Meryl Pataky @The Shooting Gallery

Also on display at The Shooting Gallery alongside Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock is works from San Francisco based Meryl Pataky. Rachel Ralph wrote up a few words and took the photos below. Rachel can be reached: rachel(at)

Bringing a different kind of feminine sensibility to the project space is Meryl Pataky with her show, The Golden Hour. I must admit, I am personally enamored with this show and its creator. The work is powerful, its industrial materials are not easy to work with I’m sure, but it doesn’t feel forced whatsoever.

She combines neon tubing with cowhide and ink, speaking to what feels like an internal dichotomy. The Rorschach ink blots reveal psychological depth through the skin of the cow which literally glows from within and finally through the numerals on its surface. She also plays with the artificiality of her neon by placing up against walls of vegetation and minerals, emphasizing the true elemental nature of something that illuminates itself in a way that we don’t commonly associate with organic environments. In so doing, she speaks beyond the earth and instead reaches to the cosmos, the big bang, the creation of it all – possibly the golden hour.