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Santa is here at Fecal Face right now and he bares tasty wine wine-
gifted by the fine folks @knowine.com. Thanks, guys. Come to our Jay Howell print release this Friday for a taste of this good good. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 2:50PM // 11.30.08 //

Drink Times

Tony Larson emailed over this old illustration of me boozing it up. Dude's talented. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 2:36PM // 11.30.08 //


We might be the only gallery open this weekend. Stop in either Saturday or Sunday from 12-6pm. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 2:07PM // 11.29.08 //


The cool thing about holidays is going home and seeing early photos of
your wife. Just saw thos photo of Mrs. Trippe at age 9. Awesome! -Mr.

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 1:36PM // 11.27.08 //


Marin fungas... Happy turkey day everyone -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 12:03PM // 11.27.08 //

Cal Academy

It's been re-opened for a while now bit I've been avoiding the masses.
Sounds like it's managable now ans well worth it.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 1:56PM // 11.25.08 //


Some nice script on Market I just came across -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 1:36PM // 11.25.08 //


Travis Millard did the illustrations for this informative new book
which comes with an audio guide.. More details on Fecal Face soon. -

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 6:27PM // 11.24.08 // +1+

Good morning...

... Mr. Obama!

Sent from Matt Irving.

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Posted: fecalface // Sat. 2:49PM // 11.22.08 //

Land hooooo!

Lindsay skippering the SS Bernal through the soupy San Francisco fog.

Sent from Matt Irving

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 4:18PM // 11.20.08 //


Detail of Mars Faesthetic Magazine cover piece that we're showing
tonight as part of Titanium Expose. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 10:33AM // 11.20.08 //


Just opened Anthony Lister's work and they're fucking awesome as
always. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 1:22PM // 11.19.08 // +2+



Posted: fecalface // Wed. 12:47PM // 11.19.08 //


The joys of taking down and setting up a new show has begun. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 5:01PM // 11.18.08 // +1+

Soul Jam

Get your week started off right.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 8:40AM // 11.17.08 //


We just went under the new Bay Brdige. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 12:02PM // 11.16.08 //

Captain Moth Hunter

Late night moth hunting with Captain. His favorite thing in the world.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 1:37AM // 11.16.08 //


Still warm 2 night in sf. Great night. Tats -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 1:43PM // 11.15.08 //

Warm Night

San Francisco from up the hill on this warm ass night. Beers and
friends. Most excellent. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 10:55PM // 11.14.08 //


The Irving's Australian tree frogs: Monster (blind/ foreground) &
Pancake -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 10:32PM // 11.14.08 //


Isaac stopped in the Fecal gallery just now. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 8:24PM // 11.14.08 //


It's hot and amazing at Ocean Beach right now. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 2:05PM // 11.14.08 //

Obama Candle?

Just saw these bad boys for sale at Green Arcade on Market. They have
like a 3 foot tall one to. Haha -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 4:08PM // 11.13.08 //


This car feels like Cuba and I've never been there. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 5:57PM // 11.12.08 // +1+

Old men

Wed golf times. Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 3:25PM // 11.12.08 //

Motivational t-shirt

Saw this t-shirt this morning, so I asked the guy wearing it if I
could shoot a photo. Turns out that it's his construction and handyman
company and he designed the logo with his buddy. We're going to meet
back up this week so I can grab one of these shirts. I figured it's
the ultimate t-shirt for pretty much anything... Like going skating,
or golfing, or going out at night, or working on projects, or pretty
much anything. Awesome motivational t-shirt, it's time!

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Wed. 8:23AM // 11.12.08 // +1+


Beers and burgers with Paul Urich as we prepare for January's show at
Fecal Face -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 1:32PM // 11.11.08 //


Might have found a new cheap Chinese food dinner spot. Should know
better after dinner though. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 7:50PM // 11.10.08 //


Angel island lying with the deer. Warm and it feels great -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 4:42PM // 11.09.08 //

Gallery Guest

Satva came through the Fecal gallery just now. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 2:54PM // 11.08.08 //


Matt Furie's here dropping off his work for our next show: Titanium

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 7:25PM // 11.07.08 // +1+


My "fighting" drinking shirt. Should have had it on last night. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Fri. 1:55PM // 11.07.08 //


Ferris Plock just stopped through. Check his Denver show with Kelly
Tunstall at Limited Edition Gallery. See you at Minna tonight. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 5:37PM // 11.06.08 //


Had to buy a wrentch this morning from Joe at the best hardware store
on Mission between 24th & 25th. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Thu. 10:37AM // 11.06.08 //


Many of my dearest friends huddled around a laptop watching Obama's
acceptance speech. Very exciting day today, indeed. So stoked!!!

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 9:41PM // 11.04.08 //


Jay Howell & Gabe Scott just stopped through like right now like!! -

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 3:48PM // 11.04.08 //



Manuel got his vote on this morning.

Posted: trippe // Tue. 1:39PM // 11.04.08 //


I voted in this room while sitting on the floor. They only had 4 of
those private table things. Strange watching people vote next to each
other/ 6 people to a table. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 12:53PM // 11.04.08 //


Time to get into that school building/ community center/ church and
get your vote on! -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Tue. 10:13AM // 11.04.08 //


Mario is the best. This was from the FFDG benefit show a while back.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 11:47PM // 11.03.08 //

Towel Lameness.

This really has nothing to do with towels, I just like these colors

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 11:44PM // 11.03.08 //

Best Ramp in Guernville.

See? I told you it was good. Even Beernuts says so.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 11:41PM // 11.03.08 //

Best Ramp in Guernville.

We scoped this ramp out a month earlier while on Trippe's bachelour
party at the Russian River. It looked so good that we had to go back.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 11:39PM // 11.03.08 //

Vote Thirty

Last minute vote study. So many issues to fine tune on. Wine, Poo (my
cat), wife, CNN, and my favorite pen. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 10:27PM // 11.03.08 //


Watching it now and Obama won the first small town of dicksville New
Hampshire (21 votes Obama to 6 votes for McCain) polls opened at midnight. -

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 9:16PM // 11.03.08 // +1+

It's on

They're voting in New Hampshire... Here we go. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Mon. 9:10PM // 11.03.08 //


Benny Gold and Bryan Derballa stopped through. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 9:09PM // 11.02.08 //

Amazing Manual Pad

This thing is just waiting for someone talented to skate it. Banked
corner manual pad? A bit of bondo on those cracks and Daewon or MJ
would be happy for days.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 12:57AM // 11.02.08 // +1+


Exploring town in the rain today and stumbled on this carpet swatch to
show all of the available colors. It's all one piece, and probably the
coolest carpet I've ever seen in my life. Now I just need to figure
out a way to steal it.

Sent from Matt Irving.

Posted: fecalface // Sun. 12:50AM // 11.02.08 //

Gold Dust

Yep, we're hanging with those guys.-Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 9:11PM // 11.01.08 // +1+


That'd be a great band name. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 7:52PM // 11.01.08 //


Come into the gallery and get a pin. -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 7:10PM // 11.01.08 //


Mike Shine dinner oh so Chicago tasty! -Trippe

Posted: fecalface // Sat. 3:16PM // 11.01.08 //

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