Dennis McNett @Fifty24SF

Dennis McNett opened WOLFBAT, a collection of prints and small works last Saturday at Fifty24SF, here in San Francisco. A personal favorite, McNett always produces gnarly images through immaculate prints, and this show certainly fit that bill. Complete with prints, masks, sculptures, and enamel silk screens, this show is a printmaker’s (and skateboarder’s) fantasy. I read an interview with McNett a few years ago where he talked about the energy of a print versus that of a drawing and said that the lines within his prints contain energy because they took energy to create them. This is readily apparent in WOLFBAT, which oozes the creative power by which it was made.

I got to and left the gallery early on Saturday, so I missed an evening which I’m sure was full of cigarette smoking, beer drinking and other shenanigans, but I know visitors probably enjoyed themselves. The work was even priced affordably, so hopefully a few people went home to start their own collections. If you missed the opening, don’t fret, just be sure to stop by and check it out. It’ll definitely be an energy boost at the very least.

Words & Photos: Rachel Ralph - rachel(at)