THE SNOW ON MT. DIABLO RIGHT NOW <-- with the Mt. Diablo Cam... Snow in sunny California... Remember '06 when it snowed in SF? First time in 30 years. This guy got some photos.
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:: _+!@ ::

JIMMY TURRELL <-- is a London based illustrator with the Heart agency... The work is a bit familiar, but very nicely well done... His illustration combines handmade collage, drawing and painting alongside digital mark making and my clients to date include Nike, Channel 4, The Guardian, The New York Times, Universal Records, XL Recordings, Tokion, Dazed & Confused, The Prodigy, and Collete Paris.
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:: Queen Anne's Lace ::

It's a beautiful brisk day in NYC. If you're in the City head up to Gallery MC, 549 W 52nd Street (between 10th and 11th Aves), 8th Floor to get your performance art dose from Sandeep Bhuller. The performance begins at 6. More info here.
Posted: julian // 12.06.09 // +1+

:: Nieves Books ::

Nieves Books releases a new zine from Geoff McFetridge & one from Dimitri Broquard... Geoff's is a small collection of some of the work he did for Spike Jonze’s film adaptation of the book Where the Wild Things Are.
Geoff McFetridge
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:: ClipODay ::

DOC ELLIS & THE LSD NO NO <-- might have to be the best thing we've seen online this week.
In celebration of the greatest athletic achievement by a man on a psychedelic journey, No Mas and artist James Blagden proudly present the animated tale of Dock Ellis' legendary LSD no-hitter. Thanks for the more than fantastic link to Bloom Press --> WATCH IT
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:: Opening Photos ::

PHOTOS OF KELSEY BROOKES @QUINT GALLERY <-- Been a fan of Kelsey for years. He's shown in many Fecal Face shows and were happy to get these photos by Tim Hardy this morning to share. Kelsey's shown at many galleries across the globe including LA's New Image Art, participates in RVCA's artist clothing program and hails from San Diego. The show runs till Dec 20th. Quint Contemporary Art in La Jolla, CA.
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:: Dec 10th - Thurs @FFDG ::

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:: Dick Chicken ::

Got this piece in the mail this morning from NYC based Dick Chicken. Thanks, sir (or is it ma'am). In any case, it'll go up in our art room. Who's Dick Chicken? Some love and some hate.
Mailman brings dick
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:: We Are Friction ::

WE ARE THE FRICTION <-- is a new book of illustration and short fiction created by 12 pairs of international writers and illustrators. Very nicely printed thick book which they mailed to us last week. We've yet to crack into the fiction stories, but the illustration work inside looks great. Worth checking out for only 14 English pounds.
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:: Ryan Jacob Smith ::

Got an email from Portland based Ryan Jacob Smith letting us know about a show he's in this Sat in Portland: "Family Quilt 2" - Group Show at Together Gallery - Over 50 artists displaying 2 square pieces of work hung in a quilt-like fashion. Too many talented friends to list, but come by for the opening party, Saturday December 5th from 6-Late. Opening musical performances by Brainstorm and Sielaff/Schonberg.
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For all you Philadelphia art aficionados who did not hop a flight to Miami this week, stop by Space 1026 tomorrow night for the kick off of a week of preview events leading up to our annual art auction, which happens next Friday, December 11th at 7pm. This event helps us keep our doors open and lights on. We have a ton of great donations this year (you can sneak a peak at HERE). Matt Leines, Ben Jones, Andrew Schoultz, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, AJ Fosik, Brian Chippendale, Jim Houser, Hilary Pecis, Caleb Neelon, Eddie Martinez, Joseph Hart and many, many (many) more have all generously donated work and we are getting new donations every few hours. Also tomorrow night, a special performance by SWEATHEART at 10pm. Stop by, all events this week are free so you can save up your money for the auction next Friday.
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:: Miami Miami Miami ::

FF's wonderful NYC Blogger Tod Seelie will be showing in the massive NYC meets Miami Basel's AD HOC ART SHOW IN MIAMI THURS DEC 3 <-- going down in Miami's Design District in the Moore Building. The exhibition opens Thurs, December 3rd, noon to 5pm, with the Opening Reception / Party following that evening from 7pm - 11pm... Check the lineup.
Tod Seelie
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:: UNPiano Books ::

Lots of shows opening this Thursday and weekend. Be sure to check the calendars to view all of them for SF, NYC, and LA... Thursday night be sure to check out --> SANDY KIM @EVER GOLD <-- Our ol' pal Jesse Pollock releases his first book from his UNPiano Books at Ever Gold Gallery down in the TL with photos from Sandy Kim. 441 O'Farrell St (at Jones) 6-9pm w/ music around 8pm.
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:: Fotos ::

Been working on a photo project due today which explains the lack of updates. Almost done and thus more updates on the way... Last week to view Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsh @FFDG. Wed-Fri 3-6pm & Sat 12-6pm.
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:: i made a commercial! ::

check it out! I made a crazy cartoon for television!
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:: _+! ::

DUSTIN AKSLAND <-- this SF based photographer updates his site.
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:: Side 2 Side Opening Thurs Dec 10th ::

Fecal Face Dot Gallery (San Francisco) is happy to announce to opening (Thurs Dec 10, 2009 6-9pm) of Side 2 Side a group show of painting and illustration from San Francisco contemporary artists as well as artists from Los Angeles. This short run show ends Dec 19th.

Artists include: Derek Albeck, Jesse Balmer, Brian Barneclo, Matt Furie, Mike Giant, Henry Gunderson, Jay Howell, Alexis Mackenzie, Mildred, Travis Millard, Ferris Plock, Albert Reyes, Mike Shine, Keith Shore, Kevin Taylor, Kelly Tunstall, and Marco Zamora

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:: Miami Instant ::

INSTANT BLOGGING FROM MIAMI <-- We're sure there are a million people going nuts with their cell phones this Miami Basel... Well, us too from an anonymous source.
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:: ClipODay ::

Love this video.
From Black Mold's debut album "Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz", this video is animated by Chad VanGaalen.
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:: Side Scrolling!!!!! ::

All you artists with portfolio sites that use horizontal scrolling listen up!!!... There's a potential improvement which will make your site so much more enjoyable to browse <-- SIDE SCROLLING <-- is a simple javascript insert which also visitors to use their mouse scroll wheel with your horizontally designed website... Please use it. Seems to work pretty good.
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:: Paris Hecox ::

I don't speak French, so not at all sure what the email says except that December 3rd Evan Hecox will be showing at a gallery in Paris @The Lazy Dog which is a store/ gallery. About.
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:: Piggie Sick Get Kitty Sick?? ::

CATS & DOGS CAN GET SWINE FLU?! <-- even ferrets the poor little fellas.
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:: Cloudy Collection ::

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:: Conserving McGee ::

SFMOMA DISCUSSES RESTORING BARRY MCGEE'S INSTALLATION WORK <-- SFMOMA acquired his untitled installation in conjunction with the SECA Award Show in 1996 and has subsequently twice reinstalled the work. It will go on view again this December as part of The Anniversary Show. Interview with Jill Sterrett, Director of Conservation and Collections.
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:: William Hundley Bite ::

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can Wait <-- new video rips off artist William Hundley... or does he? Maybe Hundley worked on the video or they just stole a bunch of people's ideas to get everyone worked up for extra promotion/ Twitter traffic. Whatever the case, it's a pretty good song/ video. Just hope Hundley got paid... Bryan Derballa clued us in on the video and writes "Did you see this Charlotte Gainsburg/Beck video? The director rips off some of William Hundley's work that I first saw on FF. I believe he rips off a number of other hit images from the internet as well. There's a whole debate. It's an interesting conversation about appropriation. Regardless, the video is pretty dope."
William Hundley
William Hundley bite from the video
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