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Posted: fecalface // Thu. 11:08PM // 10.30.08 //


Fecal Face Dot Gallery is closed for the big night... My drawing
skills are fucking gnarly! -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 8:06PM // 10.30.08 //


So many books came in the last couple of days. Many reviews coming
next week. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 10:44AM // 10.30.08 //


A boy and his butt. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 9:31PM // 10.29.08 //


...is in town.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 1:05AM // 10.29.08 // +1+

Happy o'clock

Good food rivaled only by a happy cat


Posted: fecalface // Tue. 9:27PM // 10.28.08 //

Dinner Thirty

Man, brown rice and chicken is the best dinner ever. A long day
today... Wine and reading for tonight. Reading a book on Sing Sing... -

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 9:08PM // 10.28.08 //


George Foreman grill and some Trader Joes chicken with brown rice
makes for a most excellent dinner... Wedding gift George does some
lean meat cooking.-Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 8:03PM // 10.28.08 //


I didn't get the photo I wanted... Love when dogs are sitting in seats
upright. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 1:56PM // 10.28.08 //


Matt Furie & Aiyana Udesen a few months back.

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 8:47AM // 10.28.08 //


Love the change in the weather. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 10:01AM // 10.27.08 //


Days off rule... BBQ on the boat in the Sausalito harbor. Can't see SF
due to the fog. Some of the people who live on their boats out here
are some scary ass looking meth heads. Time to put the chicken on -

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 4:05PM // 10.26.08 //

Puppies & Babies

Captain and Rune reuniting at the Bozic art show (Ohh, and Julis too).
Must me be getting old, we're surrounded by puppies and babies at the
art show.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 9:10PM // 10.25.08 //

Aquatic Park

Just saw this down at Aquatic Park. Some things are nice to look at -

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 1:43PM // 10.25.08 //


Try working in a gallery all day with the words Fecal Face sprawled
across the front window. People get a real hoot out a gallery with
such a funny name... We're going with the show's title from here on
out. -trippe

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 2:24PM // 10.24.08 //

Devil Cat

John tapped into his inner demon a few months ago at Sadie's Flying
Elephant while attending Wolfe's birthday.

Sent from Matt Irving

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 9:17AM // 10.24.08 //

Door Signs

I like these door signs by Adam McEwen.

Sent from Matt Irving

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 8:38AM // 10.23.08 // +1+

The Boot

Matt took the boot last night from Suppen Kuche. Ever have one?
Remember to keep the boot pointed down or else you're going home
smelling of German beer. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 6:00PM // 10.22.08 // +1+


Just passed this Walgreens window display on Gough. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 8:04PM // 10.21.08 //


Irving bday golf. We suck but it's rad times! -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 6:15PM // 10.21.08 //

The Acorn

Howie Tsui from The Acorn stopped in the gallery just now. See their
show tonight at The Hemlock here in SF. Great music! -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 3:29PM // 10.21.08 //


I have a stupid cold and am trying to hydrate- pounding water. My goal
is pee clear by 4pm. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 1:57PM // 10.21.08 //

Rental Cars

Our car is in the shop, so I booked a truck with Enterprise at $15.00
a day. Some kind of weekend web special that they have going on. Went
to pick it up this morning and they had completely overbooked, even
after they'd called the night before to confirm everything. I stayed
calm and explained how badly the situation sucked and the Enterprise
guy gave us a Mercedes in exchange. Weird, but fun, but weird because
we were really looking forward to going camping in Yosemite with a
truck. Ohhhh bummer, I'm going to take it off-road for sure!

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 5:21PM // 10.18.08 //

Diamond Dave

Just met Diamond Dave ('07 SFBG Best of the Bay Winner "Local Hereos") who stopped in the gallery. Guy had a lot to
say. Very interested in the whole "Mission Art Movement"... Listen for
him on Pirate Cat radio Fridays. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 2:32PM // 10.18.08 //

Smoke up

It was a long night. -Jessica

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 10:56AM // 10.18.08 //

Film Review

Do not go and see the film Morning Light by Dysney. Horrible. I don't
care if you sail or not. Worst piece of trash ever... We left early to
play cards on our "yacht". Ghrahm!!!!

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 1:14AM // 10.18.08 //


Outside Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch & Saelee Oh on Market. A lunch time treat. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 2:32PM // 10.17.08 //

SFO Taxi Parking

I've always loved this vantage point and been meaning to shot a legit
photo if it. iPhone photo will have to suffice for now.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 1:27PM // 10.17.08 //

Sewer Dwellers

I stumbled on this the other day and thought of Aurel Schmidt's
paintings. Lots of heroin needles around 16th. Loads of fun for people
wearing sandles... Hence why I don't wear sandles.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 1:15PM // 10.17.08 //


Cleaning out the old Fecal Face HQ. I hate carpet and dust. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 11:43AM // 10.17.08 // +1+


Jessica Trippe burning the midnight oil as we prepare for Tiffany
Bozic's show opening Saturday, Oct 25th. -The Other Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 9:08PM // 10.16.08 //


My daily view. Fucking sun blasts in here this time of day. Sweatin'
up in here. Can't wait for the sun to set and crack a beer. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 4:54PM // 10.16.08 //

Back in SF

It's nice having responsible ladies taking care of our little ones
while we're away. Time to take over so they can get back to work. Jet-
lagged coffee at Dynamo with young Busenitz (eating a Thunder Truck)
and young Irving (the furry one). Check out Dennis' cover of Slap,
Rune is in the process of taking a shit on it.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 1:06PM // 10.16.08 //


At the Tokyo airport I remembered that John Trippe quit smoking.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:59PM // 10.16.08 //


This dog is doing it up for a little bit of shopping in Harajuku.
Apparently it works, check out his girlfriend in the back.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:56PM // 10.16.08 //


Tokyo... the place where you say "holy shit" every five minutes.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:48PM // 10.16.08 //


Not Dennis' glasses either.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:46PM // 10.16.08 //


Not my glasses. - Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:45PM // 10.16.08 //


Latte art from the future. This Jack Skelington was my breakfast while you
guys were out partying like it was yesterday... Because it was
yesterday. -Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:42PM // 10.16.08 //


This was a nice little place to spend your mornings when on a skate
tour. Breaking away from the herd can be a good thing for you longterm
sanity. -Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:40PM // 10.16.08 //


Border Collies 4 Sale. - Matt Irving

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:28PM // 10.16.08 //


Geoffrey Todd Smith at FFDG.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:14PM // 10.16.08 //


Everett and Jones in Oakland. Shit, we're stuffed!

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 7:49PM // 10.15.08 //


Oakland for BBQ yes!!!

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 6:40PM // 10.15.08 //


Over to Oakland for Everett and Jones BBQ... Shit's so good!

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 6:37PM // 10.15.08 //

SF Bay

Work's for jerks... Mrs. Trippe enjoying a day off.

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 4:54PM // 10.15.08 //


Day off.

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 1:12PM // 10.15.08 //


Bram and I share our wedding rings to create a duel wedding monster!

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 12:04AM // 10.15.08 //


Schoultz at 821

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 10:40PM // 10.14.08 //


Pints with Dick. Clocked out. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 10:22PM // 10.14.08 //


Too early to be 3 deep? Working late and it's smart with some anchors.

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 9:19PM // 10.14.08 //


Gabe's the first to use our tiny ass desk space down here at Fecal
Face HQ. - Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 4:35PM // 10.14.08 // +1+


Just a normal Monday night building walls in art galleries. The beer
and power tool combo works.

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 7:12PM // 10.13.08 //


Working at FFHQ about to start yet more deal building. It never ends
this growing.

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 4:20PM // 10.13.08 //

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