Slum Vacation by Phil America

Slum Vacation takes viewers on an up close and personal trip to the Klong Toey slums with a performance project by American artist Phil America, in which he builds a house to live in Thailand’s largest marginal settlement area(slum) for 30 days. He integrates himself into the local community, bringing awareness to the 1⁄3 of the world’s urban population living in slums. more info:

The main aspect of this work is the performative character of Phil America, a white American male in his early 30s, the most typical age of the inhabitants of Klong Toey, moving to one of the poorest areas of Asia. The project is loosely inspired by Taiwanese artist Tehching Hsieh, where Phil took himself out of his safe, comfortable life and became part of the neighborhood. Through his interactions with the locals, he sheds light on the truths of life in the slums by the harsh realities the locals face through crime, drug abuse, and disease.