:: Tonight ::

OUR CLOSING PARTY <-- for our 7.5 year anniversary show @111 Minna featuring music from Ral Partha Vogelbacher with DJs Odd Nosdam, Ricky Suede, & Shaun. This is your last chance at seeing our yearly show before it moves out into the world. See, drink, dance, watch, good good. 111 Minna is @2nd and Minna. Map. 8-2am.
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:: *^^` ::

ANKERSTJERNE.CO.UK <-- Thorbjorn Ankerstjerne is 26 years old and from Copenhagen, Denmark. Fresh out of Central Saint Martins with a BA in Graphic Design.
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:: ~+ ::

THISISTHENEWYEAR.COM <-- illustrator & designer Sasha Barr of Seattle.
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:: Garduno ::

KEN GARDUNO <-- Check out the work of this brush and ink illustrator who was an upcoming show at LA's Conference Room Gallery along with painter Ryan Pratt titled Rated PG.
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:: That Smell ::

If you were wondering all yesterday what that smell in San Francisco was.. you weren't wrong. Thanks for the link Sarah.
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:: Dirty Face ::

CLOSING RECEPTION: The Polaroid Kidd @ Needle + Pens <-- Mike Brodie started hopping trains and starting photographing those he traveled with on and off the cars. He's a Fecal favorite and the show ends tonight with a closing reception. 6-9pm... Then next week BILLY CHILDISH.
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:: Fecal Friday!! ::

howell_down2.jpgAndrew is getting investigated by a government agency and Jay Howell got a seat thrown at him while riding down the Mission and ended up going over the bars to a broken collar bone. 2 DJs down for our closing show Friday night. Don't worry because we still got Jesse (aka DJ Ricky Suede) and possibly others... It really doesn't much matter anyway because the great Ral Partha Vogelbacher is playing. So we'll be seeing you on Monday for the closing of our 7.5 Year Anniversary Show @111 Minna. Good times. 8-2am.
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:: Photos ::

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:: Yuck ::

BMX bike? no. Track frame? no. Road bike? no. Penny farthing? no... instead Geoff McFetridge puts his work on a fold out goofy ass thing. Pretty weird. Can't wait till I'm asked to throw some art on my sweet ride... more info.
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:: Buy ::

MAXWELL HOLYOKE-HIRSCH <-- has some nice originals for sale. You should buy something while you still can.
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:: Ryan Rowlett ::

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:: SOS ::

SOS <-- opens Thursday featuring photos from Dustin Aksland & Mathew Scott @Oxen Rose Salon.
Dustin Aksland
Mathew Scott
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:: ClipODay ::

ANTHONY LISTER'S PAINTING PROCESS <-- check our interview we did with him last month.
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:: Blood Moon ::

BLOOD MOON <-- Tonight is the total lunar eclipse. Here in SF shit hits the fan around 3am. Get up and check it out, you space pilot.
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:: Fecal Friday ::

Ral Partha Vogelbacher (download a song) will be playing our closing show this Friday @111 Minna for our 7.5 year anniversary show. If you like Thee More Shallows then you'll like Ral Partha as Dee Kesler of T.M.S. wrote the music for R.P.'s last album Shrill Falcons... We'll most likely have another band play as well as we work out the details... This is our last chance at seeing our best show to date. Andrew from Needles and Pens will be there once again to spin some records. Whoa, that was the last time I've danced and fallen on my face. Good times and a nasty hangover.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Kwon ::

SUE KWON <-- You might know her photos from magazines and books going back quite a while in NYC. Her casual looking style has been keeping us hooked on her features, but we never knew she had a website. Spend a second and check out her work..
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:: Ian Francis ::

PHOTOS <-- from Ian Francis's show that's closing down there at BLK/MRKT as they prepare Gregory Euclide's show (video) which opens there Sept 8th.
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:: Dear Dream Maker ::

PHOTOS <-- from Dave Potes and David Uzzardi's show in NYC entitled Dear Dream Maker that opened last week.
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:: ~` ::

CHRIS ANTHONY <-- check out the Victims and Avengers series under photographs.
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:: Coming to SF ::

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:: ClipODay ::

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I have a friend looking for design temp work here in San Francisco. Have you gone through an agency before? What are your experiences? Who are the best? What should a person avoid? Let's share some info... (need a permanent job? Look here)
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:: Floating ::

Summer's almost done. Quick, jump on a raft and make your way down a river like Nick Wortham did.
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:: SF Photo Dojo ::

Hamburger Eyes Epic Photo Center is offering up quality classes in 35mm color printing/ photo magic tricks and also one in color management. Unfortunately the color printing class was this week, but you can still catch the color management class Saturday. These are sets of 3 hour classes/ basically you get to go to Hamburger Eyes photo camp for only $150... I'd sign up for the color class as soon as they offer it again! Get on it and we'll be sure to give you a better heads up next time!!
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:: Chris Dent ::

CHRISDENT.CO.UK <-- 22 yr old illustrator from London. Oversized street scape illustrations done straight on paper using pen.
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:: Bagdad Bad ::

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:: Kelly & Ferris ::

SUBTERRANEA <-- opens Saturday in NYC at the Fuse Gallery featuring works from SF artists Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock. You can view a lot of the work right here.
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:: Whoa ::

Was lost in Idaho for a few days but am back now... Wow, that was a lot of free booze... Got an email from THE-FLOG.COM which is a LA based site that looks pretty good. Maybe you like?
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:: ClipODay ::

WILLOW DON"T CRY <-- Leslie Hall in some mind blowing-ness. Created by Dungeon Majesty.
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:: Wish List ::

WANTS FOR SALE <-- Two New York artists (one of whom is Justin Gignac) have created a project where they make a piece about something they want and then sell it for the price of that item. We like A Night We Won't Remember sold for $100.
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:: ClipONight ::

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:: Calvin ::

YOU LIKED CALVIN AND HOBBES? <-- You us too. So good. A web archive of all of the Calvin Hobbes comics published from 1985 to 1995.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Travis & Mel ::

STUDIO VISIT WITH TRAVIS MILLARD AND MEL KADEL <-- Tony Larson and Andy Muller get a tour of the artist's home/ studio in the hills of LA.
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:: Jeremy & Claire Weiss ::

DAY 19 POLAROID PROJECT <-- first off, congrats to Jeremy & Claire Weiss on having a baby due in December!!... and also be sure to check out their Polaroid Project where they've shot 4X5 polaroids of people they think are doing good creative things in the world and the project will be shown here in SF @Adobe Books on September 6th. Details.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

Posted: skirvin // 08.19.07 // +1+

:: Ghahremani ::

BOYGIRLPARTY.COM <-- The work of California artist Susie Ghahremani who has a show opening tonight at GRNY.
Posted: jesse // 08.18.07 // +1+

:: Helvetica ::

We get obsessed with fonts all the time, so we are thrilled to see the release of the new film Helvetica. The film looks at the proliferation of the font as it celebrates it's birthday in 2007. It will be screening at the YBCA in October and you can see clips here.
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:: ClipODay ::

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:: Underskatement ::

UNDERSKATEMENT CALL FOR ENTRIES <-- the longest and best running skater made film festival is looking for submissions for this year's show sponsored by Slap Magazine. Get 'em in by Sept 15th! underskatement.com
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:: _~+ ::

TAYLOR MCKIMENS <-- Somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd dimension.
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:: E.F. Richardsom ::

BUSYMONSTER.CA <-- work of Errol Richardson from Toronto... Wish there were more artists' websites like this one. Good work/ simple website.
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:: *`+ ::

NISH.NET <-- Steve Nishimoto lives and works in NYC. Goods: X - X - X - X - X
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:: Ocean Bound ::

Off sailing to the Farallon Islands on Wednesday. Will bring back photos from the adventure on Thursday. Wish us luck. It's our first real ocean voyage... friends need not worry. We're not taking our shit box but will be on a friends 41 foot boat.
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:: Musica ::

This is what we're listening to right now. Over an hour of the good while we do the working.
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:: ClipODay ::

ANIMARIS RHINOCER TRANSPORT <-- good and creepy... you can view more here.
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:: Fish and Yumiko ::

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:: Typecuts ::

Lettering can make you happy.
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:: The Journal ::

The Journal is a quarterly art and culture magazine. It's been out for awhile, but WE CHECK OUT THIER 20TH ISSUE that also came with THIS DASH SNOW & LEO FITZPATRICK ZINE.
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:: The Mall ::

THE MALL - "EMERGENCY AT THE EVERYDAY" <-- we have only a small number of these vinyl records. Get one while supplies last, and if you're in NYC and see any of the fellas, tell them Fecal Face says hi or if you have the chance to see them live, do it. Makes us sad that they've done left SF. Check their Myspace page.
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:: Sunday Morning Movies ::

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:: Tonight ::

If you're in Los Angeles tonight, make sure you check out Fecal favorite Aiyana Udesen's show Predator opening at Show Cave.
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:: BBQ ::

This Sunday at Triple Base they decided to host their dinner lecture series summer bbq style. From 12-6, go hear artist Kyle Mock talk about his current show Do Not Disturb, while eating bbq and drinking (lemonade?). Yeah Summer.
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:: ClipODay ::

JIM HENSON'S 1965 TIME PIECE <-- Dislocation in time, time signatures, time as a philosophical concept, and slavery to time are some of the themes touched upon in this nine-minute, experimental film, which was written, directed, and produced by Jim Henson-and starred Jim Henson!
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:: Saturday ::

This Saturday at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley is Home Movie Day. It's a pretty rad event where people bring in their home movies: super 8, 8 mm, 16mm etc. and screen them. It's lots of fun and it's during the day so you can still go to all the great art shows that night.
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:: Jason Mecier ::

Joy went and checked out Jason Mecier's Celebrity Junk Drawer show at Minna and brings us PHOTOS.
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:: ClipODay II ::

CLINKIN' DRINKS <-- Aesop and Fish discuss the finer things in life on this great talk show.
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:: ClipODay ::

DRAWING IN PROGRESS <-- Trent Call emailed this one on over to us. You got one? Send us the link! news(at)fecalface.com
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:: Lister ::

ANTHONY LISTER @FIFTY24SF <-- It ran in July, but better late than never... our anniversary show done through us off a bit.
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:: "cleaned up" ::

Maybe you MISSED THIS ARTICLE on Warm Water Park. This is what it USED TO LOOK LIKE (scroll down), and my question is, you can't walk your kids through the park because of some drawings on a wall?! Please.
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:: Dream Makers ::

If you are in New York tonight, be sure and stop through Norge Gallery and check out the show Dear Dream Maker. The show is all photos by Dave Potes and David Uzzardi. Namesake will preforming too.. it will be good times. See you there.
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:: Fecal Photos ::

SOME PHOTOS <-- from the opening of our 7.5 Year Anniversary show/ party last Thursday at 111 Minna. Hectic times. There's a lot of them.
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:: Poddy ::

Chris Von Szombathy sent us a CD of the music he makes as Audio Ahdeo Awdio and we like it so we added a track to OUR PODCAST for you to check out. Contact Chris through his Myspace page and get the CD. It's good.
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:: WallSpankers ::

WALLSPANKERS.COM <-- this great PDF sticker zine releases it's fourth/ 1 yr anniversary mega issue, and we're finally sober after our big 7.5 anniversary show that went down last week. We'll be posting some photos later today. If you got any, send them on over to us- news(at)fecalface.com
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:: Bonds ::

Whether he's a scapegoat for steroids or not, the dude makes baseball history and it happened in our city of San Francisco!! Go Barry!!
We went and saw the Simpson's film with friends after watching the two Bonds at bat. 15 minutes after leaving the house he hits it. Found out while on the way to the film (on the cell above).
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:: RobStock ::

BRYAN'S ROBSTOCK ENTRY <-- maybe have to go down as one of the best photographed and entertaining blogs ever to go up on Fecal Face. Nice one, Bryan!
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:: _+~ ::

MATT BURDEN <-- these two below would make nice Antihero graphics.
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:: Photos ::

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:: Buildings ::

Posted: trippe // 08.07.07 // +2+

:: NYC Gonz ::

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:: Ording ::

KELLY ORDING <-- Kelly has a new show up right now at Adobe Books that you should go see. Check out her work if you haven't had a chance yet.
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:: ClipODay ::

THEY PAINTED OVER THE DOGPATCH <-- anyone go down there to see this? Bummer...
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:: Sol ::

AMY SOL <-- Great work from this Las Vegas-based artist and illustrator. If you want to see more, she has a show coming up at the Copro Nason gallery in Santa Monica that looks to be good.
Posted: jesse // 08.04.07 // +1+

:: ClipODay ::

UNKLE: RABBIT IN YOUR HEADLIGHTS <-- Was trying to save this one for Sunday Morning Movies, but I like it too much to wait. It's old for sure, but it needs to be seen if you never saw it.
Posted: jesse // 08.04.07 // +1+

:: Geeruggle ::

Whoa, that show was some good times and I'm damn hung over and am going to bike around the city all day relaxing after that one. Going to see the POLAROID KID AT NEEDLES AND PENS and to check out MAT O'BRIEN'S BOOK RELEASE AT ELEANOR HARDWOOD tonight... Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the retarded line out front. The Dodos were so damn good and the art was fantastic and Minna was way too nice and gave me way too many shots of Fernet. Artists were in town. Fuck-n-a... Way too good... IF YOU GOT ANY PHOTOS FROM LAST NIGHT, PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO US - news(at)fecalface.com. We need some! It was a blur.
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:: 7.5 Years!! ::

7.5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF FECAL FACE Thursday Night @111 Minna <-- OMG, this show is hands down the greatest Fecal Face show we've ever had the pleasure to put on. The work is so fucking good, The Dodos are one of our favorite bands, and Andrew from Needles and Pens along with Jay Howell are going to be DJing. This is a show not to be missed. I am so overwhelmed with the quality of the work being shown... So come on down to 111 Minna, and sssshhhh, but we're going to be giving away Fecal Face tees at the door until they run out for FREE. All this good good for a $2 donation and this is, to be honest, is this month's rent for me (or at least some of it). See you there. All the fun goes down from 5pm till 2am... whoa.

ART FROM: Andrew Schoultz (SF), Alexis Mackenzie (SF), Brendan Monroe (Berkeley), Chris Pew (SF), Chris Von Szombathy (Vancouver), Christofer Chin (LA), Cody Hudson (Chicago), Corey Arnold (Portland), Edward Woodley (Sydney), Ferris Plock (SF), Gregory Euclide (Minneapolis), Jay Howell (SF), Jeremy Fish (SF), John Casey (Oakland), John Copeland (NYC), Keith Shore (New Jersey), Kelly Tunstall (SF), Kelsey Brookes (San Diego), Kill Pixie (Sydney), Kyle Ranson (SF), Lukas Geronimas (Vancouver), Mars (SF), Mat O'Brien (SF), Matt Furie (SF), Maya Hayuk (NYC), Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch (SF), Mel Kadel (LA), Michael Sieben (Austin), Michelle Blade (SF), Mike Giant (Albuquerque), Mike Maxwell (San Diego), Monica Canilao (Oakland), Niall Mcclelland (Vancouver), Paul Schiek (Oakland), Paul Urich (SF), Robin Williams (NYC), Sam Flores (SF), Saelee Oh (LA), Tessar Lo (Ontario), Travis Millard (LA)

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:: Buy Art ::

I wish they wrote these kinds of articles when we were doing Low Gallery!... thanks for the link, Nat.
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:: Augustine ::

STEFANIE AUGUSTINE <-- Artist and illustrator living in New York. Great video on the site as well under the 'misc' section.
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