Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Space//Squared, & A to Z @White Walls

White Walls opened not one, not two, but three separate shows on May 10th (little late getting these photos up). The front space was filled with with every letter from A to Z, each created by an artist like Cope2, Mike Shine and Apex, most all of whom have shown with the gallery before. The simple concept of the show allows for the diversity of the work to shine through, and with mediums ranging from aerosol to enamel to acrylic, there is plenty of variety to be had.

One small project space was dedicated to the work of Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada with several pieces depicting faces that look like they were ripped straight from an ancient frescoed wall. Complete with a carved 500 year old limestone sculpture, this small show feels like a blast from the past with intimate portraits of ancestral people.

Words & Photos: Rachel Ralph - rachel.k.ralph(at)

The rear, large project space (as well as a smaller gallery to the side) is dedicated to Space//Squared, a group show curated by Sven Davis in which each of over 130 pieces are created in a 10”x10” format. This seems like an overwhelming amount of work to have in just two rooms, but due to the size, it actually allows for an endlessly fascinated viewing experience.  No two of these pieces look anything like each other – a notable feat considering the amount of work and similarity of medium. The room was packed full of people at the opening so I was in and out, but I have a feeling I could spend at least an afternoon looking at the mixture of work this show provides.

With all of these shows at once, along with the work at the Shooting Gallery, White Walls this month feels like a free museum. With SFMoMA closed, get over there to check out some excecptional work from some contemporary artists. Seeing them again will surely cost you museum admission fees in the future. Thanks, White Walls, for holding it down with the museum’s public absence.