Brave the snow that is going to start this afternoon (and continue fall forever) to come by Space 1026 for It Was Good While It Lasted, new works by Blake E. Marquis and Justin Van Hoy. 7-10pm.
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:: Ryan De La Hoz Zine Release ::

Tonight, amongst so many other shows, Ryan De La Hoz zine release @Gallery Heist in the TL. Ryan's moved out to Fairfield (near Napa) and KQED did a studio visit. The zine, Residual Energy, is a 24 page 8.5 x 11 full color zine for 9$. The first 10 people to buy one get a free print. There will also be a site specific installation and exhibition. 679 Geary St - 7-late
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:: Tofer Chin @FFDG Feb 11th ::

As all of our shows @FFDG are great and all, we expect this one to be the bee's knees. LA based Tofer Chin explores his mescaline induced youth w/ recurring visual patterns such as stripes, checkerboards, angular spikes and other very simple fractals which can and ultimately do turn very complex. This, en total, surmises the intended shape of Chin's current exploration. - Opening Thurs Feb 11th 6-9pm. 66 Gough St - See photos from his last show @C E R A S O L I gallery in LA.
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:: Arty Art Art ::

Wanna thank the Fecal Pals Ashley Taylor, Megan Wolfe, Sam Owen, and Scott Cooper who, besides us Trippes, will be out and about tonight and this weekend covering many openings throughout San Francisco. Don't let the rain hinder you. Get out and support the arts here in ol' SF and beyond. - SAN FRANCISCO ARTS CALENDAR - NEW YORK ARTS CALENDAR & LOS ANGELES ARTS CALENDAR.
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:: African Apparel ::

Our friends at African Apparel are offering Fecal Face readers a 10% discount. Get our favorite tee below. So good. -->discount code "FECALFACE".
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:: Mike Stilkey's New Print ::

Mike Stilkey's new print Sleeping Horse is now available through BLK/MRKT - $45 - edition of 150 - 24" x 18". Remember the great studio visit Dave Kinsey did for us? so much art out of old books.
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:: Work Of The Day - Mel Kadel ::

We have a couple MEL KADEL WORKS <-- that will be shipped off this weekend. This is your last chance to score some brilliant Mel Kadel <-- did we mention that Mel and Travis Millard will be speaking at this year's Semi Permanent in Sydney as is Fecal Face, i.e. me Trippe. Mar 18-19th.
Meet in the Middle - 11 1/2" (w) x 11 1/2"
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:: Luggage Store Thursday ::

Almost forgot that The Luggage Store continues its Short Cuts Program to identify, support and emerge new and/or young curators with JUMBO PRAWNS ART CLUB OPENING THURSDAY EVENING <-- a group exhibition featuring the work of SCATHA ALLISON, JASON DUNMAN, and JULIAN PRINCE DASH. *custom clothing, raffle, drinks, food + live music hosted by dj izzy b (aka IONA ROZEAL BROWN) - 1007 Market St @6th 6-8pm
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:: Thursday's Openings ::

So many (too many) art shows to see this weekend. We're going to have 5 of us bouncing around trying to cover them all here in SF --> Thursday kicks things off, and we're going to check out TOMOKAZU MATSUYAMA @FREY NORRIS GALLERY which is in the chaos that's 49 Geary on First Thursdays --> and then head over to EVERGOLD TO CHECK OUT PEZ <-- and their recent remodels as they've raised the ceilling --> there is also A VERY LARGE GROUP SHOW @111 MINNA ---><--- RVCA IS ALSO HOSTING A GOOD GROUP SHOW TOO... Seriously, does every gallery really have to have their openings on the same oh so special first weekend of the month?! Way too many good shows worth checking out.
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:: The White Desk - Head Top ::

ANDY FREEBERG'S "SENTRY" <-- SF based photographer's series of reception desks in New York Chelsea galleries. Entitled SENTRY, the images were carefully composed paying special attention to their specific geometries and always included a small detail of the human presence lurking behind them. They really captured the cool, inaccessibility we often feel when we enter these establishments.
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:: :( ::

Autopsy results released this morning in the death of Memphis musician Jay Reatard reveal that he died from "cocaine toxicity, and that alcohol was a contributing factor in his death," according to Shelby County Medical Examiner Dr. Karen E. Chancellor. -More info
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:: Pearl Closing ::

We've heard that Pearl on Market is closing for some time now, but as reported by the Chronicle, the store will close within the next couple of weeks. Pearl sites tough times from online competition and general decline in art everything business. Sounds like it may be a good time to get down there and look for specials... Guess Dick Blick thinks they can do better because they're opening a store just two doors down this summer.
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:: Skullz Press Friday - Last Chance ::

Well, you had your chance, but Friday is going to be the last --> Mike Giant is "having an opening at The Skullz Press this Friday night from 6-9pm. I'm moving out of the space at the end of the month, so this will be the last chance to come party with us. I'll be showing a preview of almost 30 new works, most of which will be headed to Italy for a solo show in Milan that opens Feb 25 (Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea). I've got some new silkscreened editions available Friday night as well. Free beer, as usual! Hope you can make it." -Mike Giant - 260 Divisadero St @Haight 6-9pm
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:: Fecal Face @Sydney's Semi Permanent ::

Just found out that I'm headed to Sydney March 19-20th to speak at this year's Semi Permanent as are our friends Travis Millard and Mel Kadel too... Fun fun... Also speaking will be Ashley Gilbertson, Jasper Goodall, T-world, Jill Greenberg, Jessica Hische, Tin&Ed, Craig Schuftan, with others listed soon. More details coming, but for now, where should we stay? How are the hostels over there? Anyone got a corner on the floor for the Trippe's?

From last year's event
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:: Vote Fecal - Top 100 ::

Juxtapoz is doing a best 100 galleries and spaces and Fecal Face is up there. VOTE FOR FECAL FACE! <-- or whatever gallery you like better... 99 others to choose from and most of those are probably larger than a fish bowl and have a toilet unlike us.
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:: Sailing to an Art Show?! ::

There aren't many galleries that you can sail to, but Swarm Gallery in Oakland allows such an experience. We headed over there Saturday to see Casey Jex Smith's newest works. He showed with Brooklyn based sculptor Sonya Blesofsky & Kansas City based artist Barry Anderson - added bonus was live music from Tunes-Yards --> CHECK OUR PHOTOS & VIDEO
Enroute to Swarm Gallery via the Estuary past the massive cargo ships
Casey Jex Smith
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:: Hand Over Fist ::

HAND OVER FIST @RVCA <-- a group show opens Thursday at this clothing shop/ gallery up in the Upper Haight featuring works by Jason Jagel, Katy Horan, Derek Albeck, Paul Urich, Jessie Rose Vala, Tahiti Pehrson, and Marco Zamora. 1485 Haight St @Ashbury 6-9pm
Marco Zamora
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:: Movie Theater tonight? ::

SF people, go and see the film Inglorious Bastards playing tonight, Tues, and Wed (9pm) at San Francisco's oldest theater, The Roxie - 16th and Valencia. The film is amazing as is the Roxie. Support independent theaters. --- SF INDIE FEST kicks off on Thursday and runs through the 18th with daily screenings..sfindie.com
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:: Damon Soule Feb 12th - LA ::

DAMON SOULE SHOWING AT THINKSPACE FEB 12TH IN LOS ANGELES <-- Modus Alone which can be somewhat previewed by clicking right here. --> damonsoule.com
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