I Moved to San Francisco early in 1994... I recall looking at the gallery listings in the weeklies and wanting to spend an entire weekend going to each and every show listed.

It's taken ten years to do that.

Not to say that we have so many galleries that you could never hope to cover them all, but I've since learned that it's not something you do in a weekend. By doing a 'gallery guide', well.. you know that old saying- "The journey is the destination". Somebody once told me you're not a San Franciscan until you've been here for ten years, which I believe. Of course, now we have the Internet- which makes the whole process a hell of a lot easier.

Get out there and see it all.
- text and photos by bka

111 Minna
21 Grand
66 Balmy
Adobe Books
Andrea Schwartz
Anno Domini
Mama Buzz
Canvas Gallery
Catharine Clark
Crucible Steel
Edo Salon
Femina Potens
Future Primitive
Gallery 16
Giant Robot
Jack Hanley
The Lab
Linc Real Art
Lola Gallery
Low Gallery
Luggage Store
Melting Point
Mission 17
National Product
Needles & Pens
New Langton Arts
OnSix Gallery
Paule Anglim
Pawnbrokers Gallery
Pigman Gallery
Queen's Nails Annex
Receiver Gallery
Red Ink Studios
Rx Gallery
Shooting Gallery
SF Art Institute
Southern Exposure
Start Soma
Triple Base
Varnish Fine Art
Yerba Buena