Simon Davidson ~ Photography

GREAT photos are made from the inside. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, you need to be right in there, not just among the crowds but part of the scene. From the smoke and seeming chaos of burnout competitions to the strictly regulated world of the speed trials held on the vast expanses of shimmering salt in Bonneville, USA, and Lake Gairdner in South Australia, Simon Davidson is part of the scene.

Yet his familiarity with the scene never lets him miss its beauty. Looking through the eyes of an artist at the world he lives in, Simon translates the chaos of the burnout pad and the tension of the salt into beautiful moments. Partly by force of his infectious enthusiasm, the wider world is starting to discover these particular niches of automotive art. From his highly successful 2012 Salt And Smoke exhibition in Bondi, Simon attracted international interest and his work has been featured online and in print for many publications across the globe including Nowness,It’s Nice That and Man of the World.

Simon was born in New Zealand and still cheers passionately for the All Blacks but calls Sydney, Australia home with his wife and daughter. When not shooting assignments or the fast, loud and greasy world of muscle car subculture, Simon can be found floating in the ocean searching for the perfect wave.

Photography by Corey Arnold

Was just thinking about our old friend Corey Arnold, the brilliant photographer and commercial fisherman, who hails from Portland when he's not traveling the world fishing and shooting. We were going to do a short interview with him, but it’s going to have to wait as he’s off in Alaska for the salmon fishing season. In the meantime, enjoy a sampling from this talented photographer - For more beautiful and amazing images:

Check his 2010 show Fish-Work at FFDG when we were in our tiny space on Gough.