Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman & Mark Warren Jacques @White Walls

On view at White Walls here in SF is The Unearthly Paintings, the third solo exhibition of paintings by Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman. Again in his signature style coined “caligraffiti” Meulman created large, text based paintings, many of which feature his signature un-prefix, asking viewers to question certain assumptions in sayings like “keep it real.” Instead, he asks us to “keep it unreal,” a much more expansive and open opportunity for being in the immense vastness that is the cosmos.

Words & Photos: Rachel Ralph - rachel(at)


The project space, housing All Night Every Day by Mark Warren Jacques, also presents a space of open possibility. This show feels like a safe trip into space, contained in clean lines and simple shapes, more like Goodnight Moon than the two hour panic attack that is Gravity. It’s inviting and positive, rather than eclipsing in the possibility of endless space. Finished with a collaborative piece with Meryl Pataky (showing in the project space next door) this show, and all the others at both White Walls and the Shooting Gallery, shares a infinite cosmic ethos and provides an uplifting look into worlds outside of our own.

Works by Mark Warren Jacques below: