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Derek Albeck Interview
Thursday, 22 October 2009 05:57
We love the work of this LA based artist and the fact that he plays "cornhole", can hardly hear out his right ear, searches for Chupacabras, and that he gets back forth to work in LA without driving his car.
Steve Powers: A Love Letter For You
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 10:54
Love Letter is literally a love letter painted on the walls facing the Market elevated train in Philadelphia.
Marc Bell Interview
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 02:16
He almost killed a co-worker once, prefers a cheese burger over fish-n-chips... oh, and has a new book, HOT POTATOE, out through Drawn and Quarterly.
Austin Eddy Interview
Friday, 18 September 2009 09:28
This 22 years young painting student at The Art Institute of Chicago is humble and shows much promise.
Hot & Cold: The End is Here
Friday, 11 September 2009 05:12
This collaborative art zine made by Chris Duncan and Griffin McPartland is releasing it's final issue on September 11th, 2009 w/ a show @Baer Ridgway in SF.
Mel Kadel Preview
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 07:47
A preview of Echo Test opening Thurs Sept 10th @Fecal Face. Mel Kadel answers a few submitted viewer questions as well.
Allison Schulnik Interview
Tuesday, 25 August 2009 06:53
This LA based painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and all around talent prepares for a solo show @Mark Moore Gallery in LA opening Jan 2010.
Jason Faulkner Interview
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 02:55
"I pretended to be a student at the Museum School for nearly a year, taking out expensive camera equipment and trying to weasel into any classes I could."
Matt Furie Interview
Thursday, 30 July 2009 04:51
An update on this SF artist as he prepares "Monster Family" opening Oct 8th at Beams T Harajuku in Japan.
Ben Jones Interview
Thursday, 09 July 2009 08:16
Invaluable source of inspiration, genius, and drum solos. Meet Ben Jones.
Eric Yahnker Interview
Monday, 29 June 2009 10:17
"I personally get a kick out of the cable guy who can appreciate my work on his own terms, while the academic art critic can excavate further and appreciate it on theirs."
AJ Fosik Interview
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 04:08
Alex Lukas interviews and visits AJ's Philly studio before his big show There's Aliens in Our Midst which opens Saturday June 13th at White Walls in San Francisco.
Henry Gunderson Interview
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 05:13
This first year student at SFAI is killing at only 18. His first solo show opens @Fecal Face July 23rd.
Brian Willmont Interview
Wednesday, 29 April 2009 09:28
"Wasted youth, totally lost and really angry. I hung out downtown drinking beer, getting high, cheering on bum fights, and going to shows. I was probably one of the worst students in my high school but did great in art school, ha!"
Damon Soule Interview
Tuesday, 21 April 2009 03:18
We catch up with the Portland based artist as he prepares for Same Loud No opening May 7th at Fecal Face Dot Gallery.
RIPO Interview
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 06:33
Now living in Spain but this street artist was raised in NYC. He's currently showing at No New Enemies in Brussels. Manuel Bello interviews.
Alex Lukas Interview
Tuesday, 10 March 2009 07:59

A short interview with this Philadelphia based artist whose show opens at White Walls here in SF on the 14th of March.


Alex does a lot... For the last 10 years or more he's been producing zines through Cantab Publishing. He creates wonderful mixed media works incorporating silkscreening processes... He's a somewhat recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. He's a member of Philly's artists collective Space 1026 which we've been fans of over the years. He's also Fecal Face's new Philadelphia corespondent, and the good news is that he's going to be showing some of his newer works here in San Francisco for his solo show "And Another Shall Rise To Take Her Place" which opens Saturday, March 14 at White Walls (3/14 - 4/3). We conducted this short interview through email to see what he has in store for the show.


Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, and Silk Screen on Paper, 38" x 50".



Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Silk Screen and Spray paint on Paper. 10.5" x 12.75"


What can we expect from your show at White Walls?

It is going to be about 30 new works on paper.





Can you tell us about the title of your show? "And Another Shall Rise To Take Her Place".

With "And Another Shall To Take Her Place", I don't know, I was trying to title the show something that eludes to some destruction, in that whatever came before has fallen, but also speaks to an idea of an eventual renewal and rebirth. It is a sentiment that implies both defeat and optimism at once, and that idea is something I am interested in.

Your work focuses on what looks like destroyed and flooded urban settings. If you had to describe your work to someone who's never seen it, what would you say?

I have taken to calling them "disaster drawings", but I guess that is just a simple way for me to distinguish this body of work from other things I make. I'm not quite sure how I'd describe them beyond that, other than I hope they are kind of quite drawings.


Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Silk Screen and Spray paint on Paper, 38" x 50".


I notice a lot of your work incorporates silkscreen. How do you normally use it in your work? Which parts are silk-screened?

I think using a silkscreen really allows you to achieve a look that you just can't get with paint and a brush. I really like the way, with silk screening, you can overlap transparent colors to really build up a texture while keeping the surface flat. I can't make it look that way with any other method. And I like doing it.

There are two major places I use silkscreen in my work. First, a lot of the grass fields that appears in my drawings are silk-screened. I try to be real scientific about the way the transparent inks layer. There are so many variables from what mesh count you use, to what brand of ink you have, to how you pull the squeegee, you need to be scientific about it. My grass pattern starts with a hand painted positive I use to create the screen, from there I made a whole bunch of test patterns to see what different color combinations look like, and by keeping track of which color comes goes over what and which ink I use, I am able to control how the grass will look.



Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, and Silk Screen on Paper, 19" x 21".

I also use silk screening to create the flooded cityscapes. They start as book pages, then I mask out the buildings that I want to appear above the waterline. Over the whole page I do a "rainbow roll" (I think split pallet is the technical term) of ink through an open screen to get the flat transparency at the bottom that fades into an opaque color at the top. Then I am able to paint in reflections and other details. Over that I do anywhere from two to five more pulls of ink through various screens to create the waves before I remove the masking that I put down at the beginning.

I think the re is a mis-conception that somehow incorporating printmaking into the process is a time-saver. It really isn't, I mean, while the time you spend actually sitting in front of each piece might be slightly shorter, the preparation, planning and experimentation easily makes any time difference negligible, but the benefits still outweigh the downsides. I need to use these methods to make the images I want.


Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Spray Paint and Silk Screen on Paper, 19" x 21".


Tell us a bit about Cantab Publishing.

Cantab Publishing is a small 'zine publishing company I have been running for about eight years now. I have always been interested in printed material as a means of distributing ideas, and Cantab is just the name under which I try to do that. I think that the form of a book is really a great way to share ideas and visions; the combination of text and image in a format with a beginning, a middle and an end can be really compelling. Having said that, I don't really have a set plan for Cantab, or a mission statement (or a business plan for that matter), other than I like making books and this is my venue to do that. Xeroxing and silk screening images and giving them to friends has been something I have enjoyed for a long time. I think I was in like 6th grade when I made my first Xeroxed comic to give to kids in class. I have a bunch of zines almost ready to come out, they have been like 90% done for months, and hopefully they will actually be finished by the end of spring. That is really my next focus once White Walls is up.


What's going on with Space 1026 these days? How did you get involved?

For those who don't know, Space 1026 is an 11-year old artists collective in Center-city Philadelphia. It was started by a bunch of RISD grads and other kids from Philly living in Providence in the late 90's. It was loosely modeled after a space up there called Fort Thunder. 1026 was founded by kids who wanted to have a similar place to make work and have shows in Philadelphia.

I have been there for about a year and a half. About 30 of us share the top two floors of 1026 Arch street, where have studios along with a print shop, a small retail store and a collective run art gallery. It is non-profit in the sense that we don't make any money, but we are not a 501(c) or anything as organized as that. It is really just a nice way to work around other like-minded people, not to mention it makes rent cheaper. The gallery space we run is really a great opportunity to show good art in Philadelphia without the constraints of trying to run a commercial gallery. We invite artists from around the country (and sometimes world) to show in our gallery on a monthly basis. We look at proposals a few times a year and decide on what we show as a group. We are excited to be able to show people with very little experience one month while the next we might have people like Andrew Schoultz or Monica Canilao showing with us. Over the past ten years, we have shown Ed Templeton, the Fort Thunder kids, Paper Rad, Matt Leines, Steve Powers, Daniel Johnson, Alex DeCorte, Shepard Fairey and so many others.


Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Spray Paint and Silk Screen on Paper, 22" x 30".


Right now we have a really exciting show featuring Michelle Blade from San Francisco (who I am sure Fecal Face fans are familiar with), Jeanette Mundt, Suzannah Sinclair and Erika Somogyi, who are all living and working in Brooklyn. We also have Bill Daniels, Matthew Palladino and Derek Weisberg coming in the next few months; I know those three all have strong ties to the Bay Area. It seems like Phila and SF have a nice back and forth these days.

Not really a question, but wanted to say we're happy you're the new Fecal Face Philadelphia correspondent. Nice to get more Philly perspective up on the site.

I've only been living here a year and a half or so, but I really like this city, and there is a whole lot going on here, so I'm glad to have the opportunity to share.


Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Gouache and Silk Screen on book page, 11" x 14".



Untitled, 2008 - Ink, Acrylic, Gouache and Silk Screen on Two Book Pages. 11" x 15.5"


What were your experiences at R.I.S.D.? Would you recommend it to someone considering going there?

I think art school is really about who you end up there with and what you focus on, one of those things you can control, the other you can't. I was lucky to end up around a really strong, motivated group of kids, which was lucky, and Providence, as a city, was a really interesting, good place to be at the time (I'm sure it still is). R.I.S.D. as a whole was great, but in retrospect, I think I should have majored in Printmaking.


What's the daily routine you're in these days?

I'm trying to get up earlier than I have in the past, bike to 1026, check e-mail and ship Cantab orders. Then I usually do some printmaking and finally work on drawings starting into the afternoon and into the evening, then go home and put on a movie and work on masking the flooded city pieces (like I described before) until I'm ready to go to sleep. But there is really a lot of flexibility to that schedule, some days it feels like I don't get much done, but that's okay every now and then. The past few weeks have been busy getting ready for White Walls, trying to get the work photographed and figuring out frames, then this week, after the work was shipped, I have been focusing on getting the 1026 gallery ready for the next show which opens on Friday the 6th.


Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Gouache and Silk Screen on book page, 11" x 14".


List off some music you're enjoying at the moment.

I just got a copy of Springsteen Live at the Hammersmith Odeon in London from 1975. I have also been getting a big kick out of watching old videos where the artists are just clearly out of their mind on drugs. My two favorites are Van Morison singing Caravan from Scorsese' The Last Waltz and Rod Stewart singing You Wear it Well in these crazy yellow tights. He falls down when he tries to curtsy and then walks on and off stage a few times, but it is still an amazing song. Other than that, it is just the usual diet of classic rock radio peppered with a little Talking Heads binge every now and then.


Untitled, 2008 - Ink, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, silkscreen and spray paint on paper. 28" x 22"


All of your work is untitled (or at least on your site). What's that about?

I'm bad with titles, which is why most of my work is untitled. There is a certain poetry that needs to goes into titling stuff, and I'm no poet. Having said that, I really enjoy the ambiguity that can come with an untitled piece.


Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, and Silk Screen on Paper, 13" x 17".



Untitled, 2009 - Ink, Acrylic, Gouache and Silk Screen on Two Book Pages. 11" x 24"


Some photos into the silkscreen process


A hand-painted positive for silk screening grass.



A detail of a burnt screen.



Ink tests



A detail of a silk screened section of a drawing.



Source materials.



A detail of a flooded city on the drying rack.



Working on a flooded city, the buildings are masked out.



Some of the masking after it has been removed.

*If you're in or near San Francisco, be sure to see Alex's show which opens this Saturday @White Walls.



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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 05:30
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Michael Krueger Interview
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Damon Soule Interview
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 09:16
We've known this Portland based artist for years, back when he lived in SF. Well, he's got a show at the NYC based Joshua Liner opening Oct 11th. Manuel Bello interviews.
Henry Lewis Interview
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Eric Joyner Interview
Friday, 29 August 2008 10:12
We preview some of his newest works he's showing @Corey Helford in LA opening Sept 6th.
Josh Mannis Interview
Thursday, 21 August 2008 09:21
Ryan interviews this recent LA resident and video artist who'll be showing @FFDG Oct 3 for "West, Wester, Westest".
Chris Ryniak Interview
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 12:00
Artist Jeff Soto interviews this Cleveland based painter and sculptor/ a graduate and former instructor of the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida.
Buff Monster Interview
Wednesday, 06 August 2008 08:40
This LA based street artist is about to open his second solo show at the LA based Corey Helford August 23rd. We got a chance to ask him about his work, what it's like to date a porn star, and about his process for creating new work.
Dennis McNett Interview
Thursday, 31 July 2008 08:09
Andreas interviews this Pratt printmaking teacher whose contrasty harsh wood block print work has been featured on such things as Antihero boards, Vans shoes, and in Jeffrey Deitch's Art Parade.
Matthew Palladino Interview
Thursday, 24 July 2008 06:30
We're pretty excited about this young SF artist. We're pretty sure you will be too.
Evan Gruzis Interview
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 07:05
Kathy Grayson speaks with this NYC based artist who's preparing for a solo show @Deitch opening October '08.
Paul Urich Interview
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 04:19
The very first artist ever added to Fecal Face over 8 years ago. We revisit this SF based artist.
Adam Scott Interview
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 07:08
A fucking megalon painter from Kavi Gupta's (Chicago) already very handsome roster. Go see one in person and then make your uncle (or whoever buy it). Ok. Go!
Tom Long Interview
Thursday, 19 June 2008 05:18
It took Ryan some time to track down this Brooklyn based artist who creates ultra microscopic, insanely beautiful, and intricate gouache paintings on paper.
Gary Baseman Interview
Tuesday, 03 June 2008 07:41
Gary lives in LA. He's preparing for a show in Barcelona on July 3rd and a new book out through Lasp Gasp. He's also won 3 Emmy's for a cartoon he created for Disney a few years back. He's Gary Baseman and he's here.
Ryan McLennan Interview
Monday, 19 May 2008 07:52
This Virgina based artist just wrapped up a show @Kinsey/DesForges in LA... Dave Kinsey interviews.
D*Face Interview
Wednesday, 07 May 2008 11:52
Taking his 80s skate influences, combined with wicked bold character illustration and plenty of clever punk rock irony D*Face has developed an artist style and street art system that is all his own.
Alexis Mackenzie Interview
Tuesday, 29 April 2008 05:28
Equipped with pointy scissors, an archival glue stick and a keen sense of the beautiful and bizarre Alexis Mackenzie is part artist, part treasure hunter and a one woman confetti factory.
Christopher Norris/Steak Mtn. Interview
Monday, 21 April 2008 05:30
A self professed "dried out, bespectacled art nerd in a massive drawing, painting and designing ocean of dried out, bespectacled art nerds."
Scott Anderson Interview
Tuesday, 15 April 2008 06:05
"There is too much bad painting being made as it is, so if you don't feel like you NEED it then please don't bother." This Chicago based painter discusses his work and the state of painting.
Blek Le Rat Interview
Wednesday, 02 April 2008 03:27
This legendary street artist who influenced artists like Banksy has a show opening at Subliminal Projects in LA April 5th. Our NYC correspondent, Manuel Bello interviews.
Frank Magnotta Interview
Monday, 31 March 2008 06:14
This guy has not only rocked America's finest galleries from P.S.1 to Cohan and Leslie, and all over Chicago. He has also landed himself in the freshest art book to date (in my opinion) Vitamin D and even better, he is currently working on his best drawing ever.
Ben Woodward Interview
Monday, 10 March 2008 11:22
This Philly based artist and Space 1026 founder just opened a new show in LA @The Carmichael Gallery.
Daniel Tierney Interview
Tuesday, 04 March 2008 07:31
A dark place where neon fires light the walls... It's where you'd go if you could be everywhere at once. This SFAI and Oakland artist explains.
Mike Rea Interview
Friday, 22 February 2008 04:36
Chicago based artist who crafts some amazing works out of wood.
The Day That No Birds Sang
Monday, 18 February 2008 04:45
NYC based photojournalist, Lyle Owerko, was one of the first photographers to the World Trade Centers on September 11th and captured some disturbingly intense photographs, one of which ended up on the cover of Time Magazine. These are his words and images of that horrible day.
Amy Stein Interview
Wednesday, 13 February 2008 06:56
Named as one of the top 15 emerging photographers in USA, this NYC based artist opens a show this Saturday, the 16th, at Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles.
Maya Hayuk Interview
Monday, 11 February 2008 05:39
We interview up this Fecal favorite as she prepares for a group show with Kyle Ranson, Chris Duncan, and others that she curated in Brussels @Alice Gallery.
Alex Lukas Interview
Saturday, 09 February 2008 03:50
This RISD graduate and one time Andrew Schoultz assistant and Cantab Publishing founder has settled in Philly working on his art 12 hours a day @Space 1026.
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Hard-working artisan, solitary genius, credentialed professional—the image of the artist has changed radically over the centuries. What if the latest model to emerge means the end of art as we have known it? --continue reading


"Six Degrees" @FFDG
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"Six Degrees" opens tonight, Friday Jan 16th (7-10pm) at FFDG in San Francisco. ~Group show featuring: Brett Amory, John Felix Arnold III, Mario Ayala, Mariel Bayona, Ryan Beavers, Jud Bergeron, Chris Burch, Ryan De La Hoz, Martin Machado, Jess Mudgett, Meryl Pataky, Lucien Shapiro, Mike Shine, Minka Sicklinger, Nicomi Nix Turner, and Alex Ziv.


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In Wake of Attack, Comix Legend Says Satire Must Stay Offensive
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Ron Turner of Last Gasp

"[Satire] is important because it brings out the flaws we all have and throws them up on the screen of another person," said Turner. “How they react sort of shows how important that really is.” Later, he added, "Charlie took a hit for everybody." -read on


Thursday, 08 January 2015 09:36



SF Bay Area: What Might Have Been
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The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for its tens of thousands of acres of beautiful parks and public open spaces.

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Opening tonight, Friday May 23rd (7-10pm) at Park Life in the Inner Richmond (220 Clement St) is Again Home Again featuring works from the duo Jacob Mcgraw-Mikelson & Rachell Sumpter who split time living in Sacramento and a tiny island at the top of Pudget Sound with their children.

Jacob Magraw will be showing embroidery pieces on cloth along with painted, gouache works on paper --- Rachell Sumpter paints scenes of colored splendor dropped into scenes of desolate wilderness. ~show details



NYPD told to carry spray paint to cover graffiti
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 10:37

nyc_graffitiNYC --- A new graffiti abatement program put forth by the police commissioner has beat cops carrying cans of spray paint to fill in and cover graffiti artists work in an effort to clean up the city --> Many cops are thinking it's a waste of resources, but we're waiting to see someone make a project of it. Maybe instructions for the cops on where to fill-in?

The NYPD is arming its cops with cans of spray paint and giving them art-class-style lessons to tackle the scourge of urban graffiti, The Post has learned.

Shootings are on the rise across the city, but the directive from Police Headquarters is to hunt down street art and cover it with black, red and white spray paint, sources said... READ ON


Wednesday, 16 June 2010 17:39






Alison Blickle @NYC's Kravets Wehby Gallery

Los Angeles based Alison Blickle who showed here in San Francisco at Eleanor Harwood last year (PHOTOS) recently showed new paintings in New York at Kravets Wehby Gallery. Lovely works.

Interview w/ Kevin Earl Taylor

We haven't been featuring many interviews as of late. Let's change that up as we check in with a few local San Francisco artists like Kevin Earl Taylor here whom we studio visited back in 2009 (PHOTOS & VIDEO). It's been awhile, Kevin...

Peter Gronquist @The Shooting Gallery

If you like guns and boobs, head on over to the Shooting Gallery; just don't expect the work to be all cheap ploys and hot chicks. With Make Stuff by Peter Gronquist (Portland) in the main space and Morgan Slade's Snake in the Eagle's Shadow in the project space, there is plenty spectacle to be had, but if you look just beyond it, you might actually get something out of the shows.

Jay Bo at Hamburg's Circle Culture

Berlin based Jay Bo recently held a solo show at Hamburg's Circle Culture featuring some of his most recent paintings. We lvoe his work.


Fifty24SF opened Street Anatomy, a new solo show by Austrian artist Nychos a week ago last Friday night. He's been steadily filling our city with murals over the last year, with one downtown on Geary St. last summer, and new ones both in the Haight and in Oakland within the last few weeks, but it was really great to see his work up close and in such detail.

Gator Skater +video

Nate Milton emailed over this great short Gator Skater which is a follow-up to his Dog Skateboard he emailed to us back in 2011... Any relation to this Gator Skater?

Ferris Plock Online Show Now Online as of April 25th

5 new wonderful large-scale paintings on wood panel are available. visit: www.ffdg.net

ClipODay II: Needles & Pens 11 Years!!

Congrats on our buddies at Needles and Pens on being open and rad for 11 years now. Mission Local did this little short video featuring Breezy giving a little heads up on what Needles and Pens is all about.


In a filmmaker's thinking, we wish more videos were done in this style. Too much editing and music with a lacking in actual content. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

AJ Fosik in Tokyo at The Hellion Gallery

Matt Wagner recently emailed over some photos from The Hellion Gallery in Tokyo, who recently put together a show with AJ Fosik (Portland) called Beast From a Foreign Land. The gallery gave twelve of Fosik's sculptures to twelve Japanese artists (including Hiro Kurata who is currently showing in our group show Salt the Skies) to paint, burn, or build upon.

Ferris Plock - Online Show, April 25th

FFDG is pleased to announce an exclusive online show with San Francisco based Ferris Plock opening on Friday, April 25th (12pm Pacific Time) featuring 5 new medium sized acrylic paintings on wood.


Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne played host to a huge group exhibition a couple of weeks back, with "Gold Blood, Magic Weirdos" Curated by Melbourne artist Sean Morris. Gold Blood brought together 25 talented painters, illustrators and comic artists from Australia, the US, Singapore, England, France and Spain - and marked the end of the Magic Weirdos trilogy, following shows in Perth in 2012 and London in 2013.

Jeremy Fish at LA's Mark Moore Gallery

San Francisco based Fecal Pal Jeremy Fish opened his latest solo show Hunting Trophies at LA's Mark Moore Gallery last week to massive crowds and cabin walls lined with imagery pertaining to modern conquest and obsession.

John Felix Arnold III on the Road to NYC

Well, John Felix Arnold III is at it again. This time, he and Carolyn LeBourgios packed an entire show into the back of a Prius and drove across the country to install it at Superchief Gallery in NYC. I met with him last week as he told me about the trip over delicious burritos at Taqueria Cancun (which is right across the street from FFDG and serves what I think is the best burrito in the city) as the self proclaimed "Only overweight artist in the game" spilled all the details.

FRENCH in Melbourne

London based illustrator FRENCH recently held a show of new works at the Melbourne based Mild Manners

Henry Gunderson at Ever Gold, SF

Ever Gold opened a new solo show by NYC based Henry Gunderson a couple Saturday nights ago and it was literally packed. So packed I couldn't actually see most of the art - but a big crowd doesn't seem like a problem. I got a good laugh at what I would call the 'cock climbing wall' as it was one of the few pieces I could see over the crowd. I haven't gotten a chance to go back and check it all out again, but I'm definitely going to as the paintings that I could get a peek at were really high quality and intruiguing. You should do the same.

Mario Wagner @Hashimoto

Mario Wagner (Berkeley) opened his new solo show A Glow that Transfers Creativity last Saturday night at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco.

Serge Gay Jr. @Spoke Art

The paintings in the show are each influenced by a musician, ranging from Freddy Mercury, to Madonna, to A Tribe Called Quest and they are so stylistically consistent with each musician's persona that they read as a cohesive body of work with incredible variation. If you told me they were each painted by a different person, I would not hesitate to believe you and it's really great to see a solo show with so much variety. The show is fun, poppy, very well done, and absolutely worth a look and maybe even a listen.

NYCHOS Mural on Ashbury and Haight

NYCHOS completed this great new mural on the corner of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco on Tuesday. Looks Amazing.

Sun Milk in Vienna

With rising rent in SF and knowing mostly other young artists without capitol, I desired a way to live rent free, have a space to do my craft, and get to see more of the world. Inspired by the many historical artists who have longed similar longings I discovered the beauty of artist residencies. Lilo runs Adhoc Collective in Vienna which not only has a fully equipped artists creative studio, but an indoor halfpipe, and private artist quarters. It was like a modern day castle or skate cathedral. It exists in almost a utopic state, totally free to those that apply and come with a real passion for both art and skateboarding

"How To Lose Yourself Completely" by Bryan Schnelle

I just wanted to share with you a piece I recently finished which took me 4 years to complete. Titled "How To Lose Yourself Completely (The September Issue)", it consists of a copy of the September 2007 issue of Vogue magazine (the issue they made the documentary about) with all faces masked with a sharpie, and everything else entirely whited out. 840 pages of fun. -Bryan Schnelle

Tyler Bewley ~ Recent Works

Some great work from San Francisco based Tyler Bewley.

Kirk Maxson and Alexis Mackenzie at Eleanor Harwood Gallery

While walking our way across San Francisco on Saturday we swung through the opening receptions for Kirk Maxson and Alexis Mackenzie at Eleanor Harwood Gallery in the Mission.

Jeremy Fish Solo Show in Los Angeles

Jeremy Fish opens Hunting Trophies tonight, Saturday April 5th, at the Los Angeles based Mark Moore Gallery. The show features new work from Fish inside the "hunting lodge" where viewers climb inside the head of the hunter and explore the history of all the animals he's killed.

The Albatross and the Shipping Container

Beautiful piece entitled "The Albatross and the Shipping Container", Ink on Paper, Mounted to Panel, 47" Diameter, by San Francisco based Martin Machado now on display at FFDG. Stop in Saturday (1-6pm) to view the group show "Salt the Skies" now running through April 19th. 2277 Mission St. at 19th.

The Marsh Barge - Traveling the Mississippi River from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to quit my job, move out of my house, leave everything and travel again. So on August 21, 2013 I pushed a canoe packed full of gear into the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Lake Itasca, Minnesota, along with four of my best friends. Exactly 100 days later, I arrived at a marina near the Gulf of Mexico in a sailboat.

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