New Works from Daryll Peirce

SAN FRANCISCO --- Our friend Daryll Peirce will be participating in the 3 person show "Going Native" opening Saturday, June 28th at Campfire Gallery here in the Mission 7pm (3344 24th St). Larissa Grant and Max Kauffman are the other 2 artists in the show. Below are a few images from Daryll Peirce.


via Daryll Peirce: "We often find ourselves toeing the line between optimism and negativity in our lives interpreting events as either one way or the other. The smallest moment has the potential to lead us into fits of elation, to make us feel whole, worthy and possibly even bring on a sense of joy. Alternatively, we can also be tipped down the chasm into downward spirals of depression, anger, or anxiety. With this body of work I’m focusing on our extreme perspectives of white or black, positive or negative, tranquil or tense, perseverance or acceptance, organic or rigid, and so on. These magnetic pulls tug on us as we navigate through our daily lives. They alter the way we interpret ourselves, our relationships, our past, our future, etcetera".