Jeremy Fish: North Beach artist celebrates 20 years in S.F.

Via The San Francisco Chronicle - August 14, 2014

Anyone who has lived through the last two tempestuous decades in the Bay Area knows they bear remembering. So it somehow makes perfect, surreal sense that, in honor of North Beach artist Jeremy Fish's 20th anniversary in San Francisco, he would resuscitate his anthropomorphized familiars - this rapping grizzly and that skateboarding doggie - mashed up with the bay's enduring and ephemeral sights and signs. "I'm not a generally communicative man," Fish confesses by phone. "I have a small circle of friends. I'm not as social as I was. So it's the equivalent of a guy who bitches or cheers about stuff he loves or hates. I've found this is my voice. This is the way I can stand up and say, 'This is what I love or hate.' " We talked to Fish about "Yesterdays and Tomorrows."

Q: What made you want to revisit these images?

A: Everything I make starts out as an 11-by-14 pen-and-ink drawing on Bristol board since I've been living here. At some point, when I had thousands of them, I thought it would be cool to fill a room with these. I moved here in August 1994 to go the Art Institute, and (FFDG's director and curator John Trippe and I) both worked at the same skateboard magazine ("Slap"). Why not do it at my friend's gallery after 20 years in this city?

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SF Artist's Survival Book by Adobe

Adobe Books here in SF is looking for your stories to add to their forthcoming book, SF Artist's Survival Book. Looks like a fun project, and we look forward to reading about how we're all making it work- being an artist in this ever changing (expensive) town.


Hey artists and writers! Want to be part of an “Artist’s Survival Guide” chapbook?

We’re looking for short entries that relate to artist survival in San Francisco. The book will be labeled as a “survival guidebook for artists”, and will include both very hands-on, practical, and often satirical bits for artists (i.e. a minimum wage budget, a diagram for building a portable studio, directions for making a liquor still out of found objects, etc.) as well as more research based writing pieces. Narratives or short stories would be great too, as long as they’re relevant to the theme of surviving as an artist in SF. Basically, anything that could help an artist think creatively about ways to stay in the city would be great. The piece can be strictly writing, drawing, or both.

It has to be black and white, and I’m looking for just 1-2 pages per artist. Each page is 5.5″x8″, with a .5″ border around all sides.

A 300 dpi jpeg is preferred. I need all submissions by May 30th. Please email entries to

Decisions on inclusion of your piece will be made by June 10th.

This chapbook will be published in conjunction with the “Survival Adaptations” exhibition on view this summer at Adobe Books Backroom Gallery and will be sold at Adobe Books.