Murals by Brazilian Fredone Fone

We posted some of his brilliant mural work on the old site (lost to the Gods), and was happy when he emailed the other day with some of his newest collages. But before we get to those, let's catch up with his mural work first.

Bio: "The Brazilian is son of a bricklayer, Fredone Fone began to work since early age with his father, constructing houses for almost 10 years. He was never present at a school of art, he learned with his father life experiences in the construction world, which for him was fulfilling the function of a school. In 1995 Fredone starts doing signatures in the street and with time he creates the "HumanUrbano" a being of concrete and steel who lives in a city of meat and bone-, an alive dialog between two bodies: the human being and the urban one"