9/11 - James Reka & Hiroyasu Tsuri @Stolen Space (London)

Loving on Melbourne-born, Berlin-based artist James Reka's newest works which will be on display at London's Stolen Space on Sept 11th alongside Japanese Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TWOONE.

James Reka working on new work for his 9/11 Stolen Space show, London

James Reka working on new work for his 9/11 Stolen Space show, London

Work by James Reka

Work by James Reka

Beautiful painting by Hiroyasu Tsuri

Beautiful painting by Hiroyasu Tsuri

Sickboy Interview - Show Opening 7/25 +London

‘Make It Last Forever’ is the title of the forthcoming solo exhibition by “UK street art pioneer” Sickboy, at Lazarides Gallery in London opening Friday, July 25th. 

Our friend and frequent FF contributor David Shillinglaw caught up with him before the big show featuring "misses, haphazardness, the longevity of art versus its creator."

I have known Sickboy for a few years and he is somewhat of a trickster. He is difficult to pin down. The man and his artwork slip and slide from canvas to caravan. A shape shifter and adventure painter, traversing Gambian mangroves and Indian slums as well as the less tropical streets of London and Bristol. The art is loaded with references that never fail to bend my mind toward humorous and psychedelic directions, a mash-up of familiar and foreign signs. I enjoy getting lost in the strange and colourful universe Sickboy creates; there is a golden thread throughout that no matter how cryptic and coded is always ready to make me smile.

We have both been away and on the run for the last few months, but with the help of various forms of telecommunications we managed to share a few words, images and a soundtrack to the new body of work. -David Shillinglaw


DS: thanks for sending over photos. Looks like you've been having fun, how long you been in Barcelona? and why did you go to Barcelona in the first place.

SB: I woke up on new years day in the countryside without a hangover and thought it would be good to switch things up this year and get in the daylight stroke my hand in the ocean and rub garlic all over my teeth, I have been coming here for years and have good friends like Zosen, Max Rippon, Mina Hamada, Leon Kafre all going in deep on the art so I thought I’d join them while I created my show "Make It Last Forever" for Lazarides 

DS: You have been making a new body of work for the next London show. Tell me a little about the show. Where does the title come from? Make it last forever? Make what last forever? 

SB: It is a show about ephemera, life’s near misses, haphazardness, the longevity of art versus its creator, 

I am working on such an intense installation since I teamed up with a fabricator out here in Spain, and the canvas work to install ratio is really magnetised to my current most enveloping tangibility

DS: What you had for breakfast?

SB: Last nights dreams

DS: I know you have a strong appetite for rare soul and disco groove. Can you share some musical delights?




Press Release for the upcoming show opening July 25th in London: Sickboy’s return to London with a full-scale exhibition celebrates a poignant embodiment of the artist’s inspirations to date.

Seeking to freeze-frame life’s ephemeral nature in the form of vivid, forward-thinking paintings, sculpture and installation, Make It Last Forever presents the unconventional artist’s most cohesive showcase to date. Utilising a variety of mediums Sickboy has been able to curate an array of personal assemblages, between his London and Barcelona studios, into an intimate and thought- provoking new body of work.

“Since I can remember I have been collecting objects of personal interest and categorising them to give the sum of objects a new story amongst their interchangeable juxtaposition, anything from a Disney character jilted by the ages to inanimate objects of beauty found on the street, jewels amongst the trash or gifts from the good people in my life. A good find always excited the inner child and pushes the story teller within me forward.” – Sickboy, 2014

For more info on the show, check here.

Adam Batchelor ~ Recent Works

English illustrator/ artist Adam Batchelor emailed over some recent works that were recently on display as part of the group show ANOINT at London's Outsider's Gallery. The show also featured works from Antoine Correia, Billy Norrby, Bill Dunlap, Cyclops, and Margherita Marzotto.
The show ran through June 7th, but for fun, here's some of the PR: Anoint will feature the return of rapidly evolving painters, Cyclops and Bill Dunlap, alongside new artists to The Outsiders roster who are currently pushing the boundaries of their practice and peers. From Antoine Correia's dark and alluring expressive paintings to Adam Batchelor's intricate realist illustrations, this specially curated body of work crosses a variety of mediums and styles, celebrating ambitious and forward-thinking new talent as we embark on the spring season.


Eric Yahnker's "Sticks & Drones" at London's Paradise Row

LONDON --- LA based Eric Yahnker is one of our favorite contemporary artists, and his current show at London's Paradise Row is another gem. Below is a little gallery speak, but we think the images say it all. The show runs through June 28th.

Using coloured pencil, Yahnker's vividly-drawn, large-scale satirical works offer a witty commentary on the semiotics of contemporary American culture and politics. Tackling unlikely connections and collisions between paired and contrasting images often with provocative results, Sticks & Drones strives to navigate the muddy, frequently strained gulf between the reception of recent US affairs at home and abroad.


Vinz Feel Free ~ Tempus Fugit

LONDON --- Beyond money, individual success and fame, there is something humans long for: time. Or more adequately stated: More Time. It is the largest capital that human beings have, and it’s spent faster than any fortune.

We are born to live. A chronometer starts and seems to accelerate over the years. Only death can stop time. At the end of the road, our memories determine who we are, what we have lived and how we managed our time.

Vinz Feel Free recently held the indoor/ outdoor show Tempus Fugit in London with 8 works on the streets while the other 8 rested on the walls at RexRomae Gallery.

RUN in London

For the Hang-Up Gallery Exhibition " Wall to Wall "
22 March - 27 April 2014