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+Orientalisms 'R Us

asian_m.jpgASIANSART.ORG <-- a cultural intervention that's targeting the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Anonymous guerrilla artists are registering their protest via look-alike flyers and a content-rich website that combine parody and incisive critique to point out how the samurai warrior mythos is being exploited for box office returns in a time of war. Japanese Studies scholars as well as a curator from LA County Museum of Art have validated the parodists' concerns, and even the Asian Art Museum's own chief curator has acknowledged their concerns as legitimate. more info: Artist and educator's insightful take, puts it in context | Asian Studies faculty echo their concerns: the Japan History Group blog | Major museum's curator of Japanese art responds | Artsjournal.com's Real Clear Arts blog asks "What should the museum do?" | Interview on 8Asians.com | Hard Knock Radio interview


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