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Ferris Plock - Online Show, April 25th
    Friday, 18 April 2014 /// Written by Van Edwards

Opening: Friday, April 25th (12pm Pacific)
purchase queue: info(at)ffdg.net

FFDG is pleased to announce an exclusive online show with San Francisco based Ferris Plock opening on Friday, April 25th (12pm Pacific Time) featuring 5 new medium sized acrylic paintings on wood.

This show will be available first to previous buyers of Plock's work and to those on our preview list. To be added to the list, email: info(at)ffdg.net

Wolf Wizard by Ferris Plock - acrylic on wood - 20" x 30" - info(at)ffdg.net


"Arrangement" by Michelle Fleck
    Friday, 18 April 2014 /// Written by Van Edwards

This morning we take a closer look at this beautiful painting by San Francisco based Michelle Fleck now showing at FFDG.

Arrangement measures 24"x30", acrylic and aerosol on panel - inquires: info(at)ffdg.net

Michelle Fleck is a painter living in San Francisco. Her work focuses on the relationship between man and the landscape, and the marks we leave on it. Influenced by everyday life in the city, her paintings serve as snapshots of an ongoing intersection of the natural and man-made world. She strives to make work that has a sense of relevancy in a culture driven by a need for change and newness.



Jeremy Fish at LA's Mark Moore Gallery
    Friday, 18 April 2014 /// Written by Trippe

LOS ANGELES --- San Francisco based Fecal Pal Jeremy Fish opened his latest solo show Hunting Trophies at LA's Mark Moore Gallery last week to massive crowds and cabin walls lined with imagery pertaining to modern conquest and obsession (PHOTOS).

The artist's trademark sculptural paintings appear as prizes on a cabin's walls, rife with imagery pertaining to modern conquest and obsession. Fish intimates that such voracity can meet an ominous end, but with the layered, congenial plot of a parable.

Jeremy Fish's next solo show will open at FFDG in August. To be added to the growing preview list, email: info(at)ffdg.net

Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present “Hunting Trophies,” an immersive installation and exhibition in the Project Room of new work by interdisciplinary artist Jeremy Fish. Marking the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, this body of work showcases Fish’s adept capacity to translate sociopolitical and autobiographical topics into allegorical narratives and imaginative spaces. Much like a raconteur divulging a tale, Fish renders characters and places that allude to a greater fable – but are recounted in whimsical language all his own.

In this exhibition, Fish encourages us to question the concept of value. As a society, we have become increasingly fixated on acquiring prize possessions. Be it the newest technological gadget, or a “trophy piece” for a collector’s art collection, we have been conditioned to pursue “the best” at all costs. In letting the thrill of the chase dictate the cost of our objectives, we find ourselves progressively dispassionate about ideological or noncommercial worth in favor of competitive gain. Fish confronts this predatory attitude by inviting us to enter the hunter’s mind, and take inventory of his spoils. The artist’s trademark sculptural paintings appear as prizes on a cabin’s walls, rife with imagery pertaining to modern conquest and obsession. Fish intimates that such voracity can meet an ominous end, but with the layered, congenial plot of a parable. With the guidance of the artist-as-narrator, the “Hunting Trophies” on display bespeak an unfolding saga – complete with unprecedented risk, obscure protagonists, and capricious villains – of which we may never learn the lesson.



John Felix Arnold III on the Road to NYC
    Thursday, 17 April 2014 /// Written by Rachel Ralph

Carolyn LeBourgios

Well, John Felix Arnold III is at it again. This time, he and Carolyn LeBourgios packed an entire show into the back of a Prius and drove across the country to install it at Superchief Gallery in NYC. I met with him last week as he told me about the trip over delicious burritos at Taqueria Cancun (which is right across the street from FFDG and serves what I think is the best burrito in the city) as the self proclaimed "Only overweight artist in the game" spilled all the details.

Written by Rachel Ralph - rachel(at)fecalface.com

Our sign is looking rough these days. Time to reach out to a sign painter.

The first stop of the trip was of course to FFDG as he was part of our group show Salt the Skies before literally hitting the road out of our front door. He and Carolyn headed straight down south and went to Texas before heading to New Orleans, and then up the East Coast to NYC. At first glance, the 'Stand with Israel' sign just seemed like an odd, East Texas painted wall, but I have recently learned that some of the biggest supporters of the Israeli conflict are in the bible belt, as Christians in this area believe that in order to bring upon Armageddon, war must happen (between Israelis and Palestinians) in which Christians will be raptured and Jews will be forced to convert to Christianity to be saved. While I'm not going to jump into that argument, this wall is a little piece of that struggle, even in all of its oddly painted glory.

Terry from Old Crow with his dog Pope Dante in Austin

The rest of the south, through New Orleans and the Carolinas, brought Pope dogs, oil fields (straight out of a scene of True Detective), and delicious snacks along the way before getting into the grind that is New York. Once the duo arrived at Superchief in Manhattan, it was on. Installation on both floors of the gallery started immediately and the show was hung efficiently for the opening of Excorrigia – The Scourge. The works range from his Astroknot figures on larger wood panels to more abstract, smaller works and give the show a lot of diversity while still maintaining its consistency. As another portal into his world of Unstoppable Tomorrow, Excorrigia allows visitors to experience the post-apocalyptic feeling generated by the works while still maintaining themselves as impeccably-produced works of art.

John Felix Arnold outside his show at Super Chief, NYC

John Lomanto looking at the work

The opening was a gathering of Felix's friends, both old and new, and was just another step in his career. He will be back showing in San Francisco this spring and fall with solo shows at both the Shooting Gallery in May and here at FFDG in October. Keep your eyes open for him, as I know he'll be up late at night painting, eating the most delicious food the bay has to offer, and giving us access to his world and his work. I can't wait.



Jeremy Fish Opening a Solo Show in August at FFDG
    Tuesday, 15 April 2014 /// Written by Trippe

Met up with Jeremy Fish last night to catch up and discuss his upcoming solo show opening this August at San Francisco's FFDG. Don't want to give too much away, but the guy is very busy these days. You know the giant pink bronze statue will be built and installed at the corner of Haight and Laguna welcoming those to the Haight (check) in 2015? Going to be incredible.

Check photos from his last San Francisco solo show in 2012, and mark your calendar for August as his next solo show opens at FFDG.

Beering with Fish at his favorite watering hole, Zeitgeist



The Albatross and the Shipping Container
    Friday, 04 April 2014 /// Written by Trippe

Beautiful piece entitled "The Albatross and the Shipping Container", Ink on Paper, Mounted to Panel, 47" Diameter, by San Francisco based Martin Machado now on display at FFDG. Stop in Saturday (1-6pm) to view the group show "Salt the Skies" now running through April 19th. 2277 Mission St. at 19th.


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