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Future father in law gift. Book review coming soon.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 10:47PM // 09.18.08 //

Get 'er Done

NASCAR high heels?!

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 4:02PM // 09.18.08 //


Midnight shoot fest

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 12:17AM // 09.13.08 //


Joke... I jelly my dick up your ass:

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 11:39PM // 09.12.08 //

Johnny g

Johnny's here!

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 11:28PM // 09.12.08 //


I'm already pretty drunk in the mountains. friends are buying meat and
booze at the store down the road. So much stress preparing for a
wedding and keeping on with work. It's nice to relax without Fecal
cares right now. Some really pretty French music on the radio. I'm
happy next to the fire drinking Fernet.

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 7:51PM // 09.12.08 //


At the bachloer house. My friends are too awesome. I drink by the fire
as they shop for meat. I listen to the rushmore soundtrack. Life is
great. Ducking A balls.

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 7:41PM // 09.12.08 //


Just got here

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 7:05PM // 09.12.08 //


Naps, Road and bad jokes... Oh... and Fernet.

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 6:01PM // 09.12.08 //


All dudes

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 3:36PM // 09.12.08 //


Irving picked me up. We're off!

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 3:15PM // 09.12.08 //


Gotta have faith in our postal service... Yeah our address is 66
Gough, but wrong country.

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 4:16PM // 09.10.08 //


Down comes Mike Shine's show @FFDG.

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 6:49PM // 09.09.08 //


We saw this guy on a walk in Half Moon Bay choking on fish guts a
fisherman threw out. He could hardly breath, trying to squawk, wings limp
and was looking close to death as we're a foot from him... Half hour later, on our
way back, we found him dead. Eyes open, body limp, with a hint of breath.
RIP seagull... Death is weird.

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 1:27AM // 09.08.08 //


Driving down hwy 1... No phone reception.

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 1:13AM // 09.08.08 //


Sunday in Pacifica. We think we saw Pesya.

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 10:12PM // 09.07.08 // +1+

Dance Party

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 10:08PM // 09.07.08 //


These guys rode by FFDG just now.

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 2:38PM // 09.07.08 //


Stopped by HQ to add a sign.

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 2:20PM // 09.07.08 //


Hacking up the vestiges of inner mucus from the last bit of smoking. I
quit two weeks ago and smoked light American spirits like 5 a day. My
mom died of lung cancer. Smoking no good. I gagged on mucas a few
times. Ugh.

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 1:54AM // 09.07.08 //


Looking fir food and this rabbi sucks. Jesus time!

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 1:48AM // 09.07.08 //


Back at n&p as the show tara o'neil's show is wrapped up. Beer time.
So warm out!

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 12:03AM // 09.07.08 //


I'm being calledhe biggest dork for blogging on my iPhone. I am. Yes.
For sure. Tecate!! - Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 10:01PM // 09.06.08 //

Chris Pew @Receiver

Hilary Pecis show.

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 9:56PM // 09.06.08 //

Urich Pants @N&P

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 9:46PM // 09.06.08 //

The Breeze and Drew @N&P

Tecate good at Needles. Off to Receiver. Pale Horse freaking great!!

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 9:21PM // 09.06.08 //


Posted: fecalface // Sat. 8:52PM // 09.06.08 //


Still working on the old Fecal. Off to N&P in a few minutes then to
Receiver. Adam C. photo! - Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 7:37PM // 09.06.08 // +1+

Night Out

Just getting ready to head out to see some art in SF. Tecates are always
cold at Receiver. Hilary Pecis work is looking great. First going to check
out the impromptu closing party TONIGHT for Cackle Cackle Rackle with
a free in-store musical performance by Tara Jane Oneil & Pale Hoarse.
Starts around 7PM @Needles & Pens... Cha. Cha. Cha. - Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 5:26PM // 09.06.08 //


Posted: fecalface // Sat. 5:01PM // 09.06.08 //

Yep Yep


Posted: fecalface // Sat. 4:53PM // 09.06.08 // +1+

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